The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 9, 1892 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1892
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THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. VOL. VII. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, MONDAY, MAY 9, 1892. NO. U25. First-class Millinery at Reasonable Prices. WECLOSEATQ:30 Except on Saturdays. AT ONE PRICE CASH HOUSE. Foster, Paul & Co. CELEBRATED BRAND OF KID GLOVES, 'WILLIAM' Heavy Snow Fall in Wyoming and Colorado. GOOD SLEIGHING IN CHEYENNE. Great Damage to Cattle and Other Live Stock Incident to the Heavy ltalns antl Colrt Weather ofthePuttt Three Days— Flood* at Omaha and Other Place*—Other Matters. CHEYENNE, Wyo., May 0.—A severe snowstorm, which began last Friday, has caused the loss of over 30 per cent, of cattle. The owners say the calf crop will hardly he worth branding. There was excellent sleighing here all day yesterday, snow having fell to a depth of a trifle more than six inches. Snow in "Wyoming. BUFFALO, Wyo., Slav Si.— Snow began falling again last nfght. The roads tire impassible. Thousands of tons of merchandise are stuck in the mud between here and Gilette. HKUSH, Col., May 9.—Snow and rain fell all day yesterday with slight intermissions. The weather was cold and bleak, and if the storm continues will be the hardest on cattle of any of the present season, owing to its having rained for over three days. SI A PAIR The Brand You All Know. Five-Hook Length. Fitted to the Hand, and Guaranteed. That is, the skin and stitching are guaranteed for a reasonable length of time. If either v urns out imperfect, Bring Them Back and get Another Pair OR YOUR MONEY. That is all the guarantee you will get with any glove, if you pay $2 for them. P.MARTIN & CO. STORMS. Snow unci Haiti. Flood* In Missouri. BKUNSWICK, Mo., May!).—The waters of the Grand and Missouri rivers overflowed their banks yesterday. The day was spent in roseuing the inhabitants and stock. Last night a ferryboat was broken from its cable and went floating down the river with people and horses aboard. Dozens of homes are destroyed and a large acreage is covered with water. Floods at Lincoln. OMAHA, Neb., May 0.—A special to the 15ee from Lincoln, Neb., says it has been raining for thirty-six hours and the bottoms are flooded by Salt creek. Between 200 and 300 families are driven out of their homes. fessed to stealing 82,200 from the Pacific Express company. He has returned the cash. THE CRONIN MURDER,° Elkhart, lull., Under Water. GOSHEN, Ind., May 9.—The big dam south of this city has been carried away by the flood and the country as far south as Elkhart is covered with water. Klotou* Strike™. CHICAGO, May I).—A bloody collision between the police and 300 striking iron workers from the world's fair grounds, supported by crowds of sym­ pathises, occurred to-day at Grand crossing. A score or two of scalp wounds were inflicted by the policemen's clubs and the excitement for a time was intense The riot was due to the importation of men f romNew York.Pittsburg and Baltimore to take the places of the strikers who were employed on the manufacturers' building by the Edgemoor Bridge and Construction company. One hundred of the imported men who camo in on the Baltimore and Ohio were interviewed and induced to join the strikers. A car on the Erie was, however, rushed past the strikers into the world's fair grounds. Three cars more on the Erie road were met by the strikers. While the Pittsburg contingent on the Fort Wayne was waiting for a switch engine the mob around the truin quickly swelled till fully a thousand men were jeering and threatening those aboard. A rush for the newcomers was made just as Inspector Hunt with two patrol wagons full of police dashed up and charged into the mob. John .1. Flynn and Edward Wilcox, two of the leaders of the strikers, were arrested. When the mob was driven back the train was coupled and the new men under heavy police escort and amid the curses of the crowd were taken to the world's fair. The two arrested strikers were carried off in the patrol wagons. They were subsequently released on bonds. The strikers, angry and desperate, the police look for further trouble. GENERAL NEWS. Evidence lleluK Collected which It 1« Said Witt Create a SeiiHatlon. CHICAGO, May 9.—It was three years ago last Wednesday night since Patrick Henry Cronin, the noted Irish patriot, met his death at the hands of the assassin who had been designated by lot to accomplish that end, but, although some of those directly concerned in one of the most diabolical crimes of the present age have received their meed of punishment, and are now confined within the walls of the Joliet penitentiary, there to labor and to slave until death comes to their release, it is nevertheless certain that the principals iu the atrocity are still at large, and in some cases holding high their heads in the community. The report is current, however, in well informed Irish circles that are identified with what may be termed the Cronin wing of the race element in this city, that important disclosures are on the tapis, and which will involve men toward whom the finger of suspicion has never yet been directed.jlt is a fact that evidence pointing toward the complicity of certain individuals whose names have never yet appeared in connection with the case has been in the course of collection, fragment by fragment, for the past ycar ,especially during the past two months, and one of those who is closely associated with the inner circle is responsible for the statement that when these developments reach a climax there will be a sensation second only to that created by the disappearance of the physician, and the subsequent discovery of his mutilated body in the sewer trap at Lake View. Although not generally known, it is also a. fact that since" the conviction of those supposed to have been accessories in this diabolical crime the effort on the part of the friends of Dr. Cronin to fasten the guilt upon the principals has never sagged for a single day or hour. Week by week, and month by month, the chain of circumstantial evidence has been forged until to-day it is considerably stronger than thatupon which many a man and many a woman has been sent to the gallows in this and other countries. There are thoBe who believe that in the wisdom of Providence the true story of the conspiracy by which that unfortunate Irishman met so atrocious a death is to be revealed. That the revelation must come sooner or later is beyond poradventure. When it does will be known for the first time where the conspiracy was concuted, when it was concocted, how it was concocted, who was the man who,rirove the white horse attached to the buggy in which Dr. Cronin WBB conveyed to the place of execution, who was the man that opened the door of the Carlson cottage, who was the man who waited outside while the bloody work was being accomplished, greatest of all who were the men that confronted him on the threshold of the place whither ho had been decoyed as a ministering angel, who were the men with whom he engaged in a hand to hand conflict, who were the men that plied the weapons with which his limbs were broken and his head battered, who were the men that stripped his body as naked as upon the day of his birth and yet shrank with horror from laying hands upon the insignia of the Catholic church that was fastened around his neek, who packed and jammed his lifeless remains into the trunk, and who drove them to the sewer. All these queries must have answers, and these answers, according to those who are spending their lives anci their incomes in vindicating the memory of the murdered patriot and in following up his assassins will not much longer be delayed. Committed Snlchle. KANSAS CITY, May 9.—The Star's Ottawa, Kan., special says: A man by the name of Andrews committed suicide here yesterday afternoon by taking laudanum. He was an inmate of tho Soldiers Home at. Fort Leaven worth, and came here on a furlough about a month ago. Proceedings of the General Methodist Conference. CHURCH AND PUBLIC SCHOOLS. The Only One Price Cash House in Hutchinson. M 116, 118 and 120 kortk Main Street. Hail order Department. Attention strict and prompt The WroDga of tho Negro. CHICAGO, May 9.—"Other men besides anarchists can be goaded into making and throwing bombs, and if the outrages on the colored race continue, the negro will become a chemist." So said Fred Douglass, the colored ex-United States minister to Hayti, In an interview at the Palmer house to-day. The words were not uttered in passion, but came with deliberation. "The thirst for the blood of men must cease in the south," he went on, "or assureas night follows day there will be an insurrection. It is the worst evidence of outlawry and disregard of justice and human rights that we should hear every day that some black man had been lynched. It is not true that the colored men are ravishers of women and children, and certainly if the negro is guilty what possibility is there of his escape from justice if he he given a fair and lawful trial. I have long urged upon the colored men to assemble and lay bare to the world their bleeding wounds. This grand Columbian exposition will be just the opportunity for them to assemble and seek a remedy I hope to sie a great convention or congress of colored men here at that time." Kept a Disorderly Hou*e. NEW YORK, May 9.—Hattie Adams ha6 been convicted of keeping a dig orderly house. The jury recommended mercy. During the trial Uev. Dr. Parkhurst testified that he drank beer at the house and that his hat was kicked about. <t Bobbed an Kxpreu Company. ARKANSAS CITIT , Ark., May 0.—Her- hart Darraugh while under arrest con (jovernor Ilarber Remain* Firm. CHEYENNE, Wyo., May 9.—Govennor Barber after hearing the railway people and southern Wywming cattlemen refuses to alter his quarantine proclamation to allow the unloading of Texas steers. The regulation prevents trailing of 200,000 head of grassers across this state. Coronation of St. Joseph, OIM'HK, Wis., May 9.—This city was yesterday the Bcene of an imposing ceremony,the coronation of St. Joseph This solemn event was a special favor granted by Pope Leo XIII, to the arch fraternity of St. Joseph, established in Sti Joseph's church, and can only take place once. An Old Land Murk doing. Sr. Louis, May 9.—The famous old Planter 's Hotel will be demolished The work will begirt to-day, and within a few days one of the most famous land marks in St. Louis will have din appeared. The hotel was opened in 1841. MtaKourl Hand Tournament. KANSAS CITY, May 9.—The Star's Springfield, Mo., special says: The southwestern Missouri band tournament will begin here to-day. About fifty bunds are present. The tournu raeut will last three days. )lt;rn«d to Heath. CINCINNATI, O., May 9.—Miss Lizzi Rice, daughter of a wealthy farmer, waB burned to death yesterday afternoon by an explosion of kerosene oil ti^e lived at Walton, Ky. I>i\ lilntf of .Xmv York OIl 'erK Kcrmliitlnn* Aft*aht*t the Appropriation* of National Fund* for Eccle*ia*tlral Education—New York Methodist* Are DlNappolntcd Over the PnR *nQ ;o of tho ChlneHO KxcliiQlon Hill. OMAHA, Neb., May 9.—After devotional exercises this morning Or. Hammond of San Francisco, ottered a resolution referring to the entertainment of the next general conference. A special committee was appointed to consider the subject. A resolution was offered calling upon the committee on episcopacy to ascertain if either of the missionary bishops had ordained anybody outside of the special territory to which they have been assigned and if so by what authority they had done so. The resolution wus referred to the the committee on episcopacy. This will doubtless touch the action of Bishop Taylor, who, it is said, ordained a minister while in England. His au thority extends only over the work In Africa. A resolution was offered calling for an investigation into the affairs of Grant university at Chattanooga. It was represented in the resolution that tho institution had squandered a great deal of money, had kept in employment a larger faculty than necessary to do the work of the institution, and that the whole management of the institution needed Investigation. Grant university is under the charge of the Freedman's Aid society. The resolution was referred to the committee on freedman's aid and southern relief. Dr. J. P. Npence is president of Grant university and will probably defend the management when the proper time comes. Dr. J. W. King of New York, leading candidate of the episcopacy, offered a resolution for u proposed amendment to the constitution of the United States. It relates to the protection of public schools in tho United States against religious encroachments and to define the attitude of the church with relation to schools. The resolution was adopted and applauded. Dr. King offered another resolution, declaring that the appropriation of money by tho national government lor ecclesiastical education was not in accord with the principles of the constitution, and that the churches should refuse to receive money from the. government for the education of the Indians. Dr. King spoke earnestly upon the subjeot. l'tc wants the whole contract system between tho government nd the churches wined out. The resolution curried unanimously. The Houne. WASHINGTON, May 9.—The house proceeded to the further consideration of the river and harbor bill. The pending question was tho reconsideration of tho vote by which the house agreed to the amendment providing that in cases where authority had been granted to the secretary of war to make contracts for the completion of certain works. If no bids are received which are deemed by the secretary to be advantageous to them, materials may be purchased and work done otherwise than by contract. Advocates of tho bill voted to reconsider and the amendment rejected. Ilolman of Indiana, moved to recommit the bill with instructions to the committee to report t back with the amendment striking out the contract provisions. South Carolina IletuocratH. CiiAiu.KBTON, S. C, May 9.—Delegates to the Democratic state convention which asBembles here this afternoon are arriving here in large numbers. The lines are closely drawn in the Democratic party in this state. The opponents of Governor Tillman, the Alliance candidate, have already put out a state ticket. There seems to be but little doubt but that Cleveland del egates will be elected to Chicago by them. The Tillmanitcs, who have the party machinery in their control at the present time are not committed to any candidate for the presidency, although it is generally understood that they arc opposed to Cleveland. Governor Tillman, and those most closely associated with him, are in favor of a western candidate, with Senator Hill as second choice. The Cattlemen Trouble*. DENVEII, May ().—A special from Chadron to the Kocky Mountain News says that Jones and Walker, the two kidnaped witnesses in the case agulnBt the Wyoming cattlemen for the killing of Champion and Hay are still in jail here, and have made a confession of their escape. They say that twelve cattlemen at Douglas, at the point of a revolver, compelled them to mount horses in the middle of tho night anil ride toGrand Island, Neb., where they were promised a horse and $200 in cosh each. From here they were to be taken Into New Mexico or Arizona. They were arrested when they reached ('Inulron. Weather Indication*. IWASHTMOTON , May 9.— -[Forecast till 8 -Jp. in. Tuesday.]—For Kaunas: Clearing; slightly cooler; frosts and north galea. trust of the American Sugar Refining company lias violated the anti-trust law In his reply the attorney-general says it is his belief tliot the company has violated such law A suit in equity to enjoin such violation was commenced against the company on May 2d iu the circuit court of the United States for the eastern district of Pennsylvania, and is now there pending. Attempt at AriMin, BOSTON, May 9.—This morning a messenger iu tho treasury department at the state house discovered on the veranda, close against the storm door protecting the main entrance to the big building, a box that from its branding had originally contained fish, tilled with paper, rngs and chips,partly consumed. Tho box was perforated with small holes and was raised by blocks about an inch from the step. Attached to the box was a string about four feet in length that had been partly consumed. The woodwork of tin? storm doors had taken fire but had gone out after scorching the surface. The attaches of the state house have a theory that it was set afiro to engage. If possible, the attention of all the watchmen on the premises so that an attempt could be made to rob the treasury of the state in the rear of the building. l.el TheutUo to China. NEW YORK, May 9.—At the regular weekly conforenen. of Methodist preachers of this conference to-day, Kcv. Dr. S. L. Baldwin, recording secretary of the missionary society, read a letter from President Harrison in answer to a protest ho had sent to tho president in regard to the Chinese exclusion bill. In this letter the president explained that the bill wus a compromise measure between the house and senate bills, and was as lenient as it could be made. Dr. Baldwin said the United States had promised the Chinese the same privileges as other nations, but our actions did not point to the fulllllraentof this promise. Natlonnt Editorial A *Roclatlon. CHICAGO, r May 9.—The. Auditorium hotel is crowded to-day with delegates to the eighth annual convention of the National Editorial association, and which opens in San Francisco on the 23rd inst. The delegates make tlsiir departure to-night for Los Angelos, stopping over at Colorado Springs to participate in the dedication of the Childs-Drexel Printers' Homo. Tho eastern and southern delegates are fairly representative of the journalistic interests of their respective localities. Cut Out ThclrToitK'u 'H. Los O.IAS, N. M., May 9.—Jose Pedro jilted Isabella Mariano and married Angolica Montzan. Isabella went to the apartments of Pedro and his wife and found them both asleep. Shu cut their tongues out and (led, only to be captured by the city marshal, after u desperate struggle, in which the latter was severely wounded by tho maddened woman. Pedro and his wife will live but will never be able to speak again. Objected to Non-Union Men. LONDON, May 9.—A riot caused by tho employment of non-union men occurred at Custlcton Colliery, near Hartlepool. A non-union man and police who tried to protect him were seriously hurt, and much of the company's property was destroyed. The residence of the olllciul was burned and further trouble was only averted by the officials promising to discharge the non-union man. Antl-MIII Democrat*. NEW YORK, May 9.—Primaries will be held this evening throughout Kings county to select delegates to the antl- IHU convention to be held at Syracuse at the end of the month. Over 25.000 Democratic voters have so far enrolled themselves under the anti-Hill banner in Kings county. Suit Agalntt the Sajffar Tru »t. WAHIUSUTON, May 9. —The speaker to-day laid before the house the reply of the attorney-general asking for Information as to whether the sugar A Sensational Sermon, NEW YDIIK, May 9.—Hev. Dr. Lyman Abbott preauhed a sermon yesterday that was pregnant with.significant utterances. He arraigned and condemned Princeton seminary and Its methods. He charged that tho spirit of traditionalism shown In tho teachings in tho nchool Is a breeder of schism and division, and the mother of scepticism. The sermon created a sensation. Cattle on the Strip. GL-TIIIUE, O. T., May 9.—It is stated there are fully 25,009 cattle on tho Cherokee Strip, and the government seems to be making no effort to remove them. A large number of cattle wandered up near the Kansas line, near Hunnewcll, and tho farmers are very much incensed, as they fear the cattle will talc tho Texas fever. They are organizing and say if tho government does not act soon they will shoot the cattle. Prohibition and Alliance, CHICAGO, May 9.—Chairman I), M. Miller of the executive committee of national reformers, issued a call to-day for an Informal conference to be held at the Palace hotel Cincinnati, June 28th, for the purpose off effecting, if possible, a union of Prohibition and People's parties, or at least concerted action in the coining campaign. Uooiu lii the Corn Pit*. CHICAUO, May 9.—A scare of the liveliest sort prevailed in every pit on change to-day. Corn bulled 2J^c In half an hour and wheat went up nearly 2 cents. Fluctuations were rapid and severe. Bains and cold weather caused the boom. The Coucord at Meniuhi*, MKHI'UIH, Ten.u., May 9.—The Concord ordered hero by the war department to participate in tho bridge celebration arrived to-day. Tho ofneerts of tho vensol were formally welcomed to tho. city officials and the bridge committees. The Xew Italian MlnUtry. LottbOH, May 9.—-The Times* Rome correspondent nays there is reason to believe that Slgnor Crispi will not join the new ministry. A Wall Paper Combine. RvvKAUt, May ».— A combination of wall caper manufacturers has been effected with a capital of 120,000,000.

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