Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENIKG, OCTOBER 30, 1912. Don't forget about thoseif fine ilungerfprd Smith ¥liAV()RING EXTRACTS and FRUIT COLORS , The Valley of While Popples. Betwefp the gray pastures and the 'dark wood; ^ A Aalley of white popples is lit by the low moon; It is the grave of dreams, a holy rood. It }s quiet there; no wind doth ever fall; Long' long age a wind sang once a heart-sweet tune, Xow the white poppies grow silent and tall. A white bird lloats there like a drifting leaf; It feeds upon faint sweet hojies and perishing dreams And the still breath of unremem- bcring grief. And as a silent leaf the white bird passes, ir Winnowing the dusk by dim foYgetful streams I sm- alono now among the silent granrs. —Fiona M.-icIeod. There is one .\llen county politician •who evidently lias faith In woman's Innuence in • the'political field. He hat his announcements wTapped In parrels from a dry goods store. Ot course he will vote for the equal suffrage amendment. * * The Elks will give a reception and dance at their club rooms tomorrow night. * * •> The Philathea class of the Christian church held the regular meeting last nigtit at? the home of the teacher, Mrs. O. C. Mooinaw. Work for the bazaar was continued. • * • At the meeting of the Current Events club next Monday the rule forbidding-political discussions will be laid aside and a suffrage program will be felvetL «Mra. J. M.--Thomas will be the hostess. : * + • ifra. C. J. Beach will be hostess to the Poinsetta club' on Friday afternoon at her home 410 South Buckeye. • • • —See the Hussars in brass sextet and drum corps. * * + Miss Stella M. Miller and Mr. W. A. Thompson were * married yesterday moiiilafc by Rev. B. M. Powell, at tho parooiMge of- the First- Methodist chuiek. .-Mr. Thompson Is a brother. of George Thompson of the city of- j . flceS -and Mrs. Thompson. Is an Ohio girl. If IsTiot known where Ihey will make thWr home. • « « Circle number five of the Methodist Uadies' Aid society will serve a Hal­ lowe'en wippfer at the Y. M.'C. A.' on Saturday evening beginnlnR at half past Ave. '« « « —Use Spencer's White Pine Cough Syrup. Every bottle guaranteed. • • • * The social which was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kirk by the members of the Home Missionary society of the First Methodist church last night was an unusually pleasant event In every way. In keeping with Hallowe'en witches met the guests, about eighty In number, at the door and ailo!lh«¥ -witch presided at the pupch bowl In the reception room. The bouse -was beautifully clecoratM with autumn- feaves. pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns, and a. well of fortune, was an attraction in the con­ servatory. One pf the gueata waa R«v. Ray Torr«y, a minlonary to WteEt China, who gave an.tateraatlng talk oh his work. A mutioU Iprogram bad also been prepared-and Mra. Wat- soh and Mrs. Neal sang, with Hli Alice Hendrleka at the piano. A HaU lowe'cn luncheon was served during the evening. Mrt. Kirk assisted by Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Teats. The Pythian Sisters will give a Hallowe'en aociai-tbttorro* flight at the H- P- to which every ono is ln,vltcd. Decoration and refreshments will bem k««»Mg '«lth'ftt«'««»atf on'and a good time Is promised to all who attend. • • • —Cut Flowers, chrysanthemums, yellow, white and lavender; at |1.B0 ind 12.00 per dozen. Phone . 995-5. Pickler's Greenhouse. *** Announcements have reached lola of the birth of twin boys to Mr. and I Mrs. Frank Peed of Colllilsvlllo,-OE Mr. and Mrs: Peed are l>6th well knov;n here, having been residents of the city for many years, beWte their removal to'Oklahoma. The meeting of th«rFriday card club which VM to here .bfeen.held In .X<a-^ Harpe thft week -wllVbe p08ti;ipii^'6n account of the death"- 'oif. Jttrt * ;f1oy| Hnuser, who was "a close ^(ind of a number of members dt the club'. Misa Marlnlta I^feleft today for Dallas, Texas, wbere she will remain, two weeks visitifig her Cousin. Mtse. Ethel Robinson and'bther rei&tlvos.' • • +'••. Iili&s Vila Uny will be hostess to ihc B. O. M. Club tonight. + •+ ' The Indies Aid society of the First Bnptlst church will meot with Mrs. McKarnin, 423 North Ohio street, on Thursday afternoon. • + • T'le meeting of the Sorosis club has been postttoned untl< some time next week, the date to be announced later. + + + The Allen County Club will hold a nipnting Thursday evening at 1346 New Hnmpshirp street. All students from Allen county are requestied'to ho present. Th«> club will be enter- (-.ilned by N'ov.n RItter and Velma Shcl- Iry.—rnlvcrslty Dally Kansan. • + + It has b<^on estimated that the re- relpts from the pxporta of human hair from Itrly average three or four mll- lioa dollars annually, it is shipped to all countries of Europe and North and South America r.nd about seventy- five per cent of it is the raw. un- cUaned material which is shipped, duty free, to the United States, which is the principal market. The sections in and around Naples are good sources of supply and It la customary for the women of these places to save their combings or to cut out half their hair, nrranring the other half so as to cover the cut part. Collectors then gather the cuttings paying very small. I^rices for an article from wlilch they often receive large amounts according to the quality. /These facts and flg- urc-s are taken ftom the Dally Consular and Trade Reports of Italy. • «• • A very enjoyable Halloween party was given last night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Bu^d^ck. The list of guests was as follows: Messrs and Mesdames R. S. Asplnall, C. E. Rus- encers imiite Pine Cough i Syrup ilfli T|ir Our own Cough Syrup, made : from the formula we have found j to be the most successful during ) our many years experience. ; Put up in 2."c and ."lO" bottles I and cvciy bottle guaranteed. Chas.B.Spencer&Co. twith the pew front) ^ Drugs "Wall .Paper Cigars You are always prepared for a raftiy day If you have one. Your size and style you like is here. $4.|$ to $|yMI MRS. PPD I TO p ENG.1GEVENT OF EX-PRESIDEXTS FIDQW TO A PRQEESfMB. . Thomas Jotiepk Preston of Wells College Will be the H^Bsband of the -Wkite Hoase Bride." B8«,.W. jp.""Carter, W.-P'. Harflss. C. B. Crick, A. E. Gibson, A. R. Sleeper, E, 0. Reynolds, A! A. Mbsher. J. M. Fife, B. X Miller. C. C Brown. W. D. "Port, R. c: Walker and the .Misses Jean and \1ola IKI((arno. f Th^ie were some very interesting and enJoTable contests such as throwing spoonfuls of peanuts In a pumpkin from a distance of eight feet, and bfotring darts at a witch target. At several points on the target various chafacterlstic**^ such as clevcrr/'ss, !;oodness, meanness, stubbomneaa, etc. The points at which the darts landed Indicated, the character of the Indlvlduitl blowing the ititt, and ar forded almost no -end of amusement. Other games just as/povel made the pleasant evening all tod short. (Whether the writer of this Intended It or not he has conferred a favor on others who are lookln? for some novel games for Halloween parties). • • * Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mcllhaney en- tertal^ned list night with a tour courw dinn'>r compr.!r.entary to Mr and Mrs LeeKarr. Covers were laid for Mr and Mrs. Karr. Mrs. A. W. Howland Sirs. A. W. Allen. Mr.i. Richard JIc- llhaney. Mrs. Blanche Wood. Mr. Frank Wood and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mcllhnncy. + • * Equal Soffragr Colamn. - , . . ' ^'i ?>i *-"<:H • A popular, 16 size, open face, 20 year gold filled case, plain or engraved, fitted with a'splendid |fu4r- anteed Elgin or Waltham, 15 jewel movcinett^ $1345 Mail orders promptly filled. (Extract from an editorial on "Civic Duty" in Christian Science Sentinel of October 12, 1912.) As to the right of woman suffrage Mfs; Eddy has written: "Our laws are not Impartial to say the least. In their discrimination as to the person, property and parental claims of the two sexes. If the elective franchise for women will reinedy that evil without encouraging difficulties of greater magnitude let us hope It will be granted." (Science and Health, p. 63). The doctrine here inculcated is In keeping with the teachings of Chris tian Srtence and Is confirmed by her further statement (p. 340): "One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations; constitutes the brotherhood of man; ends^wars; fulfills the scripture. 'Ixiye thy neighbor as thyself;' annihilates pagan and'Christian Idolatry—whatever is wrong in social olvll. ci'lmlnal, political and religious codes; equalizes sexes." U may be set down therefore as a duty of Christian Scientists to participate in the government of the coun- tr>', arid he Is the best citlzeti who most carefully, prayerfully, and punctually exercises the right of suffrage. .N'ot that the admittedly undesirable in political methods should be perpetuated, or that blind and unreason Ing partisanship should govern the actions of any one. sigce right thinking and acting mnst be paramount in the domain of public as well as personal affairs, and only rightly directed individual effort will bring about this coiidltlon. The Ideal of good gov. ernment Is civic righteousness, which entails just and..equitable laws and their Impartial administration, and they who lioasess tblii ideal cannot delegate their duty In this regard to 'those who are actuated by selfish motives. • It Is the part of every good citizen, then, to see that thoJM who are elected to public office are men of unselfish motives and sterling integrity, b*ho will stand unflinchingly, for just pmd wise laws and their fearless ad- il^istratlon. To plead that one does t approve of methods now in vo- :e. or that the heat and turmoil of he, ordiniiity political campaign is dls iistefni. doM liot exempt from duty,^ neither will standing aloof cure the jhvils of thVP^i'tisan and corrupt velhods which have" so .often been lastly criticised. 'Tf practical politics aire not" "what they should, be, surely ithe blame lies largely -with'tbose who Mecrypreaent methods without taking ni 'etlve steps td correct tbem. , F^rsonal ambition and eelflab desire or private gain can have no place In he IdeaFaoeiil condition, and there iust b<f iindivldaal and concerted cf- rort on tiie part of the public spirited itlzehs to ,'«ecare the elimination of bcsb undesirable elements from chic faftalrs. ; Whatever Improvement Is to take l>lice in political methods agd condl ^ions mnst rorve through t^e indlvld- *iu>I whose ballot is oast nnselfiably, •*fho8e every -thought ia one for bis tellowa, and whose every desire Is for the establlabment 1^^ Christ's kiug- Vfom. . • - • • / Mrsf Cleveland Is a graduate of Wells College and has been a trustee of that Institution since 1887. Her ..Wedding to President Grover Cleveland In his first administration was 'ohe of the tfotable events In the his- ^'tdry of the White House. Her father. Oscar Folsom.' was a law partner of Mf! Cleveland, who upon Mr. Folsom's death In 1875. became Frances Folsom's guardian. • After Jiia retirement fr^m the prcsi- den(7,.|fr. Cleveland mad» his permanent MBM in' HMbe^ and Mrs. Clcfveliini; Juu iaSH^I^^' to reside there sfiwe iGra.' wlif^oro 'daa^ters. Efthcr and WMaa}0iM^r»int Richard F., are living ti^, herJWere. The announcement of tbe\«:agage- ment was made tonight by Prpsidcnt John Orlcr HIbboh of Princeton University, who skid: "Professor Preston Is 50 years of iige. He Is a graduate of Prineeton and one whom we hold in very high esteem. As a young roan he began hts university studies at Columbia, which, however, were interrupted on account of illness. At that time he gave up the Idea of completing his education and went into business, in whirh he made a very rapid and notable suc- ress. establishing himself at the head of a very prosperous manufacturing i -ompany In Newark. N. J. "After obtaining a substantial for- (nne and feeling ke»»nly that continued business success could not compensate for his abandoned college career, lie determined to obtain a long desired end which his earlier years had de- nlfd him. Allhoueh nearing the age of 40 he nevertheless closed his active business career and went abroad to study for two yeirs :it Sorbonne. Par- After pursuing Ms studies abroad ho returned to Princeton and took his degree of doctor of philosophy. Hi was then called to his present profes sprship of Wells College. Mrs Cleveland was known as the "White House Bride." Her marriage to President Cleveland took place in the "xecutlve mansion In Washington. June 2. 1.<:KC . She was 22 years old then ind a noted be.iuty. To the disappointment of all Wash iugton society folk, she rejected all plans for an elaborate wedding. The ceremony was simple-^nd the number of gnests limited; President Cleveland spent the day of his wedding working as hard as he did any day of his life—with the exception of two or three brief interruptions to chat with his bride-to-be and her mother and to t.ike a short drive In the -ifter- noon. The prediction of rain for tonight or Thursday brings mubh hope to disheartened fanners, whose stock water supply is decidedly low. While the river Is not at so low a stage as causes any alarm for fear of a water famlne< Jthe. cnOu aad -ponds-on /arms are practically all dry. •• Princeton. N. J.. Oct. 29.—Mrs. Grover Cleveland tonight authorized the announcement of her engagement to Thomas Joseph Preston, professor of archaelogy and history of art In Wells college. The date of the marriage has not been set but will be announced' later. of the BIG RUG SALE Better get that Rug Tomorrow and save from $2.50 to $5.00 on your purchase. ad in last night's Register for Prices ^— LEGALS. SUDDEN ENDING OF ROMANCE Task Set for Reformed Tramp Was Just a LIttIo IMore Than Ho Could 8Und. "Oh. yes, we have romances In our lives." said the tramp, "but there Is always scmething to spoil 'em. I had my last ono last fall. I was pegging along a Rbcde Island highway, thinking more of good feed than romance, when a couple of wearies ahead of me turned Into a farm housb. I turned in as well when I came alorg up. and I walked Into the kitchen just as they had locked a girl up In a closet and were abcut to go through the house. They Invited me to take a liand In their game, but I took two in my own. They made It interesting for me for three or four minutes, but the average weary Is no boxer. He depends upon wild swings Instead of straight punches. I had 'em both down when the fanner came up .from the .field, and ^be girl was released anjl the fellows sent off to Jail. • "Well, currant jam. big red apples and inince pies were none too good for me for the next week. The dangb- ter was a school ma'am, about twenty years of age. and I had won bar. ro> mantle heart ere three days- bad passed. I think the old mas. would have sancUoned the match...bnt .be didn't take me right On the fonrtb day of my stay he took me ont and showed me a ter.-acre lot ot the aten- iest ground I ever saw In 9^' QfOi and Intimated that I might atart in plowing next morning. It .waa too much. That night I left the bonse by way of a window, and daylight found me seven miles away. I woald bave helped gather apples or* but when it came to slowing among bowlders as big as barrela, romance^ fled, and I followed cloati at ber' heela" —CHjvemor Stubbs will speak at the Majestic Theatre tomorrow (Thursday) evening, commencing at 8 o'clock. Evcrj-body Invited to attend. —the Singing Hussars in solo and chorus work. tf^^Hf ftJaiYel !rllaM ^orco $l ^^-B^ M rrocklei. Tan. Soabora or otfaor •' ' spdl wnaoo'a Freckle h the qolekost. SOTMI beaatUor I Harmless to tho mo<t dolicau skta. Ow't grow hair. KcinovM fraoktea and tisars coowlaaloii. or xo«r wbaar o^h. SpMtel Agent—S. B. Barrel!. (First Published October 39. 1912) ORUEK APFOIMLVG KEIEIVER. In the District Court of the United States for the District of Kansas, Third Division. Commerce Trust Company. Complainant, vs. Great Western Portland Cement Company. Defendant. Sow, on this day. comes the com- plalnant by A. Bcrger. Esq.. Its counsel, and presents to the court Its Bill of Complaint herein, which Bill of 0>mp!aint Is ordered by the court to also stand as an application for the appointment of a receiver herein. .\nd thereupon .defendant appears by Haff. Mescrvcy. German and Mich- .irls. its counsel: and thercuiton. the matter being presented to the court, and the court being fully advised in the premises, it is ordered l>y the court: Frank Travis, of lola.. Kansas, is hereby apiKxinted receiver of all and singular the assets of the Great Western Portland Cement Comitany. of whatever kind or chacactcr. or wherever situate, and is directed to take the same in his possession and' preserve the same in such manner as luai* be proper; all subject-to the order of the court. The receiver shall cause the property'to be insured in such amount as may be necessary to pro- 'eot the trust herein sought to ix; enforced, and the receiver shall also proceed to collect any Indebtedness due and owing the defendant. All the officers of the defendant, and all other persons, are herby en- iolncd from in any way refusing to deliver to the receiver so appointed the possession of the prajierty hereinbefore described. The receiver shall give a bond in the sum of Twenty-five Thousand Dol- 'ars ($2.".,n00.on».) conditioned in the lisual form, with security, to be approved by. the Judge or Clerk of this Court This order is entered upon the con- ilitlons to which the parties hereto sliall be deemed to have consented. (a). The liability of the defendant herein to any person or corporation wlio may have become a surety for such company on stay, 'supersedeas, cost or appeal bonds, or bonds In garnishment proceedings, removal bonds, or other bonds of like character, the liability upon which is justly chargeable either to the defendant or its property, shall be paid and discharged as the same accrues, either by the receiver herein, or in such manner as the court may hereafter order, and such liability shall take precedence of the Hen of the mortgage described in the Bill of Complaint herein. (b). All claims for labor performed for the defendant, and all taxes charge able against the property of the defendant, which claims tor labor or taxes, either by the laws of the state in which the person rendering the •same shall have been employed, or by »h.e laws of the state In which such taxes shall have accrued, or by any '>f the provisions of the National Bankruptcy law, are preferential In their character, shall be paiil in full either by the receiver, or in such manner as the court may order, and shsll take precedence of the lien of the j mortgage described in the Bill of, Complaint herein. Thereupon, this cause shall stand continued for further orders herein. Done this 26fh day of October. 1012, It Kansas City. Kansas. JOHN r. POLLOCK. Judge. land Cement Company, of whatever kind or character, or wherever situate, and am holding the same subject to the order of the court. All parties Indebted to the Great Western Portland Cement Company are notified to settle their accounts with the receiver at once, and all parties having claims against the Great Western Portland CeracntiCom- pany are notified to present their accounts to the receiver on or before .November 1. 1912. Dated October 30. 1912. FRANK U TRAVIS. Receiver of Great Western Portland Cement Company. answer the petition filed therein by said plaintiff on or before December 11. 1912. or said petition will bo taken as triie. and judgment for plaintiff In said action will be rendered accordingly. Attest: JOH.V W. BROWN. i(Seal) Clerk of Said Court ! (10)-30-(n)-6-l3 (First Published Ortober i;»I2) I PIBUCATIOX XOTICK. State of Kansas. Allen County. s.<. In ; the District Court for said ("nnnty. Lillie Mull. Plaintiff, vs. William j Hull, Defendant. ! Said defendant will take nOti< e that ' he hB.-i been .sued In the above name<l j Court for upon action for dlvorre and j rusrody of minor children. nn<l must* (First published Oct 16. 1912) >'ofJce of Annoinfweut—Guardian. State of Kansas Allen County ss. In the matter of the estate of Elizabeth Shepherd, of unsound mind, of Allen County. Kansa.s. >OTICE OF APrOI]STJIE.>T. Notice is hereby given, that on the 10th .day of October. A. D. 1912. the undersigned was by the Probate Cou^t of Allen County, Kansas,: dulr appointed and qualified as guardian of the estate of Elizabeth Shepherd, of Allen County. All parties interested In said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. A. B. SHEPHERD. (lU)-16-23-30. Guardian. ChiUy Weather Heating Stoves—Blankets— Comforts THOS. K. lOirLtTS,' Piwlisar J. F : SCOTT. Capiter Alien County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS UTIBLISHED A qVABTEB OF A CEHTDBT. Capital $30,000.e0 Sonliis $40,000.00 Deposits $550,000.'00 DTTESEST PAID ON TIME DEF0SIT8 SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB BBHT Notice. Pursuant to the above order. 1 have nualified as receiver of the Great Western Portland Cement Company; and all parties are hereby notified that! I have taken charge of all and singular the assets of the Great Western Port- J. D. ARltETT, President JOE Hd^nflBT, CislMr' J. F. 5IGH, rire.PresIdrnt. E. C. SeCLADT, Asst Cash. COLONEL LANTON, 2nd TIce-PresIdent. State Sayings I|ai |jyL CAPITAL mjm SUBFLUS . ,f. . lOLA, KANSAS We Pay Interest on Time Deposits and Savings Accounts. Safety Deposit Boxes Free to our ' i Customers. LOUIS B. HESS Humboldt, Kansas Democratic Candidate =FOR= Clerk District Court I would appreciate your vote at the election. November 5. 1912.

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