Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 29, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVlNA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the Poatoffice Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. SUimCKlI'TIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Sinple Copies 11.50 .75 .50 M, AUVKKTISKMKNTS: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. L,iners Sc per line each insertion. Legal notices fl.OO per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. | Life of William F. Beale. : At Hnntn Ann, in tho homo of r«la- |Uv-fs, there ia a strickon womnn whose life hng been wrechr-l by> fearful tragedy nt Walnin Center. She \H Mrs. VViDSai.i F. Unnlfi, whose life liftd been n happy one up until the time of the trouble in April which emhroilei. 1 . several families in the rlist.ririt. Hinoe the fatal shoot: i ing of her husbriiirl, Mrs. Hnnle hnn j been very ill, nnd no word of the ; progress of the trial has reached her. IHhe is lifinrt-brokrm over the tragedy. j The ranch at Walnut Center !IHS been | sold and Mrs. Beale does not desire to visit the lornlit.y where her husband was shot down and killed. COVINA, August 29. 1908. Our Ticket Taft For President Perkins For Senator Sherman For Vice-President McLachlan For Representative What is the meaning of the word "advertise?" Does it mean to plane your aririouno.oniorit on the back door of somebody's barn, whore nobody ever will see it. or look for it? What is the use in Covina advertisers spending a part of their pro/Its in display advortining hi a place where no one is going to nee it? Jt, is a usele«H expenditure of money, worwe thuu thrown away. Before you pl«oe your advertisement in a newspaper, inquire as to the newspaper's circulation. And when you have found out what the. oironliition is, ascertain what, kind of people subscribe, and whether they are the class of people to whom your goods would appeal. There is a newspaper in New York City that has a larger evening circulation than any other paper in the United Htates, but it cannot get prices for advertise- mento because the paper is read on the Btreot and thrown away, read in the street cars and thrown away, read as far as headlines and pitched into the gutter. You ouu't get any returns out of your ad in such papers. When you have looked up the status of the best advertising medium in the town, then advertise in that paper. Advertising is not worth •while unless it is intelligent. The Argus goes into practically every home in the Covina district, It has H circulation in the Middle West. It is an intelligent advertiser. Don't throw your money away on some publication that is absolutely wort.h- 1«HH H8 an advertising medium and then oomo around and say newspaper advertising is no good. I'll ink about your ad before you insert it. Make it readable, or else turn the copy over to the newspaper, subject to the experience of the paper. If. takes years to learn how to write an ad. Hut it (night not to be hard to learn to place the ad in the bust. paper. Worship at the Haptist Church: liible school !):lf> a.m. 1'ritaching 11 a. in. by Kov. U, IMcKilhip of Hunt ington Boaoh. Ho sure and hear him. Jl« WIIH several years pastor at Haloin, Oregon. Union services at tliu I'roHbytorian dim oh Sunday evening. ('hriHlian C'hurch : Sunday-school II :•![). i'l'i'iiching by pastor 11. Junior I'Jndeavor II. t'nlon ynung JUKI- plo'n service ii:-lf>. Union preaching bttrvlcu 7: If). All arc invited. Church uf tin liri'tlircn : Sunday- school 111 it. in. 1'ruarliing 11 a.m. and 7:MO p.m. by Kev. \V. F. Kng land <if lj<ii(Isl/iii'^'. Clnistiim Work t)iV modi tig ti:lf> p.m. Everyone welcome. Services in the Church (it the llnly Trinity: Eleventh Sunday utter Trinity: Holy communion 7:110 a. in. Sunday si'lioul d : lf> a.m. .Morn ing prayer, 11 a.m.; .subject, "The I'loblwm of the ('lunch in the World." Evensong 7 illu p.m.; Mib ject, "Thi- World Embi'Mcing Lou. ot '. (ioil." ; Presbyterian tvrviee->: Sunday ti-hool tl: If). I'rearhing 11 a.m. by. the paMnr; htihjeot, " 1'lie HarvoM and ihe llaive.sti-i -,. '' ,]uni»r l-'.n • <leaor al !! ::iO. Y. I'.S.t E. v, nil ! oilier young pei;ple\ >• .fid ie-. al <i : ! "j. I 'nioti goe[:fl si M ii'e at V : 1 ."•. All most i-urdially invited. Snbjeel, "Without Hopn, V.I Sa\e-i " I Prayer iiieeting at 7.'In <>n Widne-, : ifay evening- 1'au! < .. S(e\en.-, i ur- i ItT. i WILLIAM F. IJEALE After reading several of the newspaper accounts of the shooting of her husband, Mrs. Uenle was struck with the Injustice which she maintains had been done him. Mrs. IJeale desired that some account of her husband's life might, appear, BO that it would remove the suspicion that lieale was a violent, lawless man. Until the trouble w.ith the Cook family and the other neighbors, Mrs. IJeale says that she had never known her husband to get into any kind of trouble. William F. Beale was born in Deale township, Pennsylvania, thirty- four years ago. The vicinity where he was born was named after his ancestors, who founded the settlement. IJeale, as a boy, went to the common schools, and when a young roan wont to Chicago, where be engaged in rough labor for some time. According to the testimony of friends who knew bim well, be was a of cheerful disposition and never wronged anyone iu any way. ' He was always bright und joyful, and at an early age it was seen Unit he was to make u very powerful num. He was quite a little over elx fo'-'fc tail and weighed over two hundred pounds, with the strength of n giant. When ho first came to California ho was employed by the Santo Ana Milling Company, and later he learned the trade of n pattern maker. About three years ago be bought land in Walnut Center, and Boale was the first man to build a house in the new district. All during bis young manhood, it Is said of him that he was fond of rough sports and used his strength to win gnmes, but that he was not iirrolHomo, Uotilo. never drank intoxicants or (mod tobacco. His brother, Samuel Doalo <>!' LOH An- gcloM, who hiiH been in constant at- tcmhuioit upon tho trial, IH also a very large man, but very mild mannered and courteous In his ar.tiuns toward pouplo whom he inuets. Samuel liealo Hays that a irroiit injustice tuts been done him in accusing him of threatening the life of Cor Icy Had it not been for the tragedy, the Uoiile, brothers would have opened up a store in Lou Angeles. They worn already in partnership in tho lieale Manufacturing Company, and Mr. Elmer K. Cnok WIIH also a mem bur of the. lirai. FriemlB who have known Lioale for years have expressed themselves as shneked that lie could have met such a death, and everyone has spoken of him in (lie best of words. Notice of Annual Heeling. Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Invindalo Citrus .\NHoeiatUi", aill bo held at the ollli'e. ot the association at Jiwin dale, at t!ie hour of Oa.m., Saturday, August UHlli, 100H, for tho purpose of electing a hourd of directors of the ' .vimlale Citrus Association to serve ior l he enduing year, and I'm ill-.- transaction of such it her I list lie. 1 -* at may be brought bi-folc tin Hireling. U. MII.LKK, Si-cn-tai.*. 1 hey Take 1 he Kinks Out. " I ii.i \ i- n.-,i'i! 1 >i . !<!.!_•' \ -.- .\ i.i K I 'ilK I' i' in.i n \ \ .-.. i -i. v. ;: i i i.. i i-.i >; ii. ->,d i-,t.i. 'i.' i. 111. i, !.i !v.- : ir.- A .. |.. , , IM . .1 MOII,.! i'h , i i \ ei' a iu! i " •!•. > '. >. u 11 hi.u! I 11 -i .1 i > [ ! M i ! I • ' i i . " -. i -, -, X . : t . I i;-1 • \v . i. t I'l tt-.III'!'! . V 1 . I . U.I I .1 :i I . -i. .i -,.i I i>.t..U' l"i'> .'I l 1 I'iapp's liui^ .-.U'li.'. J.-c. A ttory of Henry Clay. following fttewlote of Clay was told by one of his personal friends: While making the Journey to Wapb- IriKton on the National rond, just after his nomination as eandldute for the nrcHldoney. lie was trnvelfng one Ktormy night, wrapfx.'d up In a huge clonk, on the back Hf-nt of the Btnge- '•fcicli when t\w> [(.'iRxengcrs enferetj. I'liry wore Kc-nlin-kifiiis, like himself. )'<• fell nslccp iui'1 when he awoke '•iiind them dlHcusHlng IMH ehiincmi In !K' coming- campaign. "\Vluit did Hurry Clay go Into pofl- !CH for?" said one. "He hud « Rood 'f of land: lie dad a keen eye for 'ods. If hi- b:id Htuck to stock raising •'d have been worth hl« fifty thou- .iid Itnt now lio docMi't own a dol- "And." the great K'-rmieklan used to : "(lie v, n:rt of It was, «'V(.Ty word Ir •.-.•«s lr:!c!" !t u-;-s (•!!.-.ra'-terlstlc of the man that i!ti> iic:-.-| Kiopfilng place lie hurried way and took another coach lest his • ;iilcs should rceoirnlxe him nrid be ortilied at their unintentioim! rude- Impertinent Lady Holland. In "A Family Chronicle," a book of xofsip. Is a story about the fearful •ind wonderful Lady Holland which Is '•om pa ra 11 vely u n hack ncy eii. She was at Lord ({ndnor s, nnd they • •osild not get rid of he,r. Lord Itadnor llifin^'ht of unroofing the house, but tried flrHt what prayers of n Sunday would do. She was highly (very gnicloiiH, Lady Morley said, becaiise she knew they longed to get rid of her) arid said she would go down for prayers. Whether she was III I do not know, but It seems she had to be carried downstairs and wrapped, herself up In cloaks, etc. In the midst she called out for more cloaks, which were brought her. When she went up to the drawing room again she said to Lord Had nor (he having finished with' the Lord's Prayer): "I liked that very much, that last prayer you read. I approve of It. It Is a very nice Qne. Pray, whose Is It?" Did any one every hear such a thing? I cnrinot Imagine why people should bear her Impertinence. Eight PoinU of the Law. A correspondent signing himself "Bo- anrl-Ho" overheard some men—"evidently lawyers," he says—talking over a case recently when some such expression as this reached his ears: "Well, he couldn't help winning. He bad the eight points of the law .in his favor.'' Ever since he heard this "So-and-so" has been wondering what were the eight points referred to, and be asks inc if I can enlighten him on tbe subject The elgbt points of the law, "So-and- so," are tbese: First, a good cause; second, a good purse; third, an houest and skillful solicitor; fourth, good evidence; fifth, able counsel; sixth, an upright judge; seventh, an intelligent Jury; eighth, good luck. It Is well understood In forensic circles that If you have all these in your favor you stand a sporting chance of winning your case. But, on the other hand, of course you may lose.—London Standard. Bonaparte ai a Deadhead. Frederic Fcbvro publishes in the Paris Gaulols an Interesting document preserved In tbe archives of the Theatre Francals. It runs as follows: "Pass tho citizen Bonaparte to thin evening's performance of 'Manllus.'— Talma." This shows, of course, that the Emperor Napoleon when he was only a lieutenant of artillery was very glnd of "orders" for the theater. M. Febvro adds a story which ho hoard from Talma's t'.on to the effect that the future ruler of Franco used to lie In wait for the tragedian In the galleries of the Palais Royal and that the tragedian used often to whisper to his companion: "The other way, If you don't mind. I sec Bonaparte coming, and I'm afraid he'll usk me for seats." Evidence Against Him. "I am proud to say," said the man with the loud voice, "that I have never made, u serious mistake in my life." "But you are mistaken," said the mild mannered man with tho scholarly Htoop. "You havo mudu one very serious mistake." "I'd like to know where you got your authority for saying so." "Your declaration Is evidence that you have never tried to see yourself us otlu-rsi sou you."—Exchange. The Marvelous Resistance of Water. If it wore possible !o Impart to n shoot of water an Inch In thickness BUtnVlont velocity, the most powerful Itocih shells would bo immediately Htiippoil Iu their Might wlu-ii they came Into contact with It. It would ort'er the sanu; resistance as the stool armor of (h,> most modern httlllt'.ship.—Strand Magazine. The Law's Delay. Betty That ca>e hasn't come on yet. Isn't the luu 's delay maddening"? i'is- Me (al>->'!st n.huii illy i Perfectly fright- fill! l'\r t'.'.-ti six months gi-King that yo-,i!:^ lianv-u-r I" propose. —London i »piujon. His Loss O ii r Gain I'ofi 1 !. ..I .1 I..H-UI hfiv lint s\ hi!i' I \\ is xv^'tiLj for you 1 i-aivlr-T-iy ui'.-rr >.'!(..- if. , i.'. ri- it. uii'l I tV.-i." that I • .! .1: >: iviii.'l;,!MT it to u-\\ rito it. Kilit.-;- i !..;! .- :.•...,! -Now York !'iv»s ~~ A Poomernng. "I know a German editor," nnld A newspaper man, "who found himself one night when tbe paper was about to go to press without any editorials. What was he to do? It waV too late f.o write any himself, too late to have iriy written. Like a flash an Inspiration came to him, arid, dipping his p»?n, be wrote hurriedly: "'After carefully reading the ecli- t..trlalH written for the morning's Issue by four of the ablest and most brilliant members of our staff we have come to the conclusion that they might be misinterpreted by the niitborltleK and regarded as an attack on the j?or- erjjinent. \Ve ourselves consider them perfectly Innocent, but a« we have no desire to see our newspaper confiscated we have very unwillingly, though, as we think, prudently, resolved to withhold the articles In question. This must serve as an apology to our read- em ("or a blank editorial page." "Imagine this editor's shock when his secretary telephoned him the next morning that the paper had been confiscated. * " 'But—but on what ground?' the editor gasped. " 'For malicious ridicule of the governmental authorities by the omission of the editorials.' "—Los Angeles Times. Pet Poisoning a Trade. "Every town bus Its pet poisoner If yon know where to find him," said a druggist. "These men keep my stock of alkaloids on the move. There Is a demand for tbe pet poisoner. Suppose your favorite dog breaks his buck. What a relief, then, to summon the pet poisoner and have the animal slain without puln. Cats and birds, dogs and even fish come within tbe province of the pet poisoner. He charges usually a dollar a case, but If you are rich he won't object to charging you $5 or $10. Some folks In their wills leave directions that their pet dogs or cats be poisoned, fearing that the animals would find life too harsh and sad after their loving owners' decease. Some folks, too, If they are going away for a long time—making a tour of the world, say—have their pets poisoned rather than trust them to servants possibly careless. Mistaken kindness I call such doings, and that, I bet. Is whnt the pets call It too."—Cincinnati Enquirer. "Either" and "Neither." There are two or three things about these two words that one should remember. In the first place, they should never be used in connection with more than two things—as: "It was either Tuesday or Wednesday," not "either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday;" "It was neither Tuesday "nor Wednesday," not "neither Tuesday, Wednesday nor Thursday." Then, either should not be used In the uense of each, as "they walken on, one on either side c' tbe road." It should be one on "each" side of the road. Tbe third caution is about the pronunciation. Some persons Insist that they should be pronounced "1-ther" and "ni-tber," with tbe "1" long. But this is more an affectation perhaps than anything else. The best authorities agree that the right pronunciation Is "e-ther" and "no-tber."—Now York World. "Pinched." • The humor of school and college examinations Is perennial. One specimen was contributed by one of the high schools where a girl In tbe department of history was required to write a brief sketch of Queen Elizabeth. Her paper when turned In was found to contain the following sentence: "Elizabeth was so dishonest tbat she stole hor soldiers' food." The teacher who conducted these examinations was puzzled to know just whence this particular Information had percolated Into the girl's mind. So, calling her up, she asked tho question. Why," was tbe ready answer, "that's just what It says in tho history." Tho book was soul for and tbe passage examined. It was found to read "Elizabeth was so parsimonious that she pinched her soldiers' ration."— Bookman. A Curious Rescue. Two officers hunting wolves on the Dry mountain, in central Sorvia, lost their way In « fog. AfU-r wandering for fourteen hours one of them lay down In tho snow and speedily became unconscious. His comrade bound him with cords, placed him In a sitting po- MMou and then rolled him down tho mountain. He glided down tho slope at terrific speed and reached ttie bottom safely, being found an hour Inter iu an ex ha listed condition by a peasant. Man and Plants. M. Camillo Saint-Saons says: "I do iv>t protend to adduce irrefragable evidence in support of my theory that man began his earthly career us a plant. I do maintain, however, that an impartial examination of my theory miiNt allow that my assumption and hypotheses arc siitlicieiitly piaUoible to l.o considered justifiable.' 1 BONDED Yes, we're bonded—we've flung out the banner of a prosperity and onlv got off on our first foot. More to follow and more prosperity—that's why we came to Covina. That's why we are enlarging our stock week by week. More to follow and more prosperity. SITED WE'RE SITED AND SIGHTED. We're sighted toward the best on the market to be had at all times. You're sighted toward the finest display of the newest and daintiest productions of the best English factories now making crockery ever seen in Covina. WE KEEP THE BEST BAKE STUFF IN TOWN. Yours for business, Home's Grocery Home Phone 43 J. F. HORNE, Owner and Proprietor No Longer an Experiment but a Fact! You can cook your meals without fire. Do you realize what a saving this means in fuel? Do you know how much discomfort you avoid? Come and let us explain the "Purity" Fireless Cooker If it were not a success we would not recommend it. Cooks the dinner while you are away. For sale by F. H. FABRICK'S Hardware Store Covina, Cal. Home Phone 6 Before you let any contract for the FUMIGATION of Your Orchards think of the importance of careful, intelligent work, and consult the STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Oldest firm in the state, having the largest outfit of tents for every size tree. We exterminate red, purple and black scale. We are better and cheaper. Phone 190 Covina Phone 177 Charter Oak New Telephone Number Azusa 4 CHAS. H. MORRIS implements. Wagons and Buggies at Los Angeles prices. Keeps Him High Strung. "The malinger alua.'s Uivps back a liorti.iii of the villain's salary." "U'hy does he do tdat -afraid bc-'d >!.ipV ••.No. but h.- always a>-is his part better \vheii he's mad."- S?. l.uclis lilol^e- IH-IIII.I i at. The Saver Comes Out Ahead Many people are tempted to waste their money in speculation, but the prudent saver is content with the safe and sure way, allows his money to accumulate at compound interest and thus establishes ihe strongest protection for his funds. The Covina Valley Savings Rank cordially invites ..your- account. 4 per cent interest paid. Accounts of :?l and up received. The Losers. "To uha! do ynii ailnl'Ute your siK'- e -•< in aei|iiiring money ':" "I'arH.v 1" the >Ur.v.-.s of other men .h ietimi: -•• or" it." ivj.Ued the great :';ii.!iii-ier. l'!.:!.ide!ph;.i Ledger \Nley Saving IBank L'uvinu, California

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