Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 5, 1952 · Page 35
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 35

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 35
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, JtWE i, 1§« ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Closing New York Stock Quotations Abbott L .,..54% Allied Chem . 72^ Allied Stars ., 37U Allli Chat .,,, 49ft Am Can ..... 32, Am Car & F 38% Am Gas & El. 61% Am Loco .... 18 to Am Pw A Lt . 2Sto Am ttad St. S . 16% Am Smelt , .,.. 41% Amfel&Tel .155% AM Tobacco . S6H Am Zifle ,.t . l9'/i Anacon Cop , 44% Armco Stl . . 3?U Armour & Co. 10% Atchison . . 85 Avco Mfg . 6% Bendlx Av . 51% Beth Stl .. .50 gorden. .<. .61% Borg Warn ,.W Brlggs Mfg . 34% Budd Co ' Case (J I) •Chcs & Oh Chi, i ftW , Chi Rl & Pac 63V4 dhrysler Cities Svc Comw Edis Cong Nairn Con Edis . Con N Gas Container . Cont Can . Cont Stl . Copper Rng Corn Prod Crane Co . Curtiss Wr ttoug Alrc Du Pont . EaslrtV Kod fil Auto Lit Oen Elec . Qeh Poods Gen Motors Gcfi Time .. Goodrich .... Goodyear . . Gt Nor Ry pf Greyhound .. Homestake . Houd Hersh . Hudson Mot til Cent .... tnland Stl .. tnspir Cop ,. tnt Harv .... Iftt Harv pf fnt Nick .... tnt Tel &Tel Jewel Tea . . . 36 25% 36V* 19% 76% . 10 1 /* . 31% . 22k . 34% . 58U . 35 . 47% . 22% . 23 . 66% . 33% Kennecott Klmb Clark L Of Glass . Lib McN & L Marsh Field Montg Ward . Nash Kelv . Nat Bisc ... Nat Cont .. Nat Steel .. N Y Central Nia M Pw No Am Avia No Amer Co Nor Pac ... Ohio Oil ... Owens 111 Gl m eo% 85% 43% 59% 44% 55% 29% 65% 41% 52% 11% 12% 14% 72% 44% 23% 32% 170% 44 17% 66% 76 75 45% 36% 7% 25% 63 19% 32 11 45 20% 27% 16% 21% 78 56% 71% Packard Pan Am W Ar Param Plot Pa RR «.,, Pepsi Cola Pheips Dod Philip Mor Phillips Pet Pure Oil .r Radio Cp .. Reo Motors Repub Stl .. Schenley Ind Sears Roem Shell Oil ... Simmons Co Sinclair Oil Socony Vac South Pac .. Spiegel Std Brands . 3td Oil Cal ... Std Oil Ind . Std OH N J . Sterl Drug .. Sludebaker . Swift & Co . Texas Co ., Tlmk Det Ax Transamer ., Un Carbide . Un Pac Unit Air Lin . Unit Airc ., US Rubber US Steel ..., West U nTel West Elcc ., Woolworth .. Zenith Rad . Zonite I'd .. 4% 10 24 19** 10 35«» 45 56'', 63", 25V. 20'. 41=, .26% 53% 78 28 45% 38% 79% 9% 24% 56% 82% 76% 38% 37% /Veto* of Stocks 55% 20% 26% 64% 116% 26% 31% 23% 38% 41% 36% 44 74% 4% Steels Take Lead In Stock Advance NEW YORK, June a ~#--Steels ook Over leadership today in B 'Igher stock market after the •ace-setting railroads faltered, i Gains through wfere largely frac- 'onnl, but sorrm wen^ to between 11 and 2 points at the outside. Lossi s were small. Volume expanded on the rise and came to an estimated 1,400,000 shares, the best mark In around six Weeks. Strength in the steel division came as labor and management sal down together under white house direction in an effort to settle the steel strike. Higher stocks included U. S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel, Chrysler, Goodrich, and Coco Cola, U. S. Government bonds In the over-the-counter market were a little lower in the Intermediate and long-term categories. Soybeans Strong CHICAGO, June 5. IP— Old crop soybean contracts showed further strength on the Board of Trade today but the new crop deliveries, which also had gone up 10 cents yesterday, dropped under selling pressure. The soybean market continued very active with quick price changes. Most of the day, however, the old crop months were ahead t few cent* while the iwfc crop month! were down it lite amount. Other sections of the grain mar* ket were mostly lower, although a rally set In /shortly before the close. Good crop prospects and lack of export demand weighed down on the major grains. Rye turned In a satisfactory performance for the bulls, gaining several cents on top of a similar advance yesterday, Seeing'Eye Dog Hns Bank Book Can Sign Checks TULSA, Okla., June 5. /P-Duke the seeing-cye dog is careful where he sets his paw down nowadays. Hs has a bank account nnd his pawprint on a blank check is guaranteed up to $600. Duke provides the eyes for Bob Triplett., a 35-year-old Tulsa busi ncssman and owner of a dog food plant at Columbus, Miss. When Triplet! lost his sight in n plane crash two years ago, he acquired Duke. The two friends walked Into the Farmers & Mer chants Bank and Triplett told Vice President C. I. Northcutt he want ed to open an account—for the dog "I want to put $600 to his credit" Triplett said. "It isn't a gag I as sure you." Triplett said he planned to pay Duke a salary of $15 or $20 a month, which he could charge off as a business expense. Closing Chicago Grain Quotation? CHICAGO, June 5 — ffi "--"Cash vheat: nene. Com: No. 2 yellow ,84-85{ No. 3, 1.82%-83%; No. 4, ,79»/4.81?4; sample grade 1.5H4- i. Oats: none. Barley nominal: malting 1.28-65; eed 1.20-30. Soybean: none. Chicago Grain future* High Low Close WHEAf- July ... 132i,<i 2.31 2.32\4-% Sept. ... 2.35H 2.33H 2.35U Dec. ... 2.40K 2.38% 2.40-39% M CORN- 2 ' 43 * 2>41% " m July , Sept, ... Dec. ... Mar. ... OATS- July ... Sept, ... Dec. ... Mar. ... RYE- July Sept. Doc. $1.00 value IAL! SCREWDRIVER SET • Five assorted blades, including Two Phillips sizes • Shockproof plastic handle with snap»!n shank lock • Heavy plastic roil-up carrying case is compartmented, has grommets for * hanging at tool bench • Supply, limited — get yours today! Vacation Va/ue Koroseal SUIT-SAVER Special 89* R*g. $2.00 Value • Here it »n indispensable aid to ktcp your clothes neat and trim on Ttcation trip*. Made of long- lasting Koroseal — you sip in your clothes — zip out dirt. Available in men's and Indie.' 1 liies. Gtnera/ E/tefr/e OSCILLATING FAN *lg' 95 1.70 Down 1.25 Weekly • MMi'fer •#)<• or torn* • Qui»l op»raHo» • MM-tray flitlih, efcroiw gi/orrf Ke«p cool with this economical, finely built fan. Gives a powerful brtezt, runs very quietly. Ust as desk fan or mount on wall. REAL BICYCLING PLEASURE Ptdal /way With WttktTo Payl $4.00 Down $2.00 Weekly BE Goodrich SPITFIRE Hera Is real bicycling economy. Star Talue in a full siza bike with Schwinn beauty and durability! Has a strong parking stand, jewel reflector, chain guard. 18" frame, 26" tires and is available in both boys' and girls' models. Come in today and take one for a ride. ItabelessTire Stats Punctures and Protects Against Blowouts A WIT ROAD SO D*r YOU CAN HUNT A MATCH ON ITI Seashore fun in your backyard B.F.Goodrieh 55" SIZE N»w flying (Ilk </«Wj« Portafc/r-- t«iy to Inflatt PLAY POND The most beautiful, moat rugged play pond on the market today! The sides "float" — there's nothing hard to fall on. Will give years of happy playtimes. B.F.Goodrich 1.8194 1.80U 1.8HH4 1.81 1.79% 1.81 •1.73'A 1.7214 1.739444 1.76% 1.75% 1.76% .76'j, .78*4 .82% .85% .75 U .76-75% .78 .78 3 ,4-H .82 .82% .85 .85>i 2.08 2.0394 2.05H 2.07V4 2.03*i 2.07 2.10^4 2.07>ii SOYBEANS- July .... 3.28% 3.21 Sept 3.08 3.01 Nov 2.96 I ,4 2.90 Jan 2.97% 2.92 Mar 2.98V6 2.94 St. Louis Cosh Grain ST. LOUIS, June 5 —£>- Cash grain: Wheat, 12 cars, none sold. Corn, 14 cars, sold 2, No. 1 yellow 1.86%, No. 2 yellow 1.86. Oats, 8 cars, sold 2. No. 1 white SS'/fc, No 3 white 84%. 2.23-22 3.05-04% 2.92%-% 2.941/4 2.95&-% Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, June 5—(.VI—Produce am 'Ive poultry: Egg«. A large 35-38, A mediums 32-33, B large 3J-33 Duck*, young white, 2B. Other price* unchanged. Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. June 8- MV-(USDA)-Hogs 11,000; weights 23 IDS down active; unevely Bteady to 26 SIS .1! than Wednesday's average with 230 IDS down mostly 10 to 25 higher sows barely steady; most choice Nos 1, 2 and 3 180-230 Ibs 2I.10-SO; lattei paid freely for shippers arid butchers "i°«yy 'or choice Nos. 1 and 2; 180 220 Ibs; 240-270 Ibs full width of cholci grades 20.00-80; few 21.00; 280-300 Ib I9.2S-2.00; 150-170 Ibs Ibs 20.000-21.00 120-140 Ibs 17.75-10.50; sows 400 Ibs rtown 18.00-50; heavier sows 10.78-17,75 «'a»s 14.00-16.00; boars 13*0-15.50. GENERAL SCENE AT TERMINAL RAILROAD HEARING — Lawyers and? personnel in this general scene at Alton city Hall Wednesday, as federal and state examiners nois Terminal railroad petition *o abandon interurban service between Alton and St. Louis. to right are federal examiner |. K. Lyle, left, of the Interstate Commerce •comrniSsfon, and Blair, Illinois state examiner. In witness thair, arrow, is j. F. Kress, vice-president, troller of the Terminal railroad.—Staff photo. __ _L Business Mirror Textile Trade Gets Optimistic By SAM DAWSOX NEW YORK, June 5. Caltle 1100; calves 900; vealem unchanged; few amall lots commercial to chocle steer and heifer yearlings 27,8013.00; utility and commercial cows 21.60- 24.SO; canncrs and cutter 16.00-21.50; utility and commercial bulls 23.50-20.BO; cutter bulls 20.00-22.30; good and choice vealers 30.00-36.00: sorted prime 37.0038.00; utility and commercial vealers 23.00-29.00. Sheep 900; spring lambs active, steady; undertone weak on old crop Iambi; not enough sold to definitely establish price trend; spots 25 lower; bulk early sales choice to prime spring lambs 29.0031.00; considerable share 30.00-31.00; scattered lots good and choice old crop shorn lambs 27.00-28.00; load Utility and good grade still unsold; scattered lots cull to good shorn' slaughter ewes 0,0011.00, other industry that has been having Its troubles—the Industry that elcrthes the * American woman— will test over the next week or" so its belief that the worst Is over.. Buyers are arriving here for the fall dress openings. Garment makers have been saying they expect the ordering for fall to be notably heavier this time. They hope they aven't just whistling in the dark. The garment, makers figure their industry may be In the same position as the shoe Industry. Shoe makers showed their fall lines a few weeks back, plckefl up hats- ful of orders, and put their factories back Into full, or nearly full, production again. Their long, private depresslqn was over. If the dress buyers follow the example of the shoe buyers, the garment district will be humming m the coming weeks. Prices are low this year, since the dress makers have been getting lower-priced fabrics. •»» The hopeful garment makers base their optimism on much the same things as brought about the revival of shoe business! lower prices to ternpt consume __ income levels, reduced tuvtt at the stores. , * The entire textile ind'fl* "been having a rocky tlitte jnonths. Apparel wool i lion dropped 25 percent ttft'dV consumption fell 15 percent'' year ago-levels. "ftofcefu! repotti'ComeJ textile trade that busltoftSil —„,. _,_ on the mend," the Northern TiPUlt Company of Chicago notes in/tu June business comment. And It adds these words of encouragement for the merchant: .,'2 "Vigorous merchandising ^affl morel liberal credit terms, together with a settlement of wage\cohtfo- verstes, may"stlmulate retail- M!M at profitable prices lor, after, all, consumer desires are Insatiable.' the aggregate and are bjlster the'short run ftt least. Vy high ployment and Incomes." "•;* . i The steady lncfease},lii thetfpo& ulatlon also adds, new, custbm*»i all the time. A bicycling craze has hit Color bia. ^ "' SEE THEM IN ACTION The Famous David Bradley "Hay Twins" wiH be on ^ Field Demonstration ' Friday, June 6th-l to 3 P. M. Udell Reid Farm-Take Marine Road Ea$l off Edwardtvilli, Norlk at Pin Oak School, I % miles. t SEE THIS HAY MAKING TEAM! ^•r<v«<^^»|( David Bradley TRAIL BEHIND •f £* f y 5*'»4 l , l lL'JLS_l^"* I Cuts 7-fft. Swath 29 Down 07095 fc I If "^•^•~ ^ ^ss^ Tltidj *• 16 Month DIAL 3-7754 438*40 E. BROADWAY Tightening just one bolt attaches PTO =*o "•"'•'' \ ~* "^iy^ * tractor! Mower goes on or off in less thans'5 minutes. Cuts heavy hay growths sn\oothly^ >, ' j, * ^ Adjustable knife speeds. Mows square cor- f ner|. Fits all standard tractors. David Bradley SIDE-DELIVERY RAKE .Less Front Tins ^ 34 Down 19 M^nth New 4-bor yielding reel gets more hay with less leaf shatter. Rakes 86i-inch swath. Runs Tractor Levers as Shown $8.50 'Extra ot high tractor speeds. Gears run in oil bath. STOP PESTS AND WEEDS-START SPRAYING FARM MASTER TRACTOR-MOUNTED SPRAYER Finger-Tip £*| Control! IV I S Row * I Swinging I Boom • 16 Down II Per Month Nowle spacing! adjust for all crops. Use this modern method of pest and weed control. Sprays 5 rows instead of 4—it's 20% faster. Spraymeter saves waste and crop damage. Rear mounting also available. Sy^agfo w/*** M&tj? fat' SHIRS •^f,, v .. Tm^ V mv 9H |pr^i^s«> 1 T^^^(<—•*-••Fourth anil Plata Alton, III. Phon* 3-MU

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