The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 10, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1977
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ZycS-NAl'GATiJCK NEWS <ComU Friday, M«y 14. ' ». Prospect Patter By JEANNE FURTADO 15WM2 • Prospecl Tax Continued From Page 1 Finance. He noted "this year's Connecticut Federation of Young Gweral Fund Surplus becomes Republicans' Executive Board. rext y ear ' s General Fund" and Her experience as a Young f»idea is not to "touch il until il Even Pauline has lo admit her Republican has included al- ^ m "* General Fund." Lil' Kascal Town Council friends tendance at the Young Magnavice pointed out that he can be downright tunny on oc- Republican Leadership Training <*<&>'< *>ubl the policy was a good casMi Conference in Washington D.C. ""f m normal years but main The wrifci of budget meetings as wel1 as involvement in the last laine(1 h* mM like to see about " 1 with "goodies" lwo eleclion campaigns. *M,OOOofthe(undsappliedlothis For the next few months i ear ' s budget "(o give taxpayers tnslaiiiv. «hen discussing sev eral activities are being a bfea)f,"> l>.d-vy observance account Planned including the annual r <*'&to w .jmes Borbas, _. „. — , (~«>ted out that in view summer months. If anyone of the unsettled teacher contract u uuj jopdurae V °M like any further in- lhe 'un* could very well be celebrate our formation on membership, he or 'P^'i and reminded Magnavice ?ar on Ihe Fourth sne can contact Ihe new chair- I" 3 ' retroactive monies might be man at 7sa_iS7i involved when the contract is settled. William Mazza (D) who fell the funds should not be applied until audited, summed it up by noting "(here's a dangerous way to live "nd a conservative way." In regard to the Instant Lottery Funds, Hanson noted that at the Wednesday Board of Education meeting Ihe attorney said the PAINTINGS IN PASTEL ANO OH., by J ames Nardello, im O f Mr. and Mrs. James Nardello of Laurel Aye, are on e.xhibit at Hie Howard Wiillemore Memorial Adult Library. Nardello received art Irammg at Waterbury Catholic High Schoolunder Ihedlrection ofSUter Coleileand at N«ug,tack High School as a s.mlenl of Charles D.Carlo. He attended University of Bridgeport, majoring in Industrialdesign.aniilscurrentlyenroIleitalUniversityofConnecticut. _^______^_^^^^^^^^^ (NEM'SphotobyDonCousey) On Ihe iocal -'' .';. > T-( .-* '.mrrrrrrr|'•;' jT cullCr wsDBjrarl " f-n i . Jig****- Cheshire DUMP OPEN' Beacon Valley ltd A 1 remS^tre^Lh^ wa^oi^^" Academy M±,'ain\!^ U o POn " Un ' er ' S •» S^TaSto^: WDDUTOWK, Conn. -.. „ n Miss Gnlfin ot 199 Maple'Hill ild. reported lo Desk Officer Sgt. Joseph Heslon early today that frcashlyplantcdshrubs had been stolen. They were valued at 1200. Mrs. Uirawfiy of 38 Seaglc St. reported lo Desk Officer LI. Richard Payne this morning that! her garage had been entered and ransacked. She said papers had been taken from the glove compartments of two cars and thrown around the area and that soda had been taken from a refrigerator and left on (he lawn. Patrolman Carl Tagged investigated. Richardson Dr., Middlebury was cited (or operating with unsafe 'studded) tires on Route 63 al Porter Ave. Harry Laulenschlager, 57, of White Ave., Middlebury was cited for operating a vehicle influence of md for driving white his license was under curred on Route 63 al Porter Ave Ravmond Alvar,^ w „* G™a ear Ave w?s cha° grf ivi h operaling a v«e S hs license is under susMn wnd Portr Ve Kovalsky, O'Neill and Carlson were given answer dates of June 16. eMKlJune (UP1) sued for $15,000 by the father of a former student who claims the .private school's scholastic program was no different from that of a public school. Francesco P. Moreschi of Meriden said in a suit filed Thursday in Middlesex County Common Pleas Court thai his son. Vincent, enrolled in Cheshire Academy last July believing he would receive an education of high scholastic standards. "In fact, the school did not offer individualized instruction and indeed offered a scholastic program no different than commonly found in public schools," the suit said. After Vincent withdrew in the middle of Ihe school'year, his because "it would be downright unAmerican to buy Japanese fireworks to celebrate our Bicentennial year on the Fourth of July!" ' man When George Sabo explained to Drum Corps Notes Ihe council lhat the additional Prospect Drum Corps will funds for equipment in Ihe police participate in the competition account were earmarked for new Sunday at Lake Quassapaug uniforms and guns to replace the sponsored by the Middlebury B «»-«"••/ present "ancient" firearms, Corps and will depart for Quassy , a ™" serva(iv e way." Chairman Bob O'Brien noted from Community School at 12:30 "yeah, the pistol balls are easy lo p.m. get but (he caps are difficult." Members are to wear their ' —•" "' ''•""-•>"«" And according to George, (tie uniforms and bring along a lunch meelirl £ lhe attorney said the new uniforms lo replace the Friday night at 6-30 ali fu:Kls must be spent on education. police department's eight-year- competing members must report ° Brfcn who saW la st week he old outfits were due lo the fact to the home of Ann Doolin to be """S* 1 ! fte funds «°uld be "some of the fellows in the fitted for new (rouses and then department have not retained report for regular practice which their figures the way I have in Ihe will be held as usual, promptly al past eight years." 1 at Community School. Not much you can say to follow lhal! Congralul aliens Scout Driver! Troop 130 - Bob Colangelo, volunteer Boy Scout Troop 130, sponsored driver for the Girl Scouls cam- by Ihe Prospect Volunteer Fire piiig trip to Camp Townsend Dcpt. will take part in Ihe Friday, is alive and well despite Bicentennial Encampment at leader Carolyn Corcoran's Hentschler Airport in East Erections lo the site. Now he Hartford on May 21, 22, and 23. would have you believe it was his fantastic sense of direction lhat Grange Neighbors Nile led him there but we all know it Tonight's 8 o'clock meeting of was Carolyn's contribution of the Grange will be a Neighbors instructions as well as a Night and several guests have desperate need on his part lo been invited to attend and anyone unload the several chattering wilh a Fourth Degree is welcome giggling lillle gals he Iran- also. Local members are sported, reminded to bring sandwiches for refreshments and an Hem forlhe Senior Ciliiens Country Store. Tour Director Phyliss Bresnahan asks those seniors who Bicentennial ami plan to go on the trip to the Picnic Meeting Japanese Gardens contact her The Town Picnic Committee as there has be en a change in the and the Bicentennial Commission price of the (rip will hold a joint,meeting Monday. May 17lh in Town Hall at 8 Health Screening p.m. The July 4th To™ Picnic The Elderly Heallh Screen Prospect Jaycees wilh an Tuesday, May 25 from 9;M a m authentic commemoration of to 3:30 p.m. at Town Hall. The early America. Representatives service offers health screening of all town organizations and any and education to persons aeed 60 individuals who wish to help plan and over resicEngin town ^he event are invited to attend. The screening includes' blood Inleroalioual Heritage Day tests, blood pressure elec- International Heritage Day, a Irocardiogram, urinalysis major event in Prospect's vision testing, height, weight' celebration of the Bicentennial, and the taking of a health history' will be held on lhe Prospect The suggested fee is J7 Patients Green Saturday, May 22 from 11 are asked lo refrain from ealing a ' m - t° 3 p.m. or drinking anything, except An interesting choice of in- water, for al least Ihree hours ternational foods will be served before being screened to insure at a buffet meal in the Grange accuracy of the tests nail 3112 p.m. and 1p.m. Tickets Transportation to'and from will be on sale at the door or Town Hall is available al no iM^'c"" 5 ma , y , ** made by addilional charge. Although „ . appointments are suggested, walk-ins will be serred. For ictions transportation and appointments Three motorists were arrested by Patrolman Narciso Eendeiro yesterday for violations which occurred on New Haven Rd. Vincent Budeltl, 32, of Clark Rd. was cited for operating a vehicle with studded tires. A June 9 answer date was set. Rita Fitzpalrick, 42, of Mason Ave., Vi'aterbury was charged with operating with studded tires' and wilh failure to carry hfj rcgislralion. She is to appear in i, of Alton lowards the education assessment, pointed out regulations on the funds are "vague" but a precedent could be set by the council. He added lhat it was feasible Ihe board could come up with a program and the funds could be turned over to it. The reduction of 53,000 in the budget appropriation was due, O'Brien said, (o input al the public hearing when a straw vote showed a like amount of residents [referred Ihe figure set at $3 000 or at $15,000. O'Brien said lhe 510,000 figure for Ihe capital and non-recurring account, actually amounted to "splilling the difference" between the two suggested amounts. Although Magnavice opposed Ihe allocation itself, since he said he felt it "lakes money in advance for a non-existent expenditure," he noted he appreciated Ihe reduction, but wouldslill vole against it, adding he felt the original $5,000 amount was adequate. nantuoni, Mrs. Walter Hack, and Mrs. Edward Peikcy. Mrs. Donald Barltol, Mrs. Paul Allen, Mrs. John McEnerney, Mrs. Curlis Hewitl and Mrs. Don Ivers greeted the prospective kindergarten students wilh punch and cookies. Mrs. Vincent Imbimbo, Mrs.. Theodore Hanson, Mrs, Anthpnyi Bajrjrok from the Women's Club arranged appointments for the Eye Vision Screening. Algonquin School is grateful to the HA-LO Round Dancers for their donation of $51 given to Mr. Ciarfella, superintendent of schools, in appreciation for the use of the facility. The money is to be used for the Algonquin School Library. Mrs. Mary Hanely also wishes to thank the Pioneer Squares (or their donation of $100 to Algonquin SchwI. This money is being used lo purchase some special ' ' HILLSIDE SCHOOL STUDENTS have been rehearsing (or Ihe past few weeks for their annual Talent Show, the "Seashells Are Free Revue", which Hill be held today and Saturday al 8 p.m. at the school auditorium. In the picture above, Barbara Slaulfw and Debbie Borsos practices gymnastics routine for Ihe show. (NEWSpholobyl)on Cousey) SA rURDAYsUPETsPECIAT. TO NOON ONLY J°ng BUTTER »niK 5 l (UlLb i. ~ ~"» •_• • ^f MM lye-Pumpernicke Bread 7Q* o;, f'UfEIMIIKI.VCINDUH RITA'S BAKERY! 51 Spring St. Union They are both to appear in court money, according to court June 16. papers. Moreschi said the academy educational standards it claimed (o have in its catalogue, which says it offers and a New Haven Firemen O.K. . The , I"ii>I"ng -'Yankee . . . , m School ,\e»3 Kradergartcn registration was and A^rU 7Ul at items for sale in- Prospect's corn- lion lo the individual student, to the special end lhat each •student may reach the max- iVEtt 1 HAVEN. Conn. CUPl) irauro memal discipline within -The New Haven Firefighters m i, l T nion ratified a new Ihree-year contract Wednesday nigh! call- lfl ™ , Ihe following people for valuable helpon thai day. ...eir annual Memorial Dj.y Parade on (he Prospect Green al 1:30 p.m. In case of rain, the program will be held on Thursday at the same time. Parent? are reminded that • the the SOUND EQUIPMENT AT JENSEN'S! UOYO'S 4 CHANNEL RECEIVER AM/FM, FM MPX, 8 TRACK, , 4 SPEAKERS * WINDSOR CASSETTE RECORDER flC/BAT. CONCEPT 2000 AM/FM TABLE RADIO CONCEPT PORTABLE AM/FM, ALSO AC 159. $ 24 95 , rform e afternoon: 12:30 p.m., vehicle and ,s S ' in court ne vole apprm , ni , lhe « grams has been discarded and to'"*" the union and the dtv ID I 15 P lace "« <«" substituted was MS 10 IM ' a flexible metliod of inslruction borough m cooperation with the more raembcri would have State Motor Veh.cle ^partmenl. voted in favor o! lhe pact if it zaxz ss ^. . , The contract provides for a Mian- hike of five per cent in rtrc second year and of seven J I™' x *'" ' be 'THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING" I PG SEANCONNERY M1CHAELCAINE rethnicolorSiWOnly j .MUNICIPAL BUDGETS HARTFORD, Conn. (UPf) — The Connecticut Public Expenditures Council has available for the public a report on 197576 budget data for the state's 169 towns and cities. CPEC said the detailed data will enable quick comparisons between municipalities of similar population as well as of neighboring (owns. II includes data on mill rates, dates, of last revaluation, number of municipal and educational employes and other local government data. The total budgeted expenditures for all municipal governments in Connecticut came to il 66? billion for the 1975-76 fiscal year, an increase of 6.8 per cent over the previous year, CPEC noted. Conlinued PYora Pa sup, - Ronald D. Betres of Butler, Pa., Anthony A. Just of Greensburg, Pa. and Albert R. Coffey of Akron, Ohio on ch "8«-"« arson, firsW ^ ree Wd " a P™8 ^ first- degree burglarj-. M ™ °' Buller ' Pa ' «d N. Bubar of Tma m <* a r8« ° f and first ' event are Pat Owens and Tricia Mauriello. Betty Foley is in charge of entertainment. VGOP Picks Slate The Prospect Young Republicans held their fifth annual election meeting Wednesday night at the Prospecl Town Hall. Cheryl Normand was elected to succeed Debbie Hamilton as chairman while Karen Cipriano regained her position as vice-chairman and Debbie Hamilton was elected ro , ' of Butler, ,%' **" *f s a .«rJi««l in the , a ] ' tna1 ' w " face arson ' rela ' a ' dirges in state court, —,. ^ Mi a member of ine club for almost two years. She has served as secretary of the local organization and is presently a member of the For Professional Burner Service The number to call is 756-7041 Ten experienced and licensed technicians are af your service with radio equipped mobile stock rooms. WESSON Carefree Heat. "Eduecriion at Post Makes the Difference" DIVISION OF CONTINUING RAD 2W ECO Ml ENC 101 s SCI 10} SCI ?OI s&i iai 3SC 102 SftC IOJ Principle or Acceupitlng 1 im.ra.dUl: Arau^llng 1 BinlRcw IJnv 1 Principle, .,1 Eton«mle» 1 ' h T ' Th- T ' '"'• 8:00 ajn - ' 10r W " l: " "- m - ' II>:M . "• w 1:00 lm.- 10:00 i m ' »*a»c<d T/pln, Jh,rtkj,d Tiler, fcl'-i". Okt.1,.. PERIOD P- i, BAD 106 BAD SOS ECO 201 EKG WT HIS IK HIS 112 MGT IBS C.« *o,*,Min, II qiuMiul),. AMIntl II Bini.0,. Lr, || l>rt™lp|.,,,ec.i,.i«n,l C. mpMiWn „„ ,.„.„.„, A^tri^n ul«r« B , t II • ** T ' 7h 1 T " :p.r,.. , ; , S .,. l:» p.m. . 5:15 p m 6:30 pm.. »:ls pm . •••» P.™. - «:I5 pm. . . : fK , s£sx • (JO p ' ' P.™. - HMG HIS HIS I" INHiPENDENT STUDV C-RfDl 212 Hrft™ Or,,^ m „,, Ril , „ RM||M) JH T»t Amtrte.i Sh.rl Slerj j 101 tlxOriJl.iMCMIiuli.n I, l>.« „,.„,„,,« , 02 £,pl,r.i;« n t, n, *„„,,„,„ „,,„„,„, Wu( , 801 ow.lejm.r Jld lm*, i. c i PlWl(t ,,. hmp.,,,, p,^,.,^, VETERANS CM - L F0n INfOHMATION REGAHOINO DEOSEE IN BUSINESS ADMINISrBATlON w,,u rD1 ,, ( _ K<tpyw , Jsb T.k.H.m.c,lra|'. ««PM ''«m April » . j m , ,, T ".^S "'"" : -T,} ~ ' m *" '' '*> f> - kl "" IUrt «' tl>mv olkj< Fl« (12.00 5TCHELOR OF SCIENCE FOU.t YEAS O£SR£t

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