Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 22, 1908 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1908
Page 2
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»$*#*WS*S3S$SS$$S«$^S$«$$«*$*««^^ Mammoth 12 Gold Mine The Largest Drift Mine in America and the Richest in the World A Limited Number of Shares Kor Sale 5O cents per Stiare flAIN OFFICE, ARGUS BLOCK, COVINA Home Phone 5008 J. H. MATTHEWS, Agent INVENTION WORTH WHILE. Amerlcaim are prone lo lie skeptical until convinced of the; All Americans are "from Missouri" those diiy.s, hul when shown beyond qnes- llon, then business can he done. One of III'; Inventions of Ihis decade which )IHH groxvn slowly hut surely In the csl Iniiil Ion of housekeepers is Ihc device for cooking food without lire. It Is it fuel thai thin lias hecome a complete success. II is no longer a myth, oi 1 a Ihlng to he laughed at, and the apparatus Is based on the slmplft method of retaining heat In a hermetically sealed compart menl. 'The idea to destroy is thai absolutely no fire IK used. This is not li fact, hut ! when a dish has heen healed and marled on the rangi- il may he taUen off al'ler a few iiiinnieM, placed In the new apparatus ami lefi ID eniupleie Its Cookillf.', with llo e.XpollHo ill f^.as or noodle;;.-; worry aliiilll Whether II will hecome IUM well done nr remain underdone. Several families In Covlna have ihls apparatus in tlieir homes, where il is giving nood sat isfactioii. and the writer liceame interested In the ai'M- cle as line of the many mechanical Inventions ul the age. The one exlllh- lied iii iliis section is on sale at !•'. I!. KabrieK's hardware store, and is called Ihc "I'lirity Fiicle.s Cooker." .Mr. Fabric!; lias taken the agency t'cir this invention and will handle the terri- tor.x Incluiled in llie saii Tonndlng towns. Mr. Fahrick, in speaking of t he device, sa\ s : le as i (' An x then you can tro down Rhrr/plnr* nr calling and your dinner will he fill ready at. th« proner 11 mo. It. \«. the simplest, device In the world. The food in prep'M'er! In |h" ".:••<.>'.'.] way, then the vessels fire phi""-' 'M IN- llreless cooker after h-ivlp-' l-.-r-i r-i the Maine of the stove fe- :< |'e-r m!"- iiles flnd thoroughly healed. if ('•<. cooker IH opened hei'ore the reiinired lime for (lie particular article of food Is expired i In- work has lo he done over again. It Is simply a case of following direct tons. Oat meal IH cooked for two minutes on the stove and then placed In the cooker all night and is ready and hot In I he morning, us well as all kinds of cereals.. From four to ten mlniite-i for all kinds of vegetables on the (lame ami from I we. to four hours In llie tireless cooker renders them ready for the tahle. .Meats and puddings are prepared In the same way. according lo I he Instructions given. Mr. Fabrlek says thai In no country is this so useful as in semi- tropic California, \\here cooking Is a drudgery. Tiiliirn laml raises oranges, all kinds cd' fruits ami vegetables to herfeci Ion. Oomo up with us on Friday and see thorn. ,1. H. Mal- ptexvs, Oovina. I'lione 5008. " 11 is as s 11 kilclnn i.uiL.r xx'ood, an 1 - ;;as phaiir* iiM-d enough In-.ii in one xveek b;, Ilirollrh i||e ih il saved, xxoiili! il household lor a •i A. II. C In •,! 11 'd vx i i h coal oi Kin.:.'' or i-lect i ica I ap for cookim;. xxastes di in L- x on r cm iking lor pasr-ilm oil unused u .- and xx indoxx s. I han I he eoi lUln;; lor I lie xx hole \ ,-a r. The kilt-hen is healed lo an unhi .11 aide de-' l^l'i'c in llie old \x a > ah M,;-, il llie worst Kind ol drudi;ei> to pi.-j>aio. 1 he meals for i lie lamilx . The in\ en- lion which we ha\i- n-iains and --.ixc^ 'lie he.-u ihal has In-, n L-em raud on' llie K'lS .-ill\e. Tile ci .1 1:- t I IU 1 1 il 'II and # .* #• -##.*#*#*# Iron Eaters. "The first time I ever swallowed n tack," mild n carpet layer, "1 jumped to my feet and tremulously asked the way to tin? hospital. "'What's the matter?' my mate, nn old hand, asked. " 'I've Kxvallowed a tack, 1 said 1. 'Good Ki'fieious, what will hecome of me '!' "The old hand sat hack on the carpet he \v:is I::;. In;; an.I LuiMlied. "'Why. kid.' >:ii-l ln>. Mi's noihlnt; to HU'lllloXV || InclC. Kve-'.V p/ol'cSSiotlMl (.•iirpet Inyf'f s\\';il!o\vn l;:tll' a i',(;;'.en or KO daily. i;'s a ihin.t; ih:,t: ranses no liicoir.'enienci'. 'I' !' did. I'd know It. I het I"vi- s•,',•!:• lo .ved a hiindredxveiKlit of lacks l:i 1.1; il. "Ami I'm SM;-C." ihecariiei layer con- clud 'd. "m\ i".'.;i- xx-as leiiiiiK tile trulh. for since 1 tln-n l'\-- swallowed half a hundredweight 1 ," lie gulped. "liaii',' It." he said: "there one, now! 11 — New York Press. /ll^r. fRancber You are roiuhu'tiiiL; a hi).; IniMtiU'ss inure money iu- vcstcil than inaiiv IIUMIIC-,-, hoiiM-x ilo a ^ood of corrcsiioniU'iu'c, don't you.' 1 lo you alxvux a ii.ive suit.i :i'.c p.ipcr handy xvheii you \\ i>li to xvrite.' Do you know that \ve can furnish you with the Vi-iy ht'.it of \\ ritin^ paper ai,d en velojie^, neatly pi inti d xvith your name or the name of your r;in>.'ii. |i!.to:- otu-M- ilciu'v and ilule line, v'in'apcr til, ill \ oil v'.lll ki-i'in e> am! en velo|H - s in MU.I 11 ,|i;.i n- tilie-.' Tin- \\ i! i in. i kr y. i, r a nd CDVI.XA AK(.!'S, I'KINTKK'S •* •* •» •* * * •* * '* * ' * •* * * j * •* • * : * { * ! *' Aroused His Wrath. "\Vere you ever done in oil?" ventured the wandering portrait painter. The- old farmer almost leaped out of his boots. "NVas 1 eve- done In oilV" lie roared. "\Yell, ( should say so! .V long le^Kcd. fox eared individual that looked something like you came past here last week and sold me a hoi lie of what wa.s supposed to lie Pennine olive oil to eat on Icllm-c. \Yhon I poured It on the lettnei- il Inrm-d out to he sewing ma- cldne oil. and, hy heck, if I thought thai yon' 1 Hut Ihe \vanderiiiK artist was none — K"iic in a eluud of dust. — Ciiiea^o News. Ht-.iti's Ltyion of Honor. It Is not generally known that the famous order of the l.cuion of Honor xx-as adopted at Haiti in!) When Soiilompie liecami- emperor under the ;iaine of I'anstin I., he instituted an order in huilar.'in of lh,i! \\hich lia.l heeu e>lalij-lu-l hy Napoicoti in ISii'J. Malnes. rilih.Mis au,l in^:.i;:ii;; xvi-re precisely ideiiti.-al. and si:ice the so\er- ei.yn of Haul di.-irihuled ;iN honors to all and sundry \\illi lavish hand the French U"\ erumeiit xva> » on>iileralil,\' emharrassctl. The death of Souloiiiine ended tin.- dillleully. Paris tianlois. A Poor Remedy. Speaking of a cei'lain measure under discn>->ioii in the senale. a \\eil known eonure.-si i.-in >aid. "II. iloi-s not meet Hie >iiu,i!ioii at all and x\ i;l noi reme- ilx eo;. iiUvii.- It I'emliiiN me of the ix il'e ot a x,'i;n^ li!aeksni:th of \V.,»li- iiii.|on i'id xo ; ' ~"' u that huttoii mi i-oa! 1 -' i:-.i^ liiai-k-:nii 1. a--ked his \\ lie o'.i, 1 ni i; :on -. 'No. ee.r,.' the xx'ii e af~xx ered. 1 .o;i..lii't (in.l the huuon. lull I M-X e;l ill- the huilolihoi.«, M) it's kiil ri.-ln ' " Why H« Was Anxious. Baloz, the editor of the Revue des Deux Mondes, once had nt bis country house In Savoy a numerous company of literary people, one of whom was Victor Chcrbulicss. Cherbullez contributed regularly every other year a novel to the columns of the Revue, and a story of his was at that time running In the periodical. The guests had been out for a walk and had amused them- Belves with gathering mushrooms, which were cooked for dinner. As the company were sitting down, it occurred to one of the party that undoubtedly some of the people who had taken r'f'i't In gathering the mushrooms* knew nothing about them and that there might be poisonous fungi in the collection. This reflection so affected the company that all the people present, with the exception of ('herliuliex,. declined to partake of the dish. He alone attacked it with gusto. Thereupon i'.ulo/. .showed sudden and Intense alarm. "(.'lierhiilie/.! C'herbullez! What are you aluml V" he exclaimed. "Uemem- her that you haven't finished your story in the Uevtie!" (ireatly to his relief, the mushrooms turned out to be innocuous, and the story was finished. J. R, Conlce Realty Co. Successors to Bradshaw Bros.% 238 Bradbury Bldg-. MONEY TO LOAN from private parties at a low rate of interest. City and country property for sale. Business intrusted to us will be given 7-21 Johnson & INigg BLACKSMITHS ftlacksmithing af all Kinds Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave .VVVVVVVVVVWWVVWVVVVVV WWWWVWWWW/WWWVW It Was a New "Team" to Him. Heinrich Conned told the following story once when chatting of his experience us an operatic director: "It happened in Chicago, 11 said he. "1 went there to superintend our tirst season in Chicago. I got there early in the afternoon. As 1 was registering at. the Auditorium a young, a very young, newspaper man tame up and talked in me. lie licked for an interview. I told him I had arranged lo see the press at ~>. That did not satisfy him. lie was on an afternoon paper. II would he a feather in his cap if he could scoop the town. 'Very well, 1 (••aid 1 lo him, '1 shall gixe you an interview, hul it will have lo he while I am taking my bath.' lie seemed an intelligent and earnest young man, and 1 was willing lo do that mu.-li fur him. "I turned on ihe water and divested myself of my coat, and the interview pnn-eded. •• 'What do you open with? 1 suld he. "'1 open with "Tristan und Isolde," 1 answered.. "'Have they ever hccii liere before? 1 he ijucried." Truthful Boy. M:'.n -- 1'iid x o.i MIV your i whippi-d Vnii ln-caiiM- \ on xxoiUiin't tfll a ;i--V Hi \ Yt->. -:r. S!ie wanted me t.. ti-;i iiie le:ic(u-r I was sorrx I [i!.-:>i-d "hookex" \\iuu 1 \\ .ir-n'l.-- Ul\i-hange. Xf.-tl uiiLidit UiioxxK-dm- is like vxpo- dl;i< ii -o ;i man in tUc tl.u k. — N\-x\ U a. J. W. Proprietor of the COVINA LIVERY STABLES Home Phone 30. Covina, Cal. Plan to Visit YOSEMITE VALLEY This Season It is a Quick, Comfortable Trip Via YOSEMITE VALLEY RAILROAD An idea! outiii"; in the Sierras amid the grandeurs of Yosem- ito. Cost reduced to popular prices. Ample hotel and board- iny-camp accoinodatioiis. Write lor ilcscriptive folder. For tickets and connections see SOUTHEKN PACIFlc'nr SANTA FE or address H- H. Vincent, General Agent, 533 So. Spring Street LOS ANGELES, CAL.

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