Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 29, 1974 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1974
Page 12
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Page Twelve HOPE (ARK.) STAR Thursday, August 29, 1974 Court Docket Soyuz' brief flight raises questions Retirement system lags STATE DOCKET Donna Kay Mayfield, no driver's license, forfeited $12,75 cash bond. Catherine E. Justice, no Arkansas driver's license, forfeited $12.75 cash bond. Will A. McDonald, drunkenness, plea guilty, fined $22.75. C.W. Winemiller, drunken- nes, forfeited $22.75 cash bond (Ninety days suspended jail sentence of August 6, 1974, revoked and defendant ordered placed in jail). William Cooper, Kenny Ray Knox, Charles Lee, Herman Smith, George Vineyard, drunkenness, forfeited $22.75 cash bond. Roger Neal King, no driver's license, plea guilty fined $17.75. Johnnie L. Smith, no driver's license, forfeited $12.75 cash bond. John W. Stinson, driving while intoxicated—(out " of County resident), plea guilty, fined $112.75 and 1 day in jail. Fisher Earl Hampshire, Roger Neal King, driving while intoxicated, plea guilty, fined $112.75, ten days in jail and driver's license suspended for 90 days. If defendant takes course on alcoholism offered by Red River Council jail sentence and driver's license revocation will be suspended. Ernest Myrl Cummings, Paul May, driving while intoxicated (2nd offense), plea guilty, fined $357.75, ninety days in jail and driver's license suspended for 1 year. If defendant takes course on alcoholism offered by Red River Council jail sentence will be suspended on good behavior. Diane C. Erwin, Frakie Woods, Glenn R. Tyson, speeding, forfeited $17.75 cash bond. Denvil Sparks, following too close, forfeited $17.75 cash bond. Daniel Reese Dunn, expired inspection sticker, forfeited $17.75 cash bond* Daniel Reese Dunn, expired vehicle license, forfeited $17.75 cash bond. Marvin Conway, permitting unlicensed driver to drive, forfeited $17.75 cash bond. Roger Dale McClenden, passing on yellow line, forfeited $17.75 cash bond. Johnny Dee Stinson, distrubing the peace, forfeited $32.75 cash bond. Stanley Latin, blocking an alley, forfeited $12.75 cash bond, Charles M. Cox, running stop sign, forfeited $5.50 cash bond. Wilson Ragland, hazardous driving, forfeited $17.75 cash bond. Major Moore, Jr., riding cycle without helmet, forfeited $17.75 cash bond. Robert Hickman, assault and battery, plea guilty, fined $17,75. Charles W. Conway, minor in possession of beer, forfeited $22.75 cash bond. Danielle Betts, illegal cohabitation, plea of guilty, fined $57.75. The following cases were dimsissed Earnest M. Cummings, failure to answer summons. Roger Neal King, failure to answer summons. Roger Neal King, Driving while intoxicated. STATE DOCKET Harry Clendenen, Melvin Stewart, drunkenness, forfeited $34.85 cash bond. Jerry D. Morton, no driver's license, forfeited $29.75 cash bond. Bennie Byers, driving while intoxicated (2nd offense), plea guilty, fined $389.75, 90 days in jail and driver's license suspended for one year. If defendant takes course on alcoholism offered by Red River Council jail sentence will be suspended on good behavior. Vestal Duke, driving while intoxicated (2nd offense), charge reduced to first offense. Forfeited $139.75 cash bond, and served 1 day in jail. The following forfeited $29.75 cash bond on charge of speeding: Gerald Byron Alley, Jeanett Adkison, James Atkins, Ricky L. Andrews, Beth J. Brown, Jesse Bruton, Jr., Imgard Borysewich, James Bethany, Eddie Bright, Harrell Barnhill, James P. Coplin, Hughy L. Carrigan, David Crews, Johnny M. Cox, David Cook, Nathan Duncan, Carrol D. Davis, Donald Dunnauant, Ronald L. Etherton, Marsha D. T oUeson, Jake L. Vanaenburg, Barksdalei M. Waller, Kenneth Waters, WUliam H. Elmore, Belva Glanton, Kermit Glasgow, Paul Henson, James F. Henson, Erskine, improper forfeited $29.75 cash Billy Jamison, Joe L. Jae, L.O. Jarmon, Leander Lewis, Jackie D. Lovewell, Teresa B. Moody, Frederick M. Metsker, Michael A. Moore, Alma L. Miesch, Jacky L. Moore, Cecil Moss, John D. Muldrew Kenneth Mullins, Ralph Martin, William Moultoe, Freddy Thorn, Herman Vandiver, Wesley Williamson, Curtis Morton, Carl Needham, William Nowlin, Fred Nelson, Lawrence Porier, Nancy Petro, Rickey Purtle, Amanda Riggan, Gertrude R. Roberts, John Randolph, Earl Ray Saunders, Jr., Herbert F. Sykes, Vernal Stewart, Jerry W. Sullivan, William Summers, Leonard Sanders, Ray Smith, James Smith, Lonnie Stone, Merle Tyler, Henry J. Thomas, Joe B. Webb, Tom Webb. David H. Bolin, Speeding (2 counts), forfeited $29.75 cash bond (Same on both counts) Robert Caraway, speeding too fast for conditions, forfeited $29.75 cash bond. Bennie Byers, driving with suspended license, plea of guilty, forfeited $49.75 cash bond. Homer Arnold, Darlene Cornish, expired inspection sticker, forfeited $34.75 cash bond. Homer Arnold, Darlene Cornish, expired inspection sticker, forfeited $34.75 cash bond. Victor S. Kleiner, no vehicle license, forfeited $34.75 cash bond. Harry Allen, Jr., disobeying an officer, forfeited $49.75 cash bond. Wm. D. Martin, no crash helmet, forfeited $29.75 cash bond. W.M. passing, bond. Willie Green, James Williams, hazardous driving, forfeited $29.75 cash bond. Jimmy Williams, minior in possession of beer, forfeited $74.75 cash bond. Ralph Bishop, running scales, forfeited $49.75 cash bond. Kelly Hester, disurbing peace, tried on plea of not guilty. Found guilty, fined $100.00 and $24.75 costs. Fine and costs suspended on good behavior. W.C. Renfroe, Jr., No log book, forfeited $74.75 cash bond. Thomas Donnell, D&G Trucking & Kodiak Ref. Inc., log book not current, forfeited $74.75 cash bond. Rogden Leasing Corp., improper lease, forfeited $224.75 cash bond. Querner Truck Lines, unsafe vehicle, forfeited $74.75 cash bond. Big D Industrial, no header board, forfeited $74.75 cash bond. Hunt's Auto Parts, U.S. Truckers Ass'n, Sandcastle Trucking, fictitious Bill of Lading, forfeited $197.25 cash bond. Larry Jones, overlength, forfeited $49.75 cash bond. John Townrow, no lease on unit (2 counts), forfeited $24.75 cash bond (Same on both counts) Moss American, Bruner Ivory Handle Co., Ralph Bishop, Harold Gross, Highway Dump Haulers, Hesterly Trucking, Roy Lowrie, Hart Lumber Co., Delmas McClure, National Products, Reetran- sport, Transcom, Robert Webb, overweight, forfeited $49.75 cash bond. McLean Truck Co., overweight (2 counts), forfeited $29.75 cash bond (Same on both counts) Lochridge Mobile Homes, James McKinney, no registered authority with ATC, Forfeited $124.75 cash bond. U.S. Truckers Ass'n, R.S. Machinery Corp., no registered authority with ATC, Forfeited $119,25 cash bond. W.C. Renfroe, Jr., Sandcastle Truck, Roy Amersin & Garson Trailer Rental, no registered autho-ity with ATC The following cases were dismissed: Beth J. Brown, No driver's license William Summers, no driver's license Riley Lemley, failure to answer summons. Moslem's believe that an agave leaf over their doors will ward off evil spirits. By ROGER LEDDiNGTON Associated Press Writer r. MOSCOW (AP) - Tass reported with apparent relief today that the two Soyuz 15 cosmonauts were "feeling well" after their mission was cut short and they were forced to make the first night landing in the history of the Soviet space program Something evidently went wrong, though Soviet officials were not saying what it was. The flight by cosmonauts Gennady Sarafanov and Lev Demin lasted only 48 hours, in contrast to the 16 days two other cosmonauts were up in Soyuz 14 last month. Soyuz 15 also did not link up with Salyut 3, the orbiting space laboratory th;,' the Soyuz 14 men spent two weeks aboard, although initial an- nouncements said Sarafanov and Demin were continuing the work of the earlier crew. And the customary reference to "successful completion of the mission" was absent from the Tass report today on Soyuz 15. A further indication that something went wrong was the landing at night in what Tass said was a "difficult meteorological situation." The Soviet news agency said Soyuz 15 came down late Wednesday night in northern Kazakhstann several hundred miles north of the usual landing area. Although Tass said this was the "predetermined area," it added: "The search and recovery complex ensured in a difficult meteorological situation speedy detection of the descent module and the evacuation of the cosmonauts." "Medical examination carried out on the landing site has shown that Sarafanov and Demin are in good health," it added. In its earlier announcement Wednesday that the flight was being terminated, Tass said Soyuz 15 approached the space lab many times but did not dock. A British schoolteacher who monitors space shots as a hobby said he observed the two space ships early Wednesday visually and the smaller — Soyuz 15 — was "quite some distance ahead, meaning, of course, that it had overshot." This aroused speculation that Sarafanov had exhausted his fuel reserve in maneuvering. It was also assumed tnat the cosmonauts were testing equipment to be used in the joint Soviet-American space flight next July, in which a Soviet Soyuz ship and an American Apollo will join up in space to develop rescue procedures. But James C. Fletcher, administrator of the U. S National Aeronautics and Space Administration, denied this. Such a linkup has not been possible previously because the Soviet and American spacecraft did not have compatible docking equipment. Fletcher said the Russians told NASA that neither Soyuz 15 nor its preded cessor last month had the docking mechanism to be used on the Apollo-Soyuz flight next year. However, American astronauts training in the Soviet Union during the Soyuz 14 mission said at the time that they were briefed on the flight. LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Arkansas lags behind 36 other states in its retirement system for employes with 30 or 35 years of tenure, Dr. Bob Hall, a University of Arkansas insurance professor, said Wednesday. Hall told the Public Retirement System Board, however, that Arkansas is above average in its treatment of employes with less service. At the request of members of the state Public Employes Association, Hall made a study of state retirement plans. He suggested several ways to improve the state's system, including removal of the $12,000 salary limit. Salary above that level cannot be figured in the pension plans now. Hall also suggested simplification of the state formula for arriving at pension plans. State Rep. Bill Beaumont of Little Rock said he would introduce two recommendations during the 1975 legislative ses* sion along the lines of Hall's suggestions. Beaumont also said he would recommend that a standing committee be formed to evaluate all retirement bills. Hall said consolidation of all state retirement systems could result in considerable savings and simplification of retir- mement benefits. But, he conceded, "it seems unlikely that a consolidation could be accomplished in the near future." Hall stopped short of recommending consolidation cof the various retirement systems, but he did recommend the creation of an advisory board to the governor and the legislature on all retirement systems. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiriiiiiiirnittiniirnmmimiiij U.S.D.A. 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