The Daily Times from New Brunswick, New Jersey on April 15, 1896 · Page 5
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The Daily Times from New Brunswick, New Jersey · Page 5

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1896
Page 5
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1896 APRIL. 1896 Su. T 12 19 26 Mo. 6 13 <20 27 Tu. 7 14 21 28 We. 1 8 15 22 29 Th. 2 9 16 23 30 Fr. 3 10 17 24 Sa. T 11 18 25 ASSESSMENTS' LEVIED PROPERTY OWNERS. ON AMOUNT ' EAOH IS ASSESSED For the Improvement of the Road From Metuchen to Holley's Corner. MOON'S PHASES. A 7:40 * p 12 .m. 11:39 m. First nf\ .uarter 6 U 27 6:03 p.m. 9:03 a. ro MINIATURE ALMANAC. Wednesday.April 15, 1896. 8nn rises 5.22 a. in. I Sun sets 6.80]p. m Mocra sets 9.38 p. m. Time of Tides at New Brunswick. Lowwater... 4.45 a. m. | High water... 9.34 a. m Low water... 4.36 p. m. | High water... U.44 j>. m FACT AND FANCY. The Middlesex County Circuit will meet this morning at 10.30 o'clock to hear any objections that may be made to the assessments for the improvement of the road from Holly's Corner to Metuchen. as levied by the commissioners. The assessment is made under the provisions of the State Road Act which prescribes that the petitioners for the improvements of any road shall undertake to pay a proportion not exceeding 10 per cent, of the cost of improvement. A number of roads in the county have been improved, but no effort was made to collect the assessment until recently. Assessments have been levied for no other road. Under the law the property owners along the line of the road are to be assessed in proportion to the benefits received. The commisssoners appointed to make the assessments in the case of the Subscribers who do not receive their papers regu. 'arty would confer a great favor by immediately relating the fact to this office. FOB a good smoke go to Geo. Kuhn's, 379 George street. LOOK FOR Boudinot's prices of meats. RED or White Wine, or good Sherry \nd Port Wine at 5 cents per glass at Joseph Schneider's, Neilson street. nov5-tf READ Tom C. Dugan's adv. on eighth page. f2-tf Is YOTJK house to let? Advertisein our want columns. f22-tf IF you have time 'don't lose any of it but go into Harding & Mansfield's shoe house and have yourself fitted with a pair of their new spring styles of shoes and you will be surprised at the low price for so fine a shoe. MANY people are taking advantage of sale. Mathushek £ saving money by the great 3<) days Son Piano Com- ^ tuchen-Holley Corner and Holley Corner- Plainfield roads were Theodore A. Wood, Abner S. Coriell and John Robinson. The commissioners report that the entire cost of this road has been $30,235.98. Of this amount the State pays about $10,000, the property owners about 81, 000 and the county the remain-: der. The fulHist of assessments is as follows : NORTH SIDE, RARITAN. R. R. Freeman ........................ S 7 02 Isabella Ayres .......................... 1C> (iO N. A. Benner .......................... 11 37 Harman Hoops ........................ 2l! 44 Emm aH. Wilmot .................... 10 00 Welsley Benner Estate .............. 17 '22 William Vansiclen ............ ." ....... 30 55 Fannie B. Willard. ................... 8 30 Oliver Kelly ........................... 22 75 Howard Ayres ........................ 1 Rifle Shot* at 'Shot-triage'* Rifle Range. ' The' riHe sh6ofin£ tournament ^ ; > handsome gold medal, open to all comers, was to have closed last night, nt the shooting gallery at Shortridges Natatorium. Some very high scores were made by the contestants, among whom were some of the best shots in the city. The shooting was done at a 75-foot range with 22 caliber rifles. Each contestant had 10 shots with a chance of making a total score ot 250. . The highest scores that had been made as late as yesterday afternoon were those made by James Gladden and Alfred Bennett, each of whom had make 23t>. They expected to shoot off the tic this morning at 11 o'clock. The next highest s>ores were hose made by John Tunison, 231 ; Clarence Oakley, 227 , Richard Evans. 224 ; Wilkie Battlcson, 210 ; Hewlett Van Sickle, ; 213 H. B. Smith, 211 , \. M. Wright, 18<l. Brunswick's Big Bnblrs. Two New Brunswick babies arc en- ured in the big baby contest which a New York paper is now conducting. They are Charles E. Josten and Christopher Chittig. Their names, addresses, weights and other specifications are as allows : Charles Ed. Josten, son of Charlee W.. Josten, No. 5G Albany street—Age, 10 months ; height, 28"^ inches ; head, 18 .nches ; neck, 10 inches ; biceps, 7J nches; forearm, 7} inches ; arm, length 11J inches; chest, Ifli inches; waist^ 18J inches ; thigh, 12J~ inches; calf, 8J nches ; ankle, 6 inches. An exceedingly well proportioned youngster. Christopher Chittig, No. 57 New street.—Age, 1 year ; weight, 18 pounds; icight, 30 inches ; head, 19 inches; neck, 12 inches; chest, 19 inches 1 : stomach, 21 inches; thigh, lljl inches; calf, 8 inches ; ankle, 5J inches ; biceps, inches ; foreann, 7 inches. This boy jas brains as well as brawn, and will make use of them both, if there is anything in physiogomy. After Stay 1 It lU NotpBe Mai»ns«3<* by the People'• MlMlon. .. - In P«ters«m—Thto ComoK from Wnr«l Street niiil Endomm Wlin.tOIJier* Arc pany, P. 0. Building. May 1 the firm moves to 392 George street. HAVE you a vacant house ? Let the people know it through our want columns. i22-tf R. C. JOINER, Allen P. O., Hillsdalc county, Mich., says: "Nothing gave my rheumatism such quick relief as l>r. Thomas' Ecloctric Oil." BARGAINS this week in pianos and organs. Get in line for a "good thing." Mathushek & Son Piano Company, P. 0. Building. PLEASANT to take, positive and instant in its results, in fact, the best cough medicine in the world, Dr. Wood's Norway Pine Syrup. How TO be happy—Drink G. & W., Canadian Rye. For Bale by August Streitwolf, 206 Burnet street, New Brunswick, N. J. mar26-tf CONSTIPATION is the cause ot all sorts of serious disorders of the blood. Strong cathartics are worse than useless. Burdock Blood Bitters is Nature's own remedy for troubles of this sort. "LIFE is worth living,"- if you have one of Mathushek & Son's pianos in your home. Every inducement, quality, prices and terms. P. O. Building. BJONEH—"Can Smith take a joke?" Wigwag—" Well, he's never taken any of mine. You see. he's the editor of a comic paper." ALL those terrible, itching diseases uf the skin that help to make life miserable for us an; caused by external parasites. Doun's Ointment kills the parasite and cures the disease. Perfectly harmless, never tails. PERSONS wanting houses or rooms can find them by inserting an advertisement in our want columns. 122-tf Hilyer Estate IB 04 Edith B. Hammond ;i<) (10 Morris Brothers u . 3 78 Albert Cook; Estate .' 2G 45 Ilolley Place 22 35 I'lSCAT.VSVAY, NORTH SIDE. Holly $45 <>G C. S. Messenger 37 53 Samuel Johnson 1C 2u Robert Keyle G 00 J. T. Pearson 12 75 Mrs. Kreiger 14 70 Charles Brown 14 2(i Dr. Burdsall 12 00 J. W. Johnson, Pres. Race Track 21 15 Elias Campbell 8 70 Mrs. J. W. John.'ou 5 73 Michael Quinn : 13 12 J.I. Pearson 5 37 Hendricks 37 50 Isaac 31. SteUe 31 WEST SIDE, RARITAN TOWNSHIP. Mrs Pease and Mrs. Thomas '?> Alex. C. Kelly 4*J Matilda Freeman 2 Ezekiel Talmage 21 Martin 28 Annie Geary 4 Maymond 54 Phoebe Martin 21 Carvallio 17 At ATTRACTIONS. Allan's Theatre Tills Week— Rru«l Tlitse Press Notices. \\'. S. Cleveland is still cupping the eliujujt, and he never soems to tiro of out doing himself and others. No sooner is the cap off the climax than William buys it a new bonnet. He has done a great many big things in minstrelsy since he took hold of the old Haverly Minstrels and rapidly built himself a fortune. The combined minstrel shows that he gave a£. the Grand Opera Ilouse and Fourteenth Street Theatre, New York, were hugely niastodonic, and have never been equalled. Mr. Cleveland's big show will appear here Wednesday evening. ' ' Alabama, ' ' April 1 7. — No play was ever so fascinating as "Alabama." It is one of the few plays that will bear seeing again and again. " Alabama" is now in its fourth season, and its progress through the country has been triumphal. Each season is more successful than the preceding one, and no doubt this is due to the fact that the. high standard of the company has always been maintained. Manager J. E.' Starkes when asked today if he ever saw ' ' Alabama ' ' and what he thought of it said : ' ' It was only week before last, I dropped in to see it in Brooklyn and will say it is one of the sweetest comedy-dramas I ever saw and very tf ell acted and staged. ' ' One of the most picturesque sights imaginable on the plains is the white ' ' prairie schooner or emigrant wagon, so familiar in the pioneer days. A genuine outfit of this sort will be seen in Miner, Winslow & Wilson' s production of "* ' The Great Northwest, ' ' a new "American play depicting Western life as it really is, alid will be presented at Allen's Theatre on Saturday evening, April 18. Nathan Robins 1H Edith R. Hammond 15 Mrs. Hickinan S J. W. Johnson !) William Campbell 12 Albert Cook 25 Henry JCorupton.; 2 Peter B. Randolph 7 1). Dodge Randolph 10 Hendricks Brothers 4 I'lSCATAWAY SUVTII SI UK. Hendricks; Brothers #30 Martin 25 C. Van Brunt I! Vail 40 Holly i><; Rauiujiau 11 Edward Campbell 4 Hendricks 37 I Isaac M. 24 do 7G 32 71 0( 52 88 2( 52 51 4( 01 3! an 20 S2 33 near N'cw street, will on May 1 g~o but of the control of the Board of Directors of the People's Mission, of 145 Neilson street. When the People's Mission was organized three years ago, the snperin- temlcncy of the work of the Florence Mission was given to the Board of Directors of the People's Mission. Funds for the support of the Florence Mission came from the contributions of the public. At the present tim;' the* funds are very low and a-' the prospect of raising sufficient money to continue the mission are not very bright it has been deemed advisiblc by the People's Mission to trive up the control of it. This determination leaves tlio field open for a reorganization of the Florence Mission or for a ncv; organization to take charge of it. The Florence Mission was established in this city [seven years ago by a Mr. Crittcuden, of New York, who had established similar missions there, and in other places. The purpose of the mission originally was to supply a home for fallen women and to do mission work among them in this city. As there were but a small field fbr the former work it was soon given xip and a general mission work for women with gospel services was started by Mrs, Kilbourne,, the first superintendent of the mission. The gospel services have been carried on nightly since that time. For the past two years, John Voorheos has been superintendent of the mission and has done much good work. He will also give up his position as superintendent under the present system of management on May 1. jFrom,PntrrRon Nrvp j Mr. James Booth can lie found at No 155 Ward street, where Mir rcprtsi'.nta tive learned the following facts of his case, which arc published lu re lor tlif benefit of the public . lii^ cxpcricnco bad been the same as that o-fmany other eiti zcns and it is no wonder tins have set people talking. Mr. Hooth says : '• 1 have IK i n troubled from my lia<-k for about :-ix ytai.-. In ini' a hon-kk.'i per, I am on my ti > t mo--t of the time, and it - iii'ich to do witli thi I'iU-kadie in the « tliiTO uctv many a Y have, however. ili:- way : 1 ^aw ,\iii crl i>rd and hav IOIIL' ft"lu my liack. 1 1 I ry tlnm. I licgan 1 fi.iind wii Inn two weeks In ipini: me greatly. 1 "in headache^, hut they \\ Stni'i inu o\ei or any • hack V'-uld al\\ay - hurl I'ills ul LT sufiered thought I w takuiL 1 them aii' tb:\t tin Y \vi v> had <!i(br, d flare very ran- no strain a< ross t In oirpcirf<*5 tn'ilil-frtfi'la ct weSther, ' '' «n<l cam ot find time to lay br, should ever t>o*r In mimJ this plain fact, that. Dr. BulKo CoiiRh ftyfritf cnrfo coftgffo rfffS'co'Sft. TflrTKf""•*"-' unripiftlleJ. .. Where «o Gut llir "Tlmr«." on can procure a copy of the TnrEB Y at tlio following plnce? Frank X'arberry's, near the Post Office, Xews <land at the l'eun c yl' av.i road depot. Charles Tamnfs. Church -trot. K;ul- d A Rand . a.- -u-r's, S u -H. Sou ih Kiver in .lolin Freiieli' S.iyreville -C IMi tiiehen J ilph's. Gci/ri:'' -'P'< >. A. He!!. Gonvrc l'i ter-i-'ii' - sti * ci.'ar --tore. e.u'l'-J Gilder-]- • vc. .•-so Pt vvy. Main M i Cemetery A>8oclatlou«. ' The annual meeting of the Willow Grove Cemetery Associatio'n, which was to have been held yesterday morning at the office of the local gas light company was postponed until Thursday night at 8 o'clock, on account of no quorum of the members being present. A board of managers for the ensuing year will be Jected. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Elmwood Cemetery Association will be held at the office on Commercial avenue at-2 p. m. today. Mn, FRANCIS THEAS, Northumberland, Pecn , thinks it a good remedy for rheumatism. He writes: "I have been using your liniment called Salvation Oil for rheumatism and find It gives me great relief. It IB a good remedy." UP TO DATE BFD. WHITE AND BRASS AND ALL BRASS. FROM $6 OP TO The only Up-t>Date Furniture house in New Brunswick. MANNING 284 BURNET STIIEKT. STABBED WITH A PENCIL. Girl SuffVred Terribly Before the Pmctl Was Extracted. MOOKESTIUVN, daughter Ai»ril 15.— The 1 of'William O'Doimcll year-old V. of Colcstown, is slowly recovering fruin a 14 j peculiar 4!» SO l!5 00 $1,114 <;<; FUNERAL OFt MRS.: GARHARD. She Contracted Ul»en»e Front Nursing Her Daughter*. The funeral of Mrs. Caroline Uarhard, widow of the late Peter Garhard, will be held on Wednesday afternoon at 2o'clock from her late residence and from the German Reformed Church at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Garhard died at her home, corner of Redmond street and Throop avenue last Monday. She had been sick but four days. She contracted typhoid fever from her daughter Elizabeth, who got the disease from drinking impure water at the factory where she was employed. Her daughters recovered. She leaves two sons and three daughters, George, 'Elizabeth, Peter, Kate and Rose. Left Her Child »• Security. JERSEY CITY;, April 14.—Bridget Gavin, a young woman, was arrested recently and committed to Hudson County Jail to await the action of the Grand Jury. The jury failed to indict her, and she was released on Friday. She borrowed a sack and bonnet from the wife of Warden Mitchell, ostensibly to go home and get her own garments and return immediately. She left her 15- monthe-old babe as collateral security for the borrowed articles. But Bridget did not go back. Policeman Maguire found her in West Newark avenue yesterday and arrested her. She promised to return the borrowed raiment and take charge of the baby. She was discharged. NEABLY time for the sea serpent. accident. which almost ended her life. About three weeks ago she fell while at play and ran a long shite pencil in her lei.'. l>r. Stround probed lor the pencil, but failing to find it, eon- eluded that it had been pulled out. A couple woeks elapsed and the girl's limb, instead of getting better, grew worse. llr. Joseph Stokes was called and he, opened the wound and again probed for the pencil, but with uo success. Arrangements were made to resort to the lloetgen photography lust Thursday, but on that day the pencil became dislodged and was easily extracted. The wound is healing rapidly and the girl is on the road to recovery. Fire Patrol Meeting. The members of the newly organized Fire Patrol of the Fire Department will meet on Thursday night at the rooms of Phrenix Engine Company. No. 3, for the purpose of considering tjte question of uniforms to be worn by the company and to' transact other important business. In Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America, the.five ^r^at continents, Shaker medicines are being used by suf fering humanity for the cure of and disease. Never was there such a universal de- results. , a cure f<)£ torn herbs and roots, and is a natural .remedy, which cures by aiding, nature n^fl.ijot by fighting her. - '* : --i Shaker Digestive Cordial makes those fat, who have become thin by not digesting their food. It restores the spirit and the appetite those who are dejected a.ud fugged out from the wearing effects of indigestion. It relieves the syuiptous of dyspepsia, and, after using for a reasonable time, finally cures the complaint. Sold by druggists. Trial bottle lu rents COLORED MEN CONFER. Baptist Preachers of the New .Term-y Conferrucc Meet Here. Monday afternoon the New Jersey Colored Baptist Conference convened in Ebenezer Baptist Church. Fifteen clergymen were present, exclusive uf two icensed preachers, who are of this city. \inong the towns represented were New- rk, Plainficld, Railway, Orange, Ro- sellc, Montclair, Crnnford and Westfield, Rev. Archie (r. Young, of this city, us irosident of the Conference, chairiaaned he meeting. Rev. W. S. Smith, of Ko- ;clle, was clerk. Reports from churches nnd fields were leard, missionary work discussed nnd ilans suggested. General prospects it is said, are very encouraging. The clergymen expressed their sympathy for Mr. Young, as being the victim of a libel published by a local newspaper. The Conference has been in existence out. a short time. The meeting in this :ity was for the first time. HOW TO PREVEIMTCROUP. Some Reading Thnt Will Prove Iiitrr- CKtliiK to Young Motherm—How to dnard Against tlio Dlneu«r. Croup is a terror to young mothers and to post them concerning the cause, first symptoms and treatment is the object of this item. The origin of croup is a common cold. Children who are subject to it take cold very easily nnd croup is almost sure to follow. The first symptom is hoarseness; this is soon followed by a peculiar rough cough, which is easily recognized and will never be forgotten by one who has heard it. The time to act is when the child first becomes hoarse. If Chamberlain's Cough .Remedy is freely given all tendency to iEroup will'sodrf disappear. "Even after the croupy cough has developed it will prevent the attack. There is no danger in giving this remedy for it contains nothing injurious. For sale by R. G. Van Pelt it Co., druggists, corner Church and Peace streets. I'ustor 9Iove» Next \Vvrk. Rev. P. 'J'. Pockrnan, pastor of the First Reformed Church, and his family, will move next week trom the old parsonage on George street to the new parsonage at. lM'.t Townsend street, which has been plaeed "in order to receive them. The changes and improvements to the old George street parsonage to make it in the convenience of the new Union Club will be commenced immediately. The changes to be made are very extensive. me. but sini:e usiiiy 1'onn .- Kidm-y 1 ran <tand on my le'-t or take long walks without any inconvenience whatever. 1 al.-o sleep well at niL'ht now, and feel pood generally; 1 consider hoan's Kidney I'ills an excellent remedy aud think it worthy of highest recommendation. Tis evidence like this that starts people talking about l>ouu s Kidney Pills. They cure, and grateful people are. telling their neighbors about them. Merit will -tell, and no medical compound can show 'SO unxny proofs of merit ns can bo produced by the proprietors of Dnan's Kidney Pills For salt 1 by all dealers —price 50 cents. Mailed by Foster Milhuru Co., Buffalo, N. Y.. sole agents tor the I'. S. Remember. Doan s. and lake i.o oilier. Mr. !'..•:•;,;! : Dr. ui Sin 1 lar.' v 'i rify that 1 ha\e been a sufferer v. ilh <','•'• pcpMa to? lie past -~t years nndaf'er haxinr tried nany doctors and spent a trrc:it deal yf 'iioncy without any C">'"\ efleets I .if n. laai report tried your Ga«trodyno nnd aftc7 Inking four and n half larsrp bottles I*can freely slate (hat I am a well man. Yoo can refer dyspeptics to me nt any timtV \VM. P. MESLER, Now Brunswick, N. ,T. EAST to take, euro to cure, to pain, nothing to cirestl, [ileasnct little pllla. DeWHt's Link Enrly Risers. Bent for Sick Head- acbf. Biliousness, Sour Stomach and Constipation. At Bleeott's drug stores, 1158 New street and 427 George street. 0. 0. STILLMAN, Wet-Nurse Wanted, APPLY TO DR. O. M. SLACK, LIVINGSTON YVEME. at If you won' given a elmiee hetwcen death and living in perpetual darkncB yi.iu would prohahlv choose the. Conner A life of blindness is too hunilile to con- U'Jii|i);it<>. Take caro "I'your even now ami if they tnmlile you :it ;ill intend to them lieliiro it. is loo late. Consult a reliable optician. (). 0. Siillmim, of Church street, n jrradnate of (ho Chicago Opthahiiic College, will tc^t your eyes and fit them with the kind of ".'lasses needed. janli-tf The Vital Question In buying a Spring t;uit is .to know that you are. goim* to set a, pci feet fit, stylish materials and good wearing qualities. Better pay £100 for a good suit if you can't get one cheaper. But you CAN tret it cheaper. I'll mako you an up-to date suit for $!(!. The materials are black and blue diagonals, mixed and plain cheviots, silk mixed ca^simeres. No oilier tailor, so far as I know, will duplicate-, these Dualities for less than Slit). Not one in a do/on will (five you as perfect a fit. METZRATH, 35 Ponce Sliett. New Brunswick Business College Bookk( epint;, Double and Singi Entry, Siiortlnind and Typewriting, BiiMiU'Ss, Commercial Arithmetic. Praetieul < inujjujar, Penmanship, Spelling. C]i-to-date. mctbudc. Individual in- structinn for eaeli pupil. J \V. WILSON, Principal. One bi< oontinuourf show, the biggest ug that ever happened! W. S. CLEVELAND'S OUICATKU, MASSIVK Double Minstrel^ 3 In rotijimctlen with JAPS. SI-IOAVS IN ONE. rnand, never Shaker indigestion, is prepared Arc You One Of those unhappy people who are suffering with weak nerves, starting at every slight KOund, unable to endure any unusual disturbance, finding it impossible to sleep ? Avoid opiate and nerve compounds. Feed the nerves upon blood made pure and nourishing by the i/reat blood purifier and true nerve tonic. Hood's Sarsaparilla. 1 O o a, Double first . 3 bij; Hai'.'U and 1'rmn Corps: (Iritntal Music;All Nations' Parade, half mile long: Hitr Jubilee Day! i' Al.i" Y "'luu'ri; Druff (»OOI rm trlutf. no ' .(IK fc FLOUR, FFEOsnd HAY &|.Jl:CI(tl l-. !„')«• -I I'l RUSSELL'S YARD • 46 FRENCH ST. Friday Evening, April 17. SI'KCIAI,. "I ( 'Ifi'iui.l IlJiilib- >.Mlli»UUV. Ill A f:imoi:i> UV. Mu Hood's Pills are the best after-dinner pills, assist digestion, prevent constipation. 25c. Daughter* of the Revolution. The local chapter of the Daughters of the Revolution will hold au entertainment and hear a lecture in the parlors of Miss Evans's home, on Bayard street, on Thursday afternoon. The members of the chapter will appear in the quaint costumes that were worn in the early part of the centucy. There will be an exhibition of relics. Only members of the chapter and their relatives will be present. MURDERERTpAROLED. G. A. R. Bfcuijca- &he Etple»«e of a Vct- eran WbO KUK9 a Policeman. TRENTON, -April U.—The Court of Pardons this Afternoon paroled John Somers, tbe'G. A. R. veteran who killed a policeman at Atlantic City in 1879. Somers was sentenced to be hanged, but in 1881 the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. The G. A. R. took an interest in securing his parole. THOSE WHO... ALABAMA A Mi.rj i.I ll.f -v It"- Brrttl i-tlu'li . HI ll BLOBBS—"Are you an admirer of stfeet 10?" Slobbs—" I like to hold four fours in a poker game." Are in need of paints would d to buy their paints ut manui'tict prices, and thus wave the profits of the middlemen. * Our paints are made of the best Linseed Oil, together with the best of pigments. Contracts fur painting and material furnished. F. E. WATSON, lliu urii/liuil |.r<Hlm Ntw YutU. (.'Uj . ||i_.i! al A 51 nlj iTri-ii- il> ci I'a.mi r .- fur ie, PLANTATION MELODIES -BY TU*.- ALAM8AMA -:- QUARTtTTtT N. H. r'li'Ht Ttui» in N«w Bru mvlc* of thin Mo&t Successful uf all Succ«iuiful American 1'laya. 14 TO WATER HT. O XOW AT A~ tj«or< Keud PrttSH NolAaea. Take trolley direct to Che&tm. XTOTZOS. EASTER CARDS. Our patrons are cprdially invited : invited to inspect our magnificent display of Easter Cards and Novelties, selected with the greatest care from Prang's, Raphael Tuck & Sons and Wirth Brothers. Prices very low. Charles Taioio, 57 Church ojeetlcg of (be p<ON'.etora of CJM Willow O ove Cemt-tecy AjMjcUUon ol Hew Bn>o»- wick. N. J., will Ita haldon To«0»y. April U, 1801, (rum 11 to i2 o'clock it ttxa office of IUe Q»» Ught Coupuiy, Waahlugton street, lor the purpose of electing a Board of Manager* for tte eatninii jew JOSKPH HLOBIDQK, Reoretarj. New Bruaawiok, N. J.. &larcb 90. 1890. N OTICE— AU periona oouowned ni»j take uc tloe, tdat the aubwHtibu, guudiui, «to., ot Julia Ann Gaataer. lauatlo, latoBdi to e*- UMt bla kcoooAt to the Jud((«ao{Uk»Orphau't Court for the oooaty at V1d<U««oj, TtteedA.T. June 16, 1896, la the Unn of April, 1«86 faraetUemeut and allowance: th««*m*b«tn|iflnt t. idtit<3 *a(< stated by th« Surroaktc. OBABLE3 P. FOBD, i Da • J April !>, 1H)S. »pr!3

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