Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 22, 1908 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1908
Page 7
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'A GOVINA FURNITURE HINQ IN THE LINE OF FLOOR (OYERINOS SAFEST PLACE TC TRADE W. Q. 6USTEK, Manager Yosemlte Valley. Yoscmito Valley is* now reached daily after short and pleasant trip via Southern Pacilic to Merced. Yosctnitp Valley Railroad and 12 miles stajrc ride. Information inny be had at Sdiitliern Pacilic oflice. Saturday Scribblings * * * * ************###*#* SCHOOL BOND ELECTION NOTICE. Xotiee is hereby given to the qualified electors of Covina Union High School District of the County of Dos ^.Angeles, State of California, that, in accordance with Mio provisions of the Political Code of the State of California, an election will .e held on the 24th day of August, 1908, at Charter Oak School House, and the High School Building, Covina, in said District, between the hours of 10 a. m. and 5::>,0 p. m. (during which period and between which hours the polls shall remain open), at which election tho question of issuing and selling bonds of said district to (be amount of Sixty Thousand ($00.000) Dollars, for the purpose of raising money for purchasing high school lots and for building a high school building and for supplying the same with furniture and necessary apparatus and for improving the grounds, will be voted upon. The said bonds thereunder to be issued and sold, shall be of the denomination of One Thousand $10'\>) Dollars each, and shall bear interest at the rate of five per cent per annum and shall be numbered from 1 to GO consecutively, payable as follows: Bond No. 1—One Thousand Dollars, to run eleven years. Bond No. 2—One Thousand Dollars, l!ot)s;las will act as the .Indies TTTsnid Klection at the High School Building. Covina, rind conduct the same, said Inspectors and Judges being competent and qualified electors of said School District. IX W1TXKSS WHKRKOF. we have hereunto set our hands this 27tli day of .Inly, HIOS. S. W. PUNK. G. D. JENNINGS. W. P. WATTS, J. H. COO DM AX, H. X. WKDDS, S. A. STOWRDD, Trustees of snid School District, Los Angeles County, California. to run eleven years. Bond No. 3—One Thousand Dollars, to run eleven years. Bond No. 4—One Thousand Dollars, to run eleven years. Bond No. 5—One Thousand Dollars, :o run eleven years. Bond No. 6, One Thousand Dollars, to run eleven years. Bond No, 7—One Thousand Dollars, to run twelve years. Bond No. 8—One Thousand Dollars, to run twelve years. Bond No. 9, One Thousand Dollars, to run twelve years. Bond No. 10—One Thousand Dollars, to run twelve years. Bond No. 11—One Thousand Dollars, to run twelve years. Bond No. 12—One Thousand Dollars, to run twelve years. Bond No. 13—One Thousand Dollars, to run thirteen years. Bond No. 14—One Thousand Dollars, to run thirteen years. Bond No. 15—One Thousand Dollars, to run thirteen years. Bond No. 10—One Thousand Dollars, to run thirteen years. Bond No. 17—One Thousand Dollars, to run thirteen years. Bond No. 18—One Thousand Dollars, to run thirteen years. Bond No. 19—One Thousand Dollars, to run fourteen years. Bond No. 20—One Thousand Dollars, to uoin fourteen vycars.- • * • Bond No. 21—One Thousand Dollars, to run fourteen years. Bond No. 22—One Thousand Dollars, to run fourteen years. Bond No. 23—One Thousand Dollars, to run fourteen years. Bond No. 24—One Thousand Dollars, to run fourteen years. Bond No. 25—One Thousand Dollars, to run fifteen years. Bond No, 2C—One Thousand Dollars, sites were sighted a long sight, from to run fifteen years, the center of the thickest, part of the Bond No - 27 -° ne Thousand Dollars Gentlemen: You have seen baseball players warming up before a game? Seen 'em slat the ball 'way out into left field, where Murphy's goat is tied near a museum of discarded tin cans, and you have seen the feller in left garden run a mile and then muff the ball? Seen him muff it more than once, haven't you? Well, that's what "we done" with the school bonds— muffed 'em three times. But when the game really begins! That's another thing. .We're going to "vote" the school bonds this time. We are thoroughly warmed up for the game now, and if we don't know what "not" to do, it's not because we haven't made mistakes enough. So Monday we'll put ourselves on record for progress in the interests of the coming generation. Ten years from now we won't remember a few trifling mistakes, but if we made the mistake of throwing away the catcher's glove before the game was called, we certainly ought to get hissed from the bleachers. It's awful, Mabel, but we're not up against it yet. Some Definitions. Sight—To see accurately. Cite—To enjoin, to suanmon, URGE TO AN ACTION. Site—Local position, situation, AS REGARDS SURROUNDINGS. You will find these definitions in the or dictionary. We could cite sights we have sighted in the past, where school WALL PAPER BARGAINS (Jood Wall find Ceiling papers otic cut a roll, choice of twenty y>Kid pat- crns. Fine Gilt papers ,Sc a roll, worth 20c. Ingrains, Raw Silk and Varnished Tiles. Finest styles in Tapestry papers. Our goods arc all new and first class. The Best Patterns of the Best Markets. Free sample books to everybody. NEW YORK WALL PAPER CO. Cor. Tenth and Main Sts., Phone F5141 Los Angeles BARBERS AND SHAVERS ATTENTION Shaving a delight. Use B Sunset Dry Hone. Four strokes before each shave all that necessary to insure perfect shave. Mailed to any address on receipt of price — regular size f 1.00; lar ge size $2.00. Agents wanted. J. T. Growe, Manufacturers' Agent, 507 Delta Bldg. , Los Angeles, California. Notice to Creditors. ! Kstate of G. \V. Ilcpncr. Notice is hereby tfiven by the underMif nod administrator of the estate of IT. W. ' Hop nor, deceased, to the creditors of, ' and all persons hai-Miitf claims ntfuinst i the deceased, to exhibit the same with ; the necessary vouchers, within ten I months after "the first publication of: this notice to the said administrator of i the above named estate, at the law i office of (Jeo. Iv. Sanders, Room 32.5; Wileox Building', Los Angeles, County • of Los Angeles. State of California, ( which place is hereby designated as the place of business of said estate, ' Dated this 2Hth day of March, I'.'tW. Thomas E. Finch, \dtmnistnitpr of aforesaid estate. Geo. lj. Sanders, attorney for said administrator. The (Irecn Marshall Company's Talk on Paint. We manufacture almost everything in the paint line and guarantee every article. Prices consistent with the quality of our goods. You will liiul our selected hard oil finish and pure mixed paints now on sale at C. H. Kistler's paint and wall paper store Phone No. 51. Summer Excursion Rates. Summer excursion rates to Pacific Coast will be made from Eastern territory for coming season. Basis will be one fare rate of sixty clollais from Missouri River; sixty-seven from St. Louis; seventy-two fifty from Chicago June first to September thirtieth. Tickets at same rates will be sold for usual Eastbound excursions f>om Pacific Coast. t.ownslte. The people will decide on the site best suited for the "hull jieepul." But we're not going to gel left on having some site, nut by a site. to run fifteen years. Bond No. 28—One Thousand Dollars, to run fifteen years. Bond No. 29—One Thousand Dollars, to run fifteen years. Bond Xo. 30—One Thousand Dollars to run fifteen years. Bond No. 31—One Thousand Dollars io run sixteen years. Bond No. 32—One Thousand Dollars, to run sixteen years. Bond No. 33—One Thousand Dollars, to run sixteen years. Bond No. 3-1—One Thousand Dollars, to run sixteen years. Bond No. 35—One Thousand Dollars, to run sixteen years. Bond Xo. DO—One Thousand Dolhirs, to run sixteen years. Bond No. 37—One Thousand Dollars to run seventeen years. Bond No. 38 -One Thousand Dollars * -*< Patient—"Doctor, I have a chill in my chest." Doci.or—"You're better fixed than I am, old man. I hung out. a placard this morning, but the ice man gave me n eold shoulder." Delegates to the Republican assembly in the Sixty-eighth, who assembled at Covina on Saturday last, marched two-by-two from the. car line to the Woman's clubhouse, and in the words j to run seventeen years. of Terem-r, who was watchiiiK llu'i l '""" 1 N "' :! "—<>'"' Thousand Dollars , ; to run seventeen years. Hibernians on St. Patricks day, >\va>; ( ,, ()ml x<.>. 40—One Thousand Dollars "a fine body of mill." l'>nt when thcy|io run Keventeen years, arrived it was discovered that Ihej Bond Xo.-11—One Thousand Dollars doors were bolted and baneil, and no i key forthcoming. Monger and Evans, j (() nln c.,. V( . n |,,,. n ye'irs. both long or' limb and built like Greek j Hond Xo. 43- -One 'I hoiisand Dollars,' <-jw rs, nunle a sensational dash up ,ere was no key to be had. and they all smwJed back and tip into Reed's h;ill. Now, Clapp, of Clapp'.-: drill/ dispcnsaiy. always has .h^.ynH.I.HH.i.H.K.a^MnMn.u,,,! ^ ^^^^ Thou.,,,,, Dolia,•„. e.hcs i! over cheerfully MI ihe-e \sliom ; to ni(| (.j^hu-m years. lie loves and mists. Which '.va;, no i Hond No. 4S — One Thousand Dollars, \ou iean piditicallv. A! r. ( ,a,;p/ : '" rui: eighteen years. p.oml Xo. 11'--One Thousand Dollar.;. ... ^^ ^^ nineteen year:-:. STILL. SHIPPING HERE. | !(l)l(1 X o. f,'i -One Thousand Dollars. The j.uvater pan ol ihe oranges now : to run nineteen years, remaining is in the foothill seeiions. Redlands, Hi.h^d, K,,<,,ni,, '''-''^'^r^r^;;^ and practically all oi Oian-'e a;nl !.<>s l() |1M| |,;, ,.-,.,. M sear.-:. Anu-ele.; counties beirm' up.. |;oml Xo. r,:; -One Thousand D'diar,-; •M,,.,,. a.,- a lew <-a;s -. ei r-m.-iii.ii.n in "' «"» Mi.-.-'.-fi. vi-i.i>; , : |!;uid .\o. -i I -One l(HiuSiiin) I Kilhir.-v I, N, WILSpN The Blacksmith With the most skillful mechanics and the best equipment we can do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shorter time and at a reasonable cost to you. We also carry a line of Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, and if you are thinking- of purchasing 1 a vehicle os any kind we invite you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. We will guarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides. Select Your Route TOURIST CARS ip5: l j£ E ^IM v£feJL*,*r" lute, man net. Kill; CA'I ALOUUU POULTRY RAISERS USIi Los Angeles Incubators UVIiRVTHINO IN POULTRY SUPPLIES I CC'C Prn MA WPP Acme Roup Cure—50<: 1'ot.tpiild Ltt 3 liUU m/\l\.GK HCNRY AUi nRS CO. S.M S. AUIN ST. LOS ANOI-UiS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Ogdcn Personally Conducted Tourist Excursions from Los Ati- gclcs to New Orleans, Washington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points in the East without change of cars. Through the warmer climate of the South, with its rice and cotton fields; or over the route of the Pioneers of '49, and across Great Salt Lake — "going to sea on a train." D. B. SCIIENCK, Agent. Covina Home phone 144 or G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial Agent, Pomona Home phone 61; SuiiHet Main 70 Southern Pacific L,os Angeles Oflice, 600 S. Spring St., corner Sixth Clarence Allison Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAL. H E A L D 'S M^^^O^U^C&&4-L 014 South Grnml Avnnur, !.<>» Anijelin, California. Thi! Kwiidwl IjuiiincHH IniiniiiK liiHlltulkm In Ihu xoulli. OIHIII ilurliiK Hin imllni your. WrIUi for imrticuliu'H. J. W. I.A<;ni:v. Miil|liKnr. <v 4* 4* i** O .»> «& 4" '£ •& 4* 4* •£'£•& •£ 1- •£ *k 4- <k i* 4 4*'4-« * >k 4* •%• ^ Jr -J- '> * 4- 4- & 4- <k 4- 4* 4" 4» 4» * # Why 't You Move to Covina? Bond No. -IT. -One r |'hoi;:-/;ni| l;oi|-.; rs. "?* !!oi:(l No. f, I—One Thousand Dollars, airl I)c;i!ar:-, and around San liemaicii bulk reiii.cinili^ is at A/u.-:a, Covnci,. |j,, Iu i \,-,. :,', -One Thousand Dollars, Ontario and vicinity. i to run tufrm years. It is said that tiii., f..oihlll iPil. will I5f>ml N". ^ °"" Thr.usand Dollars, , ,.- lo run l v, eni ' years. hail* '.n the trees lor a |c,ii.L-r nine | {{Jlll | N,,. .-,7 -(jnc Thousand i; : ,n,,i-, wilhout turnin-j •-•:•••.! than tna' irori to . 1UJ , w ,. ;i iy years. the lov, ••!• l:ud.-;. ••!.d '!'!.-. is ,-.:ip-.--'! liDiid Xo. :,'•• -One Tl^jiisand \^~\}\r,;, to l.e ihe • .; ...ii..-I, .:: •<. ,vl,y .;...,. "> n.n T-.V.-I.IV vears. Ki-r-ioiis ni»'.v h::'.e >,. ,;.'i-'e.i ',. ".i\: ". •>•-: i,.-. 'l l-e.-e In-. . e p ;: oi -h • V..:••:,(:,. I'.MI *** «$* "I- 4- «£* di.-,'. ri.-is ::r.- II.M.-. 'i ! ' , i <•on.iid.-i .li.!-- '-!:;: i.i 'h • V. Ill;-' J-'I'e- U 'hi--- ; ••:!!• .Cld ,- : that, vviiih- ihi.-, is it. a in it is a fact ij'.ai uJ '-: ; slock is hl.ipp'-d "i;i .«.-. - ilid!;:..' MJ!I^ a i .- h'.'i •' "d. i Bon«l N" to run t 'V !• B'jJid No. tO 1'i.i, I -,Ve- -One Thousand (•!: i s. One Tiiiju.-:and ; -'-a i .-.. -.; e.-i,, r as,d H. Ii. .\!id«i.ei .,u ifei,rv f. M ;•'•!• v.ill act as .li.d. -ai«l .-lef.-lion ::' ''li'-!'l(-r U,:i. .-S' ! i-i/l f ii,U!-e. and :i, : !> D i-:. llutf will a< ' as ii..-;..i ci-,r, and l.e<; .Stuinpf and .S. '"" i 4* i.i.ilj . oi ! -4« Covina offers you hotm--.itc-s at rea->onah!i: figure-,; miles of b,-:iutifU!!y sli;ide<| -^r.-et-,; </M ,, e!e.-'.ric lights ;ni>l l<-|< grammar and liif^h schools in cvcrv [(articular al/ovc: criticism; elcc!.ric and >t.i-ani tr,-uis|>'»rtal ion l\> and from I<os 1 Covina will ^ivc you mountain scenery that i-> a daily in .[<irat ion; a climate v/iUi'i ii. tri".t. an.l un toaked \,y fo:--,; m and well water in abundance. Beside--, all these ideal condition, in whi-'h to live-, C./vina oil -i , the bc-,l chance. investor, the husineis man. the agriculturist ;,nd horticultm i ,t. Why don't you c.imi.- h--re an 1 will 'ut if'ad to furnish anyone, intcrc-.tcd with further information. >-n\<>y life? in- ountain to the AUI;I;S I J> t' I' f t* tt «' If ff f fr t ;s ' tf tl tr if fr ti 'I t "( 't 1' i "l l "i 'I T 'i -T tt "I 'I "t" "I T **• •«**- •*• H,

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