The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 7, 1892 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1892
Page 5
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•I HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, MAY 7, 1892. 5. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. •r-t THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. I. Sl'ONSI.KIt, ; Secretary mid IIUMIIIOM Manager. EMERSON CAREY, COAL Dealer in HIDES, TALLOW, PELTS and FURS. Yards and office opp. court house. MAY IS OUR BARGAIN MONTH. Values absolute— Not Fictitious. jMany styles exclusive. v -' SPECIAL- Tfifosh Dress Fabrics, Wnite Goods, Late Novelties in All Wool Suitings, Expressly for this sale, Sun Umbrellas, Hosiery, Silk Mitts, Underwear, Table Linen, Towels, BelfastHandkerchiefs We are k Pool" ON And underselling everybody on all grades. We have definitely decided to go entirely out of the wall paper business, us we needtheroom for our DRUG STOCK And guarantee to make the lowest figures ever quoted in Hutchinson. id J. M. BEAM, Prop Going into the Wall Paper Business. NO OLD PATERN8. NEW GOODS We are not Experienced Belling it at cost, hangers furnished but at a to put it on fair, living profit. the wall COBURN & DETAR. \ AT THE OPERA HOUSE BOOK STORE Are in the wall paper business to stay Some Foolish People Allow a cold to run until it gets be yond the reach of medicine. They often say, "O, it will -wear away," but inmost eases it wears them away. Could they be induced to try the successful medicine called Kemp's Balsam, which is sold on a positive guarantee tit cure, they would immediately see A&B excellent effect after taking the \9e. Price 00 cents and $1. Trial size 7rec. At all druggists. Cliumt.crlalu's Eye and Skin Ointment. A certain cure for Chronic Sore EycB, Totter, Salt Rhem, Scald Head, Old Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore NipplcB, and Piles. It is cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases have been cured by it after all other treatment had failed* It is put up in 25 and SO cent boxes. For sale by C. B. Winslow. A Sound I.tvor Muketi it Well Man. Are you billions, constipated or troubled with jaundice, sick headache, bad taste in mouth, foul breath, coated tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry skin, pain in back and between the shoulders, chills and fever, etc.? If yefchave any of these symptoms your t livw is out of order and your oblood is \ being slowly poisoned because your •"• liver does not act properly. Herbine will cure any disorder of the liver, stomach or bowels. It has no equal as a liver medicine. Price 75 cents. Sold by all druggists. • One Thousand Dollars Reward.—To any one who will furnish us a receipt that will cure a cough, cold or any disease of the throat or lungs sooner or more effectually thaniBeggs' Cherry Ctefcgh Syrup. Sold and warranted by Baumhardt, For lame back side or chest, us. SMloh's Porous Plaster. Price 36 cents For uje by A. A, Drug Co. See these prices on i WALL PAPER. Browns, 10c to 12J^c per double roll. Whites, ir>c per double roll. Oilts, 20c to 50c per double roll. Hirge's specials 50c to 81 per double roll Ingruins, 40c to «0c per double roll. Other papers in proportion. All paper matched in combinations with borders and ceilings. Experienced hangers furnished. All work guaranteed. H. D. WINSLOW'S. ANNOUNCEMENTS. ' TOBniBTillOT 'CUiBK. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the omce of District Clerk of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention which meets July 83 1BD2 W. S. YEAOEH, ' Sylvia, Kan. FOR COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT, Thereby announct myself a candidate for the omce of County Superintendent of Public Instruction, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. GAsrsn EDWARDS. Grove township. and Southern to the state lino, on May 15, promises to be a very pleasant affairs, and one which will attract an immense crowd. Have your clothing repaired at Wanamaker & Brown's. Get your Sunday strawberries at Furman's. Only 15 cents a box. The Wanamaker & Brown 810 fine wool suits are a surprise. Prince Albert suits, full dress suits, cutaway and sack suits, plain black and fancy styles in great variety at Wanamaker «& Brown's, at eastern prices. Corn is not growing fast enough that you can hear the joints crack, but wheat is leaving all possibility of bug- danger out of the question. Freah Schweitzer cheese at Kenrick's, the fancy groceryman. 2t Buy your fine city tailor made pants at Wanamaker & Brown's. The Second Regiment band will give on e of those popular concerts at the park to-morrow. 1 t'OH DISTRICT CLERK. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the omce »f District Clerk of Reno county, subject to the decision ot the Republican nominating convention. Z. W. WHlNKItT. CITY NEWS. Those beautiful spring overcoats will please you at Wanamaker & Brown's. The moon will be full on May 11. New peas at Kenrick's. ^ 2t See Eccles' offer in"Want"coluinn. fit "Our Pups." • tf Hicks says that we are to have rain again on May 15, 10 and 17. Bellamy sells the finest evaporated apples at 10 cents per pound. 2t Smoke the Lawrence at Carroll Briscoe's. Barrett cigar, 3t WESTERN THE at Wanamaker & Clothing repaired Brown's. Get your Sunday strawberries at Furman's. Only 15 cents a box. Cunningham's, 13 South Main, is the best place in the city to bnv ice cream. Large or small orders. Try Wildin'sicecream. 3t New potutoeb at Kenrick's, the fancy groceryman. 3t Who says that Bellamy has sold out? Go and see how cheap lie is selling goods, at 328 North Main. 2t Nice fresh strawberries at Cunningham's, No. 13 South Main. Odell Brothers are still at No. 9 Second Avenue west, with a full line of all kinds of coal. tf Where do you buy ice cream? Try Cunningham, at 13 South Main. The Avenue A car.s will run to the cemetery every Sunday afternoon. Who says that Bellamy has sold out? Go and see how cheap lie is selling goods, at 328 North Main. 2t You can get cream puffs at the Clarendon hotel bakery. Try them. Indigestion! miserable! TakeBeeeh- am's pills. The next meeting of the Commercial club of this city, will be held in their new rooms in the'Uigley building, on the first Tuesday night in next month, unless a special meeting should be called before that time. iWho says that Bellamy has sold out? Go and see how cheap he is selling goods, at 328 North Main. 2t When you go to the park Sunday stop at Wildeu's, 523 South Main, and try a dish of his famous ice cream. 2t Don't endanger your lives longer by kindling your tires with kerosene. Uo to Odell Bros, and get some of that prepared kindling, only 5 cents a bunch. It Wilden's ice cream is the best in the market. Served in all flavors, at 523 South Main. 2t Two gentlemen from Wichita county came into our office last night and renewed their subscription to the NEWS. Each one was carrying a large bundle bearing the name of the Star Clothiers, stating that from the ad. in the NEWS, they had been induced to make heavy purchases here, and that they had saved money enough on the purchase to pay car fare. A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents apiece, at the New York Racket. tf Carey is still in the coal business, tf Dupler's grocery is headquarters for Wheeling Stogies. 2t Bsos'. 4b kindling at Odell PERSONAL. s visiting night for Prepared coal yard. Buy of the business men who advertise. Hutchinson lodge No. 1S)7, K. of P. has proffered the use of their hall to the Ladies' Columbian club of the city, free of charge, and hereafter their meetings will be held at that place. Don't run the risk of blowing your house up and burning yourself by kindllngyour fire with kerosene, when you can get prepared kindling at Odell Bros, at 5 cents a bunch. -It Remember the band concert ,.ut the park to-morrow. Try 25 cents worth of Odoll Bros, prepared kindling, five bunches for 35 cents, 4t Go to Cunningham's for your ice cream. Large or small orders filled on short notice. 13 South Main street. Put a penny's worth of Odell Bros, prepared kindling in your stove, put your coal on top, touch a match and. you have a fire. it A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents apiece, at the New York Racket. tf Everything now at Mrs. Berglof's gallery, 19 South Main. , tf Wanted—At the Santa Fe hotel 1,000 plover at 5 cents each. tf A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents apiece, at the New York Racket. tf Kansas can stand more rain than any other state lit the Union, so let it rain. ' The excursion over the Hutchlnuon Mrs. U. W. Gleason friends ih Oskaldosa, Iowa. Chos. Bissell left last Chicago on a business trip. Mrs. W. L. CrottB and Miss Chenb- weth of Partridge, were shopping in the city to-day. F. S. Ohafman and family left oyer the Rock Island this morning for La Crosse, Wisconsin. W. A. Loe and wife left for Kansas City and other Missouri towns this morning, on a short pleasure trip. S. P. Burnall, P. C, Dick Kendall.of Post No. 388 and Broughton of Cloud county visited Joe Hooker Post last night. Mrs. M. C. Davis, who has been the guest of her daughter,Mrs. Tewksbury, for some time, left to-day for Rock Island. Messrs. Mead and Mills claim to be nimrods of the first water. They bagged thirty-nine plover in thirty- nine minutes, so they claim. A. II. Moffit, general passenger agent of the Rock Island, and T. .1. Anderson, assistant, attended the convention and remained in the city last night. R. II. McBride, cbunty attorney of Jewell county, attended the convention and stayed over until to-day, to get a good look at our city and its en terprises. Arthur Eagan left last night for Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee and other northern and eastern cities, on a pleasure trip of a few weeks duration. Master Geo. Laury, a lad 13 or 13 years old, who is working at Kanoga's store, did the handsome job of trimming in the south window of that; store. George shows remarkable taste. Frank Roberts stated to the reporter to-day that his brother, J. W. Roberts who has been in St. Louis for some time under the care of a specialist, is recovering from his illness, and will return homo about May 20. Rev. John T. Fall and wife of western Ohio, are the guests of their son Attorney L. M. Fall. They are well pleased with Hutchiuson, and find the entire western and central part of the state an agreeable surprise to them Dr. Duncan and wife of Chicago, came in last evening from Wichita, where the doctor was attending the meeting of the Homoeopathic society. The doctor is president of the American Health Resort association and is looking over the ground for the purpose oi establish ing a sanltorium in tliis place. He will remain in this state several days. W. E. Hutchiuson spent the day in the country yesterday, and to the NEWS reporter to-day stated that the prospects for a good crop of wheat never was better, and thut the farmers along his line of travel suy that the fruit crop is in much better shape than many persons suppose. He states that there will be a fair crop of peaches, reports to the contrary notwithstanding. H. S. Miller of Wellington, who with his wife have spent a few days in the city, the guests of Rev. Hursh and wife, returned home this morning, but not to remain. Mr. and Mrs. Miller have become infatuated with our city, and in two weeks they will return and make this their future home. Mr. Miller is an elegant gentleman, a fine scholar, and will make us a good citizen. We welcome him and his wife to our city. LOCATED HERE. HEADQUARTERS A. H. R. ASSOCIATION. OF Br. T. C. Uuncnn, 1'renldent of the American Health Itesurt Assoclutlon Held ail Interesting Conference With Some or Our Citizens— Arrangement!! Made for the CoiiRuumtlon of the Proposed Sanitarium PluiiH—the Doctor's Views of the City of Hutchinson, its Surronndlnfffl and Advantages. Tlie sanitarium question has been slumbering for some time, but it seems to have suddenly awakened to an interesting extent. Dr. F. C. Duncan of Chicago, president of the association, which is the most powerful of its kind in the world, spent the day in the city yesterday in consultation with some of our loading business men, as well as looking at our city, its salt works, surrounding country, etc.,with a view to determining as to the feasibility of locating the western headquarters of the association at this place. The doctor states that during the past year the association has sunt thousands of patients to the south who have not realized satisfactory results, likewise many persons to the mountains and to California, who did not receive the benefit therefrom that they had fondly hoped for. And that after a careful view of the situations, the causes which produce certain effects as well as the probable effects of this climate upon those whose condition does not warrant their being sent to an extremely high altitude, that they have determined to locate here, and take advantage of the salt water, pure light air, medium altitude, and tin fact that Hutchinson is in the midst of a,, section of as fine fruit growing and gardening country as can be found anywhere in the world. The doctor also states that the majority ot these people sent out by the management of .the association, from the cast, are persons whose financial standing is good, and who are abundantly able to take care of themselves so far as finances are concerned. The majority of the patients will, however, want to purchase a small piece of land upon which they can erect a cottage home, cultivate a garden spot, and by thus getting opeu air exercise, and the aroma from the fresli earth be wonderfully benefitted. , The matter is now in a shape that it is a "go." and Hutchinson will soon have iri her midst a Sanitarium which will be'n valuable addition to our already .»fthiuA >ifl possessions, and a God-send tofcufferiug humanity in the east who havi' no pure, fresh, light air at their command. Mr. I. Goldberg has just returned from his second trip to the eastern markets. DID HE BRING HOME ANY BARGAINS? i He will now offer Men's shirts at $0.20, worth Men's shirts at Men's shirts at Men's shirts at Men's shoes at Men's shoes at Men's shoes at (This 81 .91) .48, worth .75, worth .99, worth 1.19, worth 1.25, worth 1.99, worth shoo is a corker.) Men's shoes at 2.75, worth Next week we will name some more bargains. $0.40 .75 1.25 1.50 1.60 1.75 3.00 4.00 The person or persons guessing the exact, or nearest the number of pins in our pin cushion will get Maud S_on May 5. DAYLIGHT CLOTHING STORE. GOLDBERG, Proprietor. 19 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kansas. -THE- NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE -OF- HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. CAPITAL, $100,000, SURPLUS, $7,500 DIRECTORS. JOHN HAM ,, Hanker. JAH. GUTIIHIE , Ranker. L J NO. J. INOAI.1,8, ex-Senator. T. E. BOWMAN , Capitalist. C. W. TE.MPI.KR , Vicc-Prcs., A. J. IIIGI.EV , Insurance Kan. Grain & L. S. Co. and Real Estate. C. WEI.TON ', Preident. J. W. WILKINSON , V.-Pres. N. G. HOI.LISTKH . Cashier. CARPETS AND CURTAINS. Saturday, March 19, we "opened the largest line of these goods-ever. ftfi.own in the city, consisting of Mrs. Grulih Wilt l'rcucli. Mrs. 8. F. Grubbof Lawrence, Kan., national superintendent of immigration and state president of the W. C. T. U. will occupy the pulpit of the Christian church on Sunday morning. She is a consecrated Christian woman, and wherever she speaks large congregations greet her. In the evening she fills the M. K. pulpit. Her subject will be "Gatekeepers of the Nation." A FEW of the many BARGAINS to be found at -I Full standard prints, 5c BeBt indigo blue prints, 6ic Soft finiehd blchd muslin, 6jc Half finish brown muslin, 5c Outing flannels. 10c to 20c Yard-wide ElPaso challie, 7c 46-inch D69 Henrietta, 85c I have a, full line of plain and striped crepon (the latest dress fabric in the market), chevrons, Bedford cords, hansdowns and other lute novelties in dress, goods. I have the only full line of dress trimmings to be found in the city, ranging in price from !>e to 88 per yard. S. F. RAFF. F. G. Dayton, road muster of the Rock Islaud, was in the city to-day on business. TOO fjATE TO CLASSIFY. W ANTED—By a lady who needs and wants work, plain sewing, smibonncts a specialty. At 422 Fourth avenue cast, tf W ANTED—A man and wife to occupy part (if the Grace Episcopal church rectory. Inquire of It. R.I'rice ,420 First avenue east. at JUST RECEIVED. Latest Styles. Lowest Prices, A handsome line of Ladles' OXFORD TIES, in the foUowing styles: Lace and Southern Ties, OzooCalf and Cloth Tops, Patent Leather Heel Quarter, Patent Leather Tips and Plain Toes. All in the foUowing lusts: Opera heel, C S and )i C S, C, D and E widths. Sizes 2 to 5K. Shoes for Children, The celebrated Sussex School Shoe, In pebble goat and kid, with patent leath er, pebble goat and cordovan tips. The beBt wearing chidrea'ajf shoe in the country AndUlie only line of Hartford and Lowell carpete in the y ' ?"5 1UeW illustrated catalogue for 1892 .will be out * ~ !1 Send for one. WM. REDDERSENi Corner of Main and First H OTEL THO Kansas has again passed into the mi Of Dudley Shoads and wife, be glad to see all their KanR»i' mm BISHOP k CO. BAKING . POWDER 25OZS.FOR25? ,i§BSOLUTELYPPBE - JlWrtkYlT. '— "" J.J^ nr F.r .jA <*u ,r . CO. KANSAS CITV.MO.

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