Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 22, 1908 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1908
Page 3
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TOILERS TO STILL PANGS OF HUMAN HUNGER Monster Oven, Which Bakes 1500 Loaves, Just Completed by Warner, Whitsel & Company. Fitted with Modern Machinery. Bread- Mixer Holds Three Barrels of Flour. Somebody has said that a town is known by the size of the grocery stores it keeps.' and if this can be looked upon as a truth, Covina is in the vanguard of progress. The completion early this week of the new brick bakery of Warner, Whitsel & Co. gives them the opportunity to supply their patrons with the most delectable articles of pastry the trades little more than what this firm is obliged to turn out, as the Warner- Whitsel bread is used throughout this section of the pulley, delivery teams supplying the outlying districts and smaller grocery stores. The bread is baked in three "sets" each day. The oven is first heated glowing hot by I he distillate flame. Nothing but distillate is used in the heating. Then the oven THE DISTILLATE OVEN. from a thoroughly modern plant. The company Installed the force of bakers in their new quarters on Monday, whidh are situated in the rear of where the old bakery stood, on Citrus avenue, and directly back of the new building which this firm will occupy during the coming season. The installation of this plant was made at a cost of $6,000, including the lot of land, -which fronts on College street, and the building,'24 feet by 40 feet, is constructed entirely of brick. is right, according to the judgment of the head baker, when the whole batch is baked without further introduction of flame. The doughnut stove, also a modern device, is separate from the oven. The company's head baker is M. E. Clifford, who has done efficient work for this company for several years, and his assistants are George Frenz and H. C. Jeans. Mr. Clifford says the output of bread and pastry Is allowed to cool for an hour, until the temperature of the heated bricks OUR ANSWER. Editor of Argus. Mr. ,T. L. Matthews. Dear Sir:—I understand from good authority lhat you are In favor of putting the new school house on the Daniels site, and that you are advocating this site in your paper. I am told that the reason for this Is Mint you are personally Interested in this property. Is this true? Signed A COVINA VOTER. No, it is not true. In the first place, the editor of the Argus wishes to say that he does not print, or answer articles which are not signed with the full name, whether the name is withhold from publication or not, but in this one instance the rule will be overlooked. The receipt of this letter gives the Argus the opportunity to make plain some salient points in connect ion with Ihe relative value of the two sites as possible locations for the Union High School. The editor, when the proposition first came up of building a school, went on a note with the nine others for the property known as the Daniels site. As the matter progressed It was seen, shortly that the town would be benefited far mofe by having the building closer in, where Ihe greatest number of people dwell. Since becoming convinced of this fact, every effort bus been made in a personal way to place the school nearer the center of the locality where the nuwt people live. One of the first arguments in favor of the Smith site should be a little foresigbtedness as to the future. To the southwest of Covina is a large community which has developed from the desert, into farms and orchards In the last three years. Walnut Center is soon to be one of the largest outside communities near Covina, and a few years more will see this district urgently in need of schools. There are thirty-flve resident families in Walnut Center. With the Introduction of good roads between the two communities, the Walnut Center people will undoubtedly look for a chance to become a part of Covina's school system. Directly to the west of us Is Irwindale, already a. thriving community. The citizens of Irwindale have several times been on the point of petitioning to become a part of. Covina School District. With Walnut Center, It only remains for a majority of the citizens of that loc'allty to sign such a petition, and they will be admitted, bringing into Covina some of the richest country in Southern California. This Is undoubtedly going to happen within a short while, and the establishment of the Union High School on the Smith site will probably decide the citizens of Walnut Center within a short time. The annexation of Irwindale, being al ready in a High School district, will be a more intricate and difllcult problem. Another very potent'argument, which should appeal to the business men of Covina Is the fact, that with the build ing on the Smith site, all business from the outlying districts will be brought, through the center of the town. It will make a difference of cated within the bounds first laid down when the Union district was formed— it was to be not farther east than L'ar- ranca street and not farther west than Citrus avenue. The Smith site fronts on Citrus avenue. The citizens decided on the Smith site before., and (herd is little doubt but that they wiil do so again. Clntitlier's sweets are pure and eweet,. Clapp sells 'em. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, STATE OF CALIFORNIA. NOTICK TO GKKinTORS. Estate of A. B. Hosteller, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of A. B. Hostetler, deceased, to creditors of, and all persons having 1 claim? against the said deceased, to exhibit the same with the necessary vouchers, within ten mouths after the publication of this notice to said administrator of above named estate, at the law office of A. M. Pence, rooms 7 and 8, Reed building-, Covina, county of Los Augeles, State of California, which place is hereby designated as the place of bust ness of saitl estate. Dated this fifteenth day of August, 1908. \V. S. HOSTETLER, Administrator of aforesaid estate. A. M. PENCE and JONES & JRAKE, attorneys for said administrator. INTERIOR SHOWING BREAD MIXER. In the interior, the bakers are supplied with all the peculiar modern machinery which turns out light, sanitary bread and pastry, one of the principal features being the three-horsepower dough mixer, which moulds up three barrels of Hour into "leavened loaves" at a time. This machine is made by the J. H. Day Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. The monster brick oven, built, entirely outside the building, holds 440 loaves at a baking, and has a capacity of 1,500 loaves per day, which is very has more than doubled in the past Mr. E. P. Warner has boon in the grocery business in this town for eighteen years, and ills partner, Mr. J. M. Whitsel, twelve years. Thf: bakery business has been in operation for three years. The, firm expects to bo doing business in the new building to be built by Mr. Huller in the early summer. The basement and first floor, lOi) feel long and :!(i feel wide, will be wholly taken up. The new building will cost about $10,000. great number of dollars to the rn< chants alone. The Smith site Is enough out the business district that it will never Interfere with a far H( till Notice To Creditors. IN THK SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, [n the matter of the estate of Mary E. Hostetler, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned executor of the estate of Mary E. Hostetler, deceased, to the creditors of, and all • persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit the same with the necessary vouchers, within ten month after the first publication of this notice to the said executor, to-wit: Homer L. Host«tler, at room 325 Wilcox Bldg, southeast corner of Second and Spring Streets, hereby designated as the place for the transaction of the business of the said estate in the County of Los Angeles, State of California. Dated this 13th day of July, A. D., 1908. Homer L- Hostetler. Geo. L. Sanders Attorney for FJx- eoutor. GRATIFYING. Now lhat the election is over, possibly Mr. Francis J. Hency, recently chief bugle blower for the 1'ardee- Ppreckds-l'hclati reform comhi.'iaiion, may rind iinus to attend to some little part of ilie business lie has undertaken ami which h;is been Kiiflering from delay, to UK- vast of the taxpayer* of Kan Fniiici^co. It is plt-as-ini to know thai while Mr. Hcney has been traveling about the country in the Lincoln-Roosevelt cause neither Burns (at seven huddled and fifty-odd p«-r month) nor his manv assistants (likewise liberally paidi have been suffering. Thi y have been duly (narking iir: I-'-, and '!:••;!• saluiie.s have none on —at the {M:.-; •/!' 'lie (,,.(,pie whom tin-;, so dearly !o\e and >vhoni they are MI dearly .-,,•! viiu-. San Fi am.-i.-co Aign- i.'aut. I HOUSK CLKANJNi;. pattd to tin ail kiln!.- of ing. First class work, per hunt. iS'J.i'U a day. Sue Ouchi, c<,iiH:i St fdtiil and I niie 1U1»U. B -J-Jii Fiank IN THE SUPUKIOK COURT. IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, STATE OF CALIFORNIA-. NOTICK TO CKI'.DITOHS. Estate of Gilbert D. Davis, deceased. Notice is hereby givi-n by the undi-r- siyned executor of the estate of (Jilbert I>. Davis, deceased, to tin: creditors of, and all persons having claims against the deceased to exhibit the same with the necessary vouchers within ten mouths after the tir.->t publication of this notice to the said executor of the above n.uii'-d estate, at the law office of A. M. fence, rooms 7 and 8, Keed Huildiiig, Oivina, county of I,os Angeles, state of California, which place: is hereby designated as the ji)ace of business of said estate. I>.Vt;d this tiftecnth day of August, i'K'rf. W. M. GRISWOLD, Executor of aforesaid estate. A. M. PENCE, attorney for .-.aid estate. Place your .spare cash in t he ("ovina Valley Havings Hank, a sale inenl at 1 per cent. Have your rubber tin.-.-; set by Wilsi.n's /ubbci tiie setter, the only cue ot il.-j kind in the valky. tf. growth of business, and Is In a posl lion where everyone coining Into tin town can see it, and note the progress of the town. The new school building in El Monte Is a clincher to tills argument. The Smith site is a perfect square of five acres, and Is in nearly the exact geographical center of the Union district. It already has a fine well on It, and the land is peculiarly adaptable to the erection of a public building. The site at present has an eighteen-foot alley running through the center which, the Argu.i is Informed by the City Trustees, will lie iiiiiii'-cilai'-iy vacated should the she be selected. The citizens of Charier Oak, as the district IB laid out now, will have the longest journey to the .school house, but wiieri the greater district Is formed, as it surely will tie, the Charier Oak people will tie the nearest outside di.itrici. Then, there \i\-- > ily a few scholars to come from this see tlon In comparison with the Covina district proper. With the school house placed on Hie Daniels site the. greater portion of the children from ("barter Oak would have to carry their lunclie.-; anyway, as they would have to with It situated in town. It will he far belter for a lew to he handicapped a little this way than for all the Covina scholars lo have to amend themselves to this difficulty. The Covina Kdiolars would not he provided with le-.nis for j traiiKiiottalion, whereas Ihe Charter i Oak scholars miisi have leains wliich- ; ever .411 >• i.-, ll.-.ed. 'l'h<- argument thai the ilihliicl IH ismeiy to rrr'iw and lake in localii i' ••', not eon/iied al the |<i <-Hf:i! time i:-, tfie ino.-,i potent of all. And, le'. il he re- I ineintjeiird that the Hnnlli f.ite if. io Takes only 50 cents a day to buy an apple ranch in Beaumont. HERE'S A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY 5 ACRES AND INDEPENDENCE For only ......................... $42.S .500 apple trees to plant 5 acres cost 125 Making a young 5-ncre apple — ..... orchard come to only $550 Apples pay hotter t.lmn any other fruit, for thoy tiiko ICHH wiitnr, euro and experience, and alwuyn command tho top prioo, $1.25 to $'2.50 a box. You oiin noil your iipploH nt hnrnn. You don't IIHVO heavy oxproHH chur^ON to fur nway cition iinil t.iion depond on » llucl uiilin^ markot. Jiemimont apiilo land iu known t.<> be Hupromti and our prlriiH npnak for UioruHolvi'H. Tho land wo offer in limited in quantity, no time in tin; eHHonco o' our oiler. Quarter Acre City lots $100 to $200-.No Higher. Tti«)H») IritH urn on 80 foot HtroolH, with UO-foot nlloyH and hiwi in front full Krown treoH. , Mountain water in Hteel pipitH, undor 80 poimdu pmiHiiro, through tint ulloyN. Thuwi IntH c.iiii't lie di,,[)lii:ati!(i for t. r )00 elHewhere and miiHt, ho w.en to ho appreciated. Wiitnh liciinmnnl. IO(.H mj viiuce. Pree Trips to Buyers. On Hpcciul exr.uiHkiriH tu Iti'iiiK, unit, (•very Sunday mid ThnrHduy, whom v.e show yon thene, uiiKiii'piiHH.itri littln fj aero (arms, on which yon can ho independent ami own your own job, (!u( out a/id mail coupon today. Why not buy 3*011 r MILL FEED where 3 T ou get the best for the least money? We make a specialty of Rolled always fresh OHIolced of the most approved brands, tested by years of experience by poultry fanciers. HlgH Grade Rertlll^ers sold on link basis. You pay for what you get and fret what you pay for. Deliveries made to all parts of the valley. San Gabriel Valley Milling Co. HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal WHOLESOME, SWEET, APPETIXING Pies, Cakes, Hot Rolls O. GRINER, Prop. Barn Phone 240 Res. Phone 198 CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F\ SMITH, Prop. Feed and Sale Yards in Connection Saddle Horses W. Badillo St., on the new duclric line. COVINA, POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY If you want the IJIOHT Vv'OKK at the MOST HICASONAMIvK I'KICKS tflve us a trial. TWKNTY YICAKS' experience II.-IH taiifrbt IIH the CHKAPKHT juid IHCST way to do your laundry. With lirHt-chiHH equipment our work and our nielhodn are sanitary and up-to-date. Leave Bundles at McLeod's Restaurant LOKHKKK HKO9 COVINA MEAT MARKET J. P. KENDALL, Prop. Ordern taken and delivericH made daily. Order* In town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home I'hone 3d I ionl l.unil tt. W;ili- i Mi.vcu/illli: I'l . i: K'x/m .VH .S. IJr' CAN WK JNTKHKST YOU IN HARNESS Ai LEATHER GOODS? Ivcadinjc tnaniifarturers in that lint- in Hit- San (iabricl Valley. Uealcrn in whips, roht-s, sadclh-ry-hardwarc, and all cijiiipnii'iils for horse and stable. Reasonable pri<fs. Ili^h grade ^omis. Covina Harness &, Saddlery Co. 70 "II i.tx< :*• |*r'xJucl ivc lilllt- •> ai f /'/ul<l Mki- iii n<l fart-* l/ < (.en n/.'i ali/.fa/ lory, Tlnii"la/ i W i- ,iri: iiiciiii.i-rH of L. A. I Want to Sell at Once Eight head of horses, all driving stock; yearlings and two- year-olds; good driver that's a bargain; also two work mares and four rnules. W. L. GRIFHTHS Phone 3KV4, Covina 7-1

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