The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 7, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1892
Page 2
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T 2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, MAY 7, 1892. RAMBLING BILL NYE. HE WRITES FROM PENNSYLVANIA ABOUT THINGS IN GENERAL. Ballronds and Other Ilontl*—How Wnlteri In N >1T York Koop tho Wolf from th« l)oor—Tha Story of M Drunknrd—A Woman with Throe Husbands. | ICopyrlght, 1802, by Edgar W. Nye.] Today wo paBscd peacefully and nn- eventfully into Pennsylvania. For two weeks wo havo boon devastating the great Btato of Ohio. Yesterday wo canio to Bollairo by means of tho Baltimore and Ohio railroad. Tho Baltimore and Ohio railroad is not a favorite with us. It somehow has too magnetism or power to mako friends rapidly. Tho Now York Contral has an air 01 refinement, of courso, and reserve that says plain onongh that it has nothing to AN ABBEVILLE ROAD. bo ashamed of. Yet it does not come and pnt its hand on one's shoulder and mako ono feol liko taking off his coat on a wann day and sitting out on the piazza. The Now York Central says in effect, "1 lead a blameless life, and of courso I liko my friends, but 1 do not caro to extend my acquaintance very generally." Tho Illinois Contral is a sort of an incorporated hoodlum: It does not care for Clod or num. It was given so much valuable land for building its road tlmt its hoad immediately swelled, and over sinca then tho poor fanners along its lino havo had no rights. Tho Now England road is very gentlemanly, and oven its railroad hands, they tell mo, nro manicured every day. Yet it is not so cordial as some roads. 1 camo nearer freezing to death lust vrinter on tho Now England road than I ever did iu a snow blockade on tho Union Pacific. Tho study of tho personal peculiarities i f railroads in tho United States is a ery interesting ono indeed to me. 1 avo been thrown among all kinds of fcilroads this season, but never so hard 1 was by tho Baltimore and Ohio. 'It was on tho Baltimoro and Ohio that 1 passed a very restless night once in lower eleven. Upper eleven was occupiod by a boy who was car sick. Of courso tho rough road was to blame mostly for it, but tho things he had eaten would disturb anybody's digestion it littlo, 1 think. Ho did not try to conceal anything from me. He was perfectly frank with mo regarding tho matter. I am glnd to notice in the matter of highways that country roads aro attracting a good deal of interest. Two great magazines havo recently printed excel, lent articles on the subject, and tin k wUolj) country is waking up to tho fact that [ rui)lions of dollars annually go \ward roadbuilding that might as well tp the\ bottom of Lake Victoria Ny- ^yagoti roads throughout tho coun- jonorally ti disgraco to civiliza- |)oforo we undertake to supply llorwear and sealskin covered I floxiblo backs to the African Lvoll to put a fow dollars ii. If galled and brokou dow Vivo lost their health on our |hways. ' system, as I recall it, was •Jiout as poor and insuf t A well bo. Each to\vn- •\e>V' "'to road districts, Piistrict was presided over ft/of highways, whoso duty |ct so many days' work or so •in ouch taxpayer in the fvso no taxpayer would ho could come und i n tho road ull day and with tho neighbors and po. The result seemed [ done was misdirected , injury to tho road, icct to tho farmor, 1 \co that ho does not \ roads. An all wise tended that ho should Jsional roadbuilder |l by ignorant sap- i road architects, liako roads in tho tch two or three load could bo lumb beasts of |ip and cull us ^rightojall the . is beginning llias sold her Vuibe county \uhwayB will or ones will ^io buy.zurda, loss, a young laterer for , Now ho is i wost. Ho ^ g German, ig told us a otk waiter ." ho said, |Tork, aud |eit away po do- leWiroly on thsir tips. At big dinners no one knows just exactly what quantity of anything is actually used, especially the wine. "In tho kitchen two bottles out of each case aro turned bottom up in the caso at onco, which means that they are empty. Thoy are clear gain. Then you kiisjsv waitorsuro instructed to keep tho glasses full, so even tho host does not know how many glasses aro actually consumed at tho table, for glasses half and two-thirds full are filled up as well as those that are empty. Many guests do not drink or smoke. Their wine and cignrB of course become the property of the waiter. At 1. e big balls, liko the Arion, the waiters, if on good terms with the head waiter, tip him a littlo and get desirable boxes to wait on, boxes occupied by wealthy and liberal pooplo. With two snch boxes, and if ho is ablo to "put up" for two ho will, of course, for thus he can servo wino in a way to mako each box pay for tho same bottlo. With such a chance, i say, tho waiter easily makes twonty-iive to fifty dollars in ono evening, and then beforo tho dance is over takes off his badgo and dances with one of tho society girls, chastely swinging hor two times on tho corner with great dcSerence and aplomb. "Tho waiter also fats the titbits, the best pieces of tho steak, tho liver and tenderloin of tho terrapin and tho eggs and fins of tho green turtle. "A waiter friend of mino at Coney iBland made eight dollars in ono day with a bone." "How was that?,; "Well, ho had a sirloin steak bono und used it on all bis sirloin customers. He would get n cheap forty cent steak in the kitchen and insert this bone underneath it on route, then ho would ask if the guest would have it carved, and of courBo tho guest would. Then he would bring the sirloin steak as ordered, with tho bone apparently cut out and laid on one sido. After tho guest was through, Mr. Waiter again took possession of tho bono, which ho kept under his jacket ready for another two dollar sirloin steak victim." Waiters arc often, 1 nm afraid, some what given to this sort of thing, especially at tho Beasido resorts. So also arc tho proprietors. I am glnd if the waiters got oven with some of tho robbers' roosts in which they aro employed. Onco 1 thought 1 would like a clambake at Long Branch. 1 had dono Well tho previous winter playing to standing room only, and so I said to two or three friends: "Let us mako merry. Behold tho clam is whito for the harvest. We wall go oven unto Pleasure bay aud we will open a wntormelon." And we wont forth. We had a quart of unshuckod clams with drawn butter. It was drawn by an amateur artist from Throgg's Neck. Wo also had a watermelon. That was all. In New England this meal would havo boon seventy -five cents or ono dollar perhaps. Our bill was twenty-three dollars, without wine." Ever since then I take my dinner with me when 1 go to Long Branch. buyers of tho mino hud gono away, and though it was three years ago they have uot yet returned. "1 started out for Dwight then, I sup- nose. I did not quito know where I was going, but on the way I struck Leavenworth, a brunch institution, and stopped there Everybody deserted me. My father-in-law, to whom I wrote for a littlo help, wrote me a savage letter about my fetching up in a Drunkards' home, etc., removed my pelt, as it were, and then anointed me with Tabasco Banco. Everybody forgot me but my wife! She sold tho cow and came on to en- courago me at Leavenworth. You think, porhaps, it's all easy after you get to the Institute. A little jab in the arm, a few teaspoonf uls of medicine and a bath and you aro well. Do not believe it. For weeks and weeks I would jump out of my skin if a man dropped a shingle nail on tho sidewalk fifty feet away. You can't give a man new nerves in three weeks when ho has been ten years destroying them. But you can quell that insanity for a fow weeks and in that time get the best of it, if you really want to fce a human being instead of a sorrowful joke on humanity and a feeble minded horror to your friends. My wifo stuck by me. Hurrahed for mo oven when I sat and cried and almost | gave up tho tight; read to mo and patted mo on tho back and gava mo good things to cnt instead of telling mo what a worm 1 was. She talked about everything else except my lost and undone condition. Even when she prayed for me she did not come down to tho footlights and hold tho center of tho stage while she did it. She did it on the sly, and drew mo into a giuuo of 'high fire' between wliiles to sort of take my attention off my misory. "We aro happy now. When I tell her I will bo homo on tho 5 o'clock train she knows I will. Sho is the happiest woman I over saw in my life. Sho has a few small wrinkles around her eyes where tho tears have sort of left their marks, but I know who put 'em there, and Qoil helping me there shall be no more o." them." And yet lam not interested financially j in tho Keoley institute. I do not know ' Dr. Keeley. In fact I am told that ho is a selfish, grasping and ignorant man, but 1 welcome any good that anybody may do oven accidentally. Now and then a graduate dies, but probably he would have died of drink if he hod not gone to tho hospital, whereas ho now dies sober. Wo stopped tho othor night at a house where tho landlady had three husbands all living quietly aud joyfully in the same houso with her. We saw them all. Thoy all sat at tho same table, eating breakfast and chatting gayly together, it was at Bellaire, 0. Tho naino of tho lady was Husband, and Mr. H. and tho two children nuuio tip the other three. Mr. Husband gives me permission to print this in tho paper. Good room and board at his hotel, two dollars per day. & (Tasteless—Effectual.) $ BILIOUS Md A, MERV0U Si J DI8ORDER8. { Such » Sick Headichg.WInd and Psln In tho! { Stomach, Gl <tdlneil, Fidlnaaa. Swelling alter J ' Meali. Dizziness. Drowsiness, Chilli, Flush- 9 inga ot Heal, Lota at AaattHa. Shortness of J Breath. Costl»ensss, Scurfy, Blotchet on the 3 Skin, Disturbed Sleia, Frhjhllul Dreams. All { Nervous and Trembllno Sensations, and Ir-« regularities Incidental to Ladles. j Covered with a Ttitelmasd BolnbU Coiling, j Of all druggist*. Price Sft cents a Box. J J New York Depot,365 Canal St. ) THREE CENT COLUMN. Advertisements Inserted In thin department will be charged for at the rate of one- half cent per word; they must be inserted for a dellnltc number of tlmcB and paid for when Insertion commences. This rule will be strictly observed In all cases. WANTED. F OR SALE—Old papers In packages of 100 for sale at the NBWS office. W ANTED—A good girl for general house, work, at 111 Avenue A east 5t F OR SALE—Large steam Singer Sewing machine. Enquire at this office. tf ANTED—Good clean, cotton rags at the nfflrp nress room. Will pay NEWS office press room good price. W ANTED—To rent, nice furnished room suitable for one or two gentlemen, 112 West First avenue. W ANTED—Good girl for general housework in family of three. Mrs. A. W. Hothwell, 212 Third Ave east. Purchasers for the Smith- chine in use. S. F^HutionT agent. tf W ANTED Premier type writer. The best ma- W ANTED—Neat, good-looking boy about 15 wanted to travel. Salary and ex : penses to br Brunswick. Attention, Ladies. If you want neat Morning Wrappssjr^ Stylish Tailor Made Gowns or Street Dress, Handsome Tea Gowns. Elegant Evening Costumes, call on Miss E. A. CHURCH, 324>i North Main, College Jluilding, Room No. !i. French, English and American fashion plates to choose from. All work warranted to give entire satisfaction both as to fit ahd finish. I most respectfully solicit the patronage of all who need my services. RAILROAD TIME TABLES. Kock I si And. EASTWARD. No. 22, Mali and Express. No. 24, Night Express •No. 04, Freight Accommodation ANTED—Man of ability to manage W month and commissions. Kansas City, Mo branch oflice: salary to start 57fl per ' ' Inter-State Co.. WHY 18 THE _ W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE CENttsfiviEN . THE BEST 8HOEIN THE WORLD FOR THE HONEi* It Is a seamless BUOO , with no tacks or wnx thread to hurt tho feet; made of the best fine calf, stylish and easy, and because u» make more shoe* of this (Trade than any other manufacturer, it equals hoad* •awed Bhoes costing from f4.0O to £5.00. CK 00 Genuine Hand-sewed, the finest cat! shoo ever offered for $5.00; equals French Imported Bhocs which cost from $8.00 to $13.00. «fiA 00 llnud-Scwed Welt Shoe, fine calf, w"tFa Btyllsh, oomf ortablo and durable. The best •hoe ever offered at this price t samo arado as cut- tom-mado shoes costing from $6.00 to $11.00. Sfi9 OO Police Slioei FarmorB, Railroad Hen •Pwa andLetterCarrlcrsallwcarthem; flnocalf, seamless, smooth Inside, heavy three soles, exteo* slonedKO. One pair wilt wear a year. SCO "O Ane call*! no hotter shoe ever offered as wtfia this price; cue trial will convince those who want a shoe for comfort and service. CO US and 82.00 Workingmnn 's) shoes «2*a are very strong aud durable. Those who havo given them a trial will wear no other make. n n ii Q ) 04.00 nud 81.73 school shoes are EJvf J9 wornbytheboyBeverywhere; the/tell on their merits, as tho Increasing sales show. I ailiae 83.00 Hand -sewed shoe, best SkaClM llongola, verystyllsh; cqualsFreacB imported shoes costing from $4.0u to $6.00. Yesterday wo saw a houso at Lancaster in which natural gas had been used to excess. Ono winter day Mr, Natural Gas sprung aleak under the Btreet, and as there was no method of ogress oxcept to follow tho pipe along to this gentleman's house, it did so, and thus filled his collar full of nice now gas that had ne vor been used beforo. By and by tho hired man was heard to scratch a match briskly against himself, and in an instant there was not a brick loft on top of another brick. Tho house was literally demolished and wipod out of existence. Thoro were soven peoplo in the house, and, strange to say, not ono of them was killed. Some of couree were injured, but nil recovered, and some wero hardly lmrt at all. You would not believe it to look at tho house. Lancaster is also supplied with n Drunkards' retreat. It is not ono of tho Keoley brand, but a Bort of independent institution, using similar means, but refusing to pay tributo to tho great monopoly at Dwight. 1 visited the institution, and can now say that I am a well man, roturned to my family and friends with no moro desiro to touch alcoholic liquors than nnythiug. Tho placo is pleasantly located in the residence portion of town. 1 visited it at tho hour when tho patient receives his jab iu tho arm. Thoro is no mystery to it except the liquid given. That is uot known to tho averago citizen. All wo kuow is that tho patient has his circulation brought up to a bichloride of gold standard arid ho is given full value among other men. "It is insanity," said a graduate of tho Leavenworth institution. "It was in my case at least alcoholic insanity. No sane man would have done as 1 did. Practically 1 was not a right sobor man for two years. Finally I had a chance A ringing noise in tbo ears, hend- ucbo, deafmss, eyes weak; obstruction of nose, discharges falling into throat, somc- timos profuso, watery aud acrid, at others, thick, tenaciouSj bloody and putrid; offensive breath; smell and tasks unpaired, ami general debility. Not all of theso symptoms at onco. Probably only a few of them. That's Catarrh. A medicine that by its mild, soothing, cleansing and healing properties has cured the most hopclei : s cases. Ono that will cure won, no matter how bad your caso or of how long standing. A luedlclno thnt doesn't simply jialliute for a time, but produces perfect mul permanent cures. That's Dr. Sago's Catarrh Remedy. A cash payment of $500, not by you, as you might expect, but fo you, if you can't be cured. It's an offer that's made in pond faith, to provo their medicine, by responsible men, tlio proprietors of Dr. Sage's Remedy. That's tho kind of medicine to try. Doesn't it seem so t W ANTED—To secure services of a live canvasser, good thing for an energetic live man. Address in person or by mail. "il4 Fourth avenue east, Hutchinson, Kan. a tfa W ANTED—Every business man in West ern Kansas to know that I am manu fac'turing Kubber Stamps Work delivered day following order Carr, 11 and i:i East Sherman. in Hutchinson. A. M. W ANTED—Salesmen everywhere for new metal specialties for business men. alto side line for drummers, big pay. Send for samples at oncc- WKICIHT MFG. CO., 1)4 Park Row. N. Y 8t-Sly I j» p\| O wno have to earn their L A AL-J I COlivlng can make it easier MVr>CI A ^V selling our Electro- Pi I \3iCI s*\Magnetlc Corsets than anything else. For terms apply to Western Corset Co.. SL Louis, Mo. Sly-Kit ljndica' -.£>>ju, o«uu T KlsseB aro tho best fineDongola. Stylish and durable. Caution.—Seo that w. L. Douglas' name aod prlco ore stamped on tho bottom of each shoo. Tnsi TV ' ITTAKC HO SEBBTITUTB_«i list on local advertised dealers supplying ya 1,. DOUGLAS. Brockton, Mass. Soli DADnAIHIT Album for Sl^Hand- nllnllll 111 ' some colored plush. UnilVllllll full quarto size, elegant Interior, a rich gift for a for friend, or an elegant ornament for your own parlor. If you want one of these albums, send me SI at once, as the supqly Is limited. Six for $5. Address II. F. STEWART, 48 W. Eleventh St. Philadelphia, Pa. 'VERY one in need of information on the subject of advertising will do well to for Advertisers. Mailed YOUNG BROS. The Celebrated French Gyre. Warranted ii to oure BEFORE refunded. Is S OLO ON JL. POSITIVE GUARANTEE to euro any form of nervous dis- eaao or any din- order of tho generative organs of either eex/ whether arising from tho czces- AFTER slvensoof Stlmulantp. Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful ii. acretlon, over Indulgence, Ac, such as LesB of Brain Power, Wakefulness, Bearing down Fains in the back, Bemlnal Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous Pros- tntton,Nooturnal Emissione/IicucoiThoea.DlE- JtineBB, Weak Memory, Loss of Power and Impotency. which if neglcctcu often lend to premature old afze and insanity. Price fl.oo a box 6 boxes for $5.00, Bent by mall on receipt of price. A WRITTEN GUARANTEE Is given for every 15.00 order received, to refund the money If a Permanent oure Is not effected. We have thousands of testimonials from old and young of. both sexes, who havo been permanently oared by tho use of Aphroditlne. Clrculara tree. Mention paper. Address ' THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. 07 Washington St., CHICAGO, IT.T. \ For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. E obtain a copy of "Book 1108 pages, price, one dollar. . paid, on receipt of price. Contains a careful compilation from the American Newspaper Directory of all the best papers and class Journals; gives the circulation rating of every one, aud a good deal of information about rates and other matters pertaining to the lmsinc *B of advertising. Address Rowell's Advertising Bureau, 10 Spruce St., New- York, tf WESTWARD. No. 211, Mail and Express No. 21, Night Express »No. Oil. Freight Accommodation. OEPARTS. 8:50 a. mj 0:50 p. m. 11:45 p. ml DEPARTS. (1:26 a. m 0:Sft p. ml 3:00 p. mi No. 21 runs to Pratt only. No. 23 runs through to Dodge City and Liberal. •No. 04 daily except Sunday. •No. 03 dally except Sunday. Missouri i'ncllle. EABTWARD. Local Freight (daily) leaves. St. Louis Mail (daily) leaves W. & C. Acc. (daily) mixed leaves. WKRTWARD. Local Freight (dally) leaves. W.& C. Acc. (daily)mlxed arrives Denver Express (dally) leaves.. 0:00 a. ml 0:30 a. ml 4:10 p. inj 0:45 a. 0:45 a 7:22 p. i CarB run throuj chan ;h to St. Louis wlthou Chair Cars to Denver free of charge. 11 po P. J. LEIMBACn, . C. TOWNBEND , Gen. Pan. Agent. Thll Agent. Hutchinson & .Southern. •No. 2, Mail and Express.. tNo. 0. Freight and Acc'n.. ARR1VKB. (1:30 p. mj 11:30 a. m, •No. 1, +No. 5, Mall and Express... Freight and Acc'n.. DEPARTS 8:00 a. in. 2:15 p. in. •Dally. IDaily except Sunday. Close connections made at Hutchinson and Kingman with diverging lines. Atehlson, Topekil & Santa Fe. In effect on and after November 18.1801. WEBTHOUNll. Denver & Utah V.Ex California! &Mex. Urn. Coloradol night Ex Freights. Freight. . LOST. L OST—The gentleman that found the umbrella on the Avenue A street car last Monday morning, will please return the same to this office and avoid trouble. 2t FOR SALE. F OR SALE—A good organ. Ave B cast. Call at No. 317 Ot F OR SALE—Two unlimited tickets to Kansas City, 400 North Main. F OR SALE—Choice lots In Eccles' addition $25. Have sold for $150, and will again before another year. This Is a temporary offer n nd is the chance o f a lifetime to working men. Apply lasthouse avenue A east. Ot FOR SALE OR TRADE. T O TRADE- for city cumbered. —100 acres of good land, clear, property, clear or lightly, en tf L. F. CAIN. . FOR KENT. Xi^OR RENT—Furnished and unfurnished rooms in the Woodard block. 153 Outfit that »ery properly contains a supply ol Hires' wliich adds to the enjoyment of all the other dainties, and makes a picnic a picnic indeed. A 25 cent package makes 5 gallons of this very popular beverage. Don't be deceived If a dealer, for the sake of larger profit, tells you some other kind is "just as good "—'lis false. No uhltalion Is as good as the genuine IIIHUS\ the Dutch Process No Alkalies — OR— Other Chemicals are used in the preparation of W. BAKER & CO.'S JtakfastCocoa which i» ab$oluttly pure and toluble. It h&B more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Btarch, Arrowroot or _ ' Sugar, and is far more cco- jj, costing less than one cent a cup. It lis delicious, oouriBhing, and EASILY DIGESTED. g H. SIDLINGEU, Physician and Surgeon. Office over Sidllnger's drug Btore. telephone, 10; residence, CO. D 1 geld br Ororers everjwnsrs. WJBAXER & CO., Dorchester, Maw. Freeman & Haines, PAINTERS. DECQRhTIHG 1 SPECIULTY Also dealers in AIX LIVING HAPPILY, to sell a silver mino in Utah. I was to havo |30,000 for it and a sharo 06 the Block iu thoniew organization, ulsofto bo au officer of tho company. [ "A friend camo to mo the day ibofore tho mooting at' which tho mouoj) waa to bo paid and tho eloction hold, 'j&oorgo,' ho said, 'for God's sake try to keep sober until this mutter is safely eettKd. It is the turning point in your lifp. After ward, if you want to have a ljttlo spvoo, liuvo it, but not now.' 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Call for consultation, or write symp toms fully, eucloslii); stamp for repl' Paints, Oils, Glass and Pointers' Su-oplies. 10 Second Avenue East. NDEICK & BURK, hjave just received a line of Spring Goods. FlflSiy CLASS WQfil. EVERTTHtiG &UARAITEEO. ''"M ^kia ^o 'v Hutchinson, Kansas [TJSIC LESSON. Leave Kansas City.' O:20p .m. ,1:30 p.ra Arrive ! Hutchinson. 0:40p.m, 8:lbp.ra. 7:4 . r ia .m. •1:4:tp.m »:40]),m Leave Hutchf lnson. 8:40p.m. 8:20p.m. 8:0.">a.m. 7:05p.m. Trains. ? Arrive Hutchinson. Leave Hutchinson. Arrive Kansas City. New York Limited Ex. Chicago Vestibule Ex'ss Cannon ball Missouri river night Ex. Freights Pretg*»c. . . 4 8 8 :io 44 7:50 a m 10:32am 8:15 pm 4:00 p m 8:35 a m 8:10 a m 10:32am 8:35 pm 1:28 pm 0:30 a m 4:40ip m 8:05 p m 7:00 a m ChlcHk^, KuiiftiiK & Western KuUroud. IlntehliiHou KxteiiHlous Trains. 0 Leave Hutchinson. ArriSfiA KinJle J 12:20anT 1:20 pm San Franc'co & Texas Ex.. Acco'mtVtlon 3 341 8:20 p m 8:20 a m ArriSfiA KinJle J 12:20anT 1:20 pm Leave Kinsley Arrive Hutcheon. Arrrive Kansas City. New York Limited Ex Accom'd'tlon 4 342 4:37 a m 2:25 pm 7:50 a m 7:50 p m 4:40 p m PROFESSIONAL CARDS. PHYSICIANS. Office .RS. STEWART, 327 North Main. DR. J. E. STEWART, Practice limited to Surgery and Diseases of Women. DR. R. A. STEWART, Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose. Glasses properly adjusted. No. 3 carries through Pullman and tourist sleeping cars to San Diego. Los Angeles, San Francisco and City of Mexico. No. 5 carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Pueblo, Coloradao Springs and Denver, making connections at Pueblo and Colorado Springs with through sleepers for San Francfsco and Portland, via. salt Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper to Dodge City and through coaches to Pueblo and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourist sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St. Louis. No. (i carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers and chair cars toKansas City and St. Joseph, Mo. GEO. T. NICHOLSON, G. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. TBDFOBD, Agent Santa Fe Route. Hutchinson. J. W. MAGUIKE, M. D., Treats Kj'e, Eur, Nose ami Throat Diseases Carefully. Office, No. 110 North Main. Residence, 608 North Main. J G. MALCOLM, Physician and Surgeon (Homeopathic) Office 112 1st avenue east. ATTO UNISYS. J N NO. W. ROBERTS. Rooms ! Attorney lit Law. , 3 and 4, Mo. 3 South Main. L ESLIE & CRAWFORD. Attorneys lit Law. Successors to Swigart & Crawford. Penney Building, opposite Court House. JjlDWARD A. HARRIMAN, Attorney tit Law. ' Office In HutchlnsonNatlonal Bank building -y ^"M. WHITELAW, Attorney ut Law, N Office over First National Bank. Entrance on Sherman street. •yyillTESlDE & GLEASON Attorneys at Law, Office, 1, 2, 3, 4, over No. 24 South Main St. rj\AYLOR & TAYLOR, Attorneys ut Law, Oflice, up-stalrs, Masonic Temple. M? ODERN WOODMEN OP AMERICA Meet in the hall of McClurg'a store, at No. 20 South Mu-In street, every Mon day evening. Visiting neighbors always welcome. W. E. M ARSHALL, Clerk. A. M. H UTCHINSON, V. 0. luius Juny, euciutuug Htauip lor repy • ^ .] LEE WING BROsi, I will receive pupils in mu sic at my residence, 405 eatst Sherman. Vocal music taught in classes or private lesions. Mas. A. W. I HTNES. REMOVED. I have removed my bakery and fanoy grocery to No. 16, South Main street, where will continue to make my famous dream bread. K. R YDB. (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MORRISON.) Corner of Main and Fourth. The place to buy your beef, pork, veal and all kinds of sausage, oysters, fish and game. Jolin Hartman, cutter. Telephone 32. MIDLAND HOTEL. Most contrally located hotel in the city. NEW MANAGEMENT ENTIRELY. Patronage oi traveling men solicted. Rates, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 a Day. CUSON & WATSON. Grocery and Confectionery. 315 North Main.

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