The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1968 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1968
Page 8
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Wyfhtvffl* (Ark.) Courier News — Friday, June 7, 1MR — Pact HIM ' late' Beans Not Late By D. V. Maloch County Extenilon Agent South Mississippi County Soybeans planted after. June 15 can be considered as late beans and maximum yields should not be expected. HOW' ever, Ruel P. Nester, our Extension agronomist, says soybeans may produce profitable yields when planted after June 15 if there are adequate rains later in the season, moderate temperatures and a late frost. In general, Arkansas yield data have shown on nearly all years a decrease in soybean yields when planted in July. When considering late plant- tag, closer rows may be ap% vantageous. Research data have shown there is no real advantage in growing southern soybean varieties in rows closer than about 32 inches-when planted at recommended plani- ng dates (ApriL25 to June 15). Theoretically, rows closer than this would be expected to produce increased yields when soybeans are planted after June 15. * _ * * As a rule soybeans will not have time to make ijormal vegetative growth before flowering is induced because of", reduced day lengths at this late date of planting. Consequently, the late planting will produce small plants whicH are unable to develop adequate ground cover in wide rows A complete canopy with adequate ground cover will more nearly develop in narrow spaced rows.- < The factual row....width- recommended will depend primarily on -ihff weed problem in individual fields and on growers' equip ment. Drilling in 10 to" 20 inch rows would be satisfactory" if weeds were not a major production hazard. Rows should be of sufficient width'to accommodate cultivation equipment i f weeds are expected,to become a problem. r. * f- ••'* .'• For Mississippi County the varieties .to'Vplant Uate' should" be>: the late .midseasbn. 1 , maturing group '— Davis, Lee or similar maturing •-varieties and Bragg; . . • " _ Yields may be: seriously reduced during years with late summer drouths/However, long t*i ~ifVFW$'£H » a Soil Erosion? Here!? SOIL EROSION is not confined to hilly countiy This section of Drainage Ditch six, east of Blytheville, is an example of how silt and sediment will accumulate after a heavy rain. (SCS Photo) Target: Scab Science Coming To Pecan's Rescue By John C. Worthmglon Assistant County' Extension Agent North Mississippi County Scab continues.'to be the num- )er one disease'responsible for reduced quality and quantity In pecan production. Other diseas- is such as brown spot, leaf jiotch, crown gall and sooty mold are often responsible for icbnomic'losses. Several new fungicides and' jactencides have appeared on .he •. scene with • considerable jromise for certain pecan diseases during the--last few years. ..Bactrin, a product of Upjohri Company,is .being-evaluated on crown gall, a" bacterial disease,and to date looks very promising. This material in-a creamy liquid form is applied directly to the gall with a.paint brush or similar swab .after''the-gall surface has been slightly macerated with a hatchet. The chemical supposedly is absorbed resulting in death to the gall tissue which will later slough off. If this.proves will be the only known material for the 'control of. crown' gall. DuTer, a new fungicide, and a product.of Thompson •-. Hayer maturing; varieties, are bet-1 ward'Company, is. recommend- ter adapted for late planting than are the earlier maturing ones. The late varieties make more plant growth before fruiting since their date of flowering is"later. ed this year for control of pecan scab and other foliar pecan diseases Tricarbamix, -a product of Pennsalt Company, be a rather effective fungicide for scab and other foliar diseases. As the. name indicates; it is a three-way mixture .of dithiocarbamates, namely fer- bam, maneb and zineb. • Such would also provide the minor elements iron, manganese and zinc. Polyram, another earba- mate : and, product of Niagara, is also ibeing evaluated with the above mentioned products Sooty mold, resulting from fungi attack on honeydew, may greatly -interfer with the, function of. 'chlorophyll. Therefore, insects. causing honeydew, primarily aphids, should be controlled, which would .indirectly control sooty mold. •• . . Equipment for applying foliar fungicides - is constantly being improved and tested.-The-trend is to a greatly reduced volume of solution and thereby higher concentration of the chemical As little as 5 to 10 gallons per acre is being evaluated A massive dormant application of o> folatan, a -product of :Cheyron Chemical Company, is also being evaluated to determine if the number of cover sprays can be-'reduced. Evaluations of the:above men tibned chemicals,; methods and equipment are-being conducted with cooperating pecan growers and Extension' agents in fourareas of the state. The results i of these evaluations will .be - reported this f?H: when the desired data, are" obtained. By Hebert B. H'jghM III Soil Conmvathm Service Some people are unable, to Visualize soil erosion on the rich tlluvial soils around Blytheville and throughput Mississippi County, but erosion is a problem of great concern to many people here in Mississippi County. To those who might have; the preconceived idea that erosion occurs only on the steeper, sloped or hilly lands, I ask, ''When was the last time you drove through the county and took a look at some of the large drainage; ditches?" ,•; ./ * * * These ditches are having to be dredged out periodically because of the tons and tops of sediment that are deposited in them after every heavy ram. The Drainage Districts and the Soil Conservation S e r v i c e through the local Soil and Water Conservation District a-re doing what they can to help; alleviate this problem." Without the 100 percent cooperation of ing on the soil w« 10 behold -Which is the backbone, of our nation, and the anchor of the soul We still have fields and muddy streams, many hills that once were dear, But the stout old house, so staunchly built is decaying throughput the year. * : *. * When our sons assume the mortgage on this land where we did toil, Will they some day ask the question, here's the farm, but where's the soil? Storage Tips For Wheat By Bo Gibson Associate County Extension Agent North Mississippi County Many of you will start cut- partial remedy. You can do your share in making this county and this nation a be.tter place to live by supporting the movement to conserve our .most; valuable resource .. the soil. : * * * i Following is a poem by Mr, E. C. ' Jenkins, Soil Conservationist from Searcy, Ark , which I feel -is .very appropriate for all of -us to read and giv~e : some •thought to. Scores of gullies now remind : us that we 'must plan bur.fields to stay; So that the soil we leave behind us will. not; have :all been' washed away. Soil that perhaps- another will be glad to see remain; Land /which will with conservation,, produce the grass and golden grain. Soil erosion " is slowly creep- a good idea to think about it Kids ^ie Kids By Patsy J. Cole Why do children misbehave? Children 'misbehave because they : ar£ 'normal, healthy and spontaneous! - '• ' Children, aren't born with a conscience; • good • manners, or an adult's reasoning ability. Acquiring these is a slow; painful process. As'a child struggles to learn the ways of the adult.I'c'le'affcut'case 6f;'curiosityj par- world, he's bound, to -do some [ ents ..may' Jesson experimenta- iosity ? A wonderful'thing about children know they may be childrep is their wide - "eyed punished. But even punishment wonder'.- about everything; hew. It -is one of thejchief-ways ^ttiey learn. But curioristy is also.'a cause of .misbehavior. It may ;or may not. have'killed the'cat, •but.'it. certainly."gets plenty of. youngsters ..iff a -jam: If '.it.'s' a SOYBEAN SEED SPIRAL PROCESSED HIGH GERMINATION — PURE SEED RECtfTERED — CERTIFIED — SELECT * HILL • LEE • DARE •PICKETT COMPARE OUR QUALITY AND PRICE | Valleyfield Gin Company Yotbro, Arkansai PhowPO 3^645 things wrong,, or as -adults'.put it — he's-ajit to misbehave! He can't help, himself .Learning.' what.society-.'itt 7 general and" patents" in ^particular . expect is 'a' '" ' ' " '" Thte ? .y<iun^ ; child is often- aggressive, ^demanding/- and se.l- fish';' Thesff |raits are ipr; weapons^ When he wants' sbmethirig, -Tie-grabs for it. He- hasri't.'learned• how to ask 'politely:-.'And -When, something he wants is taken,away, he is bewildered .•and disappointed. "He cries; He. knows no other way to Communicate his feelings.;.:; ..These;action^ can hardly "be classified; .as ; ,)5ice, of .course,' but they are natural. And some of : .the .qualitie;s;:that..we love in children': —•",their unsophisticated, remarks, their directness -a. spring from the. same source; a direct expression of what they feel,;• We often •rieourage many of of the tfcirigs we reprimand htav for. now. -.-ty. scold a child for grabbing aopSiert foyt. Yet; w« apga him to be a go-g«tter and a ^moye-ahead guy" when he enters th« business world. : There-are,.two kind* of cur- -CAtt- G EN E HOOD BMfcfNfc-• - nvmc (CDi/i^r piken-4Ni . w> ;:*jS8iot MM« rLTiro ocKVHit Manlfe Equipped With 2-Way Radio For Better Customer Service tigir .by, giyiiig children thi-rfet .mfocmatiori oa '' : ]ects , ; ; liaight.i"i A 'cMld!sp.4deiii:;:f or- •: attention '"•.. is is a form-, of -atterttion. It may. be better' than being ignored in their eyes. Children feel they, must assert themselves -at .practically every age and this ".is a com- mpn cause o£ misbehavior. This feeling of assertion- can. <a't times cause parents to restrict the child more. Children "need ;a certain' amount.:of freedom. Each year, the amount should tie increased.'in-proportion to itheir age. But relaxing the hold : does not mean giving children .complete : freedom, ..'Children.. alway.s : ;a:;j^ssiple;ea'ase:Ior ; :mis-iimust practice responsibility fpr- " ~ ' 'their actions and be able; to: recognize ; miEiakes and accept them. Gradual relaxing-; of,fc6h- trols allows the boys' and'girls' to enter'their new roles. up whefi'company .cbmes-OT-ithe Jittle; boy who .bangs 'the- piano. .when his..parents'want are, asking to ,be noticed. .But As you know, wheat does not store as easily as-soybeans, BO on-the-fSrm' 1 storage may be the wrong 'decision unless conditions are just right Wheat becomes contaminate easily V birds or rodents. Am unless it'fs aerated and turnec frequentlyi it may begin to hea or go out of condition When these -things, happen, .it is going to cost the grower money since wheat is bought on grade I would tsuggest that farmers consider these things bef-or planning to store wheat on the farm. -Wheat should not have ovei 13 percent moisture. Storage bins should be care fully cleaned before used store wheat;:. Soybeans or othe grain left in: the bin will mis with the wheat increasing -th •dockage..and discounts. Bins should be checked care fully to make sure they are ro dent proof. . .Wheat .will pick up moistun from the air and may heat af ter a few-.'weeks even though the moisture level was accep table at storage time. •, • • •--.'>.•;;' /#;,; ;.* * .'.'. If you must;s.tore on the farm store'only wheat of 13 percen moisture or lower for two or three weeks, then m.ove -the wheat to market. Storage for longer than three weeks.-should-be. attempted only with good storage facilities:and equipment:to turn and aerate the Wheat. :,' :' ,.; .. • •••' ''.'.'..-•ft' • * :./ * A considerable amount el management is required for storage of wheat. Don't store unless you; plan to take the necessaryjsteps to uphold qualify, WvH • •Even:'a small amount of green material (weeds, leaves, etoi) 'can cttuse damage (n stored, wheat: Pnly cleah wheat Should be'storecli Loves to dig in Hydrostatic Tractor and Rotary Tiller. A hard-worWnfl -team that will prepare your . seedbed "m the spring. Hoe Jl all summer. Tear ft up In th» fall. The new John Deere "MOP Tractor and Rotary Tiller. PARIMflMDroRTHtFAIIUttTEAD MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. 800 SO. DIVISION PHONE PO 3-4434 At the present time, Mississippi County is blessed with an affluent agricultuinl society With, the proper drainage and the great strides being made in lesearch and experiments, our- farmers can produce abundantly and compete with any other section of the world. Let's; keep jt that way, Remember, thft comparative costs are 1 to 20, ;That Is, it averages 20, times as much to dr«dg« sediment cuts of wateiways as it would ' cost to keep It as toil on t|j)| n ,. land, in addition to the loss ia-^.' production * * * • Farmers' who" ate InteresteTr*" in receiving cost • share assistance on the installation of piMm-? drops along Drainage Wstrfa^J" Ditch No. 6 should get in- to.uai'*-'- with the as:eowi.'iWMft possible, -' : : ':.-',.; r .gg:J; .OOrSj ,01*. BO-.'t 03:8 Ralph Ra|t0| FOR CONGRESS^ First Congressional Dist. (Ml. ASt," Pdl" !6"r" W Asa Crow,- «Ohm. Cltlaons for Ratton , com- • mlttee.) ..'••• • J .*******»»»»»»»»»»»»•••• «'««»f« «.«••••«•«••»«•» Protect Your Crops with INSURANCE It Shouldn't Mean You're "Had It". . . Financially Crops may be down, but you're not out — >vhen you're insured against financial loss due to natural disasters. For farm insurance to -fit your needs, consult us. ............ FARMERS BANK ..rr^AND TRUST COMPANY- INSURANCE DEPARTMENT 108 N. BroadWay;- Ph. PO 3-8104. Auto Races EVERY SUNDAY NITE Time Trials 6:30 — Races 8:00 Come see the-.excftementl Drivers from all over the Mid-South driving both class "A" and "C" cars. OSCEOIA SPEEDWAY INTERSTATE.55 AT HI-WAY 140 Osceola, Ark. CONCESSION OPBRATER BY THE BLYTHEVILLE JAYCEES Building a New Home, Business or Remodeling? .,. : For Quality Floor Service ; CONTACT Billy King and Charles Turtle tO 3-3540 / ' A PO 2-2567 • Blytheville, Arkansas FORMIGA TOPSrLINOLEUM, CERAMlG TILE, CARPET WILLIAM BERRYMAN CHECK HIS RECORD! PMdFor'By! William BerrynmiV **:

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