The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 7, 1892 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1892
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rftob. VII. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, SATURDAY, MAX 7, 1892. NO. H24. irst-class Millinery at Reasonable Prices. WE CLOSE AT 6:30 Proceedings of the Methodist General Conference. Except on Saturdavs. AT ONE PRICE GASH HOUSE. Foster, Paul & Go. CELEBRATED BRAND WILLIAM' What Han Been Accomplished and Itlahop Taylor's Recommendations for the Future—Kansas Polities—How the Result* »f Clio Hutchinson .Convention are Received at Toiikn- OMAHA., Nob., May 7.—Bishop Fowler of San Francisco, presided at the Methodist conference. The devotional exercises of the morning was led by Rev. W. McDonald, ti colored brother of Mississippi. Immediately after the reading of the minutes Dr. Fiske presented a resolution endorsing heartily tho address of Dr. W. F. Moulton, the English fraternal delegate, delivered the evening before in the presence of the conference. The minutes of the several annua) conference were referred to the committee on itinerary, on motion of Dr. Edwards. Dr. F. M. Bristol of Chicago, offered a resolution requesting the standing committee to sit with closed doors, excepting to members of the general conference. The resolution was tabled by, a vote of SOS to 114, and the announcement was greeted withslightapplause. Dr. Neeley of Philadelphia, read a report from the committee on rules of order. The reading had progressed but short way when Dr. A. 11. Leonard moved the report of the committee be printed so that the delegates could compare the now rnles with tho old. 11 was decided to print the rules Monday. Dr. Hristol of Chicago, called for the order of the day, which was the report of BiBhop Taylor of Africa. The special order of the day was then taki/a up. Bishop Taylor of Africa Came forward and was greeted with great ap- plavse. He reported the condition of work in his field. Some one requested Bishop Taylor to present the little colored girl that he had brought from Africa. She was brought forward and placed upon the presiding officer's desk. Hisliop Taylor explained that her name was Diana ,i and that she was three yen rs Nine months ago, continued the The Brand You All Know. Five-Hook Length. Fitted to the Hand, and Guaranteed, i That is, the skin and stitching are guaran I teed for a reasonable length of time. Ir either I'jirns out imperfect, jring Them Back and get Aoother Pair, \ OR YOUR MONEY. iat is all the guarantee you will get with any 5ve, if you pay $2 for them. ?. MARTIN & CO. The Only One Price Cash ^ House in Hutchinson. < f • tf 116, U8 and 180 North Main Street. I kil order Department. Attention strict and prompt GENERAL NEWS. MISSIONARY WORK IN AFRICA. old. bishop, she was a heathen child. She has learned to talk English in that short time. "And she has gotten into the general conference, too," said Bishop Fowler, and the audience laughed. The diminutive black youngster looked out in great wonderment at the sea of white faces while Bishop Taylor continued Ills report. He spoke of the necessity of purchasing or redeeming the young African girls before they could be got away from their parents. Girls are marketable and the parents will not let tho missionaries have them to educate without first receiving the market price for them. In conclusion he said there were over 3,000 church members, 38 Sunday schools, over 300 teachers and 3,750 Sunday school scholars belonging to the Mothodists in Africa. KANSAS 'POLITICS. the State. He expects to reach home September 15. The interpretation given to the contemplated resignation is that while Porter will not declare himself a candidate for governor, if it is tendered him ho will accept it. RECEIVED NO SALARY. How the Nominations made by the Hutchinson Convention are Kecelved, TOPEKA, Kan., May 7.—[Special]— The readers of the NEWS will remember the repeated forecast made several weeks ago, as to the kind of candidate the delegates comprising the Hutchinson convention would demand for con- grcssman-at-large, also that the asseiv tiott was made that the most availably man among all the able and wortbjlf candidates would be Gov. Anthony, ttui man who, amidst such enthusiasm received the unanimous endorsement qf the convention on Thursday. Whtlfe there is not a competent man in K;tn!- sas who has not had his little political quarrels; while no mala able for the great undertaking but that has opposed somebody Iri their unwarranted demands, yet ijt was believed thot George T. Anthony would meet with as little opposition from all the kickers in the state as any man who could have been selected Besides he is so ably equipped in , ail respects to take the lead in the coming campaign, where the burden v'<jjj}.', be to show the deception of the quacitt. statesmen and persuade returning reason among their victims. That tiie true situation was fully realized shown by the enthusiastic manner'/in which he was finally supported!by many of the friends and follower* 1 of other candidates. ' Several new candidates for sttote printer are now passing rapidly through the various stages of devcl/o] ment, and will be ready to meet their friends at the state convention with the claim that the party should stUiid by them. The part taken by tho) Tof. peka Capital in the Third district 'contest has weakened the chiineei's of Maj. Hudson with some people, jand that is being taken advantage of. 1 Bernard Kelly, the United Sfbvtes pension agent for several of tmeso western states, and the man whorroyft several millions of dollars to the relter. ans from the Topeka agency;, has bVcn a very sick man; in fact he is yet lill, and his recovery is exceedingly slciw. He is not yet able to see visitors, iLut his physicians think he will recoverA : The politicians are thick in tint oirt. I They are on their way home from tllk , big convention, and one and all *x\ freely expressing themselves well MA\ isfied with the work done And For That Reason Marie .lansen Quits i. Francis IVllson'a Company. NEW YORK, May 7. —Marie Jansen, who has been tho bright particular star of Js'raneis Wilson's company ever since that peripatetic imitator of Be Wolf Hopper made his debut as a proprietor, closed her connection with the concern to-day under circumstances not conducive to future pleasant relations. Business with the Wilson cjbmpany lias been quite bad during the present season, and when a falling off in the dollars received at the box office was inaugurated a proposition was made to the fair Marie that she should forego her regular Balalry, which reached far up into tho hundreds, and take in its stead a percentage of the profits. AB there were no profits in sight she naturally refused, and as a consequence, although she has done her share iu turning thousands of dol- li -s i-to the Wilson treasury in the past, strained relations ensued, .lan- sen is comfortably fixed so far as this world's goods are concerned, and will not need to go into the chorus of any traveling show to gain a livelihood. Tho number of her suitors is unlimited, but so far she has preferred to live "fancy free." Now that she has quit the Wilson concern, it is thought that she will employ her energies for a time in going gunning for A. II. Canby, Wilson's "me too," who has been talc­ ing Marie's uame in vain of late to a greater extent than professional or managerial courtesy would warrant. Those who are supposed to know say that she can make things lively for a good many people if she has a mind to. i Goo.W.CIilUlsmid Party at Kama* City: KANSAS CITY, May 7.— lion. :0eo. : >V* Childs and party arrived to-day over the Burlington from?'' OlijfetfO.' Thoy were met at the railway'stivtion by a committee from the Comiitjjrcittl club and Typographical Union and were escorted by them to the Coates house, where a reception was held. Later the distinguished visitors held a reception at the high school, where they received the teachers, scholars and their parents to the number of over three thousand. Mr. Ohilds made a short address. The ladles of tho party wero entertained by Mrs. J. L. Lombard. This afternoon, and evening the visitors ^vill be entertained at various receptions. The party leave for the west to-morrow evening. George W. Child*. CIIICASA,. May — Philanthropist Ueorge'rVy. ; Childu bade good-bye to Chicago last night, after siioh a round of festivities and such distinguished honor as lia-s fallen to the share of but few visitors to the Garden City in the pastdioude. The forenoon was occupied in visiting the city, its parks, avenges aud boulevardB, and in the afternoon some of the larger manufacturing Institutions of the city were honored with his presence. In the evening he was tendered a private luncheon by the Chicago club at the conclusion of which the distinguished yisitaj 1 and his party left for Kansas City.iiphere they will arrive at noon ..fcw |)jjjjj|r ' ^ G. A.R. Matter*. 'JiJim.-y, N. Y.,May 7.— Commander- in-ClnCf Palmer to-day made a statement Regarding the expulsion of the commander of the Louisiana department. ; He said that the rules of the order permitted the membership of negroes. The Louisiana denied ne­ groes admission to a recent meeting of the department, and in obedience to rule* of the national department he (Palmer) was obliged to suspend the commander of that department. : Liquor at the World's Fair. . CHICAGO, May 7. —If the opinion of two lawyers is sustained by the courts the prohibitionists need circulate no more petitions to have the sale of ihtoxicating liquors at tho world's fair prevented. W. G. Carlisle, attorney of the world's fair board of directors, and John P. Wilson, after carefully going over the Hyde park code have reached tho conclusion that anfler the present enactment no in- fcwtlcants can be sold on midway plftisance. Jay Gould's Health. NBW YOBK, May 7. —In answer to inquiries about the reported illness of Jay Gould, as announced in the morning papers, George Gould, at his office In the Western Union building, showed this morning a dispatch from hi* father yesterday afternoon. The dispatch was from tho Albuquerque depot and read: AU well; we shall remain in Albuquerque to-day. JAV GOULD. " FLOODS IN ILLINOIS. Great Damage Caused by Excessive Rainfall. the MANY LOW LANDS INUNDATED. A Levee Near Peoria ttlves Way flooding the Marsh District and Driving Twenty Families From Their Homes—The Losses Will be Very Heavy—Trnfflo on Hallways Abandoned Owing to Washouts. pKORiA, 111., May 7. —Rescuing parties have been out all night in La Marsh drainage district, flooded by the breaking of the dttin, and have found six of 1 twenty families. They have been over the entire district, and do not know whether the remaining families are safe or not. The destruction is complete and there is a scone of the veriest desolation. The disastrous Hood was due to the giving way of the great marsh dyke, fifteen miles long and protecting a atrip of bottom land about two miles wide. The first break was at it point opposite Pekin last night. The oroviHtse was about 000 feet wide and increased rapidly. Twenty families living in tho bottom hind possessed a considerable amount of live stock which with the houses and farm implements has been lost in the angry water. Traffic .Suspended. .1 ROCK ISLAND, III,, May 7 .—ft«*k' Island has not seen. a passisft 'gSr or freight train from thii^n*t>.d«'t't«s Rock Island road since Wednesday pa account of woohouttt,; tj^tweon here and Huret>&, It & ;wi«- longest period of suspension of traffic in the history of the road. _ -Alexandria Flooded. WAKJV.WV. 111., May 7. —Alexandria, Mo;, located just opposite here, has been flooded by the breaking of the Egyptian levee, which skirts the Des Moines river. lating to punts, which provides that if the catcher muffs a ball from put-out he shall be made to try again, and if he fails a second time the ball goes to the opponent at the middlo of the field; second, that when n try goal is made and a miss results the ball shall go to the middle of the field the same as though the goal had been kicked; and the third relating to coaching, that any man coaching either team shall be warned for tho first offense, and for the second sent outside the ropes. All three propositions, it is thought, will be adopted. Pony Knclng. Ntew YOUK, May 7. —The annual meeting of the American Pony Kacing association opened to-day at Hempstead farm, the programme calling for a great day's sport, including a 300 yard straight-away, and a handicap sweepstake for ponies not to exceed fonrtcon hands, and numerous events for ponies from twelve to fifteen hands. Among the society notables who have entries are C. V. Havemeyer, R. D. Wlnthrop, A. T. I'urtly, Sidney 1'. Itipley and Thomas l\ Terror. The first race starts at 2:30, and the society is going over to Hempstead farm in full force to witness the event's. Porter for Governor of Indiana. IKDIANAPOUS, Ind., May 7.—B. B. Shiel, a close friend of ex-Governor Porter, last night stated that prior to bis recent departure to Rome Mr. Porter confided to him that be would resign the Italian mission early in September- that he might b<\ tree to return to render active " in canvassing No I'rolll in Leather. NEW YOUK, May 7.—Prominent leather trade men representing producers in the Bouth and west In secret session here to-day to devise means to curtail the production for ninety days, in order to raise the price of leather. The leathermcn say there is now no profit for tanners and dealers, on account of low prices. A Fast Mall Train Wreekod. KANSAS CITY, May 7. —The fast mail train on tho Missouri Pacific, which left St. Louis at 1 o'clock this morning, and which was due hero at 10:30 a. m., has been wrecked atKnobNoster, Mo., in collision with a freight train. The train carries no passangers and is one of the trains which forms the transcontinental fast mail system. Both locomotives badly injured and and Engineer Wood Wiley of the switching engine had ono of his feet cut off and Fireman Urossesch his shoulder dislocated. The mail train curries no passengers and none of its crew wore hurt nor was any of tho mail matter injured. Another locomotive waB procured from Sedalia for the mall train, which arrived in Kansas City at 2:00 p. m. Six Tramps Punished. NEVADA, MO., May 7. —Last Sunday six tramps, who had terrorized tho town for some time, wero severely punished by the citizens and as they loft town they swore they would return and take revenge out i of all tho inhabitants. Wednesday afternoon they appeared i near town and captured a 13- year-old boy. A party of men made a search and found tho tramps near Clayton. There were five of them. Tho sixth man and boy were not to be found. The searching party mado prisoners of vhe five and set out to scour the bushes for the missing man. After some search they found him. He had the lad with him and was apprehended in the act of committing a nameless crime upon the child. He was taken into custody and given a sound threshing. The six men were then lodged in jail at Clayton. During the night all Bix disappeared, the cala­ boose door being found standing wide open. It is thought they were taken out during the night and severely castigated and then set adrift, it is intimated that the scoundrel who was caught in the brush with the boy was even more summarily dealt with, and that his foul carcass is now swing from a limb somewhere near the scene of his crime. Witnesses Arrested. CiiAWFOKD, Nob., May 7.— William Walker and Bon Jones tho two important witnesses who escaped from the Buffalo, Wyo., jail two days ago, were arrested here yesterday. They were the witnesses who saw the killing of Ray and Champion. Several cattlemen arrived here yesterday and demanded the prisoners, who asked for official protection from them. The prisoners were taken to Chadron. A Mysterious Death. CUICAGO, May 7.— In a Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railway freight car, which reached this city to-day, was found the still warm but dead body of a well dressed man lying in a pool of blood with his skull crushed and a hickory club lying near by covered, with gore. No one seemed able to identify the man or explain the inytery of bis death. Tlirue Hlg Fights. NEW OW.K.VNS , May 7.— The Olympic club lias yielded to tho demands from all i ".cr the•.ecAnt ry. _«A-.-i»niJL»" }»«-..; nights.* S\uSjaWttKht willbojjgia^- befcfefeet%vt-enJfl z si"imonSalUir?itch- |w5, the BBCOBI between Meyer and IMcAuliife"undphc third between Kulli- va»;aiiil CorjJRtt. 'ho Keetey Cure. ClHOAtlO, May 7.—Dr. Keeloy has sold tho foreign rightB of the liquor-habit euro to an English syndicate, who will establish various foreign branches. Dr. Keeloy will take personal ehaage of tho branches In England. Fire at Minneapolis. MIKNKAI'OMS, May 7. —Fire this morning destroyed tlus works of the Northern Car Manufacturing company at Bobinsondale, a subcrb of this city. Loss, $100,000; half covered by insurance. Postoffleo Itfirft-tatsed. WHITK PLAINS, N. Y., May 7. —Burglars last night blow open the safe of the postofllcc and stole, a large amount of money and stamps. All tho registered letters were rifled. INFLUENZA IN ENGLAND. Out of Funds. CHICAGO, May 7. —The world's Columbian commission has run out of funds and haB no money to pay expenses for the rest of the fiscal year, which ends 4 It will have to raise ten dollars for pocket money to Know in -Vehraska. \FwriViliuiNSON, Neb., May 7. —Snow here to the depth of six . is still snowing hard. •ather Indications. May 7.—Forecast till *y. For Kansas: Showers; frjutwly windi Tho lioyal Family Has IlenolHed hy the Unusual Mortality of the Vear. LONDON, May 3. —A "blue book" has been placed on the table of the house of commons which illus'^rates In a marked degree the old adage that it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good. According to the figures it contains tho epidemic of influenza, with which the United Kingdom was at- ;. fectcd last year had beeu turned to good acount by the government lu the matter of taxes on dead people's estates, the government enacted • ai duty upon the probate of all wills in proportion to tho total value of the property left by the deceased. According to tho returns in tho blue book, which are vouched for by the Hon Mr. Goshen, chancellor of tho exchequer, tho probate duties of the past year have been two million dollars over the receipts of tho former year, and no less thau three and a half million dollars over the estimate made , by tho government lu preparing its advance budget for that year. Tho total receipts on this account have been something like thirty million dollars one-half of which goes into tv imperial exchequer. The royal fain has, therefore, benefited to a large degree by .the unexa mortality of the past year. Add issue is given by the return to ; port just issued by Prqfessor Thresh, medical officer of th< of Essex, who, upon full return that the Influenza epidemic iaired to move tieular county killed no less '0 city having people, and that 1 ,400 other d curred in the district from it „_ influence. The financial lo two months during which th ' prevailed he places at not ..quarter of a million dollan busis of the loss of wages of . calculated at three dollars pe,' IltiClalo Hill's Shot LONDON, May 7. —Buffalo; West show opened at Earlj afternoon under favoral reasonable rates, drawing an immeni move Pianos and The show appears iriovo your office or tion with the felsd and save you Horticultural Exposit displays the state of pr< cultural science, taste, implements, and of phi- the present date. The ing profusion < of plai from all parts of the £^ yy +• Charged With JSrabeiczlettie-nt. Pm 'BBUiwi, Pa., May 7.— The United States grand jury in session here h found true bills against Wm. II, Dill the Clearfield bank president, for the embezzlement of 81s ,0O0. A true bill was also found against Theo. Myler, ex-postmaster of Alleghany,' on the same chaige of embezzlement. V iut Hall Association. NEW YO.'K, May 7.— The annual meeting of the Inter-Collcgiate Foot^ ball association is in progress at the Fifth Avenue hotel to-day. Among the important matters upon which action is to be .taken is the proposed change In the rales submitted by the joint committed representing Princeton and Pennsylvania, The changes •opened are three iu number: one re' I . V' I •tar Her Story wa" LONDO.V, May 7.- • storing goods. Parties tho story told by /torcd away and shipped dressmaker, who w guaruntee onr work to in an Injured cood' A reasonable price is way, near Lceds, ne bcBt " confessed that tin by herself* and tl throwing her f~*~ jiuuped out hersr son for jumping Tro^IENT. Nuw YOUK, and take nil the nickel parts Venezuela corre Ta p it l n paper and store received informi/seasou ending December 1, fallen. The coi tt absolutely rust proof, and insurgent arm do not polish stoves, for that hands of the injs a liberal patronage, held himself v* constant deserl Ox _. |"* fc w w e H Storage lo., Valeosaitis f —- Mwl tNAGEB, DOBLIM , M the invincl leased from Telephone No. 19. _L

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