Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1912
Page 4
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4 Pure Cr^dm of Tartar Powder Indispensable to best results—s^ves worry,—saves work—saves money— saves nealth—saves complaints at table < added' that hi the method tliteyhav« chosen to accomylish- this,' they can Incidentally administer a hard- rer jtroof to William H. Tatt; who declined to advocate the national medical sui>- ervision which the doctors urged upon congress and which has become most familiarly knowni as the-"Doctors" Trust-" By the system they advocated, the science of healing In this coun try ^uid have been absolutely dictated, and controlled by the regular school of medicine. Possibly It Is a coincidence, but nearly every Bull Moose roster shows the M. D. much in evidence. However, they seem to have forgotten that they' resolufed indignantly against Arthur Capper for allowing patent medicine advertising to appear in his publications. EDITORIAL COMMENDATION OF HIS CHARACTER. HIS ACHIEVEMENTS AND HIS WISDOM. The lola Daily The loia Dally Record am Index. 'fifistcr : N'othinR'is more disrrcditable in this the Inla Daily !>':fif(>''m tluin tliis attack on file county asFessov. Tli-: two v«-ry oxcollont ' ' lax lionrcis liavo insisted ui)on tln> re- THE BEOISTKK PUHIJSUI.NO CO. tcntiou of tli.^ county r.ssossor. This F"W-BHK I V 2 T 2 R^'''-- ""•''^''•^ Governor Entered at the lola >'.>st iljfice aa Socoixl I <'''e(Ut is uios'ly due to Governor Clii.sH ^kiiitter. i licch. liut if Siuljbs's claim is corroci AdvertlsInK Kate.s M.-.ile Known on Appll- ] _ i^tulilis pa.ssed tlic law —tlieii ho is ••I«!irly chrirKod not only with cre- Otflclal Paper City of lola. I""' nwinlainin-,' a us -Jlost Official Paper City qf Bassett. :!n<l cxtravasant ollioo. Official Paper of Allen County. , 0,,^ ihint; is al>sr ,liit.'Iy CMlain ;:m] that is filial yiy. ^tuldis has oiMn^r crc- "I have no complaint ' to make abput Tncle Sam's pension systejn," said an old soldier'ih the Register odlce last night. "I am dri^fwing morp money now than I di^ when 1 was being shot at, and if i ,Iivp a few wroks more niy jiension will l)e increasod $4 a month." He is right at 7.^ years old. enjoys a fino digestion, ("xcellont health and spirits, and vouchsafed ihe careless further information that ii< pxpocted to cast ti pretty tolorabiy str.tight R.'>puh!ican ticket next Tiies day. Papc'ii t C«M CompoaBd Vmlns Colds Orinie la a Few Honrs. The most'severe cold will he broken and all grippe misery . ended after taking a dpse.of Pape's Cold Compound every two hours until three consecutive doses are taken. You will distinctly feel all the disagreeable symptoms leaving after the ALL SECTIONS REPRESENTED very first dose The most miserable headache dullness, bead and nose stuffed up. fever, ishness. sneezing, running of the nose. The President Eulogized Because Ha j g^pg throat, mucous catarrhal dials Wise, Honorab;e, Dignified, Courageous and Safe and His Triumphant Re-election Is Predicted, Mlinrs FIXAL SHOT. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In lola. Gas City, Lanyon- vllle. Concreto, LaHarpe and Bauett: One W«*k lOonts One Month 44 ci-fit;; One Year JS.un BY MAIL: One Tear, liulilt* oiinty JI.Oii One Year, outside county ti .W TELEPHONES: Buslnera Offioo ....IN 8tH -lety HfiwrtiT 1> Jub and Binderj- Ut-pt 141 rAl'FEK OX STIBHS. Mr. Arthur Capper keeps standing in the Topeka Cajiiiai tlie platform on which.he is running for governor. >\Vquote: "My pledge is to cut. oiT all the useless officials, clerks and comniis- sions." .Now, if there are A lot of useless officials, clerks and commissions, liiey must riave been createii by Stubbs. who claims to have done every thin? that has been done in Kansas in the past ten years and to have had absolute sway during that time. Taxes have indeed immensely increased; but •is this because Stubbs has been creating a lot of useless "officials, clerks and commissions?" If :3tubbs htisn't creaiod .",r i)ormll- ted a lot of useless officials, clerks or commlssicns, then Capper's plank if all "bunc." You take your choice. We quote: ".My pledge is to abolish excessive salaries." Nearly all present salaries havf •been fixed during the past ten year? under the rule of Boss Stubbs. If they are extravagant. Stubbs is tt blame. If they arc not extravagant, Capper's plank is just "bunc." • "I am in favor of the revision of •taxes downward." ' If taxes have not been too Jiigli they ought not to be revised downward. It Ihcv have l>een too high, Stubbs. wielding the veto power, is clearly . condemned. "I am for more business and less politics in ptjblic offices." /The only office Capper can control •Js;the office Of governor. If this plank . neans anything it means more bus! ness and less politics in the guvernor's office. This is a rebuke to Governor Stubbs which many think merited. "I am for a more efficient primary law." Stubbs claims tiie credit for the pri- mar.v law and owes all his success to it just as it stands. *:I im most strongly for legislation :to end the frequent changing of the •tschool iHjoks.' • Sruub-<)'s school book commission has for-four years Iiad full control oi" • the .school book quetitioii. "I fini for the rep< al of the inheritance tax law." ' And this was S'.nbbs's very greatest riiform! * ' . "pne of the us.-^'es ^f. unneee<sary officers in Kansns if t lie county assessor and that job siiouid he jiroinptlv atjol- Jsh^'-' j 'Stubbs has plways cla''.iied credit for the' '.'assagt' of Mie present Kansas .lax law. He created the county as- sessori;and the rouniy assessor is necessary "to the efTiciency of the law. :''ed n:id permitted usele.s.^ officials, clerk•» and commissions, excessive sa". .irie.s, extravasaiit appropriations and iinnwfBsariiy high taxes,-and as .governor h:.s devoted himself to i:oliticE instead of business of his office, oi else Capper's ijlatform is :ill claptrap this "platform" the Capit iiours fort'i ;>. n.>ver «nding flood prais' for !»itli C:iii)n»r .•>nd Stubbs, S( I hat :nany peottle ihlnk Stubbs am Capper are loint owners; but the fe; fill 'iidletnient of Stubbs contained it Ihe platform ^seems to nesative tha idea. .Still, It may be that Caliper,pj-y for the space occupied by the plat for in order to exp'"oss his real sentiments leparrtinc Slu'^bs. Tlie ways of poll ti( iaiis are mysterious.—K. C. Journa MlllDOCKS "TAFt Uisur Victor Murdock is another debtor the Republican party of Kansas whi takes joy in sneering at and hurliiu epithets at the party which he has left In an editorial in his Wichita Ka^l he argues ihat the "Taft gang" mad a silly mistake in not allowing th Moose crowd to steal eight electors leaving two for Taft. for as thing turned out here are now ten Moos". electors on the ballot. Note the Ea gle's words: "Without waiting to see whethei 'be highest supreme court upholds th 'leeisions of the state of Kansas, th Kansas Progressives suddenly turn< around and presented the Taft gan wiih what they have contended fot The Progressives surrendered to th Taft gang the eight contested elect ors." Kverybody knov.s that merely be ranse .Murdock and Stubbs and a fe' other debto '-s of tne Republican part decided th"V would profit more in new party :ind so .bolted, did not re •iiove the Right of Renublicans ti) 'hance to vote' for Republican voters These real Republicans would rathe lose all the Kansns electors in an hon orable election than sell their citizen ship for two assurred electors. Bull MooM' .Vannger is t>liiomr Ovei the EIiTflon.' A Bull Moose orator in lola the oth er evening seems to be so'n>?thing o n fatalist. He informed his hearer •Inl Roosevelt had been shot into th Presidency once and that he believ«v he would be again. If is true that th hnllet whicl killed President McKin ley mude Theodore Roosevelt prcsi drnt. but it is a far stretch of the im :iginnlion to believe that the act of th insane Schnink will be the dDtermir •nr, factor in the present campaigr Hut. aside from th:it, it must take : •••asi iron con.<eicnce to be an ardeii Rrosevelt worshipiier and then sub -crilie to the statement of the aforo sriid orator, for to do . KO entails ih •lecs .cjtj for r<-Jo!-"ing over both bul !eis. And it iilaces the nation's d<'S Mr.v in the control of the insane. —Geo. T. Craddock. Ruble, Ark. says: "1 was boinered with limibairc or seven years s.i bad I could no' vork. I tried several kinds of kidiie.* 'ledicine which gave nie little' or n< elief. T-.o bottles of Foley Kidney Ills ctirtt me and now I can do any :ind of work. 1 cheerfully recommen-' 'lem to my friends." Uurrell's Urie hotore. ••We doctors are Progressive," siy: one of the innumerable circulars vhich are sent the Register from th- Vatlonal Bull Moose h-'ad<iuarters fo' 'Yee publicatioii. "beca'jje we be!iev< he Progressive program means goo' health for the nation." Here, at last we have that disinterested natriotistr ior which we ha\e :ill been seJ 'king The doctors are going to vote them- CLEANSE YOUR LIVER AND BOWELS WITH DELICIOUS "SYRUP OF FIGS' •' Repnoves Sour Bile, Gases and Clogged-up Waste wilhou' Gripe or Nausea. No headache, Indisestion, Constipation, Biliousness or Coated Tongue. . Foul breath, coated tongue, dull. tbr<^bing headache, stomach s^ur and full of gases, indigestion, biliousness: , and sallow complexion mean that y|Our tUrty feet of bowels are clogged with waste matter; that these dfain- . age organs of the body are obstructed: liver stagnant and stomach full of pcisonous gases, sour bile and undigested, fermenting food not properly carried off. •.Most of our Ills are caused by constipated bowels: We all need a laxative. sometimes; nobody can doubt that The only question l .<i. Which one is the best? and that isn't a q^iestion any more. Syrup of Figs, being coni- . posed entirely of luscious figs senna and aromatics. must act in a hannles^ fruit—of eating coarse food—of t.-ik ing exercise, it is a true and effe< live liver and bowel cleanser and.rej ulalor. Most folks dread physic — tlif shrink from the taste and after e; Tects. Syrup of Figs is delicio:is. an ••lesidcs. you don't realize you hay "aken anything until morning, vl'ti nil the clogged up waste of the syslfi) s gently but thoroughly moved o' ind out of the bowels without griiv :ng or weakness. Ask your druggist for the full ninip Syrup of Figs and Klixir of Senna.' Tills is the old reliable and only gen- t:ine. Refuse, with contempt, an> other Fig Syrup recommended as good. They are imltatioiis meant to decMve From the national Bull Moose headquarters today came the final broad- bide of urging vot-rs, including a high sounding lament by W. A. Whit" ihtii the Bull Moosers were on the eve of ii s'ld but glorious defeat. Here is- ihe burden of it: Votes for Taft :n tliis election will lie the ballots of the siunurai. who ;ir' tnuiely nr.d heroically committing h:;"' kari in futile tribute to "the grace oi i day that is gone." These men dislike Taft; they have small use f<»r liii= eauso. Yet there is a touching patlioi- 'n these stniuules of the old cutird droiiiJng their ^ballots into the box in .•ain jiroTest against the changing order. Many of the old guard more virile in tlieir anger others will vote for Wilson. He will gi-l thous- inds of these spite votes. He is en titled to the vot-s of the old line stat'.'s rights Democrats, and WiIsoi< vill get them .•ill. Then Wilson will ?et hi »sid»s the spite votes of the i'.n- 5ry. Taft men and^ the unthinking .otes of the habitual Democrats, a ••'uiV4 '.:er of votes from timid l'roprc .-;s- ives who desiring to save Iheir vot'^< -•xpect to he on the winning side il hey vote fc.r Wilson. They are ilu hand-wagon riders A few will votf or WiHon. npdersianding what he is 'or; but most of the votes will noi 'lo for Wilson and his cause But the Roosevelt votes, be they ew or many will be cast for a definlir jurpose—for a tiistinet cause. Tr. vote with Wilson and have one's •lailot confused with spite, fear and labit ballots will not count. It may •lect AVilson—but what then? What vill his election mean? It will mean •artiy states rights: pjirtiy Southern •onservatisni; p:irtly Tammany dotiiilation: I'artly Renubiican spile ari'" "artly :!er,deintC| yearnine for pro- rresF. Whv neti -as; it where it wiT •oupt. not in cnq little election, but ir he for 'n.Vion of a creat party, 'ha: nusr he the redemjition of a urei-.t na- 'lon? ' From every section of the country cornea editorial commiendation of President Taft and of his administration. Quite a number of papers* which, until recently, bad remained inde|»end- ent. have, like the Clinton. Ul., Journal, declared their conviction that only the cbntinmince of present poll- j cies will ensure the stability and pri>»- j perity of the agricultural. Industrial and financial interest ofl the nation. The president is receiving credit for his courageous vetoes of free trade tariff bills, for his efforts to secure economical administration of the government and for his success in improving social conditions through recoramondins and forcefully advocating legislation. A page could well be filled with extracts from editorial columns praising the president, but the following must suffice: charges, soreness, stiffness, rheumatism iiains and other distress vanishes. Take this wonderful Com'pound as directed, with the knowledge that there is nothing else In the world which will cure your cold or end Gripiie misery as-promptly and without any other assistance or bad aft<.-r- effeetsras a 2.'>-cent package of Pape's Cold Compound which any druggist can supply—contains no quinine—belongs in every home—accept no si:l)- stitute. Tastes nice—acts gently. rilE KIRK BRILL IX I 'KArTICi;. Friend of Old Soldiers. Ktoin thf Clay Center. Kan., Utpubllcan. The old soldier vote should ' help to tlect its friend. William Howard Taft, signer of the Sherwood Pension bill, and son of Grant's sucre- .aiv of war. Where Mr. Taft Stands. ~rom tile Wnuwiu Hpiord-IIurnlil. Taft stands exactly where either of •.he great martyr presidents would •jave stood had they lived in his day >nd occupied his ]daco. He sunds lor ".he' constitution, for the courts, for the perpetuation of the tried niid yroved American ihstitutlons, for the princijilo of prutcction to American abor. Just laws.and their tmpurtial -•nforcement against rich and poor, UIgh and low. alike. .\'o president ever bad higher ideals, better comprehen- jlve of the Intricacies '"f government. -j V more courage In presenting his con- -ictlocs to the public. I'bief ('ren.Hon tiiTin:; .School Children the Annual Lenton in Safety. Fire drills are being held at the pttblic schools in liio city and training v>'ill be continued until Chief Creason. of the firo deiiartnient. is satisfied with the perforiiiiince of the pupils in each .-ielK'ol in making a quick and ordeiiy e.\,t from ilie liuiUI- ings. .Many new pupils t-nr^-r tin- schoid.- cach year, and as a r;:le th'-y :ire nut ucqiiaiiited with the pr«icediiie wiiicL Hillows tile soumiiiig of t!:e lire ai:iriii The.-e children ni 'ist IK - liaini'd si Uliut they will not confiisc and dela.\ the pupils who understand tlif dril'. and its object. The first practice drill held iiy Cliif; Oeason was yesterday'afternoon and the record iiiaile at tlw two blliiding^ visited was quite s-atisfactory. Otln-i schools will !)«• visited il'iriug tin- if- iiuiinder or' this \.;-i>k and thf liivl nt next. REPUBOCAN NATIONAL COMMITraE^ CHARLES F..SrOTT, J>lrect«r Pnblieity AFUITORIDX HOTEL, CMeu^ lllfBAfaiV Pre^degf Taft Has Promised M Speeial Favors Under ti.e iir.'s<-nt i:atie;.al :;d:i.j:iist:atii.i!. greater prosperity'has • e.visted in; lhae ever befu.-^e i:i the history of the state. The na 'nral i| a il.i- minds of uil :is is: . r v.e war.t to diiitige i o:;di'.!o:.f ! y ;•. i! j.nge in administrations? .\ir. 'nifi !a.s :i.; iiiaJe glaring pr'>n.i=i'.; that he would do any sii'vial favors tVr the far:.;ers. cr men of any other pursuit in Kansas | -| or e:sew:i.>:e .^;r. Tufi I:a.-; j.idicial. a -.ind. :ir.d always, in-administrative a laii;. I..- .'las i e; I iu mind justice. -, --. ^Vj T:ie i:;i>-: i:;;li.ii:i at-.-ii ^Tatio:! against .Mr. Taft i.s that he Is not a 'po.'iticiar. !'e h:'s •I<-;:;!,T ! :;.:v:«f ;•. pi. i:ty, and he has been'* reiM'ated y ;o'('. w'len he advoeafe*! cr-rtain nierisnres. that such actIon'-^| inlgi.i li.eaii i i.-^ pi.iiiiral iiiMib. oire answtr lias bce'n that ihe one:; cos..s.dcr;.i;i,ii iie iia.l in leiud wa:': "Is :l,;.s ti: C.i : :•• • free'y t;--:. o" .Mr. Tall aa^ a>:ii' the ta:;:: v::!. tiiee I .-f !;ie il'i.l li.i!; •'rff ,;is-:c r. ;;tr.:o;ra ;iDii I.een criticized more ght 1;<-,.- it is we!! to .state that KCIiOK.S FROM lOLA. lola llappeninus Ainajs Interest Onr Renders. Now Outspoken for Taft. From the Clinton, 111.. Journal. As the Journal up to thia point In he campaign has exercised Its prerogative of expressing disinterested comment upon Issues and candidates, to now, as an independent newspaper. It feels that the time is at hand and the opportunity Is ripe to declare Its policy on the lisues of the day. From now on until November 5, therefore, the Journal will contribute its efforts t3 the success of the principles of 'the Republican platform and tha re-election of William Howard Taft to the oresldency. it is convinced that only the continuance of present policies filU Insure the stability and pros- pirity of the agricultural. Industrial ?nd f.nancial Interests of the nation, 2nd It trembles for the future at the thought of the havoc and ruin which the success either of the Democratic ^arty or of the misnamed "Progressive" pcrty would m :an. After rending of so many people ir ouf town wiio have bt-en cured by Hoan'ii Kidney Pills, the question uat- iiralJy arises: "l« this medicine equally sticce.sBfiil in our neighboriiip towns?" Tho generou.-; statemenr nl this lola resident leaves no room loi doubt on this point. Mr.-;. M. I.. Harrell. 407 S. Washing ton .''I , l,allar |i<-. Kas.. say.s: "I have found Doan's Kidney Pill-^ splendid kidney medicine. As tlie re suit of weak kidneys, my back ached constantly and liftiuK or stocpint caused .«harp pains through my loin.-: in the nuirning wlum 1 arose, 1 waf so stiff and lame that 1 could hardlj walk. Dpan's Kidney Pills gave mt prompt relief and proved of benefit !r every way. .\nother member of my family who was annoyed by a kidney weakness, used Doan's Kidney Pi'l.'- and was soon cured." For sale by all dealers. Piice -'I 'c Foster-Milburn Co.., Buffalo. .\. V. sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's—am: take no other. COI.CHKXSKY Sl'K.S COHKX. WALT .MASOX A HISV I'OKT. gentle and natural way. Syrup of you. Read the label carefully and Pigs can be constantly uu^ wiibnut i look for the name. California Fig Injary.. ItB.actlou Is Uie.-aciion of!Syrup Company. Vired Baily Baseball IWui to Chiracn —Writes Politics. "Uncle Walt' Mason of the KiaporiJ lazetie is undoubtedly the ciiani|>i(ii; short order" poet of tlie count in- luring tile recent world's basebnli eries, .Masion received a daily tele- tram covering some feature of t^i ay's game wrote a poem about \U ame and telegraphed it to the Chi •ago iiaper for iniblication. Furth.-r aoro. while he is working alungsid< he Big Bull .Moose manager for Kunas, he is iiersonally said to imlim toully to old-fashioned Republican- sni. Wiiicli is l.orne out by the lo!awing, (eniitle'l "Remedies"), of sev- ral. political poems he has sent out: "Oh, friends, let's have the referen- um! We have all sorts of woe :in(' rief. and that, I know, wiU siirelj nd 'em and bring our weary soiii,« elief: This thing of living costs liki bunder, we pay so much for grub ant: •oals; let's referend such evils under, nd win our freedom at the polls! trace up. brace .up. ye patient drudees vho slave to gain a scanty store: Inist on the recall of judges, and aV our troubles will be o'er! The boonf or which our fathers battled an orced away from tolling men. bii' vhen we have the judges rattled, wel' :et such blessings back again: Thi litter yoke that thou 'endurest, tUf oke that doth thy withers wrench i|l fall when thou c^nstigrab a jer- t. and drag him screamihg from th' leneh: ' We view conditions with dee; oathing; we have st) fat upon our lats; our kins are thy of needful iothing our wives are wearing la.=' ear's hats.'s rise and have some evoltitions, demanding for the Pee ul's gain, publicity of contrtbufionf every national campaign! WheE nee the figures have been printei, thf osl of living will decrease, our fu- ure will bo ros>--tlnted. and life will eem as slUk as grease!" Safe and Sound, i -'rom the (*.isv!llp...Mo.. Ui-puliIImn. The country has a man in the presidential chair who can be relied ui'on lo upheld tho principles of protection and the other doctrines of the platform on which he was elected. .Mr. Taft \e standing courageously for the principles in wmch he and his party '..elieve. Four more years of his administration offers safe and sound •,)rotcction to labor and to capital. Dignified and Positive. r'rom the rij*ur d'Alene,' Idaho. Pmu. Compare the dignit.v. the tact, and the rosillvo stand taken by Mr. Taft with the bombastic acts and utterances of his predecessor, and see rthlch measures up to tho standard of a president and who has accomplished laoEt for the country. Has Done Much for Labor. I 'rom the r.iueneM. \V. Va., Telesraph. The Tafi admit'lstration can point to a solid record of practical achievements in labor legislation. The Safest Man In Sight From the Petalumn. Cat, Ar^us. By Novemb' - it is l!l:< Iv that tb-s common sei e of the < .untry will have found :self so far . ; to see and ay that, lor the ' pre-.dency, Mr. Tuft is the safest man ii. .-.ighC A Controversy Over Loaned .Money tc Be Aired in Court. Samuel and Kva Colehensky. hii.s- band and wife, brought suit agaiiisi U J. Cohen in the district court thi; morning to comjiel Cohrn lo <-arry out his part of a contract by the terms ol which Cohen loaned the Colchensky's $101X1 and received a deed to iho jirop- erty described as lots 7 and .S blocV •'It, City of lola. and which Coh^n was to sell back to the Colchf-n^kys on : contract for a deed, the jairi'liase prict being payable in monthly installments Through their attorney. Baxter D •.?c('lain the plaintifis allege that the> have paid the defendant aboat $S.Si on the loan and that he has refusee and still refuses to execute an in.'itru ment selling back to tlie plaintiff.- thr pniperty which they deeded to th( defendant as security for the loan The court is asked to decree the instrument held by Colien as A mortgage on the property to be aniiiiilei' when the Colchenskys have paid tin imiiunt of the loan and interest. •.t-il stririly to nis promisf of a ilownwa'rd revision' of •: .r. .In;:!}, .. f jr:; vilvi- p:i'.eipie.. For the first* ; c f ; j'ti's : ".. ;r.!;, ;i<!cii.-:ve and effective . st»-|is to retiiovf tb'- ipies'i>n iit tariff tinkt-riti;! from politics. ' .4giiinst t':i c-iri'•..:::<>n t .< ji...' . j;;...-. c: l.<;t;i paiiies be established a non- paitis:;! tar'S: '.<:•; • •.::.:.'. . i .;i(c.'al duty was to ascer-- tain the differ- TJ;-I - i.-eMi-, .-n <•( s' ef i-!-7.ii:c:iii:i al home and abroad. Its I'lity was III lii.-ike serii a r»-piirt tiiat a; sciiedwlK could be framed^ .\l!i;-(, v.:i;!;.| t:|.-. . r.- il r il.. r-:.-!--.. in i fist and permit-manufac- t'iring lo 1 •• i-;,r !iiMl i v. in t.:ii:i <i)iintry. P'-fore this t.iriiT comiplssion rf|H)ited. a Ji.Li of poiiti'.al. iote-Keitiiig measures were presented til .Mr Taft for iiigiiatiire Tiie iiresrdent promptly vetoed these bills. Facts since prej-ni.-d by the tariff Ixiard clearly showed that ha(^ Hiey lie<i>ii:e law iliese bills wiiuld havf inflicted immeasureable injustice < and injury upon many American industrie.s. .Mr. Taft vetoed these bills afti-r l'.'- !iad been warned by political friends that If he did soil would iiK-an thi- end of bis pol.tical life. PRKSII>t:.\T TAFT WAS I.S'FLirK.NCEU O.VI.Y BY THE CO.\'^ID- KKXTION. "AHK T'.IKSK MKASURKS FOR TilK BKST INTERESTS OF TIIK WHOI.K COU .XTKVr' ' * Tiie course of Mr. Taft with regard to the trusts has l ^en along^ tile same broa'l an<l patrimic lines, lie-has tiiad>- it unplea.sant for the gf:.ili -ni <-ii who operate Illegal combines and tlieese gentlemen now want soiiiH one to "control" them. They want to be told just what ihi-y c;!ii ilo and whom t!;ey can "do"—and the third term party has priiinlsed to tt-ll tlujm this. The Taft adtiiinistralion plays no favorif.s. it demands that all business be lionf-st. and tli.-it it pledges its bt*st i-fforts to make all honest biisiiii'ss prosperous .Mr. Taft't try to fool th«> pcoiile. He is a sane, .ible, dignified gentleniiin. He is for every advanced form of governuiental administration for the benefit atid advantage of the whole people. The oppo- sintion to him has been founded on mis-statement and misundei ^tand- ing mis-statement by th» Bull Moose and Democratic leaders and iiiisiindeislanding by many misguided voters. The loyal Republicans of Kansas, who know the brilliant record of achievement during the Taft administration and desire a.continua-..' tloi{ of Republican '.lolicies nationally should not be deceived by Stubbs am; his Bull .Moose associates. Their shameless disloyalty tb President Taftjs patty treachcery and they should be rebuked by loyal Republican vot'-rs at llie pollsnext Tuesday. " i ' ' REPUBl.lCA.X .\.\TIO.\Al.. CO.M.MITTEE. .lOH.X DEA.V President of Republican Party league. Birector of Publicity. 1... REPUBLICAN TICKET. ^aiiuual. . For President—William H. Taft, of Ohio For Vjce-President—James S. Sher- uan, of' New York. For Presidential Electors—B. F. .llaker, J. K. Bocock. Charles 11. 'Jrowne. .John F. Oellinger, .lobn S. iilmore, A. Q. Miller, C- W. .Miller, •atil Rich, I.,. H. Thompson, W. .A.. Thorn pson. .State Ticket. For United States Senator—W. R. itublis. For Ju.stlces. Supreme Court— R. A. lurch, W. A. Johnston. For Governor—Arthur Capper. For Lieutenant-Governor—Sheffield ngalliJ. For Secretary of State—Charles H. sessions. For State Auditor—\V. E. Davis. For Treasurer—Earl Akers. For .\ttorney General—John S Dawson. . • For Superintendent of Insurance— ke S.- I^wis. • • •:• DEMOCRATIC COIUMX • .;. <. •> •:• .> ^ .> .> .> 1$. ^ .> ,> ^ i> they Honest and Brave. From the MorrUtonn. Pa.. Herald. Fair-minded people, <'ven if do not believe that bills :h equity and indictments under the .Sherman antitrust law are the proper thing, must credit the president with an honest and grave determination to enforce the law as it stands. Wise and PrudenL Krom the Denver. Colo., Republican. President Taft's administration has not been one of talk and parade, of sensational assertion and show of authority. But It has been an administration of hard work In quiet and uuostentatious ways. He has said little. But be has done much. The rising tide of business prosperity testifies to the wisdom and prudence of his administration, and to the confidence which the business world has in his discretion. KLKVKX VtlTKRS IX FA.MILY. fThetopa, Kas.. Oct. ."iO.—.An entire family of voter.-: i? "lined up" for Pre.-i 'lent Taft in Ijibette county. George Hant.on and his ten sons will, at the coming election, vote the Republican 'icket. Tiie Hantons accept only one of tlie Roosevelt theories—that of an- tl-raco suicide. The ycannot see that the Republican party has outlived it.s usefulness either in national or stati affairs. USCHRETS FOR h SIGUOORSTPMACH —Mrs. Peter Holan. 11501 Bi 'okeyf Id. Cleveland. 0., says: "Yes. Indeed 1 •an recommend • Foley's Honey anr Tar Compound. My little bov ha<J r had case oil whooping cough Fom> times he was blue in the face 1 gKvi him foley's Honciy and Tar Compoot;d and it' had •' remarkable effect nuci cured bira la a short time." Contain; no harmful trugs. Uurrell'ii Drug StAra tiVntly but Thnruueblv {'leaiise am! Regulate Your Stomach, Lher and BoweiN While Von Sleep. That awful sourness belching o! acid and foul gases; that pain in U;H pit of the stomach, the heartburn, nervousness, nausea, bloating after eating, feeling of fullness, dizziness, and sick headache, means a disordered stomach, which cannot be regulat- IK1 until you remove the cause. It is not your stomach's fault. Your stomach is as good as any. Try Cascarets: they immediately cleanse and regulate the stomach, remove the sonr undigested and fer- For Supt. of Public Instruction—^W. !). Ross. For State Printer—W. C. Austin. DistrirL Congressman, 2nU District—J L. Jrady. Judge, 37th Judicial District—Oscar i'oust. For Senator, Hth District—S. C lolmes. Cnnnly TlcheL For Representative—Baxter D. Mc-. "lain. . For Treasurer—Frances A. Wilson. For County Clerk—R. E. Culberlson For Register of Deeds—J..W. I.aur>- For County Attorney—R. E. Culll- ^on. . For Probate Judge—J. B. Smith. For Sheriff—Hoover Kerr. For Coroner—R. N". McMillen. For County Surveyor—H. I^ Pal- string. ^or Clerk District Court-^John W JJrown. County Supt.—Mrs. E. W. Myler. For Assessor—E. C .Reynolds. For Commissioner, 2nd District—H .,1. Stephenson. For Commissioner, 3rd DIstrlct—E. P. Brigham. IP THE PAPER BOY FAH.S TO leliver your paper, call 18 and we will send you a paper by a special carrier the same evening. Great Achievements. From the Erie, Pa., Dlapatch. There Is no doubt that the great , ,„„.,. .-,u>ii uuuigcsteu aoa ler- achicTements of Taft will be acknowt- ; nienting food and foul gases: take the edged by the historian of the future, i excess Wle from the liver and carry The voter of the present ought to b« off the constipated waste matter and no less clear^yed to do the same. poison from the intestines and bowels Then your stomach trouble Is ended, i A Cascaret tonight will straighten yoi out by morning—n 10 cent box from Has Cut Down Expenditures. Frora th* Mllwauketi. Win.. Wlmronala. One of the policies of the Taft administration ^rrled out In tho Interest of the people against mach selfish oppoaltlon has been the retraneh* ment of unencessary and extraragaat fZAaiuUturea. any drug store will keep your stomach sweet; liver and liowels regular for 'months. Don't forget the children— their little Insldeg need a good, gentle cleansing, too. Farm Loans Lowest Bates Branch Office of The Hemam Mortgage Co. Topeka, Kana. OpMnnal Parments. Any Time. Let S0% of Land Value. BEST LOAN IX ALLEX COUNTY SEE lOLA LAND CO. Material furnished for this columir . comes from the County Committee and The Daily Register is In nowise r»- sponsible for any statement appearing under this heading. A similar columa . will be devoted to the Republican!., The Register is responsible only for ts own editorial expressions. DEMOCRATIC TICKET. >'aUoual Ticket. For President—Gov. Woodrow 'Wilson, New Jersey. For Vice President—Gov. Thomaa R. Marshall, Indiana. Presidential Electors—Francis M. -.Patterson, Yates Center; Anders Sor- ; ensen, McPherson; F. H. Ubl, Smltb Center; Alfred* Q. Wooster, Brie; 8;; C. Bybee, Gamett; James W. Clark Great Bend; Hiram R. Fulton. Haa-; over; Chas. E'. Gants. MelverBi Isaae- H.Maglll, Corning; Thomas JJ O'Nell^ . Osage City. ' • State Ticket ^ For V: is. Senator—Wm. IL Thomif : son. Garden City. ? Justice Supreme Court — Humbort Riddle, Emporia; A. B. Reeves, 06dge -^l City- Governor—Geo. H. Hodges, Olathe. r Lieut. Governor—Frank L. Britton Osage City. Secretary of State—Burt E. Brown, ;.awrence. State Auditor—Perry Clemena. ot lamllton. ; Stat? Treasurer—P. R Laughlln.' .larysville. Alt'y General—C.-B. Little, OInthe.' Supt. of Public Instruction—David : .1. Bowen. Pittsburg. Supt: of Insurance—Carl J. Peter- ' mn. lola. i i State Printer—William P. Fedvr. at,^ ^ Jreat Bend. - -^i ' * Congressman. 2nd DisL—Jos. .Taip-^'-;; !art, Kansas.City. Kans. "•' Judge 3Tth Judicial Qlst—Charles: I. Apt, lola. Kans. • State Senator, 14th DIst — Paiol <leln lola. Kans. Representative. 20th DIsL—J. W. ; : !lam, Humboldt. Kas^/; ^t-r ^ Connty Ticket. -'lis County Clerk—Cbas.; Freeberg. Ela- 1- more. • County Treasurer-!-John T. Tyler.. >i. Gas City. Register of Deeds—Jerry L. Bed*, well, lola.. - f , County Attorney—Frank R. Ftorreat, v!^^.Tola. • , . Probate Judge-J. S. Walker. lohu , < Sheritr—J. H. Foater. Gaa. g Coroner—Fl L. B. Leavell. lola. -^j County Snpt—Vide Fettaerlngtll. Carlyle. ' ' ^ • Co. Sunreyor—S. D. Bartlett Jola. 1% itt Vs if Clerk of the Digtrict Court-^Lodb' B. HesB, Humboldt. H County Assessor-f-Fred Schmidt, of s-.^ Humbpldt ' m Commlsaloner 2nd Dlatrlct-^.' B.. "^-^^ Brown; Horan. ' Commissioner Srd Dlatrtct—11.' jD«. ~ Robinson lola. : . ^ y : I Juct.ce of Peace, lola CItjr—H. T.f I Smith. --Z. .... ' ^ • '''f

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