Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 15, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1908
Page 8
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WHERE WEEDS ARE BRED. THE EAGLE'S DOMAIN. \Veprla of f-verv undesirable variety | The v» ntHie-om fire choking the tlioioiigUl'are on ewe-h | dimbeel the «teni « : side of the Pacific Klec'ric track on the ! j M r,;,:it « -.IK - who have „•• • • ' >id llably'' uea-')liM will b' 1 roblnd of none glorv that acr-oriipanierl that western limits of the town. A more un- ,,f M, pightly entraii'-e to,an attractive town j .,,.), j,. V( .,,,,.,,(, although the trail has could not be obtained than this evidence j („.,.„ ,„.,,),. mneli simpler since- the early of the careless di«rei»:iid of i-leanlini «s | ,)., yu . It is *till a tough propmition. in a highway, and is in violation of t tie ! | m wever. for Mount Kan Antonio, Oniy agreement entered into by the I'a'-ific | | |;|l .|. .,„,( n,,. f;,miiy of silent piaks in Kleclvic ("ompany when (he. land wasj t |,. ( ( r( .gion are in reality higher than vacated in favor of the company. Hj/inv mountains in the I'nited Slates- vas stipulated that noxioiiM weeds were w |i ( .|i coinpai-eil with the d'|it!i of the tint to be allowed to gather along the {racks, not only because, of the inwight liness, but because it marie possible, a fertile breeding-place for ever; rf weed that is being (ought in the chards. Attention is directed to this lapse on the part, of the company for the purpose of protecting the orchard- Ht, and in the interest of attractive «f reels. Some of the landholders who or- valley at the base of the H'u-rras, or in other words, the climb is :i direct one from the floor of INc Several il in favor of the coming road Khoiibl take this matter up with the company immediately. The days of the •Mexican | bio is forever in the past; the American keeps his home surroundings attractive, and public highways must be likewise'. In connection with the growth of Nveeils on HadiHo street, is Ihc movement about tei be made by the- county lioflienltiiral commission, relative tei the' iiiicban conditiein of the county roads, V/hie'h have> lately bee-emie harboring- place-s for noxious plants that are being fought all over the state. liefore the commission can rcc.ntmriend to the; ranchers the' nei-essity "f uprooting the 1 prickly, spine-covered weeds eif Mexican origin wliiHi Inivc in thin HcctioM, Ili become sei prevalent cemnty must, render work is shortly tr> be' ae-complished. • POMONA'S GRAND OLD MAN. "If we have us many wives as King Solomon we will have' all we can do to )<ee.p on goeiel terms with one." ' ' HeiW much did he leave/ He; left il the keynote ttliould UP Ninny. s, wedding bells sheuilel strike of your life. (Ireat care- ken to preserve the liar- It, will create' a (leaven any These remarks are' extracts from the speech eif M. llnblridgc, delivered at, the commencement, exercises of I'nnmnw High Hdieied, cluss of 1U(IH. The speech has been "elono into n hook," and the Argus is in receipt of u ceipy through the kindness eif the Hoard of Keltication of Pomona. The words of the prose- poetical philosopher of four-score years live, well worth perusing, feir he strikes nt the reiot, of truth; facts garnered on the, trail of experience, in the Valley of Hani Knocks. (iranel Old Man llald- ridge will be recalled in Covina as om-e tlic owm'V »(' I'stlwfU.o viiw-li, «i>W | Lite home of Col. Chapman. Although nothing of that nature is implied, il is as- Hiimed that the speech may be had em applical ion to the Moard of Kducalion at I'omona. THE GRIM REAPER. months of June uud .Inly f U\*« year will K" down in the vital records of this locality IIH the period when a HnrpriHi.'igly lar^'e minilier of the oldeHt residents came to the parting of the •VVMVH, and passed into the barker Life. Mary K. Hosteller, u heloved womitii louiwii throughout the vnlley, passed nway ,'it the age of sixty, ami less than a month afterwards her IniHliMiid, A. H. Hosteller, S'J years old, and for years il flUllililil' on the si reels, followed her, .lames ,M . Kilry, a wealthy ruucUer lit' liti years, died in .Inly, alter a short illness nf pneumonia which attached him •while on his summer vacation at <'nni|> liincon, and in the same month I. li. .Ionian, (ill years of it^e, surciiiidied t» jiri<;lil's ilisiMisi>. Pneumonia claimed another victim in (!. U. l>avis, 7:> years of age, oiii> of the largest orange grow «TS in t)i" valley. Sarah A. Davis pas>e.l iiwiiy peacel'iilly at the age of !>1 years in June of this year. Kxeept iny the ilealhs of elderly peo|ile, the ivvoid 1'nl' past months has been iTicept ionally li^'lil in tin- mortality list. NEW TELEPHONE RATES. At a meet ing uf I lie dircclm s ,if I I 'livilia I lollle Telephone Tuesday. AiiyuM II, the 1:11-1 i'uuU'iiipl;\l> -t \,. l;\l%e I he p' pnipO.1l l| |o|l I ,'l I e I" I U I . 11 I I exchange, idilei-l Illell i.l' |!< lelillili :\ •!. -el .-tV '. t nil -' coiriinnnicat ions have come to the- Argus from time- to time this summer, speaking of the' splendiel reward which is tei lie' geil.te'ii wlien one has at last traveled the final mile' to the lop of this granite- rovvne'il monarch. One' of the parties from this vicinity which rece-ntly made the ase-ent wa:- composed of A. II. Crawford, K. A. Crawford and "Arthur (Sales. These ge.ntlemen started from Seven Oakf in San Antonio canyon at live o'Heic.k m ui,. morning of August Und, taking with them a lunch anil Tliey We're- the first peeiple tei make: use of t'iie new grade which circle's around lle.g's Hack. Hates and Die two Crawfords,' arrived at.'s camp al, ('i::!'i a.m., and spent a pb-asnreable half hour there', when they went to Hear canyon and struck the trail for the' summit. The splenelid view from Hear Flats was enjoyed, the party reaching tlieve between He veil (Hid eight o', and as this is the last, place that wafer -an be obtained em the' direct, trail, they filled the canteens find drank a .goodly supply, for the; climb before them was a stiff one. The climb into the air of the high nltitiidcs e'ause>el one of the party, A, II. Crawford, to suffer from hciidaclie, but the march upward was continued. The. party arrived at, the "false, top" of "Olel I'.ably," thinking that this was the end of the journey, as tltis is* what hud been told them in Covina, but it was evident that the top eif the peak had tied be'e'ii readied, and they loilcel upward for two miles before the great, pile of stemes at the summit was sighted. The glorious Ht-ciicry «V the Narrows is especially spoken of in the communication, as this in one of the leive'liest. spots on the 'rip. The party arrived al the summit at I I:.'!() a.m., and started looking for HIIOW, but tin; old meniarch of the air hus shed his winter coiit and there was none to he found. At noon the party began the desci;nt, arriving at tho camp at shortly before five o'clock, having been gone eleven hours mill thirty minutes. This party le.portH that, the ruiiiH have \wv,\\ HO r vere that the trail has been badly washed in some places. l'Vw people in this vicinity reali/.e the wondrous, rugged view obtained from Mount Nan Antonio. The closing pani- eif an article in the I'aeiflc Klec one a vivid pic writer is standing on (iray mountain: "To the south is Nan (rcn'gonio pass '.1,1111(1 feet in depth, with Nan .lacinto rising on the other side, ami the green waters of the Salton Sen farther on. Very near and but a few hundred feel below, Mount San Heriinr dillo real-lies its highest elevation, and off to the west. Mount N:ui Antnui (<)li| Haldy) towers above a confusion of hills, while not far from if stands the lower and b'ss abrupt Ciicamoiiga mountain. San (labriel Peak, Mount Mark- >wer d of WALNUT CENTER, i F. \V. Hrr-w'-t-r of Iowa i« n visitor :it Ihc lio.-iii- of hi- 1 brother, S. ('.. Mn-w , «ti-r. Me. Hrew."ti-r is eonnr-eti-el with: ;iti engin-ci iiia; cniiccni in Kansas, and * will prob.-ibly eiirnliine business with; pleasure wlilli- on this coast. i Mr. (lilcs I'.rink and family of the' Puerile road will lea\e shortly for the • east, where they will < an extended ; vacation through the middle western j slates and other localities. Mr. Hrink! does ti'il inleinl to n turn until late in j the fall. j Mr. K. Hillinan has just completed a 1 line modern home on Irwindale avenue. ; '('lie home has four large rooms nil finished in hardwood ;,nd plaster, and a i • ' -icreerir-d back poreh. Thn house was .•i-eetcil by (lust Hillman of l,os An- f,'i l<•:•*, a brother of the owner. , !•'. .1. Stimson has finislieil cutting his Iwentv acres of alfalfa, taking a t«» ind one half from each acre. Afr. Stiin- son Kays that this has been the finest vear for this crop since his coming to rliis locality. The price remains at $10 per ton. CATALINA NOTES. A valori.—-Tin; number of visitors* is ilailv increasing, the boats being loaded every dav, and there is now a record number of campers at Avalon. f/ast Htilnrdiiy the hotels, camps and beianl- ing houses were crowded and some visitors had to be accommodated with berths on the company's boat. The fishing has been very good this wee*, villowtail being abundant. Mr. Smith Warren of Los Angeles made a world's record on the six-ounce rod with a yel- lovvtcil weighing •>!» pounds. This fish was caught at Clemcnte. The trip to Clemcrile is very enjoyable and adds another attraction In the many advant- ngcH offered to visitors to Avalon. IRWINDALE. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Caff man fuul Mr. nnrl MTH. Coffmun of Los An- Kelef) Hthrt(!<l last Monduy on (in auto trip to San Oiogo, to be gone a week. Minn Anna Heultoii in visiting ber at 'vVhittior. Virginia Knot baa gone to HponrJ two weoks with t'rienda in Pasa^ denu. Mr. Frank Elledge is serif)U8ly ill, threuteoed with aupendicitis. Edua Coltrin sprained her ankle severely while getting out of ber buggy on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Newlau and little son arrived butue on Thursday from a four mouth*' tour of the eastern states. SVilsmi, Harvard Peak and Mo ham Conn a I'uvCH 1 '"' ehuin of l mountains, and the lon^j bright lia the I'aeilir marks tin' lion/on, 1 ' ;ui'l A/ii-a the I H i - i i H ,-. reriied, \\ ;is •Will U" III'M I e-llll IK',' '|'I,.I|U " ;i i ;i i-,i- uf :'.'i reii I ;,. ... 'pi,,,n.' - .",n , ,'l niloll 11,'C - I l,a I ! I; ill \ ulu.'i U :i ii'l lii n, I1 :iri •> i-\| iii- <.n i o c 11 i I i: i, • I - I ii • I'. i u ' : < u ill be t'nlliil,- i their i. .-1,1" i' i • JI j, i . i. ! , HATTIE E. SHEWMAN. The dent h nf llatlie !•'.. Shewman, \\ i t'e of .lohii I). Shi-wiuan, oi'eunvd >m Mmi day al'trniiron at the lu'ine -it her par cuts, Mr. and Mrs. K. II. Karle, 7:!ii \V, l.ibbie sli'i'el, I'omoiia, after a linger ing illness. Mr. and Mrs. Shewman re sid.'d in Ci.vina eight years age>, where they still have friends and aeipiaiut • auce-.. Me. Shewman oiu-e ran for th.- i.Ilice of e,in ,t a I'!. 1 of this to'A nsiiip. Mrs. Shewman was .'!.'! \ea; 1 < ,'t' age, and \\as Irirn in St. Joseph, Mis-,ouii, ; i M - ( was 1111 and I wo boy parents, slu CHARTER OAK. Mr. nti'J Mrs, (Jco. Graham are iK toilny I'm- I^UH Atifjelea vvjiero tlioy will reside in tho t'ulure. Uur- inK their nine years' residence in Charter Oak and twenty years in the near vioinity, they linvo marie many warm friends who part will) them with sorrow ami reluctance. They have taken it warm interest in all that made fur the welfare of tho district and are prominent in Masonic circles. Mr. Hoyt has been annuiut- od Perjury Pena(t!e«. P'-rjiir}. hoHldOH iKdnc; one of the olrlxHt of offe.'iises In I hi; r.-atnlogue of erline, lian nlw.iys liw.n very we.verply pii:il.shoil. \\ll\t the iidvniice of clvlll- y.atleiti, however, fiendish punishments luivc been ropUu-eil by more bnmaiie If still woven: penalties. In the days of Hie? Roman <!iii|>lri> any one who com- niitteel perjury was thrown from n pree'ipie-e, while thu (Jreekn branded their false Mwenrers. It l.s Interesting to neite_> that when (lie latter enibraced tin; (,'lirlstlnn religion tbe punishment was nltereel to that of having the tongue cut out, a sort of punishment which was considered to fit the crime In the early centuries. In the middle ages Home countries adopted the system of giving the perjurer (lie punishment for the (rflme IIP falsely ncctised another of. Thus If he swore u neighbor had committee! murder and the charge was disproved the perjurer would b" nenteneeel to death, and the other penalties of the penal code were exacted for the particular crime al-. legeil. A Well Kept Murder Secret. Thnt the Identity of the man who killed Campbell of Gleriure on May 14, )7~>2, should still be handed down from father to son a solemn trust among a few members of the Stewart clan Is one of the curiosities of history: The muto trwa know who fired that shot, But the secret well they're keeping. The highbinders* refused It to llob- ert Lottl.H Stevenson. Andrew Lang says that, like William of Deloralne, "he knows, but may not tell." Mr. Mackay, the author of this most complete and Interesting account of the crime and trial, leaves us a little doubtful whether he is among the Initiated. "I should be the last," he writes, "to make public a secret that has been so well kept. Its antiquity makes It sa- "r^'J "—Loudoa Soectator. Beale Ranch Sold. Tho twenty acre alfalfa and walnut ranch which was -owned by W. F. Benle, the Walnut Center rancher who was fatally shot by Ollie O. Corley last week, was sold yesterday to O. F. Stevens of Covina. The transaction was brought about by the Keetz Realty Company, <iud the consideration was 89,250. Mr. Stevens with his family will take possession on Monday, and will begin immediately to operate* the ranch, although the deed to tbe property must necessarily KU through probate. With the ranch Stevens has taken the farming machinery, tbe pumping plant, which raises 150 inches of water, and a flue pair of Librses. Tbe ranch is one of the finest in that section. New Letters Arrive. The city clerk announces this week that the numbers have arrived with which to number tbe street entrances, and tbat they may be cobtaiued of him at any time on paying the sum of seventy-five cents as stipulated in tbe ordinance. ftotcl tDendomc .T. J. FITX.GRKAUJ, Prop. A FIRST CLASS COUNTRY HOTEL OUR SPECIALTY Chicken Dinner Wednesday and Sunday Convenient for Covina people and cheaper than can be prepared at home. i Kissel Kar j A car that sells for 52250 that will demonstrate and show as good material and workmanship as a 54000 car. ) 4 cyl., 40 h. p., speed 45 to £0 miles, | won both events it entered at Pasa, dena-Altariena hill climb. Has Bakersfield road record of 4 hours and 45 1 minutes over horrible roads. Have a ride in one and you Nvill be a Kissel Kar booster. Reo Automobiles THE CAR OF SERVICE Ask any of the many Reo owners COVIINA Shoe Repairing (o. Citrus Avenue Havincf recently installed the latest improved shoe machinery, I am now prepared to do all kinds of shoe repairing at short notice. Satisfaction is guaranteed in every respect. Men's sewed half soles 7Sc Ladies' sewed half soles 60c Ladies'nailed SOc James Corbett General BletolcsmltHIng All kinds of general and heavy Blacksinithing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks c.nd Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 63 Shop West Badillo St, Cavino PRICES Touring Car with top, S1450.00 Reo Roadster, 20 h. p., $1100.00 Reo Run about, 3700.00 Also agents for Wayne "30" 4-cvlinder and Kisselcar. Get a demonstration before buying. RKO Garage COVINA IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING kALSOMIMNG OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. II. Kistler BEN F, THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sizes carried in stock. Reinforced Concrete Buildings a Specialty Yard, West Cvpress Avenue Telephone 403 "Sagoue" Hair Food is made to make hair vigorous. Get a bottle at Nnsh'a drug store, 50c. A true and tried friend of the Argus, Mi. Pay ton Organ, who has been making his home for some time at Arlington, near Riverside, haa returned U> Covina, and he says it in to stay. For him there is no plmce which quite compares for social and home advantages as Covina. Q. W. MARSH Practical I CARRIAGE AND AUTO ftaintcr Shop opposite Postoffice COVINA BIRTH OF NEW LODGE \: !):lfi. Prr.'Ht'hiiig 11 by tho piistnr. Tho H. Y.I 1 . U. ami ohiiruh tinito with llui iithtH 1 ohure.lwa in « uitlt^u servioo lit tho Christian Ciiuroh in thn «vnu- I're.shyterian HtirviceH. Hut'.ilny- di<hi)»! !l:l,'). Thoro will be in. pt'eui'hitig aBi'vit'H in tlii< iii'-i n i IIL;. Tho young ptHiplti iiiotil ill ti: 1 r> v'.ith V. V. S. (.'. H, uf (Christian Clnin-h Rev. Knynl Pyn will preai'h in turning ut iinii.ii servii'O.s at (Mn 1.1! inn rliiiit'h. I'anlO. Sttivt'jifi, ('itsti.! 1 . I .Mt<!liuilist C'hiiri'h : 'riit>!'o "iil ('<• ! i he «ifivit'es ut tbo M. K. < iiiin-h i i.iu.n 11; ,v nn'ri'niiig. Sunday -<•!.> til : '.i.-l.'i. I'leac'lltlly! 11 hy II. II. Kill ney id' San Dissuis. Mr. Kii.iev is: ! HM eb-ipit'lit .-(.rakt'r nilil th. -e v. hu j i liii I In attei il will miss il tie:it. I'll ijuii it'rx ii'e-, ui thti evening :r tho ! I'tu is! i.u. t' luuvli. i i .. - -. . . .. . j Tlie Quiet Season j T! >' It filial' IU> el il'.n if' ti." 1 ':>r ' iln.'i -,' Club, -A h i, I) '.v ;i.- t 1. \.\ :• l.i eli llel.l lit.lnN , i:;..-. 1 . r-n i ,.-:;, i.! i| ul, :i.'i-ii;i.t 't ; [,t- u','.ii-;ui.i>.'-i i r-l,i\:t' i' n, a!,I ;h,- ii.ililiiv t- gi-t --: rLiU.'i .1 ;it \ i:i^ I line. 1 i,i ! i \t U e. (I! ..; \\ i I i he ili'iil tin' ! Il ! ! I - r lit .1-1 V I !i >M-| (OVINA TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling and Furniture Moving. Specially prepared to move pianos PROMPT SKKVICK. PKICKS WIGHT. Mike on Citrus Avc. Covim, til. New Telephone Number Azusa 4 CHAS. H. MORRIS Implements. Wagons and Buggies at Los Angeles prices. An Expert Optometrist and complete equipment ,for correcting all defects of „.. . Vision. Guaranteed work only. WfllC Us Today Don't Neglect Your Eyes Delay is dangerous. It will pay you to see m at once. Free Consultation. ! EXPERT REPAIRING I Next to Orpheum Theatre. 1.0S A/VG£t-E<S . CAL UOS WONEY WANTED I have uot^a falling due in almost every month from 1250.00 to $9000.00 secured by tirst irust deeds on new city residences, orange, walnut and alfalfa ranclie.-. which I will .->eU to net lender, 7 per cent interest, payable quartet ly, 'ree of taxes, and guarantee payment of interest to maturity of note, and culU-vt interest free. I can loai! j.-oiU'O to 5,1ix>0 fur you on modem hunies in Covina or Los An- tfeles or un ranches near Ouvina l^r - i-r .i year^ c n jjuuc! (irst mortgages at iS per cent net: the borrower pays all »..x- .-> ;imi expt-i.sf:. and my coiiimis- Ision, and the banks culleot interes-t fn->-. '!'.•:. .'2~'>. (iSCAK MILLER. \Vi >K'l'i'. i >'•' t-'til'.A!' LAXD ! will 1 .:^ 1 ' HiV l.o-> A nyelc-cit v property for aame. \\'. S. McKKK. Hoinei.i 1 .^ 1"~ Si-., urity Ul.l^.. Mjiu i>o '> ; 5t'u .n.(1 Spi i r^ S<». F. E, \X r OLFARTH , , Jeweler , , !..i:'.;e .u.d «.' iinpie'e at- >.'k i,f evers - t!.i:i ^ in tho iitie. M. v • r i\ a i >. v.- c : .11'. v - 'i'.!".•.•> Avei'.ue '•"j\ l:;.i. (.'.'.'.. ! Before you let any contract for ths FUMIGATION of Your Orchards think ui" the impurtaiKv uf careful, iiitellii^eiu work, anil oun^ult the STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Ohiot linn iti the staU', having the iar^c-i uutlit ot IL-IU^ for cvcrv >i/.o tree. \\'e extcnninaU' red. purple aiui l.-lack s^aic. \Yc arc !>cttcr and vheapor. 1'hciio I'* 1 ' C«_'v:tia 1'hi.iK- 177 t'Laru-r Oak

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