Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 5, 1952 · Page 40
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 40

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 40
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ALfON EVENING TELEGRAPH f HURSDAV, JUNE 5,19M 'k T' w *t i American Door • • i* »<•* -; 1 . ;• .L,^..-tf.-i£^i..'Afe- ^ WMtt ^ftflkjktfte OftfflQfi WnfDpX F: *V« • . MEW VOrtK, -* WfiA) - Our *ittMnklng dotktf IB lurtng the wolf 'dangerously flea* many American frtnt d<»rs. %& Gustavftantas, e* dltthtt affiant atewfer ta iflfl* t}6n*4auitf;at ifte wofft and have by. elMniilt, now a rig- SUMO*[to Hob* •ttft'UJn'Wi ««Jte ^ in fl "fhftdefately good year. Last yeai •wasn't good; he made-wily $2300. Hit he' and his yoling wife Doris love life and have guts. So they decided* to sail Straight ahead into {he future. Ten months ago they welcomed their fourth child, Toirt- y, into their closely-knit family. tfommy Has three sisters—Anne, 16, A beauty; Joan, 8, vivacious afid -confiding; and DoHs, 4%, serl- olis and warm, The six optimistic ftantas live in a tastefully furnished five-room ground-floor apartment In a New York Housing Authority project. Their rent Is $43.10 A 'Month, including gas and electricity, , . ; "Oh, yes, we could certainly use $3000," Doris admits; "Everything ? «fow,goes for food." She used to be abi« to feed the family for $20 a week. Now it costs her at least $30, <l>lus help from outside sources. But they eat well, though the cuts of meat are not as good as they Were last year and extras are pret- %'hiuch out of the picture. She gets four quarts of milk a day at the co- rative in the project for only 78 ' ' Ih trie Rummer she and the kids spend two months oh a farm itt the CatskUl mountains, they pay $50 a season for their room but have to feed themsaves. a The farmer lets ; them have garden truck very cheap. For weeks, Boris cans her- •rits and fruit arid vegetables from • the farm in a pressure cooker her mother-in-law lends her. Often on days when there is no work, Gus goes fishing in Peconic Bay, Long Island, f He trip sets him , back $2.50, but, he brings home a •{ring x of rfresh fish which Doris freezes in, their large refrigerator. 'They free-load on Gus' mother 'and father at least once a week. -The children eat there even more often. Once in a while, on nights when the girls are stoking up on grandma's- good food, Gus and Doris, knowing the kids are happy, splurge on a small steak for themselves. "That steak is a little honey- 'moon*', Gus says, his hand on Doris' shoulder. He and Doris met when* they were 11, have been keeping company since 14. Doris says her mother-in-law has taught her how to make wonderful ragouts with inexpensive meats. Gus' mother was born in Hungary and his father in Greece. Doris comes from English and Swiss stock. She is slender, gray- eyed^ and gentle. Her mother and father, who works in a bapk, often bring over dessert—a cake, a box of candy and sometimes in hot weather, Ice cream. She has an aunt who Iteeps a change bank for the girls. "We dip into it when we have to buy a lot of new shoes all at once", Doris explains. Doris has read several standard books on child nutrition and child raising and she and Gus are both equally determined their children will be well nourished and well educated. "Gus is wonderful," she boasts, glancing across the room at her handsome dark-eyed husband. "He could eat three servings of mm « m*y melt, But if tftw fttft enough for the ktd«, he Just fflg UP an ftrffcttHss and vegetables M says netttrlg." 1 f htf two other girls go to M* wehlal school free. Little t»ft§ to n«»wy .school its the pt«j« that costs $3 a week. For the few months two of the girls been going once a week to ;R« project dental clinic, at 60 cents a visit. .,**** the shipyard pays for a $10,000 flltirance policy for Gus; he has another for $5000 at $3.35 a month, Insurance for Doris and the ehll« tJren takes $6.65 out of his unprek dletable monthly wages. -They had to drop their hospitalteatlon last year. A two-party telephone nicks them $4.73 a month. Neither Doris nor Gus have had any new clothes in the past three years, except for a pair of steel- tipped shoes Gus had to buy for work. They cost $7. He wears his old Army clothes at work. Fun? "Sure we have fun," Gus replies with rich-voiced satisfaction. "We go on picnics and to visit relatives. I play ball on Sundays In a vacant lot. We buy magizlnes once in a while. The girls have plays at school and we now have a television set." Doris explains they thought a long time before buying the television. "But the girls were always upstairs at sortie other girl's house watching. So we got one for $220 on the installment plan — $12 a month. It's the only thing we laven't paid cash for." Group Insurance, from a job Doris" had, covered the cost of Tommy's delivery at French Hospital. "My father made us take some cash, too." Gus says. "He's a bellhop at the Woodstock Hotel and doing pretty well. But he's putting my younger brother .hrough pre-med at Columbia University, So we want to pay him back quick." Although Gus is beginning to work more days a week now (it costs him 50 cents car fare every day to go to "shape up" to learn if he will work that day) the jump n living costs hits them hard. They have cleaned out their sav- ngs. They still have to sit on the couch with the bulging springs. They gave up their cherished monthly book club. Gus put his secondhand car on blocks. "Food costs so much we can't risk a $15 ticket for parking." Doris shakes her head and smiles a trifle wistfully. "That wuse in the country we were going to buy—well, maybe we'll jet in someday." King's Tribute Recalled Anglo-Saxon coins dating back 1 the Beginning of the llth cen- ury have been found at Plock, n Poland, and now rest in thae Archaeological Museum at Lodz, Vith them were found some 600 Polish/German and Arabic.coins., Ethelred the Second Was ont he English:throne in the first decade of the llth century. He was the king who in 1012 paid the Danes about $134,000 as tribute. Scientists' wonder if these recently found coins were part of that very tribute. Read Telegraph Want Ads CAMERAS ON EASY TERMS I1KI.I. A. HOWFl.l. ee Is For Film i Developing Meyer Hurwitz ,IF\\F.Ur. 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