Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1912
Page 7
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«I WOULD RATHER BE A LIVE COWARD THAN A DEAD HERO,** SAYS FELIX TO FINK. Professional Directory. IHLCX. BUSS Deatbt ExtmaiOD without pain by tha nae of Nltroua Oxide Gaa' B ««B >«. 1 Xortbrup BIdg; puonea—Office &53; K M. «&2 WANTS-ALL KINDS \ WANTS-ALL KINDS WANTKI)—GIRL FOR FOR SALE-FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR RENT—FOR RENT v ^T ,x, lAAV^ WX \TED-I AMi WANTKD-GIRI. KUK GENP:RA IJ . FOR SALE-H O U S E FURXISH- FOR SALE-PUMPKINS FOU 5 .^^ClrjVnf Farm ly)aa^ house work. Apply 606 East St. lings, rugs, linoleums, trunks, will nallowe-en: 1300 East Madison. pwpared t«> Uke care of Farm L.oans|»u_ ._iLj. . (cases and combination heafera. Bon- . . lyge or small, at the lowwt rate to ; , _ ^VASH ING. IRONING ' nell. 9 X. Jefferson. Phone 1290. , poR SALE-BEST TEAM OF TWO,)* obtained anywhere. .Pri!"*/?." l ,.,^.i„^ ,„ rin Will also so'— vear-old mules In the country. S. E mg time. See me ana Set t«rms^»o" j ' Stovps. Big stock. Cash or payments. • ' jEd Henninger, West Madison. FOR. RENT—FC 'P ^VISHED ROOMS 004 N. Jefferson. FOU RENT—FOru KOO .M HOUSE, wfll and rlty wau-i. Inquire .".12 S .K»-nr;!<-ky raSe. before placing your loan. B- L. Thompson. Over Evans Drug Store. WANT—yOD TO KNOW ABOUT, the finest fruit an* farming section. Jn Florida. Address II. G. Gates, Arcadia. Florida: P. O. Box 20. FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—THREE FOR SALE OR TRADE—FOR fami .f in Eastern Kansas, 2til acre farm in Tt -xasl county, Mi.-:.sourI, JCo WANTED — BUNDLE WRAPPER Must be W years at New York Store. I over. run. .->.-n ..r.— Kiivi-^r., ROO.MEI) • ;icre3 In Kimball county, .Ncbra .ika hou^e and lot. aVj blocks from square Two modem dwelling holl^erf in iola. lAddr-ess S 32. care of Register. 'Kan^as. Jamra Newell. CU S. Wal• • nut St, Iola. Kansas. FOR SALE—40, 80, 160 OR 200 • arres nice meadow land; 5 miles from ! CALL H ',1 FOR PRIDE FIX>VR. .'If/Ia; per acre. Want no trade. I loJa Feed Store. Delivered anywhere '• S«-e owner, S. W. Uist, LaHarpe. Ka.«. jn t he city for Jl.2.0 per sack. Every , sack guaranteed. WANTED—EIGHT OR TEN CORN buskers; with or without teams. W.. M Han'na, northeast of LaHarpe, Mo-; apres nice meadow land; 5 miles from ! CALL 8.".7 FOR PRIDE Fl/iVR. ran Rural Route. *- " WANTED—A GHIL FOR GENERAL house work, at onie. Call 407 S. hlni .or phone 93S. FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN. OUR modern residence. Call at 608 E., FOR SALE—ONE FIVE ROOM Madj.son. W. T. Watson. ' house, corner Douglas and I»cust sta., • — on lot seven, block.2.'>. Iola, Kan-iias. TO EXCHANGE—A NICE LITTLE Clear. Price |2M 00. E. Demo, Pra- WANTED—PANTRY iCelley Hotiel. GIRL i home for good team, wagon and bar- gue, Okla. ^.j.: ness. A. W. Beck, l.i E. Madison Av.-. I WANTED—Y O I- B MAG.AZINES. old books and Bibles to bind and cover. The Register Bookblndery. FOR SALE—HERD OF INGLK- field Short Horns, eight tows bred, o.- witn talvos at foot. Two yearling W^NtED—WHITE GIKL rUK .UL^. yi^ii iu ^ ^, general housv> work; family of two: s:.>s. we need the business and will gj^.^ns. Neosho Falls. Kans. no wa-hlng 41'° Phone 446. arureclate your patronage. R. L. GIRL —Trr a RMTister Want Ad. S Walnut. Phone 446. ari^reclate Thompson. Drug Store. your patronage. R. L. Phone 142. Over Evans FOR SALE—THREE-ROOM HOUSE cheap Inquire 32C S. KentucVv. $12,000 RESIDENCE FOR SALE OR trade; one of the homes In south- traue, »..,: u, u... ... FOR KENT-TO SMALL F.\MILV; ern K':insa8; well located in thriving iiu ,<!«rn hou.^e si.-c rooms and bath; county s^at town Will take land or electric lights I-o<;aii >in 415 3. Wal- deairable Iola pr»p."rty. nun. Iola, Kas T B Shan- nut Si Viuant Nov lo Phone I '.2. FOR SALE—GOOD INCUBATOR Also some Rhode Island Red roosters; 30r. N. First St. FOR SALE—GOOD LU.MBER. shelving, also delivery wagon, computing scales cheap. 201 South 4th. LOST—SCOTCH COLLIE DOG about 4 years old; will name •Bob." J. F. Halderman Phone 12.^.6 Reward. . FOR SALE—GOOD. M O D E R N j house, well located Cheap If taken at once. See J K Powell or call at SU 'I 3. Cottonwoo<!. 1 FOR EXCHANGE. TO E.VCHANGE—HORSE. BUGGY and some real estate for automobile. CHEAP FAB.MS tV ALLEW jCOnTTT. R L Thompson SO A. 3 miles Moran; fair improve- ^^^ M^—M.^— menfs. l .'J.OOo. - - I'-.u A n^ar Ceneva; good improve- ; A GENUINE SNAP IN HAV (...XND— ment-i. $C.fto« . l'"<" acre.^ in .Mien county; 4o acres in w A miles Iola. all level, biack culiivaticn: 12" acres good m.adow. :', land in cultivation unimproved, $32C'0. .miles from market, s miles from Iola: l.'nimproved 40, level land, $1200. offered at forced sale, only $4.'.w The-e are all bargains. Why rent.'Henderson Realty Co. when yon can buy them on good term.?? IOLA LAND COMPANY. —A Lost Ad {n the Reiri.ster find.s If- UUURPE NEWS FOR TODAY J. C. Nellson .of White Water. !S OT'R Big Wall Paper stock J ' visiting H. J. Nei'.son and wife. is THE ours DOINGS AT OAS Cin 550 ELIGIBLE TO TOTE HEBE .. • TIT-SDAY'S ELECTION. '-S ity has there been shown .such a * 1 „ , x- , • • , . * select and quality line of Wall # . ' '«» lndei>endenre on ^ Paper as is now to be found * 1 Xoiincil F.naot-i Important RolInCT , an-ong>t the remnants of that * i . farefi:! ye n:is< hievous boys for > ;Go»eniine Kirearms-C'lifiord l" l^ree wonderful wall paper as- f ' Tre-dway Very Ilti 'T so-'"'™^"^ ^'^f^ which we supply v ' our early fall trade. Only a few S . : • f of these elegant printa and pat- S „. ^ !* terns are left, and these must be * '^AHARPE. OCT. .n .-Tnree hun-.^ j.,^,^^ ^.^^ ^ gj^j REot'C- * TOMGilT IS HALLOWE'EN WILL BE OBSEBVEH. A.ND! ria)in-onnd<t Belnr E?*taWI>hed Schools.—Clinton .Vkrtin Is fA. —Flnafiire Practlc*-. 'A. POTATOES ( ARE ic H C N T E K CAB OF- VitJ w.^m, «... gave out the registration by wards as fojlows; First, ward. If'T; Second ward, i 'j; Third ward, s9; Fourth wird, 109. Total, 3.'" .Mr. Stephenson with Mr and Mrs. J^se Siansbury moior>-d to Hepler yesterday where Mr. Stansiiury transacted some bueslness. .;Miss Nellie Busley will give a Ilal- lo'we'en party tonight at her home n<^rth of "town for the Epworth League of the Methodist church , '-Don Nesbitt is rei>ortej on'the .sick , ir«t. , » • iThe city council met Tuesday even- jfig In thei city hall and transacted .Slime important bui-ine&s. .A new or- lUn&nce which is .\"o 7.. of the city ofj* tlllarpe, was pas,<ed by which no one' big bargai $ store for you. % WATEK.S i DANFOBTH IJniirs and Jewelry will be allowed to carr>- or display ] * ^ ^ ffej'ly In public !n the city limits, fire- v * aWis or deadiv woapans of any kind This ordinance i.< aimed for a" blow 1^1 the air riHes and sling-shots, which tavebt^n thought the causx' of some tf the new street Hphl-- having broken cldbe-; The Sutton and Williams ^ will probably come to an KUfJ.S We have L '.j .Axminster Rugs in assorted Oriental and Floral patterns, 5.\12 sire. Price $18, cash. ll«i feet by 12 feet, price $22 .^O cash. Twenty-five Seamless Bni.=- sells Rugs in assorted Orienial sand Floral patterns, size 9x12, * - price $11.2.'. cash. * LaUARPE FIB .MTrBE STORE * H. K. JfairtlB. Prot.. <- :hy stingfni; i.Teat .Mrs Lyman fiates and .Mr.o. l ..«-Ri >y Avers spent Tuesday In Carlyle. Mrs. .M. F. Danforth has ri-turned • -s- from a short vi^it at Deering. ' ' ^sr E. J Bondy reijirned from Kansas! GAS CITY.. OCT. 31.—Mrs. A D ! .5 City this week 1 Andre of .Mildr^-d. is a guegr at llie T —PtitatOfS »;."c a bushel off car Fri- , H. Osborn home. 1 .7. day and Saturday. J. .\. Brown. ! —The big sale is now on in fhe,.^ .Mrs. W M. Dean has gone to Elk clothing department at the .Model. j.;; City to enjoy a visit with her brother. ' Tonight is Hallowe'en, the eve of ,5 .Mrs. E. E. .Ma.vey pleasantly enter- . All Saints. There is nothing churchly ! tained the Dorcas club last evening at 1 about this date and it seems to be but her home on North Broadway street, j a pagan relic or perhaps a remnant of .5 A pie social will be given at Salem i medi*-val superstition, but at any rate school house Friday night. I it will be celebrated here in the s .Tiie Owitig to t '.e in'.:!e :iif :nt weather the: old way A few j)artles are scheduled j. dance thai wn- Ui have been given ,'and no doubt the usual band of ... last evening was pos^pon.-d until to-[ rind seekers will pr<)men:id»- the var- morrow evfrjins. ] ious all«-ys and delight to hear 'l. Joseph Hatfen anf family have gone • ' - "-^ • to Horton. .Mo. tor a vi.sit of two, .•*'?eks. Bert Patten wa- up yesterday froii: ^ '..V >nin .-.vlli.- for a short visit with hi^ ^' "amily. • _\ pio supper will he giv -n at th.^ Jerry rUMlwel!. of Io4a. and Charles j ^alem .-school house south of town to•s Freeberg. of Ei.-ir.ore, Democratic can j night * (lldate.i. vv,.re in town "haking hands ' ^ with the voters yesterday! FANCY XlBTHERN POTATOES —ON TRACK PKK BCSMi :r. - . fi.-.CENTS TKN BUSHEL LOTS AT S'-f: I'.UI.VG YOUR S.\CKS NEAR Kansas State Teacher's AssociatioD Topeka November 8 and 9 The counfry's best things in ediii atiiin trouj-ht ri«!ht to y.inr door. Gr>-at si/ejkers with great messag>-s. A better and more varied program than ever before —crowded with enfltusia.'ira u;>- lifti relaxation and enjoynien; for you. .Meet old frtendn— .Hake new frteBdsblp.<>— Tiike a look about tonn-- .Topeka dally grows mor» lieantifuL .As to railroad service, yo.i want thf b»—and wr- offer ;t; fast tiair.s and pl.-nty of th«r..i; luxurious cars, courteous attentions and Santa Fe safety. The finest meals in tn.- world a'. Harvey-Houses along the way. W. El Ralston, Agent PHONE 375 IOLA, KANS. • • • • •> XONEJ TO LOAH! <t •S* will lend on household KOod«. 4 •> planoa. . organs, sewlns n*** • •> chines, diamonds and Jevelrr. ^ • J. W. COFFEY • •> Office, Xa. 110 Strtk StZMt • •> • • • > PHILLIP HEIGELI • * • -> HiBNESg AXD SADDLEBX « -> GencriJ Bepalrlag 4 • " • ^ llOSi Soutb Street—loin. KM*. • • • •> F. L. B. LEITELL, K. D, • > Specialties: • •> Dlaeasea of the Clie«t • •> Diseases of Children • •> X-R.AY <> * Fkftoes—Office 147: Bes. U7 • •> tola State Bank Bldg. # • • -r T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano Taninf and Repairing:, Wltli RoberU Uuile Ca AUCTIONEEB! A. D. Collins General Farm Sales; Livestock a specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed. Address, Carlyle. Kaa. • • • « * <» * * • • • —Mr. Ja."!. V. Churchill, 90 Wall St, i Auburn. N. Y., has been bothered with serious kidney and bladder troutiie "Tiever since he left the army, and sav^: ' _:!"1 decided to try Foley Kidney iillsi j| i 23 they had cured .so niany people and :7 1 1 soon found they were jii.=t the thins. ' .My kjdney.s anJ bladder are again in a healthy condition. I gladly rem -i- mend them." For sale at Burrell's t)rug Store STOVE5 Coal, Gas and MTooi Beaten! ComblBatioii Coal and Gaa, Hot Blast aad Air TIgktS Ecoxojrr RA56ES Bora's ComUnatloB Coal and G M Baage—the beat maOe. PricM Bimtt TbeLEWisbardHdw. 2! <\R STANDS K"TV DEPOT —A L..^t Ad in the Reirfster finds It. i IRL X H .v.-- en V MKK IRA B. FRANTZ THE orroMKTRirr ~( —:> rouch voir-H of the owner of the place , order them away. It would be a goo<» plan to place all moveable articles in I a secur.- place for this parti<ular evn in.'. Cxetvalva Fitting Ipwlalil kt Hanna 'B Jevairr 8t«w» —Mrs. T. A. Town, 107 6th SL Watertown. S. D.. writes: 'My four children are subject to hard colds and I always use Foley's Honey and Tar Compound with splendid results. Soma time ago I had a severe attack of lit grippe and the doctor prescribed Soltys Honey and Tar Cpmpoand and it soon overcame (he la grippe. I can always depend upon Foley's Honor and Tar Compound and ara suro of srwid results." For sale at BiirroH'a Inns Store. - Let » Se<rl'<ter For S«]e seH it. -First Publish-d M. 10121 lo ».-d atter which adjourntuent was made —Ask for Marr'8 Purity Bread at W. S. Fords. feontroversv wiu protraoiv ™m,: ^ . Mi.<s Stella M Miller, daught-r o. ,cid now "I* the cm ordered the alley F M Miller of this city, and Mr \v oSned in block two. Ohlfest addition. A Thon-.pson. of l.>la. were unaed in- Mavo" P W Jurv api>ointed John E 1 marriage Tuesday aft-rnoon by the Padgett council men f.-om. the Fou.-th ward to fill tie unexpired term of W. ^. Kester. This appointment was confirmed by the council. P. W. Jury ^as appointed deputy city cleric by City Clerk Mrs. Conov«r. The quarterly report was read by :he city clerk and up to October 2nd ^t showed a bal ance of $4,978.'''.'.. This is exactly with the treasurers account and also the rbank's. The bonds of the water super Intendent, 'street commissioner and city clerk were read and approved by the council. T'ue usual bills were a'- - 5 " 0 . * i ' 1'~ r * ^/ / f Hair Brushes in ail grades and sizes. Comb*, all kinds, both for ladies and gents. See our window display. V. A. rooK.«^Er , Prescription Driigslkt LaHarpe, lian.<«aa. Rev B .M. Powe 'u. at the Methodlsti parsonage In Iola. Both young people are well known here and in Iola and have many friends who extend them' heartiest congratulations. Mr Thomp son conducts a tailor shop In Iola and It is probable they will make their home there. —Best Flour. 'j -jKrind loo^, $1 2'» sack. J. A. Brown. Mrs. K. J. Hondy was .to have enfe.-- tained the Iola Friday Card Club tomorrow but owing to the death of Miss Floy Houser. the meeting will be iK>st- poned until the Sih of N'ovembcr Mrs Hutchinson and family arrived ye^terday from western Kam-as to n.ake their home in the northeast part of town.. .Mr. Hutchinson uiJl follow later. ' Clifford, the slx-year-oId son of Mr and Mrs. John Tredway. of Basehar. Ka.«!.. is lying at the point of death suf fering from scarlet fever. Mr. and *; Mrs. J. T. Tredway of this city are * ; grandparents of the child and anxlous- *' Iv await each day word a." to his con* dition. * The ladies of the Presbyterian church will serve dinner and supper 3-; * - • ^ flection day in .some building on Main •» * * * 3- •3- + ***-5-** + + ** street IMPORTANT! Tra.n i-'> go^s through Wieh- Ita. Mut(liini.on. Steriinj; ^nd LvoHr- ronn--! tirjg at Geneseo with J'.iyuii)iU .-••r\i<>: to I'u'Ific Coaat. Traill 4<i7. I.-a.itig Iola i A>'> p ni, gov.-: ilifijiigb to Wichita mak ing foiine<.ti<in at Wichita for Colorado and 1 lie.pacific coast Train -tin h :i.-5 through, first- tlass coa< h and standard sleeper to .*^f. Louis, niaking giK>d connections with all lines at St. I»L11S. Tr.iin 't""* n akes connection at Rich liill f<.r N'.jrth FZast and Siiuthern Misaourf points. LLMliNGER IGEXT. >OTI( K TO rONTRH rOR.S ^ea;e<l bid-"will be reoeived by the! i'.oard of County Coa".:i;issioners of .Al!• :i t 'l 'unty. Kan-us. at the office of] I 'o'inty '".erk in city of Iola, Kansas., iiiill 12 :n T'.iursday. November 21. i.'l:;. 'or ri.e furnishing of all material iKd "he .-re.Tion of one bridt;e cross- n;: .-•••v.,-: Itrancli t.ft «t .en Sections » .md l'.. Townships 2.". .tnd 21. for a s'on.' or lonc .-ete sjian of- 20 feet, or i'w,. .lotible arihes cf is feet each. Plan.- and si -i -ifb-alions of whir't will !ie on file af -er .\oven:ber 12. l"Jl2 • .Also one bridge acri >S !i Big Creek rn the .\!len and Neosho . county Un.- r.-..:!.u> .«,».-v. south of .Se.tlon S^tlria. less Thev hoi)e to be or>en I'f'-in 12" feet clear span of which ' bridcre t.idders may .submit their own plans and specifications: all plana to show concret.- floor Each bid will be sealed and accompanied by crriffe)! check arrording to law. The Board i reserves th*- right to reject any and j all bids IJ K ( PLBERTSON. • Connty Clt-rk ; G -M REY.NOLD.S. ' Chairman i "Teeter boards' and swings are b» i ing installed this week nr the .school j grounds The children are all r»- i joirlni: and are grateful to Prof Os- i»orn for ih.- Idea Mr and .Mrs .M. .M Roberts of (t .i- nut.- arriv.'d yest.-rd:iy t4j • sp>nd. a «-.k with parents. .Mr and Mrs T .M Roberts John Gob:, of Hiital«:Mt. «.is ;r. city j.sterday calling on old frl»-i!ds E H and Sar.ili J. IJoyd are r.- ceiving goods daily for their new grocery and general store that will b" in the building re <-i -i;tly vacated by Floyd Elliott by Saturday G. W. Rowden is paperlne. finishing the wood work and making other improvements in the interior of the C-n- tral office. Miss I»ra Whitmore arrived yesterday from Weir City for a visit wi;h her .sisters. Will Hunter and family have moved ht-re from Black Gum. Okla Owing to the rainy weather the dance :>.t I.aHarpe was postponed until tomorrow evening. A number from here will attend the Amid Sedative ,Coneh Xcdiciae*. A num tier from nere win m-euu ...... If you want to contribute directly j dance at the Moose hall In Iola this to the occnrrence of capillary bron- i evening chltis and pneumonia nse cough med- • J W Carl of Douglas. Ok . who is iclne-< that contain codine. morph'ine. now in Colorado will be here next heroin and other sedatives when you \vef>v to visit his brother Isaac Carl, have a cough or cold. An expector- ' The big dinner given Tuesday at the ant like Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Martin home in honor of the double (Is what Is' needed. That cleans out; w.rdding waa also in honor of Mr. Clin the cnltnre beds or breeding places ! tun Martins r:4th birthday anniversitry. IXor the germs of pnettmonia and other * The Inclement weather prevented j germ dlseaaes: That why pneumo-1 ilie Pinafore r .'hearsal last nlKht. Th'jnla never results from a cold when ; practicK will probably be held tomor-{Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is useil , row evening. H has a world mlde reputation for Us ; J J. MeiuminKS. of «autheaat of l -i- curea. It contalna no morphine or i utucr sedative For sale by all dealer* i Hari.^ *aa In town yesterday. Arm at tlik «ffic« wiA th« upcaM bamma Mooi ^hiriu ••Cap »Hu - tnm At iMctary. thtdaam. elerfc lurm mxi otW awem—TT fcMXH^ Wtrntl, amiwcmm fmr ^tticm of tire* boofas Xfce 94.00 (l-i'^e ilItMtrations in the annoonceinents from day to AT.) > WkasTEUAN lishcrs cf Websf-f's dictionary or by their soccesson. | I 4 A-| A It is the ON-LY entirely N'-.w compilatMn bf tfie world's < { 3L9M,M • greatest authorities from leading universities; is boond ta * WCIMMHABYiall Ump Leather. t ?;x:bk, stamped in gold on back and \ t niiMtraii « sides, printed on Bible pa ?.'r, with red edges and coraen - iDooded; beautiful, strong, durabi-:. B 'si Ics the gcncralcontents. there are maps and over 600 subjocts beaKtii!il!y illnstrated by three- i-» color platrs, nttmrrous siibj ^cts hy ^^".^oto^e^, 16 pages of 1 K educitiona' charts :nd the latent United States Ccnso.». Present * % at this ofnce SOC Conaecadv* Oic^locary Cnopnoa and tfc* ^ nc « the KjO boot. !SH2"""" btidiia-which to MCTMNAmV •qntzc bait leather, with olive ' edaci coram. iive IE»pM SIX i°s5r 1912 McnaNABY Is I D pliki eiKh biad. < ria, ttaMftd is n3 blaek: kw. ol Out c»l- , or«a sljtM 1.,^. Ci.MiallM Cai *«o» OM *• 40C

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