Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY RECISTElt. WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 30, 1912. BEGeREMpiOSINBSIlie POLICE OFFICER XAH^ JiOT KXOW HIS FATE FOR A YEAR. Sriiienrril to Die in Electric Chair In Dccpnilicr, Rut Has A|i|H>alcd From Verdict. < llv llir As.-ww-inlf*! Prrss) Xow York. Oct. 30.—Charles Bockor. former police lieutenant, cionvjc'pfl of } jirocuring the murder of Gambler Ros enthal, was today sentenced to die in the electric chair at sinpr sing diir- InR the week of December ninth. Justice Goff pronounced the sentence. Becker's execution will be stayed by |.a notice of an appeal from the verdict of the Jury to be filed by his counsel which may take a year to determine. He was at once delivered into the custody of Sheriff Harburper who left with him to take tho train to sins sing where the convicted man will b<' confined until his fate is determined. •Mrs. Becker had a short talk with necker in the'sheriff's qu:irter8 at tiie Crihiinal Court building before ntrk- er was taken before the court. John It. and Jackson Becker, his brothers, and Father Curry, of St. Jaincii church all sought to-cheer the conderaneil tnan. His wife and brothers pleaded wiih the sheriff to delay Becker's removal in order iliat~1W'kcr mlRht ad- .i"<.s. his business affairs but "the sh'-r- itf was obdiirnte. J. F. Me Inly re, BecUer's chief eoun- Fel, wlio Roffered a nervous collapse I affr the elose of (he (rial was unable i J" >><• in !o«ri. H.'.s. condition is sor- . inus. The Ida Daily Regrister TiM tola Daily Record and the tola Dally Index. THE REGISTER PUBLISHINO CO. CHAS. F. SCOTT. Pre.i. and Editor F. W. BRE\VS7;ER Man.nger Entered at the lola Tost >rrice as Second- Class Matter. Advertlaing Rates Made Known on Appll- cuUon. Orriclal Paper City of Iota. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper of Allen County. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In lola. Gas City, Lanyon- Vllle, Concrete, LaHarpe and Batsett: One Week ; 10 cntF One Month i* cent- One Tear $5.00 BY MAIL: One Tear, ln .5lde ounty J2.00 One Tear, outside county 13.01' TELEPHONES: Bualnetis Office ^y Society R»port"r is Job and Bindery Dept HJ A VETERAN OF TWO WARS. Takini; « Chancp. .\ Minneapolis physician declares iliat kissing, induces appendicitis.— -News Item. .Maid, so modern, ere we part. Just' one final salutation, , .Vot the handshaker's chilly art— I refer to osculation. With the added explanation ' That, though anguish be my lot, If a kiss mean^ operation. I would rather die than not. i;o not tell me that you wont; Hear my plea out ere you flout it; If you kiss or if you don't. ill be all cut up about it. Surely sweet, you cannot doubt it, .My appendix may depart— I can ?;et along without it. .My affection's of the heart' —Npw York Evening Sun. swKi) HIS SOX From Coiistiliitiunal Oecllne. f^n many !il;e this are cuminc I'o our attentir.n fur the benefit, of fa- t!ier.< and niotliers of weak, sickly, ail- ir?: children in tlsis vicinity we! publish tlif following letter: Mr. Ulchar;! Ri!«li rf Columlius. Ind.. says: "I believe 1 am Indebted to the valuable medicinal properties of Vinol for the health of my little .=on. Dale. He had a ! severe attack of whooping cough and j measles, which affected hia lungs and • general constitution. We tried several ! other remedies without benefit, then i commenced using Vinol and I take pleasure in acknowledging my confl- -f'lence in its restorative and rccon- stnictivo'virtues, for my little son is the picture of health now. all due lo the use of Vinol." This Is because the child needed the j strengthening cod liver elements and {thr. tonic Iron that Vinol contains. Xo '. ri! .delicious taste. Children love it. We give back your money if Vinol ..does not do all we claim. S. R. Bur- '|r.!l. Oruggist. lola. Kans. 1' S For rough, scaly skin, fry our STEADY INCOME FOR SCHOOLS FOR hA>.SAS (tn .l,K<;KS. stale rni»er>!ly. .A«,rnrulfunil rollege and \»riual .Should Haw I'hi'tl Keience. Til State of Kansas t)n a —.r «:iM -or!ier U-MUBF: .sla(e.- as far .1- !ri;:i!|.i' ji! '.r lii>;lier eiliirational m i;ti:'i.-;i-: is ••..11 •<•: rn'rl. stiuli-ni .s of 'if ;-.;itc rni'.ity tliioiiKh 'iie .\!enV ;i .tw started a ca !)i|>.ii .i;n •fur a !-'institutK) anicni'luicnt iiro- \idiii}; f .Tr a D'TI!;: aont income for tlie '.uainteaan.e e: liic (^p.ivertify, the \i ;ri -;ii!'iir;«! ."aHej.'" and i;)e .Stare Xi-riisal S;-/.(>iils. "!';J-iMs- :;r,ii i:;!:Mie.: of all Vn- i<:':!s:i;- in''!it Mti ^m-- ;iri- f\ji,-rte.I t 'l .i •. Ill i:.c li .risl.-iifire ti> pn--• • : I- :'i .:v • f:..- ;ipjiri >\al liS t-ie .\ iKeil t.l\ ii:is riir .Tii'i (leen adoff- • ! '3 !•:•.•,:;. Vii. . .nsiii. ;.: .•liiu.-in. Miii- ' fi. irin -'is--. N'-!i'n :ir!il many I'ISHT .-!:ii>-s vilm lt :i\«- t^-.-n ai)le to : ;:rcir uni\ rni 'i. s uilh tlie : ':>•:! r!ir i->:r :e:i! jtives.' TM- :irsuii !''»Jts ridv .iIK eil l>y l!i(> stu- ''.^ : > 1 •. ;:it on: ti!;ii mil! tax woiilil ^ i ::" J"'- ;• t::e =ii'i;\i(lii ;!l citizen •^ •! J ••)•' t:-,\e.-, i >; .i valuation of $lii,- I 'liat i! w ^i.i.;". ••n.-ure normal .'..ii :1 t I" . il'S'ilii'ions li(:<-ailse ' !'l;ins 1 In- itiriili' "lM-;>tl prfiviilini; ! sa .M in.-t<a.-«; th.ii i; «onlil r<'- llii'ie the r :!ciilti <'s from <riiieisiii r-- ullini; from the ni 'eessiTy nf l^ililiyirii; •for !!>•• appropriatir.n.s of ttieir instiisuiions: iliat it would make it le,; [ I'asy fur other universities to false ; ~-onii' of thi" bt>.it Ii-arher.s fivitn .-as. Iiecai .'.<e of !h<- i;reat -T j)«>rnian- \ •••.iif nl" tlie.-e imiversities in the niat- :• r of inc-ome: and that it would i>uf it!,e niaintensinee of the ("niversiiy. the. .\£ricii !tnral Colle?" and the State Norma! Sehonl .s on a iwirmanenl hasi.<;. removing them from the danger of I !<av ;ns tiieir revrnues curtailed by ; tai-ric-e or financial dejiression. THOMPSONimR STOBBS Senalorial Candidates Sparrint: <Mer Alloning rupular .Hn.iorflj to Oelermine Elecliou. Alleging abandoninent. Lillie Hull lias nrought suit in district court for i diviirce from her husband William K. i Hull. The plaintiff asks the restora- H .-^n of lier maiden name, Lillie Howard. jSaxn Salve. We guarantee it. H. A. MIXIR IS MAATED. Announcement of the birth of twin I ijoiis to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peed, of J I<artlesvill«>. was received in tola this •Dan Calloirav of Ft Scott Saw (|,pt morning. .Mr. and .Mrs. Peed former-I and brown hair, who is believed to be To .Sellle an Estate, Lawyers are Seek Intr n Spanish War Veteran. County Clerk Culbcrtson this morning receiver! an inquiry asking for information concerning oc H. A. Minor, aged about 42: five feet, ten incliet; in helehf. weight IS.O pounds, gray eye.s Chanre of the Liirhl RriLiide. I>aniel Callowa.v. veteran of the Crimean and Civil wars, died at his home In Ft. Scott the other day at the age of over 80 years From the Kng- lish trenches, he watclK -d the inimorl.'i) charge of the Sis Hundred: He was atatloned at Queliee, wli <-n his •uUsi- meiit expired In the Kugiisli army n •few months before tin- war broke nm He came to Kansiis and enMtiied in ili Pitteenth Kansas Cavalry and served through the war. For tlie pas' twenty j-oara It was his gnvit plea.<ure to car- ryvthe Stars and Stripi>s when the Ft Scott G. A.'R. i>ost appeared publlely. aijd last. Memorial liay^liis devotion was undimmed. The Seoii Uejiub- Aican says: "It was on last Memorial Hay at the court house lawn, that old Dan Cal loway took part in an outburst of pai- Hot\sin. that should iinne an inspiration to the hundreds who saw it 'Farmer' Smith had wrought his comrades to a high degree of emotion. Calloway came under the speaker's ispell. The old fellow, decrepit, tottered to the rostrom front and clasp- Jngr Old Glory waved it again and -again, while the hundreds applauded, shouted and gave cheer after cheer. The effort exhausted the old veteran and he jsank back into his chair pale- and, trembling—muttering and hug- ,glng his flag. Women wejii; men sobbed and coiiirade .?;rasped <'omrade in the patriotic outbursts, even tlie, more sturdy nonchalantly brushed aside a tear and would assuin<>'an indifTcrent poise, but vaguely successful." BIVIX." THE IfKOO.H COI{\. ly lived here. Mr. Peed is now sup- in .hi.s vicinity. Minor is an heir to an erintendent in .one of the smelters at esfiie and his address is much desired Hanlesviiie. ! by attorneys in the case. Mr. .Minor — I served in the Cnited Stales and Cuba PREVENT DISTRESS during the war with Spain and was I l\rj ^ lUl^ 1 lf^in,^^i3 s.Tvirc with the Ar lliiK l!«AiliNl >i Fourth Illii:ois regiment at some i >oint Tuo or three l>iKe>til laldeis after I in tJeorgia. eiuinu will prevent or "juickly relieve' 'I'f.; lull uni-i<ti>l"ortahle feelint;—!r.\ A Topeka di.spalrh .xnys that a b'-! I U i* falls, yiuir money wil be ri>- of $:?0'> h».« Iwen jMisied there for some funded ' Brown's itigestli is a <-ertatn time that Btiosev«'li . will not carry H'v k relief and permanentreinedy for • Kansa.s, As this stati> has- all along i'". ^l»nla•-l\ i!p<e|s relieves Indigi.---' ' tii'U iiistaiill.v. Ultle tablets e.•l^y to .sto .MACH son.*: <;«T IM)l«a;STIO\ ALSO "Fai'cV Uiapep-in" Will .Make Vou! lli»ordered Stomach Feel Fine in FJte .Minute-—Time it: I: what vfiu j .i-t :;te is .-.oiirinj: or yiiiv s *ott ?ae !i rr !ies li!-*' a lii.'ii .n o' !--.M!. n fiisiiix to dices', or yoii 1.••',(•' •-•ns :!ni! erui-iati- ^;)lIr. r.n-!;;;« stei ('u:i\. or have a fi-';i!'.'.r ':f lilzzine's !i ".t. ;!iiirn. fiiHnes.-. n.i:i.-.'i. I -ad fas'. in moiitli ;'nil stoiiiach !i'-a;:;i<':.> —t!,! :i I'iuestion \ full ea-»'.or fapi'V tii.i|'>:i.-in cst- oRiy C.'ty f .r .'s ;in'I v. ill Ti .ir' -iL-iilv f-.ire v.iii:- ("it-oi '-oni.r s-o ;?iHf ;in'' ;t ':ivi' siiifici.-nr nhom Ih.- IIDU.S'' if. «.;.:' s'-a-e < r." crsn in rlie t-iriil.'y iii.iv si!:r.'i- :'ro!u .-t.-iiiaili ti'vihi'- m- indi- j;e .-T!on. .\.-k your iih :irniae!.it to s ":o \v vni; r'"' ffrrriiiila plainly i>rinti .'i! on !!;csf ' : • •.f !tt e:;s-s. t!iep \.,>i wJU unii'^r- why i !y .-;ii ';iii<- tr'-ilM" :•!' l':v's ii!ii-t u^>. and wl'v !!\.v i:-.iial !y r«'li'*\4' .sf»)i'*. oiH -oj -oriliT sti>"i;tr !'S or "!.di::e^»ii t; in live uitniiii-.- l !;i;i.-i)>in l - > ;'rii!'"-s and ;;,s!i-s liU.- riindy. I 'sie.;'-, r-.c': I'oso ri nr .itrs ;M);\'T S ':f- :. n; 'o ili-i-t ;iir! j.l-i'a!'- '"i' ;is- s ;i.,ihitt<.|t Iti -o !•!. ,..1 f,... I vvi'li ;l |. s'vallovV. absollitely B-irrell's l»rug Slon- harnil<'ss- -.'.iv. »n <n eoneedt^l to be a Itull Moo.s< hreeiliiij: ground. s»conil only to California, this news Is signineant of the situation. Shark liuyers M««ld I'rolil by (Jrow. ers Indeblednes!.. I,arn«'d, KHS . Oei. 20—fheasiness exists in tho broom corn raising eoun- ties'wesf of here over ihe reeeni influx of "shark buyers" who koeii it^ close touch with tiie market .ind b'»af growers. Advantage is taken mainly ( of debtor growers, forced to sell tai meet obligations and many merehantsj are coming to their rescue by extend-*! ing time on debts and credit. Indica-, lions are that brush will be worth I from $1*0 to $100 a ton, and' a move- j nient is being puslied lo g'M raisers fc j hold their crops. | .VITOIST WAS .MrROEKKD. Sloflx City. la.. Oct. 20. -The murder theory is now being entertained by the police in t:he ease of (Jeprge Miller, the Sioux City contractor whoiie body was recovered from the Missouri river near Winnebago, .N'eb., i Monda.v. Miller is known to have had j several hundred dollars wiien he left J here. Only >50 w«« found in tlie pock 1 et l)ook of the dead man. I Ben Raliove. tlie shoemaker, has filed l;l8 final naturalizatJou papers in , the diatrict court and will be made a ' c,ttir.en of the Cnited States at the i nest session of the district eotirt. Rai i lore is a qative of Russia.' 1 Why is the soda cracker to-day such a universal food? People ate soda crackers in the old days, it is true —but they bought them from a barrel or box and took them home in a paper bag, their crispness and flavor all gone. Uneeda Biscuit—soda crackers better than any ever made before—made in the greatest bakeries in the world—baked to perfeictign—packed to perfection—kept to perfection until you take them, oven-fresh and crisp, from their protecting package. Five cents. NATIONAL BlSCUrr COMPANY The supposed agreomi tit b''tvveen Sfublis and Tiiompson. caiidiii.ifes for the I'nilf'd States senan-. by v.hirh the one receiving tlie smaller pojiular vote next Tuesday sliould witlidr:iw from the race :ind allow the other to be named unanimously, seems to have fallen dovvn. Thompson m;ide tho I original projiosal and Siubbs accepted, making a condition that the chair men and secretaries of lite Ueiir.blican and Democratic coniinitlies also sicn. Thompson agreerl. but Chi^irman Martin .ind .'^ecref.iry P/'pperell d<>clined .M:iriin aiHl PeiiiMp-lll answenH thai "under no conditions .should Sluldis receive their support.' So ilo- iiaf" seems to lie busfd aii<l Thompson now reiterates his lirsi t.r<»iiosal. ! Tlioiiui.son says he is vvilliim to sii ;ii • that, and protests thai In- ami Stiiblisj wholly cotiirol iheir own a .ts in ihe! matter of retlriivc froin tin' race, |." while lo in>iios<* cotiiliiloiis vvlijih iliC|' eaiii!idate.s may not lie ;il>l' to faltill • " is unfair .-\s tin- m;ili>r liovv s';iiids , ' Tlionmsoii :i .;:iiu pliij 'o-' ; lo Slillilis.' as follows: To tlie iM-opl<- of tie- si. Ill- o| K .ili .sasi llelievini; ih .H tie- «l'<>!oii o'* Seintor should !<•• l>v \ oiml ir lOi' r ' is h< refiv agreed by V\ iMi .iin II 'riioMin ' son, Miniocialic r.;tidiil-le for I iiii'--.') '. Stat >.s S4-iiaior. an'l \V i; Si iit>t>-'{• •'• ' ' publiciii iioiiiiiK I lor I iii'i-d S'l'. .|'"' S 'liKitnr. .so i ..r .1- il is i;' oui • ' iMiv'.-r UK will liriiic .•ilmiii ilir <|.i t<">\ ' •' of the mail V ho .s.-i -iir. s ili«- vpnlar i " vol- ;!t the eoniilm rlc' lion. Nov tub. r . ^1' iMkiv-i- I'Ol'; an.l we :ind . a< h ..i ii.., ti. f. Ii, ; . MdM 1 'MM. agr< e to abide bv til.' iMiiMila- vol.- ;>ii 'i ! I 'l "btii . i withdraw in eas.> ili- .'tli -r r iv.-s ] •"' li-' ' •' f 111.- hit:h -st tuimhi-r ol t)..- iM-oi.I.-s " l ':idl.v vot.-.s in favi^ of th.- i.irn so r.-c-iv- ! 'IfoU..v ii Mok .lii-.;- i r ! ing such iw>i.ul..r vot.- I i:ia >id .nbin-«'s Kri l:i.v : NIr -HM y.v. I-:xeeuled in duplicate ;.l TOIH ka. 1 ^\"''>':«"l Ki'zieill .M-. .--e,! so-. l >i. o- Kas. this .lav ol 0.-'o1„-r. Ivl-. | l'ii:tt cour.ty. .M.-^. Charli.- I!..'lo-become elTcciive oiilv ii|ioM 'I'.- X,::- • •'""'I d ..u:;hter Mau-!-. Mr. • \!vr;'. tiaiure of both |i;iiij -s lo this -i::!,-... Moor.' :'iid rhiM'-n. K -i. ';i.-tor mint. (Signed! . ' Mis. I.illi.- Tilli-iy, of Tun.-. i:;iiis.r- WM II. TUnMI'SON. ,^1's Ivy l!;,rh.« and '^on .-.e ' .!.. ' :• of i 'l ^itf I'ouiry. 'l%"ii K '.'tii!! !. I nt- a kind word for ail. The funeral j.rviced were held at the Baptist '•iiurih Thursday morning, conducted • ly Rev. Frank Jennin.^s and the remains w-cre laid to rest in the Bron^.•1. ciiM'-J .-rv. A l.'.rge concourse of The Waili.s Kwing sale dirlw t!ie largest crowd of town farmers: of any sale of t!fe season. The Kwing farming equipment and stock was up to such a high standard tliat many pcr- s(m.s who live in lola vi .eni: out to the li. ti'!3 followed the |)ody to its last ; -"^aie just to stand by and .=ee things -.srin^ place where tlie Bronson and : sold even though nothing on the farm ie'.i I. •) «). F. lodg.'S conducted the j eould be utilized in town. The herd of ^rave cremonies. The K. & U. of S ! Hol-steins. attracted csiyccial atten- in. nded in a body. May he be at i tion. sr from ;lie afflictions aii4 sorrows ! •f 'Iifs .ar'lily piisriinage. The insanitv of the man who liit. one .Mr Tiiompson Hall and Mrs. Anna } girl clerk on the ank'e and another on the arm in the .lohn Taylor store in Kansas City the other day would seem alisofutely cstabiisiied. "The man gave no sign of insanity until be suddenly dropped to the floor and bit one of the clerks on the ankle. iicoaFt of Colorado and Mrs. Fran- •e.s J'ar.son.s of Goodrich, Kas.. spent <iUiday evening :it S. I). Branden- juri-'s. Mr :i;d .Mr.=. V.'m. Kitzmiller and .Ur; ! i'I;<- Ti.';« ry left .Monday in the ; !\it/t?iill--r tiito for their iiomes in 1 i'rait county. i -Try a ReeiNter fVant Ad. •I -at •• l::l.'. ill w i I! f.-.-: Ii y. ••• :i r.' -i:i ;in.! t tn-e ! t.i .rl ' '.ir '-•!i.>:l^!;. s '••'li.: . il> w -!| !..! i;-";s. a- -.-t-.- • > -II \« 'M 1 1 i ' t-Miia ' I • , ifv :i lli~ .'!• :'liv I, -; -..;r.- n-.-- •' : -I V .-ur 'I I • iiu! • •'••Il il i:,;il< s I't'.y ai.' •11 •! --St. ! ' 1 ^ .1' • \ .•.-1 --i> ' ••i'.-: 1-:: ti.a' \«y i: ! ill'."1 V -> v\ •; T .-Ui. •IMIt- . 11-.; A .\KU HII L •|'O.Mi;iiT. AiYai." file Plav ••Tem Warner's I • vi at • (irand. The clever Taiii.i'ic ol. t enii tli-d "('ircutnsiaiitial Kvi'l f.-a- faiing Miss .lane .-\iibr<-y ' ; ;i!«'siiit ed at the (ianid !-si tii»;' 1; vvas OIK- of l!ie best dra:)i:i'ic sk''!( li-s .n- er staged in this city at;-! i;av. Miss Aulire.v a splendid ctiaiic- to disiday her tihility as an .•niotic :l ;iciress. Tonight tiie bill will !ie Toin Wa:- ner's l-ove Afliiir," a (om.-dy draiiui. Spcciallie.s will b<- iirrodiiceil l>v Idn-. iiy Hiiiett. .lames ('oo|'er ard Hilly Howard. Hear the Hui-srir.- f )"!^her ;:i ;it <;in.;a hoii-' CATARRH SUFFERERS ASTONISHED p. 11. Braildeul-uri; :.r,d wi:. ; a.l Mr :ii <l .Mrs. Uos.s Kiiz: r. Ti - ii :> iiy in.-r'tiiig vv;is in" ' n; ">! I' III-::!!'!. nbiir«'s niii-tli 1-i-Mi i :y !;• was iiresonicil with a uoli! -.^ !• atid eli;'!tl. 'I 'll'' srillie <-.-o-...,j •'.,.• .-i.'- diiioji of .M.^ ind .Mrs y„<\:-v. "Ir !". t rttn.-r. CliarJi.- Sliou.ilt.r ;iii'l .vi:.!.l. <'oiiciM- tool: "linii-'r S ;i 'iinl^iy at !J iss Kiiznil'. r's arnl .•^iini!;iv ili -v vi. r- .Mr .•>.•>.• MI ^ S I; !!r ;,iMb -4s V.'.-.rrJ h I>,H 11 r.-.-ei.-il b-i.- Il>;ii I'.n.n.'.-:fhaiiilierlain's i:it.;. fir! c!:-' of (iiph'fheri.'i. Til"' Mcl .;iii !:Min s :i !i v .:is \vv-!| ai- leiid .d r.rid llritu - so'd r- -; i llr-- Tilierv • .„•; .'.!:> I-y linr- and ti sp. t- t',.- »-.1.-_> tid I' M. K. itr.itid. iilmru 's Ttober; V.'.il!::c.' Hail v ,is li,.rjj oi; th- eiiiliih diiV of -Xjiril !S7N in i)vv'r <oiiBty. Iiitlitiiia Mill ::ir-' I lai.^i life I •'• his lioiiie near !!r.)i;siiii, Kas . cui i !i. , L'Ist dav of Oct. ill l!»l:'. !.eii;g :;\ j ivirs. .". months ;inil II .!,ivs o! :."e i II.' was htth ill a faiiiiiv o! s. v.-ii child REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE (ini.'LFs F. ston, IMrcrtor rublirily Itun-an. AIIHTOItn")! IIOTFL, Chicago, Illinois lionlliV .IIYOMKL Hie Soolhlnc. Heal-!; "• •l""ch''''t- a:'.i ivu. sons, of mm fl l:ig, Oerm llestrotlie.; Mr tildes Insfiint Iteiief. j If v 111 aliCHdy ,-«n a UYO.Mi:! h.lnl ; rubber in'iialer y"i can ^ft a !">ti;.' of : HYOMKI for onlv .*.ec. The lOiiMilete I outfit. vv|.' -'i !n.-Slides iniKif-r. is $1 nO. ' and if M )!d Iv t.'. H .'Jiienc;- on money I hack plan. t With eveiy lioitle of HYtl.MKl comes ;a email hookli". Tiiis book tells how easy and ^imp|e it Is to kill Catarrh riionil 'S II iiiid .Maiy Hall Mis iij .i'h- • ;- ami ;<vo sisters Piav.> j.;--!-. .'>•.!'Iiiiii lie !»i '.4t of 'h" hies: T!iis Lavs :i I'.iili. r. th:.-. sisters aiel I'li-' hrolli II.• I'Miri .'d l> cei.^n-r "'i. 1S:K IO n.ri!" K'ak.- wl.i.-U iici-ii. M-.i.i bl.s.>.. I v .jth ••.v,« i-iiililreii. on.' li.iiish- j lei . .-v .iidr .-y Mid :• ion. tt'iss.-'i Me- sules the family I e II-.-IVCB H of ; frieuds to mourn his death I 'e re' ino "..-d from lndi ;ina to .\lleti <-oiiniy with hi'4 p.-irenis at fl>e ase of three Hiiptlst church to which he remained fatihful and conft'iit Wallac.' as He pleasant anti.'eptic air of Kuralvpius from the inland forecis of Australia. This book tells about the HYO.MKl vapor treatment for stubborn Catarrh, Croup, heavy Colds and .Sore Throat, ftnd other interesting facts. was always known, was a true and de- j voted friend to all who nim: ai- wavs readv to assist thn -se in nee.l in every way possible, and ainavs hav- The Achievements of President Taft Ii. lallv aoi 1 e< 111.' llu- ri'ln.'.t kald.- ii'.'•iiip!i ..hii!. lit ','ii:r'idnitn- i 11 il 'oii II i> M.-c.'..:.iiry to ti.'.ir in iiiicl Ihi- dilfi.iilii.-; ,TIMI I'liib.irra.;:;- 111. ills (i\ rtlii.;i H 'c.i.s |....'n be'..'! .Ml T.itl inli.-rtt.-il fimii Ptcsld'-Ut •;..•>-• V.'It a diveb'il p.-iriy .-i siMv niillmn d.illar <l"liril in (lie treasury, ;iiai !!?.'• I.-. t.'.i. Ill of th.- lariP. Tln' |ioj >iil .-ir iiiaKazlni's aliliiist inime.- iliai. ''Iv bei; m to aii:u-H him be.anse his I'.vstiiiast.-r- iJen.'ral recom- ui.-iiH.'.l that Ihey b.- required to pay in postage more tiea/ly what il r"-t tlie •g.iv.'riiiii.-ni to carry them tliro.iKli tiy inail;v ,\s sixvtv as llie i'.'viK' 'aw was i .issi 'd ilie great 'iiy iievvspaiKMS joine<l in tlie assault 111 I alls - print paper had not been put iipijili Ihe fre.- Jist. Tlic."l'ro- •.;:,sslv..s • in both Houses of Congress (onspir.-d vvilli tlie'UentocratS I 'l il..' his i:-,easures, to pass bills to vvliicb he was known to be I'liiKi-i'd. an.l to eniliarrass hini generally, while the "Procressive" ;';,\-s assailed !iini without ceasiiis Tiie mistakes be made weree.xag- •L'.ratrd ahd harped upon, and the w/od tliing.s which he did were immri'd or i liarij.'d to sinister iiiofiv.-s. in t.'ie middle of his term came-, a (leiiiociatic fiiajorily into the House of l{cpreseiHa.tives. still furt^ier. ;<i coiii |)ll<ai.' itie siliitttion. .\nd yet, in sidte of all these ibint's. Pr.-sjdent Taft has seen inoi'e- of the |d"di;es of fh" platforii; iipun vvhii li he was elected, enacted into !:ivv than any oilier President iti our tiine That staieni'-nt will donlilless siiriirisc many who have lil-en led to li.'!ieve that Taft has t n a ".io-nothit K ' President, hiil all they need to <lo to sHtislv themselves of its lit..'ra| (nilh is to read fhe'itlatforiii then .search ih.- statiilt-s. Kcoiioniy in governnient evpi-nsos iiromised: a d.-ticit of $.".S.- iiiie an.l ill i:ii;i ha.s been converted into a siiridiis of J^t'i.fiiMi.iiilo in 1I>1"J. !;.'vi-^!on of the farilf was |iroiiiised: a law has lrf>en passed which - !u."d diit 'es ot; the average 'Jl per €-ent and jet did not close n fae- I'lrj nor reduce «aires nor throw any man out of a .ioli, w'ljeh placed a ';;\ , !on corporptior.s yi.'ldiiig $;;ii .iiiii )."iiii a year, and which provided toi ;; t.iriff board l-'r.-e trade wii.': ili" I'Iiili;'piiie Islands vvas promised; it is a law. Post;il .-i.ivings batiks w.-re jiroiiiised; th.-y are; here. I'nl'orceiii.-iii f>f ti-.e fi'si laws vvas i>!<''lKed; four times as many i.r >-•:•< ilf'ons have ! .-en mad.' ;is under any other ajliiiinisiration \ddition:il '.-MII Kid leL-islation was protitised; -the lavv was passed i 'lii' t !ie railroad .'i:esti >n 's settled. ' '.I'"! so 111'. Ii-t iiii.itht }>e contimied until It v^onld i>>- shown that evert iinportani pledge in the pintlorin of liHIS \ut* been in good (nith lulliiled. I; is a siKniti. :>rt r .Mord. achieved in the face tvf unparalleled dlffi- iiilt '.'s. an.l'it i -i 'vil.' mily have be.>.'i ac<oiiip!ished by wise, firm land sktllfrl h-.-ider. !ii|'. ^ A:id vet .'.'s).'!.- this splendid re.-ord. men like Stiibbs and his Bull \|i-i>-i' as-~oc -M -s in K'lnsas bave joined in the daivor rais"d by these ni.'ma/.in.'s and tiewspai'<'rs: who could not control the Taft adiuinis- trarion in tln-ir own selfish interest, and are ojiivosing tho gro^t nmi* who h-nds the ticket on which they are ritnniiig for office and who have the effri>i>t.'ry to ask i real tieuidicaiis for their ~ . • votes U'llI th.' yget th'-m? /7 —y A ^ Pre'sr'KH' i'artv League ^^2iSXKJl K^Jf^ V , Dhecior id Publicity. Republican ,\attonal Cpminlttec. i

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