Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 22, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1908
Page 8
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THE SUMMIT REACHED, JOURNEYING LEISURELY HOME. San Francisco, San Jose, Los Gatos and the Big Tree Grove Visited on the Return Trip, Autos Still Rarity in the Mountain Regions, did, and It was worth tho wholo cost of Ih'- trip. Cio «oo ft yotirnol V(:K. and th'-n ynii will know why [ makr- no ni- | tempt at <\i'"c\'\\ :ffrm. \\'c a ro now ori ; our way ho/ri':. the hoodoo ha« left HH, i * -i'l ?ritti pirn 'pnjM |o Hir>[ p|oi( so.fji .(no I Homr' lime next week we shall roll Into i CoviMri, fire'l. ditty, (jut happy. Hr/ far, (Ifivlna's Hi" banner town. Lorift may «?)<• wn\<:'. Salinas -dandy town, parairo there wllh a conscience, up the grade again, and flown grade again, pas' pniiie, apple, pear, and all kinds of orchards we don't see at homo, If) Ffollister. another datifly (own. whore they measure Ihc gasoline through a rubber hose, and throe gallons register sis five, hut ihi-.y only charge t wonl.y-fl vo cents a gallon. Leaving (lolllslor among Its smiling (smiling Is 'h' 1 Wfird Mm poets IIHO) orchards, It's ollmb again on If) l/m Jiamw. The HUH In sinking, and there is n horribly f:old wind Mowing, HO a Hhol- Icrcd cove attracts us. We run the reliable KInif)t'f! under ;in oak tree, arid prepare to rain p. Ynin, yum! Hce*- Hfoak smothered In orilonH, washed down with super!) coffee. How Is Ihul for a mountain Kiipper? Hlsboo In fleet) of sleeping f;n the lia.rd ground, Hf) ho has been culling horofiouiid for Ihrce- {|iiarlers of an hour; says he IK going to have one good nlghl'H resl on the trip. HiKboo's horohoiind devflf)pefl ))il)i)|)S nhoiil. I f)'c:lf)f;l< In nifirnliiK, und he In such a rfjsfles.s lijnh of Halan lhat nobody can sleep when he Is HllrrlnK, no If was hike out. BU/Z, bux.x, through T'nchef) canyon, ii)) find down, and down nil, we, come. Hailing around a (By B. M. Given.) There Is a i Tuf)lurnrif!, nor my appreciation of the cnee. Chen I country and klndfie.sH of |t.-i re«ifleriis. i n ,. I We v/ei-f' st rangers, arifl they tok us In, not In slang Men?,e, but literally; nothing was loo good for us. And, to crown all, Mrs. Coorgc Arclu-i Cod bless her! planned a trip for us If) the logging earn)) at the lop of I he Sierras. We didn't lake our machine, for while 11. is JUKI about the best ever, nothing but. a narrow-gau^e train can ever climb where we; went. We .saw giant pines go crashing down the hillsides, saw them sawed up Into twenty- foot lengths, and snubbed on to flat car:-), and then we climbed on one of those loaded flat cars and made Hie hair-raining run to the valley. The track wound a snake wllh the mountain curve, and so dons another man, with a brand-new ThoimiH Flyer. Maybe thore oC brakoH, o wasn't a hurried s y and foot! The cars slopped within throe, ami a half inches of each other. Oh, It's all right for you folks, but If you had boon there, with a precipice a thousand feet dnop on your right, and a hill another thousand fool high on your left, and a whale of a touring car poking l)s noso right Into your radiator, there would have boon Hevontoen different, kinds of cold chills chasing theniHelveH up and down your splno. Hunos at. histi whom we bought, gasoline at two bits a gallon. Next, Jim-jams, and the logs wo sat on weaved and groaned, while at about (•very second curve wo saw whore logs passing our way before! had skipped down the hillside. If Mrs. Archer hadn't given us the supper of our lives at. the bottom of the mountain, that ride would have been a nightmare. As It, was, we were just shaken up enough to enjoy the good things. It wasn't necessary to wash up before supper, either, for the humorist In charge of the water tank at River Station thought It would add to our gayoiy If he left, the nix-Inch pipe they (ill the engine from wide open, and of all the soaklngs lhat we received on the l-loochoe Coochoo—or is It Hol.chy Holohy? --railroad was the soaklii.nest. I write more about Tuolumno than any other place, for It, was our destination, ami thorn was more to interest one there. It Is an old-Lime mining camp, and faro, poker, roulette and all the games of chance are going full blast, with doors wide open and no pretense of secrecy. But, our time Is getting short, and It Is hike out. again. Sonora once more, and If ever there Is a robbers' roost, Sonora'a the place; six bits for six measly little sandwiches, gasoline thirty-two and one- Merced, whore gasoline Is cheap I half cent.a a gallon, a shave two bits, enougn, but, Oh, heavens, the awful Our next, stopping place Is Stockton, liars that, live there! We followed and we wore unuizud nt the size and their advice and wen) to ClilnoKe Camp'air of general prosperity. They tell us via I,a (iranges, and of all the rooky i Stockton has Improved very much roads to Dublin, that was the worst. ( since the Koiisers left.. And now we The Merced prevaricators told us that 'make the only bad break of the trip. a hardware man of their town made \Yc decide to go to San Francisco. We the trip weekly, and at Chinese ('amp their eyes bugged out, and the natives Kwarmed us. The Klmore was the tirsl car that over came over that road. ] do hate a liar. We loft "Chinese" in the early morning, and within two hours had surely si nick a good imitation of (Jod's country. Jamestown, locally known as Jlmtown, Is a peach of a place, in a canyon, and Sonora, the next place, Is the quaintest old-fashioned burg you can Imagine. Marie Twain and Mret Mario have made this neck of the woods famous, and one wants to remove the shoos from off one's fool, for tho spot is hallowed. We then climbed lUickhorn Mill towards Tiiolumne, and here Is where 1 lay down my job, for I haven't words to express tile beauty of (lie situation (if go, we slay Just one hour, ami then flee south ward just as fast as the ear can go. Why? Oh. because the mantle of charity Is gooil to use when describing San Francisco. Sun Jose wa.s rt great relic!' to us, but I.os (iatos, Ihf't's a poaoherlnn. Covina s very much in l.os Gates' debt, for didn't Mrs. Austin Cock and Mrs. Do forest Rolchard como from there? From l.os (latos we had the most beautiful rldo of the trip. The road winds through wooded mountains to Santa Cru/, and wherever there are clearings orchards have been planted, clear up to (lie lop of the mountain prosperous-looking orchards, too. At Santa Crux wo were to see the big tree grove six tulles north. Wo Fight for Truth in Fatal Shooting. (Continued from first page) feet in on fjook'a land when he saw j Ucale coming up the roar). Deale Cfirne up to him on the south side. Ijeale .said : "J hear you nru cnrry- ! in« a K'ifi for me." Corley says i thnt lie nrlmitterl to having the #1111 on his person. "If you are I'll kill yon," is vvhttt Corley sny.s Bnnle said to him. Corley ways he «ot off on tho north side of his machine with his whip in one hand and reins in the other. Bealr* came around arid took the whip avVay ami struck him across the shoulder. Corley sayH ho kept backing away. When Beale struck him with the whip the mule.s ran away. Then it wan that Corley SBVH Heale pulled the krti'e and came toward him. and Corle.y begun shoot- inn. Br-ale had told Corlny that ho would "cut his Clod damned throat. " Coriey had no diatinct recollection of how many times he fired when testifying yesterday. He says he saw Ueale run away toward the road, and then went and caught his mules and afterwards went to Covina and surrendered. Corley was severely cross- examined by Attorney McComas. He was asked why he shot Beale three tiuiGH in the back. Attorney McComas produced the overalls worn by Bf'iilo earlier in the examination and showed that three bullets had entered from the rear and none from the front. MEN WKNT ARMED. Mrs. Elmer E. Cook testified yesterday to tho several fights and encounters which led up to tho shooting, especially of the difficulty over tho breaking of the horse, and tho affair where tho whole Cook family was driven into the house by Beale one Sunday while playing croquet. It wna after this affair thnt abe says Constable Fairly was called and ad- rice received from him. Mrs. Cook says that Constable Fairly advised! her to see that the men went armed, for them all to carry revolvers. Mrs. Cook says that she provided Corley with a weapon after this. Mrs. Claudo L. Congdon testified to the fight in the street over the horse, aud said that Bc.ale had been kicking and whipping the animal for nearly an hour boforo the men arrived and interfered. She stated that she had upver hoard of any improper relations ox 1st lug between Corley and Mrs. Cook. Mrs. Ella Wilkinson, sister of Mrs. Cnok, testified that she had never hoard anything of that nature. At the beginning of the examination Hamuel C. Beale, brother of the dead man, told of being with his brother at the hospital, and stated that his brother asked him to settle up his alfairs as he expected to die. Miss Kathryu M. Stewart, stenographer at the hospital, testified to taking the dying statement. Frank Harper and Otto Grooms, ranqh hands, told of being present shortly after the shooting, also Ernest Hohwarze, a fiirnier, in that vicinity. Expert testimony was offered by Dr. George W. Camp- hoi 1, who performed the autopsy, Dr. Charles \V. Anderson of the California hospital, Dr. Reed of Covina, who attendee! the wounded man at Walnut Center. Constable Fairly tostitlnd to finding tho knife said to lioliiiiK to liealo in tho alfalfa flolil, At, the beginning of the trial, Cor- Iny mirrondnrud a gun to Ju.stiou Marshall which had boeu givon back to him for purposes of prutootiun at the tiini' of bis ruli'iiso on humid and <!.-- tt'i-ii\nSam Hruwno of tlu district attorney's olllon searched him and I'iMiiiil utinthor gun which lut \MIS ir- liuvod of. Sum lioalo s\as ulso M'luvht'il by Hnuviio, iming In tin- tact that allo^tnl threats hail IhU'ti inado by tho i!i-ad man'* l::tiihrr .iL:iin.-l. Cnrloy, bill uc I Beautiful Residence. j ''Continued from first papfe) Ins? f-nnloaed with awriftigs. Oti<- .north side Is the breakfast room, a . p-irf of the house In the regular man, tier, save that It Is open to the air by jf.creenlniB;. Mr. Pefers expresses himself as bettor pleased with the porches I ami balconies) than with any oth^r j feature of lilx horno. The upper rooms [are Ingeniously arranged for comfort, 'with baths attached to *--ach room. These rooms command a fine view of "Old Maldy" and the Sierra Madro rvingf. whf/e Mr. Peters nan made his i grounds attractive in the rear wish I gardens and a fountain. Shower baths. i electric heaters and a gas furnace add j to the comfort, and a cellar Is built j under the entire house. All the rooms I are fitted with hardwood floors. Mr. Peters' offices are in the H. W. Hellman building, Los Angeles, and for years ho has handled nothing but his own porperty. The house has clover; rooms In allT and was started In January of this year. When the owner has completed work on the grounds his home will hp among the finest in the Sari Gabriel valley. The postcard, bearing a photograph of the little California town, was in the hands of a scoffer. "This card should be a good advertisement of the town," he said, "arid should be placed in the hands of the "FJoosfing California" committee. Note those winding wheel tracks in the center of the market, place? People who see that will easily arrive at the conclusion that there has been a team up the street." i'ii his i i i si n, l in- at t' 'MifVH li:l Ilillll >il|l.S lUIU'iUIHTll ill (111 I'ji.M' it thi 1 Ki iila\ si'Ssiuii tint! ' i;ly u - h i! i i n i- \\ i.r.lil I c hilicn i: i > n Wi'-ltu .-ilitv, ,\nun-it 'Jiitli, iu iiitiiiiii i 11 tlir 1 t'llii! ill i l.;i U i 1 111 -*M"i. Work All Kinds. I h r, i- ii: ti: \ > :ii >i- i n t \.<< i i-as- >•! t !,• • ' ' . i\ ' ;i i I n it; il i n ^ ( '< .M. l a l, v, I'.nM ( '. I li _lr s! ', i ••!, l'1-ll.rlll j 1 ! l^.i! i. Ii pj | c • ! a: 1 -l /i - l i-ail V t'.l ii.^iai.t 'Id iv ri > I. .'I mi- tut l i-ii \ . u i'-; in uli .. h a!! .'i in 1,1 i'\ : ' - ai il - i ,U",\ a I k>, t ,:.!.) i. 1 I.--, I'l. 1 . I,. l;y \ ral s uf ,• \ | ri 1 1 .,r. ! 1; la > . 1. ^ i'<-,;. i-i 1 1 1 1 l i _;iit inn I i [ i ' . \ 11 l a I : : t \ i • I ! , i h i >' I V -- 1- 1 • i li ^ :: ,-. .1... M I S 111 1MI \ M, I' i J I • -. '' i i "s a: .N. I .. ( ' 1 ic_(« > t. , t'..v 11, 11. Have an Expert Fit Your Eyes It is Knowledge Experience, Skill, in testing and treating Eyes that count in real satisfactory Eye Glass Fitting. Best Optician on the Coast Complete equipment at your service. Prescription work 'and lenses replaced. Write or call for early consultation licit Orpheum Theatre. Itttel IDendome J. J. FITZGERALD, Prop. A FIRST CLASS COUNTRY HOTEL OUR SPECIALTY Chicken Dinner Wednesday and Sunday Convenient for Covina pqoule and cheaper than can be prepared at home. G. W. MARSH Practical I CARRIAGE AND AUTO Spaintcr Shop OppOMU' IV/htol'lk'C COYINA l-KOMi'T Sl-.i. V1CK. i' JV I C :-.' S i\ 11 I i i T. Kissel Kar A car that sells for S22SO that will demonstrate and show as good material and workmanship as a S4000 car. 4 cyl., 40 h. p., speed 45 to £0 miles, won both events it entered at Pasadena-Altadena hill climb. Has Bakersfield road record of 4 hours and 45 minutes over horrible roads. Have a ride in one and you will be a Kissel Kar booster. Reo Automobiles THE CAR OF SERVICE! Ask any of the many Reo owners •••i James Corbett General BlaolomltHIng All kinds of general and heavy Blackstnithtng. We manufacture Ridg-ers, Oraog'e Racks and Box Presses horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 63 Shop West Badillo 8t, Cavina PRICES Touring Car with top, $1450.00 Reo Roadster, 20 h. p., $1100.00 Reo Runabout, $700.00 Also agents for Wayne "30" 4-cvlindcr and Kisselcar. Get a demonstration before buying. REO Garage COVINA ,OOO WORTH OF CHEAP LAND 1 will exchange my Los Angeles city property for same. W. S. McKEE, Home 605 107 Security Bldg., Main 60 9-5 5th and Spring Sts. IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you Jet your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. H. kistler R E WOLFARTH .; Jeweler , , Large and complete stock of everything in the line. Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch work a snecialty. Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. Announcement All of the complete and expensive stock of Potter's Hardware Store has been purchased by W. L Hurley Who solicits your trade and good will. We will cater to old customers and new ones with the finest line in the valley. Fine Builder's Hardware, Tools, Paints, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heaters and Ranges, Gas and Gasolene Stoves. Come and see the Quick Meal Stove. Rubber Hose, Cutlery, Gloves and House Furnishing- Goods. Call and Get Acquainted. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT, CRENSHAW, Prop, Money to Loan on real estate, privilege to pay 5100.00 or multiple thereof at any interest paying date. I buy trust deeds, deed contracts and h' mortgages. At Argus office afternoons of Tuesdays and Fridays; at home on Pueute St., except Mondays and Thursdays. Telephone 325", OSCAR MILLER. KERCKHOFF^CUZNER Mill and Lumber Co* .L's: Homo 14S; Sunset 25.^ COVINA, CAL. I THINK (OVIM TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS.. Props. i All kinds of liauliny and ! Furniture Nlvivm^. : Specially prepared to HK>VC piaao.s! I ha.v e a uii e i;nr ol Office us (itfib Ave. , (dl. HAIR BRUSHES Look them ever ami let me know what YOU THINK W. W. NASH Rresoription Druggist

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