The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 6, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1977
Page 5
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Husband and Wife Get Pep, Vim, Life f n0r Nu!l«»l"l''-l<"."ut" "\Ill-n'H' |!n 1 Phone 3-2967 HnlrK - I'lirln - Krmtlri ILL MAKKN KKVAIKK.!) Vacuum Clcnncr Co. 113 KAST .MAIN HT.. WTI1V, U jHtf »• (tliiirlfiihrri'K. >Vw lluvrn PROMPT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIRING William Schpero j 180 Ch Valley Industrial Safety Council Names Roberts Paul R. Roberts, former safety supervisor of the Naugatuck Chcm- Icnl Co,, wn.s named chairman of the executive committee, and Earl C. Shodd, Bnfet.y supervisor of the Footworn' Plant was named to the executive committee, at a meeting of the Niuijfatuck Valley Industry Safety Council Thursday night ut The Elton. William McCheaney, safety coordinator of ScovMl Mfg. Co. succeeded Mr. Roberta as president of the council. George Ryan, Chase Metal Works, was named secretary; Burton J. Hinc, Scovlll Mfg. Co., tromnircr. STIUKKRS ,TO MEET West Hurtfard, May 9—(UP) — $trll:cr!i ut the Pratt and Whitney dlvi.Hon of Nlles-Bemont-Pond company hfivo schnduled a muss meet- ;nx for StrtiH'dny to discuss the company's backl-to-work movement, i I 180 Church Str«ct ^^^^**^^*^^*^* NiiuffiitiittU « >^r+ »*<•.% Per capita consumption of ice cream In the U. S. has been Increasing—from 0,8-1 quarts in 102-1 to S.91 quurtx In :IIMO. •On The Air Today . . n:oo n. m. Al.I. Sliillon«—New* WOIl—"Kimy Aeon" 0:10 I), m. Wnp.Y—TliiHebllll Scon-" 6:18 l>.' in. W1UIY-WAHC—wnltln 1 for .Clnyion U'Olt—"On The Ct-ntury" \\'jy, — Ethi'l unil Albert WATn—S|M>rtN RounUuji \V 1C A I;*—Surenudu \VTIC—Cli* Club e:'iO u. ill. WA'IVt — Cook tu 11 Serwiii (lu «:.-!« i>. in. WPRY—NVWH WIMC—Hob Sti-ole WJ7. —NtiWH; Spoi'tn WATU—Nuws: MUH|C WOlt—Viindi-venier WRAP—Mpni't New.i \\'AB(J—Skyline Root 0:-IA p. m. \VBRV-WABC—Num Till N'ow WBAK-WTIC—Lowi-ll Thom«» WJX—Hnrc'H MorBttn WATR—F'leuBure «.n<l Profit 1:00 u. m. U'HRV—Treimury Slilute WAIK 1 —I.itnny ROHM Show WEAI'MVTIC—Kuppor Club VV'.IC—Hi'iiflllnv K'dltlon WOR-1VATU—l-'ullon l.ewln, Jr. 1:15 n. in. WIIRV—.Mnrci-l KKiurrlle WAHC—juek smiiii siiow WGA|,'--.Viin ( li'i-cock W.IX—Itiiyiiiond Swlnw U'Olt—AM.HWIT .M:m WA'I'll —Uimy AMU. 7:30 n. in. WHUY— Public I leal-Inn WKAI- 1 -\VTIC—Hub Kui'tm U'AMC—Mr. Kei-ll WJX.-WA-l-n—I'nif. Qul/, [.one uritl Short Kloovcii 2.70 to 6.95 • DfCKWYS 1.98 to 2.98 • SiCAK'KS 1.00 to 2.79 3.98 to 7.98 • HOl'SKCOATS 5. 98 to 16.95 1.00 to 3.98 25c to 1.50 • SI. IPS 1.30 to 3.9S Ilvui'V tiny Is Your day .with Your "'.Mom''i, She's thlnltinjt ot you for your happiness. On HER SPE- uvnry rnlnutc--p|[innlnfc and hoping C.IAL DAY. honor hur, love her, mal<o her the hnpplc<tt "Mom" in thi; wholu world. C'hoosu her gift-at Mucdonuld'H. Sl.'KlX(i I1AX.DBAGS $•1.08 -plus tax A 1g plu.s tax 12th PANTIES 79c to 1.25 GOWNS 1.90 to 6.98 • EXTRA SIZE GOWNS Sizes 42-44 2.10 to 4.98 PAJAMAS 2.59 to 3.98 JEWELRY 1.00 to 2.98 Plus Tax PANTIES"& VESTS Cotton Knit 79c SKIRTS-. 2.98 to .5.98 70 SOUTH MAIN STREET, WATERBURY 1'mirl.iMiiiM Srrvlrr — Good Viilllc Alwuj'H i*l V oo* 1 ^ *tk* t» tf»\*& .•••i.r.'&.IFi '»*<)!• /'' V1N« tO» tM "SS^Ov *«*K*<*^v« ,\>%i K . * <>4 \ L? , • S=^§SE^- co*"* 11 . Your Telephone Company will ipend . $17,500,000 during 1946 to provider more and bftler telephone service in Connecticut 1—NOWH • . '. i.. 7:43 n. i". \VBAF—!lurkni!H» \VOft—fnnldo SportH • «;00 i>. m. WERY-'WAUC—SUHpoiinc' WEAFMVT1C—Hurn«. Alien WOR—Vluyhouso WJ2-\VATft—Lum and Abncr H:15 p. 1 111. WJSJ-WATn-—Klirl Godwin \VOR—Kenny Bailor H:30 |i. i». WBRY-WABC—F-fl-l WEAF-WTIC—IJInnh Shore WJZ-WATK—Town Mui-Unic WOK—Rotui-'s Gulli-ry H:.*i.% i>. m. WBRY-WAB—Henry, X"W .• .. •• »:UO n. in. ' WBRY-WABC—An'dru ICumelnni'tz WEAP-WT1C—MUHlc Hull WOR—Giibrlvl Hoatur B:13 p. in. . . WOR—Rc»l Stories 11:30 i>. m. WBRV-WABC—Hobby Lobby • WL1AF-WTIC—JucK I-lalcy, E^e Arden \VJH-\VATR—Di!tyct 'iltnl .Collect . ^ WOK—TrcMsuro Hour of 'Soul!. , . •'..• 0:S5 ii. in. ; WJS5-WATK—Nc.Vd • 10:00 n. 111. .; • WBR Y-WAHC—iHlunil voniurc WJCAI°-W'nC—Abbutt and Contgllo U'J-WATH—Curlaln Time '..''• WOll—"You .\lkki- NfWH" 10:80 i>. m. WIWY-WABC—To bu ulinuuncvd ' ' \\'J7. —llcn-'il Moriwni W1SAI'"-W'J'IC—Ruily ViillW! WA'I'R—MunlL'liI Showonilu WOli— Syiiiplioii'.'tt!; 10:1,-, p. 111. WJX-WAT1'.— Jntiiii'll KiUi'i'lnlnn \VA'IT:—Am. lUM Ci'urt.^ 11:00 ii. »i. A 1.1. SlutlnriH—Nvw* 11:10 i WURY—J"hn Duly. Cliy Ni'\v» 11:15 n. in. WIIRY-WAI1C—"In Sly UlilniiHi" \VJK-WATIl—Tuddy I'lillll* Ofuh. - WKAK-WTIC—n;ukn"*.H WOU—Mown; ri'inirlH •VAITGATDCK NEWS (CONN.). THURSDAY; "HXV 9. 1M«—I'AOB'f New Haven Man Sold Many Bonds During Two Wars .New Haven, May 9— (UP)— A gray-hairud Latvian-born American —who sold more than $7,000,000 worth of war bonds—is quitting because of ill health. Sevdnty-yeur-old Adolph Flelsch- mnnn, a Yale janitor, spent seven hours a day tramping the streets to pile up his record.- He first sold bonds during: World War I after he was rejected for enlistment because he had five children. JFlelschmann, who came to this country in 1005, has been honored by. two-organizations,, the state, and the United States government'for hit).contribution to'the war effort' ; RUN DOW« AT THE WHEELS? Bring it to us; we'll line up your wheels for and summer DRIVING Don't let excessive tire wear ruin your vacation. It's often caused by bad wheel alignment. So, take no chances. Bring your cnr in, today, to have the wheels checked. Let our experts- set them straight. DRIVE IN TODAY The NAUGATUCK FUEL CO. 87 CHURCH ST. Tb« widxl cfaokt of p«lat colon offend — all rcadr to u«. Murphy Paints .ffv«y */>ocf» In •v»ry gradt TBIMZ WALLPAPEB8 CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel, 3507 MURPHY'S 1 ^ .... i. Gift Suggestions for MOTHER'S DAY MURPHY'S FOR MOTHER'S DAY GIFTS Lovely "Living" Plants Moderately Priced 25c 54.00 Plant yourself even \ more deeply in her affections by making your remembrance a thing that will live for months. Murphy's has the finest in lovely, plants, inluding geraniums, combinations, azaleas. Buy yours now. "Fruit of Loom" Blouses $2.70 Boxed, . Handkerchiefs 69c ana 79c Boutonnieres and Hair Flowers IOC and 29C "Mother's Day" Jewelry lOc to 59c . plus tax Umbrellas Fancy Colors $3.98 and $4.98 Fancy Aprons nd 79c ...'. Nylon Undies $1.19 EXTKA'SIZE X and XX- $1.00 and $1 ? 19 Jjuclte , Compacts $1.00 and $1.39 DON'T FAIL TO SEE THESE Wonderful Cotton Frocks Sizes 9 to 52 $2-60 $4.98 There's a grand assortment of styles including zipper fronts and button coat models with big handy pockets. The lovely floral, stripe and check prints arc washable, of course. You'll be sorry indeed if you fail to get your summer supply. Extra Larse Pastel Co'fir Bath Towels 69c MATCHING FACE CLOTH 15c Extra Special Cello. Wrapped 4 Wonder Cloths 39c 1 3° • I*c. Brcntwood Dinner Sets $4.98 Extra Pieces in .Open Stock " ft^P^Jfi Large White Coffee Cups : 2 for 15C Saucers - 5c Itoyallcx Giuirantoed Fant Folor Table Cloths $2.39 Arrived' . Large Shipment Enamel Pots 39c to $1.49 A Beautiful Selection of BOUDOIR LAMPS (Complete with Shades) $3.69 —' $3.98 MONTHLY ROSES — 69c and 79c Include'*— Am.' Qiilnurfl, Contessa De SiHitoga, Kdltor MucFor- lond, Gold<-n Charm, Pink Radiance, Talisman and many other*. FLOWERING SHRUBS — 59c Include Altlica, Fornythttt, Honeynucklc, Lilac, Syrlnxa, Spire* und many otrers. Conn. Raised Evergreen — $2.00 Globe A. V.. Pyramidal A, V., Irish-Juniper, -Hemlock*. WhlU> Spruce. Saturday Only "TAILORED" GARDENIAS 59c and69c GET THE BEST IN BAG BUYS WITH Murphy's White Plastics Washable! tax These bags at Murphy's will maintain your reputation for smart accessories, besides giving you that sparkle of white that adds such a touch of fresh femininity. They'll always be clean too because they're.made of a washable plast»c,.vcry i soft.and grained to resist abrasion. Some with simulated -tortoise tops. Boxed Chocolates 89C and $1.29 Other BOXED CANDIES 29c, 39c and 69c Latest Fiction Books 25c,49c and $1.00 Broadcloth yard Fancy Dot Curtain Material 43C yard Cellophane Wrapped Novelties At Counters No. 1 iind 10 lOc 29c 39c 59c Extru Large •• Glium-Bake Roasters Special 3> Canister Sets 69c Metal Waste Baskets 49c Wise Shoppers Are Passing the WordAlong- "I6OTITATMURPHYV and so it goes. Everyday nio'rc of those, hard-to-gct items arc popping up on Murphy's counters. Lots of times they're gone before wc-» advertise "em, so we'd advise you ro conic in often and keep an eye peeled on the bargain counters. \ G.C. Murphy Co. G. C MURPHY CO CHURCH ST, NAUGATUCK

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