Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 1, 1908 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1908
Page 7
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STRIKES ABUNDANT WATER IN SUBTERRANEAN STREAM W. L, Griffiths Installs New Pumping Plant, Which Raises Water for Two Hundred Acres. Gas Engine Noiseless, Sinking his shaft to tin 1 depth of 820 feet. through three- distinct slratas of water-bearing gravel, W. ]j. Griffiths, wliose ranch of eighty acres is directly southwest, of Covina, struck a s^vift-flowing stream of water that pumps t.o the surface at ihe rate of 450 gallons per minute. The strike of this splendid flow of water settles the questlon of irrigation for the entire district, in the northeast portion of the E. .1. (Lucky) Baldwin ranelio. Mr. Griffiths is naturally complacent, over his success, and for the past week, since the installation of his pumping plant, has been busy showing visiting ranch owners the mechanism of his irrigating apparatus and the volume of water pouring steadily from the pump. The plant was pronounced in working order last Saturday by C. E. Lloyd, master mechanic and superintendent of the Western Gas Engine Company of Los Angeles, together with a representative of the Pomona .Manufacturing Company, whose p'.imp is doing the work of lifting the wafer. Mr. Griffiths is an owner of stock in the Covina Irrigating Company, and has been irrigating a portion of his eighty acres from this supply, but. it was his intention to supply his own water, as he was positive that subterranean streams lay beneath the land .1 they could be located. Accord- an engineer from the factory to operate the machine for several day.-; until everything was proven to be in the best of working order. One of the salient points about the engine which Mr. Griffiths points out Is the fact thai it is a self-lubricator, one large glass cup being situated in the center of (he engine and connected with every part needing lubrication. This cup has a capacity of about two quarts. The engine may be started and left running all day, while the rancher is busy taking care of the water as it Hows out on the land. He says it will not be necessary to watch the engine excepting to fill the oil cup, which is a decided advantage over the engines which require the constant supervision of an engineer. This engine is c.lso lilted with something new in a bronze water pump to force water Hi rough the jacket, and the sparking device is removed a long way from the fire, and is as steady as the tick of a clock. The Covina rancher also claims that lie can save twenty per cent in oil with this engine, as the company making it. is a Los Angeles concern which has marie a study of the peculiar kind of oil found in this vicinity, whereas engines made in the East are not cognizant of the character of fuel used here. And as it is made in Los Angeles, Mr. Griffiths points out that can easily obtain any pan which "^K"* "^ or get an examination the machine without, trouble. One engines with a lifting capacity ingly Ke employed an expert to trace e out the direction of the seepage \ hp streams which percolate through the I of grave! strata from the mountain water- , of sheds. Water-bearing gravel was lo- ! of 3fi(l horse .power has recently been cated running in a southwesterly di- i installed in Holy Cross cemetery. Los rection across his eighty acres, and in ! Angeles, but the firm also makes them the center of this stream the work of j as SI11ft11 a » scve » nol '- se power. Mr. driving a well was begun. Mr. Grif- ; Griffiths is using number two distillate, fiths has built a neat shed over his well and engine, which is located about 100 yards north of his residence. The first, few days of pumping considerable sand was encountered, as is generally the case, but after a space had cleared below the suction pipe the water came clearly and steadily. Mr. Griffiths' pump is the largest size listed for this kind of work, being .._-..—*tti«r-pn*kKrtr J t>r'the Pomona Manufacturing Company. It is a double plunger machine with a 40-horse power limit, lifting a maximum stream of 60 miner's inches, or in ordinary conditions about 50 miner's inches. The length of the plungers is nine feet, and the cylinders are made of seamless brass tubing, made especially for this firm in the East. One of the features which Mr. Griffiths points out about this pump is that of the valves, which are fitted with cone-shaped clappers with ground metal seats, there belli?; only one moving part in each valve, thereby preventing them from ever clogging with sand. The pump-head is also a new departure in this kind of mechanism, as it has a quicker return motion and lap in the plungers, allowing the valves sufficient time to seat, before taking up the load or' the water column. This, it is claimed, prevents all possibility of jarring in the machinery. With the use of all spherical wheels a direct pull on the pump-rods is obtained, making the upward motion much more uniform than where the old style crunk is used. And for this reason, the mantil'a'-nn ers stale that the fear of the rancher oi' breaking his pump-rods is n moved, as ihe motion is so uniform that all ;'erU ami jar has disappeared. Since the pump two hundred acres at, a cost of than twenty-five cents per hour. FREE FROM DISTURBANCE. The device which is attracting the and says that he can pump water for most attention in connection with this plant, however, ia me uui&ek/ss exhaust. Ordinarily, as everyone In Southern California is aware, the gas engine plant has been cursed with the sharp, cracking reports which are so wearing on the nerves and which can be hoard for several miles. By piping the circulating water from the engine jacket into the exhaust pipe, the strength of the discharge is dissipated and the noise eliminated, an improvement on the expansion pot. of recent, invention which is attributed solely to C. E. Lloyd, the master mechanic, who was recently Imported by the "Western company from the St.rothors \Yoris company of Warren, Pennsylvania. Mr. Lloyd has also placed the expansion pot on rollers, allowing it movement, which kills all vibration. Mr. Griffiths is more pleased with this noiseless de- other portion of •enders it possible vice than with any the machinery, as it to run his plant night and day without disturbing the inmates of his house, not 100 yards away. With Mr. Lloyd at the time of inspection was also Mr. Arthur Holliday, salesman for the company, representing Ibis district. It is Mr. Griffiths' intention to start in immediately growing Intennediale crops of alfalfa and potatoes in bis young grove of walnuts. Wiih a steady How uf fifty miner's inches he will be ab 1 !.! lo supply several ranchers with water in thai vicinity. Mr. Oiillith.-; says that he has traced definitely 'hr'-c streams of water in thai he^jjty. at Mr. Griffith's was install' d, a iiiini- where ' ber of rancheis who are well grounded | success. in the business of raising water from deep wells have watched Ih" pump in operation, and ha\e rongranilatr d Mr. Griffiths on the slice. ^.-. of his plant. The plunger pit ha* b<-en walled u;. with cement with cement siep.s lending down. Overhead Mi. Griffiths has had a large double door made in ih>-! roof through which tin- ;.ump-incis ma\ be pulled by a wind!;;-- v. hen nr ;- fiary to re-|eaiher the i.o.v well pump is th" i-:i'n< n OIH-S employed bv 'in- San gallon Company: the Nc'v 'ion Co., of Kan Hi man; 'b Water Co., ai.d many othei ;,!,;i<'s .n "ihi.s K< c' ion. plaiiis liii)-,hl Thi abiimlance at large, iiinouril lie iiiK!a)l<i| v,uh di 1 , ( ry of this depiii i" 01' i|e'. elhi'M:'' south of Covina. extension o] I in which . This deep ;:;-:- as i In!);ma^. Irri- !>.-;,! Irriga- - I.<ii <l.-iim a. WESTERN QAS ENGINES FOR ALL POWER PURPOSES Operated by Distillate, Naptha, Gasoline or Alcohol, Manufactured, Natural or Producer Gas The Western Gas Engine is a home product, made in Los Angeles. We make them from seven horse-power up to any driving capacity. Our engines are pumping water on many ranches in Covina, El Monte, Bassett, Glendora, and throughout this vicinity. We have recently installed a 35 h.p. at W. L. Griffiths', south of Covina. Western das Engine Co., Los Angelos, Cal. Gentlemen:—1 take pleasure in stating that the fifty horse-power engine purchased from you in 1904 has given me splendid satisfaction. I do not Icnow what more one could expect of an engine than we have gotten from this one. Kespectfullv yours, C'flAKUCSC. CHAPMAN, I< nllcrton. (Old Mission Brand Oranges) ASK OUR AC.KNT TO CALL ON YOU. Western Gas Engine Company 908 North Main Street Los Angeles, Cal. 4* 4 s 4* Two Hundred Acres Watered With One Pump •i* Discovery of Water-Bearing Gravel Strata in country south of Covina Means Development Is Assured Sure Enough Hogs. Mo?p. the darky of » surveyors In eastern 'i e.vas, wa.s ly annoyed l.y UK- nixorbad; lion's ih;it rnnmed uromnl I bo cincip. One evenh.K while he wa.s at Ihe sprint; a purlieu- Inrly ravenous band of I hem; "piny wocil.s rooters" raided Hie cook tent and ate up everything that \vas edible Uiu] SOIW? Iliiufr-; 'I)')' weren't. J-'or fc'.-v- era! moments after hi.s return from the Hiring Mose. could find no words to f-x- * Call at W. L Griffiths Ranch and see Pump of Pomona Manufacturing Co. in Operation. Raising from Depth of 180 feet, 450 Gallons per Minute. »«* GAS ENGINE Mr. Hit with th'- | ir-: "Old Hel.-.ey, t, ncliei s' v rain •is ihe enjMI." ; I'll i;a> Ki.^Ui" ress hi.-i fee;ii,^'M. "\\'a!ii.'' scliiiini'il, "di; w><.<\ J.av.'d j kii'iv.-ed h!s liiisines.s when • linaily ih'.iinly • naniei.l Every frv 'h:twg~!' 1/ey slio .or! . '., M a:.';.'/d iie l«*« !-*• '•I -5* Here is a Letter Taken at Random from Hundreds We Have Received: J'omoi.ii .Manufacturing Co., I'omona, ( .il. (,eiitli:mcn: 'I lie new .*H ]iinii|i yi.n installed for us on our tr.ft on lip- L. .1. il,ii' \:yt ran' h i-> ;i'.iiij.' u-. ".at i.ifaclion in every w;jy. \\'etliinl< we have the very he* I nioney will l/ny, liotli .ts n-(;arrln jaimp, materials iircd ;r,id in.-.tal!,i lion. V/ir made ,ni >•/.<•< lleni .;han|/<- v/ln-n we removed the I.IIMIJ/ we bei.-ii ii)iii;/ and in.->t.all«.-d your marie. It i-, r.ii.->ini; t i mini i •/ in .ie'-, i.l ,-..i!er .; u le.-t. We have inMa 4* •* ir, :or the Artesian licit Water Co., rie;ir Sail I*i:n;r,; i.!ie Wr.u-ni Water ,V 1'ov/er Co., the San iJitiia', Irrigation Co.; N-:v/ I'".il li-rii^'tiijii Co., Sun Dnua-r, I.ord^l.nrK Water Co., and many otii -.r •. ii; t;n - lo< all 1 ,/. V,'u(.- ior »n<>\:\>'\. i tf the Fair ' '•.; Mi ,. . r--. Ii. A; -!,.- l-n'l I low do t > i. Pomona Manufacturing 1 Co. * I'OMO.NA, CAL. i i *li i i -i I / •( I i i i -'I i i -I -i i i •?- -f 1

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