Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 15, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1908
Page 1
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Mir*. F. H. F-ABRIGK —SELLS— Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Ideal Gas Stoves, Paints, Oils and Glass, Sherwin-Williams Paints, Guns and Ammunition, Peters' Shells. COVINA Overland Keen kutter Roadsters The Finest Boys' Wagons at RABRICK'S HARDWARe ARGUS VOL a 6 COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, AUG. Is, 1908. PROFESSIONAL CARDS [)R. J. C. GOODELL OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 175; Res. 23 Hours 9-4 First Nat. Bank Bldg. Covina, Cal RoXIE E. BATES, M.D. Special attention given to treatment of diseases of women and children. Office and residence East College St., •first door E. of First National Bank Office hours: 8 to 10 a. m. 2 to 4 p. m. Phone 288 Covina, Cal. t)R. WILLIAM CAPPS Office hours 1 to 5 p.m. Forenoon will be given to making calls in city or country. Office over First Nat'l Bank, Covina. Residence Hotel Vendome Office phone 75 Res. phone 1075 A JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. »HKD G. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA. CAL. . P. UPDYKE, D. M. D. DENTISTRY Over Argus Office Covina, Cal. Phone 284 J. J.,, * ' ^l-V^tfl 1 I ,c, il •- t I —DB5NTIST— Office hours: 8:30 tft 12; 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. Q tt H. WEDGWOOD ARCHITECT AND BUILDING CONTRACTOR Residence, Cienega, near Grand R.F.D. box 204 Phone 3065 QEO. H. SKIDMORE ARCHITECT The Vernon, Myrtle Avenue Phone, Red 296 Monrovia, Cal. ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. Saturday's in Covina. Office Argus Block. QR. O. T. AMYKAULD VETERINARY SURGEON AND DENTIST Graduate McGill University, Montreal Office and Res. San Bernardino Road Phone 1016. Down town office, Keefer's Livery. HIGH SIERRAS HURRAH!! Punctures and Pleasures for Bubble-Wagon Wanderers. Gee whiz—three o'clock already and I promised to call up A. P. KorckhofY and Frank Bisbeo so that, we could start promptly before daylight—take <lov\n receiver—nothing doing, operator, asleep or something; jiggle it about twenty times then "number please" in the sleepiest voice imaginable, "7(5" in the snappiest tone you ever heard, and presently A. P. answers—"what, time to get up?" "Sure Mike" is a good enough answer and Kerckhoff is started. Now to get Bisbee—jiggle and jiggle and jiggle receiver. No answer, operator dead to the world: well, let the poor kid alone, lie is: in the midst of his beauty sleep and the Lord knows he needs that kind of a dream. At 5 a.m. we start, Bisbee driving the incomparable Klmore—Kerckhoff his all but discarded Tteo (T told you last week he (had ordered a four cylindered Marmon). Bisbee said he would lead because lie knew the roads as far as Ventura, and we (I was riding with Kerckhoff and his dog), said we would trail. Foxy Bisbee, wo trailed all right and ate dirt for eighty miles. There was only one incident worth remembering. At Camarillo the noisy Elmore scared the shifting out of a frisky colt and had it not been for the coql-hoartertness of .Kerckhoff••there '^ojiM^have^beeiu •b'cautlfiii smash up. Oh well, we finally reached Santa Barbara/ but we didn 't stop at the Potter. The ladies bought some fresh fish and hot rolls and away we went again, hunting for a suitable camping ground. Bisbee, the pathfinder, finally ran under a TOW of gum trees and said that was a beautiful place. It was—not. There were fleas and mosquitoes and foxtail galore, but we did have a good fish supper. The insect pests drove us out at five in the morning, sleepy, cross, but not so sleepy and so cross that a cup of hot coffee didn't fix us up. Kerckhoff led this time, and didn't he sot the pace, that man must have a cinch on the hereafter. There are the most awful bumps the mind of man can conceive all along the coast road clear to Gav- ioto, and he never slackened speed for one of them. He had the dog (didn't I tell you he took his big setter dog Rube along?) scared into a conniption fit and liis passenger simply paralyzed with fear—his passenger is afraid of the hereafter. Our car, the Keo, didn't !«. v e a blessed brake that would \voik unil our ehufl'eur junt let her out, and then something broke ami the Klinore went ahead, and something broke again and the Klmore came back for IIH, and things kept breaking, but we finally limped into Sunta Maria on three legs about noon on the blessed Sabbath, and left the machine at the .garage and hiked up town for the biimment ni";il mortal ever a at dnwn to. Ken-!: hurt" here arrived at the rebietaat conclusion that hi? piifS' njjcr v/;i- a ''hoodoo" and traiittfericd l ( iir to flic K|. more bag and baggage, and the pas- senger just smiled; it wasn't he that was the hoodoo, but the machine was a back number, etc., and ho pitied poor Kerckhoff hung up indefinitely. The Klmore then started with the Jonah passenger, the miles reeled off, wonderfully beautiful Arroyo Grande is passed in ti cloud of dust. Pi/.mo soon left behind like a tale that is told, San Luis Obispo like a dream of the morning, and up, up the grade we go, oh! it's great to ride in a good machine— bang! n blow-out, but that was nothing. Change hibes and off again, roll down the grade, leaving Santa Mur- gnerita smiling under the afternoon sun and whirling throuu.'i the park-like groves of oak trees we know that Kl Paso de Hobles will be reached before sundown. Hang, another tube find n casing, too, gone this time. The hoodoo must be working. It was a ease of hustling to get fixed up this time, but Bisbee is sure a wonder and Mrs. B. and Mrs. G.. improved the chance to set out a bounteous picnic supper. Tire fixed, all troubles over, we whirled through Paso Robles about nine at night, and the moonlight was so seductive we kept on going tfs far as 8»n Miguel, then camped, a dry camp too. All livers of life in the open know what that means. Up at six the next morning, ran three miles and picked up a nail, changed tubes, ran four miles and picked up a tack, tubes all gone, had to go patching and here trouble began and the hoodoo was decidedly unpopular, the weather was so hot the cement wouldn't hold the patches and after Biabee anil the kid Allison would work, an. hour mending tires, we would go about four miles before another flat tire would atop tiling*, But we i>i«ggwa>alangrthofl&- dieu and the hoodoo resting while the others patched up the unpntchable, hour after hour. Look at that sign, "Automobile Oarage and Repairing, King City, two miles." Troubles overt Nit. We stopped the machine or rather the machine refused to go any farther, and hunted up the garage. Vulcanizing? no, they didn't know how to work the vulcani/.er; gasoline? yes, "thirty (tents a gallon." I don't want to work any injustice, but if uny Covina aiitomoltilists over go north they would better give King City the go-by. The garage isn't the only hold-up joint, for the leading hardware store charged us 80 cents for 'M feet, of common billing wire. Ifow is that for working a tourist? In despair we wound forty feet of 'ft-inch ropo around our tire, wrapped it with the gilt-edged baling wire and managed to work our way to Greenfield, and let nut tell you, there in a haven. It in like the shadow of a rock in a weary land, the host, soil ami the brightest outlook any town of its ni/.e ever had—and it was here we heard about the luck coming In (!i<i>. lia/./.ard'H house, and we were told by wireless that (ieorge expected to cull the baby Ken. lie HayH nhe travels wit If iiinfhVr wide open and the name will HIIit to n T. liYiiiciaiitlv we lift Greenfield this morning and rn- now traveling toward Salinas, the way Maine went fur Governor Kent. Guy E. Fairly Electrical Contractor Crescent ine cream will be f by Layrrihti A Son. Served by the disb tit gold in quantities. 7-Hp TRANSFER IS EFFECTED. All negotiations connected with the sale of C. W. Potter's hardware store on Citrus avenue to \V. \i. Hurley, mentioned as ponding in last week's Argus, have been fnlly completed. An invoice of the largo mid expensive stock of Mr. Potter occupied several days of hard work on ,tho pnrt of the outgoing and incoming proprietors, and Mr. Hurley will start business with one of the fullest linos in the San Gabriel valley. Mr. Hurley is from tholown of Mnnn's Choice, Pennsylvania, where he maintained a successful hardwyre business I for thirteen years. He has a thorough knowledge of this trade, having competed for business with the leading Chicago houses while in hi« home town. , He informs the Argus that he is no newcomer to ('nliforniii, however, as this has been his third to the coast, coming here on previous occasions with the idea of locating in some ' desirable town, ilia family consists of a wife, and six children, and MV Hurley • Intends to make a home for his family i in, Covina, nnd complete the education \ of his children here. Mr. Potter, the retiring proprietor, was the first business man to set up in j public business in Covinu. Mr. Potter 'drove into the little settlement in 1885, j and owing to the fact that there was no public, hotel of any description and only a few scattering honses, camped by his wugon and goods on tta ground opposite the Covina National Bank. The land upon which he "pitched his tent 1 ' was soiling for #175 per acre at. that time, land which is now, owned by the Hellmans and valued at $t,0,000 for a cornor lot. Mr. Pottor started in the blaeksmjth trade, establishing u hhop wAiero >CVrVett/8 tbl«e|t8mHh flh'ofy"" Jtnw stands, property which ho, stllS owns, and for yearn ho worked tireUwaly at his 'trade, building np for himself a reputation second to none in the entire valley. With the growth of the town cnmo prosperity to the pioneer business man, and the establishment of a hardware business was only another stop in the, trend toward success, HO that today he retires from this branch of his work a successful man in every HoiiH! 1 , still in the prime of life, but in need of a rest for i\ time from business ai-tivities. Mr. Potter has held and still holds important positions in relation to the town's government, has always been a loyal citi/en to California, a staunch }£e- publican in politics, and an advocate, of civic, progress from every Htand- point. Mr. Potter said thin week that Covina wits his home, and probably would always remain his home. With his family Mr. Potter intends lo take an extended vacation, after which lie will asKiiine the management, of hi* affairs in l It is city. LAW VERSUS COMFORT. A, M. Peace, Covina's fl'w), report, in i|MiMlioiM of legal procedure, h:iH blossomed I'm III inlu new ofllccM which are almost 4ii nipt mum. Two roomx opening inlci "iii'li other ill the ICeed have I been fitted with fine utlire film:! M re, polislo'd >;ik bookcaxcH unil denkn, with attractive rng-4 covering the (loor. The attorney nmv li;<s an ollice ID l>e proud 'if. The l.'iw in II Mlern neceMnily, but. there in n,i n a.-on why Isiwyeri* should i not lie eonn'ortable on t.hin earth any- I way. Everything in the Electric Line Call and «ee my fixture r'/om f''-:ippf"<l with the best line of rixture.-> in the valley. I«os Angele» prices. Oftice witn If. R (jarrisi^o's Bicycle .Sh^p Citrus Ave. Meal Time These /lot. -nerve ruck ing thtvs, means more of a resting mid coo/in!? off time, //Kin a time to cat. You Need an Appetite Teaser PICKLKS Any old kind, &oui\ sweet or mixed. that arc good. cf/o w- c/fo i v cirurNK)' .svi UCR MAN I) A LA T SAUCI<: h'KTCHUI' INDIA RICUSfl Try something of thl» nature and see hoh> hungry you realty are. lftii(»t ftof ion* ^ 7^ Wi . ' ?£,<?<);x IN A ' DIRECTORS OFFICERS G. E. Andorwm Marco If. Ffullmnn W. H. HOLMDAY, I' C. F. Cliinii H. M. Houwir MARCO H. IIKM-MAM, Vic.- I'ri'M. J. K. EIJloU J, O. HmiKiir J. It. KLUOTT, VI™ I'ruH. W. H. Holllilay (',. Munnruo W. M. UKI8WOU). Cmihl.n- A. P. Kerckhoir J. 0. Ifl/TCIIlNHON, A««t. Ciwltlor Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina Valley Savings fianh Covina, Cal. DIRECTOKH OKKICRKS Ooo. E. Aiiduriwin W. II. llnllliluy A. l>. KKKCKKOKK, rr.mld.-ii". J. It. Ellliitt H. M. Iliiiimir II. M. IIOIIHKH, Vlc« IVimldiuH Murco II. llullinuii A. I*. Knreliliiiir .). C. IIUTCHINHON, Cmdilxr W. M. UHIHWOM>, ANIIL. Cuxliiur Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo <f+'**r$$$$$§y^^^0 Don't Cook Yourself A hot fire will cook a good meal^and a hot kitchen will cook the good wife/ Don't Do It "THE START." L-TI.-'.T a liiifcre/.ce hi.-tv.ccr. f/ivo/i ;;;.'! '/akin'. vVat/'h :*>.•'/, Use Gas and be comfortable and happy

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