Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 30, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1943
Page 2
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'«->•? MOPI STAR, HO * I, ARKANSAS ope Star . 1899? fee* 192?. January IS, 1929. tV«ry afternoon bf •*»*• ITOV. w «• y TVTOivuUf fti u Star Publishing Co. Inc. < KL E. Mtfnw ofld Alex. H. Woshbutn) MlWStW buildlrK), 212-214 South Walnut " st««t. Hope Ark. UK. C t PALMtft, Pr«ilo«n» , IdHor and Puhlhhtt Entered as second class matter at the ;Ptatoffice at Hope, Arkansas, under the 'Att of March 3, 1897. •Means Associated Press Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Sv: SubMripiton tot* (Always Payable in "., Advance): By city cottier, per week 15c; iHempsteod, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana *', tafayette counties. $3.50 per year; else- A- Member el The Associated Press: The g. Associated Press is exclusively entitled to 'i Use for republicotion of all news dis- etedlted to ft or not otherwise „ in this paper and also the local srtews published herein. ,,, ., Advertising Representative— C»rkons«s Oo!tie», Inc.: Memphis, Term ».£St*fIcH Building; Chicago, 400 North M.ch- tiVfean Averiue; New York City, 292 Madison %AVe.r Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd. <f, Oklahoma Citv. 414 Terminal IBdq.; Nei 722 "Union St.. V" Charaet on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be ' for all tributes, cords of thanks, reso- k/ iuTionsror"'memorials, concerning the de ^ Batted. Commercial newspapers hold to this f* ooliey In the new^ columns to protect then <' readers from a deluge at space-taking me»V morials. The Star disclaims responsibility >l fo'f the safe-keeping or icturn ot any P "j'uhsoUelted monseripts. Classified ^ Ads must be In office day before K, r ~ publication. ''.",' Jj. All >fVant Ads cash in advance. V^f, I' Not taken over the Phone. ' > '{One lime—2e word, minimum 30c •„, , s,x times-—5c word, minimum 75c " ' Three times—3Vic word, minimum 30c s<' > One month—He word, minmium 52.70 m> i • • . f - Rates are for continuous insertions only MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." Lost RED HORSE, WEIGHING 1280 pounds. 7 years old. Last seen north of Emmet. Jim White,,route 2, Emmet, Ark. 25-Gtp Notice SIDE GLANCES SEND ME YOUR NEW OR RE-j newal subscriptions for any I magazine published. Charles j Reynerson. City Hall. 1-lmch Washington By JACK STINNETT Wide World Features Writer Washington — The Capital in Wartime: Some enterprising statisticians have figured that President Roosevelt has traveled nearly 270.000 miles since he took office. That's considerably better than the distance from the White House to the moon. Maybe, when pence comes, someone will take a couple of months off and., figure the total mileage for all members of the fk-st family. Probably some Republican would do it now if he weren't afraid it would lead from I the moon back to the White House. Sideline whiltlers (who have been I wrong before) are saying that the reason for starting the Fourth Term snowball now is to get the voters "conditioned" to the fact that there's no longer such a thing as "violation of a tradition." They base their contentions on the observation that when such beterans of the political ring as Representa- jtive Sabath. Senator Guffey and Vice President Wallace, not to mention several who haven't yet had an opportunity to speak, climb on the bandwagon this far ahead j of election, there's something more than a straw in the political wind. Strictly off - the - record, Old I Guard Republicans do a little pri- . vate ranting and raving when their ' outspoken colleagues go overboard I JOHNSON | | n their attacks on the Prseident, Also cottonseed, { hjs f am jiy, the New Deal, or the For Safe TJESPEDEZA i grass hay. AISO coiiuuset:u, j hjs f am jiy, the New Deal, or tne - D P & U Stonewell 2-B, Rowden O ld Guard Republicans. The figure 41-A and Cookers long staple, lne boters are so definitely anti •first year from breeder. See T. S. -- - - • '- -McDavitt.. 30-tf SIX ROOM HOUSE WITH GAR- den. Apply 912 East Third Street. , . 23-3tp 3G COWS, 7 CALVES, AND 2 HEIF- ers. See W. T. Dillard and Sons, Saratoga, Ark. 25-6tp 39 MODEL CHEVROLET COUPE. Good tires. Clean in every way. Subject to any mechanic inspection. Call 27-W-22. 25-6tpd itically necessary is to keep their mouths shut and count the voters n 1944. There's nothing at all official about it. but I wouldn't be surpris- j ed if any day now shoes were plac- ' ed on a point - ration basis, the more expensive shoes requiring more points, the cheaper ones relatively few. The reason is that shoes were the first product with a wide price and quality range to come under non - point rationing. Some local merchants and presum ably those elsewhere are discovering that buyers demand the high quality and therfore higher -priced shoes. Result? Cheaper shoes •, aren't moving off the shelves, while shortages are piling up the upper- bracket footgear. Harry Carey, long - time star of the movies got his biggest - off-the screen laugh here the other night. It was during a curtain speech at a premiere for the motion picture, out "of town, off old Fulton high- "A' r Force." way. Apply Mrs. W. A. Price. The last sequence m the film • 30-3tp j shows an all - out air attack on a i I Jap convoy of 20 or 30 ships, in COTTONSEED, STONEWELL 2-B, Rowden 40; two cultivators, two mules and mare. Roy Burke, Hope Route Three. 29-3tp For Rent THREE ROOM NICELY FUR niehed apartment. Close in. Mrs M. E. Edgington. 505 South Wai nut. Phone 1040. 24-ltdh FOUR ROOM HOUSE. 5 ACRES, - plenty water and shade. Just THREE ROOM UNFURNISHED j which virtually every one of them i apartment. Bath, hardwood j was sunk and 30 or 40 enemy planes floors, built-in-features. Garage, j were downed. 406 South Spruce. Mrs. J. E. : "You know," said Carey, "when Schooley, phone 38-F-ll. 30-3tc this picture opened in New York -, - - - : -- — — - • - four weeks ago, the critics were FIVE ROOM UNFURNISHED j right nice but a lot o£ them kicked about that last sequence. They said: 'Hollywood's always got to be like that and overdo it.' Of house on S. P. G. road. Gas and lights. Inside city limits. Mrs. J. E. Schooley, phone 38-F-ll. 30-3-tc Wonted to Rent course that was before General . i MacArthur and his boys in the ' [Battle of the Bismarck Sea showed _^ - -- • THREE OR 4-ROOM FURNISHED ! I Holly wood what pickers we were. _ Hold Everything 22-3tdh Wonted to Buy ELECTRIC REFRIGER A T O R. Must be in good condition. Call 27-W-22. 25-6tpd GROW PICKLES (CUCUMBERS for processing) will be received, ' sorted and paid for at Hope and Fulton. Get contract and seed | from White & Co. at Hope or j Fulton. See your county agent or i W. H. Allison, V. A. Teacher at Patmos, or James Harris, V. A. Teacher in Hope, or write Standard Brands Incorporated, 112 [ ' South Lelia St. Texarkana, Ark> Tex. 29-lwkp! . I CUT-OVER OR CHEAP LAND.; Statq price and location. Boswell j if May, Bodcaw, Ark. 29-5mp " QOOD SECONDHAND BABY buggy. Call 1000, Extension 4, after 6 p. rn. 29-3tp OUT OUR WAY 3-30 cant. IMI BY KtA se«vitc. inc. T. n. »cc. u. «. PAT. OFF semi-private!'.' By J.R.Williams I TOLD YOU I TOOK OME MAM IM THREE TO KEEP THE OTHER TVVQ PATRIOTIC/ TO PROVE NAY FOIMT I'LL HAVE TO APKAIT IWY VIA CHASED ME OUT, TOO, WHEM YOU STOPPEP BY-LITTLE VOU AGREED TO WORK OKI THAT FARSA AfTER SCHOOL. HOUES AMP ^RE GOIMG TO DO THIS STUFF OF MOT ELIM6 WELL JUST LAZINESS. S-S-ST. 1 GOSH. POM'T SHOWME UP LIKE THAT IN FF2ONT OF HE WAS BURSTING WITH A DESIRE TO HELP Irs) THE WAR EFFORT AT FIRST, BUT HE'S STARTTMC- TO LOSE INTEREST *£*'•'* ABSENTEEISM t INC T M HtC J » PAT By Roy Crane By Golbraith The Pursuit C3Ht AFtift¥MN t$ U^AafLt* i»*l ulA Wash Tubbs spent .__.. AIOW<3,SAVIW6 THE BATTERIES ,VMITH ONlYAPfftlSCdPE ABOVE WATER REMAINS AFLOAT ONLY LON6 SEND A RADIO ABOUT THE BRITISH CONV<Jy, THEN SUBMERSES ELEVEN-SEVEN AflAlMSURFACES,TURNS OM THE D1E5EL6, AFTEft THB COWOy AT \ft KNOTS. OTHER U-BOAT*»THB 6AM6. THE "»t. MCK 6 oATHBRlMCi Thimble Theater "The Hand That Rocked a Cradle?" OUSTAM'ONTHIS ORNHT2 AMONG AUJAV. HAUP-HITCH NEOLTTA APALL IM'A HANDS OF ME BY NEV» SERVICE. &C. t. M.' BCC. U. S. PAT. Of f. Cow. IM\, King I arum S|i>Ac«f. Ifu . VfaitA tight i ttttntd "Our clous dii» up n lot of your garden Uisl spring, but you were so nice about it thai we'd like to help you make one: this veai'l" By Walt Disney It's Smart to Be Thrifty! Donald Duck FUNNY BUSINESS LOOK..IP I THE SIDECAR . I By Chic Young She's the Practical Type| *.$• WHEN 1 WANT ART '•'[ 1U- &O TO TME ART MUSEUM LOOK WHAT I MAPS TO HAU6 ON THE , PROMT POOR REMEMBER, CW6WOOC? THE FRONT POORBELU "But, Officer, I'm not pleasure driving-f-I keep the car parked here I" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By Williom Ferguson By Edgar MarHn That Bag Again Boots and Her Buddies NORTHERN L.K3HTS HELPED THE NAZIS PICK OUT AND SINK THE BATTLESHIP "ROYAL OAK"lN THE GKEAT BRITISH SHIP, LYING AT ANCHOR, IN SCAPA FLOW, MADE A PERFECT TARGET FOR U-BOAT GUNNERS AS IT STOOD OUT IN SILHOUETTE AGAINST THE LIGHTED SKY. By Fred Harmon What's Up? 1 KKQVO YOU FEEL BUT IF THEY'RE THE LAvJ Witt SAt> SORRY, REt> RIDER, THM PEOPLE fAE SiO w ir^i->i^ ii ROBBERS, UTn.E VJILL REPORT »T IM ' TERM MIKADO IS USED BY FOREIGNERS TO DESIGNATE THE EMPEROR OF JAPAN, BUT NOT BY THE JAPANESE THEMSELVES/ THEIR. WORD \S By V. T. Harnlin How Can That Be? COPR. 1943 BY NCA SERVICE. INO. T. M. REG. U. 8. PAT. Off. ,.T.r>.i, WHAT YOU I' ABOUT?? YOU KNOW . ._. A WAR ON? SMELLS GOOD....BUT I WANT MEAT.' I'M HUNGRY/ HOW'S ABOUT A NICE. THICK JUICY STEA MISTUH ALLEY OOP... ^ HI. BIG SHOT.' 60 Y'ALL C3ONE COME JVOU SAID IT.' BACK AFTER ALL/ STILL SOIM' \ ANSWER: St. Augustine, Florida. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople T-G ADDA'S ON/ X \AJORE. tHESE DUDS PACING OP ^ A* CUUCK FULL, OB OCEPsM 6OWNAER- VO& A IT VJOUMOS PR\D£. TO SEIZE THE: PLUM. OP PURSER VJWVJE. I CRUISE- Ef- X SHOPLIFT MM By Merrill Blosser Trouble for the Trespasser Freckles and His Friends Gee, LARD. You PLANTED JWHOO'WNS )TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT ME AFTEII. ALL, YOU Y BUT THIS GAVE- us PERMISSION / ISN'T TO PLAWT GARDEM3 LOT .' MY YOUR. WHOLE VICTOR/ >/ THIS J *"° SEe f lr GIVES YOU 4 GARDEN ON THE" . -JS LOT, MB.. Ik- CLUE.' ^-, -„-, . « WRONG PROPERTY/ jfr% SlPLE? x4^W«^,JWte5£^ayBfe ON YOUR. LOT AMD HERE/ ' IMi BY NtA BEHVlCt. INC. T. M. BtO. U, i L

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