Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 5, 1952 · Page 32
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 32

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 32
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THURSDAY, JUNK a, MM ALfOtt EVBNW6 fELIOBAPH t THtftllTTU BUT 5CX5NCfi OR LATER Nifff Md?*IH«i fttaay Mama Oood HMitfc SpWU ft**! rttadinj Clrel* fUMW CHMt d of IM me curt MM** ff *M*1t wOWVll Mtwi; Sport* tti«h*.M WOfld OM Popular Muilft Bob OmMlM Ptggy LM Ed K Martdtt PfMtm of Yufcoa Chuck N«m» •*» HIM rather Know* MM oaf* Sporti rimitj Rettarch OabTttl HMtMT Sporti Qu MW Dugout interview RttortM* Round'* card* v«. Brave* DfitfMt Couflttr*** Newi Melody Pattern PLVIM& fttUCBC* ORWf rrmk tdwam* Mututi Casanova Health Aldi Record Rally Dance Orch Eve Meditation Hit Par*** Tin Pin Valley .TKS B/6O/YE < UNINMAftT- |« WWW JUWT»t, 1 EP PUHTl 4COUTIN6TH6 ewe/nv. Moon Dream* Newt N*w* Hint* B. B, Roundup Murrdw: Sport* Crosby Show Health Aldi You & Itie World Dance Ore*. New* W«rl V«rn Kin* Harry Fendef Beautiful Mutl* New* Abide wltt He Orchestra Hlghlliht* New* By HlMlMlppt New* Platter Parade T. Daltay Mew* Charley MM*** Hew* ft W**rtii*» Nabor l*.*w* Mkt* New* Chapel Time tt Tempo* New*. WeatMt •unrlM New*—Wl**fn*ii Charley Stookey farm Newc 1»Si tj NtA ttnttt, inn. New*—Al RleM Musical Clock • Newt—Al Rteht Musical Clock New* B'fMt Chib New* B'fMt Club World New* Ozark VartotM* Bin* Crotfey Moenle: Wilson Meditation Hymns for Bom* Reveille Family Worship World New* Weatnct Timetable New* News i Market Stookey Bruce Barrtnton Charley Stookey World New* Clock Watch** New* Melody Mail* Alex Dreler Sport* New* Nancy St, James Bruce Barrlntto* Breakf ait Club AMfe SV\6«<SN M 60\W6 10 VflKBP wit Of New* MkU, VarMtte* Chapel et Alt News—Wiseman Hi Nabor HI Neighbor Land of News Beside Still Water Themes of Age* Double or nethlfl* Whispering SU. Song* * tlngen Against tne Storm New* Meet the Band Star* en Parade) Harmony House Bargain Counter^ Shopper* Quid* Ladle* Fair Queen far a Day Lone Journey New* Break the Bank Serenade Grand SIM Homemaker's Chat Rosemary News; 8. Gudl* New* Louis* Personality TtiM nitty Una Melody The Open Bible Wendy Warreai Just for Women News Aunt Jenny St Lout* New* Concert Time Helen Trent New* Melody Lane Our Gal Sunday Jack Berch Victor Llndhlar Kitchen Club Meet th« Menlou* Betty Crocker New* Weather Kate Smith News; Luncheon Luncheon Date Musle Rex Darts Repose with Christ Ma Perkln* Young Or Weather, Markets Big Sister Curt Massey Cap Com'ntary Bandstand ,* News "John Conte Playhouse Party News; Luncheon Luncheon Date News Record Shev Melodies 2nd Mrs. BurtM Perry Mason Nora Drake Brighter Day The Common Good Music Hour Matinee Melodies Evelyn Winter* Browns vs. N. Y. Mueller, New* New in Stores Doctors Judy tt Jan* Vie Damone Piano Portrait Tlx Quip Mial«« Admi Serrto, Inc THIS HUNK 13 BafeaJ • WHY. TH15 PLACE SOLID GOHS31 AN* SO, BY V OUT WITH 3AY....MAYBE I'VE FALLEN INTO 9UMPIN BESIDES A BONANZA! THIS COULD BE A BLIND BOX CANVON...BUT SHUCK5, THERE'S GOTTA BE A WAY OUT/ OUR BOARDIHQ HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS OP !M THIS UNCONSCIOUS! HANKV AMD THE-RE'5 7 HUSBAND ^ A * 1,000 REWARD/ THAM COULD LIFT THIS OLD TIM HOME- PLATE/ ill? TURM TO PAT MARTHA WELL, I'M PROLJP.' I NEVER THOU6HT OF THAT ONE WHBM I WAS" A KIP--P15TTIM' TALCUM POWPER OM TH' T1PE MARK. TO KEEP FROM SHOWIM' HOW PIPTV I WAS.' THE WAKT Q^ ALON& TUB 1&WM5- S/ftOS / Ape SUDDENLY , GREAT D£AL_< TO Of sees "JUNE ANO t-'Q£CKt.eS'' ?* •<tfr-**^ G^, ¥¥^^ W«3 -'^-^ ^ Jjl»."i •*•=•*-< i k / s.^^ ;',^. Cojy"l'9>'2*b»''NE*' S»?.ict. If? 1 COATeAJii Bur we MU5TA (30T ' 15 RIGHT I ItL NEVER r^lNP WASH Tltt J KNOW SETTER TO LOOK! rVE 60T T0 FIRST, THIKT $HIP AMCHORfP 0fFSHORf! Life Beautiful Road of Life Pepper Young Right to Hap'nee* Sacred Heart Music Showcase Program for You New* Mag. of Air Livestock Report News Music Rill Top HOUN House Party Carl Smith Tom Dalley .Vews; Bandstand Icores; Bandstand New* Tops In Pop* Concert Ma*t*» Back Stage Wife Stella Dallas Wldder Brown Woman In House Hal Fredericks MomenU MasMra Wings of Healing Curt Ray Haden Family ' . UNESCO Records Maw* '• Rent Office Guiding, Light Ed Wilio*) Scores; Bandstand New* Social Security Song Souvanieff Tin Pan Alley Plain Bill Farrell Lorenzo Jon** Btng Crosby Ed Bonner- News ' Ed Bonner Chamber Musi* Fattma Boetwy Song Shop Child'* Album Open Bible Serenade New* T. Curt Ray «Lee Adam* News; Ed Wilson Scores; Records New* Teen Tune* TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 THURSDAY -Wrangler* Club -Buckeye Four -Inghams Sportivlew -INS Telenews -Kukll. Fran It Ollle -Oottye Bennett -Dinah Shore Show -News Caravan -Break the Bank M.—Groucho Man . M.—I Love Lucy . M—James Melton Show . M.—Martin Kane . M.—Wayne Ring Show . M.—Star Playhouse M.—T-Men in Action M.—Telesports Digest M.—The Web 12:00 P. M.—Lights Out FBIDAI 7:00 A. M.—Dave Garroway 9:00 A. M.—Prologue to Future 9:30 P. M.—Your Surprise Store 10:00 A. M.—Bride and Groom 10:30 A. M —Strike It Rich 11:00 A. M.—Ruth Lyons SO Club 11:30 A. M.—Love of Lite 11:30 A. M.—Search for Tomorrow 11:48 A. M.- 1:00 P. M.- 1:15 P. M.- 2:00 P. M.- 2:30 P. M.- 3:00 P. M.- 4:00 P M.- 4:15 P. M.- 4:30 P. M.- -To the Ladle* •1st 100 Years -Homemaklng -Big Payoff -Bert, FarksShow -Kate Smith -Hawkim Fall* -RUM David Show -Howdy Doody * THANKS, Ml?. DUCK..JI VOU RE \VE HAD A SWELL jf WELCOME, " pi—> KIPS... I&TS^^N^^™ SOME. KEEN CARNIVAL B]f Dick 'fin tier EXCAVATORS "The formula for success with this company is slightly different—you start at th* top and work to the bottom!" Plenty Elephants I^eft To calm those who fear speedy extinction of the elephant, the Bel- Jan Congo Hunting Service announced in Leopoldville the result of its latest survey. There are still 100,000 elephants in the Congo, mostly located in the eastern part the colony, the study showed. About 10,000 elephanes are killed each year and a few score are captured each, year in January, February and March, to be tamed. PattU* of tne Flower* Rosa kopez, 35r*was arrested in Murcia, Spain, while waiting outside a house, pistol in hand, for 'another woman, £ocarnacioa Qon- Bugs In It Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL VERTICAL , aaa naaa amaa 1 Stinging insect 5 Insect for honey . > 8 Small insect 12 Preposition 13 Rodent 14 Units of reluctance 15 Plant part 16 Follower 17 On the ocean 18 Announce 20 Raver 22 Scottish river 23 Woody fruit 24 Doctrine 27 Light washers 31 God of love 32 Native of Latvia 33 Fish eggs 34 Ventilate 35 European rabbit 36 Tumult 37 Bulwark 39 Bamboolike grasses 40 Aged 41 Entangle 42 Stable rooms 45 Willows 49 Hawaiian precipice 50 Pronoun 53 Train track 53 Leave out 54 Masculine appellation 55 Royal Italian family name 58 Head (ft.) 57 Companion 59 Legal document 1 Desire 2 Poker stake 3 Suffix 4 Cosmetic ointments 5 Spouse 6 Dine 7 Infinite duration 8 Cedes 9 Bird's horn* 10 On the sheltered side 11 Former Russian ruler 19 Permit 21 Female relative 24 Rip aaa 25 Silkworm ' 26 Pattern 27 Lease 28 Indian •29 Crucifix 30 Hardens 32 Seigniory 35 Visit 38 Withdrawn 38 Courteous 39 Short-napped- fabric • ' 41 Righteouft 42 Blemish 43 Domesticated 44 Dismounted 46 Facility 47 Ceremony 48 Winter vehicle 51 Age If It 1« zales. 29. Rosa had chased nacion down the street, firinig two shots at her, but missing both times. Encarnacion took reluge in a house and barred the door, while armed police arrested Rosa—who explained that she was jealous of

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