Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 8, 1908 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1908
Page 7
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EXTRACTS FROM TAFT'S SPEECH. Tlip jiiiin who formulated flu- expression of tlic |Mi|ni):ir rmisc-ii-ni'i 1 and \vlio Icil tlie movement for pr;ietie;il reform •WHS Theodore Roosevelt, lie luid down tlic doc'trine flint (lie rich violator of the law slmulil I)! 1 :is ameni'lde to restraint, and punishment ;is the offender without wealth Mini influence. The chief function of the next administration is to perfect the machinery by which (he moral standard set liy ['resident, Hoosevelt may ho mainfained, by which the lawbreaker may ln> promptly restrained and punished, hut which shall operate with sufficient accuracy and dispatch to hitf-rt'ore with business as little as possible. Such machinery is not now adequate. In law, trusts should be restrained with all the efficiency of injnnctive process and the persons enjja^ed in maintaining them should he punished with all the severity of criminal prosecution in order that the methods pursued in tlip operation of their business shall be brought within the law. The democratic platform proposes to take off the tariff on all articles corning into competition with those produced by the so-called "trusts." If such a course would be utterly destructive of their business, as is intended, it would not only destroy the trusts, but. all other smaller competitors. The tariff in a number of schedules exceeds the difference between the cost, of production of such articles abroad and at home, including a reasonable profit to the American producer. The excess over that difference serves no useful purpose. On the other hand, there are other schedules in which the tariff is not sufh'cienty high to give the measure of protection which they should receive ami these should be increased. In order to induce their employer to comply with their request for changed conditions, workmen have the right to strike in a body. They have the right, to use persuasion, provided it does not reach the point of duress. ATI those who Hympathizo with them may unite to aid them, but they may not, through the instrumentality of a threatened or actual boycott, compel third persons, against their will and having no interest in their controversy, to come to their assistance. The proposition of the democratic platform is 1o turn over the Philippine Islands as soon as n stable government 'is established. This has been est.-ib- i ', Hsli.'d. Tin 1 proposal (lieu i*. in tiY •.•<•!, tot urn them over at out e. Meantime the republican party by the (selection of a treasurer living in Xexv Murk lias subjected all its n ipts and I expenditures to the compulsorv olilijjsi- I'ion ot' such law. Ilis n sii|eiice in New i York subjects him to (lie law id' that [state as to receipts fur the treasury of | the national commit 1 ee and as lo all ils disbu rsetnenf s. I ! belii've that an income fax, when i the |pfoti.e|ive system of customs and (the internal r< venue (ax shall not furnish income enough for governmental i needs, eaii and should lie devised which, i under the decisions of (he supreme court, will conform to (lie constitution. I am in favor of the bill to aid our merchant marine which was considered in the last congress. The establishment, (d' direct steamship lines between our Atlantic ports and South America would certainly do much to develop :: trade thai might be made far greater. On the Pacific the whole shipping trade threatens to pass info (he control of .lapan. Something ought, to be done, and flu' bill which failed was o step in the right direct ion. Our position is clear and unequivocal on the issue of injunctions. We are anxious to prevent even an appearance of injustice to labor in issuing injunctions, not, in the spirit, of favoritism to any set of our fellow citizens, but in the interest of justice to all. The exercising or ref' to exercise the power of injunction must he found in the character of the unlawful injury and not in the character or class of persons, who indict. the injury. Under th" recommendation of the republican platform a statute may he framed which shall define the eases in which restraining orders may is-\ie without notice ami which shall also provide that when they are issued they shall cease to he operative beyond a short period during which time notice shall he served aad a heaiing had unli.-.* the defendant desire:-' a postpoiii itieut. Tile republican plail'oim recommends. the adoption <«f a po-.tal saving.- hank system. This will bring to everyone, however remote from financial center- 1 , a place of perfi-ct safety f,,r deposit.-, with interest returned, Tri the matter of limitation upon Asiatic immigration referred to in the democratic platform, it is sufficient, to say that the present republican administration has shown itself able by diplomatic negotiations and without unnecessary friction with self-respecting governments to ' minimize the evils suggested and a subsequent republican administration may be counted on to continue the same policy. WALNUT CENTER. E. M. Lnntz has just finished in- stalliu g a new well on his twenty- three acre alfalfa raue.h near the Bus- Butt sohoolhouse. The pump is a Byron-Jackson, and lifts a fair amount of water from a depth of 125 feet. The engine is made by the Commercial Gas Engine Company of Los Angeles. Owing to a break in his ditch on Tuesday of this week, Mr Lantz experienced some trouble, as the water (lowed back and drenched the belting, covering the engine with mud, but the plant was soon operating successfully again. John Lee has a force of men overhauling His pumping plant this week, considerable work being done putting it into condition. J, L. Willitts was called to Co- viiw this week through the dangerous illness of Ins aged father, Mr. S. Willitts of Dexter street. The elderly gentleman has been quite ill for the past three months. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hrcwstcr have had as guest this week, Mr. Preston 15. Plumb of Kansas, who is Mrs. Urewster'H brother. While here Mr. Plumb expressed great pleasure a! the pi'MSperniiH appearance of J.his ;ily. and of Southern California in general. I U. A. Moore has sold his ranch and : (-ullage on Puente street, to Dr. i Frank Morris of Los Angeles, who iintends to occupy the house shortly ainl make it his permanent, home, i Dr. Morris has beun a practicing | physician in the middle wesl. The I home is now occupied by A. ('lark and family, who will move to (,'ovina 1 in the next two weeks. Other news of Walnut pears in separate eoIunuiH Ceu'cr ap- of this in The democratic pint form recoaim.-mis • a tax upon national banks in the nature -^ id' enforced iiiMiraiiee in niise a gnar- ; #• arity fund to pay the deposit,,r>: i f any : *" * bank which fail-. 'I his jropo-a! Would remove all safe^na; d- again:-! reckless- • T- ness in lianking and the chief and prob- ; ^ ablv the olllv belli (it Uiiulo ;:cc|i!.- tu , if; tin- speculator who \voi,l.i be di !i;jht. d # to enter the banking b:e-:ne>.* when il * was certain thai he c..u!d enjoy aay [•rofit that wmdd accrue, while th« risk Would lia\c tu !•• ;,-- ;iie,| by ni-. lei.v-t and hai d win king I ei.nw -. Say! . URancbcr I Want to Sell at Once Eight head of horses, all drivinsi stock; yearlings and two- year-olds; good driver that's a bargain; also two work mares and four mules. W. L. GRIFFITHS Phone 3134, Covina 7-1 4t CAN \YK INTKKKST YOU IN IURICS& AND LEATHER (MODS? Leading- manufacturers in that line in the San Gabriel Valley. Dealers in whips, robes, saddlery-hardware, and all equipments for horse and stable. Reasonable prices. Iliyh grade jjoods. Covina Harness S, Saddlery Co. Phone 1170 COVINA MEAT MARKET .1. F. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone 3(> POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY If you want the BEST WORK at the MOST KKASONAHLR PRICES K ive us a trial. TWENTY YEARS' experience has taupht us the CHEAPEST and BEST way to do your laundry. With first-class equipment our work and our methods are sanitary and up-to-date. Leave Bundles at McLeod's Restaurant LORUEER BROS H E A L D ' S 614 South Grand Avenue, Lo» Angeles, Californi/i. The greatest business training institution in the south. Open tlurinur this milirn ycnr. Write for particulars. J. W. LACKEY. Miumirur. ppge rpoH urc SUCCESSFUL SUNI) FOR I:RUI ' CA|AUJUUlj POULTRY RAISERS Los Angeles Incubators HVI-RYTIIINO IN POULTRY SUPPLIES LEE'S EGG MAK.I1R Ac ' lu; R "" p Cure—site I'nsipuid __ HI-N'RV AUil-RS CO. .S.M S. MAIN ST. I.OS ANdl.l.liH Subscribe for tbc Hrgus. Why not buy your MILL FEED when- you o-ol the host for the least money? We make a specialty of always fresh Chlolced ol the most approved brands, tested !>v years of experience by poultry fanciers. Graeme sold on unit basis. Von pay for what you g-et and what you pay for. Deliveries made to all parts of the valley. San Gabriel Valley Milling Co. HOME BAKERY In Its New Home s that lias no equal WIIOUCSOMIC, SWKRT, AI»l»KTI'/JN(} Pics, Cakes, Mot Rolls O. CK' I NICK, Prop. Harn I'hone. 240 Res. I'hone CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. Feed and Sale Yards in Connection Saddle Horses W. l.adillo St., on Hit: new rli-ctnV line. COVINA, The Ar#us Tunis Out First-Class Job Printing 1 V. "^ "2* "I" >£ : i- 'I- I- -I- -V •>- t o ** it. JL tt. Jt~ ^ H *>. -.)-. -: • .11. L -J. .?„ .')-, vj, ,2v A. A, 4* A. ft W ft 71 It in J7 Why Don't You Move to Covina? *«- *«* •»« * : -;« At # * # If I am elect. -1 |-i.--;,;i-nt 1 (-hiol urge * npor. c.ingn--. wr . • vi rv hope i.f sue # i-et-, that a law .-hall b. pa.--.-d (e<ji,ir - '• ^ ing a filing of a.-rao in-nt .d' c.,utrihi; -# lions received bv c.'nui.ittce- and caadi * d;ites in eh-.-tii n- t'^r r.'e n;b.r- . t ci.n- * gre>H and in -u.-h i-;i.' r • ]' -tj-.i;.- ;, - ;ire Wit hi II t in- cnj.r i i ,, ! . i._','- :-- . We ar- .., 4 -.x a at: :i ' n : - - 1. '!.. na' i"ii i. ••!...: ;i : ie a n,-.-: .;}..-!. I i.ris?,:.i. ,-;•. .., . :;i-. 'l-.'.\ r. • i.e i, # * * * \'-:\\ are rdiulucti)i(.; a bij,' business more inonev invested 1)1:1 n iiiimv business IK.HSCS d(j a f,'(;nil ili-al of correspfjiiflencc, fion't yf'ii.' l>ii you alwava h;ive suirar/le jiHjier handy when you wish t<» write'.' i>ij you know that we can furnish you vvith the very t».tst of wrinn« paper and en velopcs, neatly printed with your nanu- or the name of your ranch, piac-: of residence and cate iii'.e, < htaper thari you i an oenire tab.els a i. <1 <• D ',*r i o pe.-i 11 j s in a i i < j u a t\- ti!i'--.' 'Inis will make your corre.-,poi;denf e bu.-iiue-.^iii.i; a i;d more i.(jn ven ;•_•»; t. . * * * C(Ai;,.\ AKi,!'S, {'Hi.'-."I Kkr-, * * * **************#*** 4* A* A* A* A* Covina offers you h(<mcsit(-s at reasonable figure-,; [liiN-s of beau'.il ail y shaded streets; ^as, electric lights and telephones grammar and high school-, in every [-articular above (.riti. i-,m; electric and '.team trau ,]>ortalioti to and from Los Angeles. Covina will give you mountain '-.cenery that is a daiiy irr>|jiration; a climate without lrc',1, and mi'.oaked by fogs, mountain and well wat(:r in abundanc'-, il.-Mde.^ all these. ;deai •ondition-. in v/hn h to iivr-, < 'ovina oiler, tin- be'.t i-haticc to the investor, the husine-,-, man, the a^rii ulturi-,! ;.r.d nor':• UM m . ,t. NYiiy don't you - ouu- ii'Tc and enjoy Hie? Tnj.; A:-((,u.S will \if. f^'ad to furiii h anyone inter* sted v/;ti, hiriin-r iiiiorm.i! .on. * 4* *«• * •*• *> * 4 «i 4 4 * * •f •e- ~i 1

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