Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 30, 191?. EXTRA SPECIAL! on Bed Blankets Buy your Bed Blankets now and here. You will fiavo money if you do. Read over these s )i [H "ial values,and resist them if yoii can. You can't, if you like to save monov: $0.00 r>lankets.. ..$5.00 .$5.00 Blankets. ....$13. $4.00 Blankets... ..SL'>0 .$;U>0 Blankets... .$:U)0 $2.25 Blankets....$1.75 $1.50 •4^1ankels....$1.25 .$1.25 BMankets. ....Sl.OO 50o Blankets lOc Richardson's TONIKUT! liiilcd Vniii-><-ii:<'nt Cu.'s "Company «> "Tom Wai|ncr's Love Affair" For County Treasurer JOHN T. TYLER I'ro? lohi rtusinc.'s ronc!;e. Your Support Sohcited W, E. Newcomb coon THINGS TO EAT! 4 N. Wash. Phone 161 r " . Oui" Brioifs -Arc Kiirht our deliveries are. right, our .ui (ie <' are ri^rht Call on Us w 'm. Trine drove to Chanute this morning and returned this ^ternoon, feeling HS though he had beea to the north pole. —Dr. 0. L. Cox. Oculist Mrs. X O. I.oudcrbarRt'r, who has boon hero and In J.aHari>o vlsitlns rolativos, returned to her home in Col- liusvlUo this afternoon. —Graduate Nurse; terms reasonable. Phono 1363. Mrs. 1.. J. UudRon and dauishtor, of Frodoiiia, who have jM >en here vlsit- lUR Mrs. N. llanklns and dauKhicr. Miss t>Uve Hanklns, returned homo ihts afternoon. —Dr. McMillrn. rhonrii 32 and 882. T. M. Hershkowits went to CoUins- ville this afternoon. —Dr. H. L. Ilendricks. Old Conrt Ifnnsc. Vnlls nn<inerpd day or nl^fat Mrs. n. r. Sawu8on.*«f CorTeyvUle, who li:is txH^n here visiting friciulB. retiirn'il home today. —Have yo\j tried Belchs? Th <"re w«'rf thirty hich sehool stud I'lits .TIHI iii'Mi iires«"ni at lh«' Morse Hihle class in the Y. M. 1'. A. building l.isl iii.cht. —Hoichs Candy at Mundls Store. Mrs. Ira Noyes a.tid dauRhler, of Iluiiilxildt. who have ln>o.n h <Te visll- inc friends ntunied home this afternoon. —Heich?. the finest candy made. Get :hoin at Mtindls. Mrs 1). Ty. Sinininns of Topeka. who has i)een visiting in tlie city went to Chanute this afternoon. —Pm. Ilnn & Hnll. Ostropathii. relrphnnex 121). fiftl. .Atrs O. A. Tacgarl went to Channtf this afternoon to make her home. — I will lie ready to deliver trees <:iHird:iy. ll.ue all kinds of nursery -rop for, sail' .\' H. Hrown, .">1."> S. Cottonwood. Mr. and Mrs .T. O. Oup. Irft this iiflernoon for .Xtliens. O, to make their home. —Farm and City Uians. R, M. Cunningham. Miss .Ipy Hershbergor went to Ch>'r- ryvale this aflernooiv where she will l>lay in an oratorio given by A. 1- Potitright. —If you \v:int a real automobile, hny a Maxwell. K. M Cunningham, the agent. -Mrs. W K. Williamson, of Copan. Okla.. who has i>een here visiting Mrs. H. P. Mitchell, returned home ihls afternoon. •—Satin Mes.ialine Petticoats In all .olors. also l)Inck. $1 OS. .N,>w York Store. Mrs: W. .T. Post, of Kansas City, wlio has been here and in Yates Ci'n- ter visiting friends went to Joplin. .Mo., this afternoon. —Ontdoor SIpopinir Garmeats now m liisplay at the New York Store. .Mrs. C. A. .Meneloy ?<>ff y<»s(cr(Iav lor Hastings. Neb., where she will visit relatives. —Ha 'ii Robe.-; in heautjful new ji.-it- tirns, $2 .iMi each. Xcw York Store. — Mr.*^. C.rrinide f^hanin. Siiirdla • •<».•• .<ei;orr. <'>l'.) S. t?ycaniore. Phone i>i:',. USl Tomorrow Night Drink to the Music of our Stringed Orchestra. •-Good Music --AND- Delicious Soda Morris & Howard's West Side Sij. Free Delivery OmNKSGOKKZOAH HANDLE SITUATIPII •enor Mvara. That tliera wUl b* no aeoMaltr fcr another Azncricmn latwvMtioa in Cuba ta the optnloa ot Seoor Rhrarok Ca> ban mlatoter .tp the tJjiIt«4 StatM. The minister dlacreOlta tba atoctai that Oomea mar r«alC». wd dedaiM Um Cuban president vIU ba abla to baadlttvtta* altuatlon. Tba pcvwDt troublaln Cuba arlaea froai tbf tee* that thera la to U aa aUeUoa latts resubUo. aa.NQT««ibf^1f T O. Canat .-ii 'y rcitimed home from a iiiisiuoss vi.-it in Krie thi.s' afternoon Or 11 K. Uuncan. of Uumhuldt, was a ! ;i.<ine.-.- \i.-iior liere tbia afternoon The birth of a daughter to Mr. ami Mrs. <;eor.^e .V. Johnson, 1»; Wfst Scot! stre. t, was announeeil this afternoon .\. \V. WillnTt. of Clierryvalc, was a liii ?ine.-s visitor here toda.v. (;e .M »:e K. .\ichol.«on, of Kansas City, was .\ business visitor lierc today. H It Snell. of Toiieka, was a busi- niv.s vi.-itor here tiMlay. Mr- V H. Ilardston, of Wichita, who has heiMi !«^re \isiting friends, re- iiiiiii'il hoiui; this morning. .lohn S ;i4imcls, of Cani'v, who ha.< I !i-en li 'Te on liti.-iness, went to Fort —ICxtra low prices on new and tisrdiSntt ibis morning (.'as ami Coal Sro\es. Kd IJcnnlngcr. IRONTONS , \M> R EZ NORS lire the (ia- llc .ittr^ that injure walKt 'iK tieii. .Ma.viiiiuiii heat Mith niiniuiuiii \\\. II \vi: Ai.i. si/.f> j«»ij \\.\. i{<Mni> .Vest .Madison, -V, F. i ;r;int wi-iit ,o "Iv/iwa this :if- t'Tiioon on business. .Mr and Mrs. W. S. Ham left this aft<-riiooii for Kansas l.'ity for a visit with frifnils. Mis M J. IViy, of Colony, who lias lif-vu here visitng friends returmd home this afternoon. .lirvy (it'onnor Wi at to Ore.-ley this .iiter'ioon for a visit with frieuls. ' M. i;rillitli went to Indeix-ndeiui- this iift'Tiiooii on biisiness. C (1 V.auirsliild of Yates Centir. who has been ln-re visiting friends re- ttiriird home tills af'c.-nivi.n. CiiHiTgi' llrown. of Independ'-iice. who has bi'in livre on Imsiness ri turned lioine this afternoon. S. Simins went to Altoona this af- t.-rhoon on business. I T F. Hall went to Collinsvilliv Ok . : this afternoon on business. } n S. Anderson, of Chanute, was a , business visitor here this morning. I —The Stubhs meeting at the Ma• (e.-^tie Thoatre tomorrow night will Im : the higgeisl political event of the canv- iiaisn. Kverybodv- invited to come. Tlie Debating Council will hold its first debate of the year at the high I s<'hool . building tonight. Subject: :"ltPsolved that It would be to the best interests of Kansas to adopt th" amendment pr-ovidins for equal suffrage." . <• • Mr. and Mrs. 3. B. and ehild- j ren went to I .awrenc6 this afternoon C V. .leiiilall. of Iliimiijldt, is visiting fri-iids in the city. ri. W. Thompson, of Lawrence, who li:ts IvMii here on business went to tJarnitt ;his afterno-iri. The lloohter rlub will luivc ;i inepi- ing tttiiight ill the Clinker Club rooms ;il N o'clock. the Hii.-?aia ::ive an e.vhlbi- •ii.ii drill ii{ Co>riiian Soldiers. HVMK At III.' Moose Hall. Thur.<day, :'.I.>-t ..» "il.v iin Itcd. Electric Wiring! luuif by experi'-ncod men. I'rices reasonable. Canf ield &«Thomp6pn with the L. H. Wishard Hdw. l>hone 39. Jim Frederickson. rcpres. nting the , lo make their home. Bull Moosers and Brooks Lane for the ' — Pemocrats intervsted a crowd. Eudora Wright, of Carrolton. of onlookers with a h... .1 d-hate ye., j ^'."^.''rro ^et w;;f t ^Ti;^ terday bf 'TDooj;. ) rence this afternoon. De-Co Non-leak Self- Filler FoDDtain Pen $1.00 \Vi- think we have the best self filler Fountain I'en in the market. It 's a new one. V.e also larry the WATER- M.\N' Pen in many sizes and styles. , Hundreds.of Styles of Steel Pens in 8 or 10 hiakcs. Buy your Stationery of the Ktafionery ^tore— Evans Bros. BOOKSTORE. J) GET OCT THE TAFT TOTK. DIreft«r XalTane Writes Letter to Slate CbalrineB to Be Aetfre. Director Mulvane. In charge of the western bureau of the Republican Na- 'tJonal committee fe this city, ^aa sent out a final letter to all Republican state chairmen In, the western dUtrict In this letter he says: "We will win this fight if we get out our vote on election day. This la not campaign 'bunk:' It Is my deliber- Judgment based upon reports from ivery RepnbUcaU' state. 1 hare llo shadow of doubt that If everybody who really wants Taft elected goes to ttic polls and votes for hlni he will be elected." 'i y • .Mr. Mulvane impresses upon (he local leaders everywhere the tremendous Importance of getting out the vote, and that a special effort, should bo made by Republicans In precincts where they are strong. The fact Is emphHsUed that the Re]iubllcan electors are elected by states and that ov- i-ry vote whether east In a Democratic or Kepnbllran locality adds to the total Republican vote of the state POINTS FOR CHICKEN RAISERS Evidently Written by One Who Hae No Particular Liking for the Humble "Biddy." Chickens are the most dad-busted, uncertalncst creatures that walk the family acre. Not the kind of chickens this lady who Is wearing O, Henry's kimono—beg pardoii, mantle- writes about, but our old. familiar, feathered friends. Never raised any? Well, yon will, all right Most universal pursuit In this whole wide world, outside of pay. ing bills. Mercb^t, banker, broker, farmer, city man, commuter—almost everybody tries to raise chickens at sooie time or another. Looks easy— that's the deceiving part of It And It Is easy, after you leam one thing: Little chickens don't know anything, medium-sized chickens don't know'anythi.ig, big chickens don't know anything. If there Is any change of an intellectuul nature as the size Increases, the big ones know less. If possible, than the little ones. If there is a wire partition In your pen. with an open door at one end, the chickens will try to plunge through the wire Instead of going round and walking through the door. In the course of time, when the birds get heav.v, they will Iiang themselves trying to do this If yoa don't watch them. Hen chickens are more valuable than roosters, because they can lay eggs if they will. But if you take ii dozen small chickens and raise them carefully. It Is always surprising how many of them turn out to be roosters. Sometimes they will sprout tail feathers at the very last minute. Just when you are tblnklng tbey ought to be ready to lay eggs. At this time yon must get busy with the barnyard guillotine, or as, aa It la familiarly called.—Puck. The Watchman cried the hours of the Night and said "All's Well" and folks who heard him rested securely, knowing they were safe. In These Days All we have to do to let you know that all's well in your clothes affairs is to say Hart, Schaffner & Marx Stein-Bloch or Society Brand clothe.'^. You may rest secure; the goods arc here, and you'll get the best you ever had if vou come here for them. < / You can't make a mistake in buying these clothes. There's no mistake in them. 1 C <wtt»«'H«it Scb *A« * Km SUITS .$18 to $27.50 OVERCOATS $16.50 to $25 Other makes, Globe Specials, Suits and Overcoats $10 to $15 New location in the Famous BIdg. Wc keep your Suits Pressed Free! Nettleton Shoes $5 to $6 Florsheim Shoes $4 to $5 Snow Shoes $3.50 to $4 Whitcomb Shoes, priced at $2^50 to $3.50. The best Work Shoes in lola, $1.50 to $3.50. PEUCE m LOWERS WHEIT'- RrSSI.\ \>D AISTKI.V IIAR.MON. IOCS OVER B.\I.K.\>S. 2,uoii. .Market steady to a Shade low- Iteevos $/30frit.on: stockers and feeders $-1.2/^7.40; cows and heifers HOGS—Receipts 22.000. Market was slow; 10 to l .'ic lower. Light JT.OOW 7.7.".; mixed $7,335^7.83; heavy $7.00 ' tt7 8.-.; plgs.|4.25@6.85. SHALL ENGLISH GIVE THANKS Some Favor Suspending the Regular Service on ThIS; Occasion Be> cause of No Harvest. The discussion whlcb^ la taking place just now as to the propriety of holding harvest tbanksglving services In our cburcbes well Ulastrates the bewilderment whicb prevails among educated churchmen struggling to reconcile their more enlightened view ot .Vatnre with ecclesiastical traditions. Some are disposed to hold that a display of public gratitude for benefits so clearly withheld would savor of Ineptitude. What earnestness or spiritual worth, they ask, can attend so Indiscriminate a thanksgiving? If you ask and do not receive, ought you to be as thankful for benefits witbeld as for beneflts bestowed. Theology apart, common sense revolts against a ceremonial which In so literal a sense goes against the grain. Some protest against the empty falsehood of a service wherein is sung the hymn beginning "When all is safely gathered In." How can farmers, crossing their blackened fields to enter a gayly decorated church, be expected to Join In a chorus ot gratitude?—London Nation. Mriinnhlle fnlUe and Hocs .Vre llur., rh-d lo .Market and the Prices of Both Suffer. (Ry the Assocliitoi! I -ris** Knnsaii City Produce. Kansa.« City, Oct. 30.—BUTTER—' j Creamery 28c: firs>ts 26; seconds 24; ; 1 packing stock 22%@23c. ' . EGGS—Extras 23%c; firsts 23»4® j !24><.: seconds I8c. | ChicaRo. Oct. 30—The reported ac- i HAY—Market, steady. Cholc? tim-| :ord between Russia and .Au.stria con- (ofhy $12 ..>08 13.00; choice prairie »12.- ' .-erning the Ualkans forced wheat, 73@13.2 .i. !own today. This bearish temper was j BROOM CORN-$50 to $100 per ton. increased by the favorable crop out- i Lead and Spelter, look in .\rpentine and prospects of i St I..ouis. .Mo.. Oct 30.—Lead, mark- continued liberal receipts In the ] et quiet. $4.90; spelter, market steady Sorihwest. The opening was \4 to ; $".356^7.40. lower. Deeerober started 91to ?i I and fell to 91U<S91%c. ! , . w . WHEAT—Close: Dec. 91'Ac; .May. Local JIarketA. 9Ci4@96%c. i (Produce quotations furnished dally COR.V—Close: July ."..".%; Dec. ."»IT^,by Cogbill Commission Company). fi.".2c: -May 31 %c. BUTTER—2lc per pound. 1 EGGS—22c per dozen. Kansas City <iniltu POULTRY—Hens; OV&c; cocks, 4c; Kansas City, Oct 30.—Ca.<h Wheat' .spring.s, 9%e; ducks. 10c; geese, 3c; market '4 to 2c lower. Xo. 2 hard, 8S ftgOc; .\o. 3, S6(&R7 :.\o. 2 red, »1.<,'1 fil.03; No. 3, 96(&l.oi. Close—Dec. S:.He: May 90 >Aft90 %c. I'OR.X—Market unchanged to Ic lower. .Vo. 2 mixed, old 57(§37»4, new •'.3ft.".4; .\o. 3, old new ,-.2!Sr.2 \2: •No. 2 white, old 57® 60, new 33@36; .\'o. 3, old .i7ifi37«/i, new 53®34. Close —July 48(fi4S'.<,c; Dec. 48%; May 49%. OATS—.Market unchanged. Xo. 2 white, 34§34=i;; .\o. 2 mixed, 33§33»A. Receipts of wheat, 158 cars. turkeys, 10c; guineas, 20c each. HORSE HIDES—$2.00 to $2.75. BEEP HIDES—10c. TEN MEN! A Singing^ Band— THE HUSSARS Fii-st number of Lecture Course will be held at Grand Theatre-^ e| Thursday, October .yj. Tickets on sale at Mer-' chant''s Jewelry Store Single Admission.. .50c Season Tickets 75c, $1, and $1:50 ^J^irther evidence that 'reporters should not trpst their ears is fnrn- iehed by the Hon. Gas .City Herald, which notes that *'Elmer Lawyer has Joined the Vlcl fraternity at the State University." Elmer may lie a "Vlcl . Kid," all right btit the FYat is called . Phi PsI which pronounced rapidly sounds something like Vlcl. One on Father. Brightness personified Is little Johnny Pule. Certain friends -of the family consider him rather precocious —but that's quite another story. At any rate, ho Is the pride of his father's heart, and Pule. Sr., Invariably refers to the youngster as a "regular chip from the old block." The other night little Johnny looked up froid bis stool by the fireside, and ejaculated the query: •I'm a rhlp^from the "TJftr block, ain't I. father?'" "Yes, my son. Indeed yon are," cama the proud reply. ''And, pa. you're the bead of the fambly, ain't you?" asked tbo simple little lad. "I am," repi.ed Pule. "Then," chuckled Johnny trjnm phantly, "yo< must be a blockhead!" But we • draw a kindly TVU ovei what foUo. d. Kiiusa'< ('Iff Llvestork. Kansas City. Oct. '30.—CATTLE— Receipts 12 ,0('0. Market steady; but •steers lOc lower. Xatlve steers $6 .lO fjlO.T.'); cows and heifers $3.23@g.00; -tockers and feetlers $4.30®7.25; bulls f4 ,001^ r..2.->: calves $5.00fi'8.7.-.. HOGS—Receipts 14.000. Market 13 to 2 ."'C lower. Heavy $7.r»oe7.70; pack ers and butchers $7.40|J7.63; light $7.30fi7.33. THE VEILED PROPHET Whose Marvelous Mystic Powers, Penetrating Insight and Unerring Accuracy Completely Baffles Scientific Investigation. ' rhlrngn Llvenfock. Chicago, Oct. 3t».—CATTLE, neceli.t-: Gus Streich, .formerly of lola, but now of Altoona, was a business visitor here today. The Salvation Army. —We will have Rummage Sale at W. Madison street on Friday afternoon All kinds of clothes- Come and we will help you. The Commanding Officer, LIEUT. A. PBDBRSOX, Assrt Delos Clark. —Let a Register For Sale sell It. AFTER CRLPPF HRPNEUMGNiA the ^nfeebledT* xpHaa. lea^V accepts any disease—Nattire's renstant force is <}eplete<I and Scott'M Emulsion i* nemdmd. I»« highly concentrated nourishment is im-. mediately distiihufrd to ev«ry With Seott'» Emulsion nature repairs waste, coi^- slructs healthy tissue and aclive. liff-.sustrtininK blood. Nothing rpaalM Srtttt'* EmaUon It Is one of the strange and mysterious anomalies of nature that she does. In a few, very few Instances, produce a person that is so gifted as to simply cause the whole country to look with astonishment—to hold the people In awe and wonder. Touched by the magic wand of nature, full and complete and a perfect understanding of all the occult forces arc to such a person a revelation at birth. and Information on all matters of In- -terest In business transactions .lawsuits, contested wills, life Insurance, damage suits, 4ivorce!», deeds mortgages, claims, collectrons. specula- tlcbs. adventures, stocks and all financial difficulties. Truly predict the success of pending pension claims, etc. She will tell whether the land you own contains oil, gas or minerals, and , to what extent; tells whether yott will This city Is favored with the pres- 1 receive fair dealings with partners. If ence of a very remarkable person, i you care to know what bnstaess you whose visit and mission will interest i shall follow to be successful, where eveo' man and woman in lola. The . you Intend to make any changes or to visitor is Louise Perln, the noted Clair j start a business, buy or sell property, voyant and spirit medium, who comes, or. in fact take any Important step, to lola at the earnest solicitation of a \ don't fail to call on her. large number of local business men: .r«-w«i.'«» and prominent citizens. i „ Conrlshlp, Marriage.!, While Mmc. Perin has the Indorse- i " affairs of the heart or emoUons ment of hundreds of the most noted i of '<"^« interest you, she will give the men and women of America,- she! «act and truthful revelations of all deems them of little value, since she i lo^e affairs, settles lovers' quarrels, stands alone upon the merits of,her j enable you to win the esteem and af- work. Anv person who can believe ^ Section of any one you desire. c«wes their eyes and ears cannot help but speedy and happy marriages; tells. If know that her work Is the highest the one you love is true -.also date of order of genuine clairvoyancy. \ marriage; restores lost affection. The Key te Hlffaer Life. j P''acc and confidence to lovers and dis Do vou wish to possess thhe kev to i cordant famUles: gives, yotr the full the viults of ^happiness, friend-ship. | secret how to control, fascinate and wealth and fame, or will you plod along vainly boplng that luck or chance may open the door for you? If you want to be pointed out as a self- charm the one yon love, also those you meet, and how to make a person at' a distance tbink of yon. Her parlors at 218 West Madison made man or woman, if you wish to 1 Avenue are crowded every day with become a master of men, to lead while, men and women in all walks ot llf»~- others follow, there Is an .absolutely j who are taking advantage of the spe- sure and simple way. that never fails, i clal low fee of 50 cents Aa this is renreralni; BiJilneAS Affiilrs. j positively the last week at thianomfn- Mme. Perln gives dates, facts and figures, reliable and Important advice al price, you a/^e advised to call hn- roedlately.

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