Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 15, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1908
Page 5
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f local Events, Misses Rose and Alice Hepner are enjoying an outing at Long Bench. Prof, and Mrs. Ingrain and sou Russell were guests last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Walton. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Brubaker wore visiting relatives at last Sunday. Inglewood over Mrs. J. C. Angells hag been spending several days this week teile. at Saw- Mr, and Mrs. Henry Frey and family have moved from their ranch into a residence on Cottage Drive. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Nuzum are Lome from a pleasant week's stay at Seven Oaks. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hulce and daughters left this week for a two weeks' stay at Seven Oaks. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fesler and children are spending two weeks at Catalina. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Smith and family left on Thursday for Hanford, Cal., where they expect to reside. Dr. and Mrs. (J. D. Jennings and daughter Carolyn left this week to spend several weeks at San Diego. Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Kimball have removed to Santa Ana in which city they will make their home. Miss Etta Dawson has returned to Los Angeles to resume her profession as a trained nurse after a pleasant vacation among Coviua friends. Mrs. Alice Cheney, nee Davidson, and baby, of Los Angeles have been visiting friends in Covina the past week. Miss Carrie D. Webb of Evansville, Ind., who spent the summer with her sister, Miss Lula Webb, returned to the East last Sunday. E. D. Norcross, who has been the guest of his brother-in-law, J. Q. Hepner for some time, has returned to his home at ganger. Mrs. Wm. Clark with her guest, Mrs. Joe Riley, of Oakland, visited Catalina this week. On their return Mrs. Riley left immediately for her northern borne. Rev. and Mrs. Paul Stevens and son returned Thursday evening from Seven Oaks. They expect to spend next week with relatives and friends nt Santa Ana. For Rent—Eight room residence on First street. Six room residence on San Bernardino road, furnished. Apply to the owner personally or by letter 3531 Arroyo Seco avenue, Los Angeles. Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Fletcher, stopping amid the delights of Seven Oaks, near Redlands, send greetings to all friends in Covina, and state that the weather is very pleasant and the surroundings congenial. The Argus regrets to announce the removal to LOB Angeles this week of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Fenson and their three (laughters, the Mieses Clara, Ethel and Vina. They are at homo KEPPEL WILL SPEAK. County Superintendent, of Schools I Mark Koppcl lins i-onsontril to deliver nil address to tin 1 people of ('ovinn on Monday evening, August 17th, at the Woman V clubhouse. The local school hoard is making extensive preparations for the event, and give out word thnt everyone, men ami women, nre r:ini- estly invited to attend, us the nature of Mr. Keppel's remarks concern the people of this district vitally. Mr. Keppel will talk on general educational topics, and will explain many problems which will confront! the (,'ovina union school district, in the future when the building of the new school house is fairly under way. There are many matters, Mr. Keppel states, which are apt to rise to perplex the people not thought of at, the present time, and these he will explain. The board has arranged for some music for that evening. Rev. Mr. Conley of the Christian church will deliver the invocation. The affair begins promptly at S o'clock. to their street. friends at 4021 Gramercy B Paul, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Custer left Monday for Berkeley to enter the University of California. Paul in a bright young follow and via look forward to seeing him graduate with honors from institution of learning. Mr. and Mrs. Clmrl«s Fesler entertained about twenty of their young friends at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. F. M. Chapman and children are summering at Long Beach. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Griswold spent last Sunday at Seven Oaks. Miss Grace Armel left Thursday for an outing at Potter's Camp. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Ratekin and Miss Gladys are spending a month at Cataliua. Mr. and Mrs. Goodell and sous spent last Sunday at Venice and !)oean Park. Mrs. McLaughlin and little sou spent several days this week in Los Angeles and Ocean Park. J. F. Stevens and family of San Bernardino road are moving onto their ranch at Walnut Center. Mrs. O. P. Shoemaker m:id her friend, Miss Gourley, are enjoying the sea breezes at Redondo. Mrs. A. Cnrnahan and Miss Charlotte Green returned on Monday after spending a month at Long Beach. Master Joe Moxley of Los Angele is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Moxley. Mr. Moore and family of San Ber nardino road spent Saturday anc Sunday at Long Beach. Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Thome left Wednesday to spend two weeks a Long Beach. Mrs. M. F. Brubaker and daughter of Sari Dimes spent Thursday with their relatives, J. J. Brubaker and family. Mrs. J. H. Golden, daughter o Mrs. A. W. Cusbman arrived on Monday evening from Fort Collins, Colorado. Mrs. J. H. Wilson of San Bernardino was the guest on Thursday and Friday of her brother, Will Wyeth and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Jefferson City, Mo., who have been visiting at the home of S. P. Walser and family, lelt this week for the East. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Elliott, Miss Gertrude and Mertou Elliott left by auto last Friday to spend a week at Corouado Tent City. Miss Mary Doyle of Olendnle, who will teach the first grade in the public schools hero next year, is spend- OUR AtiMTS: Warner, Whitsel & (o. Brown & Bolin 'dona Sanitary Laundry Bargains In Millinery. All trimmed Iwts at ono-hnlf lar price. A lot as low as 81.00 each. Flowers from 10o, to '2;")C a bunch and a very large assortment, to select, funn. Sailor liats ot, 50o. Watch for notice of now stiff rib| lions, which will bo Rood for hair j bows. They nra now on tho way from New York. A now assortment, of braids and materials for the ladies of tho Dreth- Dr. and Mrs. F. ,1. Clino find baby I re » nre spending two weeks at Redondo. Mrs. Widney and Miss Josephine are spending n week at, the homo of Mr. and Mre. R. O. Simpson. Mrs. Alice Leisure and her mother eft on Thursday to spend n wook at Catalina. Call and bo fitted to a wire frame made to (It nny head or form any pattern. I have the cap Roods also. MISS S. RKCKAR1). North Citrus Ave. An Appreciation. We wish to kindly thank the Mrs. R. C. Casad and children I neighbors mid friends for their aym- iave returned from San Diego, where pathy during the illness and after hey have been spending the past t,| lc death of our beloved husband month. Mr. H. E, Pearson of South Pasadena attended the funeral of his brother-in-law, A. W. Cushnmn, on Tuesday. Mr. Chas. Evans will leave next Wednesday for England. Mr. Rvans, during his visit, to hiw old home, will be missed, as since his coming he has and father. Mrs. A. \V. Cuahman and family. been a pleasant addition and musical circles. in social The hoard of trustees met on Tuesday evening and approved the settlemet of thirteen separate bills against the city, amounting to 8269.86. These were for street construction, oil, supplies mid salaries. The trustees have been sitting this week as a board of equalization. A most enjoyable day was spent last Sunday at the Covina Presbyterian camp, Seven Oaks. Visitors from Covina included Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Griswold and in the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Douglass and daughter, Miss Lilian. Twenty sat down to luncheon. On Monday afternoon a party started to make the ascent of "Old Baldy," taking blankets and Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Goodwin are rejoicing in the return of their two sons, Ralph and Harry. Harry is just home from a three years' around the world. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Gunther's sweets are pure and sweet. Clapp sells 'em. Guaranteed piano tuning. Sheets, Pomona, tf. L. E. Want to rent a small house In or near Covina. Telephone 325!). Oscar Miller. "Sageno" Hair Food and "Sagono 1 food. They slept all night on the j pjj e S H ]VO are home products, made summit and enjoyed the glorious sunrise in the morning. Those who went, were the Rev. Paul Stevens, Mr. B. L. King, Crete, Boyd and Clyde King, Miss Leisel James Anderson. Leighton and ing a week nt the homo of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Houficr. Mrs. Minor of Upland was tho guest on Tuesday and Wednesday of h er sister, Mrs. Will Wyeth, who this j with her husband, returned Inat week from a two weeks' vacation at Long Beach. Mr. E. Trimbell, who has boon for some time the partner in biiHinoHH of Samuel Fesler on Thursday evening. James Corbett, the local blacksmith, The evening was pleasantly spent with 'has Hold hia share of the business to games and conversation, after which j Mr. Corbelt, and htm gone with his light refreshnientH were served. family to liiH old home at Coos Bay, Mrs. Andrew McKiraban and dan-i Or(!K " n - jjuter, Miss Cora, arrived home on A delightful moon Unlit liny ride Thursday from fin extended visit j was enjoyed on Wednesday evening since May in Ohio and Iowa. This , by a nierrv party belonging to Covi- viwit among their Eastern relatives | ua's younger social set. The young and friends has been one of keen en- i people met at tho home of Mr. and joyment, but both ladies agree that; Mrs. R. o. Simpson and seated thein- California for a home excels all other places. selves in a clean and commodious hay and away they rode. They Cement Work AH Kindo. ft I have in my yards in the rear of the Covina Irrigating Company, East College street, cement irrigation pipe of all sizes ready for instant delivery. Let me furnish you estimates on all cement curbs and sidewalks, foundations, etc. Long years of experience in laying cement irrigation pipe. You can eave money by neeing me. JAMKS BON11AM, P, O. box 341. Yards, E. College St., Covina. Roy Was Socked. A large party of the young people of Covina showed (|iiite a little gen- iiiH in getting up a surprise party last Saturday evening, when the crowd of fun-loving people gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. D. G, Anderson in honor of their young in Covina. (Jet thorn an Hash's. 50o. For Sale Cling and freestone peaches at G. T. Brown's, Irwindule. Phone 13. tf For Sale—Rich barn yard manure, no straw. C. C. Cady. Coviua Home Phone 211.- Thoroughbred White Leghorn eggs ot setting, 83 per 100. H. E.'Wnrd, Charter Oak. Phono 1'201. tf For Sale—One horse, Hno carriage and doubla harness. J. M, Smith. Phono 21». If For Solo — Iron gray borne, 0 years old, 1HOO Ibs. L. S. Poago. Phono 221(3. tf For Halo- -Comfortable, live room residence in fine section of town, 81800. ,1. H. MatthowH. You make no mistake in lining "Sagono" for falling hair and dandruff. At Nanh'8, fJOc per bottlo. UuggioH repainted and rovarnislicd from 85.00 up. Surreys ?(i. 00 up. AutoH 810.00 up. U. W. Mnrsh. For Halo Potatoes and poultry to order. Also Urst class cow. K. C. friend, Koy Platt. Each ono of IhoiCuwid, Homo phono 11'2H, Cnvina, tf rmity brought a pair of socks HH a present, and Roy now has twenty- wjn om . ftp (m lim i ir , )|lai UmbrolhiH, For HO that lie is young people seven nice; new pairs, "well healed." Tho enjoyed thuiuHt-lves with gameH until a lalo hour. An appeti/ing lunch was served by tho hostess. Such a Business! Wanted ---Good husky youth to bo Dolwilor, Glondora, (.'a I. )(! Wit Gciirgo \\. Repairing, i oto. Wanted Ladv to demonstrate and Hell a popular household remedy. Apply in person at. Clapp'H drug Ktrire, Monday. It For Kalo Ono pair of horsos, assistant to a miller. Apply at, weight '2,700. (ioorl donblo harnoHS home of Mr. and ;VI n. Mathew Mat- and wagon. I'riw reasonal-lo. A. ney. This appeal WHS answered by the st/ti'k, tin- (.'nod old putiont bird of Paradit-o, who brought Mr. and Mrs. Mat ney a twelve pound boy on Kith what do you think of THE I Covina Peoples Storey (INCORr-ORATKn) '"* OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY The Very Latest Styles for Early Fall ot the celebrated McCall Patterns have just boon received by us. Please call and look them over. DID EVELYN NESBIT THAW Originally Compose "The Merry Widow Waltz?" At least it has been *>hittpered so. The rtaltz has certainly made a hit. So has "The Merry Widow Perfume." And we hdvc proof Unit Evelyn has used it. And Evelyn always has an eye. out for the best. Stt our n>lndon>. Do you n>anl a copy of tht "Mirry Wldo*> Walti? MA(HI! SHOP MAMfACrURERS or GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly (Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work Ksti mates Kuril tailed. THE KELLAR-THOJVUSON MFG. CO. Shop and Office opposite H. l». l)t:\n\. Home I'lioiu: 2H'J Covina, Cnl . mum A. T. to the. Long On Sunday last Dr. and Mrs J 'stopped at the Riggins ranch whcro D. Hood entertained the Rev. (j eo . : «'»PI^' was partaken of and a ,»c« D. Bovard, D. D., president of tho , «""• tlm(: « ; "Joyed. University of Koiitborn California at. | A m( , rry IJarty of jj,^ r , e( ,p] e met. their horno on East Badillo street. 1 0|J Sutlir( i ay afternoon and enjoyed Other dinner guests were Mr. and (themh( .| v( . b pJuyinK gameH and eon Mrs. E. H. Laheo, Mr. and Mrs. An- . BUm j n g a Krfea t variety of «ood t)>ltiun drew McAllen. In the morning Dr. } t() fc|lt The altair was planned as a Uovard nlled the M.K Church pulpit £l , n , rif . /fc f,, r p fcrcy Atwood, but. as he that for ailvertising? Tho busy bird »!HO home of Mr. and Mrs. heed on August Cth and left a bright little girl. Then on Kuturday oven ing, August 8th, he descended upon the bungalow of Mr. and Mrs. K. /tig, Phono 1011. Wanted Kit nation b.v experienced nurse, inferences given. (-'online- ment ruses a specialty, chiirgeh rea Honublo. Inquire at Mrs. W, A, hay man's, Thirrl and I'adillo sti'eetH. I Wanted Hy married man, iiosi t.ion on an oruiigu grove. Cinod, steady, roliablo and » good irrigator. Address H. K Thomas, JJiuirto, Cul. Up H E A L D 'S 614 South Grand' Avenun, Lot Anaolei, California. Thn irrciili-Hl huHliivHii irulnliiK limtlliilluii in UKI Koiitli. Open during tint I'titlm ynur. WriUi for liiirtii-uliirH. ,1. W. I.ACKKY. Mai|iiK<'r. ,ys,y, f ,Ky*$w,tt$K','ssM^^ A. Ha/y.ard and pr';s(-nted them with HOCHK OLKANf N'<J. / am i .-roan eight pound girl, colors pink and pared to do all kinds of ho;u-o clean white, mostly pink. The school board Letter hustle that now school house along. iu the absence ot the pastor. Miss Anna Overholtxer of Portland, Oregon, is spending a pleus-ant vacation at ttje houie lit her uncie, 1). J. Overholtxt-r. Her lather, .John M. Overhfihzer. l-> exjec'ed to arrive fr>Hn tLe north hti.ictl v, and they uill iiiake an extended no.jfiurn here. In the j.arty during the cMiiini,; week will also he the Miv-.e.s slaii:'in anil Lfjiiru Wolf '.f htn-kton, hierea <•! the tobt. was ill in bed, Mrs. C. W. Totter kincily enteitaiiif-d the children on the lav.ns of her boautiful homo. Miss i','<-l«i J'ottei assJH'ed in herving. Those f i en-iit. wen-, ilaxel Ti.ttei, Carrie CliiMon, I.ncile Matthev.s, Hfc.seie Smith, Mil'ln-d lionham, Mat (jeiy Ci:-!ike, >i',vennlb Hherwood, liuth Whitcel, (-'yril WilbjuKht.y, Jack Clarke, Harold t'otf-r, l'f\ Taj lor, .\itif:i Neil, (ierald and ' <n;u;i Lievillc an-1 'i'i-'Ji]it; liuipte. FOE AN EDUCATION. (,!' 'I !,<• Ai;.; > J . Sir: tin- ing. First class work. (.'hargen '2Tjc jior hour, ?2.00 a day. See Knink Ouchi, corner Sernnd and liadlll'j. Telephone 1'JitO. H li'Ji' 1'Vjr Kale 'i lots on f.'eiiter St.., west, 8750 each; easy tormh. (Jbrdce loth on Navillu St., JOiifj ;casy tennn; three beautiful lots on liadiilo hl.reet., *>;0(J each. -1 room h>. use and thr^e largit l<,tn, I'^iiOl). fio and lot *;0x 170. frui- go(jd locality; pi i<-e turnii-lieij hoiiM: lo n.oiilhs at lr>'/, n-n'al sixes for rdle. Li'-.i v. i(h MI COVINA ,I:I: ;d »'i ro-jin house of all kinlrf, -\'.*'<> : .i. <; room let f,,i four II .u-.e , of all ;, i.ui [,i';|.eity i Do Not Wait for a legacy, or for sonic wi:;iltliy n:l;ttivc- to endow you witli an incotnu. Kcniciiibcr that the saving haljit is Hit; ht-st inhtM'i- tanr.e. 'I'lic linn: to lie-in practii'in^ it is now, by start- injf an ac'.-ount witli the C,(<vina Vallt-y Savinys liatik and making weekly dcjtosits. •I pur cent interest j)ai Ai:«:ourits of '.7! and iif) ri-cci v e.d. Covind \Da!!ey Bank iiia, (,'alilornia.

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