Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 27, 1968 · Page 14
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 14

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1968
Page 14
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I THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1968 Watching Television ,10 1 ' 10 •TONIGHT 6:00- -2 News 3 Cactus P^i. 4-5-6-12 News 3 Frenci Chef 6:30—2-3 The First Lady 5-6 High Chsparrel 8 international Magarine il Truth or Consequences 7:00—11 Of lands and Seas 7:SO-<2 St. Louis looici at Russia 3 Felony Squad 4-12 Gbmer Pyle 5-6 Naine of the Sane 8 What's New 8:00—2-3 Don Rickles 4-12 Movie: "The House of hr Seven Hawks" 8 Passport Eigiit 8:30—2-3 Guns of Will Sonnett 8 Book Beat 9:00-2-3 Judd 5-6 Star Trek 8 The World We live In 9:30-8 Who Is J I Honaymooners 10:00^2-3-4-5^-12 News 7 faET Playhouse ' IT Perry Mason 10:30—2-3 Joey Bishoo' 4 Movie: "The Far Country" 5-6 Tcnrght Show 16 J 45*-12 Movie-: "Buffalo Sill" 11:,00 -T-ll. Movie: '/Hudson's B«y" 12KKJ—2 Movie: "Son of Dracula" 3 A\Ovi(s: "The Great lover" 12:10—5 Car and Track 12:15—4 Movie: "The Heiress" SATURDAY PROGRAM Morning 5:15—4 Meditation. News 5:30—4 Summer Semester 6:00—4 Town and Country 6:15—12 Summer Semester 6:30—4 P.S. Four 5 Agriculture U.S .A. 6:45-12 News 7:00—4-12 Go Go Gophe,: 5 Birdman 6 RFD TV 11 Modern Almanac 7:15—2 Thought For Today 7:2.0;—2 .Farm Picture i.&S*-X News 7.-C30—2 World of Ideas 4-12 Bugs Bunny/Road Runner 5 Cprky's Colorama 6'Atop.the Fence Post '• 11 Film 8:00—2-3 Casper Cartoons 5-6 Super Six 8:30—2-3- Adventures of Gulliver .4-12. Wacky Races 5 Gorky's Colorama 6 Top Cat II King and Odie 9 :00-r2-3 Spidecmart 4-12. Archie 5-6 Flintstones ]1 Three Stooges 9 :30-2-3 Fantastic Voyage 4 -12 Bat Man/Superman 5-6 Banana Splits 10:00—2-3 The Pied Piper of Astroworld 11 -Movie: "Suzannah o* 'he Mounties" 4.-12 Herculolds 5-6 Underdogs ' 1 :00—2-3 George of the Jungle 4 -l '2 Shazzan 5 -Corky's Colorama 6 Birdman 11 :30—2-3 American Bandstand '68 4-12 Johnny Quest 11 Movie: "Hudson 6dy" 6 Super Presider.l Afternoon 12:00—2 Gator Bowl Preview Shew 4-12 NPl Pre-Game Show 5 St; Louis Hop '6 Movies: "The Deadly" . . "The Mole People" ."Men Afraid" 2:30—2 Gator Bov/I 1:00—5 Miyle: "Man of the West" l :3tf -ll Moyie: "Charlie Chan at • the Wax Museum" 2:45—4-12.. Sun Bowl Football Gam- 3:00—11 Wagon Train 3:30—2-3 East-West Football Game 4:00—5 Great. Music 4:30—6 GE College Bowl ,'•'11 'Billy Walker's Country - / -^Carnival 5:00^5.26 'Men, ft r fi'.Wilburn Brothers 11' Bill Anderson 5?3QM[-6-12 News • lTGrand Ole Opry Evening 6:00—5 Death Valley Days 6 Porter Wagoner 11 Wilburn Brothers 6:30—2-3 the Dating Game 4-12 Jackie Gleason Show 5^6 Adam 12 11 Porter Wagonet 7:00- 2-3 The Newlywed Game 5-6 Get Smart 11 Alfred Hitchcock 7:30-2-3 The Lawrence Welle Show •4-12 My Three 5-6 The Ghcst and / Mutr 8:00— i 12 Hoaan's H<>rces 5 Movie: "I love, a Mystery'* 6 Movie: "Pocketfui of Miracles' 8:30-2-3 Hollywood Palace i-\2 Prtticoal Junction i 1 Championship Wrestling 9:C0— * Mannix 9:30-2 Movie: "leresa" j Bill Anoerson 10:00 -2-3-4-:-6r12.News...... 11 John Gray ' 10:15—3 Movie: "Folio* the' Sun" 4 Movie: "Marjorie Moring star" 5 Movie: "Lonely Heails" 10:30—12 Movie: "Home in Indiana" 11:00-6 Movie: "Mister Corey" 11:30-11 Outer limits 11:50-2 MoVie: "The Black Cat" 12:35-4 The Dick KeeFo ShdW l:35'-4 Movie: "Never. Steer Anything Small" ' SUNDAY PROGRAM Morning 6:00—12 Christophers . . 6:30-4 P.S. 4 • 12 Big Picture' 7:00—4 Tom and Jerry b-11 Faith For Today 12 tester Family Sings 7:30—2 Pattern For living 4 Aquaman 5 Lester Family Sings 6 Gospel Singing Jubilee 11 Movie: "New Testament" 12 Herald of Truth 8:00—2 The Answer 4 Sunday Morning 5 Gospel Singing Jubilee 11 Songs of Faith 12 Tom and JJerry 8:30—2 Cross Currents 3 Beatles 4 Faith of Our Fathers 5 America Sings 6 Paducah Devotions 11 Mister Magoo 12 Aquaman 8:45-2 Sacred Heatrt 9:00—2 Message of the Rabbi 3 Linus 4-12 Lamp Unto My Feet 5 Religious Talks 11 Uncle Waido ' 9:15—2 Church Service 6 Hamilton Brothers Quartet 9:30—3 King Kong. 4 Look Up and live 5 This is me Life 6 Herald of Truth 10:00-2-3 BuHwinkle 4-12 Camera- Three 5 Eternal Light 6 This is the Life 11 Roller Derby 10:30—2-3 Discovery 4 Way of Life 5 Super President 6 The Answer 12 Face the Nation I 1:00-2 The New Beatles 4 Tile Church is You 3 Trine 5 Corky's Colorama 6 Popeye 12 This is the Life 11:30-2 Linus 3 University of Michigan 4 Face the Nata' 5 AFl Championship Football 0 Eternal Light 11 Championship Wrestling 12 The Answer 12:00-2 King Kong 3 Directions 4 TBA 11 The Honeymooners 12:15-12 Glory Road 12:30-2 Wells Fargi 3 Issues and Answers 4 The Biggest Plays of the NFL 11 Movie: "San Quentin" 12 Gospel Singing Caravan 12:45-12 The Hunter 1:00-2 Movie: "The Tyrant of Castile' 3 Allen Revival Hour 4 NFL Championship Game 1:30—3 Sunday Matinee 2:00—11 Make Room For Daddy 2:30—2 Dobie Giliis 6 Great MUSJL 11 Movie: "Life With Blindie" 3:00-2-3 Sagj of Western Man—Gettysburg 5 26 Men 3:30—5 Wackiest Ship in the Army 6 Catholic Hour 4:00—2 Movie: "Teresa' 6 Meet the Press 11 Animal World 4:30—3 Amateur Hour i 1 Adventure 5:00-3 Film 4-12 NFL All Pro 6 File 6 11 Burks law 5:30-3 F Troop 4 News Evening Tea"! '0; 11 12: 00—4-12 M's&iin Impossible 5 Rossellinis Sicily 11 News :00-2-3-4-5-6-12 News 11 John Grriy :30—2 Movie: "Wrong Arm of Law" 4 Movie: "Gunmar.s Walk" 5 Johnny Carson 6 Movie: "Tarnished Angel 12 Movie: "The Horrible Dr. Hitchcock" :45 -3 Movie: "T'.e Lost World" :30-ll Route 66 :20—2 Issues and Answers 4 Movie: "One Desire" the ! 6:00—2-3 land of the Giants 4-12 Lassie 5-6 Adventures of Huck Finn 11 Something Special 6:30—4-12 Gentle Ben 5-6 Wondertul World o( Color 7:00-2-3 The FBI 4-12 Ed SulliVdn 11 Alfred Hitchcock 7:30—5-6 Mother-in-Law 8:00—2-3 Movie: 'Can Can" 4 -12 Smothers Brothers 5-6 Bonanza 5-6 Bonanza 11 Bill Fields HOIS EN<@> DRIVE CAREFULLY TV Review Winters Is Winner In Time Swap By CYNTHIA LOWRY A TPelevisionRadio Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Unlikely as it may seem, Jonathan Win- tors seems to be a much mor^ amusing fellow in the early evening that in the hater part. It may work out that CBS's "Jonathan Winters Show' got the better part of the deal in the time swap with ''Hawaii Five-O." The variety hour had its premiere in the earlier Thursday period, and its star, had some very tunny turns, one at the top at the show when he was extemporaneously answering ques- iipr.s from the audience and later when he was playing a very drunken liquor inspector in a sketch. For a windup there was a TO 1 freshing sequence when our rotund hero gathered around him members of Roy Rogers end Dale Evans family—and their assembled children, children's hearsed story-tellers to whom we have been exposed of recent date. The hour contained another especially bright number—<a quick review in comedy blackouts of some major events of the year. It encompassed Fiance's money troubles with a De Gaulle spoof. It made a joke about the hijacking of airliners —a Castro-like creature was shown sticking a gun at Santa's held and ordering his sleign south. • And it: even took in the Onassis-Kt'nnedy wedding- tee was Winters in a little Lord Fauritleroy suit standing on a pier and shouting through a bull horn in the direction of a large yacht anchored nearby; "Can Caroline and John come ot it and play" j One can only regret that the 1 show—which apparently has j dropped some of the more cum- j bersome features, has not yet figured out what to do with one of its regulars, Cliff Arquette. who can be a wild and inventive cornic. "Hawaii Five-0 ' which took over Winters' old spot last Wednesday night, continues to be another stereotyped cops- and-robbers story with only those lush island location shots to give it any ditinction. Ed ' McMahon, with his own daytime game show, his nighttime announcing chores on the Johnny Carson show, commercials to make and a number of outside activities unrelated to how bussiness, has taken on another job that would be a full- lime oi '-cuptttion for mote men. At I'U - request of Gen. Erara°t —Rosie—O.'Donnell. he will produce the big inaugural gala in Washington's armory on Jan'. IS. McMahon has already lined up the cast of "George M.." Dinah Shore, Roger Williams, Les Erown and his band and, ut course, Carson, for the big show ivhich he 'also will M .C. He has lines out tc several other pei* fortmrs. ? The talent, except for the mu? sicians. will contribute their performances with only travel costs and accommodations cov-' ered. McMahon will spend long weekends—Thursday through Sunday—in the capital. Recommended tonight: "The I 'iew from the White House with Mrs. Lyndon* B. Johnson," ABCi 7.30-8.30 ^EST, an intimate glimpse of the first family in their Washington home, via ajj informal conversation wi'h the President's wife. • WHITER CLOTHES CHEAPER WASH HAZEL'S COIN LAUNDROMAT 33rd St. & West Broadway Sanitary Tubs, 3 Rinses, Soft Water— -10c Double Action, 3 Rinse, Top Loader, 25 Lb. Washer And Extractor Dry 10c, 10 Minutes OPEN 24 HOURS What have you got to lose' Skids! pfb&arj in? £yen though traffic may be slipping and sliding around |by; y^'fteln control *> this 'Jeep' Wagoneer. Shift into 'Jeep' iMtfhgef drive (at any speed) ^. you've got twice the traction. ?> f ou'hug*the road, even on slippery curves. You're far less frkery sfc|3. Mod? S*ow? You're weatherproof! Ride in style, with 1 " 1 MP y-8 power, automatic transmission, power steering, ^iss, air condtttarmg, the whole bit. Test drive Amer;-4-^heel drive fam% wagon... the 'Jeep' Wagoneer. uet swept up in the value excitement of our... t i Jeep , 4-wted drive* WwBgrttodriwtttobeBewft. 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