The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 4, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1977
Page 1
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90c Weekly Carrier Death Toll Climbing Toward 1,000 In Italy's Worst Quake In 60 Yean TWENTV-VIKTH ANNIVERSARY OF OIWINATION -The Rev. JohnS..S?lagouski, ardainrntolhe prieslhuod in the Polish National Catholic Church on May 3. 1931 in Scranton. 1'a.. lias honored recently in ceremonies at the Holy Saviour Parish in Union City. Left There is an old proverb that says, in effect, "people gel what they deserve." We- cannot quote the source or the author, but the phrase came receitlly to mind as we looked around and lomemplaled some of the things that aie happening in this ration today. Most everyone is, hy this time, conscious of the Bicentennial Year, even though perhaps that consciousness has been aroused by some advertising gimmick or another. And. regardless of the screams about commercialism we believe that, putting commercialism aside, Ihere is a very real need on this 200tlianmversary year tolakestockof ourselves. Hucksterism is but a very small part of what millions of Americans are feeling as they look tack through 200 year's of history. One inescapable fact is that this nation as a republic, a nation ruled by a governmcnl largely of its own choice, is the oldest such nation in the world's history. The Founding Fathers knew a great deal about both human nature and history. Jefferson, Washington, Madison and Hamilton, for example, were educated men who were familiar with the writings of the great and ancient historians and philosophers—and the Constitution which they brought forth most certainly reflects their knowledge of such things. Tte Constitution of the United Stales of America is an ex- Iraonlnary instrument, showing facets of wisdom, realism and idealism unmatched by any other document in the recorded history of mankind. Over the years, and largely beeauseof the basic premises slated in our Constitution, the American people have consistently rejected a particular dogma or ideology. Hither, they have tended to examine and test ideas and political formulae before pulling them, or part of them, to use. The right of the individual to develop his own lite style and decide I'leasc turn to Page 12 to right above are: The HI. Itcv. Waller Sliwaklewlci. bishop of the astern Diocrse of the church; Mrs. llrlen Silagowski, Kr. SilaRowski; and Mayor William ('. Uado. iNKVYSphotoby KdwardNi'Mnunl Parish Honors Fr. Szlagowski The Rev. John S. Szbfiovvski. Hireler .limicki: Mrs Helen pastor nfuV Holy Saviour Polish liivliinski. Adoration Society - -• ilt. Srall Korowotny. Ynutli Club president: National Catholic Church.-I'liion City, was honored reccrilly on [he occasion of his 2.ilh Anniversary of llrdinalion to the priesthood in Ihc Polish National Catholic Church A Masslo Ihe Holy Spirit was celebrated by Kr Szlagowski The HI. Hev Walter Slowakiewic/.. hisKop of Ihe Eastern Diocese nf Itie Polish National Calholic Church was the celebrant for Ihe Exposition of the Hlesscd Sacramenl Among those attending Ihe service were Mayor William C Undo. Local clergy at Ihe service uere Hev Gregory Wismar. St Paul's Lutheran Church: Kcv Andrew Smith. St. Michael's Episcopal Church: Hev Christopher Doyle, t'nited Methodist Church, Rev Lowell Bernard. Salem Lutheran Church: Hev Allan Johnson. Hillside Covenant Church; Hev Frnnk Mclesclinig. Immamiel Lutheran Church: Hev. Eugene McAlislcr. I'm'ted Church in Ileacon Kiills; Hev George Kisher. Congregational Church: anil area clergy Rev. Walter llys;ko of Manchester. Hev Valentino- Grabek of New London. Itcv Stephen Muehlado of llarlford. Rev. Matthew Polak of New Hrilain. Hev Casimir \Vilc7.ek of Bridgeport. Rev Joseph Lcwanclowski of YVallingtord and llov. Joseph I'alnmlxi Following the formal service a reception was held Alhcrt Tapalka. Parish Hnard chairman introduced The Hev Robert Ncmkovich. pastor of the Holy Mother of Ihe Rosary Parish ih Chicopee. Mass., who served as toaMmaslcr for the reception Invocalionsin Polish and English respectively were given by The Very Rev John Urban. Divine Providence Church. Norwich: and Mr. Smith A presentation of flowers to the diocesan bishop was made by i Mrs Raymond Pnnancher. Speakers were Mayor Hado. Er. Urban; Choir president VVC Edward Smioi. ilireetor ot District II Polish N.-timial L'ninn nf America: and the Kcv I/iwell i I' Today's T Tt • f In tSi'iel lly I'KCCV POLK fJKMONA. Italy 'UPIl - The death loll in Italy's worst orirthf|u;ikp in more than 60 yea rs cli mfoed towa rd 1.000 loday and officials warned of epidemics from decaying corpses, open sewers and summer- like heat. In Home, the national police genera] command said 561 txxlies had becrt recovered by early today and another 1.100 to 1,300 were injured in the 'quake thai jolted Central Europe Thursday night. A government spokesman in I'tline. capital of the 'quake- stricken Kriuli region, told reporters Friday night the toll was likely to reach 1.000, "We don't know the exact number but Ihe total of the dead, hased on coffin requests by search officials, is approach inn LM! and the hospitals are lull ni injured." said I"dine in".-twin re spokesman Natale Labin. "Several helicopters will disinfect.the hardest hit area Saturday." a jwlice official in t'diue told reporters. "There is an impending epidemic danger ainnnt? im re covered corpses, animal carcasses, uncovered sewers, lack of water and almost summer heat." (Icnwma. IFi miles northwest of IMinc, was one of Ihe most severely damaged towns with an estimated WO ptr cent of its building demolished Only the facade and dome of its famous Hth-century cathedral remained intact. Hescuers dug a mother and her 10-year-old son out of the rubble of their three-story (k'mona house where they had IH-CII 1 rapped for 29 hours. Both WITC in gfiod cnndition bul debris had fatally crushed the woman's eight-year-old ;-on. Korgaria. Maiano and Ruia also suffered heavy casualties and damage* Al least ii helicopters — six of I hem 1 MOTHER OF THE VEAR - Mrs. Celina l.andry of 56 Hotchkiss St. has been chosen hy the Fraternal Order of Eagles as the recipient ol this year's Mother of the Year award. Edward Crorco. president of Itie local Aerie is shown at Die left. Al the right in the photo is Mrs. Mary l.agnon, president of the Ladies Auxiliary. .... <NEWSphoio by Edward Newman! Mrs. Landry Selected As Mother Of The Year ll\ fiiilnl Press LOS ANGF.l.ES ... .. . . . Henry Silver. Ibe handwriting and scores of ambulances aided l'\|>tTl uho helped ex]xise the the more than 2..TOO search and Clifford Irving bingraphy of rescue workers Howard Hughes .is a hoax. said. Light aflcrshoeks continued I'lid.iy the will found in the in Ihe disaster area bill no Mormon Church headquarters further damage was reported in S.dt Lake City is truly that In Riiia. a town of R.OOO. nf (tie eccentric billionaire. police said at least 41) persons Olbi'r analysis - hired by died Hughes relatives ami others "in one minute it eame and challenging Ihe will — have everything was moving and called it a fake- One \vhi> trees were falling down." gray- I'xamined the will in Lai Vegas haired Alba Pnpulin said, near Wednesday termed it "a rank Ihe pile of rubble thai was her forgery " four-slory apartment building. "Thanks to God. I escaped," HUSTON ITlJ — Judge \V. Others did nol In a Arthur Garrity .lr . who or- town of 1.500 where al least :W ilerw! the Boston schools [x-rsons were known dead, an ill-set!!egaled bv Ih' 1 use of old man with tears in his eyes Friday asked a policeman for help in Mrs. Celina busing Iwo veal said he would nol allow the M'hixils lo close early because il would put students on the streets during a period of heightened tension He said Boston should Iwrow mnney to pav for the courl- ordvmi action, although Ihe oily already faces a S?" million budget deficit WASHINGTON il'Pli President Ford vetoed another bill Friday and Dunocrals arc prulesiing'again The hill »muM |'riniili\t SI trillion worth oi foreign military .mi Eord said the lull would have obstructed Ins aulhorily lo conduct foreign ^xilicy A congressional override of the velo are seemingly impossible at Ibis point, since the bill cleared the House 2i:» lo and Ihe Senate fit to far short of Ihc 1 .MIS. v euna ixinui>. S. military choppers ,„, ? , yrars dd , his December, from Vinconza - Ton trucks v - n ^. , he glics| of ^ omT a , a banquet Sunday. May I6at 2 p m in the Eagles Hail. She will he joined by her family and friends, members of the Aerie and Auxiliary and pasl recipients of Ihe Mother of Ihe Year honor, as she receives Ihe "Mnlher of Ihe Yrar" award Celina was horn Dec. 15.1W4 in Kent. Maine On Oct. 26. 1911. Celina married C J l^ndry In their '"i years of married life, theyhad nine children and 12 uramlchildrcn. All hut one of Ihcir children were born in Fort Kent. Maine Inl9!l, Mr. Landry eame lo Connecticut looking for work During this period. Celina raised eight of her children Ix-forc joining her husband in l!H:l. Once selllcd in Connecticut. Celina had one more child. As her children grew up. she graduate Celina never had ihe helped them in schrwl and many opportunity to finish school limes, had to convince one or the other to stay in school and Please turn tw Page I- Enfield Doctors In Rare Clash Please turn lo Pago 1 Prominent Alcoholics Identify Themselves KNFIKLD. Conn iVPI» Two youne phy>ician> working under a federal program for areas with limited medical care are clashing wilh private physicians in a rare public conflict. Drs Richard School and Marvin Tcnnenbaum acciu«ed nine full time physicians of at tempi ma to maintain a monopoly on medical care by "trying to keep new doctors out of town " They said that since arriving in Ihis town last July other doctors have refused to refer patient? !o them and told their patients "bad things about us." includinq charges Segool and Tennenbaum .ire and !a?y Itoth physicians N'alional Health Service Corp* Program, which in Conneeticu! is limited to Enfield a small town near the t.<ordiT uilh SprillgHeld. Ma:-s The iclivr.ll uovernmenl and tin- hu'.ii lionately "We're not an i'em:<iniu' Ihreal lo these mm." siid Itie :lO-year-old Teniierih.uim "I I'lr-.ise turn In P.i'Jc IJ Wculhci Hy HllllKliT M. AXIIKKWS WASHINGTON (Vi'Ii - To hi'lp remove the stigm.i of alcoholism, .iboul .SO public figures including Apollo as Ironaul Kiln in K. "Ilii!^" Aldrin. a member of fonsress and several well-known onlw- lainers voluntarily identified themselves loday as recovered alcoholics They told a dramatic news Aldrin. ^6. who joined Neil Armstrong as Ihe first men to walk on the moon in 19t">9. said he hegan drinking heavily during a menial depression that followed their history-making Apollo U mission Aldrin discussed Ihe depression in his \97.l book. "Return to Earth." but never mentioned problems with alcohol Me lefl the space program in conference sponsored hy the .bine. 1971. and retired from the National Council on Alcoholism Air Force as a colonel nine shedding Ihcir months later. Today he is THIS WEEK'S MVSTERV PHOTO is worth !< lo the tint ft rson »to Cornell} identifies the object and Its bxaUon which may fce anvwhere In Naugaluck, Prospect or Beacon Fall*. No one Identified Ust week's photo of Ihc SyUanla Plant, Bridge St. AH entries must be mailed ir, sealed envelopes to the Mystery Photo Editor, Naugatuck Daily News, 1S5 Water St.. NaugatucV, Conn. MHO. ANM.\M)i:itS (TIlHCIl PAliK n-ASSlKIKIl COMICS CliOSSWORI) IIOROSmPK OBIWARIES SOCIAL SPOUTS TN'l'llOGRAMS ; i M 10 in fi 12 3 fl it Today president of a research and engineering consultant firm in I.os Angeles, where he lives, and is a director of the National Association for Mental Health. they were -- votes anonymity and "going public" two-thirds aliovit their past drinking luvdiil problems lo demonstrate that alcoholism is a treatable HEIHI'T. Lebanon iUPI» — disease Heavy gunfire today prevented The- list included Rep. Wilbur most legislators from reaching II, Mills. II Ark , CBS television _ Ihe Esseily Villa where a network Vice President Thomas drink since last Aug 7. when he -„ --•••".. crucial parliamentary meeting .1. Swafford. entertainers Dick was hospitalized a second time "exhausted lie met with lull lo clccl a new prcsu'enl hr.d Van Dyke and Garry Moore, for treatment of depression. privately Friday been scheduled to start at II sports figures, business e\- Among others whi> disclosed a.m. i-lam. KI)T>. eculivcs, clergymen, authors their successful battle against A new campaign of terror by and an Indian chief — Sylvester alcoholism were former Sen. J. Tinker of Pawhuska. Okla.. Please tern lo P.if.e 12 leader of the Osage Nation Bernstein Ready To Go To Court HARTFORD. Conn >l'PI' The president of Ihe proposed Wolcott horse race Irack says he'll go to court unless Environmental Commissioner Joseph Gill reverses his deci sion denying a permit for the Irack Noel Bernstein, president of Old rock Road Corp. said Friday he will not make a decision on Ihe suit unlil all legal steps to gel the track are LAPP- A -DAY j rTo V, ... , " ca '' 0 lur " '" Gill donicv! the needed ^X'rmit on the Kisis of »lop,iytmont,ii reports horse urine from the track would pollute a nearUy reservoir.

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