Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1912
Page 7
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'Any Time There's a Smash Up, Fm Sure to Be In It,** Says Felix to Fink. , ^UX.-WOW WTHE EDITOR'S [BWtMOW ANDTMEREPOirrERa Mw emNo rro GNC HIM AKKC CUT 6tA66 BOWU. MU&T Pkfcr Aurrrif JOKE OH HIH I B0U6HT ,-TM»^ PHONEY aOWU FOR A OlMK; Htti trs FROM *nie RERXnCRS MO OUSTAS HE<soEsnoNeMar FOR a XOU DROP rr AND BREAK IT IN A MILWIOB PIECES. TMEM OHtor-TME Professional Directotx. • * DB. C. M. RUSS . * •> Ifentlst • * Extraction without pain bj: thm • ^ use of Nitrous Oxide Qam ^ •» Koora Xo. 1 Korthrnp BIdg; • * Phones—Office Rea. 8B2 • * - • • \VANTS~ALL KINDS FARM LOANS WANTKD—I AM prtparftd to take care ot Farm LoanR larie or imall. at the lowest rat« to b« obUtned anywhere. Privilege to pay any amount at any Interest pay- iBff time. Bee me and get terms and rate, before placing your loan. R. L. Thompson. Over Evans Drug Store. WANT-YOU TO KNOW AUOUT the finest fruit and farming section Iti Florida. Address 11. Q. Gates. Arcadia. Florida. P. O. Box 20. WANTED—WKAVIXU TO DO. RAO -rarpeU and rugs. .Mrs. Mae Switwr, Gas City, Kons. WANTED—MlDDI.K A(!KD LADY for light restaurant work. W. S. Ford. L^Harpe. Kas. WANTS—ALL KINDS ! FOR SALE—FOR SALE. WANTKD—PANTUY (51111. AT Kolloy Hoti'I. FOR SALE—HO US K PURNISH- IngX' rugs, linoleums, trunks, suit i-uBos iind combination heaters. Bonnell. 9 S. Jefferson Hhuue 1290. FOR SALE—GOOD MILCH COW; S17 N. Colborn. FOR SALK—TIIIIKK HOOMKIl h(iu><> and lot. "'^ blockN froiii s(|uur<< AdtlroBS S ;t2, oai> of Ut >clHti>r. F(1K SALK— noUSKHOLI) GOODS; .'>2I S. Second. ^ ' FOR .SALR~UPGS. FlTU.N 'I/riJUK, • SioM'c. ftiK slork. ('nHh or paymuntH jK »l Mt-nniURor. West MadlNon FOR S.M.K OR TRADi :~I't )R farms <n l'.'as (<*rn Kansas, acre larnr In Ti>xu!$ county. .Missouri, ICil ;u-ri>s in Kimball county, .Ni-braska. Two modern dnelling hoiise.s in lola, KansaB. .laniw Newell. 614 S. Walnut St., loia. Kansas. WANTED—EIGHT OR TEN CORN buskers; with or without teams. W. M. Hanna, northeast of l.aHari)e, Moran Rural Route. ' WANTED ^BUNDLE WRAPPER at New York Store. Must be W years or over. WANTED—GOOD GIRL OR WOM- an for work. Permanent position for the right party. Mrs. F. S. McKelvey.. 101 S. Taylor St. Ga.«. Kan. WANTED—FOUR OR FIVE ROO.M house, close in; two adults.< Must be cheap and desirable. Address R. care Register. UUIJlliPE NEWS 'FoniiY BHOADS.IIENMS WKDIHNG OF 1>. ' TEKKSTIIKRK. FOR SALE—40. .SO, 1C« OR 200 acres nice nioadow land; r. miles from lola; $:{."• i»>r acre. Want no trade.. See owner, S. W. Lust. l..aliari)e. Kas. j FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN. OITR modern residence. Call at tiOS E. Madison. W. T. Watson. TO EXCHANGE—A NICE LITTLE home for good team, wagon and harness. A- Beck. l.'> E. Madison Ave. , RELIABLE FIRE INSURANCE;—IN renewing your insurance, place some |of It with me. I will see that your In- Itpippts arc safely guarded, by wrlt- ilnu you in a first class company. Besides, we need the business and will appreciate your patronage. R. L. Thompson, Phone 142. Ovpr Evans Drug Store. CALL S.'.T FOR PRIDE FiXIUR. lola FeiKl Store. Delivered anywhere in t he city for $l .2r. per sack. Every sack guaranteed. FOR SALE—ONE FIVE ROOM house, corner Dougla."; and I^ocust sts.. on lot seven, block 2.'i. lola, Kansas. Clear. Price $200.00. E. Demo. Prague. Okla. FOR SALE—GOOD FOUR ROOMED cotage to be moved; $175.00 Whlial^er & Donnell. FOR SALE—BF^T TEAM OP TWO- year-old mules In the country. S. K. I McGInnis, l^Harpe. K-ns. Patten Sells ReManrunt—Ihinre at Opfru Hou «ie~l.Mdlet* PIrnIr "U Deer (reek Moudny. LAIIARPK. OCT 2:»-(;ha«, RhondM. •on of .Mr. and .Mrc .luioe.i IthoadN, ot souihweitt of (own. and .Minx Klnoire DonalM, of loin, were niurrlcd Hie rirhi of last we4>k by tlie probate judge of Anderson eouniy at. Oarnelt. The marriage was kept a secret until Friday night. The young couple have many friends liere and Iq loin who offer heartiest congratulbtlons. They will probably make their lunne southwest of town. —Rayo Reading lamps, large size, ntckle plated. ' Hines sells them. Miss Cora Fitzpatrick began her duties yesterday as olcrk In - the .1. R. Smith dry goods department. Mrs. G. A. Cowden will re.algn the first of the montii preparatory to leaving soon for Texas; —Everybody come and see flie demonstration of Cole's Hot Blast Heaters oo Thungday. October 31st. at Hines Hardware. Mrs. V. U Goodrich will have the young people who attend the Christian Sunday school at her home ithls evening to organize a young people's class. —Ask for Marr's Purity Bread at W, S. Ford's. , Mrs. W .S. Foi;d and granddaughter went to Elsmore yesterday for a short visit with Jesse Ford and family. ilay Pattfen yesterday sold the Red Light restaurant to Harry Kessinger who took charge this morning. Mr. Patten will go. to Collinsvllle this w6ek and assist his father in the cafe there. Gladys Dowler' vlsitf-d in Moran Sunday. ti-|6S Malable steel range, slightly Aised. A bargain, $35. Hines Hardware. Master McGuire came in Saturday night from Denver. Colorado, to spend tbf winter with-his mother, Mrs. ,Mc- titilre, who teaches in the LaHhrpe schools. » ' « « KrRREK KOOD.S. il" * * * Every , jiicce as good as a * * Gold Bond. If you require a * * hospital sheet, a syringe, a * * rubber doiicher pan, an invalid 'li •i' ciiHltiou «ir any article of rub* id-r \A- I US fill yoiir order. + W ATKKS a U.\.>FOKTIf * •I* * 'i* Drugs and Jenelry. * * 4< «i« w <{) «t« w tit <tt iv Hi t]4 w nt« i .v * 'h it, ij. fit * *i* * »!• *}. »^ * * JJ. * HltJS * * We have '.;:> Axmlnnter Rugs * 1* In assorted Oriental and Floral * * patterns. '.»xl2 hize. I'rio.- $1S, * * cash. im feet hv 12 f.'f(. [.ri<-e * * J22..'.0 rash. * * Twenty-rivo Seamless Urns- * * sells RuKs in assorted Orlcnlal * and Floral patterns, size ;ixl2. -5^ * price $11 2". rash. * LulIARPK FrH.MTIKK .STORK * * H. R. .Martin. Prop. * FOR SALE—3r. PIGS .^ND SHOATS and fresh cow. W. B. Willson. Phone 9S3-12. will spend the week With F. N. Hart- zojr and family. T. W. Flemmlng. of Fort Scott, trans acted l>usine .<i.>' here yesterday. Don .N'esbllt. of Colony, is visiting liis lirother, Fred, tliis week. .Mr. ami .Mrs. Dana. Anderson drove in Moran yesterday. H. M. Cline. of Moran, was shaking liands with oid friend.s yeslertlay. K. F. I»iillea. tlie mllkimii). hail a ninnway In t.iinyonvllle yesterday morning. Nothing ^erIous resulted, al tliough tie was delayed a few hours to repair the harness. Mrs. (' W. Smith, of north of town spent yesterday wiili .Mrs IClla Mollen- koi.f Mrs. Deltn Ohifest lias returned from an evii-nded visit witli h<>r broili- er. lit Waun<'ta, Okla. FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR RENT—FOR RENT I'OR SALE-P f M P K I N S FOR FOR RR.NT—FI'RNISHEI) ROO.M.S llaiIow<''en; LH'O East Madison. i r.iit N Jeffersjin FOR SALE-ONE GAS HEATER cheap. Call at 411 South Elm. LOST AND FOUND. $12,000 RESiDK.NCE FOR 8.M.K OR I trmle; one of the best homi's in south- j .•rn Kansas; well located In ilirlvInK ' roiiuty seat town. Will lak.- laud or , desirable tola pMiierty T H Slian- iiou. lola. Kas Lf)ST—GOLD CUFF MUTTON. IN- itial "15 •• Return to ReRlsler offlee Ri-ward FOR SALE—«:oUI) INCril.ATOR Also some Rhtide Island Red roosters; 30r. N. First St. FOR SALE—AUTOMOBILE Sl'iT- ab '.p for touring ear, riinal«>iit or de- liverv s'lvices. In fair condition. Very cheap. Call at Marr's Bakery. LOST .>^»i)TCll fiM .I .IE HOC aliiiiit 4 \i':irs iiM: will aiiswtr to name •Hi.h.' J F llaltirriiiau . I 'lioii.- I2r.i; j Rrward I ' 'IF THE PAi'KR BOY FAILS -TO deliver your jiaper. rail 18 and we will send you a uai>er l>y a s the same evening IH 'ciai carrier FOR SALE—GOOD LUMBER, shelving, also delivery ti-agott. computing scales cheap. 201 South 4th. fHE.iP tWRJHS I.V XLI.Hy TOPNTT. 80 A. 3 miles Moran; fair improvements. $3,000. 160 A. near Geneva; good Improvements. $ti.000. SO A. 3 miles loia. ail level, black land In cultivation unimproved, $3200. Unimproved 40, level land, $1200 Tlie.<e are all bargains. Why rent when you ran buy tlitrm on Kood terms? iOUV LAND CO.MPANY. THE Mrs Dies AT MS GUY FRANK RKRKVS HAKS HI R>K1) THLS MORMMJ. IF THE PAPER BOY FAILS TO deliver your jtaper. call IS and we will send you a paper by a special carrier tlie satne evening. —Mrs. T. A. Town, 107 Gth St. Water-, town. S. D.. writes: "My four child-{ ren are subject to hard colds and I al- > ways use Foley's Honey and Tar Com-' pound with splendid results. Some time ago I had a severe attack of la grippe and the doctor pre.scrlbed Foley's- Honey and Tar Compound and It soon ovi-rcanic the la grippe. I ran always depend upon Foley's Honev and Tar ConiiMiiind and am sure of Kood results." For sale at Burrttil's Drug Store Fun <i Talk of .lohnMin -Kn-nnan Mulch Ml Humboldl-Klnme* Menace Minder Foundry. « « « OrR FALL MALL PAPER * ». * 9 Is RweU. New Klorkt Low It at Prires. A plenwurv to show 9 » yon. m « « « « F. A. CPOKSET, LaHarpe DrngthL .lames Woo<len and Ijosan Zents art- working in Moran this week. ' —i-Jines want.e lo see you Thursday,. October Slst. '< The I>aHarpe Dancing club will give another dance tomorrow evening in' the opera house. Shields" Orchestra | will furnish the music. i B. F. Mathias. of Garnett. transacted j bu.=Ine.«s here yesterday. Mrs. .1. C. Ourry was called to Walnut, Ka.«.. yesterday on account of the death of her uncle. F. E. Viets. Funeral service? were held at Walnut this afternoon. Mrs. EUa Egle and daughter. Miss Ril'.a. have returned frbm a pleasant visit at I^wrence and Topeka. George Wallis. of Collinsville. is up visiting his family. The I..adies'.Aid Society of the .Meth j odlst church, will meet Thursday afternoon at the church. ; Mrs. C. A. Russell, of Kansas City, is | enjoying a visit with her , brother, Frank Grove, and family. Owen .Ashley, who was called here on account of the serious illness of his brother. John Asliley, returned yesterday to his school work at Baker University. The followinK ladies enjoyed an outing on Deer Creek yesterday; .Mrs. O I). Hartley, Mrs. Philip Coblentz. Mrs. L. P Mnlcom...Mrs Frmi Halm. Miss I .Minnie Ohifest and .Miss I A>U Hartley.' The ladies must be complimented on felecting such a cnlni day. —HInxe wans to sell you a heater jihat will produce more heat with less • j fuel than any other heater on the *niarket. See Demonstration Thursday. • •October 31st. * Mr. and Mrs. J. W. l..awrence spent 9 Sunday with .Mr. and Mrs William * Mills north of town. George Wollner, of Pendeunis, Kas., CiAS CITV. OCT. 2:».—('has Rhoad.v of soiitheaKi of town ami Kliioirr |)<'ii- iiis uf lola wer<> miirrii-d ul tiariieit IiiKl Week. - - i know who stole my wlilp at Coner. lit Wauneia, Okla. , ''•"eto Inst Saturday night so he will Harold Ruble has gone to Coffev- kindly return It to the Carl & Hunter vllle to V I K I I his father. E. H Ruble." s>on- or lo lue—^irs. E. Williams, j I Tlie barn belonging to Frairk Rrrry i k. ('..FORT SI'O'l'T KLKCTRH". Progrehd llelmr Made on the PropoHed lnti*mrbun. Kansas City. Oct. 2!l.—An eii -ririr railway |)roj<'ct which would give Kan sas City iroil*>y connrctions wiili th*' mining distriri of southwest .Mis.«<mri and southeast Kansas is being launched in Fort Scott. Mayor W. E. Brooks of that City and Secretary Bank'-rs of the Fort Scott ChaiQper of Commerce were in Kansas City yesterday arrnng ing for a survey of the line from Ft- Scott to Mulberry. Kas. fwenty-elKht miles away. A company Is now being organized in Ft. Scott to build the lini- Mayor Brooks said. At Mulberry the new line will con­ 's * * * * * * * * •;• fSr -Ir 3r -Jr ij! $ * •£ * S: * POTATOKS. « * * •if Will bare n car on Irnrk in » ^ * day or tno. Very low price. * * Willi for llieni. * 'V •> I' * •5- CARL X IHMKK * •:- * l«as. KuU'.a''. •>' •I' ... <. on north Daly wreet burned to fh ground this morning aliout 2 o'clo< k The orlKln of the fire Is unknown. The blaz.' si-t tire to thr ni 'lKlilioriiiK li« Ids of Rrass and Hie tin- drp .irf- iin 'nt WHS called to keep it from spreailiiip. Tin- liiK base liiill ganir has Ix-'-n :irran>:<'d for Thursday at Hiifhboldl when Ad Rreiinaji for the lola Wliitf .So.v oi>t >ost-9 Walter John.son for the Humboldt players. Brennan has just returned from th*- season with the i*hiladel;ihia Nationals and Walter .Tohnson from the Washington team of th» American Association. Mrs. L. H. Taylor returned yesterday morning from I^ib'-rt.v. Canada, where she has been for the past two months. The familv will leave for nect with the Joplin & Pittsburg in- ,„onths. The lamiiv win leave loi (erurban line connecting all the cit- Texas as soon as Theodore the small ies in the mining district. In Fort ^^^^ ^^j^g sufficient strength is proposed that the new line ^^^^ j, ^j,, JJPP „ fnr prompt work of neiehbor-fi the hip Minil»-r Foundry would have been in flames the othpr evi'ning. Mrs. Minder was burning grass ihe foundry when the Ore got beyond control and turned to the building. The blaze was extlns- , uished beforr much d/imaee was done. J 1. I- . 1. „ '"'^ danc at Laliar le will be civ^n and the Kansas City-Fort Scott Ebr- tric railway use the same terminal. The Kansas City and Fort Scott line is to extend south in almost an air line from Rosedalc to Ft. Scott Tin- surveys have been completed and If was reported yesterday that two- thirds of the right-of-way in Johnson Otis I'itis Is n-pvrti-(i on ihi* sick list. Dr. Reynolds, of lola was out yrs- H-rday Ironi iola sh:^klll^ haiiilH with thr \oI.TS ttmuracod V/r.die Fraternity. .\iiiong the unwritten leivnd.t that flout around the court rooms of Man- httiian ara a dozen or nic:o stories which have tl:e venerable couimisstoti- er of Jurors, "Judge" Tbomns Aiilson. tor a hero. His shrewdness, his sympathy and bis tact are all famous. One day half a dozen men were In bis office to qualify for Jury duty—or to disqualify, as most of them, regarded the matter. Two young fellows who had come in together stepped np to the desk in their turn. The first gave hlB name, address and age, and then the commlssfoner asked: "Your occiipatlon?" "Artist." "Are you worth $250?" "No." "You're discharged." The other young man also gave his name, age and address. The dialogue went: "Your oocnpattpnr* "Arttet." Too're diacharged." Kansas State Teacher's Association Topelca November 8 and 9 Tlif riiuniry's l»'st things in ediii -atliMi liii>iii;lit ii (',lit lo ymir dtioi' Crc .-tl • |ii';ik'-rs willi Rrr-ut m«-ssaK ''S. A hfilt-r and iiioiv vari «-d pruKraiii than i-vi-r l>.-f«>ie —«Towd>'d with ••iilli 'isiasin. lift. rfla.xalioii and ••iijfiyiii.n; fnr y.iii. Meet old friends .Make new i'riend>hip!«— Take ii look about tnnn-- Topeka daily grows mor» IteantifnL As to railroad servirp. yo .i want Ihe bt >st —and wi- <iff <-r . fast trains ami plt-iity of the.i.; luxurious ears, ruiirleutis ac- tentions and Saiiia Fe safely. The finest meals in the world a', Harv .-y Houses along the way. (Santa Fej W. E. Ralston, Agent PHONE 375 lOL.l, KA>S. • . ' • • - # •> MONEY TO LOAjfl •> Will lend on household good*. # •> pianos. Organs, aewlng mar ^ •> cblues, diamonds and JeweliT. # • J. W. fOFFEX V • . Office, Ko. 110 Sorth 8t (Mt • • • * • •> rUILLIP UEipLI • •> HAR!<ESS AND SADDLEBT « « tieneraj Repairing * « nOK South street—lola. Ku. • • • • , • * F. L. B. LEATELL, V. n. • * Specialties: • « Dlseasea of the dheit • * Diseases of Children • « XrRAY • •» Phones—Office 147: Re*. 147 • •> lola State Bank BIdg. ^ • • T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano Tuninf and Repairing. With Roberta Music Ca PHCHfl m • ••••*••• • Avoid .SedatlTO Court Medlflnes. If you want to contrihute directly to tlie occurrence of caidllary bronchitis and pneumonia ii.iu rough med- iiinrs that rontain Cndlnr, moriiliine lirroln ami otln-r selatlves when you linvi' a <tiii):!i nr rnM. An exi»-rtor- ant like Chamliirlaln's Cough Remedy is what Is n<ed <-d. That cleans out tliB culture bids or brfoding places for the germs of pnriiinonla and other Kerin diseases. That Is why pneumonia never rt-sults from a cold when Chamberlain's Cmigli R«^medy. is used. It lios a world wlilr rr |tiiia(lon for its cures It Cfmtaln.'i no morphine or oi;ier spdatlve I 'nr l>y all d '^alers lUCTIONEERI A. D. C'olUns General Farm Sales; Livestock a -specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed. Address. Carlyle. Kas. • • • • • • STOVE* Coal, Gas and Wood HMienI CombinatloB Coal ind Cbitt Hot Blast and Air tlgfcts EC050XT JRA56E8 Bom 's ComblMttoB Coal tmi O M RaBg«—the beat nade. Prices Rlfktl / ThelJLWislianlHdw. H. .M, Ray of f;.-n-v.i. wlio has b^en j iiere audi in Moran on business, re-j tiirn<'d home this utK.-rnoun. Farm Loan<i I.bweft BiiM Branch Office of The Herriam Mortgage Co. Topeka, Kans. Optional Payments. Anr Time. Will Let oOVc ot \jiDd Value. BEST L<IA> IX ALLEX CODXTY SEE . • lOLALAND CO. as the remainder of the right-of-wav has been secured, which is i-xiieeti* to be the early spring. —Mrs. Peter Holan, ll.lOl Buckeyr Rd. Cleveland, O., nays: "Yes. indeed 1 can recommend Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. My littlo <>o» had a bad case of whooping cough some times hn was blue In the face, I Rnvr him Foley's Honoy and Tar ComponiMl and It bad t remarkable effect and cured him !• « short time." Con(iiln> no harmful drugs. Burrell's Drnic Stora ntA B. FRANTZ i THK •rr.oMBTRirr C J(S I U«M Mass- rittine MMiaUM At HuuMl 'Ja«eli7 Store niehc as was first announced. Mrs F. K. I-ongnecker. of Gre.n- wood county is here for a visit of an indefinite stay with her brother. J. W. Eastwood and family. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Roberts and Mrs Susan Roberts, of Colony enjoyed Sunday ot the Ouy Roberts home. •Miss Sadie Roll, .ifier a ten days' visit with Tier sister. Mrs. Thomas K^lshelmer returned vesterday to Wichita. Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Sdirader started this morning on an overland irli) to Missouri. Mr and .Mrs T. .M. Rol »-ri8 and Ml«' NMiin Roberts spent Sunday with flnlr dauchtor and sister Mrs. C S V>' iiard. of IjjIJarpe Miss Zella Page began her duties in th<> Mornn nostoflfice yAsterdnv. .Tohn Walker left yesterdav for eastorn Oklahoma for a visit with his mother. Edwin Hunter and; Ben ShaeHlett j sp»-nt yesterdoy hunting. ^;T,".^iw^^.'r-V?i:-.•.i"-••.•-'v.•-i; ID^-Vv^BVl^r^-^-' The loia Register. October 29, 1912. ftT&-.:-:-.-::.-:i' mm c. c. MCCARTY &SON Phone 316 101 South St. Carriage and Automobile Painting. Put on Rubber Tires and do all kinds of repair work. Cut oo» Iko •ioTeeoopoi. w«h of < A«m at tkb oRics with «|>enM bcmiw amauat batwa Mf eppaima uy (lyi* at OictieaarF mcUctmi fwhich corcn iba itenu U>a coct af JMC U W. ttytwrn fram I I M fadarr. cbreiaaz. cleric lura and athar Dacanary BCPENSE Uaan). aad tacarra yaar cisaiea af Ihaaa tlsrca baaks: Ike $4«00 (Likeilltistratinnsintheannounceihentsfromda^tod^.) 9 K New Thii dictionary is N.OT published oy the 'original pob-, *• If WEBSTEBIAN lishers cf Webster's dictionary or their successors.^ K 10i 9. '* ^^^^ entirely NEV / compilation by the world'd |z M,9XA greatest authorities frcnn leading universities; is boood hi OKnONASYfull Limp leather, flexible, siainped in gold on bacit ihd „ niaauetcd sides, pnntedon Bible paper, with red edges,and cbmers Ix rounded; bcantilul, strong, ciurablc. Besides the general contents^, there are maps and i>vcr 6oo subjacts ocautifuily illustrated by three- |»_ color plates, numerous subjects by monotgne*. i6 pages of I^SSS education3^ cliart* and the latest Unifcd States Census. Present * at this oiTice SIX Consecutive Oictionanr Coiip«aii and tte ^ VcNS It it ntrti* the tane »t.uO boolc. cx IS The 13 .00 - t • - »» lee .— . — niaMntcd edees jmd iBaowof with square corners. SIX ' CaBMcaOva CevpaM amA Iba OXC DICnONAKY paper. iiea«. bat sit ol tlie ored 4k 1 tixl chart* are omitted. . SIX • MO^. CyiarMtlra CaopM* sod Ih* _ ^OC^! Kn Baak l>r Mail. 22a Estra far PaMata

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