Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1912
Page 2
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, Friendsbiik •Jf J- have so much td thank you for ; J * At which you may not even guess. r-iJthougb th&t doek not matter, nor ' Do"l give", thanks th'»!e^. ' 4 happinoss in liUle things, •The hope that bids my courage rlst 4i>d-l>aaBes like a whirr of wings r-CfeavIng the sullen skies. If • I^ecause-^h, just that you are you And promise you will be my friend, laugh at time jiid work anew Henceforth until the end. A TTEN MEN! First number hith^^r^ Course will be held at Grand ^Ri^tre-^ 94 ^Hijnrsday, October -Tickets on sale at'Mer-" chant's Jewelry Store ' Single Admission.. .50c Season Tickets 75c, $1 and $1^0 j ing thf' aftcmooD ..and the hoots ti»- gether were very pleasant. Mrs. E. i^owcll and Mrs. E. J. Horton were the atotatfng boatestea 'anid Mrs. B. 'M. bitDwelt iiour«d coffee and assisted in mhe dining room. i W * •> • r —The Sjnging Hussars In solo and Chorus v.-ork. •:• Miss Berth:: usbaum of Parsons, |$ame from ~;:aldw!n. where she ia at, tending liak*'- 1 T R2versity. yesterday to Tattend fhe t.-ist -ral ot Miss PIdr Hona- et. While In (he city she wlU^he the guest of Rev. and 'Mrs. B. M. 'Ptowell. • * •> Miss Gertrude Sutclitfe who has been spending several weeks with Or. and Mrs. J. S. Sutcilffe while convalescing from an operation for appenr ileitis has returned to her work' in Qanerii Hospital at Kansas City. y path Is crossed wjth amber light. The loneliness Of soul I K paswd, •llroni now there comes no drwimless . night. My spirit Is made fast. >^e may be all the world apart, Tossed far amidst the world's afTuirs ikjdina your fri )>nd8hlp In my heiirt "l know thnl someone cares. All this my friend, you cannot know, . .There is so mucii I dare no' say, My heart is far too full, and so— 'J go upon my way. ^ —Sybil Grant in the Tendon Times. Mr^ and Mr».| C H. McMurray have , returned from . Independence whero tliey have 'been' visiting their .daughter, Mrs. A. IJ. Morris, since Saturday. • * + ^ .At the all day meeting of the Moth yesterday the usual program was'dispensed with on account of the |>ress of work but the day was a 'very pleasant one. Dinner was served at noon to twonty-two, including a num- ijer of children. i • <• • • '. —A hig shipment of new Suits.— ?Ulchardson '.s. • • *. ; Mrs. A. I. Beam who has bee visit- fng Mrs. Carl Roth.V of Chanuie. for ihe 'past two wt-eks retarntU home yesterday. A •> •> —An elegant line of .\ew Suit.s and Coats marked Apecial. Rirliardson'.<;. /Mrs O. W. Reynolds and htr nlerr- JilUs Helen Gossoti. will leave on Saturday for Columbia. Mo., to spend .(i week with Miss Gosseti's parent-*. • Mr, and .Mrs. C. A. Gossett. < •:• ; —if >-ou are looking for your Dres.'; tlat, you should not buy until you see iithe elegant showing at Richardson's. ' <. ^ .Miss Glady? Hrumbaugh and Mr. ^Ernest G»'lvln w«»rc married at Mj;lt- • I ?^and. Mo., last Tuesday Tlx' an- 'nouneeinont of th»> wedding was re- .eelyod this morninK bv Miss Marlon f|.ola Ta:beri.'and will be of interest to |i-:?Qany piMjple as Mrs. Gelvin resided here for some time and attended the elty schools. • • —Cut Flowers, chrysanthemums, yellow, white and lavender, at $1,."0 , and $2.00 per dozen. Phone 993-5 rj'eckler's Greenhouse. • •.+ ,. ;? .The ladies of the Presbyterian thurch are invited to spend a social gift^rnooh on Friday of this week at :^he home of Mrs. Henry Kyler, 602 South Sycamore. All are asked to be , .prepared to sew. Mrs. Eyler will be f assisn-d by Mrs. W. Z. Bartles and 1/ - Mrs. J. T; Price. ' r, **« : —Fifty New Suits in all the wanted :materlals. t>rired from $10 rio to $30.00, "i sRichardson'si . ? _ + • * J Miss Marion Ix)is Talbert left to. jrday for Parsons to attend a party if to be eiven by the Kaliff club tompr- "iV'ow night. She will spend the week Mend withn^he Misses Talbot. \/ • • • * ;. - The Guild of St. Timcihy's church ^5 ^met, yesterday afternoon with Mrs. T. jSradnatc Opticiae | Eyes Examined.. Glasses Fitted. | 1 ^5 Ve jtai X. X. * t. in ''A Wrinkle for a Sprii&lc" BUY A SUP DM RAll^CftAT You are always prepared for a rainy da^- if you have one. Your size and style you like is here. , $4.73 to $19.00 RlCHASnSON'S F. Ziegler and arrangements were made for an exchange which is to be held on Saturday at the K. C. Plumbing shop. The sale will commence at half past nine when cakes, pies, salads, baked beans and other food- stutrs may be had. * * * Miss Lois Garmo, of Winlleid, la.. Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. K. .N. Jones for a few days.•>•{• + Mrs. H. K. Holcorab has returned from Oklahoma City, where she was called by the serious illness and death of her nephew, Donald Spencer Baird. * • •* Mrs. Miller McCreary was hostess to the members of the Young Matrons sewing club yesterday afternoon. , " • * <» Mrs. A. \V. Howland entertained yesterday at dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Lee Karr, of Detroit, Mich., who have been her guests for several days. It was a family dinner and covers were laid for relatives only. • * • Miss Hat tie Osborne went to Manhattan .yesterday td attend the Library convention that is in session there this week. Librarians from all over the country will be in attendance and Miss Osborne hopes to return with a number of new ideas which will simplify her nork and give the patrons of the city library belter service. * • —.\nother big shipment of New Coats only in the advanced styles.— Ricliardson 's. • • * .Miss Ora Robertson of this city, and Mr. O. A. Farrie, of Ft Scott, were married here last night. The w«l ding was a complete surprise to the many friends of the bride who has bee.n employed in the Brownfield Sifers candy factory for some time. After the ceremony a wtMlding supper was served at the home of the bride's pimmts .Mr: and Mrs. S. R. Robertson, S12 South Walnut str«'et. Mr. and Mrs. Fitrrle left this morning for Ft. Scot where they will make their home, Mr. Farrie being employed in tha; tlty as an electrician. •!• * * Mrs Frank Wood who has been visiting in Kansas Cit>- for about two wwks will return home on Saturday. * * • This morning's Topeka Capital announces the engagement of Miss Lenora Stubbs, daughter of Governor and Mrs. Stubbs, to Dr. Robert Stewart, a young Topeka physician. The official announcement was made at a luncheon Which Miss Stubbs gave for a group of cirl friends. The Cover i.ors dauehter is one of the most beau iiful of k.insas girls and the announcement of her engagement will be of interest to a great many pf-ople on account of her wide popularity nmong society people of l-iwrencc and .Topeka. She is also noted for he.- housekeeping ability and her in-, terest in athletics. • -S- * —Mrs. Gertrude Chapin. Spirella I'orsetiere. 619 S. Sycamore. Phone 813. . V •> •> Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. \au who have been visiting !n England for the past three months returned today from their-Ion;; trip. Most of [the time has be<-n spent in and around Mr. Nan's old home near I>ondon. ' Some time was also spent in places of interest In tlie Eastern part of this country, including Baltimore New York and \Y:;shington. * * This week's Woiiinn's .Journal re- l»roduot 's a photo of Mrs \Y R. Stubbs Mrs Sarah Thurston. Mils Helen M Ejicker. Miss l ..iur« M. day and Mrs. \V. A. Johntitov. officers and active workers in ih- Kinsns Equal Suffrage Assoiiintion, in the .uito tr. which Ihev tnnVi'd the Fifth Consrc8.sionat Difl- tr,lct. During the trlu tlioy travele<l ovt>r one thousiiml nilles. visited fort> towns and louiid •inlv one farmer who was opposed to e«iual suffroge amendment, j ': + * • --Silkit tliat wD) tlellghi you: the new things yi>u will Itioh- nrdson's. • :t >}• . „A great detil of interest Is bolni: taken in the revival services at Trinity church to the exclualAn of nil other ^ilerests. The Kpworih l^eague will aoit give lis usual Hallowe'en enter- .MUnment but with the good that the revival meetings are accomplishing no otie can feel the loss of this fea- thre. • • * —If you buy your Hat at Richardson's you will be surprised at the littleness In price. •:• •;• •:• The members of the Kpworth Lea- gueof the First Methodist church and their friends are to have a Hallowe'en social tomorrow night. The guests, will meet misked at the church and from there they will go to. 305 South Chestnut street Witches, ghosts and all other sprites that hold high carnival, at this season will be in attendance and a ver>- delightful evening is promised^. • • •> t A reception was'given yesterday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. S. L. Hoii'.ies complimentary to Mrs. Price of Baldwin who is visiting Miss Ruth Price this oveek. About forty five ladies who were friends of Mrs. Price auring her residence here called d|ir- THE VICE-PaESIOENrs FUNERMSMY The GreaJ-Tonic I Es^pecially recommend- 1 ed for chronic coughs -and bronchial affections STOKK Tke B^caH Store (Continued from page li ' ways' aijiteared at every session of the I'prer House. Any review of Sherman's life would not be complete without a reference to his work in the House. Briefly, there Is recorded no limp when he moved galleries t(t applause by a debate from the floor, or ciianged any •hrught that from I'tica the President will go to CInciunatI to vote on Tues- ''•^The twentv-seventh Vice-President | votes by e>o<lu«nce. Hu: 8tat"tos S!:J !f „?Ji !f;^1iH™„'^ Svlbors on tJte rule. commiUee. the In- zerstpte Commerce f>)mmittee. and the Scfcooicrnf: Sherman. But, in nearly a quarter of a century of public life, ".llm" Sherman he was to his intimates and probably half the Nation re rerred to him as "Sunny Jim" a sobri- ouet he earned as one well might im- other branches of the machinery of the House where the real legislating is done, while speeches prevail upon the tloor. 11 is not to be said that he was no a^^by a nev^ -l-il.e-y-..^^U^,^^;o^ -^J* - "•"^rrtZ/'LS'S'the school of .'csj^^s a leading flgu;.. He was Sliorn^an belonged Republicanism nowadays popularly called "Regular" and h« .fiD.Ugl)t his pmitical battles shoulder""to'Bnoutder with men of his faith without compromise or flinching, i^ike every public man he h.-xd critics, some bitter; but he also had friends who were a match for his ei'<'ml<»s. The events he helped to shape are so campnratively recent that history canriot assign him to his proper place until it also records the work of his contemporaries. To the House of Representatives of the Fiftieth congress, he came in the ivinter of 18.S7 Just passed.his twenty- seventh birthday,, with the energy ijnd i optimism of youth, college bred from ' the halls of ir.imiltun which has giv- fu to puh»i.' f fe: many other statesmen and public flpures none without rome mark o^ dijtinction He had be«n elected mayor of IJtIca two years known in other states. His app'>ar- ahces in campaigns, state and national were not infrequent. He was at one time chairman of the Republican Congressional Committee. He always was active in the New York state Kt>publican conventions and a figure at all national gatherings of the party. Sherman went to preshie over the Senate Just about the time when what popularly js known as senatorial dignity was beginning to feel its first break In: the chair, Sherman was dignity Itsdf, fair in his rulings, his colleagues isaid, quiet, firm, sure and seldom reversed un appeal. But dignity so far as the traditional senatorial frock coat and silk hat were concerned genenilly was absent. He regarded his time presiding over the Senate as a day's business, to D«> attended to as if he were sitting in. his of liuiies' Coats and Suits TOMORROW AND SATURDAY 1 I • •.' i ' - . Ladies' Black Cloth Coats—some are plain and some braided — all new styles, worth up to $7.50; specjal tomorrow and Saturday only $4.50 Ladies' Suits, i-egular $12i50 values; plain tailored styles, in tan and grey mixtures; special for tomorrow and Saturday, only *. $7.98 Other Coats and Suits in all the leading styles and colorings. Coats noW 4)riced from $7JiO to $35.00 Suits priced from '. $15 to $.35.00 RAIN COATS foi* ladie;? and misses- priced at $3.00, $3.75, $5.00 up to $10.00. RUBBERS AND OVERSHOES! Buy them here and save moriey! FURS! Buy now while assortment is best. Prices low, quahty considered. WePayYourMilc^gc 1 be^n electe-J mayor or utica iwo years •— ,- ,• before. Like many others who came bank at It lea or at the directors ta!0 had «n the .N'attonal Legislature, he ^le of one of the many enterprises in Vrought with him an education in law. l t^*? had found a fortune and He was well born and well bred. HU j the foundaUous of another for his 'ather Richar-l V. Sherman, was un i so"^'- He usually appeared in a busl- ' ness suit, on a hot day he came in fliinnels, on a very hot day a palm leaf fun displaced the gavel and perhaps a glass of lemonade topited olT the '•ook of rules. O'ber senators, reluc- taitt perhaps, to transgress staid custom fell !n with his itlens, and nowa- editor and public figure in New York state. Two sessiiu's of congress i^und Sherinai? defeated and out of office but not for long. Henry W. Bentley, of Mudiscn county, beat him by less than Ptnl^f oniV°„V:^rl«'''n ,'Zru» ! "ou «"biiViering Waihingion suu.- Fift.v-Sicond congress. In the interim. j... .-nnte chamber looks Shernutn wen, back to I'.ica. built up ^ Ij;;,^/**, ThX ^l his law practice and return»»d to the Kiftj-ihir^ congress with a signal victor.v. He remained in the House without defeat to the Sixtieth Congress, when Uie w*n8 nominated and elected vice-president on the ticket »vith Mr. Taft. His first years in the House .brought him in close association with leaders. Joseph W. Bailey, later a senator; Bracken: !de. Bryan. Bourke Cockran, Crisp, na'.iell, Dingley, Dolllver, Hend ^rsen, Payne. Paynter, Raynor, Reed. Wadsworth, •Fighting Joe" Wheeler dud 1 score of others whose names became household words In dlscus- .«:on of the tariff and other national I'olicies were his fellows. The Sen- "t'j held such men as AJdric.b, Allison, Oockreil. Daniel, Frye, Gorman, Hoar. Hill. Teller. Vest and Wolcott. All were not Republicans, but all were •Jim' Sherman's friends, and in such an environment he worked to a high i:lace in the <touncils and finally was nemlH-red one of the Bi? Five in the House. ' Cnrnon, Dalzell, P.iyne. Sherman and Tawui'v were the great quintette •iurine the comparatively recent years in wiiich Congress was Republican. Ea^h cf thorn invariably wore a red carnation for a boatonnicrc, and when Sherman went to the Senate to occupy the coveted marble room In the other wine of the obpitol he took the •nistoro with him and the flower al- "SEE THAT BALD HEADED YOUNG MAN" "I know he is only 38." ».tid one young lady to another ut a suelal lunctlon. "but he looks like p." "Better suy he liwks like I tSti." re idled the other. Yoting men who use rNiiHinn Sage never gmw Iwld beiause the hair roitt Is supplied with plenty of nature's owu nourishment, which means nt nil times an abundance of healthy hkir. Young Man, if your hair' is thinning out; if that little bald B|)ot on •op Is beginning to spread, iry Purlx. Inn Sage. It Is guaranteed 'by C, B i^pencer & Co. to slop failing hair banish dsndrufr and scalp itch, or skioney back. .".0 cents at dealers everywhere. The illness which proved fatal was littU known of In Washington until the last few months. Mr. SheriuHU WHS not present during the closing days of the last session, and the Sen- .ite without a presideijt pro tejj ^y tlje death of Frye. and unnble'to agree upon a successor, get along bv temporary, agreements placing some senator in th€ chair for two weeks at a time When he disappeared, seeking rest and healthl in vain, Sherman was genuinely missed about the capitol. in the de- panracnts, at the White House, where he was a frequent caller and always exchanged a new joke with President Taft, and'on the streets where be often walked. In a hurry h« used a moior, but It wps an occurrence oi an ordinary day with Congress in session to meet Sherman walking down Pensylvania avenue, often alone, rosy cheeked and cheerful returning the salutations of scores who knew him by sight, thought of him as "Sunny Jim" and greeted him —"Good Morning, Mr. President"—and the passerby who recognized him was greeted as heartily as the Senator who might be next. Vice-President Sherman was born in rtica on October 24th, l .SfiS. He was married in 1881 to Carrie Babcock at East Orange, X. J. They have three sons. Sherrill. Richard .1'. and Thomas M. all living and in business in Utica, Tlie vice-president was an KIk, a trustee of Hamilton ccllegr, a member of the Dutch Reformed church, 0 member of many clubs, and a of wide interests. LADIES' High Top Alphine BUTTON BOOTS! Lace Front Black and Tan Priced at $4.00 Try This Homm^Mad* Cough Rmmrndy Cwita MUln Bat D MM t%m VTortc yUx. «ne pintof granuUted sugur with V4 pint of warm water, and stii f«r : minuteiu IfuttiVi ouuceaof Piitrx tdit.\ cents' worth) in a pint bottle: I lien i >d>l the Sugar !Syru|>. Take a Ceantioontul •very ono. two or three hourf™ Vou-will find tlua this simple rem- edf takes ladd of & cough mote i|uickly •Jian anvthing C I M you ever um-d. Usually .ends K deep seated ouugh iusidc of 24 hours. Splendid, too, for whooping cou|^ eronp^ chest pains, bronchitis and otlier ihroet troubles. It stimulates the appetite and is slightly laxative, which Jwlpe end » oough. This recipe makes more and hetier coiish,syrup than you ouuld buv ready maM lor ^.50. It keeps perfectly and tastce pleasantly. finec Is the most valuable concentrated, eompound of Norway white pine cxtzact, and is rich in guaiaeol and all the natural pine eloBMats which are so , healing to the meinbraaeii. Other prep- ontions 1-111 not wock la this formula. • This plan of making cough srmp with Pines and sngor syrup for strained . honw) has proven ao popular through- .pntthe United States and Canada that it is often imitated. But the old. successful fonnnla has never been equaled. 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Crowds are Calling on the Veiled Nphet I iVhnse .Hartelons Clnirvojrunt Powen>, Penetrating Insight end Unerring I Acruracy Compleleljr Baffles .Scientllic lOTestlgatfeB—The Xarreleu Te^|s ,sbe Has Performed in the Last Fen Days Prove the :XMgiittade itl Her Stninn' and Monderfnl Power—She Does Such TKingii That taller^ Luuli rpon iler as a Visitor from an rndi .«eotered Iforld. . Mra. M. 0. Qeo4l«tt. . iiitf many prominent aoutbera ,4 who wUl be ^reoent at the aa> , ..ouvontlon or the Unltod Daugfa« • i' the Confederacy at Woahtag* ..a. U. J.. November U end U, Un. M. C. tioodlstt of NaohvUI*. Tenn-» will be considered the iMuIer. She is tha fo-ader and honorary preaUont etjhe etsanloatlon, MOIM;A> TO TALK SIKFRACJE. Ifutrhlnson Kdilor to Speak Here nt S p. m. Friday. Th" local E<iual Suffrage organisa­ tion received the pleasing news this morning that deflnite arrangements have been made for Mr. W. Y. Morgan to be in lola tomorrow and niake an address at 3 p, m. The meeting will be held in the south part of the court house sqiure. Mr Morgan talking from the speaker's stand erected there some days ago. W. Y. Morgan, editor of the Hutchinson News, former State Senator and recognized as one ot the brainiest men in business and politics In the. state, has almost an equal fame as an author and si>eaker. Register reajl- ers will recall the clever originality of the letters he wrote to his paper Mme. ].ouise Perin. the noted psychologist, who is visiting lola for the firsit time la proving a genuine sensation She Is one of the favored persons to whom by the gift of nature has been granted the dominance of the i ioul-mind. ' Through h»>r wonderful ability to draw- aside the curtain which hide.s . the vl.Vta of the future from our view. i as well a* her ability to read what has been written In the archives of th*" imst. sh<< run rt >ad your life as th<> pu^es of un open iMiok Till* faruliy tlitit Ihe .Madam displays In ucc»ni|)llshlnK ihrouKh her own methods that which seems Im- pnsslhle to nthiTK, hu .x been llie talk of tola for the past few days, and many who have heretofore been skeptical have Rone to Mine. Perin to test her powers and ail seem convinced that she Is all that she claims to be. For instance, she unhesitatingly and accurately tells each caller tJie past, present and future, and In such a convincing way as to leave no room for doubt. No other psychic who has visited this section can lay claim to as many successful readings and .there are many of our best citizens whp can vouch for such claims. Those who have heretofore maintained, that there . is nothing in clairvoyancy are ready to 'acknowledge their mistake and now- put the same confidence in what she tells them in regard to the future that they have been compelled to show for her readings In what has passed. Do you to learn the truth, COH- cerning your business, doipestio^ <fr love affairs. Are you undecided, ia doubt, unhappy or in trouble? Is there any mutter of human interest (bat perple .xes you? Call on her and she will tell you Just exactly that which you wish to know of and advise you to the ultimate outcome of yowtrvot- ent difficulties; so fnr as it is la htb |H>wer to do she will asaliil yon. }|er kni>wU 'dKe o( life Is brtAd, deep and profound .tnd combined with her tnoT'- vrlou!) psyehlc powers and hnr superior knowliHlRc i »f the t>oeult foa-cea, en- alili'.'' Iu>r lo not only ri -ad your life. IMiMt, present and future, bu^ ta alio advise and ns.«lst you. ThrouKli her luarvelus |Mwer and advic"' the se |>arated are Uroiight to- Kcther, focii are made friends, lost properly is recovered. tlKe mlat la brushed sway from biislnesM ventures, the earths surface is expJoted. her treasures are laid bare to hec mysterious perceptive mind, and -while she pive.« date .-i, facts and f:ignreB her visitors sit dumbfounded at the revelation.* she makes to them. You are advised to c'lll on this remarkable woman, wl-«^i3 at present located at 212 West Madison avenue. She is giving her fuJl life reading, for a few days only for the nominal sum of r,i) cents . Sha is taking tWs low price method of Introducing herself and work to the people of this vlcia- ity. Office hours from 9 :30 ^a. m. until S p. m while touring Europe. As a speaker he is equally original and entertain- j ing, and the ladies could not And a | more capable and effective advocate of | their contention than Mr. .Morgan. Waller Smith, of Joplin, who lias; been here on business return»-d home i this afternoon. Card of Tluulks. We wish to thank our^friends and neighbors for their kindness and help during the slokness and death of our. beloved moMi«r, and for the beautiful floral offerings.—.lack Stewart. .P. Stewart. O, C. Stewart and Mrs. llirf'.e .«5hane. —Lei a fUglster F OE iiale sell tt.

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