Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 22, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the Post office Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Co j * vina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. i SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Single Copies ./-•> I .5.0 '• ,0.'.; ADVKHTI8KMKNT8: '. f)isplay advertisement at: rcasrinablc , rates. Prices on application. Change* ' made as per contract. | Liners 5c per line each inncrtion. IvC^al notices SI.00 per inch first insertion, .SO cents each subsequent in- j sertion. COVINA, August 22. 1%8. Our Ticket Taft For President Perkins For Senator Sherman For Vice-President McLachlan For Keprcscritativc ALL GOOD MEN NOW. Covina. will have the honor of Hend-, ItiK two delegsiteH to (he Hl;ite f:onven- tion from the Sixty-eighth assembly dlKlrlct., Col. F. AI. Chapman and Dr. <',. D. .Jennings. UcaldeH l.hln honor, it. IH a thing of pride to rem(!mber thai Covina IH becoming more and more a. convention town, anil It will be highly commendable If efforts ar« pill forth at all timcH t.o bring all manner of conventions hero, for It iidverl.lHCB l.he community and brings biiHlneHH. There wfjro Heventy-nlrie delegat.cH hero last, Hal.urday, ut which time the Llncoln- KooHuvolt. faction In ihln Hocl.lon wan formally prewented wll.h lla winding- ,Hhcc-t. The L.-H. League knew that the ,-presentation waH to be made, and several membci'H of lhl» defuncl. party were proHcnl tf) tcnde'r their heal'tfell IhankH for the moHt. timely and Hiill.- : ablc gift, . ; The obHoqulcn were conducted in Ilccrt'H hall, AlphonBO Mooro of Whittier acting as chairman, and Klmer W. Hart, of San Dlman aH Hccretary. Nino ' (lelegateH to tho Ht.atc convention were elected, all Taft. Republicans, those beside the Covina men mentioned being: Harry iMoHH of Itlvera; S.,, W, Barton, East Whllllor; B.'Fish, Pomona; E. E. Armour, Pomona; Dr. A. L. Smith, Monrovia; W. S. Taylor, (Jlendora, and Hobarl. WllllaniH, LordH- burg. The L.-ll. delegates centered on (!eorg(! S. Stunner of Chiremonl as (heir choice, and cut everything else i'roni the lleket, "slngl<;-Hholllng" Stim- injr In a hope that they might Fuiuneze through one man an a delegate, hut it was of no avail. Alvln Currier, the grand old rancher of Spadra, who has put up many a good light since the early California days, was early on the spot, and worked like a fanner getting in hay- on a cloudy afternoon, In an attempt to swing lln- delegates In his favor as senator on the Lincoln-Roosevelt ticket. Currier is a good lighter, and, It may he said, a good loser, and, needless t.o nay, he lost. Ira Lee of I'omona, who was Cogswell's opponent In the Sixty-eighth, was one of I he "upturned faces" at the convention, hnl he made no attempt, to swing tilings In his favor, and his friends concede his defeat, slating that he could control but t weniy-fonr of the possible scvenl y-nlnr votes at Iliv convention. The convention was mild as to sensation, as the Leaguers had all been driven lo cover hy the primaries. The gt-mle hive/.e In the tn-e-tops points lo the fact that Ihr pood men in the l.cuiMie parly arc blowing toward tin- regular parly, and thai before the big ballot of all Is lal rli there will only In a falnl line to show where the temblor split open ilin Republican party in California. What Will You Do, Gentlemen? What will yon c'o on Monday, gentlemen? Will you allow a feeling of apathy to keep you ;r,v ?y fi im the, polls—will yon consent to the IsHuancc of tho school bond? th; in 1 , i : iagre majority vote, or place the issue in danger of dnfnat by defaul' boca -)e errors have crept into affairs psrfomed by human hands? Will it not be far . ore a creditable thing to hand flown to our children, not only the legacy of educational progress hafore years give them ap-, preciation, but the complacent fact that the action was unanimous in their, interests? Will you once more spend a few minutes of your time on Monday j in assiBting the Covina Board of Trustees to rectify the mistakes resulting from the moat intricately worded law upon the California statutes? It Is not the errors in technicality, annoying as they may bs, that figure In the qnestipn., It is the necessity of progressing in our civic provisions, even as we are pro- j grassing in our private lives and fortunes. Wo want to be PROUD wrien the j next decade speaks of the decade past, not shamefaced and filled with stammering explanations. Would It answer at, all twenty years from now if you should Hay to your children that you became weary of voting bonds the law invalidated, fiiving that argument as a reason why Covina could never catch j up to the educational advantages of the towns surrounding it? One year| behind may mean o,;s year always behind. j ' Centuries ago a man went through the streets of little Grecian towns,i teaching his Blmple logic to those who would give him audience. The people j of many villages turned with a grimace as he passed, or hurled an epithet] with a coarse laugh. He told them nations would rise greater than Greece,! that but one of Civilization's fingers had touched the possibilities of the world, j A few followed him to Athens, the greater portion shrugged their shoulders | and remained, From that Pagan teacher has sprung what is known as the Grecian School of Philosophy, not yet dissolved or undermined. Who,remembers the technicalities, If any existed, surrounding the teachings of Socrates? A smile pansed around the hall the other evening, when the county superintendent made the statement, that, although he was not a young man, he knew that if he lived the alloted span he would see Covina a community of 40,000 people, a .smile such as Socrates saw while founding the School of Philosophy. It is true. In the words of the superintendent again, we could not keep the people out of this country of California if we trained guns from the top of every hill and built a Chinese wall the length of our coasts. We must vote the highest figure In bonds for education that the state will allow us to vote, and vote it at once. A year from now we will be one year behind. The question after all, is not whether we are in danger of losing the bond IHSUO, but whether we are to be saddled with the stigma of squeezing It in, because of apathy and indifference. The question of the school bond Issue need not bo discussed here. The entire community Is familiar with It. The message which IS important is the' necessity for carrying the bonds TRIUMPHANTLY, so that when our splendid sons and daughters are winning honorably and well, on a footing with their fellows, we can rest complacently In the thought that we constructed the Great Highway to the Heights we could not ourselves attain. Vote for the bonds on Monday. Enroll your name in the School of Philosophers. BOTH CANDIDATES PLEDGED. Thanks to I ho Argus for Its article hint wf!ol< entitled "What Thompson HltmdH For." Tho publication would Hurely not have boon mad« without ThoinpHon'H authority, arid he Is thereby pledged to support, as state senator, six specified and numbered legislative enactments. Those alx specifications are', word for word and number 1 for number, th<s "legislative platform"''of the Llncoln- 'Qoooevelt Republican League, adhesion to which was the'sole requirement for membership of the League. Mr. Cogswell, an assemblyman', and Mr. Thompson, sis Hfiiato,, arc. thus u.edK.i;d to the mime legislative! platform. PiVila- Ing the Argils for publishing tlic'.r nlodgcH, I hope, li will sei- hu'.v tlic-y keep thfim--ArmiB v/iiH called "the till- Hftcung one" -and Inform ll.s r<-uiU'.'.'.. I do not doubt, ihc sincerity «,i' i. Ilii'T gentleman, but it in eainp.ii.:<.ir,:i.!y i.:.d pleasing to repivKcnlalivc:; of a pro;.lethal their constituents take a lively and well-In formed Interest. In tho course and pnw-SH of their official doings. A majority of the six enactments to which Thompson and C'og.iwell are pledged received I he approval of the l(epui)lleMi) county convention, which Instructed and pledged the nominees lo ihelr suppon. I rather think Lincoln, Roosevelt and Tal'l would support them all. If they were now electors of Los Angeles county, and I hope a majority of the legislature may be in truth I.incnln-Koo.scveli-Tiit'i Republicans. S. I 1 . .!. Leave for England. J. W. Popperwell, a well known rancher of Charter Oak, accompanied by bis wife, leave early next week on a four mouth's trip to England. It is twenty years since Mr. and Mra; Popperwell left their native soil pnd they are looking forward with a great deal of pleasure to the trip. Since coming to America' these estimable people hav'e proHpered well in the country of their adoption' au'd their valuable young Valencia' aud navel orange'grove is one of-the be^rt in the Charter Oak district. It is rumored that on their return tbej* will be ao- oouipanied by a youri^ lady, the affianced bride of a prominent rancher ot Ciiarter Oak, and immediately upon their arrival the wedding bell will ring. Methodist Church : IJegular service tomorrow morn ing. Preaching, by the pastor, Kev. Harry White, Union HervicoH in tho Presbyteriai (,'biirch in the FIRST ACTION TAKEN. All who an- Intel ested ill the orran- ixaliou of a soeieiy for physical (level npmeiii and inielleei ual ami moral im- ]ll OV I'lllolll are request rd III llleet ill the oilier III AllonirV A. M. 1'ellCi'. Rrcd block, on .Mondav r\rning, An,;M, at ^ o'clock. Thr oli.jrcls of ihr iiirirlv v.i I! In- lin cull i v ill inn of hii:!i ideals ol li\ing. and tin- liei I.mienl oi all ils inrinluM'h. .\oihiiii: ihat is tie liasing. ilcnioi'ali/.ing 01 ihai in any ".ay hiivin'M of iininoi .tl.i y will In- ml • •rainl. 'I hr v <ninu nu-ii of ('o\ in,, \\\\\ liml :• ncli an ui'-Miii/.at ton \ n '. i : . l|,!ui in 'In- ioi'inaiion of i -hai .id n 1 . ;iinl :,ii ,i: 1 io 'hem :n prrpariii!-' io a.-,.--', n- ihe <lu 'it--, ;o,,| 1i - ponMliiln i< .- i.: \ im ! :.'.:n cil i/.i-li- hih. ollr o| 'hi- hi: l,i . ' a!.d jni i^ i i-iU'ii'ii pi i-, OL"II i •, i - •. • i ,i-h ,i 11 i! n '. i In- I ,!• i ,il i'oh> 11' ii! ion ! .. ; H ' f lion |.,-i i • i -an alul IM 'ii - - ci ;n ;.,ii >;. n; If.- I - i .,11 II. f| r.-l i i > on! ).: i -i li • ,ui 0,1 i •!•< .;i|,- i.l I 'o\ ilia DR \V I., i \\'\ ~ \'otf lor tin; fcch..ol I, MniiihiV. CIIARTER OAK. A. Ciishman, Churlor Oak's enter- prixing merchant, haw bought a tine lintm ami Htiirted u delivery wagon. The Sti'iwoll Finn (gating Company 'him six Ht'lH ol' nuttitu of tents busily ' llyht ing I hn citrus pt'Sts. ! Mr. and MI-H. Stovvell and family rutiirneil hint Saturday iruai a pleat*'lint viit'ation nt Nt<vv|n)rt Hciuth. i Mi'H. MoiKf, vvil'tiot tin 1 priniMpiil of (ht< (Jlt'iiilalti hiuh school, v, ho has : IH en the ^Ui'hl fo|- two vveuks ot Miss i Kratcr left fur her Inuiio I'arly in 11 hi- vviuik. I \\'. I). Colt' has sold his twenty- acre much to II. I 1 . Colti ot KiMloiido for a considerai ion ot J'Jd, tllM). This piilce was liuunlit liv Mr. Cole lens than a year a^o tin $lfjOOU, and its lie retains thi^i year'n crup hn will n-ali/e u net prollt of J7,IHUI. Mr. Cole II.IH made it Minill fortune in the last two vt-ais, having Lcell concerned in I\MI other Mile?. He is looking for olher pioperiy in this v icinuy. Aiiniiuiiccnient. 1'riitt sr,,,r 1'. \. I'll .1 ieiald \v ish,^ lo iiniiouiice :!i..i ill-- -tinh.i in n , m nine I'u :-t N.ti i, H.'i.k l ; ui Idiuy \\ill i.e i 1 cm-d on 'li.e-il.iV Si|leniler 1>I tor the tall c 'in-, ..[ |i ss.n.s .\f It r I diile eiiu.ii'i in. nt-> v\ 111 1 e liiade with all wi-lm,^ li--.. n.~ in hitf inoiiy, hiring iio-t i -1111:1 ni =• , ,i wind in Ml'lUIU'lit-i. I'leu-ie irmeii.ter (he ditle. ll U'orHhip at, tho liaptist Church Uiblu-Hohool !):-15. Prtiiiching ut 11 bv pastor. Subject, "Faith." No H. V. P. IT. or evi'iiuiK Burvicos at the UapllHt. Clumdi. Tho U.V.P.U. and congri'glaioii go (o the ProHbytc-rian (Miurcb for the tuiioii KITVICO. ('liriHtian Church: Siiiiiiay-school H:l. r i. IVimchiiig at 11 o'clock bv K'cv. l<\ M. Kirkliam of (iluudora. Junior I'ludnavor It. I'ninn young pi'ople'a Hcrvice tiilf) at the ProHby- terlan chiirfb; i'ollovviul by sermon by Kev. II. W. White. All arc cordially iiiviU'd. W. (i. Conley, pus.tnr. I'resliytt'riim Church scrvh'rs ; Sunday-school !l :4f>. Preaching by patilnr 11. .hinlor Knclfuvor l!::iO. V. P.S. C, II. in union with other hoi'ietifH t!:lfi. I'nion scivit'i' 7:l;"i. K'ev. II. W. Whito will pri'iich. Ollerlory solo by Anilrt-vv McAllon. All omdially invited. I'ntyer int'oling ThurHilay ovtdiiug, 7:lf». Punl (i, SteveiiH, pitstor. IRWINDALE. \V. Waterhouse has gone to Chlc- igo'nn a two week's business trip. Miss Anna Healton has returned rorr. a week's visit with her sister at Wbittier. i N. 13. Irwiri is spending n week with her friend, Mrs. Lucy -lodges at Hawtelle. Mistt'Ruth Chnmberlen is at home rom H vacation of three weeks at jtifJK Beach. Prank ElTedge, who was reported ireioiiHly ill last week, is recovering without having to he operated upon. Mrs. D. Heichard, was the guest several days this week of her children, Mr. arid Mrs. DeForest Keichard of Hollywood. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Brown and children of Calexico are visiting at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mra. (i. T. Brown. Mrs. Mead of Orange avenue has been seriously ill this week. The Azusa Irrigating company bas purchased the three, pumping stations known as the Cypress Avenue, Irwindale Avenue and Orange Avenue plants for ft consideration of 816000. Mrs. Davenport and son, Allen of Tropico came here by auto on Thursday and returned on Friday, taking with them Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Luun, parents of the former. Prom Tropico the whole family are goiu« to attend the Culverston, Neb., picnic at Eastlake park, today. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I Righteous Balance ' If you haven't seen THE NEW W08 DAYTON COMPUTING SCALE it will do your eyes good just to step into our store and see ours. The only one outside of Los Angeles in Southern California and admitedlv the best scale made. You get just weight and your money's morth at ourstore. We lead the town in up-to-date scales. Returned from Vacation many of you and your table china needs replenishing. NO NEED TO GO AWAY PROM COVINA ANY MORE for this purpose. We lead the town in fine crockery. A span new line, not an old piece. All fine imported ware. Come in and see for yourself. A full line of table glasses. If it's to be had for the table in Covina you will find it at Home's store. What will it be? Call or phone. Your's for business Home's Grocery Home Phone 43 J. F. HORNE, Owner and Proprietor •••••••••••••••••••••••••••t••••••••••••••••••••••••• For Sale—Five year old Jersey cow, price 140. E. B. Leech, Irwindale. Phone 2106. For Sale—One good cooking stove, almost new. One Concord top-buggy in good condition. F. J. Stimsou, Phone 3275, Walnut Center. 8-29 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of George Smith, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of George Smith; deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit the same With ' necessary vouchers^ within ten months after the Hrst publication of this notice to the said administrator at the office of A. M. Pence, 7 and 8 itee'd tiuilding,- in the City of CoVina, California, 'which' pla'ce is hereby designated aft the place of business of said, estate. . . Dated this 4th day of August, 1908, A. G. Smith, Administrator. A. M. Pence, attorney for said estate. Notice of Annual fleeting. Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Irwindale Citrus Association, will be held at the office of the association at Irwin- dule, at the hour of, Saturday, August 29th, 1908, for the purpose of •electing a board of directors of the Irwiuflale Citrus Association to serve for the ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other business as may be brought before the meeting. 13. MILLER, Secretary. COVINA Shoe Repairing (o, • «/ Citrus Avenue Having recently installed the latest improved shoe machinery, I am now prepared to do all kinds of shoe repairing at short notice. Satisfaction is guaranteed in every respect. Men's .sewed half soles 75c Ladies' sewed half soles <>0c Ladies'nailed 50c No Longer an Experiment but a Fact! You can cook your meals without fire. Do you realize what a saving this means in fuel? Do you know how much discomfort you avoid? Come and let us explain the • • ' I ' • • . ' "Purity" Fireless Cooker If it were not a success we would not recommend it. Cooks the dinner while you are away. For sale by F. H. FABRICK'S Hardware Store Covina, Cak Home Phone 6 Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT CrensHaw/s j* Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. Before you let any contract for the ' FUMIGATION of Your Orchards think of the importance of careful, intelligent work, and consult the STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Oldest firm in the state, having the largest outfit of tents for every size tree. We exterminate red, purple and black scale. We are better and cheaper. Phone DO Covina Phone 177 Charter Oak New Telephone Number Azusa 4 CHAS. H. MORRIS Implements. Wagons and Buggies at Los Angeles prices. WORK OF WOMEN. Tin' in'eie-i; lakeii hy the ih-.'inU-! :•, o! ihe U'tiiiian'r- l-'orri^n Missionaiv Socirly ill their VVoi'k \\.l~ c\il!rl|ced on \Vi tine >d.t> li> tiie la rue ga; lu-rini: at I lie e'.llll I'll I'o I I lie IIIOUI III'. Ulvet ill::. ','.I oi:e "I T h' hoUi.-l (lavs of Ihe •->• a>i in I 'I 11^ « i : e made anil met ho-.!^ di.M-|i:->f/i. .1 , i vvhieh lln Mibjeel ol I he d.r . ' v|,. i'i • ,ins and Ki v e/s of I ,'iid. |l' M : be -' i,-e>' ;tl ' eli' loll lol I he lioi.M ,,: .. •-: . I "i-- -nio, el !, ,| ( I..S,-; ; • n,',i . i. • ' '.'i- .\ 11; ; ., ' rrinr.i ;,h.- 01 M 1- -1,'li- .-;.,:-.! .,' i I 111 1011 In-IllL; .-; i \ i • 11 ' i, so. >:!',' « o: u i i o i,, i. \ I i i e ! 'u eHie l,;-.ilieli \v i: b ,!,•.-. I I! I U-h> of lot .;- iioii.- coiiiii 1 inn.- ol lite i,;,.-. ailing in til, .-i \.tiling toil i'-iu Hi-Id.-. TIIK NKW IRainbler /\i4tomok>ile Hettor than ever. Hotter than an, iv^iirillcs* i>I priLi:. Particular Attention is always given at the First National Bank of Covina to commercial accounts. We extend to nur patrons every accommodation and facility that, is consistent with absolute security. You will find that having a check account wkh the First National Bank is a distinctive advantage to you in your business. yo'a." ec \\ . B. COWAN 'o S. r>r'.Mi.l\v.i y. Los Angeles ^'cnt for Southern California | Cajutai ^Sti, Surplus >3o,uuij

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