The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 10, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1977
Page 2
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Page 8 - NAL'GATUCK HEWS (Conn.) Friday, May M, »; ( Redeye Dear Ann Lanfcos: Like millions of others, I am hooked on cigards. Heel as if I have someloaUisome disease. Everywhere I (urn groups are starting up lo prolecl non-smokers against me and others who are similarly affected. Laws are being passed lo prohibit smoking in public places. I'm not complaining. It has been proven lhat nansmokcrs can be seriously affected by (he smoke of others if (hey are exposed lo it In closed quarters for an extended period of lime. I suffer from high blood pressure and emphysema, 1 know I'm killing myself. But 1 ara unabte lo stop this filthy, expensive, dangerous habit. Many people HAVE stopped smoking. Why can't I? Please ask your readers who have accomplished this gargantuan feat how they did il. I'd be eternally grateful.—Nicotine Freak Dear Me: 1 don't need lo ask ray readers. 1 know how they did it. Some went lo smoking clinics (The Seventh Day Advenlisls have such a program in many cities. It's a five-day plan.) SI. Helena's Hospital in California has cured thousands — Ihose who need a complete change of environment are) can afford il. (SI. Helena's is beautiful. I spent an evening (here last year.) Hypnosis worked for some, but 1 am not recommending it because messing around with (he mind can be hazardous for certain individuals. Counsel ing has be en ef fee live in some instances, but it's costly and lime-consuming. Many smokers used a variety of gimmicks such as no more buying by (he carton and limiting themselves lo smoking only afler meals, Ihcn cutting out Ihc post-breakfast cigaret, next Ihe after-lunch, etc. The besl way foquite smoking is cold lurkey. This means faceup lo Ihe withdrawal symptoms, expect lo suffer a lot, and simply guts it out. Painful? You bet. Dut it's nothing compared with having surgery lo remove a lung and then taking coball treatment for several monlhs, or (Ire agony of paralysis alter a blood vessel bursts. (They call il a stroke.) 1 hope you win Ihe bailie, friend, because I love my readers and 1 hale lo see 'em go. Dear Ann Landers: My son was 16 when he got a 15-year-old girl pregn ant. He was n't even her steady. She was jusl a dale. He is 17 no wand goes to the same school wilh the girl. She is way out in front and everyone knows my son is the father of her unborn child. Her plan is lo keep the baby. Her folks approve. In fact, 1 understand they want to raise il. This girl keeps telling my son what she is going to do to him when he reaches the age of 18. He is awfully upset and so am I. Please lell us. Ann Landers, what CAN she do? — Worried Mom Dear Mom: Ask a lawyer. It depends on which slate you live in. And get going. CONFIDEOTIAL ID Egg on My face: There are no pat answers Hint (it every situation. Sometimes when you build a better mousetrap nature breeds a smarter mouse. Whal's the story on pot, L.S.D., cocaine, uppers and downers, speed? Ca(\ you handle il if you're careful 1 ! Send [or Ann Landers' new booklet, "Slrf ifchi Dope on Drugs'" For each booklet ordered, send a dollar bill, plus a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope (24 cents postage) to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 1400, Elgin, III. 60120. I'HESSUUE DROUGHT release Georgi Vins, a dissent- WASIHNGTON (UP!) - Rep. ing Baptist preacher, from John H. Buchanan, R-Ala., \vrio prison. Vins is being held is also a Baptisl minister, has because he refuses to submit introduced a resolution in his religious organizations to Congress seeking lo bring the reslrictions imposed by the pressure on the Soviet Union lo Soviet state. Your Indiual Horoscope r* F-» I • Frances Drake FOR SATURDAY, MAY 15,1976 Look in the section in which SCORPIO your birthday comes and find what your oullook is, according to Ihc stars. '• (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Fine Mars influences! With initiative and enterprise, more than usual ca n be achieved. Day will definitely respond to imagination, aggressiveness. SAGITTARIUS .* iV (Nov. 23 lo Dec. 21) "jRr Bo no! become frustrated ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) You can have what you want if you work carefully and with consideration for others. Neither attack nor retreal, but over possible delays or disap- go forth calmly and you WILL , pointrnents. With your innate achieve. intelligence and ingenuity, you TAURUS tiiS?" ' can chan S c an y undesirable (Apr. 21 to May 21) ™ situations. Where your instinct strongly CAPRICORN dictates, first make sure, but (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) then DO act, and deliberately, A day in which to get away in your innately well-disposed from routine. New scenes, new manner. Artistry under splen- people, new activities could did influences. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Everyday matters may give most concern. Employ "Lried and true" methods in areas where you must act but have little to go on for reference, look for the spectacular. Be Your slaying power will aid salisfied with even small you. CANCEK (June 22 to July 23) spark a brand new interest in your life, make it more stimulating. AQUARIUS -v (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) "*" You will find Ihe "little" things rewarding now. Don't benefits. PISCES V3P* (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) n< fcA A different oullook will help you improve relations with Resoluteness and determination will put this day in Ihe winning column. Weed out family, friends. Insight may certain undesirable attach- «"ne through your highly in- menls, practices, methods LEO (July 24 lo Aug. 231' luitive faculties; more flexibility through the erasure of past concepts. YOU BORN TODAY are an Emphasize: dependability, referral lo others' ideas, building a store of usable data, idealist and a humanitarian at facts. Avoid: making decisions heart. You are imaginative, rfithoul reflection, overop- intuitive, poetic and something of a dreamer. But, as is not always the case with dreamers, you have the happy faculty of making your dreams come true timisnt VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) You may be too volatile, displaying nervousness and Your versatility is outstanding anxiety. This is not like the but you eipress yourself bes REAL you. Give yourself a pep through music, writing 01 talk and gel in there Md pilch— painting. Your love for home wi Ih your usual self-confidence, and family is boundless and you will even sacrifice yourself to bring happiness to those you (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) — A day for listening well and love. You would make an out- voicing well-considered standing teacher; couM also opinion. 1 !. Take stock of why succeed in medicine or in any certain maneuvers and tactics f ield involving travel. Birth date did not succeed in UM put and of: James Muon and Joseph HOW DO YOU THIMK I'D LOOK IN A BIKINI? THAT WAS VSRV SAR3ASE MOUTUJ...BIJT 1U BtT A COLLAR IT OOESN'T SET PAST THE EDITOR/ Heart Of Juliet Jones PIP HE SOUND OPP TO you? } I SORT OF. I SUESS HE HASN'T RECOVEREP FKCM WE VERBAL LA5HIMG I GAVE HIM YESTERPA/ CdEfARE YOJ COMING TO PINNER J MO. WITH DSP (THANKS, ANYWAY. YOU HEAR ME? iMAKE JULIE BELIEVE OWEN CAN1RELL IS PEA7.' IT'S THE WAY SHE CAM GO OtJ LIVING? MAKE HER BELIEVE:.'/ SEE YOU ANP JULIE IN THE.A1ORNINS, EVE. Bringing Up Father IN TIMES LIKE THESE we ALL HAV£ TO LEARN TO GET AU3N6 WITH LESS OF EVeRyTHINS/ VOU CAN HAVE ANOTHER ONE TOMORROW- MRS. CANBV TOLD MS THAT IN SPITE OF INFLATION, TITUS WONT INCREASE HER ALLOWANCE >. PlftNE'S^l^VIE HAVE 20 MINUTES, lET'S 1 ; WHERE'S SLOPPY? ON flME, f I BUY SOME FU3VJERS FOR =,,•< IOW5 WIUGHTETZ. ./- ,- KNOW WHAT LITTLE 6IRL5 ARE MDE OF? SUGAR AND SPJCE.jAND W LADVBLJS REALLY \ WHAT MAKES ME SICK. SHE'LL I DIP SAB PO AWmiMS To ATTRACT ATTEWTloM THE &?& Of HER SHELL.' ^ HE'S THE YJMEOI.DHA6 SEft HA6'5 19 VOUR COU6IW .' J FAVORITE ENEMY. IF SHE WON'T HATE VOL) WOULDN'T HAVE MOVED HIM INTO THE WE'RE VOOR NEIGHBORHOOD FRfEWDS AM? WE'D LIKE YOU TO KNOW THAT WE HATE you: FAULT AW EVIL. VAMPIRE MOVED NEXT DOOR TO Archie YOUA\EAN WHAT'S OLD!- STARTINGTONISHT.I OK.WOW WE STATION IS I HOPE GWSTO HUM ' CXD/.1OVOE SERIALS.' THETHREE V.YVEWERE F14SH6CNOON/ JUST •* DISCUSSING CIASSICSWWS FROM BISONS CWS WHICH ONE DID YOU OS THE MOST? I KWOA UKEO THOSE SUG/W- COATED OAT FIAKES SHAPED LIKE LITRE STARS.' J SnufffSmith avoid them now, Colton, film tun, VOU GOT TH 1 TWO LftZIEST DOGS I EVER WID EYES ON, LUKEV WHflT MflKES VE SAY fl TH1WG LIKE THflT, SNUFFY ? by THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS ) River or monster 5 China service |2 wds.) U European river 12 Of certain mountains 13 Latvian 14 "Old man" of the gridiron 15 — Hammar- skjold 16 Before DOWN 1 Midas metal 2 Concept 3 Slacker's motto U wds.) 4 Op or Pop 5 Small drum (var.) 6 Dancer Vera- 7 Brazilian tree Yeslerday's Answer 19 Detroit 8 Type of trans- product 24 Indonesian island gression [3 wds.) 21 -Naughty" 26 Decaying .: , 10 Uftr,1i'c ". 17 "— the ram- 9 Made beloved 10 Riot control item (2 wds. I 1G Sicilian volcano girl 22 Oliver Hardy's nickname 23 "-'s Raiders" of WWII fame 28 Verdi's "Miller" » Unyielding 33 Combustible heap 35 Pshaw! 36 Physicians' org. . parts..." 18 Devoured 20 Exhaust 21 Vernon or Rainier 22 Cold Trieste wind 23 Magna — 24 Harry or Henry 25 Jason's ship 26 Furious 27 Cereal plant (obs.) 28 Holds dear 29 Guided 30 Actress Hagen 31 Wee drink 34 Lay off! (2 wds.) 35 Ethereal 37 Lazy 38 Anchor 39 Kunyon's Detroit 40 - Hathaway DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE - Here's how to work il: AXYDLBAAXR Is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the Iwo O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, Ihe length and formation of the u'ords arc all hints. Each day Ilio code letters are different. CRYFTOQUOTE XYESWGVBEI MENBCHK VSPX- E W N S Y S V N E V C VV S C X N B S Y K Y S K W I', K S K II N E X H P N B E \V 0 V C X PEXS. - ZKJSV XYKWAEV FQYWSV Yesterday's Cryploquoic: EVERYBODY IS IGNORANT, UNI.Y ON DIFFERENT SUBJECTS. - WILL ROGERS (© 1976 Kine Feiluies Syndicate. Inc.l Investors' Guide Income and Safety for Retirement A. Seems to me you ought to reverse these accounts so as to improve your interest income a bit. Q. My mother's trust account (s K per cent fa certificates of deposit and hoods and 45 per cent in growth stocks. She Is 83. Upon her death the trust will be shared by three children. Should the perce ntage of growth slocks be Increased? A. I can't imagine why. In fact, ii this money is working for a woman of 83 who needs income, il should be about 90 per cent in high yield CDs and top quality bonds and 10 per cenl in savings, and zero in growth stocks. Let her children buy their own growth stocks when they inheril the money. Meanwhile, all-out for Income. Q. I am 18 and went to learn about the market. Please send me any Information you have. A. Please send me a stamped, sell-addressed envelope to put It in. Q. We bought some Southern hospital bonds oa which Interest has DOW been deferred. [ understand that (he company U ,now being sued at a violator of Federal securities laws. What can you (ell me about the situation? A. Nothing. I have never heard of the hospital, or the group managing iL All I can do is use your letter as a warning to others considering this type of bond (and its popularity seems to be spreading): NEVEH, NEVER consider one of these bonds unless you know the situation at first hand or unless the bond is being underwritten by an established, well-known banker in this field. As a matter of fact, if you have to make a decision based on only one factor, make sure of Ihe integrity of Ihe underwriting banker. Q. I hare been laid off by my company vfilh little chance ol being called back (at age 64). I am applying for Social Security and must now try to get the most out of my assets, which Include f?4,000 In securities (less $23,000 owed on a margin account). $39,000 In savings, a $60,000 home with $24,000 owed on a mortgage. A. In effect, you have been involuntarily retired earlier than you had planned. Bul the investment approach should be no different from what it would have been had you decided to quit at age 64. Your stock portfolio shows a considerable gain, which certainly justified your past use of margin. However, your altered condition, it seems to me, changes all that and you should now sell off enough o! the speculative, low-yield stocks to wipe out Ural margin. It's pretty difficult lo show a net income gain on margined securities. And cerlainly, being unemployed, you are in no position to assume the risk ol margin calls which would result from a falling market. The funds which remain in the portfolio should be directed toward income and safety — from high-grade commons (perhaps 40 per cenl), from top quality corporate bonds (50 per cenl) and from savings interest on the balance. A rough figure would indicate total assets of about $100,000 which could bring in somewhere around {7,500, You indicate some doubts about continuing la live in a $60,000 house. Your doubts may be well founded, but I'd delay liquidating that asset until you see how successful you are in converting your other holdings lo income producing securities and until you determine your retirement budgel * * * Q. I am a widow, $5, living on Social Security and a small pension. I could use more lateral I now have $2,000 tn a checking account and $754 In savings. MR SHULSKY wfcooin wrin Qvt1''0fll. C*1 *>' *'" t* ibfc prey kit »niwm KMir Ivocgh I «o»vmn for intermlT-Crt OrifH^rimprtl i firi nt*in«r.r pUf»>vs. pPrm Ovrfe I ItH id^tUH. llamftM >rlop« W»l«Y<*"i*qv»m 19 S UiuiihY. cut M Ihii nropjpef

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