The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 6, 1892 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1892
Page 4
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4. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, MAY 6, 1892. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. OFFICIAL PAPER OF CITY ANT) COUNTY THE NEWS PUCLISHINQ CO. A .T.. BPONNMOU, K-lltor. TKU .M8 OF HIJIINCKII'TION. The NEWS is delivered by carriers in Hnlchinson, South Hutchinson, and all suburbs, at lft cents a week. The iw^er may be ordered by poRtal car<l, or by telephone (No. , and will lie served early and regularly. Incase report any irregularity of service or change of address to the News office immediately, and it will be rcctlllcd. IlAIf.Y— HY MAIL, j One copy, oneyear H 00 I One copy, six months 'J 00 One copy, one month f>0 WKKKLY. One copy, one year $1 00 One copy, six months HD Advertising rates made known on application. Telephone No. <S. In orderling the NKws by mall, state Issue wanted, dally or weekly, giving name, city, county and state. If subscriber changes place of resilience, glvu former address as well as present, and state issue of paper taken, dally or weekly. Chicago oftlce, r>7(( Rookery huildlnR. C. E. SIDLINGER, THE V DRUGGIST Prescriptions a Speoialty. No. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson THE CALLS ISSUED. HKroHUCAN HTATB UONVEWTlun, delegate convention of the Republicans Canaan will be held in the city of Topeka, Thursday, the thirtieth (.'loth) day of .e, lMII'J, at the hour ot 10 o'clock a. in.. For H Htnte Convention, iluno 30th, ut.Tn- pckii, with 717 llelofftitcs. lOSrDHLIOAN NTATK CONVENTION, A del- •f K on iT J . June, lHO'A at the Hour ot 10 o'clock a. for the nomination of candidates for: Associate jimtlceof the supreme court. Governor. Lieutenant-governor Secretary of state. Auditor of state. Treasurer of state. Attorney-general. Superintendent of public Instruction. Oeicgates to the convention men tloned above shall be elected! under the same rules and In the same man ner as the delegates to the ilrsl conven- Hon, and also under the same apportion merit, giving the various counties the same number of delegates in each convention The secretaries or" the various county con ventions arc instructed to forward to Hon John H. Smith, secretary, at Topeka, Kan sas, acertlltedcopy of the credential of their several delegates, immediately upon the adjournment of the county conventions, said credentials to tie received at Topeka not later than the evening of June !.'H. From these credentials the Republican state cen tral committee will prepare a roster of those entitled to participate In the preliminary ore inl/.atlon of the convention. fjek'gates lo the convention mentioned above shall be elected by county conventions, duly called by the several county Republican committees, under such rules and regulations as may be by them prescribed. Tin: basis of apportionment of delegates to said state convention ivill b«; one delegate at large for each county of the state and one delegate for every votes or fraction of 100 or more votes cast fortleorge W. Wlnans for superintendent of public Instruction In the election of 1MP0, under which rule delegates are apportioned to the several counties as follows: Allen Anderson Atchison llarber Ilarton Ilourbon...... Ilrowu.. Ilutlcr Chase Chautauqua Cherokee . Cheyenne .... • Clark Clay Cloud Coffey Comanche... Cowley Crawford.... Decatur Dickinson... Doniphan ... The Convention and Anthony. Tlie state convention held yesterday wns the largest In the history of any political party in the Htutc. The 720 delegates were practically all in attendance in person, and came In early, many being-hero two days before the convention convened. It tvas a representative gathering of the party, being' composed of brainy, enthusiastic, determined men. Vram the opening to the clone the delegates seemed determined upon business and not bombast They kept a steady eye upon the welfare of the party and made all tilings subservient thereto. It wns the occasion of general remark of how free the convention WOB from small prejudices and faction al differences. Everybody was enthu siastlc and portrayed the fact in everything they did. It was recognized tliut a wily foe was to be met, probably in the shape of a fusion party and the best men were desired to lead the bat tie. Harmony prevailed throughout and it was felt that victory would surely crown their efforts. The contest was determined for the first place on the ticket, but when lion. OEOHOR T. ANTHONY received the ma jority of -rotes, instantly the chief champion of every other contestant was on his feet eager to move that the nomination be made unanimous. Every citizen of Kansas knows ex Governor ( IKOHOK Y. A.Yraosv either personally or by reputation, lie has spent the best days of his'life in Kan sas and has spoken ami written and governed for the Republican party tin til MB name is n household word, lie is a man of remarkable courage in expressing his convictions and has an inexhaustible store of Information ever at his command, lie is brilliant in debate, a master of the art of eloquence and oratorical magnetism. Itis scholar ly attainments are admirable and wins for him an exulted opinion from any body of men. He is bold and aggrcs sive, and In the canvass of the state this year he will charm his audiences by his eloquence and win them by his logic, lie will be an honored and respected member of congress from the day he enters it. He is of mature years and ripe mentality, and the people Kansas of the Republican party may congratulate themselves upou being so fortunate as to have Governor ANTHONY at the head of their ticket. n Linn ... 10 II Logan ... II ... 10 1:1 Lyon ... II ... 10 fi Marlon ... 10 r, Marshal! ... 11 1:1 McIMierson .. 10 n Meade li Miami ,. 10 5 Mitchell .. (1 S Montgomery ... Morris .. Ill 11 Montgomery ... Morris .. 11 11 :j KlNcosha ... 10 IllNcss.. ... :i Uouglas. Edwards,. Elk Kills Ellsworth Flnucy * Ford •>: Franklin 1" Uarileld jf deary > Gave Graham > Grant... Clray.... Oreeley Greenwood » Hamilton... Harper 01 n t>l 10 H 1UJ K Norton 12 Osage 17 Osborne i;i Ottawa ,'l Pawnee 0 Phillips 11 Pottawatomie.. 14 Pratt ',1 Rawlins 7 Reno :i Harvey.-. Haskell.. HoOgman Jackson Jefferson Jewell Johnson — Kearny Kingman Kiowa Labette Lane Leavenworth. Lincoln... Republic — Rice Riley Rooks Rush Russell Saline ; Scott Sedgwick- Seward Shawnee Sheridan... Sherman Smith Stafford 4 Stanton Stevens Sumner IThomas Trego Wabaunsee Wallace .... Washington Wichita. ...... Wilson 10 Woodson Wyandotte 17 Total. .71 The secretaries of the several county con ventions are Instructed to forward to the undersigned secretary al Hutchinson, Kan., a certllieil copy, of the credentials of Iheli several delegates, immediately upon the adjournment of the county conventions. Said credentials to be received at Hutchinson not later than the evening of May M. Kroni these credentials the Republican stale cen tral committee will prepare a roster of those entitled to participate in the preliminary organisation of the convention. lly order o' the committee. W. J. HUOIIAN, JOIIK If. SMITH, Chairman. Secretary. Ki'lHiblioaik OongroNKloniil Convention. A delegate convention of the Republicans of the Seventh congressional district of the state of Kansas, is hereby called to meet In the city of Kingman on Wednesday. June lli. 1BU3, at 10:00 a, in. for the purpose of nominating a candidate for congress in the Seventh congressional district of Kansas, and also to nominate one presidential elector. The basis of representation in said convention shall h,-. one delegate at large for each county hi tin. district, ami one delegate for each '-Sou vol, t, and the major fraction thereof, east for Hon. J. It, Jlallowell for congress In 1H00. provided no county to have less than two delegates, under which rule delegates arc apportioned to the several counties as follows: Ingalls and Minneapolis. The scene in yesterday's convention when the name of iNoAi .r.s wns pronounced for delegate to tin; national Republican convention told in u way more powerful than words could express it, the esteem in which the which the Republicans of Kansas hold him. For fifteen minutes 2,000 lusty voices cheered 'tid yelled with wild enthusiasm for the grout statesman who was •etircd from an honored and exalted seat in the senate of the United States by misguidance and misinformation on the part of a majority of the voters of Kansas. Ever since that fatal election the state has felt the palsied touch of calamity, and in the might of its vigor and enthusiasm Kansas Republicans unanimously placed his uiimeupou the banner of its national delegation to show to the union and the world that the name of INO.SI.J.H shall not fade in to the gloom of calamity's night, after spending eighteen years of his useful life in making Kansas famons throughout the world, lly placing him at the head of the Kansas delegation by the votes of the owners of the prairie homes of Kansas, they mean that Kansas has not donned the rugs of calamity und repudiation, and that it stands upon ns firm u commercial basis as any other state in the sisterhood. Tiie people were simply misguided by a concentrated and well organized howl of a crowd of olllce-hunters who took advantage of maturing inert- guges in a yeur of exceptionally poor crops. Only this and nothing more After the good, vousiug campaign now on is over, and a great Republican vie tory is secured, Kansas will stand again firm, sound and reliable. the very ordinary men they nre. liis mustache is as grizzled as Mr. DAVIS'S heard. Ills hair Is as black and straight as an Indian's. He talks more than any other Kansas member. He interrupts speakers, often asking foolish questions. His hope, his aim, is to make a laugh. He says ridiculous, reckless things. His speech is as und us his spelling. The house has tired of him. His fellow-partisans dislike him.' Ills glory Is waning. He bnce stopped Congressman RKKII to ask a question. Mr. KKKII made no other answer than to look at Mr. SIMPSOS , who helplessly sat back in his scat. The expression ' of both members caused a smile. There are times when the face illumined says more than words.. At another time he interrupted a.member who told him to shut tip, that his questions didn't amount to anything. This was not so at first. . IRRHY SIMI 1 SON , little socklcss JRHKY , Wns thought to be u great joke- something tired, overworked con gresa could laugh at; but the idol fell and was shattered because it was noisy. The fountain of wit the mem hers expected Mr. SIMPSON to tap did not bubble forth clear and sparkling fun. but gurgled out, at intervals, apish coarscnesB. The old-fashioned man who wore a white shirt and collar objected to a necktie as useless. - Mr. SIMPSON objects to the navy and diplomatic service with fully as much reason. The west being armed with navy revolvers is navy enough. There is lit tie statesmanship in congress at best. Among the Alliance men there maybe men who have courage tand honesty of purpose, but Mr. SIMPSON fell by the wayside when he put covers on his feet and filled his mind with the preten sions of others of his rage. The Wichita Ueacon. after defining and endorsing, by implication, the new Simpsonian theory of taxation under which the farmers would bear the great burden of the public ex penses, now complains that the NEWS does not understand the IIKNIIYGKOHOK theory. The lleacon has no foundu- tion for such a statement, for the NKWS has not attempted to discuss the HKN BY GKOHOK idea. We have merely called attention to the Simpsonian plan ns exemplified by the Beacon. The Jieacon took pains to state that it did not know whether SIMPSON believed in (leorgeism or not, and then proceed ed to state .Inmiv's position. Knowing that the Hcucou is the avowed organ of Mr. SIMPSON , we were bound to accept its statements in reference to •IKRIIY us correct. If the Beacon placed him in a wrong light it is not our fault. We pointed out the fallacy of the scheme unfolded. Now if the Ilea con has it new doctrine let it be stated with accuracy and perspicuity^. If •IKIIHY endorses the HKNUY OiconOKdoc trine let the Ueacon say so, and then we shall see whether or not the NEWS will be able to find the weak places in that scheme of discrimination agains the laud owner in the interest of the capitalist and bond holder. ,, designated as Kansas' member of the national Republican comlnittce. WILLIAM HASIII.TON of Topeka, alo - comotlve engineer, was nominated for clector-at-large. llr. D. WrKtNO, of Weir city, is one of the electors-at-large. He IN a sound, energetic Republican. The northwest was Bolid for 'Judge ELLIN of Heloit, for delegate and of course was successful. Ex-Governor (. IKOIIOE T. ANTHONY was nominated for cpngressinan-at- large. . • lion. J.J. lNOAt .1.8 lends the Kansas delegation at Minneapolis. The Convention CHy. Hutchinson is proud of her new Auditorium building. It is the only convention building in the state, and will be occupied for the first time to-morrow. It will seat l,fi00 delegates, is centrally located and has ample press and telegraphic accommodations. It was built by the Commercial club, and will attract many conventions to Hutchinson.—Topeka Capital. The wigwam at Hutchinson is a newly built affair, and can be called capacious. The platform is elevated, the seats in the auditorium being arranged in crescent form. These wcro divided into sections, large and small, as the respective delegations numbered. The big representations from Shawnee, Sedgwick, Jefferson, Leavenworth and Wyandotte were given the front rows, and so in relative importance the counties were gradated, the western Kansas fellows being grouped in fraternal squads in the rear. The crush and jam at the hall was anticipated, and tickets of admission were issiud. In the face of this precaution for the protection of the delegates and alternates, every man was in his place early and breath lessly eager for the important business before him.—Report of convention in Wichita Eagle. Senator KJHKPATJIICK of Fredohia, was one of the central figures in the state convention here yesterday. 11 was the leader of his congressional district in the convention, and won any friends on account of his ability and fairness, lie is the probable nom inee for congress in the Third district and if the people of that district Iliac their legislative ufl 'iurs in his hands they will not suffer for he is active industrious and eapuole. En. G KKKII eun well be proud of his magnificent light for eongressman-at- lurge. The Republicans, of Kansas remembered him with gratitude for his valued work for the party and gave him a support that is most complimentary and which gives him tv standing in the state second to no man of his age. lie is honest, thorough and industrious and the state is proud of him. _________ CALVIN lloou of Emporia, being the lamented I'l.ti.un's business partner, out of respect to his memory svaa elected delegate. It was the only mistake made by the convention as Hon. SIMS HKAH , of Topeka was really the man who should have been elected from that district. Barber Uarton Clark Comanche. Edwards.. Finney (iarneld... Grant...... Pray (Jrceley ... Hamilton, Harper.... Harvey Haskell,....: Hodgeman,. Kearney Hlawa . 7 Mcl'hcrson .. 10 y Meade l 2 Morton o ;i Ness ~i :i Pawnee .. :i 4 ;> Reno .. ia ;> Rice .. 7 *} Rush .. a » Scott o Sedgwick....... so U Seward *10 Stafford .. * Stevens .» Sumner .. 14 5 Wichita •2 .-.I. i. Tola] ,.JlH Itis recommended that the several coun ties in said congressional district select their delegates and alternates to said convention on April no. iwiB. unless utlierwise ordered by the county central committee. lly order of the Seventh congressional district centrul committee. S, J. SHAW, Chalnnan II. L. Uoai>o», Secretary, A Well Spring Run Dry. EWI.NO HUIIUKRT has boon watching the Kansas congressmen in Washington, and gives the result of his observations in the Kansas City Star. He says the Ktinsans are liuaneiers. They have introduced forty ineustires and thirty of them deal with money. II. Y. HATCH , who was elected delegate to Minneapolis at the Third congressional district convention this week was in the city attending the state convention and created a good Impression upon the Republicans of the State. .Simpson's Latest Uvetlk. From the Emporia Republican. 1 erry Simpson's ridiculous flop on the anti-options bill, is a good indication that even he understands the fact, that his political career will end with the present congress. By letter and otherwise his constituents intimated very plainly to him that his declaration for free trade was not endorsed by them and that they would see to it that they are not hereafter misrepresented in the mutter. Sow he is attempting to play even" in a very small and altogether discreditable way. He has all along been understood to favor anti-option legislation, and in fact, has so declared himself on several occasions. Yesterday, however, he annouueed that he hud been giving the subject some study, which resulted in his discovering that such legislation would be. extremely dangerous at this time. Ever since its organization the Alliance has been demanding some action by congress to prevent dealing in options, and it is ti well known fact that Simpson's constituents without regard to party favor such a measure. The soekless demagogue himself recognizes this fact, but in justification of his course, he observes with a great show of dignity that his people are not capable of passing judgment on great questions of this kind and that it would be unbecoming a statesman of his magnitude to submit to the wishes of the common herd. No man with a hope of a political future would adopt such a course, and Simpson's only object seems to be revenge and show how very small he can be when he tries. Ju this latter particular he is eminently successful, but the only effect of his performance will be to remind the people of the Seventh district of the woeful blunder they made in dragging him from oblivion, and to confirm them in their determination to shove him back where they got him. .Soothed Her tyounderi Feelings. Truth: Mrs. Larkin (caustically) "Two o'clock in the morning is u nice time to come home, I must say. I suppose you have been sitting up with u sick friend." L,arkin—"No, I was sitting up in a little game." "Indeed'.' Well, I admire your frankness. Perhaps you will tell me how much you lost?" "I won S08, and here is $.w of it for you to buy a new dress with:" Will be paid by us to any person finding the Joves we advertise at our Bargain Sale, any others than The Genuine FOSTER, PAUL & CO. Warranted Goods. Why pay a dollar for the very lowest grade of these goods (a dove scarcely worth this price at best, to say the least as an advertised specialty) when we offer you Foster, Paul & Co.'s best genuine $1.50 gloves at Foster, Paul & Co.'s best genuine ft f QQ $1.75 gloves at $liZuL In the one case you pay a dollar for an in# ferior grade and save nothing. In this sale of ours you get first-class quality and choice colors, fitted to your hand and guaranteed to give reasonable and satisfactory wear, and Save nearly 3 of their Real Value. Not very difficult to figure your advantage in trading at si.12 Hutchinson's Wholesale Houses. tJDESILL & DAYKIN, Wholesale Queensware, Glassware, Cutlery, Lanterns, Fruit Jurs, Etc. Close prices to dealers. Mail orders solicited and carefully filled. 204 North Main and 8 Second Avenue East. TUBKEE & UPDEGRAFF. Wholesale Dealers in Butter, Eggs and Poultry. PROP'RS OF QUEEN CITY CREAMERY. First avenue eas t, Woouard block, and 4X7 South Main. B ALLARD, SEVERANCE & CO., "Wholesale Notions and Fancy Goods. 'No. 10 Second Ave. East. Close Prices to Dealers. H UTCHINSON HARDWARE and IMPLEMENT CO. C—i Wholesale DealerBin SHELF AND HEAVY HARDWARE Farm Machinery and Salt Supplies- 114 North Main Street. " x * Telephone 17S. f ALL & WALL, Wholesale Carpets and Drapery's. Only Exclusive House of the Kind West of the Mississippi River. No. 24 South Malji Street. TTUTCHINSON WHOLESALE GROCER CO., ~~ Wholesale Groceries. Second avenue east. • Telephone No. 79. E. C. LITTLK , president of the stati League of Republican cluus received u most complimentary election for dele TUoy gate to Minneapolis, receiving (104 votes would issue more paper money than all out of a possible 721) the gold uud silver on earth eould redeem. The proper committees have thrown aside their absurdities, saving the country from shame uud distress by doing so. The history of congress records no follies so great as theirs because all the follies of law makers are not held against them. To the repre sentatlve from this district, Mr-. UKII- IIKJIT devotes considerable attention and his deductions are interesting uud, no doubt, quite accurate, lie says: .IKIIHY SIMI'BOK is a dinppointinent, No mun ever had a better elinnce to nuiku hay; but he is not a thinker or u worker, llu cannot hit u murk plump —ho scatters, fires all around it, milking laughable ralsseB. He ft gonial. Ho pels the pages, lie shakes bunds well. He bought a bicycle for Ills son and rides it himself, fie wears spec taeles—gold framed ones sometimes again plain- steel-i'lniined black glasses. There is little remark-1 . , . "i k little ( 00 y * south western Ivtmsus, HON. lti7MH .ru IIATPIKI.D , the bril liant you orator of Wichita, was nom Inated for elector-at-large. The people of Kansas will hear from him during the cumpaign, General IIIIAIIKOIIU demonstrated the fact again that he is a vote getter, and liis enthusiasm and zeal will, always keep him in the forefront of the party 's battles. The Kansas state convention endorsed the administration of President liAititisoM but did not commit the fool isness of Instructing the Minneapolis delegation. Of the 7'.'0 votes in the eonvontion Hon. 1J. A. HKKIEH received S85 which was highly complimentary to hiin, the able In Uis appearance—there remarkable in the appcarauco of any congressman. -Most of theuv look like Hon, S, R. l'KTKiw was unanimously! King of Medicines Scrofulous Humor — A Cure "Almost .Miraculous." " When 1 was 14 years of ago I had a severe attack ot rheumatism, and alter I recovered had to go on crutches. A year later, scrofula, la the form ol white swellings, appeared on various parts of my body, aad for 11 years k was on lnralkl, being confined to iny bod years. In that time ton or eleven sores appeared and broke, causing me great pain and suffering. I feared I never should got well. "Early lo I4861 went to Chicago to visit» sister, but was confined to my bed most of the tune I was there. In July 1 read a book, < £ Day with a Circus,' In which were statement* ot cores by Hood's Sarsaparllla. I was so impressed with the success ot thlsmcdlclno that I decided to try It. To my great gratification the sores soon decreased, and I began to leel better and In a short time 1 was tip and out ot doors. I continued to take Rood's Sis- saparllla for about» year, when, having used six bottles, I nod become so fully released from the disease that J went to work tor UM Flint ft Walling Hfg. Co., and since then SAVa NOT LOST A SUfOlJI CAT ea account of sickness. I believe the dlasaH la expelled from my syitem, l always feat waf; am la good splrlta and have a good appsttta, I am now n years of sge and can walk as waB aa any one, except that one limb la a Uttta shorter than the other, owing to the lost 4t none, and the sons farmetly on uw right tag. To my frlenda my recovery seem* almost miraculous, and I think Hood's Sarsaparllla la the king of medicines." WKXIAK A LKHH, »K. BaUroad St., XendaUtlUe, lad. Hood'* 8artaparlila fuuinaUanigfuia. flfeutrwf*. Pnpsmdoalr *»&LHOOD*oo,Asou»caiiw.I<m*»* IOO Dam On* Dollar 1 i. K. VAUGHAN & CO., Mannfactnrers of and wholesale dealers in Flavoring Extracts, Rock Candy Syrup and Soda Fountain Supplies 406 North Main St. Correspondence solicited. jjxico. iu» rimm mttxii on, Mailorders promptly attended IS and she has reason to be, Her husband failed to get FRAZEE & WILSON to do their plumbing work, and the water pipes in her house are still leaking, Frazee& Wilson also have a car load of Goodyear rubber hose for sale. No. 13 Second Avenue West. Telephone HO. STATE AGENCT J H S; Life Insurance . Company of New York City. R. M. HENDERSON, Manager. Issues all the popular policies, the continuable term and the guaranteed income being the most popular. The former furnishes insurance at cost; the latter can be used as collateral for a loan from the company., TbeBe are very popular plane. All policies non-oon.t«Btable and non-forfeitable. The simplest contract extant. All Ioeses paid without discouilt soon as proofs are received J* R. M. HENDERSON, Manager.

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