Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 31, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1943
Page 2
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RKANSAS Wednesday, March 31, 1943 * - _. ._,__. '-r ' '•• •..»-—— Ope Stor and Ate*. H. Woshbum) bUlWfrKj, 712-214 South Wolnui ' , M. WA R WUMtfc, ASHBURN, Editor and Publ!ih«r da second class matter at the fflCB at Hop*, Arkansas, under the Of March 3, -Associated Press Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Rate (Always Payable in By dty-carrier, per week I5c; ,. Ne*ckta, Howard, Miirer ana counties, $3.50 p*r year; else- el Th» Associated Press: The Press is exclusively entitled to jlh*- use fat republication of all news dis- 3 patches credited to tt or not Otherwise i. tHHfitea IK this paper and also the local |K.newS--pub1rihed-herein. - HfttleMl Advertising Representative— : Arkansas baiilet. Inc.; Memphis, Tcnn.. h ^teffitf Building; Chicogo, 400 North Mich- \lgfcn'AVfeiUfe; New York City, 292 Madison s Av8.f'DetfWt, Mich., 2842 W. Grtind Blvd.; »«,>,•!OfctonoWft'Gitv. 414 ; Terminal IBdq.; New f/ Orleons. 722 Union St.. ff >f*i Char*** on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be K mode for alt tributes, cards of thanks, reso- >,J 'lutions, or memorials, concerning the de' oarted, Cdrnrrtereial newspapers hold to this v policy in the news columns to protect their /l readers from a deluge of space-taking me•* .morials. The Star disclaims responsibility >, for the safe-keeping or seturn of any ' " ..Unsolicited, manscripts. ftt assi be in office day before publication. All Wont Ads cosh in advance. Not tciken over the Phone. OhV time—2e word, minimum 30c SM\ time*—Sc wotd,- minimum 7Se jThw«tim*s—3'/ic word, minimum 50e One month—1 Be word, minmium 52.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." Lost RED HORSE, WEIGHING pounds. 7 years old. Last seen north of Emmet. Jim White,'route 2, Emmet, Ark. 25-6tp LIGHT BAY HORSE. DARK TAIL and mane.- Coming two years old. Heavy built and weight about 500 Ibs. Notify D. Austin. Saratoga, Arkansas. 310 reward. 3l-6tpd Wanted to Buy ELECTRIC REFRIGER A T O R. Must be in good condition. Call 27-W-22. " 25-6tpd GROW PICKLES (CUCUMBERS for processing) will be received, sorted and paid for at Hope and Fulton. Get contract and seed from White & Co. at Hope or Fulton. See vour county agent or W. H. Allison. V. A. Teacher nt Patmos, or James Harris. V. A. Teacher in Hope, or write Standard Brands 'Incorporated, 112 South Lei in St. Texarkann, Ark- Tex. 29-twkp CUT-OVER OR CHEAP LAND. Stntq price and location. Boswell & May, Bodcaw. Ark. 29-5mp GOOD SECONDHAND B A B Y- buggy. Call 1000, Extension 4, ! after G p. m. 29-3tp | YOUTH BED. MRS. YEAGER, 118 West Ave. D. Phone 316-J. 31-3tpd MEN'S AND BOYS' SPRING SUITS pants and shoes. Ladies' and children's spring dresses and low heel shoes. Bedspreads and sheets. R. M. Patterson, East Second St. ' 31-tf Wantrd to Rent THREE OR 4-ROOM FURNISHED apartment, with 2 bedrooms, good reference. Call Hope Star. 22-3tdh For Sale Special Farm Meet at Spring Hill LESPEDEZA * grass hay. AND Also JOHNSON! Lewis C. Yocum, Hempstead ( cottonseed, D P & L, Stonewell 2-B, Rowden '41-A and Cookers long staple, ', first year from breeder. See T. S. '<• McDavitt. 30-tf SIX HOOM HOUSE WITH GAR- den. Apply 912 East Third Street. 23-3tp 30 COWS, 7 CALVES, AND 2 HEIF- ers. See W. T. Dillard and Sons, 'Saratoga, Ark. 25-6tp 39 MODEL CHEVROLET COUPE. Good tires. Clean in every way. Subject to any mechanic inspection. -Call 27-W-22. 25-6tpd COTTONSEED, STONEWELL 2-B, Rowden 40; two cultivators, two mules' and mare. Roy Burke, Hope Route three. 29-3tp COMPLETE DINING- -ROOM suite. Also well made dog house. , « Phone 177. County Farm Bureau representative of Spring Hill, has arranged a special meeting at Spring Hill School for Wednesday night, March 31st at 8:00 o'clock. The Sinclair Refining Company's special representative, Thurl Benbrook, will show Farming for Vic- j tory sound pictures that show the i need of organizational activities on the part of farmer to assist the most possible in the war effort. Frank J. Hill, Hempstead County Sheriff, and Oliver L. Adams, County Agent, will appear on the program. Mr. Yocum urges every farm family in the community to be present. Harrison Marine Reported Missing m Harrison, March 30 —(/P)— Sgt. ^___^ I John Hamrick, 22, of the U. S. Ma- SIMMONS BABY BED. PERFECT | rine s. who has been reported miss- 31-3tpd I '"£ s ' nce the fall of Corregidor, is a prisoner of the Japanese in the Philippines, his parents, Mr and Mrs. D. F. Hamrick, of Harrison, have oene advised by Marine head- condition. 116 W. Ave. D. For Rent . i FOUR* ROOM HOUSE. 5 ACRES, I Quarters. ' plenty water and shade; Just j sergeant out of town, off old Fulton highway. Apply Mrs. W. A. Price. I Hamrick joined the Marines when he was 16. At that time the Hamricks lived at Aria- dark0 ' Okla ' THREE ROOM UNFURNISHED I apartment. Bath, hardwood I floors, built-in-features. Garage. ! 406 South Spruce. Mrs. J. E. Schooley, phone 38-F-ll. 30-3tc FIVE R'O O M UNFURNISHED house on S. P. G. road. Gas and lights. Inside city limits. Mrs. J: E. Schooley, phone 38-F-ll. 30-3-tc BEDROOM, LARGE CLOSET. PRI- vate half bath. Kitchen shared. Three blocks from town. 116 W. I ' Ave. D. 31-3tp TWO-ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment. New furniture. Innerspring mattress. Utilities paid. Prefer couple Mrs. Frank Hutch- Today in Congress By T n e Associated Press Senate In recess. Foreign Relations subcommittee considers post-war proposals. House Consdiers war security bill. Hold* Everything ens, 712 E. Div. St. 31-3tp THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS with small garden. 408 S. Fulton St. Phone 168-J. 31-3tp CLOSE-IN. ONE-HALF MODERN furnished duplex. 2 beds with tieauty rest mattress. Continuous flot water. Private entrances. Util-] ities paid. See Tom Carrel. 31-tf | Notice SEND ME YOUR NEW newal subscriptions magazine" published. Peynerson. City Hall. i OR RE- ff>T any Charles 1-lmch COPR. 1M3 BY HI* SERVICE. INC. T. H. PEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. OUT OUR WAY "Quick, follow that truck!" By J. R. Williams SIDE GLANCES By WHY CAN'T YOU RIDE BIKES TO SCHOOL? THIS SHEP IS MORE OF A TRIBULATION) THAN THE SCHOOL/ THESE FOOLS SCRATCH ISJC3 . OM THE POSTS HAVE GOT THE i\ WHOLE THIKJG DOWN-PO SOMETHING. BEFORE THEY !1A STAMPEDE WITH THE ENJ- •<*,-*?-. THIRTY YEAJSSTOO SOON) ^«^rfA^ COP H, mi BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT.' OFF, 3-31 "Remember when we could overeat arid miss school once " in a while? Evert that's out now, with the.point rationing system 1" FUNNY BUSINESS "He used lo be n photographer, sir! irl" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson MAY HAVE BLOOD, OR. BLOOD... BUT NEVER /3£Z? BLOOD/ .» ^« T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. fO R£/ MANY OF THE BASEBALLS NOW IN USE HAVE GO* &A£-£- COEES. COPR 1943 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. ^SUBMARINES, AT TI MUST SINK TO KEEP AFLOAT, CHARLIE BETT5, NEXT: April fool! Wash TUbbs OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople NOT SO F/V5T, POUV ROLLO/ SINCE GOT TVArXT FERRMBOW I GETS NO M.ORE; PLrXS TUB PRIORVTV OVER. NOD ROCKlNi SNLORS NO B/XTrA FETCH INI IDN16HT PENMY'S TAKIM6ATURN The Killer Strikes GUOOKNLY By Roy Crane Popeye Jl^p^^^—:_-.;;.;-^:-:Sfc^::..^ y ^. |jgjjj||J^ "Mrs. Sea-Hag's Maternal Instinct." Thimble Theafer tf» TEUL M6 <SUMPIN'_DID ) AMSOME LOOK <YES, HAi<S&V, MV ^v/ I <5HOULt> HAVE v SUSPICION IDAS AEOUSEDJSPOKEK) THEN.BUT UHEM1 <5AIU WOUR ypOP6HB BBCAME <5O -ACE IN THE MAQIC, \ AN6RV-40U MUST HELP 'ME BREAK THE NEWS V< 3>r>^J Donald Duck He Forgot His Rabbit's' Foot By Walt Disney C, '*J ^>u / Y, -7 m n*n><jtr<1 r-i T,i*i Ft«iU"t >(*•<*"'. *** Blbndie The Barber's Itch By Chic Young ISJ AMP SEE ALEXANPERV WHAT HE CAWM3U BEAT IT? ' HE WAMTEPTDKNOW JFHECOULPRAISEA MUSTACHE/ 1101.P,, N^ WERE NOD PREAMINJiS THESAME THING I WAS? (r Boots and Her Buddies Bad Medicine By Edgar Martin UYYLEOF: _ 'A'MOT-QI? tSHN#t 6\C\<', fV "LCft Of ~ T\X o? ONE w 1 . V? £>00?<S ON>.?£ < fc.C\00 < bl VV •o i Red Ryder Little Beaver's Best Girl By Fred Harmon VJHA,T YOU SEE >M OUTLAVO tRACKS RED NO WAT OF FOLLOWING THEN.' •WEf SEPARATED HERE- EVERY ^7 ME- DID VJANt'UM VISIT W PEOPLE, BUT MOW THEY TURrt BAP OUTlANMS, ME GUo- DUSTED-' ^N ( OUST TH' LITTLE BEMER-I WE'RE HEADl^ToR| I YOU REMEHPER-«OT A V1ORD A&OUT THE TR/Mrt ROB6ERT T\LL 1 CA>K) fSLK tdTH'CHIEF.' 0 Alley Oop Trouble Ahead By V. T. Hamlin NO.SUH. MISTER ALLEV... NO STEAKS NOHOW.' DEV'S SCARCER'KJ HEN'S TEETH THESE PAYS ... MAN' BALONEY.' THAT DON'T MAKE SENSE...HENS/ HAVEN'T GOT NJO TEETH/ DATS RI6HT, AN' NEITHER HAS YOU GOT NO STEAK/ ' MEAN ME; WITH ALL MV MILLIONS OF BUCKS, I CANT GIT ME STEAK? &*?*^ !TM6y CANT PO~ THIS TO ME.' I'M HUNGRY AN^T M/ANT A STEAk f BUT MISTER .-•. HAVC ONE? X'tL SHOW YOU/ OH, LA.W/ MOW OAT MISTER OOP'S 60NNA RAISE SAND AN 1 MISTER DOC'S GONNA j GO GIT MAD ALL ALLEY...A. OVER rrr-=TT r '* I T 1 Freckles and His Friends Lard's Labor's Lost I 'I (I (1 By Merrill Blosser (j MY NAME IS SCOTfLE'! I OWN THIS LOT, AND YOU GET OFF IT ' IS IT OKAY IF J PULL UP MY VEGETABLES AMD PLANT THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE" DON'T YOU , TOUCH A THING ON MY PROPERTY/ BUT I'M RAISING THENV !•! OONT fORTHE CHILDREN'S /KNOW THE" _, HOSPITAL / " > AGE LIMIT ^c,..,, .-^yOF THE CHILD( ^ Jv-^ : V REt ^ IN THAT • l ^--^f--^ \\ V HOSPITAL — ^tf ?.»..»" IHO. U. 8. PAT. OFF. -•-Bur IF YOU DON'r LEAVE HERE THIS MINUTE, THEY'RE GOIN& To HAV& ONE MORE PATIENTS 7 **.>?»• '?§ (I <?

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