The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 17, 1998 · Page 40
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 40

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 17, 1998
Page 40
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D8 SUNDAY. MAY 17, 1998 LIFESPORTS THE SALINA JOURNAL T ON THE OUTSIDE TGOLF TOMMIE BERGER fisheries biologist, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Salina pros offer pointers Baby wildlife need to be left in the wild I know that most of you are aware that it is late spring and that this is the time of year when many of our wild critters are reproducing. And most of you have a pretty good idea of what to do if you find a-baby out there somewhere. But because it's a pretty important topic and we get calls every year on this subject, it's perhaps time for a reminder. The best advice is to leave it alone. All baby wildlife are cute and cuddly as are babies of anything. But baby wildlife grow fast and before you know it, they're grown up. These critters have wild instincts, and they can be downright mischievous or even dangerous. Wild animals carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans or domestic animals. And as you've probably heard many times, most baby critters that you find in the fields are not orphaned, abandoned, or in need of our help. Most are put there or left there by their parents because you came along and scared them away. Please ignore the temptation to pick up a baby animal and take it home. Most people aren't able to correctly care for the critter anyway. Most mammal babies can't survive on milk out of your refrigerator. The old tale that wild animal parents will not accept a youngster back after being handled by a human isn't true. So if your youngster does come home with a baby raccoon or deer, take it back to the location where it was found and leave it there. Or, if in your farming operation, you find a baby or nest of babies and they are in harms way, simply move them to the edge of the field or out of the grain bin or combine. If there is sufficient ground cover put them there. If not, put them in a cardboard box or bucket and set them in the shade. If not before, as soon as it gets dark, mom will be back to move the babies to another safe place. If you have a situation where you need advice or don't feel that you can make a good decision, then call someone who works for Wildlife and Parks, your local biologist or conservation officer. They will give you some advice or come to the location and give you a hand. There are times when a baby deer gets injured by a combine or a hay swather. We have several of those situations every year and the babies are often taken to a vet. The trauma of travel, shots, bandages, etc. are usually too much and the critters die anyway. It is often better to leave the injured critter there for the parents to care for. They can do a better job than We can. ! As we all should know and understand, nature is often extremely amazing, but it can also be cruel. In the wild, life and death goes on-every day. - Predators have to eat and for them to survive, other animals have to die. Baby animals are especially vulnerable. The strong and lucky survive, the weak, sickly, and injured often die. But that's life. If every baby critter survived to be an adult, we would be overrun by deer, raccoons, coyotes and bobcats. • Occasionally, someone will happen upon a situation where a baby is truely orphaned. The mother is killed on the road and the babies are there at the edge. Or someone kills a troublesome raccoon, finds that it is a lactating female, and hears the babies crying in the hayloft. In these situations, Wildlife and Parks has a list of wildlife rehabil- ita'tors who are licensed to care for these animals. Legally, these are the only people who can raise baby wildlife. Their objective is to return everything back to the wild wherever possible. The same rule applies for turkey or pheasant nests. Every year with the first cutting of alfalfa farmers often find game bird hens flushing from nests or going through swathers. ^ They sometimes pick up the eggs and incubate them at home. I know it may not be feasible, but cutting around a nest or raising .the header to leave some cover over the nest would be preferable. • • So leave those little critters out there where you find them. It's better for them and it is illegal for you. This is one time when your local Wildlife and Parks personnel can help you out and prevent some major headaches later in the year. Hardesty, Overgard, Syring give advice on equipment to putting By HAROLD BECHARD The Salina Journal Golfers are a fickle lot. They are never satisfied. If they're a 20 handicap, they want to be a 15. If they're 15, they try like heck to be a 10. If they're 10, they long to be a 5. Few players can smack it off the tee like Tiger Woods and putt like Ben Crenshaw, but that doesn't stop them from trying. Whether you're a single-digit golfer, a weekend hacker or someone just learning the game, everyone has room for improvement. And so, after giving lessons during Friday's nation-wide "Cure Your Slice" day sponsored by Golf Digest, the three PGA professionals from Salina are here to offer a few tips on how you can become a better player. Listed below are some pointers that Randy Syring (Salina Country Club), Steve Hardesty (Salina Municipal) and Robert Overgard (Elks County Club) hope will make you a more complete player. Equipment (Randy Syring, Salina C.C.) • Irons — Syring said the most important thing to remember when buying equipment is to make sure it fits properly. "It's not a good idea to buy irons these days without being fitted for a set," Syring said. "If you end up with irons that are ill- fitted to your golf swing, you can slice them or hook them or push them or pull them just because the iron doesn't fit you. "I'm sure that any of the three Sallna's three PGA professionals Salina Country Club) and Robert prove your golf game. pro shops have fitting sessions. So, whenever someone comes to me interested in a new set of irons, I almost always suggest a fitting session to start out with so we can narrow the parameters of what clubs might best fit their swing." • Drivers — There's nearly as many drivers on the market as putters and they all have different shapes, lengths, shafts and flexes. Syring said he encourages people to try out demos before buying them. "Unfortunately, there are no standards anymore in length and shaft flex," Syring said. "So, it's very difficult to tell an individual they need a firm shaft or they need a more flexible shaft in a particular model because a firm shaft in a Galloway driver may be completely different then a firm shaft in a Titlest driver." Syring uses a monitor to test the swing speed of players. A swing above 90 miles per hour Steve Hardesty (left, Municipal Golf Course), Randy Syring (center, Overgard (right, Elks Country Club) have some tips on how to Im- means a person is safely in the firm-shaft category. • Putter — "Putters are almost a completely personal choice," Syring said. "I always tell people the first thing to look for is whether the putter is square to the line. If you can tell that with the putter, it's worth trying out. "But if you get the putter down and you start adjusting a little bit when you're ready to putt and you can't quite see when it's square to the line, then it's probably not a good putter for you." The golf swing (Steve Hardesty, Salina Municipal G.C.) • The grip — In order to rip it, you must grip it, and if the grip is wrong, you're usually trudging down the wrong fairway looking for your ball. The most popular grip places the club in the left hand running diagonally along the fingers for a looser, more flexible feel, and the left thumb in the palm of the overlapping right hand. "The grip of the club is probably one of the worst causes of a slice," Hardesty said. "Most people place the club in their palm. If it's in their palm, they have less wrist action, which causes more slicing." • Rhythm and tempo — "What I try to do in the initial practices is to focus on ball contact and swing rhythm and not focus on distance," Hardesty said. "If the player can meet the ball in the center of the club face with a nice even rhythm, that tends to straighten out the ball and give them more confidence. "I also try to encourage an even rhythm and tempo," he said. "Your personal tempo might be fast, so we need to make sure the backswing and the follow through has the same rhythm." • Practicing — Hardesty said a practice session should begin with short shots and short swings. "It's important to take an even-; ly paced backswing and follow . J; through, so I would concentrate ;< on the 9-to-3 drill, swinging back < halfway and through halfway," * Hardesty said. "Start with 50 ?,; yards and work your way out J; with longer clubs." ; * Putting * (Rob Overgard, Elks C.C.) It's a time-worn phrase, but v J "drive for show, putt for dough" 1 ; still holds true today as it did « back during the days of Ben * Hogan and Sam Snead. ,.-J And everyone, it seems, has ••••* their own way of getting the ball* into the hole. "I have seen some people that"' have really bad putting strokes ; who make a whole lot of putts. It's a very individualistic thing,"Overgard said. "There are certaifi things you can teach a beginner" j about putting that will make r* them a better putter, but you've^ got people out there who have ^ been playing golf for a long time-* who have some very unorthodox • strokes and stances, and still putt very well." -;,i • Fundamentals — "When 1'^ trying to help someone with their putting, I talk about taking (the /•;; putter) straight back and straight through," Overgard said. "Get »:;;; your shoulders good and square"; to the target and try to work the ball right down the target line. Try to keep your head still and eyes over the ball. That's pretty;;. much the basics." '•£; • The practice green — "Pick; a flat area on the green and hit £'•: lot of two- to three- to four-foot \'._ putts because, if you're hitting ••:'.. lag putts, you're trying to hit it'.„.> within two or three feet of the X hole," Overgard said. "A lag putf: doesn't do you much good if you..; don't make the next one." ' ; " T FISHING Monster Kansas flathead might break two records Crappie fisherman lands catfish at Elk City Reservoir that tips scales at 121 pounds From Staff and Wire Reports ELK CITY — Finally, there is a tale of the one that didn't get away. Ken Paulie of Caney was fishing for crappie along the dam at Elk City Reservoir on Thursday when he reeled in a pending world-record flathead catfish, a 61-inch specimen weighing 121 pounds, with a girth of 42 % inches. "I've been in fisheries for 12 years, and this is the largest freshwater fish I've ever seen," said Sean Lynott, district fisheries biologist at Elk City, who helped Paulie take the flathead to a grain mill in Independence where it was weighed on scales certified by the state. "I was able to get him right between two rocks in the shallow water so he couldn't move." Ken Paulie Caney fisherman "Not only does it break the state record, it smashes it," Lynott said. "Generally when a state record is broken, it's by a pound, or a couple of ounces, not by something of this magnitude." The Kansas flathead record is a 90- pound fish caught below the Pomona Dam in June 1993. Paulie's flathead could eclipse the records of the International Game Fish Association (91 pounds, 4 ounces) as well as the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame (92 pounds). The flathead also would surpass the association's world records for 11 catfish species, including the blue catfish record of 111 pounds. Blues are generally the largest catfish species. Paulie was using a Zebco 33 reel and rod with a 17-pound test line to avoid constantly break line in the rocks while fishing for crappie. "The wind was blowing hard toward me, and I was kind of mad because I thought the crappie'fishing would probably not be too good," Paulie said.' Standing on a rock in shallow water, he hooked what he thought was a rock or log. "I was able to get him right between two rocks in the shallow water so he couldn't move," Paulie said. "Then I grabbed him by the'mouth, pulled him near shore and tied a rope on him. It's funny because I ..,. don't flathead fish, but I have friends who - do, and I've seen several 45- or 50- - pounders this year. "I figured this one was 75 or 80, so I ran to wildlife office area. I knew when I told them how much I thought it weighed that they were thinking, 'yeah, right. We've heard that before.'" Lynott and Paulie found out just how big it was when they struggled to carry it up the bank. What Thursday morning taught Paulie is that bad weather isn't necessarily bad and reaffirmed the angling truth that-,,, what you fish for isn't always what you-*; catch. .> "I'm still kind of in shock," he said. "I"'" didn't go out to flathead fish, I just happened to be at the right place at the right * time." Baseball camp • JUNE 1-4 AT SALINA — Salina Central Camp lor ages 7-11 (8 a.m.-10 a.m.) and 11-14 (10 a.m.-noon)... $30 lee or $25 II live or more Irom same team attend the camp ... call Bill Barlow (785-823-3602) or Chris Ruder (785-825-4754). Baseball tournaments • MAY 22-24 AT ELLSWORTH — 15-under tournament sponsored by Ellsworth Babe Ruth Association... call 785-472-3589. • MAY 22-25 AT OTTAWA — USSSA State Qualifier ... 8,10,12,13 age divisions... $150 entry fee plus three baseballs ... 3-game guarantee ... entry deadline May 11 ... call Wayne Bums (785-242-1939). • MAY 23-24 AT SALINA — Spring Training tournament for 13-15-year-olds at Sunset Park ... pool play then single elimination on Sunday ... entry fee $125 ... call Ted Cunningham (785-823-5077). • MAY 23-25 AT LYONS — 14-under tournament sponsored by Lyons Babe Ruth ... eight teams... entry fee $125 plus two baseballs ... entry deadline May 10 ... contact Lyons Recreation Commission, Box 407, Lyons, Kan. 67554. > MAY 30-31 AT SALINA—Youth tournament at Bill Burke Park sponsored by Salina Athletic Club... 9,10, 11,12 age divisions... entry fee $125... call Ken Ebert (785-826-9869) or Bob Schmidt (785-827-3606 or 785827-1879). • MAY 30-31 AT McPHERSON — 12-under tournament sponsored by McPherson Recreation Commission ... call Perry Warden (316-241-0363). • JUNE 6-7 AT RUSSELL — 12-under McDonalds Tournament of Champions at Memorial Park Complex ... entry fee $125 by May 22, $135 afterwards ... 3- game guarantee... call Eric Marshall (785-483-6966 or 785-483-4011). • JUNE 6-7 AT SALINA — Youth tournament at Bill Burke Park sponsored by Salina Athletic Club ... 9,10, 11,12 age divisions... entry fee $125... call Ken Ebert (785-826-9869) or Bob Schmidt (765-827-3606 or 785827-1879). > JUNE 6-7 AT NEWTON — 11-12-year-old touma. ment... three-game guarantee ... call Eddie (316-282 5835) after 4:30 p.m. • JUNE 12-14 AT HUTCHINSON — USSSA NIT tournament at Fun Valley ... 9,11,13 age divisions ... June 4 deadline... call Jim Swlnt (316-669-9999) weekdays 8 a.m.-5 p.m. • JUNE 20-21 AT SALINA — Ninth annual Sacred Heart Booster Club Tournament at Bill Burke Park ... four age divisions... $125 for ages 9 and 10... $150 for ages 11 (full) and 12... 4-6 game guarantee... call 785 825-0039 or 785-823-8931. • JUNE 26-28 AT RUSSELL — 15-under tournament at Memorial Park ... entry fee $120 (by June 12] or $130 (June 13-19)... three game guaranteed ... call Eric Marshall (785-483-6966 or 785-483-4011). • JUNE 27-28 AT SALINA — 6th annual Noon Kl- wanls Mid-Season Tournament at Bill Burke Park... entry fees $125 (10) and $140 (11, 12 age divisions)., four games ... call Jim Johnson (785-827-1010). • JULY 2-5 AT TOPEKA — Lake Shawnee Classic ... 8, 10,12,14,16 age divisions ... three-game round robin ... entry fee $190 ($225 for 16-under)... call Bob Gonzales (785-267-1409). • JULY 4-6 AT SALINA — 5th annual Salina Baseball Shootout at Bill Burke Park ... 10,11,12 age divisions ... four-game guarantee ... $125 entry fee ... call Gary Charvat (785-825-5777). • JULY 10-12 AT RUSSELL— 13-under tournament at Memorial Park ... entry fee $120 (by June 26) or $130 (June 27-July 3)... three game guaranteed... call Eric Marshall (785-483-6966 or 785-483-4011). • JULY 11-12 AT SALINA — Salina Downtown Li- ons-sponsored tournament at Bill Burke Park ... 9,10, 11,12 age divisions... entry fee $125... call Terry Criss (785-827-7251 or 825-5963) or Jim Ravenkamp (785827-0484 or 823-2503). • JULY 31-AUQUST 2 AT OTTAWA — 2nd annual Orlls Cox Memorial Tournament... 8,10,12,13,15-16, 17-18 age divisions ... entry fee $150... entry deadline July 20 ... call Wayne Burns (785-242-1939). • AUGUST 1-2 AT SALINA — End-of-the-season tournaments sponsored by SP&R Department... pee wees (9-10) and midgets (11-12) ... entry fee $125 ... entry deadline July 24 ... call Brian White (785-8267434). Basketball camps • HEART OF AMERICA CAMPS — 27th annual Heart of America Sports Camps In Kansas Wesleyan's Mulr Gymnasium ... boys (June 7-11, July 19-23), girls (June 14-18, July 12-16, girls advanced camp July 1216, team camp Aug. 6-9)... for ages 6-17 ... call Ken Cochran (785-827-6229) or write for Information at: HOA Sports Camps, Box 1073, Salina, Kan. 67401. • JEROD HAASE CAMP — June 5 at Sacred Heart High School In Salina, June 9,10 In Undsborg, June 28 In Abilene ... boys/girls ages 8-18 ... entry fee $40 per player ... call Brian Gomnley (785-826-9431, Salina camp), Janle Nyqulst (785-227-3648, Llndsborg) or Donna Graber (785-263-7266 (Abilene). • MARIAN WASHINGTON CAMP — 24th annual Marian Washington Camp at Lawrence ... June 7-11, 21-25, June 28-July 2 for ages 8-18... elite camps June 4-7,11-14 for ages 15-18 ... call Heidi (785-864-4938). • JUNE 1-4 AT CONCORDIA — Lady Thunderblrd Camp at Cloud County Community College ... grades 1-6, 9:30-11:30 a.m.; grades 7-12, 1:15-3:30 p.m. ... entry fee $50 (morning) or $60 (afternoon)... call Brett Erkenbrack (800-0729-5101, ext. 298). • JUNE 1-5 AT LINDSBORQ — 2nd annual Bethany College Boys Camp ... grades 4-6 and 7-8 ... entry fee $50 ... entry deadline May 25 ... call Clalr Oleen (785227-3311, ext. 8176, or 785-227-3279). • JUNE 15-17 AT CHAPMAN — Boys and girls camps at Chapman H.S.... $20 fee... 9-11 a.m.... 4-8 grades ... call Sam Muff (785-922-6561). • JUNE 15-19 AT SALINA—For 4th, 5th grade boys at Salina South Middle School... entry fee $55 ... call Daryl Hoeltlng (785-625-2815). • TOM ASBURY CAMP IN MANHATTAN — June 21-25 and July 26-30 at Kansas State's Ahearn Fieldhouse ... registration fees $285 (overnight camper), $185 (day camper)... call 785-532-6531. Basketball leagues • JUNE 1-JULY 9 AT SALINA — Salina Area Summer Basketball Leagues at Salina South High School... boys and girls ... grade 7-8 (lower division) and 9-11 (upper)... 10-game schedule ... fee $50 per player... entry deadline May 15 ... call Jeannle Wahlgren (785825-2575). Basketball tournaments • MAY 25 AT SALINA — 3-on-3 tournament at Salina South High School ... $30 per team ... four-game guarantee ... grades 4-12, boys and girts ... call Dan Sellers (785-823-7854). • JULY 18-19 AT LINDSBORQ — Second Annual Bethany College Boys Team Tournament... Boys divisions: 5th-6th, 7th-8th, 9lh-10th, 11th-12th ... July 5 deadline ... $120 per tern ... call Clalr Oleen (785-2273311 ext. 8176 or 785-227-3279). Cycling • MAY 23 A' iT LITTLE RIVER — 16th annual Suicid? Hill Trail Road Bike Ride ... 27 miles ... 7:30 a.m. start ... entry fee $11 (before May 18) and $15 (after May 18) ... call Milt Dougherty (316-897-6325 or 316-897-6796). • MAY 30 AT BENNINQTON — Bennlngton Fun Day's 20-mile race ... 7 a.m.... early registration $10; late registration $12 (after May 22) ... call Judy Swagerty (785-488-3767). • BIKINQ ACROSS KANSAS, JUNE 6-13 — An eight-day ride across Kansas... northern route (Sharon Springs, Oakley, Hoxle, Stockton, Beloit, Clay Center, Onega), middle route (Scott City, Ransom, Russell, Lincoln, Abilene, St. Marys), southern route (Scott City, Ness City, Hoislngton, Ellsworth, Abilene, Wamego)... three routes join at Oskaloosa and finish In Leavenworth ... call 316-684-8184. Golf tournaments • MAY 20 AT SALINA — American Cancer Society men's tournament at Salina Country Club ... four-man scramble ... 7:30 a.m., 2 p.m. tee times ... %400 per team ... call Valerie (785-827-7624). • MAY 30-31 AT BELOIT — Two-day His & Her Scramble at Beloit Country Club ... entry fee $60 per team ... 8 a.m., 1 p.m. tee times... call 785-738-2624. • MAY 31 AT SALINA — Two-person scramble at Salina Municipal G.C.... proceeds to Salina Emergency Aid/Food Bank ... 8:30 a.m. shotgun start ... May 22 deadline... call Brian Briggeman (785-587-0150), Matt Wagner (785-826-2621) or Steve Hardesty (785-8267450). • AUGUST 29 AT SALINA — Mike Fisher/Don Soukup Memorial two-person scramble tournament at Salina Municipal G.C.... 8 a.m. shot gun start ... entry fee $80 per team... deadline Aug. 26... call Gene Peppersack (785-825-6620). Running/Track • MAY 18 AT SALINA — 5K training run... 7 p.m.... north end of Bill Burke Park ... call Mike White (785827-6342). • MAY 23 AT LITTLE RIVER — 16th annual Suicide Hill Trail Run ... 10K walk and 5K Run, 8 a.m.... 10K Run or Relay, 9 a.m.... entry fee $11 (before May 18) and $15 (after May 18)... call Milt Dougherty (316-8976325 or 316-897-6798). • MAY 30 AT BENNINQTON — Bennlngton Fun Day's 5K Fun Run/Walk ... 8 a.m.... early registration $10; late registration $12 (attar May 22) ... call Judy Swagerty (785-488-3767). • JUNE 6 AT PHILLIPSBURQ—Riveriess Run ... 2- mlle run, 7:30 a.m. ... 5-mlle run, 8 a.m.... entry fees $10 until June 1, $12 after June 2 ... call 785-543-6702 or 785-543-5017. > JUNE 13 AT SALINA —First Class Five & River Ramble Walk ... 5-mlle, 2-mile, quarter-mile, two-mile walk ... starts at Kenwood Park ... entry fee $7 or $12 (if postmarked after June 11) ... call Susan Clasen (785-827-5564, ext. 336) ... write Skip Olsen, First Class V Race Form, Sunflower Bank, Box 800, Salina, Kan. 67402-0800. • JULY 4 AT LYONS — 19th annual Lyons-to-Sterling Freedom Run/Walk ... 5K, 15K runs ... call Lyons Recreation Commission (316-257-5412). Soccer league • JUNE 4-JULY 23 AT MoPHERSON — McPherson Summer League at McPherson High School ... 9th grade-college and adult leagues ... entry fee $40 per player... played on Thursday nights ... call Jerry Maione (316-241 -8137). Softball camps • JUNE 8-12 AT SALINA — Girts fast-pitch camp at Salina South High School ... grades 4-9 ... call Daryl Hoeltlng (785-825-2815). Softball tournaments • MAY 23-24 AT BELLEVILLE — Co-Ed tournament ... entry fee $75 ... entry deadline May 19 ... call (785527-2544 or 785-527-5354). • MAY 23-25 AT CLAY CENTER — Girls fast-pitch round-robin tournament... 10, 12, 14 age divisions ... $60 entry fee... 4-game guarantee ... call Wade Bauer (785-632-5196). • MAY 30-31 AT MAHYSVILLE — Girls last-pitch tournament ... 10, 12, 14 age divisions ... $60 (10), $110 (12,14) ... call Dr. David Hamel (785-562-5512). • MAY 30-31 AT SMITH CENTER — Men's Class E slow-pitch tournament... $75 entry fee... 3-game guarantee ... May 26 deadline ... call 785-697-2967. • JUNE 8 AT ELLSWORTH — First annual Marc Rodriguez Sr. Memorial Girls Tournament... 14-under age division... entry fee $70 two 12-inch ASA softballs... 3- game guarantee ... May 29 deadline ... call Sandra Bronn (785-472-4375) or Marc Rodriguez (785-4724217). • JUNE 6-7 AT CLAY CENTER — Girts fast-pitch round-robin tournament... 16,18 age divisions... $110 entry fee ... call Wade Bauer (785-632-5196). • JUNE 6-7 AT CANTON — Prairie Days Shootout coed double elimination tournament... 10-team limit... for more Information call John or Glna Mlddleton (316628-4526). • JUNE 6-7 AT LINDSBORQ — Men's D & E USS- SA state qualifier... entry deadline June 3 ... call Mike Hubenett (785-227-2743) or Darren Heitschmldt (785227-4332). • JUNE 13-14 AT NEWTON — Girls 16-under fast- pitch tournament ... 3-game guarantee ... call Eddie (316-282-5835). • JUNE 13-14 AT CONCORDIA —Men's slow-pilch tournament at Sports Complex ... entry fee $85, hot own softballs... 3-game guarantee... June 11 deadline ... call Todd Gennette (785-243-7306). • JUNE 19-21 AT RUSSELL — ASA girts fast-pitch tournament.... 12,14,16,18 age divisions ... $75 entry fee ... call Eric Marshall (785-483-6966 or 785-4834011). • JUNE 20-21 AT MARYSVILLE — Girls fast-pitch tournament ... 10, 16 age divisions ... $60 entry fee (10), $110 (16) ... call Dr. David Hamel (785-5625512). • JUNE 27-28 AT SALINA — Noon Kiwanls Mid- Season Tournament at Bill Burke Park... 12,14 age divisions ... $120 entry fee... call Jim Johnson (785-8271010). • JUNE 27-28 AT CLAY CENTER — Girts fast-pitch round-robin tournament... 16,18 age divisions,... $110 entry fee ... call Wade Bauer (785-632-5196). • JUNE 27-28 AT SALINA — Girls fast-pitch tournament at Salina South fields ... 16-undor age division ... $110 entry fee ... call Larry Charvat (785-823-2450). • JULY 4-5 AT CLAY CENTER — Girls fast-pitch round-robin tournament... 10,12 age divisions... $110 entry fee... call Wade Bauer (785 632-5196). • JULY 11-12 AT CLAY CENTER — Girls fast-pitch round-robin tournament... 12,14 age divisions... $110 entry fee ... call Wade Bauer (785-632-5196). • JULY 11-12 AT SALINA — Salina Downtown Lions-sponsored tournament at Bill Burke Park... 10,12, 14,16 age divisions... entry fee $125... call Terry Criss (785-827-7251 or 825-5963) or Jim Ravenkamp (785827-0484 or 823-2503). • JULY 11-12 AT SALINA — Girts fast-pitch touma ment at Salina South fields... 16-under age division ... $110 entry fee ... call Larry Charvat (785-823-2450). • JULY 18-19 AT SALINA — End of Season fast- pitch and slow-pitch tournaments at Bill Burke Park ... 10, 12, 16, 18 age divisions ... entry fee $75 (fast), $60 (slow) ... entry deadline July 10 ... call Brian White (785826-7434). ', Tennis camps > • MARTY WARD'S CAMPS AT NORTH NEWTOrJ — Junior Camp (June 7-12). and high school girts camps (July 29-Aug. 1 , Aug. 2-5) ... entry fees $325 for junior camp (resident) and $225 (commuter); $195 for girls camp (resident) and $145 (commuter) ... wrtt$ Marty Ward, Bethel College Tennis Camp, 300 E. 27th. North Newton, Kan. 671 17. » • THE SALINA TENNIS PROGRAM — At Salina Central High School courts ... for beginners, Intermediates and advanced boys and girls ... one-week camp, June 1-5, entry fee $40 ... two-week camp, June 8j£ or July 6-17, entry fee $75 ... call Bob Warkentlne ing- 623-9351). *<£ • 23RD ANNUAL BETHANY COLLEGE CAMPS* At Bethany College ... May 31-June 5 (boys/girls), $080 resident, $250 commuter ... June 7-10 (boys/gjHtC $190 resident, $135 commuter ... August 10-12 (6* school girls), $60 commuter ... call Richard Strarjra (785-827-2610). -. . •• \# •":-'' J"? Triathlon >: • JUNE 20 AT TOPEKA— 18th annual Topeka <& man at Lake Shawnee ... application forms availSWjj through the Shawnee County Parks* Recreation, 3J9I SE 29th, Topeka, Kan. 66605 ... call 785-267-1 166-^ Volleyball leagues :< • SUMMER LEAGUE AT LYONS — June 1 5-JuCT ... sponsored by Lyons Recreation Commission ... MO per team ... entry deadline June 5 ... calll call 316-$f? 3 Volleyball camps ~ • HEART OF AMERICA AT SALINA - HearTW America Sports Camps at Kansas Wesleyan's Mulr^f- maslum ... regular camp and advanced camp (JuneTBf 25), team camp (June 25-28) ... $256 for lull-time 2nd $160 for day campers ... for ages 8-17 ... call Wh Cochran (785-827-6229) or write for Information: H& Sports Camps, Box 1 073, Salina, Kan. 67401 . W • UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS YOUTH CAMP — P& Bechard's Youth Volleyball Camp at Lawrence (AlSn Fleldhouse) ... July 7-10 ... grades 3-5, 6-8 ... entr/f«4 $60 ... call KU volleyball office (785-864-7959) "5? A PAH uo Central High School ... grades 7-8 (8:00-11-30 a ItS 8S£* 5 'l ! M Pm) - ca " R08B Wlttman (78MW 1 9217) or Salina Parks & Rec (785-826-7434). .*! Notices >' • SENIORS' DAY AT SALINA MUNICIPAL — '9* niors Day at the Salina Municipal Goll Course.Tn Thursdays ... weekly scramble toumey Is • LIFEGUARD INSTRUCTION — May 26-29 June !SA£?"h. VM( £« 3° a - m - 5 pm •• *•«"»« YMCA members, $180 for non-members .. pre-reol* ' , SAN P VODL LEVBALL - Sand Volleyball Leagues at Jerry Ivey Park ... free program ... 10-week sessions beginning June 1 ... call Salina Parks & Recreation D£ partment (785-826-7434). "ecreatlon ^9-

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