Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 8, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Kntered at the Postoflir.r Govina, Oil., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the C.o- vina Ar^us Publishing Company, fnr-.. One Year in advaner Kix Months Three Months lc Copies ll.'o AHVKtt riSKMKNTS: iplay rates. Prices on apj made as per contract. Liners 5c per line each insertion. Le^al notices 51.00 per inch first insertion, :-'0 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA. August :s. The F : ruit Grower's Duty. It, is both necessary ami wise tlmt Kepubl i':;ui delegates 1 on (lie eleventh of Uii'< month he i-r'rueii i to sup [iort, only such ea -<i i -te<- for I hr \ssembl\ Mini Serin " a •!;•• favor able to I In: return to ' h : I,'. S. Senate of .Senator ,'crkins. I/'nin- Htrueled delegates may ti'ean the loss of years of work in the interests of ('al ifornia, especially Southern (,'ali fornia, and that in <.vhat (lie Lincoln Roosevelt Lf-Mj.:n" is attempting In rlo to keep the preferences' of the T ,, , , , delegates a secret, iind to name Ihn'te, Display advertisement at reasonable I .... . . tea. Prices on application. Changs 'l"l"K«tf:s from LIHHIHT'S oilier; uith out, the voice of the voter entering into the rwifter in any way uhats.o ever. One of the chief henchmen in this movement is Karl, of Kail Fruit. Company fame, now the proprietor of the KOH Anttelcs Kxtiress, a eoln-KooHevcM; or«an and (he humble, friend of Rudolph Hprcekels, the tnan who "doesn't, believe" in race truck Karnblintf but who OWIIH a men track of hiH own. When Karl be^inn Our Ticket Taft For President Sherman Perkins For Senator For Vice-President McLachlan For Representative est We Porjcet. Hatred never made anyone great. Jlate JH the twin brother of treachery, and their fidelity to each other is without end. The great LOH Angeles nowHpapor before whose mandates all iriiiHt bow in tho most abject, norvi I - ity, kcepH hatred at it.H right hand | the lamp haH been rubbed thin thai, I HiirnmoriH this genie. What i.s the, to shape policies of government the fruit, growers O f the country will become rernlniHcent, and will hark back to the time when ho flourished in tho fruit, Hhippiritf husineHH, whon cur lifter car of Southern (..'allfoniin fruit, was marked in "red ink," tho property IOMH H\KI\ of the citrus busi- ncsH. PohiriK aw a party of reform, the Lincoln Koosevclt, League JHearry- intf nut, a policy with t.ho delegates HH crooked as the unboalablo pool i selling Kraft of their own race trackH. In I.ho eighteen years of Senator or^'e I'erkin'H servieo, lie IIIIH never .••eiiHon tho Tirnen ban no tiling to ofl'e.r in Representative Jarnos Mc- Lmohlan's favor? Hatred, an insolent, implacable hatred that drives roaHon from its presence, flrives honesty into purer air. YearH ago, when McLachlan was district attorney, he dared to brave tho absolute monarchy of tho Los Angeles Times, and although ho has steadily won IIIH way upward as a public, Hcrvant. has steadily main tained his prmitlon in the political arena, ho has accomplished it in spite of tho Supremo Dictator 'ind not •with it.H assistance, HIIVO perhaps as malevolence HomotimoH recoils, to the benefit of tho person maligned. whon Koprosontativo the people of At, this time. MoLaohlan is this comity to sorid him once rnoro to CoiiKi'i'HH, it, IH wolt to watch for the thrust in the dark, and consider who is I'OHponsi lil(3 for it,. In bivo of thoHt 1 liriliiitntly Hiipcrtloial oditorialH for which the Times is notorious, it is set forth on Tuesday that JVIc- Lachlan in not, a 111, miiu I' or this position, thai, tho people do not want him, hut remain supine and inactive, allowing hiti return year after year. There are one thousand men in the enmity more able to 111! this position, says the 'I'imoH. Nowhere in tho editorial is there an ar^'ii nil-ill, not, a single argument. Only an irritating reiteration that Me Laohlan is not fit for the poHition. Is it not a splendid prooi 1 that this statement i.s falHC when it is nunem berod that McLachlan ban «ono to Washington al, tho people's bidding nix terms in HUoccHsion and that with a vote from bin district of 'JOOO in majority of the presidential (ili'ctoi'H? Tho H! ate of California has a Ki'cat indMslry, rapidly beoomin^ Hienloi-, tho citrus industry. \\'e who dwell in Soiitliein (.'a I ifornia, in LOH An- (,'eleH county, know that, I lie wealth which has come to us will remain only so lon^ IIH this industry is pro toctod. And one false movement would precipitate I he citrus districts into panic ami ruin men in one sea Mm who aie al present secure in the sanity of the man at W.ishiuKlon. Ixeproscntat.ivc McLnchlan to his feel. biHt week and in the baldest terms pledged himself to work for the maintenance of the present tarilf on oranges, to make of it a redoubt, over which no enemy to the industry oonld climb, I'm- the school boy in the cit rus district knows that the orange grower would becnine a tiling of pity with the repeal of the cent per pound which MoLaehlan secured. The man who has fought fur the orange Brewer through twelve years of faithful service is asking t" be re turned to Washing!"!!. We will re turn .Mcl.achlau and \ve uill nut dump nur oran«es in the wash. h is not the time to channe. We can not afford !«' lake i he risk. W it h a man at the capitol unfamiliar uil! the importaiu'e of this i|ucf!ioii, in different In it, nr deliberately vil.M di/ed iit-'Ulnst it, the labur nt \'rai> \ <• ibl pus-, as ii ship in the ni^ht \\ '<• lilH'\\ thai 1 In- \ .'UTs "I t Ili'- 'IK 1 1 ict ai''- in la\ "i 1 ' 'I' .McLiichlan hi I oii|_'i >•( 1 4 1 1 d e I I n 1 1 ii I ha' I I '• hal l ' I \llllli mi i in | ! bat '.'. J In !;;i j for a moment forgotten tho importance of protecting tho citrus industry. At this time when tho Democrats are corning out flatly for an abolition of tho tariff, (Alton JJ. Parker's speech in LOH AngeloH.; and this so-called Republican league working in nut-rot for a man who is not in sympathy with tho fruit, districts, it behooves us to demand tho instruction of persons with whom lies the power to make or mar the prospects of the future. We cannot compete with tho cheap labor of Sicily and tho Kuropeati continent, therefore, if the lemon industry IH to become as important as it deserves to become in this state; it, must, bo protected by tho mofi who shape the polioio.H of the country, and in this Senator Perkins bus pledged himself repeatedly, nnd ia responsible for the protection we enjoy at the present time. Not, only miiHt wo maintain what ItHH already be'ori fought, for and won, but the tariff on foreign fruits nniHt be raised until onr homo product is recognized in the homo aifir- kots. Senator Perkins has become a power in the Senale, through unremitting toil for his constituents. Senator Perkins is now a member of every important committee subject, to appointment; he JH a member of the " on committees," which with the slating of all men fop- positions on all cnmmitloe.s. His seniority gives him the respectful attention at, al I times of the president of the Senate. Senator Perkins is a power, and ho employs that power in the interests of the state that, returns him term after term to his yea t. Let us he sure then, that the Republican delegates named this month support for the Assembly and Senate only such men as are willing to pledge their support, to Senator Per kins, bearing in mind the fact, that fhn industry providing us with homes i.s in IIIH keeping, his safe keeping. at Home. Right in line with the put forth by the . \r«us, dealing with the iieccHsity nf trading in Covina when possible, i.s the announcement that Oakland is making a decided effort, to control the local dollar, which persists in migrating across the bay. In every street car, on I'erricH, in newspapers and in all public places, the folbiwing placard has been displayed by the Oaklnnd ( Miamber of Commerce : "I'lvery dollar expended in ymir hiime city adds to the wealth of that community; inriciiM' the value of your h"ldiligs. hon't you oue it to yourself to trade al home, quality and price being equal'.' Shouldn't you insist on Inline manulact lire, t".i'r Think it over. " Christian Church Convention. The twenty fifth annual convention of the Christian Chur'-he^ <,f South ern California "pened Wednesday in Long I'each with n large attendance of delegates. The day sesHJonH are held ill '.lie church and the evening meetings in the great atrlitoriurn. The h'Cal church will be represented by a large number of members, especially today, which is Endeavor day. and tomorrow, Aug. '.I. The M-M'-dotiH of the convention '.'.ill end Aug. Hi. Among the notable speakers on the are Mrs. Louise Kelly of F.mporia, Kanvas; W. H. j Hanna of Laoag, P. I. ; H. II. (Juy of Tokio, Japan; and Frank (i. Tyrrell of LOH Angeles. Tho chief ] speaker IH Charles S. Medbury of Des Moines, Iowa, an exceptionally gifted and eloquent lecturer and preacher, who is heard daily at '.> a. rn. and 8 p. rn. PerhapH on tho program the most talked of people are Dr. Royal J. Dye and Mrs. I'ye, who have for ten years done a marvelous work among the cannibals of the upper Congo in Africa. These inspiring missionaries will speak in the Christian Church on Sunday morning, Aug. 10, one week from tomorrow. They will have many interesting charts and curios from their mission station in the dark continent. It will be a rare privilege for the people of Covina to hear these; gifted missionaries, Catalina Notes. The late hot, weather on the mainland has had the effect of sending large nurnberH of people over to enjoy the balmy broe/es of Avalon and tho season is on at, its highest. Tho fishing for the last, week has been very good, large i-piantities of barracuda, i.lbicore and yellowtail have been brought in. Some of the finest fishing records of the season having been made, IJ. AL Rotherharn of San D;mas having taken a 46 pound yollowtail on a ,'J ounce rod and made a worlds record on a C ounce rod with a yellowtail weighing 4'2 pounds. 18 yellowtail were taken averaging JiO pounds each. Dr. and Mrs. Warren Fitch of Pomona brought in a lurge catch of yellowtail, among them being five gold button fish, four of which fell to tho rod of Mra. Fitch, the doctor securing one. The largest weighed 44'>a pounds. Mr. Thompson of Boston and Mr. England of Vioksburg brought in twenty-four yellowtail, Mr. England' getting a gold button with a 43 pound and Mr. Thompson a silver button. All these catches wore made ! from the launch San Toy, Capt,, Will j Matthews. j The Ladies Aid <>( the M. K. Church held a business meeting on Tuesday afternoon, aft'-r which a social hour was enjoyed with light refreshments. For Kent Kight room residence on First street. Six room residence on San Bernardino road, furnished. Apply to the owner personally or by letter '.]~>'.'\ Arroyo Seco avenue, Los Angeles. Notice To Creditors. IN THK KCPKKIOR COt'RT OF THKSTATK OF CALIFORNIA IN AND FOR THE CUI'NTY OF LOS f \N(,F.LKS. In tin; matter of the estate of Mary K. Hcstetler, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned executor of the estate of Mary K. Hohtctler, deceased, to the creditors of, and all 'persons having- claims against the said deceased, to exhibit the same with the necessary vouchers, v.ithin ten month after tbe first publication of this notice to the said executor, to-wit: Homer L. Hosteller, at room 325 Wilcox Hldff, southeast corner of Second and Spring- Streets, hereby designated as the place for the transaction of the business of the said estate in the County of Los Angeles, State of California. Dated this 13th day of July, A. D., loos. Homer I/. Hosteller. (»eo. L. Sanders Attorney for Executor. E E WOLFARTH . . Jeweler , , I Large and complete stock of everything in the line. Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch work a snecialty. Citrus Avenue Covina. Cal. Q. W. MARSH Practical Just Plain English Some wiseacre has figured out how soon the English language will he past use. DON'T WORRY! What's in a name? Everything, if it's properly applied. HERE'S FIXE ENGLISH: Cream of Wheat Flour JJetter than the best; proven by test. True to its name. J. F. Home, sole agent for Covina. Cold Boiled Flam, Presto, Prunes- Nice and sweet, ready to eat. Yours for business, J. F. H O R N E Phone 43 SI Many Bills Have Been Paid Twice I CARRIAGE AND AUTO Ipainkr Shop opposite Postoffice COVINA hr (' Cfincnt NVoik All Kinds. a\ r ill my yards in the i rar ' I \iiiit I rri^at iin; ('onipaiiv, I.UM .:r si i n't, I'elm 111 in iuat i> \i pi pi- SI/IN ready fur instant delit I .rl me turn ish \ < >u i Covina Irrigating Company. Regular monthly meeting held Wednehday afternoon. I Members of. the board of diree.tors j present: .Messrs. Kerckhofr, Elliott, iloii.ser, Coolman, Collision, Menefee. The report of the secretary showed balance on hai.d .Iiine IU.)t h S 1 til ti. 8f> ; receipts during month $117:2.04, tolal S'JTHH.H.i; expenditures 8.1 l!lH. TiTi, leaving!; balance in handsof treannrer of 6 1570. I! 1. The report of the superintendent showed oxpuiiKeH of construction, repairs and pumping phintn for July to be 87f)7. 7 1. Hills audited and ordered paid *ir.:io. .if). ('ontractN with tho Pomona Manu- facturitiK Company and tho Murphy Oil Company were authori/ed. Potter's Store Sold. (iood iinlliority IH responsible for the Information that one of the old- vt!t luit'iiieHs houses in Covina ohannes hands thin week. The C, \V. Potter ! hardware store has been sold to an I '.astern hardware man, wh<> has been i in this vicinity for some time look- ' \i\U for a location. An inventory of the titonk has been taken in anticipation of the change of ownership. Full particulars nt the change and of the proprietor will bo printed m-\t ' week, as the details are not n-i.dy for publ icat ion as yet. Mr. an I Mrs. \V. P. Nye mid baby ul ( I leiid'ii a were ^ne.s's last week end nf l>r. and Mrn. .le Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT CrensHaw's Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. |$i Many a receipt has been lost or mislaid and consequently the bill was paid a second time. You can avoid this risk by paying- your bills by check. A returned, cancelled check is unquestioned evidence of payment and the best form of receipt. Now is a good time to open a check account with the First National Bank. Capital $50,000 Surplus $30,000 $3«3$S333«$^^ KERCKHOFF^CUZNER Mill and Lumber Co, Phones: Home 148; Sunset 253 COVINA, CAL. NoTU'F. TO c RK1MT< »KS. n al I >'i ini'iit t'H ri'^ i ill.' lal I. ins, el i'. I.' i-l 11 iu'i- III !a\ I 111 1 i'i am "I \ \4 .t ii 4- i~. iii-i rl'V ^ivi'ii !'\ the imtii'r- •-i.-i.i 4! ,ii! i ; •!' "I the 4-sta!r ut I I •'. H'|; 4' S|ll 1 M! . 4J4 .'4-,, >,'4l. t" t 111' I/I l'(i i ; . •!•- "I . .1 !:<! .1 '. 1 i 4 i -, . ii ., i 1.1 vi HL; 4 !.i i m> .1 -: .1 1 M -t '. r. •• -.H'! •'' .'4 ,1^44!. i>. i \ h it 'it t:ii- -.r.. i- -.•.::!'. li.-i r->-..i I'v \ ' lu'hcr.-. > - n ; i : i i — i : - ' . ' ' - .1 t ' i r t lit- ! : i ^T j HI ti- Give Your Poor, Tired Feet a Rest these hot summer days. Don't keep them cased up in a pair of high lace or button shoes, or even a stiff-soled lov? shoe. They will give you better service if }'ou put them in a pair of Menz-"Ease" Elk Skin Outing Shoes The easiest, most comfortable, coolest summer shoe you ever wore; strong enough to stand good hard service and so easy you wouldn't know you had a shoe on. For men we call them MKNZ-"KASE"; be sure that the name is on the sole and on a yellow silk label at the top of shoe. For boys, ask for the "AMERICAN HOY"; follow the same plan of making sure that the same name is on the sole and the silk label. In our store vou will always get the genuine Menx.-"Ease M and "American Uov" shoes. In other stores you arc sure to find their imitations. Just as easy to buy of us, where you are sure of getting the best. Broadwell Store Covina, California

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