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The Eugene Guard from Eugene, Oregon • Page 46

The Eugene Guard from Eugene, Oregon • Page 46

The Eugene Guardi
Eugene, Oregon
Issue Date:

Bcgistcr-Guard, Eugene, Ore. 4D Sept. 22, 1955 JOHN WARREN Your Hunting Stor HUNTING KNIVES RACE WINNER SPOKANE Wl Knock ridden by Kenneth Coppernoll, came on in the stretch Wednesday to win the featured Ellen burg Purse ahead of Enthusiastic and Fina Dot. Archie Jokes After Fight NEW YORK A smiling, bantering Archie Mowe. his right ECC Women HolMoiney First round action in the annual Eugene eountry Club Women's fall handicap tournament was completed Wednesday Finest Swedish steel knives, complete th sheath, priced from OPEN FRIDAYS 'TIL 9 P.M. 0 with Mrs. John Bishop registering a luo victory over II. A. G. eye completely closed, conceded Wednesday night that he might have made a mistake when he had Rocky Marciano down in the second rounj. "Maybe followed bim too close," he grinned, "wasn't warmed up yet Maybe I should tried to pick him off." LET US ADJUST YOUR-. TODAY See Better Tonight Nowlcs. Sweeostakcj play was held In conjunction with the tourney and Hunting Licenses 9 Deer Bags New and Used Guns Plenty of parking in the Park Street block Mrs. Richio Miller won in Class A with 96 1878. Mrs. Oscar -t Moore looked groggy hen he Geo. A. Halton Co. Spliid topped Class with 97-2077 and Mrs. Tom Winn won in Class with 117-3582. finally was led from the ringside to his dressing room, but he managed to wave to. friends and within a fnw minutes he appeared in 8th Charneiton Sts. sjiailksjisafksaf'lV Results of the championship nd second (lights: CHAMPIONSHIP FI.ITE Mrs. John complete control of himself. 1 think Rocky fought a great fight," he declared. "I'm not making any excuses." "I enjoyed the fight m-tuMTr. ie ros he said amid laughter. "If the people are happy I'm extrergely Hlnhop def Mrs. A. G. Nowlei 1-up; ilrs. Wade Krrry def Mn. Delosa fihlno 4-3; Mrs. Max Rcltman def Mrs J. W. McCracken 14; Mrs. Art Richardson def Mra. George Skie 4-3; Lewis Russell def Mrs. Richie Miller a-up; Mrs. Gus Johnson def Mrs. Ed Mickelson 5-3; Mrs. Bruce Prlnuey def Mrs. M. H. Howard 1-up 19th; Mrs. James Rodman def Mrs. Stewart DeVry 3-2. SECOND ri.lTE Mrs. Oscar Spllld def Mrs. Harry Johnson 1-up; Mrs. Dick Strlte def Mrs. Gus 32, Mrs. Ron RonilH def Mrs. W. N. Winn lr 7-5; Mrs. Clel DeMott def Mis nappy. What beat you? he was asked. "His consistency overpowered me," said Moore in those precise Mn-i-lie-: words. 'What do you mean, 'consist A. Frank Isaac 1-up: Mrs. Oarenre someone asked. "Consistency, that's one word. Urcy def Mrs. A. W. Mock 21; Mrs. Fred Yshn def Mrs. Mllo Marlstt 4-3; That's what I mean." Mrs. W. J. Ahhott def Mrs. Earl Nis- tell Mrs. George Kenney def Mrs, Tom Meador 2-up. "When the doctor asked me if wanted to quit" Archie was talking now about the brawling so mm eighth round when he appeared out on his feet "I said no champion should lose except in- the center of the ring. I'm happy it (AP Wlrophoto) MOORE EXPLAINS Challenger Archie Moore gestures as he talks with newsmen in his dressing room after his ninth round knockout by Champion Rocky Marciano at Yankee Stadium Wednesday night. Moore's eye shows some of the punishment he took from the champ. aV- -4- ended the way it did. I wouldn't SPRINGFIELD 1840 MAIN Oakway Tourney In Final Round The Oakway women's club championship tournament reached the final round Wednesday with Dorothy Braincrd and Ton! Cross slated to meet in 18-hole finals, while Helen Whipple and Pat Garnero will clash (or the nine-hole title. In a blind-hole tournament want to lose sitting in my corner. "Sure I'd be happy to fight Rocky again. I could make a lot of excuses, but I don't want to fence. Everyone has been so swell Rocky KO's Moore to me. "Yes, I think Rocky was the strongest man I ever fought." (Continued from Page I D) The hardest hitter? "I don't know that, but he can sure hit hard enough." Air Mattress heabwear 69 O88 Guaranteed Deer Baas at Gil's headwear oy Full length A ii A Flannel J98 Rubber Air If you don't get your Buck bring your Deer Shirts JL Mattress 933 Bag back and Gill will refund your duck. 5 gai. gi Jeep 4598 Gas Can Sm 5 Gal. GI 098 GIMess Qc I CANTEENS 49 Each Red Sweat QQc Water Can Mess Kits I with cover I I Shirts 77 Archie joined in the laughter. icld Wednesday, Bim Hope won: had Rocky bleeding from the nose In the 18-hole group's Class A and bruised under the left eye ttith 38Vi points. Delorcs Mc-ibcfore the hectic round was over. Svean topped Class B.with 40 In the third Rocky established points nd Ellen Clausen won in his pattern of victory. He started Class with 43 points. (maneuvering the crafty Moore to Nine-hole players were paced the ropes and ripped him in close fcy Jesse Hayes in Group I and with both hands. 1 had to happen. Rocky forced his game foe to the ropes and let loose with everything he had. Moore, his back to the ropes in his own corner, somehow found strength to fire two hard shots to Rocky's jaw. Then it happened. A short, perfectly timed Fight Fads And Figures NEW YORK Facts and fig Doris Stasney in Group II. There was a slight cut over: left hook thudded against Archie's Tourney results: IRocky's left eye and blood drip-! jaw and he crumpled in his cor- EifiirrEEV ioi.r group ped from his nose, but that onlyjner, a soggy left mitten over inn, iw.wHir ri.itc i.iHu.ii) cnnipH in emir him nn Trv nc ha'nna rniu ft-5; Tonl -5; Tonl pralnerd def Ersa McNeill would from then Archie Cross def l.ou Wood 4-3. It was all over. Archie went FIRST KI.1TK vi Plain def Pat couldn't get away from the rope the wav he wanted to if he had McKean 1-up; Bin. Hop. def Kay B.u,,n, ojL, f' hi wh way he wanted to if he had GUN CASES Sizes for all guns UMBRELLA TENTS man 3 i. 10 go counted out tie saia: AbCUKU rune. e.nen ususcn apt uuiimg ui ivvs. Longies Long Underwear for the cold days. All sizes and shapes. BEST PRICES IN TOWN Allecn Lel-or l-up sum; Jessie nayes def Delorcs McKean 2-1, 398 THIRD Ft.ITE-l.ll Van Den Boss Reg. 9.95 PRESSURE ON The pressure was hot on Archie in the fourth and fifth rounds and in the sixth his aging legs be- def Jayne 74; Tsdy Sane def Sarah Stephens 7-. KINK GROUP ures on Wednesday night's Rocky Marciano Archie Moore heavyweight title bout at Yankee Stadium: Attendance 61,574. Gross receipts $948,117.95. Net receipts $820,935.20. Marciano's share (40 per cent) $328,374. Moore's share (20 per cent) $164,187. Theater television network receipts $1,125,000 (estimated). Fighters' and promoters' share of theater TV $350,000 (estimated). Marciano's share theater TV Rocky's old "Kuzy Whipple def Jan Phillips 1-up; Pit.Iraea nlm- 12 Pc. Camp Kit Camera def Phyllis Thaiman l-up. 0" overhand right shook him all roFTD.FKCG?.c.S'vrnl, buckling his knees. Another Mime Hope l. llong right dropped him for a 49 I25 "When the doctor (Dr. Vincent Nardiello) asked me if I wanted to quit (after the eighth round) 1 said no champion should lose except in the center of the ring. I'm happy it ended the way it did. I wouldn't want to lose sitting in a corner." The defeat ended Moore's winning streak of 21 and was the fifth time he had been kayoed in his career a record that includes 43 knockouts of his own. Moore still had his 175-pound title and a $200,000 purse the largest of his career. Rocky, too, 1 frying pan, 4 cups, 1 large kettle, 1 coffee pot, 1 stew pot, handles, 4 plates. 2 cell flashlite 3 cell flashlite 5 cell flashlite i.i.i.:o.i lite-loii pappennausen count of four. Rocky swarmed all over his stricken foe, smash- def Livonia Hascom l-up; Marilaret UI-Paolo def Muriel Newsora S-2. THIRD FI.ITE Maxlne Shollcnberf er, bye; Mary Hells, bye. ing him down for eight 795 ONLY For one minute of the seventh, Archie seemed to have dipped into his fountain of youth. He smashed over two rights to the jaw that momentarily stopped PACK BOARDS Genuine U.S. Army 498 598 Pro Golfers In Tourney NEWTON, Mass. UV Par-shat earned his fattest check. He will Army Cushion Foot Socks Reg. 1.00 Pair Rocky's furious drive and brought receive $482,374. (estimated). Moore's share theater TV $70,000 (estimated). Radio receipts $35,000. Marciano's share radio $14,000. Moore's share radio $7,000. Marciano's purse (gate, theater TV and radio) $482,374 (estimated). Moore's purse (gate, TV and radio) $241,187. roars irom me lans. jjui miaway Tne telecast earned an in the round time and j1 ,25 0o0i o( wnich tering performances were expect-! 35 1 ed to be the order of the dav as rcnie again. $350,000 went into the InternaUon- 2 pair for inn pnri nr inp rniinn. 5 al Boxing Club coffers to be PACK SACKS Reg. 1.98 49 lined up Thursday for the open- eye wss aImost 6hut I shared with the fighters. Radio ing round of the $43,000 Spon- The 19 years of fighting caught: added another $35,000. sors' Tournament at the Charles UP with the poised craftsman in Marciano, only a quarter-pound River County Club. the eighth. Rocky bulled Archie heavier than Moore at 188V4, en- The well-groomed i to the ropes and whaled away towered the ring as an almost pro-par 72 Charles River course ap-and body. A right to the hibitive 41 favorite. 100 WOOL BLANKETS CLEAN-UP! 9x9 Umbrella Tent With floor and windows Water-proof mildew-proof 5 PC. MESS KITS HEAP 498 Navy type 198 BIG ONLY 2450 New 50 GI Folding Shovels 29 98' 9x11, Same feature as above 149 peared made to order for such 'jaw dropped the dead-tired Moore standouts as Julius Boros, Caryon the seat of his pants. The bell Middlecotf, Bob Toski, Doug Ford; saved him as Referee Harry and the other touring pros. jKessler tolled seven. Most of the entrants predicted FOR KIIL a low sub-par score necessary toj Rocky was rcad'v for kiu in ninth and everyone in the $10,000 in the 72 hole medal play including Moore, knew it competition. LI Olher "name" golfers compet-j ing include Jackie Burke, Art TRO LEADER Wall, Ed Porky Oliver, Marty! Joe Perry of the San Francisco INDIAN BLANKETS Wide While Walls 600 16 at Special Prices WYATT'S FIRST AID KITS 98' 3 ME GOT 3 CELL FLASHLITES 69' Furgol, Jim Turnesa, Frank 49'ers has led the National Foot- Parmenter Pontine 840 High 837 Pearl 100 Dacron Sleeping Bag -jAr Makes into a double bed it 2 Air Mattress Pockets it Full Zipper CAMP STOOLS 88 CAMP COTS 5.95 390 West 11th Stranahan. Tommy Bolt, Ed Fur-1 ball League ball carriers for the 'gol. Gene Little and Mikellast two seasons. His total 2,067 'Souchak. lyards. PACK SACKS Metol Frame Best prices this side of the Mississippi. I CLEANER con 17 Reg. 28.50 jr a nm Reg. 5.95 The quality that sets Calvert apart from all other whiskies is smoothness a rich-tasting iiiioofinfij going down that lets you enjoy every drop of Calvert's deep-mellowness and fine whiskey flavor to the fullest! Try a Calvert the new tastier short hi-ball, and discover how satisfying a whiskey can be! Relax and enjoy one today I Calvert Satisfies like no other whiskey 3 ib. wool compasses 98CUP SLEEPING BAG 100 Water Proof A98 3M GUN OIL can R9- 12.95. A29 1'S Smoof CAMPKIT XfT' 14w'7x9- 5' fe I JI llTE BINOCULARS ifg wx aiCm-1 Kyrrv! choice hi t-H 7x0 ifiitiu mlilftt etBimnrn nTlv.9;t n. uniTsi, 1 1W-TW ITli-tlltS III Vri tCDmkl1llPI 1 ail 0 V. 8,9 9 co 9 ol

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