Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 20, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1954
Page 2
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H 6 P K STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS Idsmobiles asftiobiSe for 1654 goes on dis- ^edrtesday, January 29, one Br ahead of schedule. ii.e,fte$ 19&4 Oldsrrtobite models _y' were"piflnned for 1 release i, T< according to J. F. Wol" rat manager of Olds- rice president oi Gen- ft -*-'6ut original plans fed IfaTWih 1953 when t Mhd '.p6sslB1e to tfi'6Ve the 3954. The results progratri is the On Bt-Gib Lewis Auto V.T, <"98", are a full thr<»e prcidf-cea- _ thout sacrificing ground Stance, fThey featjire such changes as an all new by Fisher, a new wide", wrao- Urtd, paftoramk windshield, new Sep-cut fender and -door • design i'-tttany other styling innoVa- c»& 6 newX'RoSceUrBngtaTjs big— < up 'ik horsepowerf-from 165 in th&»Ssatfer • ''88" fciid "»B l) fels, (170 in the "88" models) * compressor! »'at|o from *|j(iioflt?6 toil'/ Engine displace,Js" increased from 303 to 324 arid Uje entire car is en- so that the, Jpcj-eflscd.pow- — »p<>wer that i con -put it) use jn lht> «pe*4 ranges — day, driving sit- By HAROLD OUAR0 5NDON, XUP) -*V., K. Krishna •,e ^Indian 1 ' who presented J' 'Nation ^With thevfpr- sjtopp.edj.t^e.^hootingjivar aid today^,it, is up,,to.Uhe Instates to 'decide" whether i?* States ''to decide whether •** ; " '*fl" * States tf,is'.up to th4< l7jrfurth.fr-; friction which lad to violence," he said. '- -<—-'-'"' J "-jvarAing by "ationsJwiU Sireamltmd QMsmMle Super!'88" Holiday AuioMoUve clamor is evident in jhc streamlined styling and low silhouette of this 195-1 Oldsiiiobilc .Super "88" Holiday coupe. With a road litight of 6itfy 59Vi inches, the Super "88" Holiday offers the ultimate in luxury and ullra-moilt-rn design. -The chassis has been completely redesigned to assure adequate road clearance. The panoramic windshield, inspired by custom sports car styliitg, provides full forward vision without nny obstructing corner-posts. A graceful dip in the body belt line where it meets the door opening is another silorts tar ; Hair. Total glass area is 221 sq. in. Rrcaler than the comparable 19S3 model. The low contour hnod covers n more 'powerful 185-h.p. "Kockct" engine with 8.25 to 1 compression ratio. Hydra-Malic- Drive, power steering, power brakes, are optional. ST. .LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. Iff) > Hogs 7,000; moderately ac tife; ,barrows and gilts mostly 2o- lowei 1 , instances 50 off on weights under 170 Ib; \\cighlts over 270 Ib-very uneven; sows weak to 25 lo.Ver; bulk choice 180220 ib 20.0025:' largely 26.10-15; 230240 ' 25,5085; few to 26.00; 250270 Ib 24.225.23; few to 25.50; 270-310 Ib 23.7524.75; 1S0170 Ib 25.00 20.25; cows 400 Ib down 22.50 23.50; heavier .sows, 21.50.-22.50. Cattle 4,500, calves 900, trading sjow;' few high commercial and good, steers about steady at 19.00 21.50; cows slow; few sales weak; most bids and some sales 50 low- 34; 'itillty and commercial cows 11.0013.50: catjners apd cutters 8,0011,50; changed; bulls and utility and Vealers , un- commercial b,ulls J2.5014.50, cutter bulls 10.00 KJ.GO" good and choice vealeis 24.00-'3Q.OO; commercial and good veajers, 17.ti023.00. '^Stytjep 1,50; lambs opening steady,, several lots choice and np, woolslqns 21,0022.00; aged ep firm; most slaughter ewes w h o I e s ale buying prices unchanged; 92 score AA G5; 92 A Q5; flO B 62.75; 89 C G225; cars: 90 B 63.25 89 C 62.75. Eggs steady to firm; receipts 16,279; wholesale buying prices unchanged to !/ 2 higher, U. S. large .5; U. S. medium!, 45.5; U. S. standards 45 current receipts 43 checks and dirties 41.5. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK iffl — Cotton futures were irregular in moderately active trading today. Increased liquidation of neary March contracts unsettled old crop months. New crop deliveries held relatively steady, ut there was little actvi- ity in those deliveries. "Late cents a bale lower to 35 cents higher than the previous • close. Marcn 33.41, May 33.66 and July 33.66. Coffee Firms Continued from Page One vanced 15 cents a poilnd in the last eight weeks. , Stewart added that the- recent can company strike also, had affected coffee marketing." He de dared that .when can d eliveries were uncertain, coffee dealers hes itated to speculate in the coffee market. The company sells "Stewart's Private Blend" coffee. .About half the firm's business is with hotels and restaurants. poultry receipts 431 coops; paying prices unchanged; fleavy hens 27-29; light hens 18-19; flyers or broilers 23-26; old roosters 17-19.% duckings rone. Butter, steady: Jeceipts 1,086,873; pf -the armistice agreement might prompt "the Chmese and Noj-t JCQr prompt to start fighting again, Men$n said that was possible, but expressed his doubts the Chinese want to renew the war. ,' "Jt i up the United States," he said. •-The Indian said he is convince the Red Chinese genuinely want a political conference on Korea. . "They have told u many times {hey want a political conference," he said. GRAIN AND ROVJSIONS .CHICAGO OP -r- 'Feed grains drew some support on the Board of Trqd£ , ta^ay wihilct wheat and Soybeans resiexij pl'ier their upward suige/of, ifa/lpv&yjjxqSvffeszwn- ''D'eal'hgs r sla"wened frfom yesterday's rapid,pace and gains in c oin and ontb never -went above fractions. The upturn brought out a substantial increase in offerings of cash corn by, the' country. -Wheat closed •Umphswged to IV% lower, March $2 1?-, corn lovyer to .Mi higher, March 1.53, oats .:•i/4-l '/ahigheV, - March 80.Vn-, rye. c-i>/o, higher.;'"- March $1,22%, soybeans.2 cents lower to '/ 4 higher, January 3.10'/i-$3.11, and a lard 5' to 42 ' cents.-:».'.^hundred pounds Igwer, January 15i9t)-]5.80. Cash wheat none.. Corn: No. No.- 2 1.57-58 1 /!.; INCOME by tfc Soc/.fy. o/, CtrfUtttl Public .; \Accivnlvnti pnd thi American Intlilutf *nd MAFP)I 16 njpst t f^e A fgdprql ax 853 u»wnp- J. oyt of 4 an error pf ?2 ^jnore. ph year, beljeve it o? wot, over " L - " pay mpre than * altogether it ye.Jp you pppare o, correct rer -- r avoj? roteja.k§8 that can mr\fy t thv newspaper fe . ..,.. prepare^ with .... ,he fitetp and nations! or- pf certified public ac- deals with proh- , . T fpst anyone who to jnake^ut» &X return, Later -'" wW give special hints on -S you can take, particular* awn 4 par, a fious.e op » Use tbi» series along with d jnstroptions that accom your tax forms to help you I? Pttt your return the results of a sftn> Tax Carefully; More than You Must 'or the taxpayer himself and for !G>tain persons he supports IF they 'it the definitions in the tax instruc- ijlons. 4. -Faulty arithmetic. This is the muse of the smallest number pf irrprs, but 30 f /o of the.se mistakes ire made by the taxpayer himself, resulting in $9 million overpayment >f taxes. T0 File or Not to Fije Everyone whose gross income was «><j00 or more in 1953 must file a re- urn by March 15,1964 (or tho 15th day of the thii'4 month after the end pf your fiscal year). Even if your ncome was less than $600, you will lave to file a leturn to get back any tax that may hAve been withheld by four ..,„ totJfl£ <rf „ main ?purce pf error, s? employer. In any case, if you md as much as $400 in eaniinirs from self-employment you must file a return to report these earnings for social security purppscs. Which Korm Is Hes,t? The easiest form is the simplified Form 1040rA, and ypu may i^so it if your total income was less than f 5,000, consisting- entirely of wages subject to withholding (or of wages, dividends and interest, provided you did not hav* more than $100 of such Jusome outside of that listed on yotjr W-2 slips). The simplified form m^kes no provision for "Head pf Household" status or itemi&ed deductions. |f you use this form the government figures your tax and sends you either a bill or a refund. Jn prder tg figure your own tax you must use Foim 1040, This can " .., , bo used as ft "f.hort form," f your income was lufcs than $5,000, aiw XPtfr tax js take» |rpi» « table which fcjjows H de4uction of, abput IQ% fpr contrfbutions, interest paid, ta,xes, medical espeij,^, etc. You uiHfit wte a fevni 104Q AS (t "Join; tftfm" it your income ww $5,009 or i or if you wj§h, tp itemjp yowr mr ..„ .., }» wi*e ta them, , pur tyx both wjth thp Jtetw- 3-., v ••- j~« with the e dMciion to 8$e which way, }n jthe BjroollW """ No, 2 Avhite 1,7.6. Oats: Noi 1 white Soybeans, none. Barley nominal: Malting 1.30-62; feed 3B-1 18. Field seed per 100 Ib npmjnal: White clover 9.25-75; red top 57.00-58.00; ajsiko 15.00-10.00; timothy 11.Y5-12.25; . red clovei 25.00-26.00. '. ;.' NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK UP) Few strong points stood put 'today in a steady stock market. • -' At the best, some gains went to around p point in key sections Mo.st prices movements were rather small, Total • volume for the- day ap proaehed two millioi; shares. Demand was vi^orpuss at times , 3ir,crafts, and dis- areas . w.ere' largely ?teady tc mixed. Higher stocks included Studebaker, p.puglas Aircraft, Schenley In dustries, National Distillers, Illi noi.s <?ei:tral, and Allied Chemical. for many tiller.-;. Other Dulles, Russia toThreashOut TalkDetoils By WARREN ROGERS JR. WASHINGTON, W"— Secretary of State Dulles out with Soviet For- day to tljresh- out with oviet Foreign Minister Molotov how to talk over the U.S. proposal to pool ato mic energy resurces for peaceful purposes. Dulles met a second time yes terday with Russian Ambassador Georgi N. Xarubin. Afterward, the State Department announced the next calks would be between Dulles and Molotov at Berlin. It, seemed clear that Dulles, who flies to Berlin tomorrow, was pressing for early agreement on .wljeA, how and %'h.eic full-scale atom for peape talks can be held Ris: two nieetjingX \vith Zari,irbin on Jan. u and yesterctay, appeared to be the curtain -raiser to more prepijse conversation with Molo tov, President Elsenhower suggested IJie ta.'ks in a United Nations ad- 4ri?i>s pec. 8. Up s,aid they be tluwld be at, creating ,an agency which, yn U, If, puspjpes matoiajs and Arkansas Senators Sponsoring Bill WASHINGTONI/P) Sens. Ful Mrs. Simington Continued from Page One ney dropped the others. That was where the state step ped into the case. Prosecutor Coker Thomas filed. a total of 45 charges against Westbrook and Mrs. Sim ington. The first charge tried was Lhe otic which ended yesterday in Mrs. Simington's acquittal. After icaring two days of testimony the jury deliberated only 35 minutes. Thomas has said he plans to proscute all the charges. The 47>-year-old Mr, Simington was charged With forging a. $3,300 check,-payable to "cash,"' on the account of MrSi, Emma Kesterton, a depositor at,the .Batik of Dierks, on April.30, 1951' '}>'•'• ,\ Taking' the jitand as the final do fense witness, ' Mrs. Simington denied tha t she had written the check or had even seen it before it was introduced by the tate Monday. State Revenue C o m m issioner Vancj Scurlock, who investigated the bank shortage as an FBI agent, had told the jury he showed the 'jheck to Mrs. .Simington in 1952. He testifitd that she admit ted then that she wrote the check "to take care of other shortage at the bank. Linton Godown of Memphis, who described himself as an examiner of questioned documents, was ask ed to compare the forged checks with instruments filled out in llui courtroom by Mrs. Simington. He testified that, in hi opinion, they were in the same handwriting. Defense Attorney Boyd Tacketl later handed Godown a sheet of paper and asked him to determine how many persons had written on it. The handwriting expert refused on tho grounds that H was a trick and that he would need "two or three hours" time. Testimony was conflicting on vir tually every point raised in the trial. Mrs. Simington denied state sponsoring a bill to spend federal revenues from offshore oil and gas deposits on education. The bill was introduced yesterday. A similar proposal was adopted Howard A.r. Base, Panama Jan. 20.21-22 Wednesday, January 20,1954 had not helped FBI agents box up documents found in Mrs. Sim ington's outhouse. Scurlcck, on the witness stand at the time, caine back: "Yoj shuffled' around there but you didn't do any of the work. In liis closing argument Tackett said that if a certain witness would lie about one thing, he'd lie about another " "So rould Boyd Tacketl," Thorn as interjected. The defense attorney stormed headtedly at the prosecutor: "Don"I you accuse me of lying." Whereupon bo*.)! attorneys were called down by Judge Steel. The judge previouly had warned Thomas to stop shouting his quea tions at Mrs. Simington. Throughout the trial, Mrs. Sim ington showed no sighs of nervoUs ness. Her chief concern apparently was voiced when £he told a re porter: "I'm afraid all the publicity over this thing is going to hurt my chrnces of getting a job. . 1 can't even get the employment agencies to answer my letters." She hasn't worked since she was relieved at the bank Aug. 13, 1952. JETS ON GOOD-WILL TOUR—Above Newsmap shows the itinerary of a flight of 15 U. S. jet aircraft, which will maUe a one-month good-will tour of South America starting Jan. 16. Maj.-Gen. Reuben C. Hood, commanding general of tne Caribbean Air Command, will head the lour. It is the first time modern jet Air Force planes will visit the Latin-American republics. Purpose of the trip will be to emphasize the need of hemisphere defense. The jets will return to the U. S. on Feb. 14. ments by FBI agentii lhat bank | anything but what some constable papers found in an unused out! did it. If there is as much short , , , . , , ,Inge at the bank a the newspaper holse at her home bore recent 1^ ^ ^ EBJ and the ^ DIC dates and included the forged agents ought to be in the peniten check. She said all the- documents! tiary for not finding it. The FBI YOUR CHI ID HAVE bright and McClellan of Arkansas are amcng 34 senators who are by the Senate at the last session of Congress. It was rejected by I the House. were at least three years old and of no value. .Tackett himself touk the stand to deny much of Scurlock's tcsli mony. In his closing argument, Tackett a former congressman, berated the inurance Corporations. Shaking his fist he.shouted: "The FBI never took credit for doesn t know where one penny is." Tackett accused newpapers of distorting the facts o£ the case. The crowded courtroom broke into laughter at frequent exhanges involving Tackett and Thomas but quiet-id down when Judge George Steel threatened to expel the next person who laughed. TackeU. asked if he (Tackett) I I OUT Of 3 DOES! \ FiJtfetlnK.TiAse-iJickinBf anil 8 lor- A mentlnir rectal Itch are often tell- II title signs of Pin-Worms . ,; u?ly ff imrnsftcs thnt medicnl experts nay V infest one out of evary thre* per- A sojis examined.. Entire famine* « mny be victims nnd not know it. a To get rid of Pin-Wormfl. theae f pests must not only he killed, but i killed In the lorgo intestine,vher* It they live and multinly..',Thaf» MT actly what J«yhe'a)?-^V tablets flq u ... and here's how they-do It: V'••',- First— a soteritiflc coating c»r- A rles tho tablets intpjhe bowels b«- 11 fore they dissolve. Then —J»yne'» a modern, medically-approved m- I Rredlcnt goes right to work-r—ftiff» i Pjn-Worms <iuickly and easily. V Don't take chances'with this B daneeroua, highly contaglpua con- f dltion. Get genuine Jayne* P-W V Vermifuge... small, casy-to-take (t tablets... special mint for children. B and adults. Perfected by Dr: I). » Jaync & Son, specialists in worm f remedies for 100 years. ?JAYHI I for|F>iM-WoiiJ«s V« j i ... Ultra-New hiV54! NOW ON GALA DISPLAY AT YOUR OL.DSMOBIL.E DEALER'S ANNOUNCING the breath-taking new OMsmobile Super "88" for 1954! The OldsmobiJ.e.so,ultra-new,i%.,-' design ... so original in style througholit '.'•'. .' ! ':' • there's never been a car like it before! Just wait till you see its completely new Body by Fisher—-that new * * ; • •' r V.. f'lfi- ^"''-^r-;' "'-^ '' ' ' -• • lower, longer, lovelier silho ( uette! Tlft!-.<]arjnf-new:' j|. „, . r ;, K slant of its panoramic wihashielfl-MPhe drainatie new --•*•••"•""•• flair in its sweep-cut doors aniMeniFersI'And just wait lill ) T ou drive the new 185-horsepowejr World's Record "Rocket" Engine with 8,25 jo 1 compression ratio—the engine that outperforms, out-econ"Q)Mzes ; j even the power-famous '53 "Rocket". For a completely new view on modern automobiles, see the thrilling new Super "88" ... on display now! And watch' : '•' for Oldsmobile's new "DreainCiir"» the Classic ' ; Ninety-Eight... coming to your dealer's soon! . >, 7«r Blttfintrts i?5rf 5wp«r "ftBV &$&&&&£&. ijjtiorml at extra cyjf, /j( C^rrpf Aivtyrt f o/u^ World's Record "Rocket" L.E3 S IVI YQVR NEAREST OLDSMOBUE TUI^ IplBlUB^ WPP^Pl^ •fl^ ^^ ^ff'T^ff;, ^^ ^P ^^^ff 1 ^v ^^^P^ ^^w^^P ^^^fl^^PW^^F^

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