Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1912
Page 6
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lYlVfeNING, 6(5r6BER 81.1912.^ DANDRUFF. FAI^JING HAIR OR Mr;and1iiikdd:BbftliijBtiu»diOH ITCHV SCALP--25 CENT "DANDERINE'^ Ty^'° ^"""t'y sun. ^ r • f ! Mlwes Oertruda and Annafcel An- fdir Hair! Danderine Destroys Dandruff and ^UiV&\i^^^Jt^^^J^T^^f^J^^^^ f» • ^A. r\- • ^ -mi- • • nr n -M -i • . I Mr. Sam CMB uia Tsiil Jooes '""Ig Hair at Once-^rOWS Hair, We Prove lU Ihome over Sunday and took In rally i_ i . , . day at the Hall. tjyou -cate for heavy hair" tbat gll«- »i With jbeauty and Ls radiant with glhas au'inc^niparable softnoss and lufty .juid lustrous, you must use define:;- because nothing eiae ac- VUcbefi; 8b luucsh for the hair. ' t tme <'api)licatlbn of Knowlton's ertnei ^illl double the beauty of balr ,|^e8idc8 it immediately dis- ie ev^ry particle of dandruff;.you Bpt ha^^ ni<.-c, heavy; healthy hair jtiu haTB dandruff. This destruc- i^ficuii-irobs the hair Of its lustre, "rengtti and its very life, and If ^ Ver^o^e it produres a feverish- r ^'andv i (tchlng of thp s<alp; the J^jjfbotajifJnitsh, lousfn and die; then the hair falls out fast if your hair has been.neglected and is thin,-faded, dry scraggy or too oily, don't hesitate, but get a 2 .5 cent bottle of Knowlton's Danderlne at any drug Btore or toilet counter; apply a little as directed and ten minutes after you will say this was the best investment you ever made. We sincerely believe, regardless of everything'else advertised that If you desire soft, lustrous, beautiful hair and lots of It—no dandruff—no Itching scalp and no more falling hair— you must use Knowlton's Danderine. If eventually—why not now? A 2!>c bottle will truly amaze you. - - LinERTV. jMrs. Johuson). , . 30.—There will bo mi •'iitprtain- Bt and pie supper :it iiibcrfy school Friday night. Everybody iiivit- &oino ami bring a pie or buy flHie jirpceeds will be usi d to- l liuyln^ a new orgnn. tie Minnie LV>an. Jones lost a blue , on t &e "ft-ay homo from lola Sut ' som^ wherej on rlic West strotsf and any one iwill conf«'r a favor |her by ;iettrnic; h<>r parents know sro ther .cpn g<>i it. I'huuo !ty;:-L'S. irJ, and ilrs. L. O. Sliirk and fcimi- '"'Servej', Kas., vlsitod Mr. Cifors" I fromfHiursday till Monday, r, and Mrs. Kelsey of lolu. visltod |«nd Mrg. Alderson Sunday. Ipba Cofnali returned homo from EBaa /Gity Tuesday where ho' has ?^|Wov«u «d from two openuii.ns ipl ^nd &itls. • Vete^o will.pove on Stophtu Ufa farm nest wo«'k. r: Jhia^ Hamm of Humboldt W.T! IB on bid friends in this vicinity gwoek and called at Mr. Barnharts aay. - ^ and Mrs. Nichols and Mr. .nn<i ; O'Mar^ of Colony spout the wo.k^ '•with Mr. and Mrs. Frod Kramer, r. and Mrs. L. W/iVrisht and fJMii- d Slgp Barnhart spent Sunday Barnhart's Mrs. Thurman has relatives visit- Ins, her. Mt. and Mrs E. L Yount visited at Will Stewart's Sunday. ». .Mr. Butler was an iola visitor last i Saturday. ' Mr. Keed's sister. Mrs. Birdie Erwin, of California, is visiting him. Mr. and Mrs. l>an ('ornell Jr., and other rolativos vl.slt«'d at Cary Cloud's Snijday, -Mr. anil Mrs. Ira Ncvos visited Sunday with Mrs. .N'oyes" brotlior. Bolea'i Wlioatloy and family. Mr. Jnlinaon was callod to Krio Sunday lnorninl^ on acoount of the illnes.s of hii? .«ister. I'KAIKIK IIAI.L. (Mrs. Frank Myet>.<) Ooiobor :!').—Our rally day e.\erois- 03 wore ijuile a success. ' The proprain in llui niorninK ron.'iisti'il of rocita- tion.s, singins and au aildres.s by our |iast(ir. then an ext "roi .>;o In which ev- <ry one took part—dinner, .\fler din- nor wo listouoii ID KOV . Chatnmn's in- lerostintr addross A seloet reading _ liy .Miss Ciortruilo Amlruss and an<ither'' very interostinK addres.*; by Kov. .\"<ir Ion. of l..a)liirpo .Mr. J f Tnnlway. ')( LiHarpo, and .Mr. C. O, Bollinger, of Iola, were ul .eo pro.^ent and gavo us sl!i>rt talks. Misses .Mary Donald and Ethel Maxoy wore the« of the Walker sister.* Saturday niu;Iit and Sunday. A party was given in their honor Saturday night at .Mr. W. C. Walker's. .Mr.' and Mr .s. W. B. Cain came out from Iola Sunday for a short visit with Mr. Cains mother, .Mrs. J. Cusick. .Mr. W. W. Smart vi.sitod frionds in ir. John- Barnhart and Mis.-! Emmn "^ar Humboldt Saturday and Sun- hart spent Sunday evoniiis? \\illi'da>- Kind Mrs. C. Harris. Lydia Murray .^pont a <'onple of days lier.riirris came Imr^n <^'.«tiril.-,\ : weok wirh .Mrs I-'rank .Myors. ' a- weeKs vi.-i- viil : uflit.r. ; Mr and Mrs lloiuor nuKnan spont a •Pinch. ;of r • a. ' i i-w da.\.s of wook at the parental and Mrs. hn : ....d < hild-' tailwnt. Sunda V w; 1 :,lr. and .Mrs ' » l \f. .be,'r Avas travoling Johnapn. I thrnus^h our ronntry last week looking John' Frisobo- iicv.v and Mrs ' -''"'••r lii.s hiisino-^.-; iuierosf; here Johnson spout Tu<;:Jay wiitii |j£:ranie )pt: Jeanett^ Seymour Is spending a few days of thl» week with h* slspsr. Mrs. Myers. Mr. Warren Works came out from Humboldt with Sam Cain and ^nl Jones to spend Sunday. Mr. Everett, and RusseU Duggur came out from Iola to snend a few days at the home of their'Ijrotber, M.r- J. Duggan. Mrs. Frank Myers and Gladys and Miss LydIa Murray were visiting friends and relatives In Iola a couple of days last week. Martin Anderson cut kaffir eqrn Xor Mr. Keller last week. A HarrdOBS Eseape. . —•:My little boy had a marvelous escape." writes P. .P Bastlaros of Prince Albert, Cape of Good Hope. "It oc?urred In the middle of the night. He got a very severe attack of croup. As luck wolud have It. I had a large bottle of cnamberlaln's Cough Remedy In the house.- After following the dIr «|ctlon8 for an hour and twonty minutes ho was through all danser." Sold |3y all dealers. HEP. c.'Xdam) Ooiobnr 30.—Mrfe. Florence Vahde- voore and son, Clarence, l ?rt Sunday for Iowa, where the former will spend tho winter. Clarence expe<'ts tof .sliiiek corn. .Ml .<8 Lena Waters went to Kansas City SHturdny morning, returniDg Stm day ariernoon. U0AS8. (Flrpt PuWIated October 17.191i) H *ttt» of ApiMbitnMt, KnUiUstratar State of Kaiu >Hi 'AM«i-Oo «Bt7 ,-ap. <ia the master of the Estate of J. W. L«we. late of Allen County. Kansas. NOTICE OK APPOIIiTMBNT. • Notice Is Hereby Given. That on the 17th day of October, A. D. 19U, the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as Adminis­ tratrix of the Estate of J, W. Lowe, late of Allen County, deceased. All parties interested in said estate will take notice and govern themaelves accordingly. CAROLINE liOWE, I Addilnistratrix. Swing. Gard° & Gerd, Attorneys. (10)-lT-24-31 ' S7J7 305.40 58.38 30.77 13.92 '210.07 39.39 iOJ2& 10. 201. 42. 9.5.0: 49.< 15.; 56 .54 1.62 1.36 MILIAR (Belle Mc nr 30.—Mrk (Plrat Publlrted October L'4, 1912.) >'oHee of Appointneot, Admlolstrntor. State of KBiiHa.<«, Allen County,'88.. In the matter Of the estate of Ellen Pricketf. nl AUen County, Kansas. .NOTICE OP APPOINTME.NT. Notice Is Hereby Given, That on the 23rd day of October, A. 1). 1912, the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County. Kansas, duly app6int- ed and riunlified as Administrator, with the will annexed, pf the Estate of Ellen Pri( kett. late of Allen County, deceased. All parties interested in said estate will lake notice and govern themselves accordingly. LEONARD MOOMEY, -Administrator. Ewing, Card & Gurd, Attorneys. (10)-24-Ml -(n )-7 i .Miss Moriboth .\ter came up Saturday from Humboldt to visit home l.-dks. I»ave Woodruff and Howard Fraser will) are biilldlng a bam near .Moran, camo up Saturday niglif returning to thi'lr work Monday. Mrs Maude' Miller, of Parsons, vls­ itod frionds here the first of the week. I larve Stevens and family, of Kin- laid, spont Sunday with John Henderson. Mr. ami Mrs L II. Blue went to! iola Monday. John .Mc.-\dam is visiting his sister, .Mrs. Mahol Oibbs, near Blue Mound. I.^e Hunsaker. Paul Woodruff and Frank .Norton went to Carlyle last week to work at the cement plant. (First Published October 24. 1912.) PrBl .lCATI05i XOTICE. State of Kansas. Allen County, gs. In the District Court for said County. J. W. Wilgus. Plaintiff, vs. J. W. Patton. R. W. Curwell and Ed Pettit. Defendants. Said defendant. Ed Pettit. will take notice tlial he has been sued in the above named Court uiK>n a promissory note executed by said defendants to plaintiff, dated Juno 2u. IllOi;, for $4<i.00 witli lu per cent per annum In- torest from dato at Gas, Kansas, and duo G months after dato. That in saiil above entitled action on October Iltli. I lill2. i)luintlff has procured an order ' of attachment to issuo out of .xaiil dl.'^trict court against the pro])erty of said defendant. Ed Pettit, and that under said order the sheriff of Allen County has atached and levieil snid order of altacliment ui)on I.,ot 9, Block George Manley, of Selma, spent Sun- '2, of's 2nd Additiim to the City day with his daughter, .Mrs. B. E. j of I.aHarpe. Allen r<mnty. Kansas. I licks. Misses Edna Rogers. Cora Bibena and .Minnie Curley are batching in Mrs. Florence Vandeveer's bouse during her absence. [filed therein by said plaintiff on or be- Mrs. C. V. Shullenberger and child- fore tho Ttli ilay of Derembor, A D.- ron came down with the Revorend j 1912, or .said petition will bo taken a.« said property being attarlied and levied upon as the property of said defendant Kd Pettit. and said defendant Ed Pettit must answer the petition 80 65.65 28.80 49.49 159.8.=; 28.2S 171.85 33.33 36431 73. 37.9t- 12.4S' 40. 19.20 139.19 8.16 S.".2.98 31.31 9,S0 1 4.2 1- 7.40 - - 1C.32 ir..-..c --- UnK .r 36 .3: 190.61 7fi3 .0»$ 1.77 $80.39 ---- 219.16 »21.fl0 20.03 1.-.0..3? - 940 .1 - 4S . 2O0 .St -.35' l ..->2 .$3r,.s:; ai^ Mrs. Joo-Bakor. of Claro- Okla.,"carae here Monday for a t"» visit twitb his sister Mrs. Joim er. ^ L,'' and ^frs. W. M. Gray visitod nd Mrsi Wheeler Suiuiay. '. -Mclntyre of Iola was callod out eter. Jphnson's Wednesday to a sick? cow. nnderttand that Mrs. John Sif ka to Cbefryv;ile Wodnowlay to be lit _ at her-brother Toiixs wed- S'tAB DISTRICT. (S.'M. DickersonK SICK DAUGHe NOW WELL Mrs. C Cole T«Ils How Her Daughter Was Restored to Health by Lydia E. Pink, ham's Compound. Fitchyille, Ohio. - "1 take great pleaa- 30.—A spark from an eusine on ' ore in wtiting to thank you for what your liBSOurl Pacific tr::-k sot lire • ' -^"iitinr has done I for my daugjite^. aeadow grass. An alani) was! tn but before th.> buckot bri- \ -ooQtrol of ijio fliiuios si>ven i f 'ot hay. belonging to Mr. Pur-^ - "IJere destroy.^. Tho ponds are -water is scarce aiul good wide . Vacate Necessary. Margaret Poarsop w;'s in Col- tesday;"* 1 'Wilson, haub-d a lc»ad of lum- Neosho Falls tho Jlrst of flsh are dying by tho lu!nilr.-ds bk of w.iter. .Vartin creek >s; tion. k-l(UCCe^Ion of ponds, for •womon: "If a homo that fattoer neod.^ a mother, too. "Before Uking your medicine she was all run down. Buffered from pains in her ride, could not walk but a short distance at a time, and had severe pains in head and limbs. She came very near having nervous prostra- She had begun to cough a good deal and seemed melancholy by apellsj^ She tried two doctors but got little help. "1 cannot find words to exT>re» my (jesetr state that has men votors; ' cannot nnd worda to express my iifk women, too." ' gratefulness for what Lydia E. Pink- ^iM»d Mrs. J. C. Wilson of Neo-i ham's Vegetable Compound has done for lis spent Sunday at S. M. Dick-1 n»y daughter. She feels and tooks Kke another giri dnce taking it, and I shall ^and Mrs. Steve Dickerson and always feel that I owe yon a great debt " Bpeiat one. evening last wtek '-You can use this letter for the bene- and Mrs D. C. Ranks. '•fitof others if you wish, as I shall al- LenAjBanks is giving a party, ways recommend your medidnes for fe- '**°- i ' male troubles."—Mrs. C COLE, Fitchville, Ohio. . . I Hundreds of such letters from moth- "lames S. andC. pickerscn drove ^ E. Pmkhams Vegetable Com- aay Tuesday on a shopping poimd^has acc«nplished have been re- I ceived by the Lydia.E. Pmkbam Medicine Company^ jLynn, Mass. Yonng Girls, Heed This Advice. Sunday. They took supper at Mr liunblazer's. George Alexander and family loft last Friday for Arkansa*. whore they expect to locato. Harry Coon movod into their lioitso. Gi I.. Williams was up from Iola Monday in tho interest of the Iola Kogister .Mrs. Chas. Harvey and daughters ppent Sunday with relatives at Bayard. .Mont VanBusiirk and Krn Boohor." of Kincaid. were calliu.g on friends here Sunday evening. Mrs. O. C. Brosins and daughter, of Kincaid, visitod at C. E. Wilson's Sunday. There was a goo<l attendance at llohecca lodge on Tuesday evening of last week. Mrs. Maude Filler, tlie dele sato from this lodge to grand lodge, which met at Independence and she was prosont that evening and gave an oxcellont talk. After lodge light refreshments were sor\'»Hl. .Miss j.Muo Fraser is at Colony this wook. .Mrs. Gi'orgia Gull and little son, .No.'l. are visiting relatives at Garnttt. The llallowo'on social given at the I. O. (). F. hall Tuesday night was well aftoniltHl. • true, and judgment for plaintiff in .'aid action for said sum of |40 .oou together with ten I'.or cont intorest thoretm per annum frum June 2oih, lailt;. and for cost.s. and will bo rendered accordingly. And said attachment proceedings will bo confirmed said lands wMl be ordorod sold there- j under an dproceeds of sale will be applied to payment of plaintiff's .«aid claim. (Soall JOHN- BROW.N. CliTk of Said Court. Ewing. Ganl & Card, .-\ttornovs for Plaintiff. (10)-24-3I -ni )-7 -taha."..BJ Wills b Chronic Dyspepsia. --The following unsolicited testimonial should certainly be sufficient to irive hope and courage t* persons afflicted with chronic dyspepsia: "I have been a chronic dyspeptic for year,':, and of all tho medicine I have taken. Chamberlain's Tablets have dene me more good than anything else." says W. G. Mattlson. o X 7 Sher man St . Hornellsville. N. Y. For sale by all dealers. ST.lTt.HKXT Of County Treasurer, as shown bv tho hooks in the Countv Troasuror's Office. October 29th. I9I2: School Dist. No. Dr 2 Gen. a severe dust storm visited, ition Monday. i CCtTAGE GROVE. t.;S0.-:-£/Ss "Jnd daughter L Girls wh, are troubled with painful or were in Tola fues-' i /rega'af Penoda. backache, headache, ^ i dra^rging -downbensations.faintingspells Tnglcq of Chanuto snont the on indigestion,'should immediately seefe ind with her friond. Ina But- restoration to health by taking Lydia E. : • • I Einkham 's Vegetable Compound. Eldorado Republkau: The Independent Political League at its meeting Monday night Indorsed W. H. Taft for president and James Sherman for Tj ^co-president. W. H. Thompson was indorsed for fnited States senator, a::d George Hodges Tor Governor. Catarrh Cannot Be Cured «I :h LCK-AL .M'PLICATIOXS. as tbry nnnot rrart li. !>ut bt U.c liMiiar. Ourrii ta a bluud ur r<a.><l- ^.•..••aaJ Olsraj*. auU in ortJT lo run- II ytxi mun lal-e l'it..mal remr<U<'S. llaU'a CaunU Cun U teUa lull r (ui:y. and arts dllT«tiy Uitoo tbe Uood and murouft tiiTiMxa. Hall H I'^larrta (Uire Is ftoi a quack mcdl- - >. It »-as itrcSTrltM^ by one of tlw> t>ost phyAlclans li 1 niimtr)- lof y«-ii» sndls amndarpmrrlpiiin. I! I - romp>i*^l ot tm- bnt tonics knoT.-n. rombainl »>i :ii ilic bert Uriod purtDen. aoOnc UnvUy <w the m.i.jux »urran -L Tl» pnfm cnmbfaiaUon of tlie 1 1.. Iiii :n^l <-tiu l.< what producn SIM- I I vondrrfid rr- s-:.t. El curine raiarrli. Said tor UMIinoolalii. tw. • <lii:.NKY « CO.. Props.. Toi«lo. Q S^.M br UnuEclsts. firlrc -Rc. 'iai^e Ilall a Fam^y llils fur eouU^Uoo. :-. —Tr .T H Kesrister Want Ad. oin^ to Kansas Cijky, or 'beyond^ you'll find the "ICaty" train the most convenient. Leaves Iola-- --I.05 p. m. Arrives Kansas City • -- 5.05 p. m- 7/ic rurty airii^al i.i Kanntm Cily tnciU* you to makm all tho The next time make the trip vU Katy to Kanuis City • For faret anil any travrl infonaaUon Mr- -or writ* A. A. Moaher, Ticket Agoitt, M. K. & T. Ry. Iola, Kan- Of t S. Jt Co. . ?. Gen. ----;{ .s. *i Co . \ (Sen. 4 S. & Co. . .". Gon. 5 R. & Co. -6 Gen. C S. & Co ... S (Jen S S, & Co. 9 Gen 9 S. & Co 10 Gen. n tlen. n S. * Co. 12 Gen. Yi Gen. 14 Gen. H S. & \'A Gen. ir. S. & Co. It; Gen. -n; s. & Co. 16 B. H. S. 17 S. «• Co. 15 Gen. , 20 Gen 20 S. & Co. 21 Gen. 21 .S. & Co. - 22 Gen 22 S. & Co. 2?. OfU. 23 S. & Co. 2.'> Gen. 26 Gen. '.- — 26 S. & Co. 28 Gen. 2S S. & Co. 29 Gen. 30 Gen. 30 S. & Co. 32 Gen. 32 S. & Co. 34 Gen. 34 S. & Co. 3". Gen. 3 .T S. & Co. 3G Gen. 35 Gen. 38 S. & Co. . 3» Gen. 3» S. &. Co. 41 Gen. Cr. ; iiit.To 14.411 44.12 21 60 3 !t;!.U0 62.20 T."..44 20.16 ."..".3.84 1.1T.4.-. 12 06 .•.S4 91 .•!2 .64 2.60 i::9 .l.-. :' f .7 i: 311 36.36 26S.S6 21 .12 1301.74 377.2s 342.48 21.60 39.01 174 ..=i2 22 ..16 l .-.-,.l2 34.34 3.'i..i3 24.48 77.3 24.48 1.98 3.=').58 20.64 172.30 .".1..51 29.28 187.12 30.30 167.17 19.68 40.49 7.20 40.68 20.16 24.97 124.40 25.44 26 .1 .03 80.30 262.64 30 a ft Co. ..— SI Oen. T-7 51 S. * (30. 55 Gen. .=55 S. Jk Co. —— 56 Gen. ses. A Co. 57 Gen. 57 S. A Co. 60 Geh. •60 S. £ Co. 60 B. H. S. 61 Gen. .61 S. ft Co 63 Gen. 63 S. ft Co. _— 1664 Gen. 64 S. ft Co. -67 Gen.. . 67 S. ft Co. 68 Gen. 68 S. ft Co. 71 Gen. 71 S. ft Co. 72 Gen. 72 S. fr. Co. 74 Gen. -' 75 Gen $1.^'9 75 S. ft Co. 76 Gen. 76 S. & Co. 77 Gen. T7 S. ft Co. 80 Gen. 80 S. & Co. : .It. 1 Gen. It. 7 Gen. It. 21 Gen. If. 22 Gen. .It. 76 Gen. 3 Bond 17 Bond J4 Bond •59 Bond 70 Bond 71 Bond TS Bond 16 Bond .. 73 Bond Geneva Tup. Gen. Koad Bond Tarlyb", Cen. Road --Osage, Gon. Interest Vlunnaton. Gen. . Road Ceineii-ry . Bond . • Iola Twi>. Gen. - -Road Bond Elm Tw)!.. Gen. Koad Elsnuire Twji. Gen. Ko:ul Bond - - lliiniholdt Twp.. (jen Road I.ogan Twp.. Gen. Road : .Salem Twp . Gen , •• Road . - - - - fottas'- Grovj' Twp . Gen. $ !•» State . - - - - - Ilunli-r.s Kic'i-n.-Je •ash $:!4,743 X2 iola City. t;»'n -..Moran City, <;t>n — Moran. Sii«-.-t .Mlt-y . .Savonlnirg,'(JfU. ' . — Street & .Mb 'V Ha.^selt, Gen. . - Stret-t & .\lley Park Elsmore City, Gen. I.aIIarp»', Con. -$.S.C7 Inhpritame Tax --- L'ountv Bond .. - Countv Gen. SU)9.!M Tax Sale. .Ae. $14.r.07.43 Tax Refund $ 288.65 FLseal .Agency $ 49.26 Bartletf Oil Co. Condemnation. McCarty & 8 Gen- _ Kansas Sou. Electrie R. R.-Ft. Scott. Iola ft Western-— 249S.00 Iola City Water Right H1S.52 K. C & P. Iola Electric R. R. Humboldt City Purification Plant ..: - State *: County School Fund.- Xorinal Institute $ 9.5(4 1911 Tax Ac. $130.51 1912 Tax Personal Redemption County Road . 9f.53.4? roiinty Redeiiiption i 607.17 .\ssigninent \ 25.04 Owl Crwk Drainage Co. -i f.S.Sl Given under my hand this 29th day of Octob.>r. 1912. C. C. AUSHERM.\N*. T^e.^sn^er of .Allen County. Kansas: 164.61 . 44: 55.6» »7.9» 299..' S,v:',.4t 4nt:.i 188.0.543.0.- I.-.0 37 150,3 3t34> is:{.r ;»26.2: 14.3. ii'xr.f 50.0( 251 4 :!t;o4.9: 213: ,s 77.9 47.2 .52.7 45.7 1S..5' 28.1: 7.0< .'{1.9: 686.0' S.54.81 1!..'.( .S9.S9 10.00 20.0( 4.00 125 01 302.9S 11.5.99 123.3r 41 .j.'.'^i 42 Gen 29.71 42 S. ft Co. - 12.0( Gen. 368.8'. 4» S. ft Co - -- 58.5* 44 Gen. 44 S. ft Co 13.44 45 Gen -- 213.64 45 S. & Co 35.04 46 Gen. - 209.37 46 S. ft Co. 22 22 7 Gen. - —-16.31 48 Gen.' - 2.';.91 48 J?, ft Co. - —- 18.72 49 Gen. •'•)92 49 S ft Co 23 .';2 50 Gen. 11129 They Xake YOB Feel flood. —The pleasant purgative effect produced by Chamberlain's Tablets and the healthy condition' of body and mind which they create make one feel Joyful. For sale by all dealers. Alf FEVER QUICKLY RE LLS . UEVEO With a Cleansing, Healing Antiseptic Cream. Stops Sneezing Instantly Many people snppose there is no cure for Hay Fever, and think, once one has had an attack, they must suffer ever} mmer from having time until frost mes. Some of the more fortunate seek relief in cooler climate, but thon- unds suffer at home, and often make their condition worse by nsing-^trong annffs, powders ^and sprays. There is DO need of yonr being a victim of this disease any longer, and yon don't have to mn away to escape it either. Just get a fifty cent bottle of Ely's Cream Balm,, place a little in the nostrils, dravr the pleasant, aromatic fumes back into the beadi and see hon quickly ycc orill get relief. It <q>ens np the air passages almost instantly, stops tfie sneezing, ronning at the nose and weeping. Fmtherroore. it doem't simply give yod temporary relief, but it heals and strengthens thjt senattve membrane lining of tiie nos< and throat, and restores it tu norma), healthy condition, thus protecting yo< against a return of the troable. 9 JA.ll,dijigg^sta sell and recommend it Get a' bottle to^y. If you are not sati* fied after fair trial, your druggist wil give you back every cent you pwd for it Special Ag^nt—S. R. Burrell. I will !<e]l nt Public Auction at my |ilare ou South Ohio street, southeast corner of Iola, 00 Saturday, November 2, 1912 Beginning at 10 o'clock «. m, the following de.«rrilMd pmperfj: 2 bead good work weight 1400 lbs. each. r .lTTLE. horses, sound, 1 No. 1 milk cow. will he fre!*h .soon, giving milk; 1 good 17-uionthK old heifer. HOGS. 2 good shoats, weight ahoni 60 lb.*! each. Ykim l.MPLtHENT.S. 1 goo«i wagon; 1 new li'-incii breaking plow; 1 good cultivator; 1 harrow; 1 single v;":iovel; 1 garden cillti- vator; 1 ermiblnation garden < iiitiva- tor With ail at'iachnients; 1 diMiip boards; 1 grindstone; 1 work li.nt-li; 1 ladrler; 1 refrigerator; I wapun lied; hay frame. |iieks:. sli>iv»-l:: .•:<• (i:ii. set heavy work hanie.';s iiiid many other articles too iiiiiiieroMs in mention. TER.MS' OF—All sums of $lo tut and under, iu hand. All sums over $10.00, .-j credit of 9 months will be given, purelia.'-'r giving note with approved security, bearing 6 per cent interest fn iii date il i»aid when aue. If not paid when due to draw li' pe,- < ..nt frum date nl sa!-: 4 per cent liscunnt for casli on credit sales. .Nn pn perty hi; x<'u.<,\'<.\ iinlii .'^eiiled for. rOL. C. .S. BISHOP, .4urtioneer. •J. K. H01VLr .S, Clerk. i .U -N'cii o:< Till-: cuoiXDs. A. Folkner Brare thonch cbc v/its, MoUjr felt a thrill of terror when the MI«V the driver had abaodooed the atage and .that tbe In^ana were closing in. Thtn —barely in ttxue—^Sergeant H2unlin appeared. It wa« one man agaiiut a score of savage*, bttt rAtf waa the bero of a dozen daring exploit* —"Brick" Hamlin of the gallant Seventh Cavalry—"the lad who bruuxht in Ougan,'and tha sane who made the famous H <iB from Washita to Camp Supply with Custer's report to Sheridan. But there's no need to tell yon what Mr. Parrish can do with an opcnin ^r like this. If you want to read t.hc fmest Randall Punish story in years, read ona d the new serial story we have secured and will print in liberal installments in this paper See That You Get the Issue With the'Opening Chapter • NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE A full .supply on hand at 109 North Jefferson Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. Telephone 725. M. Hungerford, Agent No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Lots Have you a house for rent? Have you someithing you want to trade? Tell your wants through the Register,

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