Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 30, 1974 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 30, 1974
Page 3
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Friday, August 30, 1974 HOPE (ARK.) SfAK Page Three lAA c Is she heading for a hospital honeymoon? By Abigail Van Buren Chlugo tribun*-N. Y. N«w» Srnd., inc. DEAR ABBY: Bud and I are engaged to be married next Christmas. We've been going steady for over a year. Bud is very jealous and has a violent temper, so we agreed that neither one of us would dance with anybody else. Last Saturday night we were at a club having a real good time. I went to the powder room for just a few minutes and when I came back, Bud was dancing with another girl. I just walked into the next room and joined a guy I knew. I sat down and we talked. Bud must have realized I had been gone for quite some time, and he came looking for me. When he found me sitting with this other guy, he jerked me up out of my chair and beat me up. Then he led me to our table and told me to sit there until he was ready to go home. Meanwhile he continued to darice with other girls. I couldn't stop crying, so I got somebody to take me home. The next morning Bud called to ask some questions about our wedding and he acted like nothing happened. Before I go through with this marriage, please give me some advice. Am I doing the right thing? SECOND THOUGHTS DEAR SECOND: Have some third, fourth, fifth thoughts. And then think some more. Unless you enjoy having your bridgework rearranged, postpone your wedding until you are absolutely sure Bud has learned to control his violent temper. If you insist on going through with the wedding, that ''something blue" you should carry is Blue Cross! DEAR ABBY: I'm a guy, 14, but I look more like 18. My problem is that I hate to wear clothes. I know it sounds strange, but it's true. We have a summer place on the ocean and I never wear anything in the house or in the yard when we go there. I like to walk the beaches at night with nothing on. The few people I meet are young so they think it's sort of cool, but I'm not trying to act cool. I just hate to wear clothes. TODAY'S TREASURES Trunks gain in collectors' eyes By Jean Barnes College bound? Setting up your first apartment? Need extra storage in the family room? You don't have to be an avid fan of "things old" to appreciate the value of an aged trunk. It's decorative and practical uses are indisputable and a trunk is "at home" in even the most contemporary surroundings. One such trunk belongs to Rod Stewart who uses it in his garden apartment. Antiqued in a dark orange color with black iron trim, the trunk was decorated by three women who specialized in restoring trunks. The women, close friends who shared the pleasure of trunk collecting as a hobby, launched and operated a business known as Treasure Trunks for several years, prior to the death of one of the partners. Their research during that period was a process of gleaning odd bits of information, said one. "We gathered old catalogues whenever possible and fitted each new piece of information into an overall picture." "Trunks have been taken for granted though the years. Twenty-five years ago you couldn't give trunks away," she said. But, as with most things, trunks lately have enjoyed a flurry of popularity and are now fairly scarce. The earliest chest was a section of a tree trunk, the collectors explained, hollowed out with the bottom flattened and fitted with a rough lid, sometimes bound in iron. The first piece of luggage probably was a crudely dressed pelt in which primitive man wrapped his few belongings. From this evolved a simple laced bag and later the platting of reeds permitted a variety of form. Although much is known about their earlier examples of chests, they found woeful lack of resource material on trunks of the 18th and 19th centuries. Their restoration, refinishing and decoration work has taught them a great deal, however. Their most startling assertion is that they have never found two trunks alike. Trim, size lid, construction, covering and interior accessories are combined in unending variety. They have recorded more than 20 embossed metal designs. Lids can be slightly rounded, barrel back, extreme camel back, flat or rounded fiat. Coverings range from wooden trunks and wooden trunks covered with paper to those covered with tin, canvas or luxurious leather. Interior appointments could be a simple wooden tray that sits inside the top of the trunk. Others are fitted with an unbrella and glove compartments. Once in a while you will find a trunk with a compartment for passports. Their proudest memory is the day they found their third "Jenny Lind" trunk so that uiicli 'could have one. The "Jenny Lind" is constructed of wood, covered with leather, bound in iron and ornamented with brass, and is considered a rarity today. The collectors are still looking for information about trunks and would appreciate hearing from readers of this column. My mother disagrees with the idea, but I see nothing wrong with it. What do you think? NO NAME IN CONN. DEAR NO: Whether you ore trying to be "cool" or Dot doesn't matter. Wandering around nude at night in a public area can find you cooling off in the cooler. I vote with your mother, DEAR ABBY: Our daughter is being married at a large formal church wedding and we are presently planning it. As is the custom, the groom selected the ushers. (There will be six). We are now informed that we must ask each usher if he wants to bring a date to the wedding, and if he does, we must send her an invitation. That's not all. We are also informed that these girls should be included in all the wedding party festivities—including the rehearsal dinner. Is this right? NEEDS TO KNOW DEAR NEEDS: No. If an usher is officially engaged, it •would be gracious of you to invite his fiancee to the wedding. But it's not necessary for the ushers to bring dates. (They escort the bridesmaids.) ( P.S. I am frequently asked if a "single" person who has been invited to a wedding dinner automatically has the privilege of bringing a date. The answer is no—unless there are unusual circumstances.) Everyone has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A., Calif. 90069. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. For Abby's new booklet, "What Teen-agers want to know," send $1 to Abigail Van Buren, 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Cal. 90212 Low calorie recipe CHOCOLATE MOUSSE 2 eggs 4 teaspoons chocolate extract Artificial sweetner to equal 8 teaspoons sugar 1 tablespoon gelatin V4 cup water % cup evaporated skimmed milk Place eggs, extract, and sweetner in a mixing bowl. Soften gelatin in water and dissolve over low heat, add to eggs. Beat with a hand whisk holding bowl over hot water (or double boiler, if desired), until mixture becomes thick. Remove, let cool, but don't set. Whisk evaporated milk with rotary beater until peaks form. Fold gently but thoroughly with the chocolate mix. Pour into mold, and refrigerate for 2 hours before serving. Makes 2 servings. This colorful little owl keeps sewing needs close at hand. There's room for everything — thread, scissors and even a thimble. Best of all, he's fun to construct. This is one of many projects found in a new book — "A World Of Designs With Styrofoam" — at most craft and hobby stores. Here's how to construct the crafty owl: EYE CUT TWO WHITE FELT BLACK;* FELTX 7 Sewing Kit Use an 8" disc of Styrofoam for the base. Cut wooden pegs from a : >iu" diameter dowel stick. Each peg should be 21/2" POLLY'S POINTERS Dirty suitcases smudge bedspread By Polly Cramer Polly's Problem = DEAR POLLY - Please tell me how to remove decals from a steel cabinet that I want to repaint. — MRS.F.O. Old trunk turns decorative. This one has wooden foundation, is covered with tin and bound in iron. It serves as table and extra storage for its owner. Spec Safety When glasses break have them repaired quickly. Cellophane tope or satety pin home repairs look bad and an? unsafe. DEAR POLLY — One 9!' my Pet Peeves is with guests who put their travel-dirty suitcases on the bed. Some even turn back the bedspread and place them on the blanket. Ugh! There are also those who put shoes that are not in plastic bags on the bed. 1 always provide a plain chair or two and wonder why they are not used to hold suitcases and then the shoes put on the floor. It is all I can do to keep from doing it for them myself. - MRS.G.B. DEAR POLLY - I am answering Virginia who cannot clean off the sticky substance that was left on her refrigerator when adhesive-backed paper was removed She should dampen slightly a cloth w itn lighter fluid, rub the area The residue should come off easily — MRS.A.S. NKttsl'AftK LMb.lli'KUit A.v>\ Loopy fringe dresses shawl TO^^ long. Using a pencil sharpener or knife, sharpen one end of each peg and stick into the foam disc — after dipping end into tacky glue. The glue will hold the pegs securely. Paint the base orange. For the owl use 4" egg cut from plastic foam. Paint the egg yellow. Use one half of a 4" diameter ball for the pin cushion (base of owl). Cover this base with a piece of felt. To do this, cut a circle of felt. Cut out one slice, like a piece of pie and stretch and fit and pin felt to cover. Secure the owl to the base and the base to the disc, using toothpicks dipped in tacky glue. Cut two 2" circles for eyes from white felt and secure two 20mm movable eyes to face as shown. Use tacky glue. Cut a black diamond shape piece from felt or black paper and attach for nose. Secure the scissors, as glasses, to the face using a short length of chenille stem. To hold the thimble on the head, take a piece of 1" plastic foam, force thimble into foam, and the thimble will cut out a shape that may be glued to the top of the head to hold the thimble. Add two little black wings to owl. Saturday, August 31 There will be card night (bridge and pitch) at the Country Club Saturday night at 7 p.m. Please make reservations by noon Friday by calling 9944, 8593 or 2652. The Elks will have a special dance on Saturday, August 31. Recording artist Glen Shelby and "The Stringalongs" will play. For reservations, call 7729122. Guests are welcome. Sunday, September 1 There will be a great fellowship at the Pentecostal Church of God at 913 N. Sherman. Dinner will be served at 2:30 p.m. Elder Jesse Graves, pastor, invites the public to attend. The annual Tyner family reunion will be held on Sunday, September 1, at 11 a.m. at 712 Texas St. in Hope. ) Tuesday, September 3 •' Dr. Floyd Goodson of Henderson State College will teach a graduate reading course beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Brookwood School. This course will be for graduate students only and anyone interested should be there promptly on time. The Republican Women's Club will sponsor an "election procedures" film on Tuesday, September 3, at 7:30 p.m. in the City Court Room. Ron Etherton, district field representative for the state Republican party will present the film, and all election officials of the coming November election are invited. Also, any other interested citizen will be welcome. A short business meeting of the Republican Women's club will follow the film. Sunday, September 8 On Sunday, September 8, St. Mark's C.M.E. Church of Ozan, Ark. will sponsor their annual missionary program at 3 p.m. with the Rev. John L. Stuart as speaker. Various churches and their choirs are expected to be present. The public is invited. Rev. Thomas Williams is pastor. By Judy Lovp Any season of the year, the shawl is a super-versatile wrap you shouldn't bo without. A really special shawl can be a striking accessory as well as a warm-up, adding dash and drama to everything you wear. We've found a shawl showoff to fling over your favorite separates or spark up a long, feminine dress. It's knitted with a new twist, loopy fringe and a leafy border design. We love it in a bright bold color like turquoise or hot pink. You'll need 10 two-ounce skeins of Bticilla's Multi- Craft yarn. It's bulky enough to let you knit quickly on 14- inch, size 11 needles, and tender loving care takes even less time. You can wash and dry your shawl by machine. Use warm water to wash and a low setting to dry. The loopy fringe is worked with a special trick using eight-inch cardboard. You'll catch on fast and soon have a shawl that steals the show. For easy instructions, just send 50 cents to Stitchin'Time, c/o this newspaper, Radio City Station, Box SOU, New York, N.Y. 10019. Ask for leaflet No. 402 and be sure to enclose your name, address and zip code. KNIT KNACKS Dear Judy Love: Many times a pattern for an article will specify a particular brand name of yarn which I cannot find in the stores. Is it not possible to substitute another yarn of the same general type such as spot yarn, 'A Wrap yourself up against chilly fall breezes in a fashionable shawl. This one has a new twist, long- looped fringe. • ply, 4 ply, knitting yarn, or rug yarn? — V.H., Alabama. Dear V.H.: It isn't possible to recommend a general category of yarn because all yarns of the same type are not alike in weight. The content of fiber (wool, acrylic, mixtures, etc.) is a big factor, too. Substituting another Miss Toni Cohen 7 feted with shower The home of Mrs. Archie Cook was the setting, Tuesday, for a shower honoring Miss Toni Colten of Prescott, bride-elect of Gayle Dixon. Corsages of white carnations were presented to the honoree, and to Mrs. Ray Colten, mother of the bride-elect, and Mrs. Hollis Dixon, mother of the future bridegroom. The honoree's chosen colors of blue, orchid, and white were noted on the serving table. An electrical appliance was presented to Miss Colten by the hostesses. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Archie Cook, Miss Sandra Cook, Mrs. LaVaughn Cook, and Mrs. Pat Henry of Texarkana. Safe Tan Use one ol the self-tanning creams if you insist upon a constant deep tan. This method eliminates harmful overexposure to the sun which permanently can damage the skin. brand of yarn could change the amount of yarn needed and also the way Hie article might look when finished. 1 believe you will find that most yarn dealers will be happy to order the specific yarn mentioned in a pattern for you. Best, Judy Love. (NKW.SI'AI'KH KNTKUI'IIISK A.SS.N i HOUSEHOLD HINTS To get the most out of your automatic dishwasher use the following tips: 1. Use only detergents made specifically for use in automatic dishwashers. Other detergents can cause excessive sudsing and flooding, and slowing or complete stopping of wash arm action. 2. Load dishes in a manner permitting free circulation of water. Avoid "crowding." 3. To save energy and money, wash only full loads. Partial loads can be rinsed to prevent foods from sticking. Use the "Rinse and Mold cycle," if your unit has one. It's Fall—enjoy it It's fall—time to tidy up the garden, put away cotton slipcovers and reward the family for summer-long gas saving efforts with a drive to the nearest hiking spot to savor the brisk air and Nature's annual color extravaganza. You can return from your outing with an armload of interesting grasses, pods and flowers whose delightful aromas, eye-catching shapes and natural colors will spruce- up any room of your home. Begin at the front door with a wicker half-basket filled with bright, welcoming straw flowers, proceed to a foyer fragrant with eucalyptus stalks and into a living room sparked with a dramatic arrangement of tall grasses with feathery plumes. In the kitchen, a container such as an antique fruit crate or a perky rooster vase from the florist will add a piquant, country air when filled with statice, golden wheat or a mixture of dried materials in copper, burnished greens, and berries. If you hesislate to pluck a handful of the natural dried grasses, or if trail signs forbid disturbing the floribunda, don't feel badly. The beautifully aged "ever-lastings" used for fall decoration in homes since Colonial days should be picked in mid-summer and dried in a cool dark place to be at their best, reports the Society of American Florists. Fall is the season of bright color and form in meadow and field. So let the year's harvest of dried flowers and plants brighten your home and your world. . .naturally. When planning your flowers for a party, remember to keep scale and perspective in mind, suggests the Society of American Florists. In general, large flower arrangements should about equal the height of the table lamps in a room. For medium or small table top bouqets, remember to allow a few inches of space between the flowers and the lamp shade. If you're having problems arranging dried flowers in a small container, try the Colonial custom of filling the container with sand, suggests the Society of American Florists. The sand will hold the slender flower stems in place and will add stability to the container. Saenger THEATRE Hospital Notes MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Mrs. Sudie Huckabee, Mrs. David Griffin, Mrs. Jock Allen, David Sitzes, Vivian Reese, Mrs. Laura Hodnett, all of Hope; Mrs. Betty Conner, Washington. DISMISSED: Roy Thornton, Timothy Briney, Mrs. Clyde Messer, Mrs. Lela Cox and Mrs. Frances Fincher, all of Hope; Clarence Pennington, Fulton. Stains Gone Tobacco stains can be removed from nails by rubbing the stained areas with cotton soaked in medicinal hydrogen peroxide. In Shoes Small-heeled platform oxfords are a big favorite among teens this year. BRANCH HOSPITAL GENERAL ADMITTED: Mrs. Conne Kidd, Herman Smith, both of Hope; Mrs. Kathy Smith, Patmos; Mrs. Lera Mae Martin. Prescott. DISMISSED: Joe Harmon, Cecil Coleman, Mrs. Kate Gosnell, and Richard Rowe, all of Hope; Mrs. Versie Mae Beasley, Waldo; Miss Mary Turner, Fulton. SPECIAL! MHKSHAKfS 39 e FRI.-SAT.-5W. Dairq Queen Reg. U.S. Pat. Off., A.M. D.Q. Corp. Copyright, 1969, Am. D.Q. Corp., Mpis-, Minn. Tonite7:0() Saturday 1:00-7:00 ELVIS In "ROUSTABOUT" Plus Sham us—You cross him and you'll get your head blown off— He has a way with beautiful women and poker— ^ _ _ Reynolds«« SHAMUS DIXIE Drive-In Theatre The man with gunsight eyes is back!!! LEE VANCLEEF In 'RETURN of SABATA* Plus Comedy Suspense STARTS SUNDAY AT SAENGER THERE'S NOW THEY WON'T TRY!! PETER FONDA SUSAN GEORGE IJIHTYIMHV GHAZYUHRY

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