The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 7, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1892
Page 8
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, MAY 7, 189a. THE MARKETS. MONKV AND STOCKS. "NKW YORK , May 7.—[Block Letter furnished by the Kansns '.Irain ami Uvu Stock company.]—'he hunk .statement to-day is generally expected to show a loss in surplus reserves, owing to [fold exports, and some estimate the loss at about 81,000 ,(11 )0. The report of sixteen banks this morning, exhibit a net loss to them of 5,037,000. The bunks, however, still hold 8^0,000,000 in excess of the legal requirement and they contemplate their surplus funds at living rates. Therefore a slight loss creates no apprehension and the gold export engagements cause no uneasiness. The Windsor Hotel gossip continues quite bullish on the Omaha stock of Edison electric and Chicago gas. There is also a bull pool movement in the Hocking Valley stock. The announcement which was made last night that the Tlock Island reorganization plan had not been abandoned, but the time had been extended ten days created only ridicule up-town lyt night, and indifference whethiif'ft was ten days or ten dol- llncsl dairy, UOc; fine dairy, loo; common, 10c. KOOS ! Iii demand, »c. POTATOKS—Choice. SOOOSc. APPLKS-il.ODfill.'J.'i per bushel. ONIONS—In fair demand. Ked, T.'M: per liutdicl; liome grown. Spanish, Jl.'-Ti per busliel. CAUBAOW—Fair. 1c per pound. TURNIPS- In demand, :10c per bushel. BKBTS—Steady. Hoc per bushel. SWKET POTATOKS—Plenty, 81.00 per bushel. HAY—Haled. S."..00@5..-,o: loose, g.'l.oo&'I.OO per ton. <Jraln. WHEAT—No. 'Jsoft ' soft 117c: hard fl 'Jc. COKN—UHL. HYK-No. -2 tl.">c; No. OATS—'Mc. *>c: hard oriei No. :i Live Stock. CATTLE-Stcauy, stockers S&Uuffoil.HO; feeders S'J.S'iQS.Su; fat cows and liclfcrs In demand at $^.00@'J.H0; fat steers, SH.OOia a.,%0. 1100S—Steady; wagon, tops, in. 75; car, J.-I.IIOfM.OO. SHKEP-In demand; 8.'l.~'>®..|.<m. Atchison, -s-.i-'i. Kock Island, K4!«. St. Paul. 7S1(. Union racinc, 44'.,. I'KOnilCK. Poultry and Wild Oame. CHICKENS—Chickens $;i.(i06).,;i.."i0 per i\m chickens .7^c per pound; hens ftc per pound roosters 4c per pound, turkeys (Cjper pound. GAME—Wild ducks In demand at SI.00® 2.00 per dox; pigeons In demand at $1.00 perdoz; geese per dost. tlOSSIl". Grain out of store: Wheat. 151,000 bushels; corn, 153,000; oats, 20,000; rye 1,000. The House. Ghk'ujro. CHICAGO . May 7.—[Special advices received by the Kansas, (train and Live Stock company.]—WilKAT—It was thought the better weather and weaker cables would cause n further decline and local traders worked on this theory most the day. but as the market advanced the shorts were fouud U> cover at higher price. No conspicuous buying could be traced. It was simply quietly absorbed. The demand for May wheat was especially good, at one time at a premium over July being paid. It is probable that much of the wheat has been bought for eastern account against the heavy engagements for export that have been reported for weeks! Conditions favor a better market. The outsiders are likely to be convinced of this and take the long side on a considerable scale. Corn and oats have been strong without any appearance of manipulation, The serious outlook for seeding is being generally recognized and speculation will doubtless carry prices higher if the weather does not speedily improve. 1'iiiivisioNK—With but one exception less pork was packed last winter season than during any previous winter season for sixteen years. The stock of lard and meats are comparatively light, but there is no speculation and little prospect of better prices. The following Is the range of prices for active futures: Open'd VIIKAT. May July September. CORN. September July June.. May OATS. July May June POKK. July September. LAUD. July September, ni us. July High't ClOB'g. s'Ji, S'i 4 Hi 41 41'„ 4:)3» S3 8 :114' 4-: 4-.' 41! •15 2IH4 •Jul i K."i B2',i 41K 41 41M 4:iJii ••!»!* 0 02VS S2« H3*( WASHINGTON , Jlay 7.—The house to day went into committee of the whole (Hatch of Missouri in theehair) on the river and harbor bill. A large attendance was present in anticipation of the final vote on the river and harbor bill. » Garden City UriHf.. GAHDKN CITY , May 7.—[Special.] Weather still cool and cloudy, with slight showers. Spring exceedingly backward, with a noticeable absence of sunshine, but farmers pronounce it to be ail right for small grain crops, and declare the prospect to be first class. The season is certainly far more promising than that of last year. Quite an excitement was caused last week by the operations of a gang of burglars who invaded several dwell ing houses, securing small amounts of money, and wound up by breaking into the large stores of Fcnnup and Inge llros., where a considerable amount of plunder was secured in the way of clothing, revolvers, etc. All this in spite of the vigilant night watch. A reward of .8125, offered by the plundered victimB, caused their arrest near Syracuse by an old farmer, to whom such a windfall was indeed a big snap Three of the criminals are now in jail here. They are certainly bound for Leavenworth at no distant date, as the district court convenes on the 20th inst. They are all very young, and evidently novices in the business. Quite a coal oil and gasoline war is raging, and the price per gallon has suddenly dropped to fifteen cents. The old price being thirty cents. This sort of up uud down business has heen going on for years. The Standard oil agents putting it up again as soon as the excitement subsides. This time the National oil company declares 42 4-K 44 it,' 20H 2!H'i 0 75 I) 00 0 27« « 02VS 5 85 MILK CRUST ON BABY Kept Spreading Until His Face Wat a Raw Sore. He Scratched Until Blood Ran. T Boat Physicians Said No Care While Teething. He Was Cured Promptly by Cuticura. Something over two yean ago, our boy, then Icii than one year old, wa» troubled with an oruptlon oti hii head, pronounced by oar best physicians to bo n cue of "mlik crun or Infantile •cxema." They alfto said that It would bo Impoistbtt to ci""? it until after he had finished teething. This malt ./ kept spreading until his faco was s raw core, and every few days he would draw his finger nails aovrn •n both checks, removing the scabs, and the blood running down on his chin made aim prelum n ghastly sight. Wo commenced using the OCTICUKA [tKHKDt -B .andlntwowcekA wo noticed a wonderful Improvement, and In two months his face was fresh nml fair, and has been rsrfectly well ever since. W» unhesitatingly gWc alf credit to CtmcuFu. O. B. WILLiAMS, Fort Dodge, Iowa. Scaly Humor 17 years I was afflicted for seventeen years with • scaly and blotchy humor over my entire breast. At times I would scratch till soreness compelled me to cease. After reading your advertisements at different times, I concludod to give CUTICORA a trial, and, to _y astonlsbmentos well as satisfaction. 1 was cored -Tth one set of OUTICURA RIMKDIKD, In about two and a h*lf weeks. That has been nearly tw* years since, sod no symptoms of return. JACOB STQEOKLB, 8610 Palm Street, St. Louis, Mo- Cuticura Resolvent The new Blood and Skin Fnrlfier, Internally, end CUTICURA, the great Skin Cure, and OUTICURA SOAP, the exquisite Skin Bcautlficr, externally, in. HUiiitly relieve and speedily cure every disease ami humor of tbo skin, scalp, and blood, with loss of hair, from infancy to age, from pimples to scrofula. Bold everywhere. Price,CUTICURA, 60C.: SOAP, tc.\ RESOLVENT, $1. Prepared by the POTTED DRUG AND CHEMICAL CORPORATION, Boston. ttjf " How to Cure Skin Diseases,'' M Illustrations, and 100 testimonials, mailed page' free. is, 60 QIUPLES, blackheads, red, wugh, chapped, and rilfl oily skin cured by OuTrcuiu SOAP. HOW MY BACK ACHES 1 Back Ache, Kidney Palm, and Weakness, Soreneia, Lameness, Btralns, and 1 _ln relieved In one minute by the Cuticura Antl-Faia Piaster. Let us hope that this will be the case for thirty cents a gallon is out of all reason, and is a gross imposition. Success to the National oil company and to all Dther opposition companies. <jrent Iteuil Gossip. GKKAT UENT ), Ivan., May 7.—[Spe cial.J—The delegates and visiting statesmen have returned from the state convention. They, as well as all other liarton County Republicans seem to be highly pleased with the actions of the convention—Old liarton is in line with her fighting clothes on and we are going to give the largest Republican vote this fall that we have cast in two years. Mr. Arch Murphy one of the recent proprietors of the Morrison hotel who was reported of having skipped the town leaving several unpaid bills is in the city and proposes to make it interesting for some of our local papers who have been publishing false reports about him. We had a very fine rain on the 4th and everybody is feeling good over Jt as rain was needed badly. Our farm- that it has come, here to stay, and that j ers report fine prospects for all 1 kind^ the price shall not go up any more, of growing crops. HE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR OTJT IJST TWO 1 Are you aware, do you realize, will you comprehend and respond to the veritable fact that all of this week we will offer our whole stock of Clothing and Shoes, to the people of Hutchinson and surround- country, at half price. All our shoes at half price, All men's suits at half price, All boy's suits at 5o per cent- All children's suits cut in two prices. All pants split in half. We handle goods that are made on honor, goods that are not made solely to look well and sell well, but to give satisfaction and wear. All go this week at 50 3ents on the dollar. We must hare money and this will coax it. Come and split the price on eveiy pair of shoes from the Holland stock yourself. $6.0O;,shoes all kinds for - - - $3.00 5>4.00 shoes all kinds for - - - $2.00 S3.00 shoes all kinds for - - - $1.50 $2.00 shoes all kinds for - - - $1.00 $20.00 men's suits of all kinds i >15.00 men's suits of all kinds $1000 men's suits of all kinds $8.00 men's suits of all kinds - - $10.00 $7.50 - $5'0d $4.00 $15.00 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $10.00 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $5.00 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $2-50 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for • • i < - i ^7.50 15.00 52.50 |l.25 $8 pants to fit anybody at $4 $4 pants to lit anybody at - $2 $2 pants to fit anybody at $1 In fact nothing reserved. The whole stock is at your disposal. Take your pick of the entire aggregation atone-half. HOW IS YOUR TIME, THIS WEEK to get this enormous reduction. Sale will close at 11 o'clock Saturday night, everybody come. Rich and poor treated alike at Golden Eagle Shoe and Clothing House. A. MINCER, PROP. NO. 4 SOUTH MAIN. iWe are going to give away a handsome dinner Bet to some one. Come in and see them- cash H'Jlic: No. 2 steady May HZiic: July 8::iic.; December HS!»c. COUN-N • • ' ------ WHEAT-Closc Ma_ . " -No. .2 higher; cash 44@44^c; May •44i£c; June 4"%c; July 4^c; August 4!^aC September 4^r,4:tc. OATS—No. -J strong; cash 20J{„UI>Kc; Nav''JD)ic; .luly -'Hie. MESK PORK-Stcady; cash ?D.tl7«; May JIUI7V4; July 10.7.".. LAUD-CaHli JU.IS; May Sil.lfi; July W.37H. SHORT IJIBS-Steady; cash S.1.82H; May 5.N'-!'.V. JulyfS.Rr,. ttYK—No. 2 linn; 110Kc. HAKIJEY—No. 'J nominal, (10c. FLAX SEED-No. 1 llrm. Illlc. 1'KIME TIMOTHY SEED—Easy; gl.ill HUTTEK-Qulct. BOUS-Klrm. Housekeepers Should Remember WUEAT-Hlgher; July 81c; August KOJic. CORN—Ulgfier; cash 38Sc; September 40c. OATSr-Hlgher; cash July '-'lilic. -4 PORK—Steady: jobbing $10.3714 I-ARD-Noinlual JU.05. WHISKY-Stcaily, SI.1.1. ST. LOUIS, May 7. cash and May 85H; :iU5i@40c; July :Uc; May 31«c; KiitiHttn City. KANHAB CITY. May 5 The great success of the Royal Baking Powder is due to the extreme care exercised by its manufacturers to make it entirely pure, uniform in quality, and of the highest leavening power. All the scientific knowledge, care, and skill attained by twenty-five years' practical experience are contributed toward this end, and no preparation can be made with a greater accuracy, precision, and exactness. Every article used is absolutely pure. Chemists are employed to test the strength of each ingredient, so that its exact effect in WHEAT—Nothing doing. OO v »i—Steady, cash, SflKic. OA'i, N «pull; cash 'JK^ bid: M. UUTTEIl—Firm and unchanged. EQOS-Plrm: l'.'«c. ay SK!4c: 1,1 VK STOCK. St, ST. LOUIS, May 7. UATTLli—None on sale. HOGS—Receipts 700: market unchanged. SHEEl'-None. Kansas City. KANSAS CITY, May 7. CAII'LB—Receipts :.M)00; shipment 1,000 light steers steady; heavy 8teer «:weak. Hi; lower; cows and teeders steady and strong nOGS-Rccelpts, 7,700; shipments l.ilOO market fairly active to strong. Extreme range of prices S4.00@4.4.1: bulk 4.:i."p(a4.40. SIlEEl'-Rccelpts 1,400: shipments 400 market nominally steady. ClileuKo. CHIUAUO, May 7. The Evening Journal Report: CATTLE—Receipts. 'J.r.00; one half of -which came direct to the "big three," hence but few on open market, all of which sold alxiiit like close last night; shipments 800. Receipts, IS!,QOO: shipments 7,000; *4.00544.45 rime heavy HOtiS rather stronger; mixed and packers S4.ri0iff rough pi- and butchers' weights Jl.(10_84.70; llglit tl.55(i>4.70. .«i SHEKP-Heccliits -v'.r.uo: shipments l.oOO. On sale about 4,0011; curried over li,00U; slow and weak and but little or no change as com pared with close yesterday. Foreign tirum Market. LivKiU'Qut,, May 7.—Wheat cheaper to sell, Kd lower except for India. Corn steady •with falrrtemand, «d lower, at 4s (Id. LONDON. May 7,—Cargoes of! coast: Wheat ttulet; on passage, wheat weaker: prices uncbangcU. Com quiet: American, promptly to be shipped, tid higher. HUTCHINSON MAItKKT. 1 'roUucu. FLOUR^Hlghest patent, patent, S:!.^0; extra line. % i '-'.OO. Creamery, second 5c; combination with its co-ingredients is definitely known. Nothing is trusted to chance, and no person is employed in the preparation of the materials used, or the manufacture of the powder, who is not an expert in his particular branch of the business. As a consequence, the Royal Baking Powder is of the highest grade of excellence, always pure, wholesome, and uniform in quality. Each box is exactly like every other, and will retain its power, and produce the same and the highest leavening effect in any climate, at any time. i mi: ni! The Government Chemists, after having analyzed all the principal brands in the market, in their reports placed the Royal Baking Powder at the head of the list for strength, purity, and wholesomeness; and thousands of tests all over the country have further demonstrated the fact that its qualities are, in every respect, unrivaled. WITH THE Lowest Prices of the Season. Figured Bcdfor cords at 15c, worth 22c. Plain Bedford cords, all shades, 35c, worth 50c. Henriettas in all shades at 20c, worth 30c. Fine zephyr ginghams 10 to 12ic worth 15 to 18 Outing cloths at 8\ to 10c, worthI2^c. Turkey red table damask at 25c, worth 35c. Unbleached table damask at 25c, worth 35c. Twilled crash at 5c, worth. 6Jc. 4-4 brown sheeting at 5c, worth 6Jc. Ticking at 8Sc, worth 12aC- The best 50c corset worth 75c. Ladies' silk mitts 15 to 20c, worth 25 to 30c. Ladies' Dongola pat tip shoe $1.75, wrth 2.25 Children's shoes at 35c, 45c and 60c. Men's lace and cong. shoe $1.25, worth $1.75 50 dozen men's 4 ply linen collars, E. & W. and other brands, 5c, worth 15c and 20c. adies' vests at 8Sc to 12Jc, worth 15c to 20c. Men's vests at 25c, 30c and 40c. The largest and best assorted Btock ot dry goods, notions and shoes In the city. No trash, but all new goods, and lower prices than any other house in the city. Btop in and see for yourself. "THE BA.ZA.R. 14 North Main street. T O N D RAO Insurance l Written by E. A. Smith & Co. LOW HATES MELIABLE INSURANCE IfcOffloe rear of glrrtojfotlonal Bank. ADVICE vs. VICE. You are not In manly ilmpe, and ]ret you don* act. Write to ua to-day l Delay linperlU alt! I OUR HEW lOOKl AIA '& deaoribea your Our Kicluilve ltoUioaa willeurnyou.lf curabla. WKAUNKMEa JEXl for lfm««il HIM Hook mailed _ M. MMMM moMCAIj vo„ tiuJTatm, X. V. Don'tpre'er VICE to ADVICE. O.IB. U11Lt&lilLtiM•. WATIR ar.. CHIOAGrO, XXJXI., COMMISSION MERCHANT* BROOM CORN.

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