Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1912
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THE VOLUME xvL me. WMkly-R«flI»ttr. EsUbil»h«d iaC7. Dally Rcglitw, E«ubli«ii«d iaB7. lOLA, KAS., OCT. 31,1912—THURSDAY EVENING. SuecMsor to th* loU Dally Register, tha lota Daily Record and the tola Daily Index EIGHT PAGES NEW LINE FOR CITY FIRE lELEPiNES OLD SIGXAL SERTIfE REPLACED TODAY AS IXEFFICIEM. THE WEATHER. FiUlED D0IIIN6 RECENT RRE WHEX OLD rOlfRT HOISE WAS , BIRMXG LINE WAS DEAD. Commissiflners Ordered >'r -n SjTrkf Promptly Instdlli-d.—Plant Im. proTrnients to l>e Ifade. .The cit>''s private Itn^ of fire tel»- phonea is being rebuilt today auil work wiil l>e ontinupd 'irtil t ?v«>ry do- tail is peffwi and th»» lines oiHTate to the absolute satlsfaflion tiC th- bonrd of commissioners; the fire d'- partment and rhe «>nKine »r3 at fh- power plant. During the midnisch? fire at tho old court house buildins,' recently, the line between the fir*' jta- tfon on South street .ind Forrrast for Kaasass Snoxr tonlgM wilb colder In seatkemst portfon: Friday fair with risiagr tenpemtwe. Data recorded at the lo:*I office of the Weather Bureau: Temperature: Hlg^est yesterter *^ 12:30 p. m.. 58; lowest this OUHqiii . at 1 p. m., 41; nom al for todtqr, St; deficiency In temperature yedtwtey, 4 degrees; deficiency since Jamuy 1st, 250 degrees. Yesterday. Today. 3 p. m.„ 52 3 a. m...i—.42 6 p. m 43 6 a. m 43 9 p. TO 42 9 a. m 42 12 mdt. 41 Precipitation for 24 hours ending 7 a. m. today, 2.57 inches; e.xcess in precipitation since Januarj* 1st, 6.00 inches. Relative humidity 7 a. m. today. 96 percent: ba"ometer reduced to sea level 29.SS injhes. Sunrise todiy. 6:17 a. ni.; sunset. r.:24 p. tn. . SNOW IS FJILllNe AT EMPORIA storm Jbw With Falline Tem|irra. tiirt' HfNults in (irouud Bflui; -t'oTered. ARMY OF 200,000 TURKS IS ROUTED paiK mnsrox PGT TO FLIGHT ? ' irrRBLY DE3I0R.ILIZED. BULBARIAN CAVALRY PURSUES BULf.ARIA.V ARMY WIXS A MOST I»P0KTA.\T E.\«A<.E.HE.\T. Three Days of Hard Fifshtini; Possibly Inflapncr the Uatroa of the War. Will <B>- th.> A.s -!4 >.'<l London. Oct. M. — The ilul.earian army completely dvfeated the Turkish force, estimated at irmj.oou men, at Ljiele-Burgas after three days of terrific fighting. Tile Bulgarian cavalry pursuing the retreating Turks. r rXLE SAX HITCHI.V W. I , A telephone message to the Regls- , ^. . water < ter from Kniporia thfs afternoon siat- Ftation at the Neosho riv -r- rai'.e', ut-l^j that snow has b«en falling there terly. Its refusal to wcrk leff the oa- this morning and that the ground is uinet-rs at the water jilant Ri:essins most of the time as to th> progress of :he tire though reports w -n- in;:d-. of course, over th<' Rell line Ahich pave very saTisfact'>ry s>-rvic»-. In this contifH ^tion. the Bell lines and ip lo- ca lexchanpe should rot be corfu^^-d, with the'private rf the city. T!,>- tity constructed a system of private .'ire telephones because of the fact T.hat. when t firo occurs. il\e operators in 'the local e.vchangi' are besi^^g' i! with calls from subecrit>'rs who want to know .fbout the lire, where it ,£ and ail about it. This necessarily delays rervire nnd to avoid this de'.av and have a line rer.dy for use. completely covered. The storm l>e- gan with rain and as the temperature dropped close to freezing, the Tain changed to snow. The storm liere which b^'gun about j The Turkinli o'clock last ^venin.g and has coniin- i utiles long u. d with slight interruption resulted in a precipitation up to this morning of about three Inches. At U o'clock this afternoon the weather bureau stated that the total precipitation was -'.'iH inches. At Kmporia it was 1 ^s: Leroy 2M: Oswego 2.15. Over the county this moisture wiil prove most welcome. Not only were stock ponds dry or nearly so,, but scores of wells were at the low stage Sofia. Out. 31.—The Bulgarian army ha.s completely routed the main Turkish army under Maxim Pasha. The Turks fled in disorder, leaving many killed and wounded on the Held. The battle is regarded as the most imiKJrtJuit engagement since the bo- ginning of the war. It lasted thre; , e:)ti^•^ days, and extended along a line j from Luele-Iturgas easiwaild to Serai. front was over thir'y XED imporunt ptorntyZda' rpT 'calcnJaUn' in iny stable it 'oil the heat to, Uuh. some hauHnWfor I 'm loaded'^ilce the dence^ Donkey?/ Dr the Old Ball HooseT EE-PAESIDEIITS E SIMPLE ORSEQllES AT VrKA FOR MR. SH£R.VA>'. END CAMEAT 9:42 UST NIGHT some htt^^paWinz. but the Eleph!^t to strong For nij>re than half a centiry he's pulled the States aV^n?, | Ho'slstoo^ some mJshty «lart< acainst pacf^ ' But.they ^'couldn't reach the SKriinc worth upon th' I tiiM the Donkey once or tw^e. but he did so moi' ^//, TIyr{ t^hen the next election «y«»ne. he got» well DEATH FOLLOWED IMO.N.SClOrS. >ESS AT HIS HOME. the citj's lire was bui!:. When a fir.,' i and farmers who faced going into the occars, the power plant is imn;edia:>^ly informet'. and ke ;n ndvis-jd as to the scope lOf ihe fire and the r.-^cessity for pressure. . Tiie failure of the city line on the iMght of the court house lire was I promptly reixirted and the commission i er.5 took action a: once. The iastalla- ji ticn of this now Jinc; the repairs, ini- j prove'a»ent,s and additions, made at th<.' ! power plant should certainly,.it seems, have something to do with insurance r.ites in Ipla. The- power plant has three new boilers m absolutely dependable condition; an emergency plant ready to be atilized at any moment- a roservoir of fuel cil ro be used in case gas or coal should run out atirt the city electric department has recently pone over every line of its oifn. eliminated all work npt absolutely up to ihe standard nnd lias oth- e"-wise brought the plant and equip- iiitrnt .into, such shape as fhoulA compel recognition from everyone incluti- me the insurance department , Rigid inspection rules are heing enforced and will be continued without any. deviation. The recent discovery of a job of wir ing not up to the ftandard, afce.' it ?iad i>ec :U pr.ssed :i was claimed, ly the e'^inspector, was not tiie fault of the ii Ncior. it .appears. \ "^'spector asserts :that the work C(k made an inspection upon the statement that the job was comnfett- and The usual warning to prank players who plan to take advantage of Hal­ lowe'en, was issued by the police department this afternoon. While it is called the •"u.sual" warning, it really means more than usual this year. The police have taken the trouble from year to year to issue a series of warnings, beginning along in the first of October. They harped constantly on the danger of prosecution in case of destruction to property and by this uieans finally succeeded in .^caring persons of malicioiis intent iato being good or at least reasonably decent in their Hallowe'en pranks. This season, it, different. Tonight Yed of was put'iti after he had Hallowe'en and the first time th-i I>olice department called attention to what will happen in case any lawless- that he had no knowlede'' of :t nor,nes.-; takes place was this afternoon, anv wav of knowing that further work "^^''^ haven't any long spiel to make w:is done. He siir;.os.d, h^ x'.M .^"^a""" said the Chief, "and we are the wirine was finished. ^ f'"' t'^ waste our breath In is suing warnings. It does no goo<Time after time, attention has lieen called to the ordinances and threats of arrest iiave been made. .Many of i!»e prank players have utterly ignr.r- ed thi.-;. belie\lng that it was just talk.' We haven't 'talked' thi.-, time We are going, to aot^ Every citizen has a working knuwlwlge of what is a \ioIation of the ordinances and tMs line and last word should he all 'liat is necessary to warn all conc"rn--<l that l;iv.l.•^...^ess in any form w'l' not l.e tob'iated touight." winter with so little *ater for their stock were anxious. The rain will fill the stock ponds and relieve the situation. LATER—It snowed ginning about '\ o'clr here al.-o. be. Notice it? NOTICE TO THE TOWN BOYS (>ood .Natured Fan \ot Barred but tiie Police Will Arrest Offenders Who Destroy Property. L .\tliens. Oct: 3" —.N'ew and more ter' rible Turkish atrocities in twenty of the I'hristian villages in the Janina region are officially reported. JThe vil- lag .'S were destroyed, the inhabitants massacred women and children being burnetl alive. It is also officially reported tbni three-fourths of the Turkish wounded at the iteginnlng of the fighting wer« Christians. Now only about a fourth of the wounded are Christians, whic'i is taken to mean that the Christians were i>!aced in'the forefront of the battle. I.ondan. Oct. :{«'.—^The advancing Servian forces from Uskup. in conjunction with the Ctreeks. says an Elassona dispatch, are forcing the Turks to concentrate west of Salonki. They will probably be compelled to give battle to the Greeks and Servians between Verria and Salonki, and this battle will decide the fate of Salonki. ^ nV<f,^ r, W/y'Ku^who has ever heartt: of any prac)ic&hle use ^ / Ai pnllfag. or at kickii^. in WoTd Ball Moose? /// r \ le DohKey is so onstlnate. he slmply^.stands and Golden Grain of comnierce he rejects for lUlMle staUu. prove his trartability he lets donu ^rept'tar, ^ V/^o Ie;frcs nnlorked the stable door and thrours it wide He hay n sort of f.ntnons thought th.-.t if he krepakon Hayfnc. I'^Oe^U win the prize for pntronase in forebciT pastilres stray ing. But Mill it seems for pullini; thinzs a-nf^Jcef'has more use Thai/ vA ever think of cettlng from inOld Bull f4 <r*er Iie.inJ/Cf l:ipiriig Moose with brijjle^r «rl His habil5<^rc ^.'.4iild nnd flerc^'^pi«rpos»ible^ train. He ^rry^ a 'fiim U%f:^wraa\'*^ifW\ a tendency to yellow. AiuKMid ihc X»t*^^tiljjrt^cs ifMt that persistent bellow. , fiiiC ^ be !>. lc»J away by each tednctlve call, _D<>eTts hi« fniihrnl p.irtner. when he bears another bawL ^iM Nfndv Strf K dinnient. an«l this answer you will see. r<i last in MoosK Ton have tb« everlasting ME. P. OffieiaT Ol.servaare of Death WUI be Tulien by t -oTernmrat .Iftrr Ihe l'>ual Forms. i\>.\- th.^ .As-..--iate-l Pres?!) I'tiea. .v. Y . 0 <t. Z». —Vic»^President Sherman E>ied at 'i .Vl o'clock tonight. - , 7 ^^ji'lpt..V»lii"Jncd iniport.v(Monmef. and Pm very certain which ny^fie^ rrtt\rrs^in/n'y^M<X^ouM be the best to bitch. cot tKjln coineji ^lin*. and I'll trust the true and trlei/. falij^ftlELKPH\XT I'ye used so long to Me .T -AV.'Ji^ Berlin Oct. 30.— \ semi-official' message from Constantinople says fthat at the request of the porte and with the consent of tiie German emperor, the German guard ship Lorelei has proceeded for Salonki. in order, if necessary, to bring the ex-sultan. Alidul Hamid. to Constantinople. KATV ROBBERS I\ IOWA? TOMORROW TAX MAYING TIME I'ltanif ITi-lIf .Send^ Ro||<> Iw Conuty rreiJsHrer Tonickt. Tomorrow )ie ?lns ta.v|>ay:ng time. The county c!->rk will s-nd t!ie ta.v ntUs to the County treasurer tnnight and when oi)ens for busi- ne.-s in the lij 'jrninE- you will find tlie treai-urer and his assistantr- ready to r»-ceive yoi;r siiare of the fund? re- (juireti to maintain tiie state and rbun- ty government. Mrs. River.-, of Humboldt, who has for year.- jiait i^ecured receipt number one. wiil probably be found waiting at the treasurer's door early in .the : morning in an effort to again take her place at the head of the list: of early '.taxpayer.^. (JOV, STIBIIS HERE TOMtJHT. FUNERAL OK MISS HOLSER. Impressive Service and Tribute from Her Friends. The funeral of Mis-: Floy Houser was held from the residence of her ^ father, D. .\. Houser. at 41u South Jefferson street, this morning at V) - o'clock. Rev. .N'usbaum of the Methodist Church of Parsons' oteciaiiag. • Burial was made in the Highland cemetery. There was a large number of lola friends and out-of-town relatives present at the funeral all of who:n mourn the death of their friend. The floral decorations, sent by Miss Houser's friends, were impressive. Senatorial Candidate Will Address .Vudienrr^at Majestic Theater. Governor W. R. Stubbs .nominee for the Called States Senate, will deliver a political address in the Majestic theater tonight beginning probably at eight o'clock. The Govepor is spending the afternoon in Humboldt and the time of hi.-, arrival in lola is uncertain. Though he will certainly be here in time to begin his address at the hour stated. A party of Progressive* went to the Santa Ke passenger station at noon today expecting to find the Governor on his way to Humboldt. He was not on the train and evidently took a. circuitous roure to reach Humfeoldt in time to rest a short while before making his speech. Three Men in Connlry Xear DaTenporf Are Sn.spe«ted. (By the AS!m<iat<Hl I 'r .'5---( Davenport. la.. Oct. 31.—The Davenport police are seeking three men west of here in the coiintry who answer the description of the Katy robbers at Eufaala, Okla.. last week. The trio appeared at a grocery store and bought soap and provisions. One -man had a pocketful! of greenbacks. Inion Offirial Informed Deteetive Burns of the Identity of the Times Dynnmiters. iRy the A.smK-iato.J Pr«";.i1 !ndianaiK>lis. Ind., Oct. 31.—Sensational testimony that Wllliain J. Burns the detective, was "tipped off " to the ldentitie ..j of the dynamiters of the I»8 .Angel'-.s Times building two weeks af ter the e.\ido.-:ion by a man now on Trial was given al the "dynamite con- .-i'iracy' trial today. J. A. C. Badorf. aiio has been investigating the cause of til- explosions for five years, testified that Hethert S. Hockin adniitted having •gotten tn 'touch " with Bums. CAMPAIGN FUNDS INCREASED LAST WEEK HELI'ED WAR I'HE.vr OK BOTH PARTIES, * Repnblirans RecHved Sum of <i|.'K{,ivi.'; and Demorratv $I34;,I;V H in rii >s. insr Days. (V.y t !i.- A.^-...!..t..! Pr.-^sl Washington, Oct 'il.—Coiitriburintis amounting to $li >3.»j"i."i,'.»:.' weri- r-- cVived at R> (lublican .National- h> M .I- quarters last w»-,-k, aicording to .i supplemental report fil'-d today vi'h the clerk of the Ho*i':''> by (;"<'i.-.- K Sheldon. tr»asur»-r of the U. lei'.';. at. Xational Comltiittee. Thes«' last coiiiribuMons h: in;; th" grand total of th- K-imblican war funds up »o ,«744,6 <S .t".2. I'nd-r >'.i-I 'i'.- of rh- "Taft CIi:b of 'i'ale the I'r- si (!*'nt's college class ranks in the rer ,orr foda.v as the larger: indi- vi.lii;:; contributor. It :;ave $S .!7.''>. .Andr --H- Carnegie jjave J.>.i»i;0 more to I r -\ious s:!.!.";!"!!. The I'nion L-auue f'lub of .Vew York .gave S7.5u'>; ft. (• Kerens, of St. Ix>i;is. ambassa- 'I'lr 'o .-^u.^rria. 5".,' M'0- Edward T !';. rc". ;ii Brooklyn. JL'..^'"). I 'rrii.'-' th" ^-if s;\ djvs the Dera• >cr;i'ic .Varlonal Committe-^ rec^iv.d *I:J ';.»71' an<> borrowed $4t >.'ii '0 ar-' ii'r .i ;:i'-' to :'s supti!'-m« ntal r-por' ri!.il I'.il.iv. The ixi^enditur. s w»r- ?L';.'.,4»."'.::«'. CONWAY AND WIFE LOCATED Itlcj. X. Y,. Oct. 31.— The funeral of Vice-President Sherman will be held Sattirday uft»-rnoon at two o'clock from the Dutch Reformed church. As planned, the obse.quies will be v«ry simple. The sermon will be preached by Rev. Dr. Louis H. Holden, .Mr. Sherman's pastor. Sergeant-at- arms of the United States Senate. D. M. iwnsneil. t'^l-graphed that fifty memb-rs of the Senate will attend. Th»f Presiileut's o:iLiri»-t is also ex- p.-.t'-d. With the end in view of obtaining .a Iarg.-r auditorium, the first decision to hcfd the funeral of Mr. Sherman in th.- Dutch Reforrafd churcb was ab.-.n'.'.onetl and the First Presbyterian churth will b.- used. Th- body of the Vic-President will He in state at the Oneida county court house on Friday f r'.ri Z to p. m. and it is expected to be returned to the Sliennan resi- d-nce. for private pervices on Saturday morning. Mr. Sherman will be buried in I^orest Hill cemgtery where m-mbers of the famil.v have found thi^ir final resting pl'ace. srSPEfTS IN SINGER MFRDER KorVD IN LIMA, OHIO. They Denv Guilt and Say Girl Intend<-d Breaking Off RelaUons With Worthen. JOHNSON LOSES SALOON. ir:v th' .\^-...; .t-.i r;:i()i:t 3!.—.lack .Ji.itn.-.on. the _ _ n-irro i.t»ti:i^t. wiil not hold a li<;en,f. • girl's fiance whoTs held by the police, was told he probably could re- • Bv th- .\s -!.K Lit. il rro.s '5 'i . Cr.icago. Oct. :!I.-^The iJOlice were notifi. (1 today that Charles N. Conway and Beatrice Ryall. wanted in • mnection with the murder of Sophia O Singer, have been arrested at Lima, Ohio. Wi'.liaiu K. Worthen. the mur- ) (i)n>!i!'' a >alo<)n after tixiay. unless t':- (:;y c il!e;-fi)r. Coh-n. is compelled :<> i .-.-U'- one to hiiu. .fohn.=on's iii (tl.-e I'i.'etl today RATE RAISE DEKERRED. HOW ABOIT JOHN HEALYf •'•How about John HeaiyT" was a question propounded to the Register .today by a man who contended that while Governor Stubbs is in lola be might state to the community whi'.h has never been able to get/^n nuswir, why Heaiy is kept in the penitentiary for a crime that he never committed. Governor Stubbs was qtioted as saying he had worried over tlje Hei'.y case and would be glad for mandamus proceedings to place the re'jpon- slbility. But up to date he has never given Allen "county people anythins like a full, satisfying answer tj ihclrf questiooa. LECTIRE fOlRSE OPENS. The first numljer of the lola Lyceum Association course will be given at the Grand TTieatre this evening at S:13. The attraction is The Hussars, a troupe of about ten young liien. who supply the public with martial music war songs, college songs, etc. The Hussars come recommended by the entire lecture course woHd. and it Is not doubted in the least that the local association made a wise selection. The resenr-ed seat sale has been remarkable, ail of the seats on the first floor having been taken by yesterday evening. The choicest seats on the second floor were all sold out this afternoon, and choSe who did not avail themselves of the seats, will be prac- ticaiin "out" when the curtain rises toaisbL > Pacific Intended Hikinc Kansas.Mls. sourl Tariffs. • By tli-> iV-x.'iOcia.t .J Press> Washington, Oct. 31.—Increases in cia!:.s freight rates proposed by the .Mis.^ouri Pacific between points In Missouri, Kansas and- Nebraska, ranging from ten to twenty-two cents per hundred pounds, were suspended today by the Interstate Commerce Commission from November 4th to March 4th. STIBES AT THE BALL GAME. rnmiBittee railed Off Meetinc and Planned Attendio? Game. Humboldt, Kas.. Oct. 30ril2. lola Register: Referring to the story printed Tuesday in which it was stated tiiat Stubbs was 'to pitch the opening ball for the game today, it la not more thiin fair to Mr. Stubbs and hi.< frieiidt to state that the Stubbs meeting had been called off on account of the game. The Governor had bem advertised to speak here in the afternoon. When it was found that the game was sched uled, his friends here c-illed olT the speef.b and decided to take the Governor out to the game instead, and asking hlni to pitch the first ball wa« simply an Rcf of friendly courtesy with no political significance whatever. In tKt the Oovemor did not even know the program had been changed for him. ARTHUR CU.N.NINUHAM. turn to Baltimore tjiday if he desireil. He deiiined the offer, saying he pre:err.,l to remain in Chicago and aid the prosecution. He said: "I am so ' glail. .Vow if they only will confess tha" will clear the »-h<i!e matter up." l-iiiia. O. (Kt. Ciiarles Conway sai'i; "I ailriiit I'm tiie man the (M>lice ••.re looking for. but I lUny that I have any knowledge of the murder of .Mis.s Singer in connection wit'a which they A ant me." Conday d-clared that he did not of the murder until he read it ' in the papers. He said the body of I .Mis.-: Singer must hav- been imt in his 1 riXim a'ter he and his wife "left the j ri'v on Monday night, j Thill Sophia Singer, the wealthy ; Baltimore gir! murdere.1 in Chicago ( on Monday night, planned, to "break j - f:'" with William Worthen. the con- jduitor anil.pool play-r with whoni ; -l.e had e]ope<l and that she was vis- j it-d by another man were revelatians j ntuitf by ••Bt -africe Ryall' arrested today, with her husband. Ciiarles R. Con- ua.v. in connection with the murder. Conway anil his wife told the police that the last person they ^w as they !-ft the boarding hpuse in Chicago was Miss Singer who gave Miss Ryall tv.enty-flve dollars and tjto suits of clothe* I Ciiea, X. Y, Oct. 3L—Ctica today is mo'irnic.g the death of Vice-President James S. Shermatu Exalted public functionary,' though be was, he was known 'o rticans~'as "Jim' Sherman Indeed in most cases, his surname was dropped and the common ex- chrnge of salutation among the colder residents today was, ^Poor Jiin is gone.'* All the city flags were lowered to half mast at the beginning of the day and in every other possible way the vice-president's home* city indicated its grief Slierman was a promi-. nept factor in many business enterprises here and the offices of such concerns were closed. Arraneetr.ents are being made, for the funeral, which it is anticipated wiil be simple. Worn with many hours of the members of the family were slow in taking up the de•ails of obsenuies. but .«o far as (here was an expression it was* favorable to the quietest possible proceeding coin- m^nsurate with the vice-presrdent's official position. The expectation : is that, President Taff and many members of the cabln '3t and of both houses of Congress will desire to attend, but it. is not probably that even the presence of even the nation's greatest dignitaries will shake the determination of the family to avoid all ostentation <n connection with the last rites over their de.-»d. Sherman was a member of 'he Dutch Reformed church and the uijderstanding was that the obsequies win be conducted in accordance with the forms of that denomination. .M.iny messages of condob'ltce were receivedduring the right and they con tinue to pour in from all parts of the country. Since the beginning of the illness of . his chief, Harry Devendorf. who for the last eighteen years has . been Sher.uan's private secretary, has l»een consi.intly with him and is now giving , close attention to all details pertain--' ing to the-laite vice-president's affairs ••I 'A to the approaching funeral cere- mor..v. VOTES BY TJIE MILLl ts READY. • > umber of Voten. for Xijxt Tuesday Plared at Sixteen Mlltioii. i Wa ^'aington. Oct. 3i). —.\pproximale- I iy '.'.M.'/.tc)') men. and 630.wt> women I in t;>- United Sutes will c^st ballots 'in the presidential election this year. ! Tilts e-timaie has just l>een made by i the Census bureau and represents as !^ an approximation as it is possible *to make in advance of the election itself. The number of votes cast ! in the election of liKS was I4.SsS.442' I Mr. and Mrs. A. U Conant. of Chi- I'cago, who have been here visiting I Mrs. Bernlce F. Akers. returned hom^ 'this afternoon. I J. F. Poster and family of fh-ita." ] Colorado, are here > isiliug the Copen-, ing broihers and frienda. . Washington. Oct. 31.— Shortly after noon President Taft signed a formal proclamation announcing the Vice- President's death and providing* for the observance and paying of tribute to Mr. Sherman 's life and work. Col. Ran^eli, sergeant-at-arms of the Senate, transmitted it to the Senators as an official notification of the death of its presiding officer.. In his procl.'imation President Taft said: "In respect to his memory and the eminent and various services of this high offlcia! and patriotic public servant I direct that on the' day of his funeral the .e-recufive offices of the Cniled States be closed and all posts and stations of the Navy a^d Army shall JlsplBv the national flag at half m 'cst and tiiat Representatives of th-e Tnit -d States in foreign countries shall i>ay an appropriate tribute to the ilustrious doad fur a period of thirty daj s " The S-.:preme Court adjourned immediately upon receipt of tHe notice. President Taft will leave here lati ". ton^orrow^ for Utica. Washington, Oct 31.—White House ofEtrials are waiting today for the announcement from I'tica of the time of the funeral of Mr. Sherman so that arrangements for President-Taft to at tend might be made. The Presjdent has an engagement at Newark, JJ. J., on Si'iuriay at the dedicatlu of a nmnumeat to Gecrge Washinfton, If the'faneral :s held thai day the Prcs- idenr will cancel his New..*rk trip and go straight'to Urtca, leaving W'ashlag- ton prob.-5'Jly late tomorrow. Althoui^' the plans are still indefinite, it was iCojuinued on psse S)

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