Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 30, 1912. **N0 ONE EVER HELPS ME OUT OF A HOLE," SAYS FELIX TO FINK. WANTS—ALL KINDS FARM LOANS WANTED—I AM prepared to Uke care of Farm Loans large or small, at the lowest rate to be obtained anywhere. Privilege to pay any amount at any Interest paying time. See me and get terms and rate, before placing your loan. R. L. Thompson, Over Evans Drug Store. FORSALE~-FOR SALE I TOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE , FOR RENT-FOR RENT FOR SALE—GOoi) SIT N. Colborn. MILCH COW; FOR SALE—THREK ROOMED ; house and lot, blocks from square. .\ddress S 32, care of Reeisier. WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT tie finest fruit and farming section In Florida. Address H. G. Gates. Arcadia. Florida. P. O., Box 20. WANTED—WEAVING TO DO. RAG carpets and rugs. Mrs. Mae Switzer, Gas City. Kans. WANTED—MIDDLE AGED U\DY for light restaurant work. W^ S. Ford, LaHarpe, Kas. FORS.ALE—HOUSEHOLD GOODS; 521 S. Second. FOR SALE—40. SO, 160 OR 200 acres nice meadow land; 5 miles from lola; SS.'i per acre. Want no trade. See owner, S. W. Lust, LaHarpe, Kas. FOR SALE—HOUSE FURXISH- ings. fugs. linoleum's, trunks, suit cases and combination heaters. Bonnell.' 9 N. Jefferson. Phone 1290. FOR SALE—Rl'GS. FURNITURE. Stoves. Big stock. Cash or payments. 1 Ed Hennlnger, West Madison. ; FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN. OITR modern residence. Call at 60S E. I .Madison. W. T. Watson. FOR SALE OR TRADE—FOR farms in Eastern Kansas. 361 acre farm in Texas county, Missouri. 160 acres in Kimballj county. Nebraska. Two modern dwelling houses in lola. Kansas. James Newell, 614 S. Walnut St.. lola. Kansas. i FOR SALE—P U M P K I N S FOR Hallowe'en; 1300 East Madison. . FOR SALE—BEST TEAM OF TWO- , j year-old mules in the. country. S E .McGlnnls. LaHarpe, Kas. ; $12,000 RESIDENCE FOR SALE OR ' trade; one of the best homes in south- • em Kan.^as; well located in thriving county seat town. Will take land or desirable lola property. T. li. Shannon, lola. Kas FOR RENT.^FURNISHED ROOMS. 604 N. Jefferson. FOR RENT—FOUR ^vfll anil city water. Kentucky. ROO.M MOfSE. Inquire .•")12 S. CALL S.'7 FOR PRIDE FIX)UR. Ida Fe «Mi Store. Delivered anywhere LITTLE' In t ho city for Jl.25 per sack. Every I WANTED—EIGHT OR TEN CORN huskers; with or without teams. W. M. Hanna, northeast of LaHarpe, Moran Rural Route. WANTED — BUNDLE WRAPPER at New York Store. Must be 16 years or over. TO EXCHANGE—A NICE home for good team, wagon and har-: -sack Ruarantcod. nes.-;. A. W. Beck, E. .Madison .\v WANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL hoose work. at. once. Call 407 S. Elm or phone 93S. FOR. SALE—GOOD FOUR ROO.MED cotaKe to he moved; $lTr>.00 Whitaker & Donnell. WANTED—PANTRY Kelley Hotel. GIRL AT WANTED—Y OUR i MAGAZINES, old books and Bibles to bind and recover. The Register Bookblndery. FOR SALE-ONE FIVE ROOM RELIABLE FIRE INSURANCES—L\ ''"''•>^<'. corner DouKlas and I»<-ust sts.. renewing your Insurance, place some! seven, block 2.".. lola. Kan.<as. of It with me. I will sec that your in- ''''^ar. Price f2no.00. E. Demo, Pra- terests are safely guarded, by writ- ' S"^'- Gkla. fng you in a first class company. Besides, we need the business and will appreciate your patronage. R. L. Thompson. Phone 142, Over Evans Drug Store. ; • -• , FOR SALE—HERD OF l.SGLE- FOR SALE-THREE ROOM HOUSE ! "*''^.,.^='"ru. ^'^'ir'^^n^'^^'r^^'^^.S . :.,>;ip Inquire 326 S. Krntuckv. ^^^'"^ jearling ' ' i heifers, four \veanlln:j heifers and two bulls six months old. This offering represents IS years of careful breed- TO EXCHANGE—HORSE. BUGGY ing. hut owing to my impaired lu'alth and some real estate for automobile, i thoy must be sold. Addrc.=^s H. G, R. L. Thompson. Slavens. Neosho Fails. Kans. FOR SALE—GOOD INCUBATOR Also some Rhode Island Red roosters; 303 N. First St. FOR SALE—AUTOMOUILE SUIT-, ahfe for touring car. runabout or de- ! livery services. In fair condition. Very ; cheap. Call at .Marr's H.ikery. FOR RENT—TO SMALL FA.MILY; mrdern hou.<:e .<ix Tomu< and batii; electric Ilcht.i. location 4J.1 S. Walnut St. Vacant Nov. 10. Phone ir.2. LOST AND FOUND. LOST—SCOTCH COLLIE DOG aliout 4 years old: will answer t.o name "Bob." J.-F. lI:i!(lorm:'.n. Phone 12."t;. Reward <First pul.lishcd Oct. 16 r.»12i FOR -SALE—GOOD LUMI'.ER. shelving, also delivery wa;:on. comput- >"Jirp of .\ppnlntinenl—AdminNtrator inc M '.ile.-i cheap. 201 South 4ili, I State of Kans.-is ,\l!on County, ss. . :—In the uiati<^r of the p.state of J. F! Hawn late of .Ml<>n County. Kans. ; >OTI(K «K APPOIXT.HKNT. Notice is Iierel.y given, that on the; 1st day of dctobor. A. D. 1012. tho un- 1 dcrsigneil was by the Probat*- Court of j .•Vflen County. Kansas, duly appointed CHEAP F.IR.HS I.\ ALI.EX COr.XTr. 80 A. 3 miles Moran; fair improvements. J3.000. 160 ^. near Geneva; pood Improvements. 16,000. 80 .y 3 miles lola. all level, black land ii Unimproved 40. level land. $1200. These are all bargains. Why rent when you can buy them on sood terms? lOLA LAND COMPANY tfonn qu!»Iified as .administrator of the cultivation ummpro^e.^. $3200. j . j, „„„„ „f j County, decea.^cd. All parties int.r-l ested In said estate will take notice i and govern th<'niselves accordingly. FLORENCE K. HAUN. (10)-i6-".'3-r,0. Ailininistratrix Kansas State Teacher's Association Topeka November 8 and 9 The country"s liest tiiiiiKs in edniat.i'ii liiuiiiriiT right to yo ir door. Gro:it speakers with great .nier^sai;'-.-;. A b'>;ter and more varit'd prosr.-iiii than '-v.-r !>ol'or*> — cro'.vil. il \\,i;':i rnihiisi;is;!< u;.- lift. r'^la\ati"n and;':-.: for you. Meet old friends— .Make new frli'nd»liips — Take aSook a'tout town - Topeka daily grows niorv iKUUtiMlI. .A.'J to ra!lri>;i.l .>.rrviwe. yo.i wai.i lh<' l'"<l —am! we ofier fast trail.s aiiii rity ot tlie.r.: luxurious <:ir<. r^iirteoiis ;.t- tfntions asd .'^afta Ke safety. The tin.^st tiieaU iii tl;- v.orld a: Harv,-y Hou.-os alonj; th-: way. UUmAPE NEWS FOR TODXY CHAS. A. ASHLEY, EX-.HOTOR.HA.V, DIES AFTER LOG ILLNESS. * RUBBER GOODS. Brennan Invited to Join an All Star Team and Tour Cuba-Game With Leroy Is Off. LAHARPE, OCT-''3'>—Charlie Al-' fred Ashley, age 29 years. 3 months : and 7 days, died |yesTerday mornini^ at ; 2:30 after an illness of alnioj;t three years, however his condition has not been serious untilthe last three weeks Empyemia was the cause of his death. Mr. Ashley came here with, his parents; nine years ago and has made many filends who extend their sincere sympathy to the bereaved relatives. Mr. Ashley was formerly motorman on the street car line which jiositlon made bim many close friends. • He leaves a wife, his parents and a number of brothers and sisters lo mourn his death John and Owen .\sbley. brothers, who attend tbe-Baker Unlversjity arc here for the funeral. Funeral services were conducted from the home ^J 360 N. McKinley street, this aftermiou j at 2 o'clork with the Rev. .\ J Mor-1 ton officiating. Interment was In the I LaHarpe cemetery j —Ask for Marr'i Purity Bread ati W. S. Ford's. J City water Is being Installed at the M. K. & T. .stock yards Manager Ransom was soniewhat sur| prised yesterday when ho callp<i Ix"Roy to make final arrangements for the game there Saturday, when they ; Informed him that they could not re-' ceive IjiHarpe on this dale. Their reason was that the high schoolteam played there on that date and their team would be crippled as some of the players comiiosed the high school team. Of course they could give, no reason for not notifying us sooner. Ad Brennan Is In receipt of a letter from Kllllfer. who ijaught practically all the games for the Philadelphia Nationals this year urging him to Join the "All-Stars" and tour Cuba for the next few moiiths. Ad is more than anxious to go and has telegraphed his manager for a permission, but at that be expresses doubt In receiving • the if W*5r3:3-*SSS* ******* * Every piece as good as a * Gold Bond. If you require a * hospital sheet, a syringe, a * rubber doucher pan, an invalid *- cushion or any article of rub* ber. Let us fill your order. WATERS & DA>"FORTU Drugs and Jewelry. **************-s*;s RIGS * We have 2."> Axminster Rugs * in assorted Oriental and Floral * patterns, 9x12 size. Price IIS. * cash. 11»4 feet by 12 feet, price * $22 ..';o cash. * Twenty-five ; Seamless Brus- * sells Riigs in assorted Oriental * and Floral pattern.s. size 9x12. * price $11.2r. cash * LallARrK FrRMTIRE STOKE * H. K. .Martin, I'nip. * ***************** their son. E. G. Danforfb. of Deering. has returning here for an extended st.iy with his brother. Ed. Mr. Danforth is gradually gaining strength and for that reason he will stay here indefinitely. J. A. Lay .of Coffeyville. visited Ed and E. G. Danforth yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. John Rhoads and .Mrs. J. M. Rhoads will leave next week for points in Colorado and later to Raton. New Mexico, where Mr. Rhoads will locate. Mrs. J. .M. llhoads will be pone about two months. J. A. Brown is unloading a i-ar of flour and feed. S. H Wcith is shipping a car of apples to Hominy, Okla. Roy Strimjile. foruierly asent at the .M. K. & T depot hern, has sornred a position as operator for the II I{ G. in Colorado. THEMrSDOINBSIITeilSGITY *****************-Jr DOI'RLK WliimiNG m>>EH AT'* IWUF. OF JUL AXD JIKS. MAKTIV i * ' * ;* Sprlnirer Lost Fire-Room House ' * While .Moving it—Sinclair U Al Out of Tabloid Stock. The Kansas City pa!>er.«; not iliai a license to n'.irry was iss\ii ,1 tlier.- to D.ivis T. Felton. of. Kansas City, and Bessie Bunisid. 1- of lola. '«i»«««**ii>***#*»»»#4» OrU FALL WALL IMI'KU » • * i* I* sw*!!. >ew'8torki Lon * Prleeti. A pleanurf to »liow * you. V. X. COOKOET. I .HH«r|t« Pratrltt »»«««»»»«»«««i»»»w leave of absence T!:i' city council met la.-;t evening and attended to the rcKular routine of business. -10.". Malable steel range, slightly used .\ bargain. $:?S. nines Hardware., As far as Is known at this writing.. ••v.-ry 'eachi-r in the IjiHarpc schools J will attend the-State Teachers' Asso-. liation in Topeka November 7th and Nth This should be fnconraaing to. the school official.* and to the general | public to think that our <T>rps of te.ieh ; ers are willing to make thl.s Ions; trip ; to enable thetii to grasp new Id^as by ; which the lAlIarpe students may' profit thereby , — Mines .want.< to .-eo you Thiii.-day. ^ October 31.-tt. If the weather will p.ermi; a large' crowd from here wiil RO TO fiuiitboMt * tomorrow and s-'e Brennan. for lola. oppose Walter John.-«i!i for the Humboldt team. .lohnson Is well known to all base ball fans for lils great work ; for Washington. A number from here attended the I. ' OOF. banquet in lola last evening. Judge Fousi with other well known' luerubers, delheriHl a talk — Hinio wans to soil you a heater : that will pro<luc)' more beat with less fuel than any other heater on the tnarki 't. See Demonstration Thursday. October 31*1. Orover Cleveland Alexander, one of tli« leading pltcbem «n tln« IMitladel. phia National l.rHi :ue maff, will b*< hcrt> the 10th of next month to en- Joy N >liilt will) hill old chum Ad llreu- nan He I* ouniuix lo TexAi> on an e.xtrnded bunttnx expedition P IS. IVnnlnston stitpped • car of «tAck yest<>rilAy tA the KnnuNt City niarketn. !Mr. nnd Mm A <• Vandegrlft havn Bon« to BartlesvUle for a vlult with IMPORTANT! Train 409 noes through Wichita. Hutchinson. Sterling and Lyons conii'i ting at (i.'ue .seo with l!iloiit:Ii MTviie lo Pailfli; Coast. Traill 4i'T. having lola 1:46 i> ni,. goes throiigh to tVl.hita ti'ak ing connts -tioii at Wirhita for Colorado and the Pacific coast Train 41U lia.s through, first- class coach and standard sleeper to SI. Louis, making gooil connections with all lines al St. l.,oui.s. Train I"*; makes coninctlon at Kii'li Hill for .North East and Souilu-rii Missouri iioliits. E. El HUNGER I c..\s CITY. OCT. 30—.Mr- Haiti.- i ftiirr and .Mr V. Straller. of Hr.inson. land Miss Alfa Willets and Willio .\ri- ;aTu.s of n<'ar Bronson. were unileil in iiiarriaf:e yesterday morning by Pro, iial<> .Iiidgt- Smith, of lola. Tlie n>'wly jmairi'-d lauplfs returned here to tlie hom<' cf the grandparents of Mrs. Hurt .ind Mr Adams. Mr and .Mrs Clinton .Martin of North Main st;•.•••?. ttlifre an elaborate dinner was .-••rv.-i! .It liicli noim Mrs Martin was assisted! I)y .Mrs EU Ellsworth R.'.atives and closi- friends made up the KU«'S: Mst .Mis Taylor, of Bronson. motlior of .Mrs Hurt, and Mr. Adams was here for thf weiiillni: Tl-ny l<»ft last evi>n- ins for Uronsim near which place .Merrrs Stratler and Adam< have fini> farms, on which thi-y will make tl'.eir homes .M.- and .Mrs J W. I'ort.-r. Mr an.! .Mrs. .1 W I.ow.-r and Mr and Mrs. Carinaln made a trip west o^f Moran today after a load of apples \1 Spring.T. t'.ie liouse mover, had t!ui misfortune of having a fiv,» room i ;ou~e <!cstroy«<I b.v fire .M<inday about two tulles sruth of town Tlie liouse was being moM'cl to a farm s.Mitliwes! of town when a s\iark from the enf;ln<' rauiht fire to tho roof and the luavy »ini! am! abs.-nc<» of the w ater wason nr.\<,-' .Mr Sprinter and his fellow •.\<>rkiii.'r. he' Not only the house Imt t!.e trucks, which .ire valuable to Mr ?p:in.;i-r. weri- completely i!e; s'nv<-cl T!.e blaze also s.rt fire ti) th<> r.elR.'ilioring fields arl the farmers wi-re k»i't bii*v until ninht fighting fit.- F!' vi! Crtrii'.ain yesterilay sold his ''.ni-.. biiKny to Hib Stark. .! v.- Wood and family leav this '.^••••k for an extended visit at various , :."int» in Oklahoma. Jiid lolinson .of .Manhattan, is en- to.vlnc a visit with his tirotb.r. Mr \V K .lohnson. P O T .1 T 0 E S C A if L & H r .\ T E R CAR OF— FANCY \ORTHEK.\ I'OTATOES —ON TRACK PKR Br.sJHKl. CKNTS V TE.N HC.<H'KI , LOTS AT 6"<' •> I:I?!M : Yocft .< ACKS ' • •; I \;v: • ;;I;A!: •:• K.\ rv i>i:roT ItKI. \: IIIMKK W. L Ralston, Agent l'HO>E 3:r, lOLA, JiA.NS. Professional Directory, •;• «> • «• •:• :• • > DIL r. M. KCSS . • ! :• Dentist • I •> Extraction without pain by the <• ! •:• use of -Nitrdiis Oxide Gas • j :• Room No. I Northrnp BIdg. • ! > Phones— Office iioi; Res. 802 • • .> •:• * • •> •*<••> • •>•>*• • •> • <> »> •:• •:• <•«•:• •:• •:• * •:• •:• • • •:• > « :• MOXET TO LOAXI « > Will lend on household goods, < >• pianos, organs, sewing ni*- • > chines, diiimonds. and Jewelry. • :• J. W. COFFEY • :• OiSce, No. lit) Sorlh Street • • > • :• PHILLIP REIGELE . • ' * •> HARNESS AND SADDLESI • :• General Repairing •-. I • •> ' 110^ South Street—loU. Eas. • •> •> •> * F. L. B. LEATELL, JL D. Specialties: Diseases of the Cheat Diseases of Children X-RAY Phones—Office 147: Ites. 117 lola State Bank Bldg. • • • • • T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano Tuninf and Repairing^. With Roberts Music Ca PHONE in I * •:• • •:• • •:• •:• • • ••>•><•• «^ • * •:• •> •:• <» •:• AUCTIONEER I • •:• A. D. Collins • •:• General Farm Sales; Livestock * * a specialty. Satisfaction guar- * * anteed. Address. Carlyle, Kas.. * * • * •:• •:• •:• • •> •:• •:• •:• •> •:• While Rfv. Gordon and wife .nnd .Mr-. Mn. r. ^r' i.'in" Khr.. v.i-r-^ rot'.irn- iDL- hoiii'^ from fir.irc!. Sunday after- uion. the hors>- n.n."- a siii!iif>n turn as were nirrinu' cirner. riirov- in^ Mrs (lonf-.n and .Mrs. .Moi.n fr .nn :;;e !>:ii;;;y. liniisin:; an'.' h:!r:in!r M;-. (;orii.>n prt-tiy iiaii \iiit VA-' s .-ri "Ms: -li.s.. I.rr.ikinir .M'.- M'>-TI"S T)>^ pliy-ji iar: was inii • ir'-!y (.•Mni l»or:i;.> ar.- do n:. as as roi!;i! {).» *',\;!f' I.. .Mrs V." U' .,r: starf'd S.i'ti;'!a> n.'.rntn- STOVE^y CoaL Gas and Wood Heaters! Combination Coal and Gas, Hot Blast and Air TigtiU ECONOMY R.VNGES Rom 's Combination Coal and Gas Ranse—the tiest made. Prices Bight! TheLLWishardHdw. « it :i r K:it.v. .ri Mr 1,1 r nn : \ .- cirv K \ .\s \s i; \V R wil'ii b.-'s Kone to M.iuui! i 'l;> t<> attriji! a iiuut-ntlt II tl;.- Y.nini: I'eopl.'s .\>-o.i,itii>u of !!:>• l!,-.p list ciiur.-li. wiiii-:i convenes tliere .ill r!iis week \Vorkt;ie:i are repairing a I>>ak in thf lie wa!<'r iii.iin on .Main siret-; •.oday .Mrs t; T I'rathcr was calllni: on I-illari" irunds ycst.'rday afterno,>n .V H lliii.'s. .r UiHarpe. was ir town s.'.akinu I'ands with oM frii-nd.- vest.Tdny 11,,„r 'lie n;.i>finifs at r.'-.r Clirisfian <hiir.!i. condiirted by th. Mind ••vancii-i. V I.. G<K>dri<!i. <>' IjiHarpe .\ i.irce rrowrl and a ^onf aiceiin.; w:...; iiad last night .\ P.-ari Hackney entertain'^d : few fri-n<Is eiening in honor o.' h 'T l)ii;r :i !ay anniversarv K.-fresh- ments served and a pl^-a.sanJ time r.-i'.iri-i! .V r.umliiT frnni here will a;fend thi- dan..,' at l-iHari.,- this .'venine .MIss F.iy .V:!nick!f Is re|K>rted ui'i.!. itupr.ived fiwlay i Kil K!is» r!l:, Ih.^ mail c.irrier !i'!i-ke ili.wn in liis aiiioniolille >.-ster- Thls l.s the first meetlns j ,iay mirtii oi t .wn .Mr Hunter, in T '^xa.s. wh.-.-- .•^lirae:if w.i -i s T :':-s,:ay .\-y..-!i::; ; . • was ::i\>n at :' G \V M< K nd. • •:a! aaiiisin:-. i r.-pr.-ititin'..: Ilaii'is anil liiHi i-r in 111'- i\. It'll'.; :in.l al! r.^p.irt a :'in tiiii- C, \V Sbtit! t!.- ••I.'vent; " Iv.ii.. Mr :.n<! .Mrs • ':t-' F-!iiay niu!;! S"v o.tiii'i' > in ilitt.'i .-nt i''iara.v;ers : . ..n >. .re .^!ij<iy,'(! !a!- Farm Loans Branch Lowest! Bates Office ot Tbe Meniani Mortgage Co. Topeka, Kans. Oj.tiona! Payments. Any Time. Will Let r.O'r ofLand Value. BEST LOAN IN ALLEN COUNTY SEE IOI.A LAND CO. If .iliti. ;!l.-.n-; • - on .M"i'.il.i.^, IF THE J'AI'KK IIOV F.VILS TO leliver your paper, call 1< and we will s.'ii.l you a pai)er a special carrier s.iiue vvcnins ' IRA B. FRANTZ ^tini titMieiiM At RuiDa't Jtirtlnr Bton til.- l.:othcrs in seventeen y.-arn . j \. '• Sill.•lair, wli.-i li'ft h.jr.' siuite j lime ano to pluy In Tabloid i.UM'k for III.' rnliitil .\uiu»euient company, re- rUni'd li!» poxitlon Uxi we,>k and IK now In pi'imanent liiock at one of thf Ixidlnn theaiTf^ at Coff<>\lllf ll>' V li: !i,' tli.MO Indeflntlidv It'X Slillilple. torui.'iiv iK.'nt at I !'i the I'mlfic niid ,M K «i T dep<.(» I ..II.. i<iii Willi liA^ •••'iin III I'lijuti lor (i\«.!land. came to the ri'scin-. . .Mr:»- .lack Coi>k. wlio has \»t-\^ .-iif- ii-rlni! U<im !i!o.!il polsonU tniproviiii: nipidl.> •nine time, hft« reniiinrd iil« |i..<iilim ; ed Aha Smith prrnldent i.f i!. i'nMi> Mild Hiiiipte.l a iilnillar one wiih Hie tl A U (i i(« Will be rtdtjon 'd FOMinwIiere In Colorado Mr» Tom floes •<« re|Kirle <l quite III C R ('arniain of Travln nddln.m. I« reported 00 tlie sick list. DI\MOND. i.Mrn C, \V HiiiUhi iii-.-li -r ::!i 'Invitation* me .lu' t »n noiUielllK II H"!! ween l>«rl\ Hi Cli:«l ley .l«ck»on'ii Thurmlay e»enlmt 11 lUiiiKind Ki'Worth L'Mt i • leium fHVIltl- PUBLIC SALE! I «ni M-ll al I' Vurtiiin. -J mile- aiilrs north »f l<a>. on farm known as the iiorlh and ."t miles ca-t of lola, 2 Ji '>»ic l.Ksk larin, on Friday. November 1, 1912 Itetiinnlnc at 1<» o'clock. ;u ni.. the I'nllowlnt: dc>frib«'d property! .-. HK\!> in HOKVKS CiiUsisiinc <<] 1 .-vat, ot wr nu--'. ;< ji-ai ' span ot tOii lbs ; I •Id, wi. 2.head u iiotn ^iMUK .'. llfiil of •i> 11 )S . I'k.-. -' y • -; • i \h.- extra i.iilk Ki .oit [ii'ik •.v..:k and 1 sor drivin.e: :; mowing iti.i hiti's, I .McCurriiii-k and l-Emer.-o!i: 1 hay rake. lo-fi.ot; I bull rake; 1 hay baier in t;ood shape; 3 culti- ..aor>. ! riiiir.K and U walking; 1 "--.ii(>\el niil:;.:j plow; 1 slecl ; 1 .I.iiin iK-rre corn planter. Unit- L" h: •.•.( SI.A.- aa-l ::.-ad "! .-j/'al.- »vu.M iMi'i.t MI:MS. 1 Sliiili'baker iViii;i>n in u n..t .-li.ip.-. lop llU««.1 , I s't-> llHlIlt .-it si:..,u ; !ia: iL>« ^1 ••01-. tin r II. I!l» •ai:i ho;; Mil .! .lisi- tiarrow; 1 Bcon- •j-aniiur; I hay rack; i> "in-; 1 l»;-lnch riding bal.-s of prairlo hay In iiiaiiv lubtT arttdf'.i too .1 iiii!i'.<roii:> III uii'i'.iion. a>i Sundny <t\enliiii The church nrrNlcen «eiT »v|l!i •rtveral rxi-ellent KonKt '>.» *bi Kant tola itinle <|uarteice Sundnv afternoon lieinice IIIIKH has a nice new piano rntvs»»» SMI • .,-1 $llMil, , ,,,((< .,f IptlllMll sli 111'*, ll'.l ir II .' ,...!.1 .v. I, :i .1 . ,1 lout'l till' ' 'I' '< • "1 I ; 'I i Ml Kuii !-• (1. M';; I, • .|l 1« 1 ' f.l'l •I I!•"11 itiiii uudfr. cjuli in hand, All Bum» liihn Hi'i ii,. tiiwn, piirrhn »«T eivlns nolo with f.i cm! luiiiinl liolU dttio It tiAld when duj". • p. r cflM ,\o piiipeiiy (,i litile of «jile 4 pin" c«»n{ dli »t Itv liiiiovnd iiuill selllod fori t'tll- I. MIHIUM'. \Mftk>«eer. r. C. Met I tierk. l.r.NCtl ON THE CI ROUNDS. F. L. Oxender

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