The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 6, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1892
Page 8
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8. HUTCHINSON DAILY NETtf'S, FRIDAY, ItfAY 6, 189a. glljljllllili^!. THE MARKETS. MONKYAND8TOGKH. NF.W YOIIK. May II. AlehiKOn, :!.'.!.>• Mlfwnurl Pacltio*- ."iK'», Iloi-.k Iniand, MS. SI. Paul. 77!i. Union Pacific, 44. Weoturn Union. o:>. PK(H)IK:K. Clili'ngo, OHKJAlin. May 0. Ttie folltmlne. Is On- range of prices for active futures: Oiren'd WHEAT. May July August. COBN. July June — Marc!!.. May . OATS. June.... May.... July «OHK. May July IJAIU). May... . July mils. July . _. WHEAT—No. July KUSflhtOc. H:I>. 41 IS 4-.! 4'J 44 •2ii?; 2»t. (! 45 . H7>.; ; easy; IHgh 't. Low 'Ht Clos'K. H2 HTU 11'-i 4*J ^oh 41H 41!i 411 40M 4'J II ^oh 41H 41!i 411 41M '' ad jj "Mi ii'Hii'' ii «:>" I) 7714 II U,*> (1 4ii ii asvi 11 40 11 40 (1 25 5 87 M r> 7r. r> 7n luly suwr.hyc. COllN-No. lowe 4:iKcs June 4l>(,c " Scntemlier 41 He. OATS—No. !i easy July ::Hi[«?.::K;<c. MKS i :ash»l «c ;May8i;«c cash 4:i®4:t.'ic; May July 40?ic: August 41?<c cash t!t>K • May '-l>!ic May «T >.r>7'/, 1SVS; May JII..VJV4; July iKSS PORK—cash $».r.7 ',4; July $ii.ur >a «.(i7i4. LAKD-cash $0. $tl.'J5. SHOUT H1HS—Cash S .-I.7SM'. May ft.i'JH July »ri.7fi<a .'>.77'/S. RS'K—No. 2 stcailv. 70c. 1IAHLEY—No. •• nominal. irir. FLAX SKED-No. 1 llrln. Illlc. PlttMB TIMOTHY SEEU-Nollllnal; »1 HUTTEK—Quiet. RGH.S—Firm. St, ST. I, mis, May *l. Bi>K; May WHEAT—Sharply lower; cash «4(4c; July HH!»(il8(i )jc; AUKUst 'itt,.-' OOUN—l.ower: cash :ui l /,i-: May ,1iM 4 c; June :i«Vic; July :JHM <a : l«!.i; September yilJic. OATK,-I,ower. cash :i()J(c; May :w =ic; July 3RJJC. J'OllK—cjulet: lobliluK Slo.'Jfii&lO .uru. LAUD-Womlnill SB.Oo. WHISKY—SU-atly, 81.1:1. Kunslis Oily. KANBAS CITV, May 0. Mule ilolnp on the regular call on board to-day In wheat, corn or oats. OOltN-No. •; cash, a.'iMc bill: May :«lc. OATS—2H!4c for May: Bile asKeil for June. BUTTEll—Firm anif uncliitngeil. KOUS-Kirm: l-!4c Foreign Grain Alurket. IjivKiii'ocii., May (I.—Spot wheat better tone, Sid higher except No. S; spring unchanged. Corn linn, but not active, yd higher. Mark Lane spot wheat firm, but not active. Corn stiff; cargoes off coast. Wheat lirin, partly :itl higher; red wheat and California unchanged. Corn, nothing offering on passage. Wheat more enqulilng, prices generally 'Id higher. Corn, American in demand. LIVE STOCK. charter membership will be large, and we will (jo In for a good, live order. Tliu Sawyer schools closed Inst Friday, and Professor 0.13. Child, who has taught here for the past two years, will move to Pratt. Professor Child has brought this school up to a high standard, anil will leave many warm friends among the patrons of the school. Considerable land ifi changing hands near Sawyer this spring and at good figures, too. We remember that but seventeen months ago certain quarter sections of land in the southern part of Pratt county wore being offered at 8!MKi without a taker. This spring the same pieces of land have sold as high as SI, 801) per quarter. We don't wish to say anything about politics this week, as of course the silence and contentment of our people plainly intimate that the g. o. p. ' good enough for them, and that allegiance to it is not only duty but,also business. But in order to show that farming in Kansas can be made to pay and has paid, we will beg leave to mention a few fanners, living near thiH place, who have paid off big mortgages who as a rule came here empty handed, viz: lleo. Ithilr, lleo. fjong, William Crmn, Ouvid .Tones, A. Gilbert, E. .1 Sheppurd, Chus. Iltielilin, -lov. (inrley, Samuel Hoots, A. K. Wait and S. \i. Young. We could name many more, but space forbids. This is certainly a good showing, however, and speaks highly for Pratt county. Wanted lit Sl'illlllll. HOUSTON . Tex., May IS,—Several times recently the sheriff and jailer have discovered plots among prisoners to effect their delivery at the sacrifice of the lives of the guards. Yesterday Miller, alias A. C. Miller, a negro under sentence for burglary, and who outraged Mrs. Taylor of Sedalia, Mo., was discovered sending a note to aeon federate outside. In his note Miller settled all doubt of his being the Se dalia rapist. He stated that if he is 'aken there "his jig will be up." His letter is important evidence. Their l>einnnds Acceded To. CAIHO, 111., May —The strike auguvated yesterday by the union carpenters to secure nine hours for aday's work lias ended.. This morning 1(10 of them paraded the streets, going to all buildings where non-union men were at work and induced them to join. No violence or threats were used. A conference between the strikcis and the bosses, lasting all day resulted in the latter granting the nine-hour demand. They give preference, to union workmen, but reserve the right to employ none but competent mechanics at the scale. St. l.OlllH. ST. Louis, Mav ti. CATTLIi-Kccelpls iiofli steady. IIOI3S—Kccelpu :i,nu(l; strong', heavv. f 4.MX8v4.tliV, mixed, S4.10Q,4.M; yorke'rs 4.r>0©'l.(J0. SHEEP-ltecelpte 700; steady at recent decline. Kiutsiis City, KANSAS CITY, May ll. CATTLE-lUvelpts3.000; shipments 1,000; light steers steady; steers heavy, dull and weal: to 10c lower; cows and feeders active and steady tostrong. HOUS-ftccelpls, S.H00; shipments 1.100: active ami strong to 5c higher: bulk 4.;to& 4.40; extreme range ?4.0"Ki(.4.4. r >. SHEEP—ICecelpts a.oOO: shipments l.fiUO: market quiet anil weak. CliieitKo. CHICAGO. May il. The Evening Journal Report: CATTLE—TlecelptB. 10.r>0(l; slow and weak to 10c lower on nearly even-thing In the steers line. HOtlS-ltcceipts, 2:1,000: active; strong to oc higher on the best heavy, and only steady on liglit; rough and common 84 .0Q@4 .4r>: mixed and packers $4.50^4.(10; prime heavy and butchers' weights S4.ilO@S4.iir>; light »4.ll0 «i -l.l ). r i; pigs 84.40<34.r)U. SHEEP-Iteceipts 0,000. Market in better shape fir salesmen with lotslOc higher. IH'TCHINSON MAKKKT. The Senate. WASVI.VOTON , May fi.—The senate to day took up the resolution of Jones of Arkansas, providing for the payment to the Choctaws and Chichasaws of their interests in the Cheyenne and Arapahoe reservations (about three million dollars. Dawes, chairman of the committee on Indian affairs, addressed the senate in advocacy of the resolution. Produce. :.40: eoud KLOUK-Hlghcst patent. i\ patent, JU.B0: extra line. $-_'.0ll. HUTTEK—In demand. Creamery, 2 ,'ic; llnesl dairv. 20c; line dairy, 1.1c; common, 10c. EGOS | In demand, lie. POTATOES- Choice, fi(l(&0r>c. APPLES—$1.00131.'J.I per bushel. ONIONS—In fair demand. Ued, 7.1c per bushel; home grown, Spanish. 81. lift per bushel. CM'llM'.E—Pair, 4c pilr pound TUHNIPS- In demand, :10c per bushel. Published Seditious Articles. LONDON , May 0. —The trial took place of Nochol and Mowbery, publishers o" the Commonwealth, an anarchist newspapers, for publishing seditious articles. Nochol was indicted and sentenced to eighteen mouths hard labor. Mowbery, who acted only under Nocli ol's orders, was acquitted. T POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all in leavening strength.— Latest TJ. S. Government Food Report. Wurk liegun. DAVKNI'IIHT , la., May fi. —Work on the Hennepin canal has been commenced. The right of way is being cleared for the grading anil the work of digging the canal will he begun in .I unc. Almy Hentenced to Hung. PLYMOUTH , N. 11., May 5.— The application of Almy, Christie Warden's murderer, for a now trial, has been denied and the murderer sentenced to hang on the second Tuesday in May, 1SSW. l-'ound No Indictments. Si 'AKTA, Mo., May (1.— The county grand jury adjourned day without finding a single ment against the lynchers of and the murderers of Williams. Taney yester- indict- ltright Will Go In Force. CIIKJAOO , May fi.—A goodly contingent of the Union printers of Chicugo propose to take Gotham by storm on the occasion of the forthcoming dedication of the new structure now being erected for the Mail and Express. When Col. Elliott V. Shepard, was in this city some months ago in his official capacity for the Sabbath Union for the purpose of addressing the national commission of the world's fair upon the question of Sunday closing, he was g^ven a reception by the members of the Chicago Uerald chapel, and 'response to which he invited them, one and all, to come on to New York when lis building was completed, offering at the same time to furnish the necessary transportation and to entertain them like lords when they were in the metropolis of the country. The typos took the colonel at his word, and at the meeting to-day of the Herald chapel, which was participated in by a number of representative printers from other papers it was decided to make elaborate preparations for the coming event. Over one hundred members of the Typograpl ical Union announced their intention of accepting Col. Shepard's hospital! ties, and Harry Cole, one of the officers of the chapel, was empowered to make the necessary arrangements, including the outside decoration of the train, the decoration of interior with flowers and growing plants and the engage ment of an orchestra to whoop things up lively on the route. The printers propose to have things in readiness so that at a few days notice they will be able to start on their eastern journey. Warned to Keep Away. ' Piiii.ABEU'iiiA, May (1. —The number of warning notices issued this week from the executive board of .the Knights of Labor is unusually large, Mechanics and laborers are warned to keep away from Wabash, Ind., and to give no heed to demands calling for laborers and carpenters because hun dreds of Idle men are walking around and many families are starving. Miners and mine laborers are requested to stay away from the state of Texas on the ground tint thousands are idle and hundreds st'arviug. Labor- arc warned against going near Spokane Falls, Wash., the allegation being made that there are over 000 idle men in that neighborhood at resent, that businessisata stand-still and that on the line of the Great Northern railroad wages are at th starvation point. The executive board also announces that it has received communications from dry goods and shoe firms at New Albany, Ind., Pitts burg, Nashville, Lansing, Mich, and Madisonvi'le, Ky., intimating that they were not aware of the trouble ex isting in the shoe factory of M. ,T Worthley at Lynn, .Mass., and expressing their intention of making no further purchases of his goods until th difficulties with his employes have been satisfactorily adjusted. The board, therefore, it is announced, has placed the names of the merchants so writing on what is known as the fair list. Are you aware, do you realize, will you comprehend and respond to the veritable fact that all of this week we will offer our whole stock of Clothing and Shoes, to the people of Hutchinson and surround country, at half price. All our shoes at half price. All men's suits at half price, All boy's suits at 5o per cent- All children's suits cut in two prices. All pants split in half. We handle goods that are made on honor, goods that are not made solely to look well and sell well, but to give satisfaction and wear. All go this week at 50 cents on the dollar. We must have money and this wnl coax it. Come and split the price on every pair of shoes rom the Holland stock yourself. $6.00 shoes all kinds for - - - $3.00 i 14.00 shoes all kinds for - - - $2.00 J>3.00 shoes all kinds for - - - $1.50 $2.00 shoes all kinds for - - - $1.00 HEETS—Steady, :tOc per bushel POTATOES—Plenty, *1.00 SWEET bushel. HAY-Haled per ton. J.i.00®. r ).,10: loose, S' per 00@4.00 (iriilu. hard No. ;i WHEAT—No. -J soft 7, soft 0?c; hard 0-c. COKN—S»c. RYE—No. 2 Otic; No. II (10c. OATS-'J4r. Live Block. CATTLE-Steaily; Blockers Stf.SW&a.HO; feeders sa.' fat cows and heifers In demand at $2.00@'J.(IO; fat steers, $11.00® a.oo. HOC18—Steady, wagon, tops, $;i.7fti car, Sn.i>o«t4.oo. SHEEP--In demand; Sll.75®4.00. Poultry itnd Wild Uuine. CHIUKENS-Chlckens S:i.ooro».o0 per doz chickens !Hjc per pound: hens (lc per pound roosters 4c per pound. turkcyH Tcjpei pound. GAME-Wllrt ducks in demand at Sl.OO© 2.00 per doz; plKeons in demand at 11.00 jier ifoz; geese Si.00^1.50 per doz. tlOSHII'. ~ Wheat receipts in the northwest: Minneapolis, 189 cars; Duluth, 74 cars, Chicago reports grain out of store Wheat, 31,000; corn, ,101,000! oats, 70,- 0O0. Inspections at Chicago: Winter wheat, 7 out of i!7i spring wheat 18 out of 44; coru, .1 out of 338; oats, 80 out of 17'J. New corn 233, No. 2, 78 No. 3, 105. Huwyer HltototicH* KAWYKH , Kan,, May 0.— [Special.] A real soaking rain had Wednesday has put new life into vegetation. Also the people rejoice. Corn planting is pretty generally done, und in a great many fields Is up nicely. The fanners of this locality are beginning to sell wheat, as the long looked for raise in prices has not mu teriali/.ed. 0. Child & Company shipped three oitrs last week. A Mr, Johnston of Wichita la organizing a camp of the Modern Woodmen, and is meeting with great success. The Kectlon Mauris on a Strike. Sr. IJIHUH, MO ., May (1. —The section hands on the Wabash, between Chicago and St. Louis, are on a strike for ad vunce in wages from 81.25 to 81.50 per day. Two hundred men are out. The llolneopiitliiHts. WICHITA , Kan., May (1.— After electing officers, the state society of horaeo- pathists adjourned sine die. The nex annual convention will be held in Topeka. Tho Cause of "Blue Monday." From the Albany Times-Union. It is well known that several trades, and even printers, have what they call "blue Monday," supposed to be caused by taking too much liquid refreshment on Sunday; but we ncvor heard before that clergymen were troubled that way. The Rev. Dr. Townsend, however, tells a Boston paper that the Methodist preachers are apt to be weary from Sunday's work and more ill humored on Monday than any other day of the seven, are then easily nettled if controversial matters are discussed, and sometimes repent on Tuesday what is done or said on Monday "The 'blue Monday' of the mechanic! caused by idleness and too much becv or whisky, but the blue Monday' of the parson is caused by too much work.'' A Timely Topic. There are about 130 varieties of strawberries, not including tho particular one that always 1 finds its way somehow to the top of the box.—Boston Traveler. Advertisers should make a note of these figures; Your advertisement mu one week in tho Hutchinson Daily and Weekly NKWH appears in 18,(100 papers and in one month in 70,400 papers Five persons ou an average read a paper, this will make your advertisement road 03,000 times in a week and 307,000 in a month, ltemember these figures when you place your "nds." No other preparation combines the positive economy, tde peculiar merit and the medicinal power of Hood's Sur sapurilla. , Dividend Declared. HOHTON , May 5.— The C. It. and Q. directors have declared 1 >f per cent, quarterly dividend. HE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR OUT I3ST TWO "ft $20.00 men's suits of all kinds 5115.00 men's suits of all kinds $10-00 men's suits of all kinds $8.00 men's suits of all kinds - $10.00 l "J7.50 5500 k.oo 515.00 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for 110.00 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $5.00 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $2-50 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $7.50 {55.00 $2.50 $1.25 $8 pants to fit anybody at 04: pants to fit anybody at • $2 pants to fit anybody at In fact nothing reserved. The whole stock is at your disposal. Take your pick of the entire aggregation at one-half. NOW IS YOUR TIME, THIS WEEK to get this enormous reduction. Sale will close at 11 o'clock Saturday night, everybody come. Rich and poor treated alike at Golden Eagle Shoe and Clothing House. A. MINCER, PROP. NO. We are going to give away a handsome dinner set to some one. 4 SOUTH MAIN. Come in and see them- TDe ueieorateo mm t^e. 'APHRODITIME"?^ Warranted il to cure Is SOLD ON A POSITIVE GUARANTEE to cure any form et nervous disease or any disorder of the generative organs of either sox,' ...JSJ, whether arising . BEFORE from tho execo- AFTER slve use of Stlmulanta, Tobacco or Opium, or through yonthfoi Indiscretion, over Indulgence, Ao., each as LUB of Brain Power, wakef alness, BeariDgdown Pains In the back, Bemlnal Weakness, Hysteria. Nervous Proa- trattoD t NootamalKmlsslonB,Xieueorrhcea l DlE- rincsa, weak Momory, Loss of Power and Impotency, which If negleoteQ often lead to pr mature old ago and Insanity. Prlco SI .00 aV e boxes tor $6.00. Bent by mall on receipt of price. _ A WRITTEN GUARANTEE la given for every 19,00 order received, to refund the money If a Permanent euro Is not effooted. We have thousands of testimonials from old and young of both Boxes, who have been permanently onrod by the tue of Aphrodltlne. Circulars tree. Mention paper. Address THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. ET Washington St, CHICAGO, UUL. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co, S.M.LITTLE&CO, MILK GRUS1JN BABY Kept Spreading Until HI* Face Was a Baw Sore. He Scratched Until Blood Rao. Established 1871- l«, 188 8. WATER 8T. COMMISSION MERCHANT! IN BROOM CORN Viae T T xxl"c - ex , ««,l HGxnodLy THE AILMENTS OF IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES CUTS LUMBAGO NEURALGIA STINGS BRUISES MAN-BEAST HAS STOOD THE TEST OF for IT CURES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM SCRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND GALLS SWINNEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies.*? It will save many doctors' j bills/ For sale everywhere at 2 5c., 50c. and $ 1.00 a bottle?'[ Mwt ham> W»ll«»»l lUrik. Best Physicians Said No Cure While Teething. He Was Oared Promptly by Gutlcursw Something over two yean ago, oar boy, then lea* tlmooae yearokl, wu troubled with ao eruption on hit head, pronounced- by our beat phyalctaDi to a caae of " milk orutt or Infantile sesema." Tboy also aald that It would be IrapoMtbis to curs Uuntil after he had flnlibed teething. Tfati malady kept unrcadlDg an ill hU (ace waa a raw acre, and uvery few dayi ha would draw hla fiuger nalla down on both chock** removing the acabe. and the blood running down on hla chin made him preeeoi a gbattly eight. We commenced aatug the CUTICUBA UEMBDIBS, and In two week* wo noticed a wonderful Improvement, and In two month* hit faeawaa frteab mid fair, and baa been perfectly well ever aloof' We onbeeltaUngly give all credit to COTICCKA. 0. B. WILLIAMS, Fort Dodft), lows. Scaly Humor 17 years l was afflicted for Mveat««n year* vltia a acaly nod blotcby aumor over my entire breast. At tluefl I would ecraich till Mreoeu compelled ma to cease. After reading your advertl»emcnUi at different times, 1 concluded to give OUTICUBA a trial, and, to my astonishments* well as satisfaction. 1 was cured »ltb>one set of OUTICUBA Rn»mss,ln about two ami a hslf weeks. That has been nearly tws yean since, and DO symptoms of retorn. JACOB STOBOKLB, M10 Pshn Street, St. Louis, Mo. Cutlcura Resolvent The new Blood and Bklo Purifier, Internally, and I'liTicum, the groat Bsln Cure, and OOTIOIIBI BOAI>, the exqulslto Bktn lleautlfler, externally, it>. Biitutly reltevs and speedily curs svery disease and humor of the skin, scslp, sod blood, with loss of lulr, front tufsucy to ago, from pimples to scrofula. Sold everywhere. Price, Concuss, sOo.; BaiP, •j.w. i KasouriNT, SI. Prspsred by the POTTM Dmiu sm> OHaaiosL ConroasTloK, Boston. <Ur " How to Ours Skin Ulscsses,'' M Mass, N> llluatraUons, snd 100 testimonials, mailed Iras. HIGH GRADE FURNITURE -ATLOW GRADE PRICES DIM 1>LK8, blackhssds,red, south,chapped,and rlfn oily skin cured by Ctrtntnu Soar. HOW MY BACK ACHES! Bsck Auks, Woe* Palo*, and Wssf nsss, BorspssB. 11sunns, BUSJM, and I'sin rslUrssl U asw amlnass ay tas OaUasji*> Aatt-Vkla riMta*. Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, At Home. Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture -Mouldings. IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS The grandest improvements of the age. Don't fail to see them. win Combination Folding Bod and Windsor Upright Bod H.W.WILLiTT. JornerMain ind Avenue A.

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