Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1912
Page 8
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THE lOLA^ DAILY RgCaSTER, - TUESDAY EVENINGr OCTOBER-29,1912.- HOUSrS OPINIONS iW'nHl) COKYICTION IN CHICAGO • OP; TAPPS CHANCE , i It H«M» Hft HHtn tbat Stnbbii , *'BMitNi to a Pnuule^ «nd that - "Brady h Licljed." />(8peci<l Corre8poiiidenc«). Toptka. Oct. 28.—The writer, who haa been away, spent two dftys last '.viNk in and around Republican na- tlpnal headquarters in Chicago. It will aurpriae a good many Republicans in Xfutaaa, who have already <:onceded tbe election of Woodrow'^llson. that the men behind the guns in the national campaign really. believe that they have a good chance to land Taft. And tbia is not rumfaltiddy which comes out of every political headquarters in every political campaign. It ia^ the honest opinion of the inner circle of men who are directing the Tikft.campaign. They are not confident: They are not even sanguine. Biit they honestly believe there is a g6oA chance to put "Big Bill" over, ir - D. W. Mulvanc, director of the Taft campaign in the West, says if the cam 'paign could last a month longer there* would lie absolutely no doubt of Taft's reelection. His opinion is shared by the men who are associated with him. •They say the swing Is all toward Taft and .that he is coming strong. Frankly, the writer couldn't see it. To him ^6 election of Wilson appears to be Inevitable. But the men insijie have some figuijes which substantiate tlieir "Views. For instance, the writer saw the down state poll of Illinois. It shows that Taft will go into Chicago with a plurality of 50,000. The up- ata^.poll of New York indicates that thW Republican candidate will come down to the Bronx with a plurality of 100,000 votes. in the mtb. Riley and Ottawa, pre- dleu that the fortnoea of Stubb* will follow tboae of Toung and' Plnley in the Sixth and Seventh and expreaaes the opinion that Stubbs will lose Sum. ner and posaibly Sedgwick and Butler in the Eighth. This is guesswork, of course, and It may be all wrong. But It is a personal view of a roan who knows the game and one who has noth ing at stake in this election. The writer has'talked to a good many Republicans about it. They all agree that Hodges's chances have t>ecn injured by the Kansas City Star'a open espousal of his candidacy. JAY E. HOUSE. From his talk with various members of the Republican campaign committee the writer gathered onp. piece of Inrelligence .which Is assuring. They no longer have the slightest fear of the election of Mr. Roosevelt. They say Roosevelt will carry one state at ths-^most—California. They do not concede Californbi. In California.thr Taft Republicans^ robbed of a chancp to" vote for Taft by the Hiram Johnson machine, are in a state of revolt compared with which the Kansas uprislnp is a breath of sotithwest wind soughing around tho corner of the house -So, the managers of the Republican .campaign do no concede California t« Roosevelt, but hey jidmlt the iwssl- bility that he may carry the state. .In no other state do they give hini more than the barest outsiSe chance to nkil the electoral vote. In connection^ with the Roosevelt chances, Ex- Congressman Chas. F. Scott, who is -idir «!ctlng the publicity end of the Taft campaign in the West, did a little Icg- «rdemain with a pencil and a piece of paper which is illuminating. As an instance, Mr. Scott's figures show tha* to carry Indiana Roosevelt must poP . 29 out of every 30 Republican votes To carry Kansas he must poll 25 ouT of every 30. To carry Illinois he must Twll 26 out of every 30. And so on - down the list of sUtes. This national view of Roosevelt's chances is supplemented by the Ohio view, where th" Vriter spent a week. While he was there the order went out from Republican headquarters to drop the fight ^jiR Roosevelt and center It on the Democrats. / s.r .. •i- • ^ - u i: rf The Taft campaign managers have . had one aerions handicap. They have .been short of money from the beginning and are closing the campaign cramped for funds with which to carry it on One publicity campaign plan> ned-by Mr. Scott, had to be curtailed •by half,*due to Jack of money to pa>for it Around Chicago headquarters they call D. W. Mnlvane "Old Placidity" and.thte title fits him so well that It should stick. He explained to the •writer the mystery of the three-quarter column interview he was cfedited with giving out. It, will be renumbered that his Kansas friends were .asfbunded by his garrulity, three sent- ences having previously been his limit 'in newspaper interviews. Mulvanc - Bays one of his publicity men gave out thf three-quarter-column with which he was credited. Kansas will be interested to learn that Frank Qrimes, who gave a parade a mile and a half long when he retired from politics several'years ago is back In the game He is attached to Chicago headquarters, and has charge of the shipping biireau, in which capacity he Is making the busy bee look like a loafer. . Coming back to Topcka the writer encountered the Stubbs publicity bureau—otherwise the State Republican committee—talk to the pffcct that Stubbs has been gaining rapidly during the past three weeks and has Thompson b«&ten. An impression to that elTeot has gained currency and it may l>e true, for ail the writer knows, iiltliongfa he personally sees no evl- doice of it. But here is what one of the best posted and conservative of the Kansas politicians says about the Kansas slfuation. The polltlan In U.-' question knows the state like a book and is in cjose touch with conditions. ^ -Vf isays Stubbs is beaten to a frasile, ' that the Congressional candidates Bees, Young and Brady already are c licked, that Jackson. Flnley and Camp bell have hard fights with tBe result Itoo^^tain and that Anthony and Murdock will be re-elected. BUSHGENS* BIG BUXCH BLEW VP. Will Ko«t*8 Ten Pin TOSMTR Got Be- renge—and Robbed it In. 295—pins; count 'em—295. That was the* margin by which Will, Root's ten pin team defeated a team, captain^ by Dick Bushgens on the local alleys last night. In a game last week Root's team was defeated by the Bushgens bunch by a margin of just eleven pins/and this on account of crippled metnbers and substitute play^ers in the isame. The Bushgens players we -e hilarious In their victory and proceeded to trim the Root players up with an assortment of slang phrases that would have done credit 'o a professional street fair bawler. .Mter the last ball wai rolled in the ;;ame last evening the silence was so dense as to be painful, the Bushgens leam not so much as offering to take on another game in an effort to "'get •jven." The obsequies over the remains disclosed the following number of pins dead and wounded: Root'H Team. . Whitaker '.L 166 190 171 Varner ..J 170 162 191 Ritchie 174 ISl 146 3raden 173 157 134 Root 170 159 179 THEREPUOLICIIN: COMMITTEE DEFERRED TO THE CAXDIDATES* WISHES. JiesolntioDR Adopted ladlcalod Pro* gnm Candidates Wlahcd Committee to Follow. 527 523 501 464 SOS Total ; 853 849 821 2523 Buxhfri^nN Team. Bushgens 122 144 130 Poslon 178 140 141 Belt 140 165 160 Asplnall 127 155 160 Coiienlng 161 172 133 396 459 465 442 466 Total 728 77!5 724 222S <EK IF YtilK CHILD'S TOXGIE IS CO.VTEI) f rro«s Feverish, Bllions Give Delirious "Syrup of Flpi" to Cleanse Its Utile Bowels. Look at the tcngjic. Mother: If; •oated. It is a sure sign that your little i me's instdes. the stomach, liver and i 10 feet of bowels are clogged up with | lutrlfying waste matter and need a | ;entle. thorough cleansing at once. i When your child is listless, droop- j ng, pale, doesn't sleep soundly or eat i leartily or is cross. Irritable, feverish, I As Chairman of the Republican County Central Committee, and in order to answer and correct' some adverse comment upon the attitude of the committee In this campaign, the undersigned would simply state that prior to the second meeting of the Committee and when the question of the assessment of the candidates for campaign expenses and the conduct of the campaign was coming on for ! discussion and disposition, the Com' mittee received a resolution, a copy of which follows: "Be it resolved by the Allen County Republican Candidates as follows: "That we hereby express our satisfaction and pride in the personnel of the Allen County Republican ticket as selected by the Republlcan_vot.- ers at the primary and challen'ge a comparison as to fitness and ability for the respective offices to which they aspire, with tiie candidates of the Democratic party; "Further resolved, that by reason of the exhaustive discussion of National and State Issues that has already been carried on that further efforts on the part of the Central Committee of this county to place such bCr fore the people by meetings In the several precincts to be addressed by imported speakers is unnecessary and entirely superfiuous; "Further resolved, th:'.t we recommend to the Central Committee'that such small assessment as is necessary to defray the expense of a local campaign for the county ticker is all that is necessary: "Furthei resolved, that we arc united in the procurement of the election of the whole county ticket at the November election and that we hereby rtquest the AHen County Central Committee to bend every energy to the end that the Allen County Republi can ticket shall be elected by the us- UHI mujorltv "Further resolved that this r.solu- tlon be presented to the Allen County Central Committee at its meeting September 19. 1912. R. H Cl 'LLlSOX. n. K. cri-nERTsoN, J. B. SMITH. FRANCES WILSON, JOHN W. LAIRY, BAXTER D MCIJ^IN, HOOVER KERR. MRS. E. W. MVLER, JOHN w. imow.v. EDWARD r. REV.VOLDS, R. N. M'M1LLE.\. HENRY FAI^TKING" In substance asking that the actlvi- An Exceptional Bargain Event of the Season The Biggest Sale of Its Rind Ever Held SEE NORTH WINDOW DISPLAY SEE NORTH WINDOW DISPLAY Dresses for Women and Misses at less Tau Lr .l U Maaiifactare or Cost of Material $5.98 27 All Wool Serge Dresses in white, navy, AO and black; $8 values for .^0«70 ' -36 high grade French Serge Dresses in white, navy, brown and black; $15 and $16.50 values; ^7 AO on sale : .:: ^i «70 Also Navy and Black 'Teter Thompson" Dresses for the school girl, at this price .: $7 .98 10 All Wool French Serge and a few Silk Dre.^.ses in this lot; $12 values for 29 fine Serge Dresses, also Fancy Silks and Taffe- las, beautifully made and trimmed; (TA AO values up to S25; sale price ^/•/U The Store That Sets the Pace No One Can Follow New York Store We Originate and Lead; Others , Copy and Follow! (•A.> IIK HANDLE ITl JOHNSON VEeSUS BRENNUN btomach sour, breath bad; has stom- }ich-ache. diarrhoea, sore throat or Is I run of cold, give a teaspoonful of Sy-| tios "o7lhe "cLunt7 CcnrraV Com^^^^^ up of Figs, and in a few hours all the, contined to th-y conduct of (T.™caiu- 'oul. constipated waste, undigested ood and sour bile will gently move on md out of its; little bowels without lausea, griping or weakness, and you mrely will have a well, happy and ;m!ling child again shortly. With Syrup of Figs you are not drug ;ing your children, being composed mtlrely of luscious figs, senna and aro natlcs it cannot be harmful, besides hey dearly love its delicious taste. . Mothers should always keep Syrup >f Figs handy. , It is the only stomach iver and bowel-cleanser and regulator leeded. A little given today will save i sick child tomorrow. Full directions for children of all jges and for grown-ups plainly print>d on the package. Ask your druggist for the full name. •Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna," irepared by the California Fig Syrup ::o. This is the decillous tasting, gen- ilne old reliable. Refuse anything jlse offered. paien for the county ticket; that resolution B as passed by the Central Committee, and adopted as the guide for its action, the committee believed that the persons furnishing the funds for the campai^ should have the say as to how they were expended. And as no funds were provided for the en- tcrtuinment of any state or congressional candidates. speakers_or meetings, either by the candidates or oth- erw^lse, the Committeeijouid not extend its activities bey<ffia the county, even had it felt disiwsed to ignore tho wishes of the local candidates. And the Committee earnestly trusts that these adverse crltlciiims be referred to the facts in the matter C. C. ALSHERMAN. Chairman 1>R0(;KAM FOR TEAniER .S. .state Meeting at Tapeka Promises Fine Entertainment. A DOUBLE BILL TOMGHT. TlrrumstantiHl Evidence" and "The "Man fr«m Texas" at Grand. Company D. cotniiosed of the best '.alent of the Piayter Players, the popular company that played the Airdome last season, will offer a double bill at the Grand tonight. The firm will lie a one act playlet called ".Clrcumstan- '.lal Evidence" followed by the farce soinedy, "The Man from Texas." The Dlaylct features Miss Jane Aubrey. Pictures and specialties will chaniie tonight . A large audience witnessed "Betty Brown from Boston Town" last night ind enjoypd the clover comedy and •catchy sougs. Al Spring a house mover of this city, had the bad luck to have a house which he was moving south, of Gat- City, destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon, four miles south of Gas. It happened that the water wagon had gone after a fresli'supply, so wheii the roof caught tire from some etigine sparks, all Mr. Spring could do was to watch it burn. Mrs. F. L. Woods, who has been here visiting her parents. Dr. and Mrs. J. •R. Pepper, returned to her home In Dewey, Okla., this afternoon. The leading feature^ of the coining State Teachers' Association to be held In Topeka Novenilier fi, T and S. are as follows: Officers' lianquet November 6th given with the compliments of the Commercial Club and held in honoi of President E. T. Falrchlld of the .N'atlonal Education Association. Grand Ojiera In English on Thurs day evening, provided with the com- iillments of the Topeka (^ominercial Club. Kansas Day. Program at which the oldest educators of the slate will b( present on the stage as guests oi honor. Arrangement of the progrnin t< meet the needs of all the teachers ol all the schools. The bringing to Kansas the most prominent educational talent Iii th( United States. Topeka's .special arrangeinepts tc accommodate the visiting teachers and to extend every possible courtesy. President H. .1. Waters of the association has received from teachers of I li • ~ Analjr^g the strength and weak- nen of Stubbs, dlstricL^y-district and' ^1 ooonty by county, he says Stubbs will >. loM ev^ry county in the First district : except'.Nemeha. In the Second he ?: njrs tbat" Stubbs will carry at best, v.bnly, Fntnklln, Douglas and Wyan- li dotte;tluit he may lose Wyandotte and ^^lluit IbiB majority in Douglas will be §:SSJS^^^'M^J^^^- the »:MeB not concede a to BtubW In the fttabbs only Morris, i^BlMibly Chase. wiUi _ , , _ he is not familiar with SemditioBs' .in. Cottey and does no't vknow :iiow it vUi go. The politician qo^ted gives-Stubbs but two counties Stop! Look! Listen! We have everything that you desire In the line of GROCERIES AND MEATS! batl Newby Groc. Co. PHONE 240 106 South Washington Deliver t« Any Part of the City grade commendation on the program. In regard to prospects foi a large attendance, he said: "Treasurer LansdoH reports an unusually large advance enrollment, and indications are that through the co-operation of school boards, county su]ierin- tendents and city superintendents we are going to have the largest possible attendance from the'^achers of all the schools.". im: i.LVi.rE STAR .HATriiED FOB III .MIJOLDT U.\H¥.. Idlu aiul liumlididt Will Cantest on tile lliiinioud at lluntiioldt 'rbnnt- day Afternoon. ' / .It (''ffey\ine hi-i Sunday V, jilter Jiihii.'^cii. of ttiP Washington :.Mni, iiitfii.'d live ir.nir.^^s fur Coffey. .i:!.' a;;:'.in.^t tiic Waconer Indian team, f;iiiniii.w ihiititn liiiiiers in five In- wXiv^f am! :i:.t r^ltiwini: u hit. Larjry I t'lieni'.v linM :i (l \'M- paiiie .jiTid In tefl ' innin ^.-i Indhms > •.•,>eited ahead, u-!nnin.K " n* 2., I'ufff-.wille scored her t «(i runs in th- fir .«t inning. Fred Olm- sif .'.d. r.i' .Miniif aii;)!!.'. pitching for W .-tjiMier. Kiv^ i ::'n:s .-(ni! people, ac- oordin;: to the ili.-ii.-iifhes. watched the f:.;i|e. - Whi.-ii !s !!;'<i.?"y irt-iiminary to the aiinonniemi^nt t.hat ilfflniTe arrangc- ir.en:.'; hav*- en-iiiat 't- for a game be- iwcen i -'ir.ib. I'.it a^d Io!a, at Hum- i-oiil;,, on Thun-c.iy. C-robcr 31, when, .!.:'insi «n wiil liitch for Humboldt and ; \i\ Hreiinan !".')r White Sox. The I Io!a team iio;ie.-' lo stage a return ^':une, with i;:e .-aiiic slab artists, in j !o!a lat*-.-. i Tlie teaa;s wiH add all the pro- tff>-s!onal r.'.Tiiit.- tin-y can muster for I the combat at Ilii:i;l;..'('t and it is con- i fidently i.pM.ved that the exhibition !!,y iho two Ier.aiie twirlers will j prove a L ;.^ i "ra\v;n!£: card. Johnson «a.f l>orn an/.' ra:.'^--; near Humboldt and Breopan i.- a I-aHarpe boy. The adaiis.-sion -.vHI Le only 2.J cents as I usual and if road-s i .Tin it the game : will iirobaiiiy !,o an impromptu re. iir .ir .n of all moro.- cars in Alien I i-f>iinrv. The .K ; ::;(• wi!! be caKed at J:n->. jlis.« Fl.oy l .ytlf ar.ti .Vrthur Tweedy. •; of Humboldi. ufre granted a license , to marry ye .st-ruLv anil Miss Maidie I .ois Hiser an-i Frank N. Roe, both of Kincaid. >.vi-f marrl'Hl yesterday evening l)y Probate JiidR:> Smith. Genera! Merehaiidise CAN VOTE AWAY FROM HDME^ ilank eoiuiim th- v.\\\w^ of his home! Hirths: Horn. .Monday candidates, bvii.i; t-areftil to pat a | j„,p -.stii to .Mr cross al't.'r tlieir riaiiii-s. He van iilKlit. (X-to- I and .Mrs \V. It. Wil-! EA.ST AM) KK.MITKY .STS. The store building at the corner Of Attorney General hHtnicIs the Klec- lion Ofliriitis and A 'oterN Should Also Knon Their KILMIIM. whom he wi.-ih.-s to vote. While it takes some tiine to write in ili>' iiumesij . • of all Ills eaiidiilai'-s land place the To make sure that every ele.tion ..f-'«»'"•'; ficlal know.s the details about casting i '^•"'Kr,'' " T x"' " the votes of people awav tr.m. home.;.is hal.ot. .About (h- way to .lohn S. Dawson. attorn .-C- general, has i » '«""> «'"<ler th- law ..H to tear sent « letter t.i each election official, " or mark It ..utylde th- s.p.are. If cioss alte.- I e can also. V..,-,,o d lughtcr- ^ast and Kentucky streets' Is iieiug wander ov-er the i.a.lot wherever h. I .,, .. " , 1; repaired and painted for 1. E. FosHr. ideascs and put a cross alter the naiUL ;-V- ..t.d .sl..- Iv II. U.u. ol : „i,o recently bo.ight the R.N Norton of any candidate on any tlck.-t for ^ South Elm. .n daugi-.ler stock .and will be located there soon. IValch the >Viint Ads. It I.Mr. Foster .solicits tli,' iiatrooage of In the state. He .says: an elect<)r voti-s for more thtiii one The right to vote away from home :«-"'"'•'"'•• '"•"•"> i •Joc^ not e.M:end t.^-township officers. \'"V J''"' """-•^•i but it does u, all more Important offi- \ °" "'" cer.s. It will be seen that an elec-t -ir the voter is so far fnmi hom< tor cannot, vote at any precinct In his | that he will be entirely outside of lils f home county. Evidently the legisla- congressional senator!.?! or judicial | turc believed that If a man was in his; district, he will tind that the numbers; home coutity a little effort on his i>art of tlie districts print|-d in the blaink : would euible him to go home to vote, rolumn will not correspond with the, When an absent voter appears at i nnmbcr of the district^ when- his own , the polls and a.sks to vote and uikes; candidates are ninning. That, how-: —J. G. Crlswell. a painter living tit 610 North Mulberry St, Hagerstown. Md. states: "t bad kidney trouble with a severe pain across my back, and could hardly get up after sitting down. I took Foley Kidney Pills and soon found the pain left my back, T could get up and down with ease, ac.d the bladder action was more regular ind normal." Try the. For sale at Burrell's Drug Store. Mr. and Mrs. B. J; Jenkins, of Kansas City, arrived here this afternoon for a brief visit with friends. Card of Thanks. We wish to thank our neighbors and friends for their kindness and sym pathyduring the illness and death of our deir mother.—Mr. and Mrs. Frank McKinzie and Henry McKinzIe. the required oath he should be handed a balUit. There should be no quibbling atxkut that. Whether he Is actually a vo(/r, or whether he is registered at home if registration is required does not concern the election officers where he presents himself. Any irregularity about his right to vote can be corrected In his home county. It Is a misdemeanor, panish- ablei by $100 fine, to refuse an electoi the right to vote under this act: "A judge of tlu? election should In­ close the vote aa<l affidavit in an cn- velop.e, seal It and Indorse it. and tor- warrt it to the county clerk and tha cou'jty clerk shall mall it to the county clerk of the county where the votei ref.ldes. There it should be counted by the county commissioners whec tbey meet to.canvass the general returns. "The county clerk has no right t< open the ballot, that duty is inu)ose< on the commissioners. "Nor is it necessary for the voter tt writs on the blank column the nani» of every person whom he wishes f vo'e for. He jjrobably wjll find al ready rinted on. the ballot the name; of the candidate.! for residential electors and for staae officers for whon he wishes to vote. He can vote in hi^ own party circle and then write In the ever need npt concern him. lie should just write in the naiiics of his randl-i dates for congressman, state senator! and district judge If (their names arei not printed on the ballot furnished: him. Irregularities for which the! voter is not resonsilile will not invalidate his ballot and his intention will; be understood by the county conimis-' sloners who canvasr; t!ie' vote." Mrs. H. A. Qulncy, of l.awrence. w!io has been here visitingrfriends, went, to Chanute this afternoon. ' Saved by His ATlfe. Sievert Oil Burner FOR COOKING, HEATING, HOT AIR, STEAM AND HOT WATER FURNACES \ —She's a wise woiiian who knows Just what to do when her husband's life Is In danger, but Mrs. \\, J. Flint" Rralntree. Vt., is of that kind. "She Insisted on my using Dr. King's New Discovery," writes .Mr. F. "for a dread tul cough, when I was so weak my friends all thought I had only a shorti time to live, and it completely cured | me." A quick cure for cough.*: and | ?olds. It's the most safe .ind ^elI,^hIe I medicine for man.v throat and lung \ •roubles—grip bronchitis. croup. A-hooping cough,, tonsilitis, "ifemorrhagea, A trial will convince vou. SOcts. and $1.00. Guaranteed by all druggists. No odor or smoke—burns like gas^-con\roIlfed like gas b^^ turning a valve. Can be installed in any stove. : • • ^* This Oil Burner is no experiment. We investigated before taking the agency and found the SIEVERT OIL BURNER working for three and four years in some of the best homes and buildings in this state.. , % Will not stop up or burn out and is not complicated. Will burn three to four hours on one gallon of distillate oil, at 4c per gallon, delivered at your door. % Mr. Marr has the Sievert Oil Burner installed in. his ovens and heating stoves at his bakery, and uses it for cooking at home. If See it burning at our store and get prices and \information. K. C. Plumbing and Supply .PHONE 65 lOLA, K4N&.

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