Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 28, 1968 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1968
Page 3
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SATURDAY, DECEMB'RTR 28, 19C8 ^ THE REGISTER-NEWS MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS 3— A. Socially I Yours By NADINE/ Russell Ingram has returned 1 to his home in Alburquerque, ! N. M., after being called to . Mt, Vernon due to the death of his father, Conrad Ingram. He visited with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Endicott of Mt. Vernon. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hoyo- way of Bluford and other relatives and friends. -o- -o- -c- Christmas Eve guests with Mr. and Mrs. James Hand were Mr. and Mrs. Ross Lisenby Sr., of Dahlgren. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jacobs and family of McLeansboro, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ward Lisenby, Jr., and son of Peoria, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hartman of Crete, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson and sons of New Lenox, 111., and Mrs. Sherry Lynn Lowery of Wayne City, -o- -o- -o- Mr. and Mrs. Shorty Pace of Oak Park, 111.,are .visiting with their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Pace and other relatives and friends. MISS MARCIA FA YE NORTON Combs Observe • Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Harry Combs ot Kriwardsville. former resident of Mt. Vernon observed their 55th wedding anniversary December 24. Mr. Combs is a retired Alton District office employee of the Illinois Bell Telephone Company. Langs Wed 53 Years Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Lang of Bonnie will observe their i)3rrl ' wedding anniversary December 29. They are the parents of one daughter. Mrs. Mure! Harper of Bonnie. They have three i grandsons and three great ! - grandchildren. The family is planning an an- i niversary dinner at Robbi's cafe ! in Salem, in honor of the occasion. SOCIETY MISS NANCY JO \iOLLIAMS Mr. and Mrs. Waymon Williams of Bonnie are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Nancy Jo Williams, to Bernie Lee Richardson, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Richardson, Sr., of Mt. Vernon. The bride-elect is a senior attending Waltonvilie Ugh school. The prospective bridegroom is a graduate of the Vlt. Vernon high school. He is now serving with the 'J.S. Air Force, stationed at Duluth, Minn. Weddng plans are incomplete. HUMOR "Tell me, friend," said the sympathetic man to the beggar, "how did you get yourself into such circumstances?" "Well," replied the derelict, "when I had the world by the tail, I let go to reach for the moon." Mr. and Mrs. William B. Norton of Garfield, Ky.,' are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Marcia Faye Norton, to William L. Reynolds, t.on of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Reynolds, of Route 5, Mt. Vernon. The bride-elect is attending Murray State University, where she is majoring in medical technology. The prospective groom is a graduate of Murray State University. He is presently employed as instrumental music instructor, in the Sandoval Community Unit District 501, of Sandoval, 111. A spring wedding is being planned. Duplicate Bridge A local charity game was played Monday evening. Winners of the master point game wore: Mrs. Bruce Carkin and Mrs. Edw. E. Hawkins, first; Mrs. Elmer Novak and C. O'Rourke, second; John Manion and W. Flinn, third. All proceeds from this game will be gi'trn to the Mt. Vernon Policemen's Benevolnet Fund. A regular game will be played Monday. Dec. 30'th. „„ s -.^ **r- s -v^ (Hilli'n-H & Mvors Photo) MR. AND MRS. DW1GHT SCHRECK Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Schreck of 1000 Paik Avenue, will observe their 30th wedding anniversary January 1. They were married January 1, 1939, in St. Charles. Mo. Mrs. Schreck is the former Liu-ilie Riley. They are the parents of one daughter, Mrs. David (Priscilla) Artis of Warrington, Flu. They have three grandchildren, Teresa, DeWayne and Douglas. No special plans have been made for the occasion. Dear Abby High- Kicks Heeling Mom Son In Face Abigail Printed Pattern SIZES 10-18 Rich uncles invariably have a great deal of will-power. Extra Quick Extra QUICK — 2 main pattern parts for the jumper fash- Ion loves most of all! See how plunging V- neckline reveals smart, classic shirt beneath. Printed Pattern 9135: Misses' Sizes 10,12,14,16,18. Size 14 (bust 34) jumper 1 yds., 54-in.; blouse 2 yards. 39 in. SIXTY-FIVE CENTS in coins for each pattern — add 15 cents fo r each pattern for first- class mailing and special handling. Send to Marian Martin, Mt. Vernon Register-News, Pattern Dept. Register News, Pattern Dept., 232 West 18th St-, New York, N.Y., 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS with ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. What's new for now? 107 answers in our Fall- Winter Pattern Catalog. Free pattern coupon in Catalog. Send 50 cents. New INSTANT SEWING Book — shows you how to sew it today, wear it tomorrow Over 500 pictures. Only $1. TIMELY QUOTE By PHIL PASTORET The roller coaster of aspira- t i o n and disillusionment is amusing to the extreme conservative, who thought the aspirations were silly in the first place. It gives satisfaction to the left-wing nihilist who thinks tlie whole system should be brought down. But it is a devastating whipsaw for serious and responsible leaders. —John Gardner, secretary of Health, Education and Welfare. DEAR ABBY: Please print this and help wake up a mother who is neglecting her 4-year-old son. She happens to be my divorced daughter. She works, taking him to a nursery Monday thru Friday. She gets home each day at 5:30 p.m. gives him supper and puts him in bed. ON Monday she starts trying to find someone to keep the boy from Friday after work until late Sunday evening, so she can kick up her heels and act like a teen- ager at some cheap dance hall. Abby, she is 24. This little boy begs to go to Sunday school, but our daughter won't take him. She says PERSONALS Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Burton of Rockford are hte parents of a son born this morning in that city. He weighed seven pounds and one ounce. The grandmother is Mrs. Opal Burton of Route 2, Mt. Vernon. • o- -o- -o- Jeannie Simpson of McLeansboro shopped in Mt. Vernon Friday. Dixie Funkhouser of Steelville was a business visitor in the City yesterday. Mary Sue Pollard of Sandoval transacted business in Mt. Vernon Friday. Vernon MoiTis of McLeansboro was a business visitor in tl.e King City yesterday. Larry C. Smith of Wayne City was a visitor in Mt. Vernon Friday. Dominic Pijut of Scheller transacted business in the King City yesterday. he has plenty of time for that, and she has her own life to think about. She never takes the child anywhere. His grandmothers take him occasionally, but he needs a mother's love. His daddy is as bad as his mother. He promises to come and see him, and the poor kid looks in the window for him all day Sunday and no daddy shows up. What can I do? CONCERNED DEAR CONCERNED: If you can't make your daughter realize what an injustice she is doing her son during his impressionable,. formative years, take the child whenever you can and try to compensate for the love and attention he is being denied by his parents. (I've always said, before marriage mental tests should be required by law and not blood tests.) DEAR ABBY: It was bad enough when my girl friend found out about my wife. But when my wife found out about my giii friend I really was in trouble. To make matters worse these two have become very good friends and they have coffee together about once a week. What do you think they're cooking up? HARRY DEAR HARRY: Your goose, probably. DEAR ABBY: You've got to help me. I'am an 18-year- old 1 * K I POLLY'S POINTERS girl who is going steady with a 22- year- old guy who keeps after me to "pixwe my love." We've gone, together for a year , and AbDy, I DO love him, but I just can't see myself "proving" it the way he wants me to. He says it's not wrong if two people love each other and plan to get married some day. But Abby, I just wasn't raised that way. We fight about this all the time. He's really a swell guy, and I'd give my right arm for him. What should I do? BLUE EYES DEAR BLUE EYES: Tell him to be a man, "prove" his love and control himself. And tf lie Van Bnren still keeps after you, he's not: worth your right arm. What lie needs is a right hook. C O N F I DENTIAL TO "IN LOVE WITH A BELLY DANCER IN CHICAGO: "Tell her you've had a bellyful of her excuses and have a "gut" feeling it won't work." Everybody has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply write to Abby. Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope. For Abby's New Booklet "What Teen - Agcrs Want To Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, *CaI. 90069. Several Ways To Wash Plastic Shower Curtains lilpilWtlli «lH?i!§f illpi BARBS If anyone wants to start a protest March, we're all for it. It's, always a perfectly awful month. WORLD ALMANAC FACTS SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING ON ALL DRY CLEANING ORDERS LARGE OR SMALL -SPECIALS- These 3 Days Only Mon., Tues., Thurs., Dec. 30, 31, Jan. 2 Pick Up or Leave 7 A.M. to 11 P.M WE NOW HAVE FACILITIES FOR CLEANING PLASTIC AND VINYL SUEDE COATS 60 MINUTE SERVICE 8:00 A.M. to 5 P.M^ FREE Parking on Side of Building Jim Jansen, Owner 318 South 10th — Open 6 A.M. to Midnight Daily ,'. Attendants On MR. AND MRS. W. H. ASHBAUGH Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ashbaugh of 1205 south 2 TIL street will observe their 43rd wedding anniversary January 5. They were married January 5, 1925. Mrs. Ashbaugh is the former Sarah Rapp. They are the parents of one daughter, Mary Elizabeth Ashbaugh of Kansas City, Mo. They have two stepsons, Jessie Anderson and Leonard Dennis, both of Mt. Vernon. They have 27 grandchildren and 28 groat- grandchildren. Open house will be held Sunday, January tween the hours of 2:00 and 4:30 p.m. at their All relatives and friends are invited to attend. f> be- home. BETTY CANARY Freedom (?) For Children Natty Bumppo, also called Leatherstocking, Deerslayer and Hawkey e, was .the hero of James Fenimore Cooper's quintet of pioneer novels known as the "Leather-Stocking Tales," The World Almanac says. Natty became for Europeans a portrait of resourceful American frontier character and even the embodiment of the ideal of the natural man who opposes anything "agin nature" or "agin reason." Copyright ©1968, Newspaper Enterprise Asan. SPECIAL SEALTEST EGG NOG Quart 43 ^ HARRY'S MARKET 1010 Newby Phone 242-2840 By BETTY CANARY My friend Susan gasped in j disbelief when''she learned my 12- year- old Stu stayed home: from the junior high sock hop. j "You.didn't let him go?" she! asked, "Tell me what happen-! ed!" The truth is that nothing j much happened at all. He did make 14 telephone calls for-the main purpose of spreading the news. He had a snack that evening. Then, he stayed in his room working on a model of a grasshopper . "He stayed in his room?" Susan asked. "I wonder what he was thinking'' "How he was going to finish that grasshopper was what he was thinking — he ran out of glue." She grabbed my arm and asked, in a hoarse whisper, "Do you think he's been sniffing it" I had to tell her, that so far I have only normal- type problems with my seventh grader. Like the fact that his snack Friday night happened to be tlie casserole I'd prepared for Saturday's dinner. As for my refusal to let him attend the dance, he coped with it without running away from home or freaking out. The reports I had on the dance included the usual information about clusters of boys in one corner of the gym and groups of girls in another, se- jUavated by a fairly large crowd listening to the hand Some even danced. If my son's friends set' me as The Warden, well. I'll manage to bear up. As for tin mother who asked me in exasperation if I thought t h e school was holding an orgy, I'll have to reply, "No." I'll also have to say that I don't think dances are really fun for the kids — especially j seventh and eighth graders. Also to be frank, I cannot derive | pleasure from placing my child-! ren in a situation where they appear ridiculous. To be specific, most seventh graders are not ready for dances or that kind of socializing. Even if I didn't know this by instinct and by training, I'd have known it when my son told me, "Patty is the funniest girl!" "Really I said. "At lunch today she stuck carrots in my ice cream!" "Ugh," I said. "That's pretty funny all right." "But I fixed her. I scraped my applesauce into her orage juice!" "That's disgusting," I said. But, it's pretty normal, 1 thought. Patty is, if you will excuse an outdated expression, a pretty, wholesome girl. She is also a lucky one. Her mother is not pushing her (or allowing her to be pushed) into situations beyond her comprehension or central. She has it — the per- By POLLY CRAMER DEAR POLLY — C.V.R. wanted to know how to clean a plastic shower curtain. I wash mine in the machine along with my white clothes and use bleach in the water. I put them in the dryer for a few minutes, also, along with other clothes. Do watch carefully and do not leave one in too long. I no longer have dirty- or yellow- looking shower curtains and change them often. -VIOLA DEAR POLLY -- I have used llie following method for washing a shower curtain for years. Put it in the washing machine with hot water and at least two bath towels. Add one third cup each of detergent and bleach. Run through the entire cycle but do not allow it. to spin dry. Rinse in plain hot water to which you have added a cup of vinegar. Do not rinse tlie vinegar out. This will NOT work without using the bath towels and may leave some wrinkles in some types of curtains. —-S. M. DEAR READERS There are shower curtain materials and shower curtain materials so you must try a small spot on any of them before trying any method. Bleach might affect some colored curtains. Some wash the shower curtain and then hang it out: of doors, hinse with the hose and then let it drip dry. -POLLY DEAR POLLY Do you know : how to dye Dacron? I fried to I dye a Dacron dress fuchsia but it came out a sickly pink. -LANDONIA DEAR LANDONIA Direc- | tions on the boxes of one of| sonality and magic — that tlie | little girls with gooey eyelids! are looking for. I am not advocating repres -j sion by parents, oy the way. \ I do suggest there might be | a difference in offering children I freedom instead of license. the best- known brands of dye say it is not. recommended for Dacron, Orion, glass or metal fibers. —POLLY DEAR POLLY 1 always want to have so many things at hand before retiring at night that my bedside table was always in disorder. I now have a dress box on the floor under the bed below my pillow. When I get ready for bed, I just pull the box out like a drawer. There is my cream, facial tissues, diary, flashlight, transistor radio vvitli ear phones, note paper, pencil and maybe even a fly swatter or fan. I use what I need and, in tlie morning, just push the "drawer" back under the bed. No mess, just convenience. -MRS. I.E. DEAR POLLY When I was a cheerleader I had to make "Booster Badges" for the students to pin on their clothes. I found that putting the pins in the badges was quite a job so I hied using a skirt marker. It worked beautifully. The pins went in so easily with a double hold and the job took a lot less time. This idea could be used when making name tays for parties and club meetings. --TARA DEAR POLLY The vacuum bottle that I have always carried to work no longer keeps drinks cold but does hold - liquids without leaking. Now I fill it with my favorite cold drink and put it in the freezer the night before. In the morning, I slip the vacuum bottle into a plastic bread bag and leave it in my car until noon. By that time it has thawed to a refreshing icy consistency and the bag keeps it from sweating on to the car seat cover. —MR. A.Y.B. You will receive a dollar if Polly uses your favorite homemaking idea, Polly's Problem or solution to a problem. Write to Polly in care of this newspaper. Multi-Co. 4-H Holiday Party A 4-H Club party will be held j at the Jefferson County Farm j Bureau auditorium on Monday j afterroon, December 30, begin- i nir.g at 1:30 p.m. and ending , ' 5:30 p.m. This is a multi- county affair and all 4-11 members of high I school age and above are invited to attend from all neighbor- I inn counties. j The program will consist of • games, and dancing. Refreshments will be served. The party was planned to give i an opportunity for 4-H young ! prople of neighboring counties j ;o get acquainted and to share i the fun of the Holiday season. ATTENTION ALL ELKS New Year's Eve DANCE Tuesday, Dec. 31 Dancing Starts At 9 By Bob Donahill Band Breakfast At 1 A.M. ALL FOE $5.00 COUPLE DOWNTOWN ELKS CLUB HOME DECORATING NEWS COLOR can thing in you flatter your instance, and chooses the live with as selects her colors of her do almost any- r home. It can complexion, for a wise woman colors she will carefully as she lipstick or the clothes. Color can also hM.p to dramatize — or to hide — particular furnishings. Suppose you choose a strikingly handsome sofa, the prize of your living room. A sharp color contrast with the wall behind it will make your sofa stand out, emphasizing its lines and beauty. On the other hand, if you have a chair with which you must "make do" for a while, or one which is so comfortable you don't want to part with it, but which is awkward-looking, you can make it blend into the background and become less prominent by using a matching or blending color behind it. It takes a lot of thought to use color with wisdom and discrimination —; but the effort is well worthwhile! We'll be glad to help you with your color questions — to help you put your own Ideas into action. Come m and "See us ~. for all your home furnishing problems. jgnfttCOtt IMV Wium

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