The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 3, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1977
Page 4
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Blood Donors Listed By Local Red Cross A lotal o(132 pinlJ of blood was Also, Arthur J. Michaels Jr., collected at the Bloodmobile visit Brian J. Miller, Mrs Elizabe n held on May 5, al the Minese. Mrs. Jane C. Mis, Arnold Congregational Parish House It S. Molnar, Mrs. Lucy_ R. waTannounced by Richard D. Morissdle. Joseph C. Nardello, Coe Blood Program Chairman of Thomas J. Nardello, Mrs. Janice Ihe' Naugaluck Chapter L Noble, Edmund U Note Mrs American Red Cross. Coe staled Cynlhia Novocinski, Albert hewasnleasedUialatthelunoul Oemclie, George P. Passabel, considering lhal Ihe visit had Julio S p « rira ', M ^.^ °' tea, changed from a UrJroyal in- Piroaoli, Mrs. Elrzabelh J .Rice plant visil to a community al the Andre Richard, Barbara Rossi, last minule. He also expressed Edward J. Rossi, _ **£"*•• his appreciation to those Ruccio, Clarence 0 Schiller, Uniroyal employees wto made a Manly M. Simons, Cynthia U specialefrorltodonate.Aspecial Smith, Dav,'A. Smith, Douglas thanks goes to the Chapter's Smith, Elizabeth G. Smith, Mas Telephone CommiUee who Deborah Standard Mrs. worked very hard on every shorl [Catherine Stenson, Miss Jo>ce A. rolice lo recruit donors. Stinson,JillL. SuhaU.Ls, Joel A In addition to Ihe 132 produc- people wae NAl'fiATlTKNEWS (Conn. (Friday. May 7,1916-Page! live donors, 18 r ~,.. deferred for various health reasons. Pins were received by the following: Five Gallon, Walter A. Mis, Three Gallon, Walter P. Kwasniewski, Two Gallon, Howard Burke, One Gallon, Mrs. 'Judilh A. Griesbach.TheodoreKosko, Mrs. Elaine M. Purcaro, Daniel Renzoni. Others donating were: George L. Allen, Robert Allen, Ronald Anderson. MR. Nancy Anlnony, Bernard Ardry, Thomas E. Ashe, Donald 1. Beauchamp, Frank N. Berardi, Mrs. Pamela Blasavage, Robert Boulanger, Mrs. Christine Breaull, Robert W. BrrxSe, Mrs. Lillian Brown, William H. Butler, Sylvester Subataitis, Mrs. Louise T. Swiderski, Bruce E. Tillolson, John Varlese, Robert A. Velrone, Mrs. Penny E. Vreeland, Donald Wagner, George A. Wearing, Russell E. Weaving, Harold G. Werner, Gregory Wismar, William W. Wood, Jr., Beecher H. Woodside, Emmett Woosler, Scott E. Worlhinglon, Alexander Yackowski, Janice A. Zollo, Richard A. Zolio. Naugatuck Chapter is a member agency of the United Way of Naugatuck and Beacon Falls, Inc. NATIONAL INSURANCE WOMEN'S WEEK rill begin May 1C by proclamation of S1>1 or William RadoThe mayor Is shown above »kh Marie, pr«idenl of the W.^bury A« 0 c,at,on of I, nn «.W«n<..I«. (left); «dL«». Uensl.r.rubltc Hel.ll... cha ™: oby DonCousey, f\jm f)ff \Jj] ' ' c j i i Bribery In Meat Sales *-> H*« v\M/ ____ *,.,,.,r,ntf\*-r , T-ni \ T.I.J-, .i i r cnmlilinnf-r a fn PI AY IIA11 ' - First Selectman Mario G. Fuoco enhlblts proltssional form as be tosses out tbt lirsl'ball of the 1976 stason of the Beacon Kails baseball ttague Sunday at the Pent M R«re»Uoo Kit Id. Assembled along Uie baselines were all Ihe teams In the l«gne Including the I""™'" 0 " 1 league some ot whom are seen in the background. A large group o[ parents and fnends attended the ceremonies which saw Ihf Beacon Hose. Co. Y.ikees defeat the White Eagle Society Eagle, IS to 4 Prison Inmates To Make Glasses For Welfare HArtTFOIiD. Conn. (UP!) Prison inmates will make eyeglasses and dentures for welfare recipients in pilot jrograms for two stale departments, officials said Wednesday. James F. Morrison, medical director of the Department of Social Services, raid Ihe department will be able to buy the glasses and dentures for less under the new programs because labor costs are low and lite slate receives discounts on materials used. Inmates at the maximum security prison-at-Somers-are paid 50 cents to $1 a day for their work in prison workshops where they are being trained for jobs when they gel out. The eyeglass program may start June I and the dental program will begin later, state corrections officials said. Robert P. Mercier of Ihe Department of Social Services . , year during the pilot program. H I No Reformer said Ihe department should -jSecretary.of the Sta leiGloria sa,e , IM » ,o Bun for one Sdl^, « tote*,. ic opponenl in November, says Weicker is not a reform politician. "Weicker's record shows him (O.MMOX PLEAS COUHT ^ ariUcform side of William C. Jones, 18. on&>3. isj^'-i-Yiiie^eform of the Field St..disobeying an officer's sjjjfo'jjy.ra^ern and Ihe filibuster arid reconslilulion of Ihe Federal Eleclions Commission," Mrs. Schaffer said Thursday. "When it comes lo measures aimed squarely a I counterproductive government practices and procedures, Lowell Weicker clings lo Ihe Republican stalus quo," she iold a mock Democratic convention of students at The Gunnery, an signal, fined SM: second case, original charges reckless driving .ind operating under Ihe influence of liquor or drugs, fined S25 on substitute charge ol failure lo drive in proper lane. Coursey, Pasquate Croce, Edward N. Culver, Mrs. Linda DaSilva, Mrs. Christine DeMatteo, David Dinsmore, Brian L. Dowling, Max Draskovic, Patrick Druan, Walter Ebensteiner, Miss Sheena Eighmie, Raymond Edwall, Janis E. Elliot-Wotten and Charles J. Errico. Also, Mrs. Betty M. Fernandes, Miss Rosa A. Fernandez, Bruce Fisher, Lois E. Fisher, James Fitzpatrick, Ernest A. Froelick, Edward W. Garretl. Mrs. Halina W. Glovinski, Raymond E. Goggin, Mrs. Mary Ham, William E. Happy, Anloni Keciko, Mrs. Marie Heczko, Donald K. Hedman, Jr., Mrs. Josephine Herb, William F. Higgirs, William Holland, Jr., Mrs. Rose A. Hook, Andrew tiles, Mrs. Manila V. Jancis, Joseph a. Jeclure, Jr., Mrs. Frances S. Jenkins, Mrs. Sally P. Jensen, DUBLIN. Ireland (UPI) Gov. Ella T. Grasso was to arrive in Dublin loday lo begin her four day tour of Ireland wilh representatives of 12 other American slates. Mrs. Grasso is one ol 10 governors on Ihe Irip, sponsored by Ihe Irish government to commemorate the American bicentennial. A privale briefing for the governors on polilical problems in Ireland, a visit lo Dublin's annual fair, lours of the countrysirfe and a courtesy call on Irish President Cearball O'Dalaigh highlight (he trip. Mrs. Grasso lefl Connecticut Thursday night on an Air National Guard helicoptfr from Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks which took her to New York where she joined Ihe louring parly. , . . 1 Accompanying her are her; 'husband Thomas and her daughter Susan. The Irish governmenl issued WASHINGTON (UPI) - Two packing companies, formerly mined by a New Haven. Conn. man. arc suspected of bribing Defense Deparlmcnl inspectors \vilh sexual favors and money to approve substandard meal, a spokesman for Sen. Lawfon Chiles, D-Fla . said Thursday. Chiles, the chairman of a U.S. Senate subcommittee on federal spending practices and efficiency, said the abuses uncovered by his committee's nine monlh investigation point . . lo a "massive taxpayer ripoH menl standards lhat's apparently been going on for years in military meal purchases" Tlie l\y> firms. Blue Ribbon Frozen Foods of llamden. Conn, and G i G Packing Co. of Boston, were owned by Harry Goldberg Both companies have gone oul of business . since Ihe investigation began by Joseph A. Juliano, Mrs. Barbara the jnyiiaiion to tour the country to Ihe governors of the ' Ihe OUTiWnit t'OOKS CHICAGO (UPI) - Ninety per cent ol Americans who cook ouldoors are less than J5 years old, says the National Live Slock and Meat Board. Hamburgers are Ihe most llfL"^"' «"» l "* *»:« exclusire prep school. The role of Weicker, R-Conn., those who uarnecue ,x,u,-.j- sion showed disregard for lhr« per cent also cook slcak. primary Watergate lesson _ltal and 85 per cenl, hot dogs. Kenworthy, Mrs. Hedwig M Kezdevich, Mrs. Arlene Knapp, stai^" that comprised Mrs Helen M. Korpusik. Mrs. original 13 colonies. Elisabeth Krueger, Ronald L. [n action | 0 Mrs. Grasso. Kulpa, Thomas A. Lagonick, u^,. ^ ew England governors John Laskey, Miss Katherine M. Ina xirg tie trip were Michael l.isieski, Douglas E. Little, Dukakis of Massachusetts, Phi- James J. MacDonald. Mrs. i jp Noe ] 0 [ Rhode island and Cheryl Manka, Maria A. Malos, j,i e ],] r j m Thomson of New William F. Mates, George D. Hampshire. McBride, Mrs. Esther McGuiness and Ronald Merancy. jrrj.rr >, Hearing Set On Dispute Of Delegates " IIAHTFORU, Conn. (UPli Democratic state leaders, una- b!e to resolve a dispute over «ho should be on Jimmy Carter's Bridgeport slale in Tuesday's primary, have set a Saturday hearing on the mailer. Closed-door negotiations Thursday failed lo resolve the dispute over whether tlie Carter slate picked at the April 27 caucus was legitimate. Carler'scampaign organization has charged Ihe caucus al which Ihe slate was named was invalid because of interference by Bridgeport Mayor John lll'MPIIHEY OK Mandanici and his supporters WASHINGTON <UP1> - Sen. The Mawianici group submit- llubcrt Humphrey's doclor says ted ils own slate lhal prevailed a p!i>sical examination of the over a slate entered by Minnesota Democrat showed no aulhorized Carter sunporlers. The Carter organization submitted a formal complaint alleging - ..Mandanici's group stormed inl.rj.lhc caucus ana decll-d "ringers.." A group of six attorneys, appointed by Dcrnwralic Stale Chairman William O'Neill to Iry lo work oul such problems, mrt with Ihe parlies privately air conditioner, a freezer. coal, free trips, [ree services from prostitutes and weekly cash payments," Anderson said. An aide to Chiles said Ihe complaint of a legitimate meal packer -*ho said he could not utn government meat contracts if "he played the game straight" '.vas the impetus for Ihe iiueMiealion Chiles said spotchecks of I = million pounds of mral showed only 20 per cenl met govern- For Professional Burner Service -The number to call is 756^7041 Ten experienced and licensed technicians are at your service with radio equipped mobile slock rooms. WESSON Carefree Heat. big money and polilics don'l mix," and his alternative proposal to limit presidential campaigns lo two months was "a classic protecl-the-incum- benl measure," she said. Meanlime, Mrs. Schaffer also announced she will allend the Connecticut Young Democrats convention Friday in Bridgeport. She praised that convention's one-day program — reduced from Ihe usual three days of meetings - as a means of maXir« it more financially accessible lo young Democrats. Contract^ Bridge '/ B. Jay Test Your Play 1. You are East, defending Thai is entirely consistent with against Three Notmmp-Sou Ih hisnotrurnpbid(16lo topomls) having opened one nolxump, raised by North lo three. West leads the (our of spades. You cover the five with the seven, and declarer wins mlh the o,ueen. South leads the jack of diamonds, which you win wilh Uie queen. What would you play NOTICE NEW HOURS NOW IN EFFEC The hours at the main office ol the Naugatuck Valley Savings and Loan Association, 21 Maple Street, Naugatuck, are now Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Thursday & Friday 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. --THE HOUR-S-OF OUR EAST SIDE OFFICE RT 1007 NEW HAVEN ROAD ARE Monday Tuesday, Wednesday 10:00 A.M. lo WO P.M. Thursday 10:00 A.M. lo 1:00 P.M. Way 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.H. The change has been made alter an intensive survey of the needs ol our customers, and in an elicit to belter serve the public. * 1096 » KJ » K9763 * Kim 2. You are declarer with the West hand at Seven Spades. North leads the king of. hearts. Hon would you play the hand? Raugatuck Valley Javings MJC and Loan Association, Inc. 21 MAPLE Slftm, NMJGMIKX CONNECIOI 06NO . Itl: 729828$ TWO OFFICES TO SERVE YOU and his lirst two plays. He can hardly have Ihe ace of diamonds and attack the suit without playing the ace first. West's spades cannol possibly be good enough to justify a spade return. Soulh's weak spot is obviously in clubs and that is Ihe place lo attack. Note that the five must be led, not Uie queen or jack. When West gels in with a diamond, he returns a club and dtleats the contract 2. RuJI the heart high and cross lo dummy wilh a trump. Assuming both opponents follow suit, which is likely, ruff another heart high. Return lo dummy wilh a trump and rulf stil] another heart Then play a club to Uie king and ruff dummy's last heart. This runs you out of trumps, but dummy sull has one. Play a club lo the ace and lead Ihe ten of trumps, discarding 1. Tie proper return is the your club loser, ^n claim Uie five of clubs! This will almost 1^1 lour tricks with the A-K-QJ rertainly defeat the contract « diamonds. Judging from declarer's play. This method of play succeeds it is very likely that your part- whether the trumps are divided net has UK ace of diamonds. 2-2 or 3-1. You score seven Smith's hand procably looks like trump tricks ((our heart ruffs U,ij. and the 10-9-t ol spades), (our * AKQ ¥ A<# » JIM * 3863. diamonds and two dubs. (0 1976 K^l FM'"'» SiiKticJlt, Inc.) Tomorrow: The missing damsel. GREAT CAR BUYS In Classified progression of a prc-cancerous bladder condition. MULE mi: IH.^.I & «..«.. --B--- -.• Dr. \V Uabney Jarman Chiles' subcommittee and the'Wednesday', said.'.the' r'oulihe. General Accounting Office. " six-monih examinalion indical- Jack Pridsen. Chiles' press ed "no progression of the secretary, said Goldberg and |,| a dder condition and on Ihe Fred Romano, general manag- | )a5 j s O f these findings no er of G i G. pleaded the Fifth [urlner Irealment is planned." Amendment '.vhen they testified Further diagnostic scanning last year before Ihe subcommit studies utilizing radioactive tee. isotopes were performed. 1 ' Jar- Trie ranking minority mem- rnan said "The results of these bcr of the subcommittee is Sen. tests showed no evidence of Uwell P. Weicker Jr.. il-Conn.. d 15C ase." who has had an investigaior working on Ihe case on almost, a full-lime basis, according lo I Fred Mann. Weicker's press secretary. Mann said the subcommittee members hoped to keep the investigation secret until public hearings begin nexl week into Ihe case. Hut Jack Anderson, in his Thursday column, said the purchase of substandard beel was approved by some Defense Drpartmcnl inspectors who merely looked at the outside ol meat packages while othui inspectors, ignoring Ihe pack ages altogether, played cards "In return. Ihe meal inspec Thursday. They ernerscd from Ihe meeling and said no settlement was reached lors allegedly received gilt cash and scMial favors. Th bootv included free meat, a NSIST ON THE GENUINE """ ELECTRIC OPERATORS WITH RADIO CONTROLS SALES-INSTALLATIONS & SERVICE OVERHEAD DOOR 01, NEW LOCATION-1750 HIGHLAND AYE. WATERBURY 756-5244 753-5725 A.C. PARZ1ALE LOOK NOW THE CONNECTICUT WATER COMPANY Please excuse <i temporary drop in v.ater pressure and possible discolor,i- tion of the vraler v;hi!e ,'iff flush Iho mains io clear cut profitless of corrosion from inside t pipes in .'.:.v.:ost\ WE'LL BE FLUSHING OUR WATER MAINS SPECIAL NOTICE Naugatuck Water Customers Low service water mains will be flushed and all hydrants //'painted red will be tested starting Monday, May 10, continuing through Friday, May 21st. The New Haven Road section of town will be affected Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, May 10,11 and 12. Customers in 1he higher locations of the low service system on the east and west sides of Naugaluck and in the Waterbury area are advised to shut off water in the cellar Wednesday night, May 12 only, to protect their plumbing. Sufficient water for drinking, cooking and washing should be drawn each morning before the flushing begins as the water may be discolored during the day. Thank you for your cooperation. THE CONNECTICUT WATER COMPANY Naugatuck Division

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