Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 22, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1908
Page 5
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(local Events, *£, ^^S4^v —— r ———- ~ School bond election Monday. Vote for the school bonds Monday. . Rooms for light housekeeping. Mrs. S. E. King, E. College St. Jim Perry is building a new bungalow on Center street. Votfi early for the school bond* o n Modnay next. Miss Sara Recknrd'leaves today for B short vacation at San Diego. Eev. and Mrs, Gage and sou Pan! have returned from Long Beach. Miss Alice Shoemaker of Pasadena has been spending the week with her friend, Miss Minnie Hutchinsou. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Clapp have joined relatives at Coronado Teut City. Mrs. H. M. Houser and daughters, the Misses EtHe and Vernie, are ppendiug H few days at Catalina. Mrs. Osborn of Whittier is Uie guest of her daughter, Mrs. J. M. Whitsel. Born to Mrs. Edi'h DeWitt of Long Beach, formerly uf Covina, August 13, a baby girl. Mrs. D. Foster of Azusa Avenue enjoyed the Catholic phonic at Re- doado last Saturady, Mr. P. Ralli was the guest from Saturday to Tuesday of Dr. Radebaugh of Pasadena. Mr. arid Mrs. Hurley and family • have rented the Moxley cottage, late- /ly vacatod by Mr. and Mrs. Brown on /Cottage Drive. Y Mrs. Hesaeltiufl bae taken a temporary position at Broadwell's during r the absence of Miss lliiloe on her vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Will Havlin of Los {Angeles are taking charge of the :home of Mrs. M, Havlin during her ^absence in the East. > Mrs. W. W. Wllroot of Santa Ana vis visiting at the home of Mr. and )Mrs. M. Congdon on East Badillo street. <) Miss Myrta Sturtevant of Pasa- ;deua, who has just returned from a yearnp wagon party forty day trip to the Yosemite, was the guest this^veek of Mrs. A. R. Evans. Mr. and M re. A. J. Kent of Whittier spent the week end in Covina looking at ranch property with a view to buying. They expressed themselves as being very much charmed with our locality. Miss Charlotte Hcrron, who is professor of the pipe organ at Western College, Maryland, has given up a contemplated European trip in order to spend her vacation with her sick sister here. Mrs. M. Havlin, with her daughter Frances left on Wednesday for her old home, St. Clairsville, O., where she will enjoy a lengthy visit with relatives. She is congratulating herself that she will be able to eujoy the county fair during her visit. Lloyd Taylor, the eldest sou of Mrs. J, H. Cnolman of this city, was token suddenly ill with appendicitis on Thursday and yesterday was operated on. The euryeons were Dr. Barber of Los Angeles and Dr. Ellis of Azutiii. The- patient is doing well. Wo received a pleasant call yesterday from Mr. F. H. Mti&uu, formerly engaged in the harncvis hutu'iiees in this, o.ity. Mr. MHHOII JH now with the Los Augele.H Hay Storage Company. He IB enjoying excellent health which he attribute H to his out door employment. . Mrs. J. M. Whitsel entertained on Thursday afternoon with a pleasant little thimble purty io honor of her mother, Mrs.' Osborn, of Whit- tiei. .Litdit refreshment!) were served. The KUf'^tH included Mrnes. Swallow, Hodges, A. Warner, Worley, Wallace, Clark and S. King. W. W. Chase who ia working for the Stowell Fumigating Company, was overcome by the. heat on Monday Uibt while riding in theuutowith Mr. Stowell near the Cuuntry Club. He was carried in a faint to the home of W. (Joo.'lrich, where he rented until t.he cool of the evening, his indisposition in-in;.' til u slight nature. The new brick liiiildiiu.'. ^0 by TO feet, which L. M. Pratt of Pa^.dena haa contemplated erei-ting for bonie time, is to In- inishrd ..u lapiilly. Thu In', owned iiy Mr. I'intt, at the corner of Italia Mrt-fcl ( iir:i-, uvi i.ui- hah Vteij olt-hrt-d <-f sn.;il! MM H iu^'s in eluding the »id i.lii'-e '.f Ui<-. v./.»;i.'i- c>jmi>H!i.y, v./iirh t.ij-! l;i I '! »:i- \ •• I Jo a Hitt just iiuith \it' the Ku-.t N'ati Uank. The restaurant mi th- prn- ptrty will be mi.ved l.;i<-k to trsct Itsilia Mn-t-t. The n«w c.fI'mit'ire will be divided into ihre<: stoie r- iiius. Sdbool bond election Mmiday. Vote early for the school bonds on Monady next. Samnel Feslnr and fan ily nre home from a pleasant stay at Catalina. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. M. Douglass and Miss Lilian are at Seven O"ks- Dr. Roxie K. Bates is enjoying n well earned vacation at Long Beach. Rev. and Mrs. W. G. Conley. left this week for a ten day's outing at Seven Oaks. "Sagetie" Hair Food is made to make hair vigorous. Get a bottle at Naah's drug store, 50o. C. W. Tucker, the photographer, and family left this morning for San Diego. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wedgwood, accompanied by the hitter's sister, arrived home Monday from a pleasant two week's yachting at Catalina. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Brnbaker returned Thursday of this week from an extended visit with frienus and relatives in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Conductor "Tony" Daly is taking an enforced vacation nursing an injured foot. In alighting from his car he tripped and tore the ligaments of the instep. Tony is one of the most popular men on this division. The board of school trustees is desirous of announcing that the election for the school bonds and the voting of tbe'sc.houl site will take place on Monday at exactly the same time at Charter Oak and at Coviua, and that the time for voting on both matters is from 10:30 until 5 ::10 o'clock. Mrs. J. J. Fitzgerald, wife of the proprietor of the Hotel Vendome, returned from the hospital last evening, after a severe illness resulting from appendicitis. Mrs. Fitzgerald is now fairly on the road to recovery, and be/friends are delighted at the improvement she has made. ' OUR AtfNTS: Warner, Whitsel & (o. Brown & Bohri Pomona Sanitary Laundry : Covina Dairy Sold. Solon Jessup, who fans IOUR and ably conducted tho Covina Dairy, east of town, hns.aold his live stock and business interests to M. V. Hel- vviok, the change to tnko place (he middle of next month. Mr. Jessnp, who has found the arduous toil of dairy work somewhat prejudicial to his health, has decided to givo his time to ranch work on the same property east of town. Mr. Holwick, who lately sr.lcl his ranch near the Jessup property, bus bought laud west of town where his dairy will be established The Jessup dairy baa always been conducted on hygenic principles. Mr. Jessup thanks his customers for past favors and auks the same for his successor. Paxton Ca'rnahan Is' spending a week camping on Mount Wilson with the Lawson family of Alhambra. Mrs. Harris of Fresno spent part of the week vis.ting her niece, Miss Nola Cole of Cottage drive. E. R. Coona was a luncheon guest on Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths. Marion and Arthur Adset, Clifford and Hugh; Nearly are enjoying a jolly two weeks' camping in Cattle canyon Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sherer left on Thursday for Catalina, where they will spend two wfceks or more. Mrs. Golden, daughter of Mrs. Gushman, returned last Monday to her nome,at Fort Collins, Colo. Hobart Cushman has returned from Longmont. Colo., where he took the body of his father for interment. J. E. Doran of Texas Is a Riiost at the hospitable home of Mr. anil Mrs. George Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Frather and Dr. and Mrs. Cline and baby are spending two weeks at Redondo. Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths ha"ve been obliged to postpone their trip io i?an Francisco on account of the sickness of the latter. Miss Charlotte Green, who has been visiting at the home of Mrs. A. Carnaban, is returning next week to her homo at Elsinoro. Horace Bemis and son-have, boon taking carf- of the Bemls home during ibe, absence of the family at l.aguna j lieach. Mr. and Mrs. <"'. K. Hemis and family have returned from a pleasant auto trip to Luguna Beach, whore limy havf been spending a week. Mr. and .Mrs. (Jc-orgc Anderson and | family have returned from their vaca- 'tioii in tin- mountains, much bfiiHIled ! by the charipc. i 1 Prol'es-ioi; Kirkiiavi-ifU <if Kiv<-rsld<- and Miss llcH-!i !,awKon of Allijunin a ; \vcrc giii.'-ia l:i.-i Siuida>' of Mrs. A. I ( arnalian. The Rev. and Mrs. Conlcy and chil- 1 drcn, .Mr. and Mrs. H. M. DcmglasK and : (Uiughu-r and Miss .Jost-pliine Wldnoy ;ar<; camping at fieven Oaks. Ttiey will j be joined tomorrow by .Mr. and Mrs. • R. O. Siin|.Hon. i | Dr. William f'stppw of Covina will ](•(•• it tin; l>y invhaiiou in the Hunnysidc M. K. cliincli, l.o^ Af,(.«-!cs, iom';rrow at ;ll a. in. His .uhje-t is "Christian Hci- ' cnc<-." '!'!:<• lifiiii.- «ill |jc ri-pcatcd in Mh'- Flor<'ii<"'<- HfiiihtK M. Iv finirch In i i he c 1 .i-uin'^ a! ', : )."). Mr. Hl'i-t!"'. il'in't-i 1 . for SOUK- li[n" one or 'h" '-fiii-i''.-.' <•]!•• k.s in Clapp's ill 11^ *'-ni'<-. h;:- 1 .-.'ct-]ii cd a |.o.-,ilion in ihf- Hi iin.- -A if, ,• \i:>\v '• 'ompaii v's whoi<-- :-ali- hoii-' ih I.L- .\IILM-IC;-; M ;•. Hunt' , v.111 j'lin i;.i- -';,'! ,;- a uin'lo'.v dci-ora- ",r ;-i..| it- . : -i.'-: '.! c-inl.-,. ,\I I. HIID- !••:'* ••]•• ••:, i M •• -.',:;. in ' }•.'• local .-/m •• and hi- ;•;:;!'(! i: >:.,<_j.i>,^ ha 1 .<r aMiac'f-d a g:-ta' il(-.i! '.f :ii''-:i ion. il<- 'A ill froi:- ililiiii: IO ilrjj A i a :o(iii.-i itn III" Ai'-'Ui- aiiil iiji'-nii:- '• • i .-'.i; make (o,n,a lii ijonn;. Schools Open on Fourteenth. The Coviua Union High School and the Coviua grammar schools open this year on September 14th. Until the new building is erected the high school will occupy the building now owned by the grammar school, paying rent at the rate of 1180 per month. The Argus is in receipt of a communication from a subscriber, praising the progressive policy of tho school board in instituting a department of physical culture. The trustees have secured the services of Mrs. Imogeue L. Gilmore.. who comes highly recommended by those who have known her in the East, one of whom ii President B. G. Lowry of the Blue Mountain college. Mrs. Gilmore is also a reader of ability and follows as her especial art, that of expression in reading and the development, of the human frame. Mrs. Gilmore will be a distinct,' addition to the school life aud social circles of Covina. ,. 3amuel L. Willita. . L ' ; After a long life spent honorably and usefully, the latter part of which was a peaceful descent down the western slope, Samuel L. Willits passed away on August 18th at his home in Coviua. Mr. Willits was 82 years of age, and death was resultant upon a gen- oral breaking up due to old ago. On the day following his death ho was laid to rest in Mountain View cemetery. His aged wife survives him. The funeral was conducted by Jie.v. W. G. Conley of the Christian church, of which organization tho deceased was a member. Mr. Willits crossed the plains in 1850 with a party of others, and has related many adventures met with on the route. Hu stayed in tho nor- thrcn part of the state for a year, and then returned to his old homo in Indiana in Wayne county, and remained in that Htnto and in Illinois, following his vocation of fanning until 1875, when he "tiiui more made tho trip to tho Pacific coat-t. Hu lived with his family for Home time in Compton, iu LOH Angelen and at Pasadena, but eventull.v (itune to Jr- wiudale and thence to Covina, vvheie he dwelt for the past 212 years. Iliw occupation here WIIK that of a simple rancher, and in that capacity he won many steadfast friends by IIJH upright IICHH of character. He leaves In-side, the widow, one, .'•"ii, J. L. Willi's of Walnut ('enter, eii_'ht grandchildren, and four great- giandch.'ldren. Mr. \Villits vvas a member of the Miisonif: order, but IKI I no* been C|OM-|V . -r. icinlcd with it since leaving the east.. Mrs. I). Font IT t San Diego. •ni tlii- wci-u '-nd For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Guaranteed piano tuning!. L. ]•}. Sheets, Pomona, tf. For Sale Barley and alfalfa hay. One mile south of Baldwin Park on Pneulo road. W. K. Church. It Want 94000 building loan for business block. Interest monthly. K, Boi 8, Covinn. Want to purchase a windmill and tank. Must bo cheap. Address R.F.D. 207. It Want to rent a small bouse in or near Covina. Tcdephniii 1 H•.!!)!). Oscar Miller. "Sapono" Hair Food and "Sagpiio" Pile Halve are home products, in ado in Covina. Hot thorn at Naah's. 50c. For Sale Cling and freestone poaohes at G. T. Brown's, Irvvindalo. Phone K). tf For Rale Kioh barn yard manure, no straw. C. C. Cady. Covinn Jiome Phone 211. Wanted—A young girl to learn i millinery business. Mrs. Mary Leebriok. Sale of millinery nt Miss S. Rookard's. All hats at. one half price and Mowers at your own figures. Thoroughbred White Leghorn eggs 01 sotting, 8!J per 100. H. E. Ward, Charter Oak. Phone 1201. tf For Sale—One horse, lino carriage and double harness. J. M. Smith. Phone 219. if For Sale—Iron gray horse, 5 years old, 1300 Ibs. L. S. Pongd. • Phone 2216. tf For Sale—Comfortable, five mom residence in line section of town, 81800. J. H. Matthews. ( You make no mistake in using "Sageuo" for falling hair and dandruff. At Wash's, 50o per bottle. Buggies repainted and revarnisbed from.&5.00'up.' Surreys 86.00 up, Autos 810.00 up. (J. W. Marsh. For Hale—Potatoes and poultry to ttritar. Also first class cow. K, C. Casad, Home phone 1128, Covina. tf To Rent—Six room house, corner of Azusa and Cypress avenues. Kent 112.50 to right party. Apply to D. S. Foster, Covinu. 9-12 Seed Potatoes Choice Burbank seed putatoos for sale. Crow ranch, [rwindalo. Inquire of N. llealtou, Covina or Irwindalo P.O. It, Umbrellas, Parasols For "fie wo will cover an umbrella. (ieorgo B. Detwiler, Olendoru, Cal. Repairing, etc. For Halo One pair of horses, weight 2,700. (loud double harncSH and wagon. Price reasonable. A. B. Xug, Phone 1011. Wanted- -Kitiiatinn by exiierionc-cid nurse, references given. Confinement cases a specialty, charges reasonable. Inquire- at Mrs. W. A. Layman's, Third am', Budillu Hln-.c-ls. All parties indebted to the grocer v firm of Drown A- Hnhrl ure reqiieht.ed to malui mi early M-t.t lenient HO that the buciks of thiH firm ciin be closed. Hills may bn paid at tint store of our Huer.cHyijr Mr. IJorne, wlio in authori/ed to receipt, for the Maine. jJr'Avn iV. flohri. I'Vii- Wale I) lots on (?entc-r Kl., west, ^750 each; cany U-nnH. (,'hnice, lots on Niivilla Si.., ^O'J.'j ;casy t.ernih; thrue beHUlifiil lutn on Uailillo Hlrefct, SliOO C'»(!h. 4 huiise and thrt-d lai'M'.' UvtH, 82'2D(J. fi'.oij •; rocim hmihci ,Htid lot.'(ii')x I 7,"i. ('mi' of all kindH, . gond I'icftlily; jnict- ^i'l-Mi. C ruom ' lilMiiHlied hmive tu let for fuur inonlliK at, low rental. H'/OHCH of all ; hi/(;H ttir hale. Lin! ;, our |iio|iert.y i with us. (,'OVINA i;i.\i/rv cu., (ilnrk A' iJouglas. Christopher's ICE CREAM OF QUALITY Benjamin Franklin and Christopher's Ice Cream Have made Philadelphia famous, Christopher'b Ice Cream Is making Los Angeles I anious. \A/ H VP l''-..;iii-'- i' ii ;K! i:,i i' >'<\ ''• iv '!;•• j'«" r '•'• : '" i I: ( ' l'r;i ::.<!'/ in. i >'•. i. ', ,:; •> ' < •<, I :i -.' .• .>,':. .1 l:>! .-.;.';.'••.'>:i. 'illctl i-1 f'' .';!..!!.' !.'.'•<! t'/r til'' .-.I',!' [ /' C. F. CLAPP SOLI; ACifiNI THE I Covina Peoples Store $ (INCOKI'OHATKD) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY The Very Latest Styles for Early Fall ot the celebrated McCall Patterns have just hjoti received by us. Please call :iml look them over. ONT YOU KNOW- ttiat / have a very attractive nssoi'1'inent- of WASH RAGS? at all limes. A/no a splendid line of BATH BRUSHES and TOILET SOAPS Thtit good* art hot x>tatfitr contfart*ri. Do You Pay Your Bills By Check? And thus have a record of each and every amount expended together with a receipt for the money paid? If not, you need a checking account with this bank. It is the most convenient and satisfactory method of transacting business payments. We will be pleased to have you make this bank your place of deposit. The Covina National Bank Y and MA(II1 SHOP MArWACTlMRS Of npion GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly (Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work Rottorns /V\e*de> iv-,tiliiilt:"> I Hi iii:->!ir(l, THE KELUR-THOMASON MFG. CO. andOJftc.c ,\>\, •,-.\\< : S. I'. !)(•],, t Home Thorn- 2V > C.ivina, Cal. BEN F. THORPE Cl:MI:NT CONTIMCTOK .'.I,ii, i l.i'. 1 un-r of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE A i ! . i/.i: •> ' ;m if'l in .in 1. . J'N-mf'i-r< ••'! < "ii r.-tt: Biiii'lim;-. a Specialty

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